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♦91.7.P4 S2S?^ 



Form 3427 


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San Francisco Public Library 


^r« ^3l^3E^©^ 



415, 417 and 419 CALIFORNIA STREET, 


Latest Styles of Sofas, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Chamber Sets, Beadsteads, Betl'^i)'. 
The Trade supplied at the Lowest Wholesale Prices. 




mmm %imu mmm mm sdi®. 

Xiower side of I>laza, near Clay.) SAM F®AM6IS<3@. 




Ipil Ml 

< »»» > 

N. W. Corner of Sacramento and LeidesdorfF Sts< 




iflM lit Itif 


IF^ jAl !!«" ^S" 

Organized March 1st, 1854 Capital Stock, $2,500,000. 

The following are the Officers for the Years 1863-'64 : 

President, JAS. WHITNEY, Jr.; Vice-President, B. M. HARTSHORNE; Secretary, N. 0. 
and C. L. LOW. Agents, Sacramento, ALFRED REDINGTON and WILLIAM H. TAYLOR ; 
Marysville, G. P. JESSUP; Red Bluff, JAMES S. JOHNSTON; Stockton, ARTHUR CORN- 


steamer YOSEMITE Capt. E. A. POOLE 


Steamer ANTELOPE Capt. 

Steamer NEW WORLD Capt. 


Steamer J. BRAGDON Capt. 



Leave every Day, at Four o'clock, P 

Connecting with the light draught Steamers for 


» — » 

O:^ For farther particulars, apply at the OFFICE OF THE COMPANY, 

Northeast Corner of Jackson and Front Streets, 

JAIMES WHITjVE'y, Jr President. 



W "W^Wk 









5th and 20tli of each Month. 





BEN. HOLLADAY, Proprietor, 

Ofllce, S. W. Corner of Front and Jackson Sts. 



Ufa m-at jm\ wm^ w^ '^7 W 1^ 




M. «^ 


m sFOifier J on 


< »»— > 


San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, 

^ ^ liw Mn w r^ w^ "fOv 
^ ^i^ -dSu 'i/y/ ■6is 'i3 ^i2<r v^ 9 

S T E -A. ns/o: E I^ 

^ 3^ ^r «i^, ^ © ^^B 

< »«» t 

SAM'L J. HENSLEY, Proprietor, 

N. W. cor. Front and Jackson Streets, 




CAPIT AL, Sl. 000,000. 




Aiici the SOtJTHEiaiV COA.ST; 

m Til ra^if re mmm iii mmm 



Connecting in NEW YORK with the 





On all the PEINOIPAL CITIES in the United States and Canada; Eoyal 
Bank of Ireland, Dublin, and Union Bank of London, London. 


^^^m — ■ 



N. W. corner Montgomery and California Streets. 








-A.3SriD -A. 


Ijatin, Miatlieniatlcs, History, 

Greek, ZNa-tnii'al Sciences, Oeog:rapliy, 

Englisli, A.ritlxnietic, TJse of tlie Grlobes, 

aiental I*lxilosopliy, ISooit-Iteepiiig, I»eriin.anslxip. 


Tocal aad Sastrasiestal Music^ 






Entrance or Matriculation Fee, $15, to be paid only once. 

Board and Lodging, Tuition, Washing, Stationery, Medical Attendance, and 
Medicines, per week, $8. 

Total per session of forty-four weeks, $350. 

N. B. — If more than two brothers enter the College, each additional one pays 
only $200 per session. 

The use of Instruments in Natural Philosophy and Chemicals, Modern Lan- 
guages, viz: Spanish, French, Italian, German, Music and Drawing, form extra 

Vacations, if spent in the College, $35. 

The Thirteenth Annual Session will commenee on Monday, August 24th, 1863. 

Prospectuses of the Institution, with full particulars, may be obtained at aU the 
principal Hotels in the State. 

For further information, apply to the Very Rev'd B. Villiger, President of the 
Santa Clara College, Santa Clara County, Cal., or to Rev. A. Maraschi, St. Igna- 
tius College, Market Street, between Fourth and Fifth, San Francisco. 




1 11 

The BUCKEYE MOWER lias proved itself to be the BEST 
MOWER MADE, of which we have hundreds of Testi- 
monials from all parts of the State. 

It is every where spoken of as the lightest running, less side draught, easy 
and excellent delivery of Grain, of any Reaper in use. 




Made by C. AULTMAN & Co., Canton, Ohio. As a Thresher it is superior to any for sale in 
the State. It does not crack the grain. It cleans the grain perfectly. It does not wrap the straw 
around the cylinder. It has no equal for finish and durability, and will do more work with less 
power than any other Machine. 

—— ^ ■ o 

Connected with the above we have 

A Full Stock of Agricultural Implements and General Hardware 

Imported Direct from American and European Factories. 


Corner Calirornla and Battery Streets, San Francisco. 








Corner of Jackson, San Francisco. 





iMieei ETiiiT wiMf m, 




A. IT 3D 



No. 433 JVIontgomery Street 

^M^J^M^I^I^'"' '' 



Returns made in from twelve to twenty-four hours, in Coin or Bars at the 

option of the Depositor. 

Charges, one-quarter of one per cent., or $3 for lots under $1,200. 









i »mm > 

Deposits Eeceived and General Banking Business Transacted. 

1 »«» > 








1 ^ > 

416 IVlontgomery St., San Francisco. 

Deposits for Unrefined Gold Bars will be returned in twenty-four hours. The 
charge will be one-quarter of one per cent, for all amounts over $1,200, and three 
dollars for any smaller amount. For Silver Bars one per cent, on the value of the 
Silver, and one-quarter of one per cent, on the value of the Gold contained. No 
charge being less than three dollars. 

Charges of Refining per ounce, gross weight, after melting : 

For bullion under 300 parts gold Sets I For bullion from 501 to 750 parts gold 7 cts 

For bullion from 301 to 500 parts gold 5 cts | For bullion over 750 parts gold 10 cts 

For Bars of our own manufacture, a deduction from the above tariflfis allowed, 
making the refining charge as follows : 

Under 300 fine, 21 cents per ounce. Over 750 fine, 8 cents per ounce. '^ 

801 to 500 fine, 4 cents per ounce. No charge for refining less than three dollars. 

501 to 750 fine, 5^ cents per ounce. 

Deposits for Coinage will be refined by us immediately, and deposited in the United 
States Branch Mint, and returns made to Depositors on the same day the returns 
are made to us. The charge for coin will be one half of one per cent., being the 
same as charged by the United States Branch Mint. 

Silver contained in the deposit will be accounted for to the Depositor, in the 
manner and at the rate customary at the Mint. 

If required, returns will be made in Refined Bars in four days, at a charge of 
one-sixteenth of one per cent, on the value of all Gold Bars over $5,000, and one- 
eighth of one per cent, on all under that amount, and one-half of one per cent, on 
the value of Silver Bars. No deposit of Gold less than twenty-five ounces, or of 
Silver less than two hundred ounces, will be returned in Refined Bars. 

Analyses of Ores, Minerals, Metals, Soils, Waters, and the Productions of Art, 

Refer to all the Bankers and Gold Dust Dealers in California. 













516 iSstnsoxML Street, 

^^^'^.Ir.^ ^"I %1.'^^%^'^1. 





Corner Front and California Streets, 

No. 70 Wall Street and 161 Pearl Street, New York. 

« ^»» > 

Agents for "Coleman's California Line" of Clippers, 

3rm©lE MKW YQUm T@ SAM FMAmcilS(S@. 



Agents for J. MILES & SON'S celebrated PMladelphia Manufacture of 

% lilll'lp illlil 


^11 glllllll' 

Boots and Shoes. 

No. 216 CALIF 




Corner First and Market Sts. 

moM: THE 







Nos. 211, 213, 215, 217, 219, 221, 223 and 225 Market Street 


< »«» » 





idi W m 





436 California Street. 


Give public notice that the Company is now prepared to Insure 
against LOSS OR DAMAGE BY FIRE on Buildings, Wares and 
Merchandise, Vessels in Port and their Cargoes, and other Personal 

The amount of the Capital Stock of the Company is $750,000. 

The Personal Liability of Stockholders, under the law of this 
State, recognized. 

The following list of Directors is a sufficiant guarantee of the 
stability and responsibility of the Company ; 


Louis McLane Wells, Fargo & Co. 

W. C. Ralston.-. Donohoe, Ralston & Co. 

J. G. Kittle DeWitt, Kittle & Co. 

A. L. Tubes Tubbs & Co. 

J. Mora Moss. 

S. C. BiGELOW Bigelow & Bowman. 

H. Seligman J. Seligman & Co. 

H. Caklton, Je W. T. Coleman & Co. 

J. B. Thomas. 

L. B. Benchlt L. B. Benchly & Co. 

Wm. Sherman W. Sherman & Co. 

L. Sachs L. & M. Sachs & Co. 

James DeFremery Pres't S. F. S. U. 

J. G. Bray Bray & Bro. 

J. B. Newton J. B. Newton & Co. 

H. L. Dodge Dodge & Shaw. 

D. Stern L. Strauss & Co. 

Hermann Michels. 
Frederick Billings. 

J. G. Kellogg Kellogg, Hewston & Co. 

A. G. Stiles S. A. Wood & Co. 

H. F. Teschemacher Ex-Mayor. 

G. H. Howard. 

M. P. Jones Randell & Jones. 

W. M. Lent. 

A. T. Lawton. 

J. Whitney, Jr. . . .Cal. Steam Navigation Co. 

Edward Martin. ..Pres't Hibcrnia S. & L. Co. 

Charles Mayne Belloc Freres. 

Erwin Davis late Banks & Davis. 

P.- L. Weaver Moses Ellis & Co. 

E. L. Goldstein Goldstein, Seller & Co. 

W. A. Dana Dana Brothers. 

F. W.Brooks G.J. Brooks & Co. 

Lloyd Tevis. 

A. B. Forbes Agent Pacific Mail S. S. Co. 

Jonathan Hunt. 

J. 0. Earl President Gould & Curry. 

S. J. Hensley. 

Elie Lazaed Lazard Freres. 

John Wightman Wightman & Hardie. 

G. W. Beaver Jas. Patrick & Cc. 

Wm. Sharon. 

Adam Grant. Murphy, Grant & Co. 

Alpheus Bull. 

S. M. Wilson Hoge & Wilson. 

D.J. Oliver. 

Jabez Howes Geo. Howes & Co. 

Wm. Al vord W. Alvord & Co. 

H. Hanssmann Consul for Prussia 


Edgar Mills D. O. Mills & Co. | J. Arnold J. Arnold & Co. 

C. T. Wheeler Booth & Co. 

T. R. Anthony Agent Wells, Fargo & Co. 

J. H. Jewett Decker & Jewett. | D. W. C. Rice Rice, Coffin & Co. 

I»OIlTIL.A]VI>, 0XIE003V. 

J. C. AiNSwoRTH.. Pres't Oregon Steam N. Co. | W. S. Ladd Ladd & Tilton.' 

A. J. EALSTON, Secretary. J. HUNT, President. 











I>. C 3IcK,XJEK. 

J. C 3II5R,]TII^1L.. 





Regular Dispatch Line of Honolulu Packets. 


Forwarding and Transhipment of Merchandise, Sale of Whalemen's 

Bills and other Exchange, hisurance of Merchandise and 

Specie under Open Policies, supplying Whale 

Ships, Chartering Ships, etc. 

N"os. 204 & 306 California Street, 






107 to 113 FRONT STREET, and 208 to 214 PINE STREET, 



I Successors to EUQEJSTE KELLY & CO. 

Importers of 


A CO. 



tmkh mm, wtmm fmmi %%. 


Notice is hereby given that Arrangments have been entered into between the 




For the forwarding of treasure to the Bank of England, and to the Bank 
of France, in Havre, by the steamships of the two companies, by means 
of through bills of lading, to be granted by the Commanders of the Ships 
of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company, for delivery to C. A. HENDER- 
SON, Agent of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, to be sent across 
the Isthmus, and embarked on the Ships of the R. M. S. P. Co. For par- 
ticulars as to through rate of freight, apply to the undersigned. 

Arrangements can be made for the shipment of gold and silver ores from Aspinwall, by the 
Company's Steamers, on favorable terms. 

The steamsiiips of the R. M. S. P. Co. depart from Aspinwall to the West Indies and Southamp- 
ton on the 8th, ( 9th when there are 30 days in the previous month,) and 24th of each month. 

Passages can be secured on application to the undersigned, who will give any further particu- 
lars that may be required about the Company's arrangements. 

A^. L. book:er. 




637 Clay Street, I No. 11 Maiden Lane, 









$2 upwards. 


36 to 144 Views 

f tt (SoM, Mvn mA ^Utl ^x^mt^^ in mxx^ vamtjjt to mt 


From the most Celebrated Makers in Europe. 


PhotograpliiG Albums and Card Photographs of Distinguished Persons, 

The Largest Assortment in the State, at NEW YORK PRICES. 


Ijil>ex*al I>lsco\ints macle to tlve Coxinti'y Tx'ade. 

AH Orders should be Addressed to 


637 Clay Street, SAN FRANCISCO. 









AiSEHT iro: 



218 and 220 BATTEEY STREET, 








1 m > 

No. 633 Clay Street, bet. Montgomery and Kearny, 


PARIS No. 5 Rue de Conservatoire. 


623 Clay Street, bet. Kearny and Montgomery, 

ii^FOi^TERS -A.jsriD ide-a.IjEr,s msr 


Ezalbroideries., Patteras., GaaTas, 


And aU other articles for Needlework at WHOLESALE and RETAIL. 



(Incorporated, July 23d, 1857.) 


Between Montgomery and Kearny Streets. 

i »•» > 


President, ^-------e. W. BURR 

Vice-President, - - - - BENJAMIN D. DEAN 













-<-»»» > 

Any person can become a Member of this Society on paying an Entrance Fee 

of TWO DOLLARS, and subscribing to the By-Laws. 
Deposits can be made of any sum from TW@ BQiLLARS and FtFTIf OENTS to any amount. 

Loans made on Security of Real Estate within the City and County 




iiSTIi 4 iiililTT % 



$^xtuh ittgli^h mi Jtfm^jstkp 









President ----- JAMES DE FREMERY 
Vice-President ALBERT MILLER 





Cashier and Secretary, -------- JOHN ARCH BALD 

» ■ a» 

See General Review for a Notice of the Operations of this Institution. 


San Francisco. Paris. 

STESIN, snaoN <& CO. 



Nos. 632 and 634 SACRAMENTO TREET, 

And 631 and 633 COMMERCIAL STREET, 

E^=- ORDERS FOR EUROPEAN GOODS promptly and carefuUy fiUed for a reason- 
able commission by our House in Paris, 38 Hue d.e l»i:clilq[ixiei'. 





'K W 


(Oval and. Squax'e. 






lEdK, X30U 



i -»»— > 


Tliirtl d-oor Sotitli of 3i:aiTi Entrance In Ijick»s Slook, 

gaiF SS^]IF«g@®J? 




411, 413 and 415 BATTEEY STEEET, 


Sole Agents for omCKERING & SONS' 



O t O "1" 

Nos. 411, 413 and 415 Battery Street, cor. Merchant, 




No. 512 OALIFOENIA STEEET, one door West of Montgomery Street, 

s-A^isr i^E,-A.3srcisco, 


MELTED and ASSAYED, with Correctness and Dispatch, 



Having a complete CHEMICAL LABORATORY in connection vvitli my facilities for Melting 
and Assaying, I feel confident of being able to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor me with 
their patronage. 




D. O. MILLS & CO. Sacramento. San Francisco. 



stei:n'"^^y & SON'S' 


< «-» > 

\X^ These Pianos have taken the FIRST PREMIUM wherever and whenever exhibited 
in competition with the best makers of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. Among the Judges 
were GOTTSCHALK, WM. MASON, H. A. WOLLP]NHAUPT, and other Musical Celebrities. 


Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

f iiitaiwiife, §001 mi j 





613 CLAY STREET, (South side) 3d door above Montgomery. 

IIF- PIANOS Tuaed and Repaired by Experienced Workmen. Second Hand Pianos TAXEN IN PART PAYMENT. 


3VC. Z^.^^]Nr^JE31X~: 

JOHN HAHN, San Francisco. 



Vestings, Billiard Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, 


No. eso Clay Street and 031 Mlerclxaiit St. 

coTjisrTR'ir ODaiDEPis i>ptox-a:i>xaL.-5r .A.TXEisrx>Bi3 to. 





^T" Now conceded to be the Handsomest, Best Baking and most Economical Stove ever brought to this market.«,£| 

Nos. 112 and 114 Battery Street. 





-A.3sriD -A.a-E3NrTS fo:r 

m f i^isis M liiiii iM ia MS! »ir. 


Any description of BLANKETS which may be desired. 

Hides and Wool Bought at Highest Market Rates. 

_ — . ^ ■ ^ 

Exchange on England, France, and Ne^Ar York. 

■ « » > 

311 and 313 C^^LIFOIMVI^^ STI^EET. 

novAt twsuMNOE timum 

CAPITAL, Ten Millions of DoUars. 

The undersigned, Agents in California for the abore named Company, are prepared to issue 
Policies, Insuring Brick Buildings, or Merchandise stored therein, Household Furniture etc., and 
lire fnithorized. to settle cvll losses here 

The amount of the Capital of this Company, viz., TEN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, which 
would be immediately available to meet any unforseen calamity, the well-known character of its 
Directors, the high respectability of its Proprietors, and the standing which it takes among the 
large Insurance Ilstablishments, enable it to rank with the most eligible offices now in existence 
either in Europe or America, with respect to the advantages offered to the Public, 

This Company will ever distinguish itself by Promptness in the Settlement of Claims. 

tl^" Parties desirous to efTect Insurance, will be furnished with all necessary information by 

AIiSOP & CO., Nos. 411 and 413 California Street. 


^ (From Europe,) 

24 Government House, cor. Sansom & Washington Sts. 

1 » I 



Advantageous Terms for Prospectors' Clubs and Mining Companies. 




FOLSOM STREET, near Center, (now Sixteenth St.) 

» » > 

S. LAZARD & D. McLENNAN, Proprietors. 

M:ari\itactxii'ei«s of A.1L.1L. ^VOOX^ 






i I— I 


S H 

a SI 


*H p 
00 ^ 

its K S »• 



a m 

IVos. S14 and 






^f vWJ^C^^X 

Vol JoV toS? 131 W'' 






Of all Styles, Sizes and Prices. 

CC^ Additions Received by every Steamer. 


— AMD — 


117" Orders Promptly Filled through my Agents in New York and Paris. 




msrcisLET & GO, 





< ■»»»■ > 

323 Wasliington Street, near Batter^^. 

HAVE FOR SALE— Oak Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Skirting Leather, Belting 

Leather, Bridle Leather, Alum Leather, Kip Skins, Colored Lining 

Skins, Kusset Sheep Skins, Pump Leather, Etc., Etc. 



Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 





For Stores, Dwellings, Churches, etc., Fitted up at Reduced Rates. 

« »«» > 

Jobbing done with Neatness and Dispatch. All Work Warranted. 

No. 706 (Old No. 162) MONTGOMERY STREET, 

Below Wasliington, 



Manufacturers Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 








Corner Battery and Merchant Streets, 





IJv«fl:i^OI?,TEI^S CDF 




No. 2 Custom House Block, cor. Sansom and Sacramento Sts. 




Gents' Furnishing Goods, Trunks and Valises. 





Of Every Description. 
£t^Orders for CUSTOM CLOTHING will receive our most carefal and prompt attention. 

ivos. 41S A.ivi:> 414 s^]vsom: sti^eet, 










A complete assortment of COAL OIL LAMPS and OIL constantly on hand. 



G^. E. m:ooiie, 




Ores, Mineral Waters, Guano, Products of the Arts, &o, 

< »»i » 

Prof. J. D. WHITNEY, (State Geologist) San Francisco. 
D. 0. MILLS, Sacramento. 


Make Liberal Advances upon the Ores of 

Copper, Silver, Tin, Nickel and Cobalt, 


p. M. CO. will negotiate the Purchase and Sale of Mines; and, also, the Purchase of Machinery for their Development. 

No. 325 Montgomery Street. SAN FRANCESCO. 



306 BATTERY STREET, Near corner of Commercial, 





m T&mmu nm smsb m m%mn, 


Office— 55 Montgomery Block, up stairs, SAN FRANCISCO. 


Depot of GOTJPIL & CO. 



I: W Ml 


219 Montgomery Street, (Russ Block,) San Francisco. 





^S {o( 


And Commission business in general attended to by 

zoRsr <& CO. 

John T. Zorn, 421 Battery Street, San Francisco. 
August Kapp, - --««-«-- Europe. 
Branch, at 11 Beekman Street, — - New York. 

Agents for Hermann Boker & Go's Guns, Gunware, and German 
Hardware; Meriden Britannia Co.; Waterbury Brass Co.; Lalance 
Grosjean Tin and French Hardware; and other Manufacturers. 




eSuccessors to FRANK BAKEK,) 

414 and 416 CLA.Y STREET,, 

Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic 


fill ilHDlSfllf iiiii & PiPil iiiSBiii 

ll llJIlii 


H. W. Bragg, Sacramento. C. Wateehouse, San Francisco. J. W. Lesteb, New York. 

i m*m » 

H. IV. BRAGG <&. CO. 




USTos. 39 and 31 Battery Street, 

Nos. 17 and 19 Seventh Street, between I and J, Sacramento. 




Successors to 

640 Sacramento St., bet. Montgomery and Kearny, 

^^^\,SJ^ I^sXi^N.SJ'C^II^C^CX). 

< *»» > 



irm^^ /iJ-JJ^v 

^ 7®Rlin. 7®lftl£ww nlw^^ 

CSR im \^^ R^^J 

©Ps>i. ^. 

X^ d^ C 






111 " 

msunAKCE nmum, 


aa s raac3LSCQ 

< »«» > 


APRIL 2, 1863. 

< ^»» > 


< »»» > 







JAMES P. FLINT, President. 
C. L TAYLOR, Vice-President. 

J. B. SCOTCHLER, Secretary. 

-4 »»» > 

Insure HULLS, CARGO, FREIGHT and SPECIE to and from all parts of 

the Worid. 



•^^Sl ^^H^^i 1^^*C™SQ 

Office, No. 204 California Street, 


. — . — _ < ».» > 

Combined Cash Assets, ■ ■ $4,275,000 

« » > 

Cash Assets July 1st, 1863, ■ $2,850,000 

^g'The large Capital of this Company, and almost half a century of experience, 
offer every assurance of a faithful performance of its obligations. 

— A L so — 

North American Fire Insurance Company. .Capital, $375,000 

Connecticut Fire Insurance Company " 275,000 

Market Fire Insurance Company " 300,000 

Atlantic Fire Insurance Company " 275,000 

Lenox Fire Insurance Company " 200,000 

» — « » » 

1^" Parties Insuring in the Market Insurance Company, receive annually seventy- 
five per cent, of the net profits of the business without incurring any liability. 

MIIMiB lEMT m »t DmiiE BY HE 

Effected on brick and frame Buildings, Merchandise, Dwellings, Furniture and other 
insurable property in the State of California, as low as any Solvent Company. 

All Losses Paid Here In United States Gold Coin. 

Actuary, San Francisco. Agent for the State of California. 




o o xdx i^jA. IV -s?". 

< mmm > 

Incorporated, vrnd-er A.ct of tlie I^eglslatixre, A.prU 8, 1858. 
i ^.» » 

CAPITAL STOCK, $3,000,000, 


Capacity, 100,000,000 Gallons. 


Capacity, 500,000 Gallons. 


Secretary '. EDWARD MICKLE 

Chief Engineer A. W. VON SCHMIDT 

Inspector J. H. VON SCHMIDT 










^ ^ 'W "W 

]Imi©(S)ir]p®irsi*ib(idl Jmino IBths, ESS^^c 

i^:RESEi<rT sxjipi^i-.^s'. 



3^,1 1 It H 

O S^ 35" 3E C3 :^ ^ 

5 '^©it.pwwi, mm fads 

Parties introducing Water into their premises, by applying at 
the Office of the Company, can obtain any information desired 
regarding the weights, strength, and sizes of service-pipe suitable 
for different localities. 









-A.nsr x> 








IS* ,#^' 





No. 634 Washing^ton Street, 


Offers his services for the Preparation of Accurate 


* f*U'> J ♦ 

FOR BuiLDiisras 

Of every description, and to Superintend the Erection thereof. 





Near Market, 

Keeps constantly on hand and manufactures to order all kinds of work in the above branches, including all kinds of inside finish, 




No. 418 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Advances made on Gold Dust. Gold Bars Bought & Sold. 

Charges for Assaying and Smelting Gold: $2. below 50 oz. All above 50 oz.i of one per cent. 



575 IKEissioii Street. 575 




All Physicians recommend its free use. Children cry for it, and grow healthy 
and fat when fed on it. UNFERMENTED BREAD IS CHEAPER than any 
other Bread ever introduced into this market. 


We are now prepai'ed to supply 50,000 LOAVES per day, or more, to Customers 
throughout the entire city, and will guarantee a constant supply without interruption. 


Supplied regularly to Hotels, Restaurants, Grocers, Shipping and Families. Fresh 
morning and afternoon — every day. 

TICKETS furnished for convenience of Customers, and taken in exchange for 
Bread at all the Groceries. A liberal Discount allowed to Wholesale Dealers and 
Large Consumers. 


Ladies especially, and the public generally, are invited to call to see this novel 
and cleanly i)roccss of Bread Making, 

W. F. NORCROSS, Superintendent, 
575 MISSIO]:^^ STREET, 575 



& ^toitiiitib f asttwma €$, 



« -^^^ > 


Incorporated by Royal Charter and Special Acts of Parliament. 

« mmm > 

CAPITAL, ----- $10,000,000 
Accumulated and Invested Funds,] tio 614 140 

January 1st, 1863. J 

THE UNDERSIGNED has been appointed the Company's Agent for CALIFORNIA, OREGON 
and the TERRITORIES, and is authorized to insure against FIRE upon the most favorable terms. 

Losses Promptly Adjusted and Paid Here in U. S. Gold Coin. 

Messrs. TALLAJNTT & CO. 


TS. W. corner California and Front Streets, Coleman's Building, San Francisco. 


'EST-A^BXjISIiBID 1852,) 

No. 208 California Street, between Front and Battery, 

]M:^TEKIA.LS for BRE^^^ERS, 

A-lso, I>rMJG©, <fce., consttiiitly on haiicl. 


Orders from any part of the State promptly attended to. Prices given, ("imd samples sent if desired,) per return Express 
Befers to principal Druggists, Brewers, &c., throughout the State. 




— AND — 

Decorative Paper Hanging Establishment, 










< » > 


February 23d, 1861. 

< »»» > 

Office— 405 Front Street, N. W cor. of Clay, 



Stockholders Personally Responsible for all the 
Engagements of the Company. 


D. C. McRUER, 


President, D. C. McRUER 

Vice President, - W. 0. TALBOT 

Secretary, C. T. HOPKINS 

Surveyor, Capt. JOHN H. BELL 

-i <i»» t 


— AL SO — 

Cargo, Freight and Specie, to and from all parts of the World. 





Agents of Glidden &. Williams' Line of Clippers fionn Boston. 

Real Estate and Minings Ag:eiitS5 

542 SAOEAMENTO ST., cor. of Montgomery, SAN rRANOISCO. 

Will attend to the Purchase and Sale of Citjr and County Property, care and manasrement of Pi-operty for 
al)sent owners, negotialion of Original ^Mining Interests, and 


< ^.» »~ 

Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Powers of Attorney, Certificates of Incorporation, etc., Proniittly and 

Correctly drawn. 
Business transacted in, and translations" made to or from the Spanish Language. 



iiWilPd®! MMB liMli^a 


CA.PIT.AL, «5,000,000 




t »»» > 

The Policies of this Company afford the Public the most complete security for the faithful dis- 
charge of every oliligation. 


(Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 8th July, 1862.) 
The usual Annual Return, just pulilished by the Government, shows that the Imrease of Duty paid by the Queen 
INSDBANCR CoMPANT, ID 1861 over I8(i0. exceeded that ut" 38 Other Kire Ofliees, some of which have been in operation 
for upwards (]f liall' a century. While the return shows a tailing.' off in the amount paid by six Offlces; it also shows 
that the Increase op the Queen exceeded that of all the London Oflices but two. and all the Scotch Oflices but one, 
(which durint: the year had absorbed the business of another (Jffice.) The Increase of the Qvren also exceeded all 
the Provincial Offices but two, and was nearly five times that of both tlie Irish Offices put together. Taking the gross 
amount of duty for the last two years, the IJeturn sliows that the Qlefn was the onlv Office which in that period had 
doubled the total amount paid. These facts, based upon the highest authority, prove that 

The Queen Irisurance Company is rapidly advancing in Public Estimation. 


DICKSON, DeWOLF & CO., Sole Agents for California, 

410, 412 and 414 BATTERY, cor. Merchant Street, SAN FRANCISCO. 



No. 131 Montgomery St., bet. Bush and Sutter, - - - San Francisco, 



< ■»'»■ > 


A. H. GALE & CO., New York, 

T. GILBERT, Boston, 

0. MEYER, Philadelphia, 

Whose Pianos they have always on hand, for Sale and for Rent. 

< »-» > 



Voice and Piano, Piano, four hands, One Guitar, 

Piano alone, Piano, six hands, Two Guitars, 

Piano and Guitar, Two Pianos, Guitar and Voice, 

Piano and Violin, One Violin, Guitar and Violin, 

Piano and Violoncello, One Flute, Guitar and Flute, 

Piano and Cornet, Two Flutes, Guitar and Piano, 

Piano, two Violins, Violoncello and Bass, Small Brass Band, 

Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Organ, Full Orchestra, 15-25 Instruments, 

Small Orchestra, Full Brass Band, 15-25 Instruments. 

Also, Insfrucfxcn Books for flie foKoiving Insfrumextb: 


PIANO — German, English and French. GUITAR — German, English, French and Spanish. 

VIOLIN — German and English, Melodeon, Organ, Accordeon, Flutina, Concertina. 

FLUTE — German, English and French. Banjo, Violoncello, Double Bass. 


€\mt\ Pusic, Complete Dperas ^ §mkxm. ImmJ^ Pusk, tk 

< »-» > 

Violins, Guitars, Accordcons, Etc., Etc., repaired neatly and cheap. Genuine Silver Strings, for 

Violins, Etc., Spun to order. Pianos Tuned. Music for Balls and Parties Furnished. 

Music arranged for all Instruments. New Music received by every steamer. 

New Music published. Music assorted and bound in the best style. 




liiffiCfiliaE ilB WIUffilH miMM 



All Fire-Works Manufactured by us are Guaranteed. 

DC^Coiintry Exhibitions atteiKled to ]iromptly, ami men sent to superintenti tlicm wiien reqnicecl. 

'W. L. PEHKIlSrS, 



San Francisco, No. 404 Front Street, C. E. GIBBS, Agent. 

Sacramento Warehouse Front Street, bet. L and M 

Folsom Warehouse Near Eailroad Depot 

Lincoln Warehouse Near Eailroad Depot 

Upper Placerville Stone Warehouse 

« m I 

D:F=-Frcight DISTmCTLY MARKED Care W. L. P., will be forwarded to all portions of 
California and Nevada Territory. 

p, S. — Send vour Shippiujr Eeceipts per Express or Consignees' box, to W. L. PERKINS, 
Sacramento, that your Freight may be Pro])crly clicc-kcd from Steamer to Cars or Teams. 





Whale Line, Bale Rope, Etc. 



Office at TUBES & COS 611 and 613 Front Street, 






El) ICJ 



Braneli House, . . . SNEATH & BOARMAN, . . . Red Bluff. 

< ^»» > 

Forwarding Agent, D. W. EARL, Sacramento, 

Who will receive and fill orders for all kinds of Goods on my account, and keep a large stock of 

Flour, Barley, Potatoes, Ground Feed, Etc. 

< »■ » > 

ISrO CI^^ft.2l.C3-E FOR. I^OPl"W'-A-K,IDI3SrC3-. 

Orders for Goods, not in my line, furnished customers without extra charge. Orders for Goods in 
the Eastern markets attended to promptly . Daily Prices Current. furnished when desired. 



Fr. h. eosenbaum; 

IlNwfllS^O^lTEE. O^" 

Crystal Sheet, Stained, Enameled, Cut and Ground 

< »m^ > ■ ■ 

.A^g-ent fox* .A.n.g-. IN^yssens &: Co^^?» 

221 Sacramento Street, below Front, 

Orders received for CHURCH WINDOWS, Ornamented or Plain, in any style or of any di- 
mensions. Designs can be seen at the oiiice. Any Society furnishing dimensions for Windows or 
Glass, can have their patterns or designs made to order. 


Importing & €mmmm %^m% 

11 Beekman Street, 

New York. 

John T. Zorn, London. 

GusTAV. FiCK, Hamburg, Germany. 

421 Battery Street, 

San Francisco. 

Henry Melrose, New York. 
C. E. KoNOPAK, San Francisco. 

G. B. & 1. H. KNOWLES, 


Eastern Pine, Sugar Pine, White Cedar, Puget Sound and Redwood 

A Full Supply constantly on hand. 


Also, Piers 13 & 19 Stewart St., San Francisco. 




« »«^ > 


AiaiY\^_ (t\ QlyAAa/V\/aiYY\) ^ 

(^^/fnomme^ ^Umm4yi2^ 



^tm^, ^htt §X0% ^aA ^i\n, Wm §hU, (KomnXf Wm^ 

Nos. 114, 116, 118 and 120 Front Street, 






Copper, Brass, Zinc, Bags, Lead, Glass, 

Bottles, Rope, Horns, Hides, Old Iron, Etc., Etc. 

Depot: HI and 113 Davis Street, near California, SAN FRANCISCO. 

— ■ < » > 

S. I». TJVYLOI?^, --------- rropi'ietoi'. 

AH kinds of Paper on hand and Made to Order. "WTiolesale and Betail. 

ouTTiisra & CO. 




CliairLpagiie Cidei?, 


115 and 117 COMMERCIAL STREET, below Davis. 

STR.A.TM:^]Sr & CO. 


Importers ancL "Wliolesale I>ealers in 


UOTICE— An miscellaneous orders outside our Regular Business, attended to with prompt- 
ness and dispatch, without charge. 





TV. El. Oor. F'roiit and. Olay Streets. 

gl0<*nt;s for ^tiddcu ^ mmm\$' fine of mm^ ^^m tvom 

BOSXOlSr TO s-A.isr ftu^jstcxsgo. 

Goods for this Line received at Boston and carefully forwarded free of charge hy 

Sailing promptly as advertised. 
The only really prompt Line of Ships from the Atlantic Ports. 

« »»^ > 




Loading only First Class Clipper Ships, sailing promptly as advertised. 



Liberal Advances Made on WOOL, HIDES, ORES, 

DYEWOOD, 01 Land other Merchandise forwarded by the above Line. 




Importer and Jobber of 


\iiaoti, os^ i^ \i^ 

wm niiBJav/JI [vx^l 



Corner Front and Sacramento Streets, 



S24 Montgomery Streat, 

(Old No. 136,) 

We have added to our Stock a Hich and Complete 
Assortment of 

v^AI?.3X^^ &, lV-A.VTr GOODS 

Swords, Sas' es, 

Belts, Epaulettes, 

Shoulder Straps, Sword Knots, 
Spurs, Flags, 

Feathers, Laces, 


Hats, Caps, Chapeaux and Trimmings 






ksm ^^ 


ALSTROM & CO., Proprietors, 

Corner of" Sutter a^ndL I\i; Streets. 


wmm w 


Its interior is finished with a degree of excellence unsurpassed by any hotel in the United States. 


The Proprietors, (formerly of the Oriental,) will endeavor to please all who favor 
them with their patronage. 


This Favorite Resort will remain under the management of Messrs. ALSTROM & CO. 
Having- IVtade 





The Public can rest assured that their sojourn at the Springs will be made pleasant. 

S. ALSTROM & CO., Proprietors. 








ri J STii,E:E:T, !,a.]\i:eivto. 



A.. H. BALD^W^IlSr & CO. 

Successors to S. H. MEEKER & CO. 



< » t 

Agency of Longworth's Wines, Chesnut Grove Whisky, and Cucomungo Vineyards, 


No. 526 Washington Street, San Francisco. 

1 ^ t 













Celebrated Vineyard of El Aliso, 

-A.T 3L.OS -A-ISra-ELES. 

Sainsevaiii's Extra Cal. White Wine, Sainsevain's Extra Fine Madeira Wine, 
Sainsevain's Port Wine, Sainsevain's California Wine Brandy, 

Sainsevain's Superior Angelica Wine, Sainsevain's California Wine Bitters, 
Sainsevain's Claret Wine, Sainsevain's Sparkling* Champagne. 

506 and 508 Jackson Street, near Montgomery. 

US!© lMBiB>ii# 

Factory, cor. Iowa and Mariposa Sts., 


,TOH]V T^Y^LOK, Agent. 

Manufacture all kinds of 

asii iiaei iia: 


Carboys, Pickle Bottles, Wine Bottles, 

Mineral Bottles, Mustard Bottles, Etc.; 

Made to Order on the Premises, Lettered as desired, 

A-iid. Bottles blown in C^uantities to sixit. 

Samples can be seen at the Office. 














Importers and Dealers in 

it m 




Nos, 418 and 420 (Old No. 116) CLAY STREET, 


WO' m 

e e e e e « e 

< »»» >- 





M. E. TO BIN. 


T0BI:N" BROS. & CO. 


fmm hm uimmm mmn, 

io^icry and miiU ((ym\$, Wm^ti (f^utlmi, %mx^u ^§mm$, &r. 
401 to 409 Sacramento Street, corner of Battery, 

310 to 335 Battery Street, 

[UP STAIRS.] Ij'^'^ ''^,'''i^*^''^l!\^^'^qii 





Chartres Coffee, Rio Coffee, and Green Coffee of Every Quality. 

SranclLes in Oalcla<ii.d. and. Hornltos. 



Wm. Lane Booker, Esq.. H. B M.'s Conrjul. Messrs. Dickson, DeWolf & Co. 
Capt. Robert Roxbt, Lloyd's Surveyor. Messrs. Ziel, Bertheau & Co. 

Messrs. Samuel Price & Co. Messrs. Daniel G-ibb & Co. 

Messrs. Duput, Foulkbs & Co. Messrs. White & Wilson. 


A 9 


]Vos- SS to 6S Silver Street, near Third. 

This Institution was founded with the design of establishing on the Pacific Coast a 
SEMINARY where such advantages for a 

f &»©W1 ill ai'f IS! I lilCilMI 

could be furnished as should remove all necessity or design, on the part of parents, 
to send their daughters to an Eastern School. 

< »«» > 

^^One of the features of the Institute is a course of CALISTHENICS, or such 
Gymnastic Exercises as are adapted to females. 

The varions kinds of NEEDLE-WORK, plain and ornamental, together with 
EMBROIDERY, are also taught, if desired. 









-A- 3sr ID K, E ^w ID. iisrcs- <Sc OO- 




322 Washington Street, near Battery. 

HAVE FOR SALE— Oak Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Skirting Leather, Beltinc Leather, Bridle Leather, Alum 
Leather, Kip Skins, Color Lining Skins, Russet Sheep Skins, Pump Leather, Etc., Etc. 



#*'i)'' liN 




For supplying BOILERS with FEED WATER 

by direct force of STEAM without 

using a PUMP. 

is fc iif imiif m ill liiii iiiif f i iiiiia 






« »««» > 

Maritime & all Camiaef cial Writtags & MmuWi^mU Mm 

^ »■» ►-- 

(S0U]5iultation;5i upon all §mmmu mA pat^itim^ ^nhlttt^. 

Office, Exchange Building, Battery Street, 

Opposite dstom House, SIN FRINCISGO. 





< »«» »- 

THIS INSTITUTION has recently been enlarged by the erection of a 

SMglWI Mil ^ii IIMmiii Mill, 

Which have been provided with all those modern improvements that tend 

to facilitate the 


As well as to promote the 


The buildings are commodious, the dormitories lofty and well ventilated, and the 

whole establishment is provided with very suitable accommodations. There 

are also extensive grounds for 


DR. HUDDART is assisted by 


Who cooperate with him in constant supervision over the intellectual, as well as 
the moral training of those intrusted to his care. 


Together with the accomplishments of 


Are under the charge of 

A Prospectus containing full information can be obtained on application at the 
College, or at the Bookstore of A. ROMAN & CO., Montgomery Street. 



-4 m»m > 

This Institution is situated at the Corner of 


In a most Eligible and Central part of the City. 
It furnishes the best faciHties for acquiring a thorough 

The course of studies is the same pursued in the Best Colleges. 
There are EIGHT INSTRUCTORS constantly employed; and 
One Hundred and Thirty Students in the Different Departments. 
Patient, thorough, laborious drilling, is the leading feature in the 
Instruction. The Different Branches cannot be anywhere taught 
more thoroughly than in this Institution. Particular attention is 
given to the Elementary Branches of an English Education. 

On the fifty-vara lot is a Gymnasium put up under the Su- 
pervision of the Director of the 

worth more than One Thousand Dollars, to which additions will 
be constantly made. 

Besides this valuable property in the heart of the City, the 
College owns twenty-five acres, in an unsurpassed situation, four 
miles from the City, on the San Bruno Road, where buildings 
for a University will be erected without delay. A fund of more 
than Thirty Thousand Dollars has been provided for that purpose. 

For Terms and further particulars, address 


President of City College. 




M M\ G 



Importer and Dealer in all kinds of 


539 Washington Street, bet. Montgomery and Sansonfi Streets, 

i^AETER MARCH 1, 186^,=^ 
At 728 Montgomery Street, opposite the Metropolitan Theatre, 

< ^«<» » 

Jfancg ^ '§lm UtasI] ^asins, ^atlj €nk, 



ilD Ai PLilW IROi PIPE, 

I' 0]R 


W\tt (^tXihxnM po^nittg J^t«t^ & ^»j| estate iawge^, (Hl^irjr^v iaito* 

« »«» > 



♦I Ixvi 




•OMiMlJ>, Mklim 27, 1861 

< »»<^ »- 




-^ ID I DR E O T O I?. S .©- 

E. W. Burr (619 Clay Street. 

John Archbald, (Secretary San Francisco Savings Union. 

Robert Turner, (of Turner Brothers, 

Lucius A. Booth (of Booth & Co., Sacramento. 

C. v. O. Sullivan, (of Sullivan & Cashman. 

Henry H. Haioht (Attorney at Law. 

\Vm. r. Herrick, (Secretary Savings and Loan Society. 

Wm. Bosworth (Merchant. 

J. DE La Montanya, (Importer of Metals and Stoves, 216 Jackson Street. 

Jos. G. Eastland, (Secretary of the San Francisco Gas Company. 

Obcar L. Suaftkr, (13 Montgomery Block. 

Edward Hull, (of Lindley, Hull & Lolunan, Sacramento. 

James H. Cutter, (of Smith & Cutter, 400 Front Street. 

R. B. Woodward (AVliat Cheer House. 

Chas. Kohler (of Kohler & Frohling. 

E. F. Kortham, (Real Estate, 621 Clay Street. 

Geo. J. Brooks (of Geo. J. Brooks & Co. 

John Van Bergen, (Merchant, 524 Washington Street, 

Benj. D. Dean, (Physician, corner of Montgomery and Bush Streets. 

J. 1'. Buckley. 

Geo. C. Boardman. E. "W. BUBR, President. 

GEO. C. BOAKDMA-N, Secretary- 

C. D. O. SULLIVAN, Vice-President. 




< »»^ > 




« «» »» » 

3' © 






" FORT BRIDGER....- 125 

TO JULESBURGH-Ciossing of South 

Platte $205 


" OMAHA 205 


ih^ P»il^ & ^fuun^m uiU lay ntx mt uitjht nt <^alt ^alu? (fiity. 

Passengers will be permitted to lay over at any point on the road, and resume their seat when 
there is one vacant. To secure this privilege, they must register their names with the Stage Agent 
at the place they lay over. Passengers allowed 25 pounds of Baggage; all over that weight will 
be charged extra. 

The Company will not lie responsible for loss of Baggage exceeding in value Twenty-Five 

STAGE OFFICE Second St., between J and K,to 





IDwflllPOPlTEPlS 02^ 




siXjk: t:e3:i?,e-a.X5 cScO., <Sz:C. 


^ ^m 

icfi iirii n^i 'w' ff ^i © 


110 siiid lis California Street, 





5tinmcns' Scols anb likcjjines, ^hrlismitljs' SlooIs anb Hbrljines, 






No, 611 MONTGOMERY STREET, - - Corner of Merchant, 



Envelopes, Law Books, Law Blanks, Fancy Articles, 


Orders will be received for any Book or other article required from the States, and obtained in 

the shortest possible time. 

< » t 


DS^ORDERS from the COUNTRY are solicited, to which special attention will be paid. .-£3] 



ROBisrsosr <& snow, 

Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

-« »»»->- 


Orders from the Country solicited, and promptly attended to. 


^Of 3^ ''''q^'' ''''* ''°^ ''^^ 

9 ^^AM^&^s, 


Removed from CLAY STREET to 


GEO. c. joHisrsoisr & oo. 








iS^ ^ 


Pdatott^, gi»nci (!Jovm, gi^no J'tool^, ^lu^ir larfeisi, (^tr., Cf^t<". 


Stodart IF*iano- Forte Sc the i^rinee ]Vtelod.eoii. 

JI^^A large Stock of Piano-Fortes for Hire, always on Hand. 



Playing' Cards, Blank Boolis, 

wmitiii^ 411® wm^ttisi® t^ti&i, lit. 

Between Washington and Merchant, - - - SAN FRANCISCO. 

^mmm — • 





TH3E <9^0lLr>EIV JiiPJ^.^, 

Is circulateil cvcrv week bv its 300 Agents, in every CITY, TOWN and MINING 
CAMP, "ana throuj^hout the FARMIXG DISTRICTS generally of 

t4iit®mei4t iiiw4®4 411® %mm^®m^ 

Published by BROOKS & LAWRENCE, 


$4,00 PER YEAR, $2,00 SIX MONTHS, $1,00 THREE MONTHS. 

.aliiw^ (no 

'W^ (yA.o(v\A) ^AAwi), vS)cJiw«.\) Jj vijiaiA), 




.A.LSO or 


Corner Sansom and Commercial Streets. 



For the Year Commencing October, 1863 : 




ALSO, , * 



The Consolidation Act and its Amendments ; the Municipal Government ; Societies and 
Organizations, and a great Variety of Useful and Statistical Information, 


W\tt ^xi^qvt^^ mtl iv^^cttt C^ottdititftt Jdf tUi (H^itn. 






Office of the Dieectory, No. 612 Clay Street, upstairs; Wm. B. Cooke & Co., 624 Montgomery Street, 

A. KoMAN & Co., 419 Montgomery Street; George H. Bell, south-west 

corner of Montgomery and Merchant Streets. 



No. 536 Clay Street, opposite Leidesdorff. 

_ _ 



/ f& 







Price, Four Dollars per Year, in half morrocco j or Three Dollars and a Half, in paper for mailing. 

HENRY G. LANQLEY, Publisher, 


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the Year of onr Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-three, 


In the Clerk's OflSce of the District Court, for the Northern District of the State of California. 

t'# iE ^muumuB m wst twiiti wiit. 



For 1864. 





12mo. 96 pp, 

Price, 50 Cents. 



On presenting to the public the San Francisco Directory for 1863-64, the 
sixth volume issued by the present compiler, he deems the present an appropriate 
occasion to refer to the introductory remarks contained in the first volume of the 
series : " In the preparation of the present volume, the compiler has aimed to 
arrange a Directory more comprehensive in its plan, and more systematic in its 
arrangement, than any pubhcation of its character hitherto issued in California. 
He has endeavored to present a Manual of Reference so useful and valuable, that 
its successors may be deemed welcome annual visitors to every citizen. To this 
end he has devoted unremitting industry and the most vigilant care." The pages 
of the» work from year to year furnish the best evidences of his determination to 
merit the mcreasing patronage bestowed upon his efiForts, and he now refers with 
pecuUar satisfaction to the present issue to determine how far he has fulfilled the 
expectations of his friends and the pubhc. 

Few people who consult the pages of a City Directory have a proper concep- 
tion of the amount of labor and patient care required in the preparation of its 
material for the press. No literary enterprise is surrounded with so many obsta- 
cles to its successfiil prosecution ; and it is a matter of surprise to experienced 
minds how so large an amount of labor can be so accurately performed. In these 
remarks the compiler does not intend to convey the idea that perfection has been 
attained in the present volume, but he feels confident that he has succeeded in 
producing a work as free from errors as any similar enterprise in the United 

The rapid mcrease in the size of the San Francisco Directory, rendered 
necessary by the advancing progress of our city, has required a reduction in the 
size of the type used in the printing of the work. This change will secure the 
insertion of a larger amount of information, thereby rendering the work more 
usefiil and complete. 

The present issue of the San Francisco Directory is the largest and most 
comprehensive of any hitherto pubhshed in tliis city. The number of names 
contained therein exceeds thirty-eight thousand, an increase in one year of over 
four thousand, or nearly twelve per cent. The same gratifying evidence of our 
city's prosperity will be found in every department of the work. The register 
of names includes the locations of over seventeen hundred mining companies 
having offices in this city. The " Business Directory " has received from the 


compiler especial attention, and he feels confident that the industry devoted to 
that branch of the work has produced a very complete Hst of all trades and 
professions carried on in our city, with an accurate register of the names of all 
persons or firms engaged therein. In this list over twelve thousand names Avill 
be found so arranged as to be easy of reference, and supplying to the stranger 
ready means for procuring much valuable information in regard to the trade of 
this city. The " Street Directory " has been carefully revised, and now con- 
forms to the official data in the office of the Assessor of the city and county. 

In the "Appendix" the Consolidation Act has been republished, with all the 
amendments so methodically arranged, that the changes in the law are percepti- 
ble at a glance. In tliis part of the work is embodied a mass of information, 
extremely varied and much of it very interesting, embracing Hsts of the Federal, 
State, and Municipal Officers, notices of Local Societies and Associations, 
Churches, Mihtary Organizations, etc., etc. 

The " General Review" presents a diary of the interesting local events of the 
year, brief notices of Schools, public and private. Benevolent Associations, Cem- 
eteries, Public Improvements, Railroads, and other subjects worthy of special 
mention, with historical data of present interest, and well calculated to make the 
book a valuable work of reference to future generations. But the particular 
feature of this department of the Directory is the Tables, presenting a corrected 
census of the population of the city and county for 1861 and 1863, the compila- 
tion of the United States census of the city and county of 1860, and the state- 
ment of the buildings within the city limits. To these there has been devoted 
immense labor at considerable expense to the compiler, but as they satisfactorily 
prove the permanent growth and prosperity of the city, constitute most valuable 
data for subsequent reference, and set at rest speculation on a much vexed ques- 
tion, he is fully rewarded for the expenditure. 

Prefixed to the Directory is a valuable map of the city and county of San 
Francisco, compiled and drawn from the United States surveys, carefully revised 
and corrected to 18o2, with the copious materials in the custody of the city and 
county Assessor. 

The compiler would again express his thanks for the uniform courtesy extended 
to him during the progress of his labors. The prompt and willing assistance ac- 
corded by public officers, officers of societies, and others, to whom application 
was made for information for the work, is properly appreciated. To Messrs. 
Towne & Bacon, to whom the typographical department was intrusted and . to 
whom the work is much indebted for the exceedingly neat appearance it presents, 
he would especially oficr his thanks. 

The " San Francisco Dii-ectory" for 1864-5, will be issued in October next. 

San Francisco, October, 1863. 








Aiimial Expenditures 

A^scssnioiits and Kates of Taxation 



... 33 



Bonded Debt 






Population San Francisco 1860 and 1863. 


Spring Valley ." 


.... 33 



Foundries and Machine Shops 

Metallurgical Establishments 

.... 33 
. . 85 

Chronological History 





Education and Public Schools 



Private Schools 

Catholic Schools 

St. Ignatius College 

St. Mary's College 

St. Mary's School 





... 18 


Cordage Factory 

Pacific Glass Works 

Dow's Distillery 

Unfermented bread Co 

.... 36 
.... 36 
.... 36 
.... 36 

Wire Rope Manufacture 

.... 37 
... 37 

. .. 37 
... 37 

.... 37 

.. . 38 

School Sl.sters of Presentation 

School Sisters of Charity 

St. Thomas' Seminary 

C'itv College 






Pickles and Preserves 

Bellows .Manufacture 





Young Ladies' Seminary 

California Collegiate Institute 

City Female Seminary ... 





Public Buildings 

.... 384 


Halls, Blocks, Rows, Wharfs 

Places of Amusement 

.... 390 
.... 390 
.... 390 
.... 391 
.... 391 
.... 391 
.... 391 
.... 399 
.... 399 
.... 437 
.... 487 
.... 487 
.... 487 
.... 489 
.... 490 
.... 490 

Industrial School 

T'nivcrsity of the Pacitic 

Monstery 's Academy 








City and Countv 





Board of Supervisors 

City and County Officers 

District Officers 


Sabbalh School Union 

Young Glen's Christian Association... 

Etc 20 





Deaf. Dumb, and Blind Asylum 

.'.'.'.'.".'... 22 

St. Mary's Ladies Society .. 



Election Districts 

Police Department 

Wat'dalen Asylum 

Hebrew Protecting Association 

Eureka Benevolent Society 

Chebra Bikur Cholim U. Society 






Public Schools 

.... 490 

Board of Edncation 

.... 490 


Officers, Organization, and Fire Districts 


Custom House 

.... 490 

.... 490 

.... 494 


Ladies' U. Hebrev^ Benevolent Society. 
French Benevolent Society 




Branch Mint 

.... 496 

Italian Benevolent Society 

Scandinavian B. Society 

Slavonih EUirih M. B. Society 


United States Marine 







.... 496 

Post Office 


.... 497 
.... 497 


.... 498 
.... 498 
.... 498. 
.... 500 
.... 501 
. ..502 


Con gregationalist 


Methodist Episcopal 


Roman Catholic 








M ission 





Chinese Mission House 

Mariners' Church 

Church of Christ 

.... 504 
.... 504 
.... 504 






.. 604 



Reformed Dutch 

.... 50.^ 
... 505 





.... 505 

Western Pacitic 


M arket Street 


North Beach and Mssion 



Tunnel Russian Hill 












.... 506 

.... 510 



.... 513 
.... 513 
.... 515 


.... 616 


.... 618 




.... 519 
.... 522 
... 8'23 

Savings and loan associations ... 

Savings and Loan 







. 523 




.... 524 
.... 526' 
... 525 

Pacitic Accumulation Loan 

California Building 







.... 625 



Odd Fellows' 




Mechanics' Institute 







.... 527 
.... 627 
. ..528 

California Pioneers' 


San Francisco Vereln 


. .. 528 

What Cheer House 





.... 5J8 



San Krancisco 






Ailelsilorfcr Bros xxxii 

Alsop .t Co xxviii 

Alstrnm A Co. Ivi 

A rmes A Dallam 551 

Amolil N. S xxxiv 

Austin <fe 8chmitt xxlil 

Raeli J 557 

Hacisor <fc Lindciibcrger xxvi 

Baldwin A. H. ifc Co Ivii 

IJarrott A Sherwood, inside front cover 

Itaiiin C 656 

HcllG. H Ixix 

Hell G. W xxvi 

Bell John C Ixx 

Bernard C. 549 

Bigclow Brothers & Flint 5S2 

Blake <fc Co Iv 

Booker W. L xix 

Bradshaw &, Co 5B5 

Bragg H. \V. it Co xxxvi 

Braverinan A Levy front cover 

Brittan J. W. <b Co lii 

Brodie Win. A Co 541 

Brooks C. W. & Co llx 

Brooks Geo. J. A Co 555 

Brown A Wells 552 

Bryant A.J 580 

Buckley A Jones 531 

Burbank D xlii 

Buswell Alexander A Co 48 and 589 

Cal. Jlut. Marine Insurance Co.. xlvi 
Cal. Building and Loan Society... 587 

California Steam Navigation Co v 

Cal. Unlermented Bread Co xliv 

Cameron A 551 

Cannavan M front cover 

Oastle Bros 577 

Cazncau T. N Ixii 

Chapclle A. M 578 

Chapin (i. W. A Co iii 

Church A Clark xlix 

Churchill J. H xxviii 

City College Ixiv 

Clark Joseph Ix 

Cofley A i-isdon 5B5 

Coleman W. T. A Co xv 

Conrov A O'Connor xix 

Cooke Wm. B. A Co Iront cover 

Cornwall P. B 542 

Cox, WilcuttA Co Ixviii 

Craine Wm xliii 

Crane A Brigham lii 

Crane C. A 568 

Culvenvell S. 3 xliii 

Cutting A Co liii 

Czapkav L.J 5G9 

Day J. 9. A Co 557 

Day T front cover 

Deane J. K .558 

Decth A Starr 5.50 

Deming A Co 575 

Dcvoe. Dinsmoro A Co 539 

Dickson, DeWolf A Co xlvii 

Donahue, Booth & Co ,5411 

Dows J. A Co ,'571 

»u me I'. P 55(i 

Dyer W. I) 5B1 

Ea.iman K 552 

Eci.nian Julius Dr 572 

Ed'.vard* K. <i . back cover 

El'^ tro- .Metallurgical Co 580 

En ,)ire Water Cure 5Hr) 

Einry r,.U .5ii:i 

Ell "pcan Ore Ucflning Co 542 

Enr.ka Soap Co 5W 

Fallvner, Hell A Co 515 

Fi- man's Fund Ins. Co... back cover 

Fi-libourne K. W 5s5 

Fitz-gibt>on M. E 554 

Fliuiagnn E 544 

Flint, I'ealxdy A Co xlvii 

Fowler .lohn 5:):) 

Fneman B. II. A Co 550 

Galiaglicr A Weed 513 

Ocn.ioul A XXX 

Ghirardellil) Ix 

Gillespie C. V S.W 

Giddard A Co 541 

GciMen Kra Ixxii 

Gould, Martin A Co .')70 

Grant Joseph Ixxi 

Graves H. T .545 

Graves A Williams .570 

Grav Mathias xxvli 

Grc'sh A Hutherford .549 

Grover A Hakcr back cover 

HallidieA. S. A Co 544 

Hardeiibergh A Dyer 587 

Harrison C. II 559 

Hawley A Co x 

llaynes A Lawton xiv 

Hay ward A Coleman lxl.x 

Helbing, Greoncbaum A Co xxxiii 

Hensley S. J vii 

Henriq'ues D xxxv 

Hontsch A Berton xii 

Houckll 5K3 

Ileynemann A Co xxviii 

Ilibernia s.ivings and I oan Soc 581 

Ilincklev Clias. E. A Co xxxi 

llincklev A Co 538 

Ilitulicock (i. H Ixxii 

Hobbs, Gilmore A Co xvi 

Hodf;e A Woud lix 

Iloelsober A Wieland 546 

Holladav lien vi 

Hooper F. P. A J. A 550 

Hooker A Co Ivii 

Horstmann 11. A Co 559 

Horn H. C. A Co Ixxii 

Ilowland, Angell A King .539 

lluchez A Quaile xxxvii 

Hucks A Lambert 566 

HuddartK. T Ixiii 

Hughes Henry xxiandlii 

Hunt E. O 5.57 

Ing A. JL>. A Co Ixi 

Isaacs J. A Co Ixxi 

Johnson Geo. C. A Co Ixx 

Johnson J. C. A Co .577 

Johnson T. R 591 

Johnston W. B 529 

Jones, Wooll A Sutherland. xxv 

Kellogg, llewslon & Co xiii 

Kelly J. E 558 

Kennedy L. W back cover 

Kesmodel F 564 

K irby, Jones A Co xxxi 

Klepzigl. C. E. ACo 572 

Knowles G. B. A I. H li 

Koehler A 545 

Kohler A Frohling front cover 

Kohler Bros .578 

Kuner A 5.52 

Langland N. P 651 

Langlcy Henry G . . Ixxiv, 393 and 588 

LanzenbergM. & Co xxvii 

Lawrence A Houseworth xx 

Locan A Co xxii 

Locke A Montague xxvii 

Low C. A. A Co 533 

Luckell 564 

.Alacondray & Co xviii 

MagiU K. II ii 

Main A Winchester xxix 

Market Street Kailroad .573 

.Alartell J 552 

Martin E. A Co xxxii 

Massey A 560 

M a\'ers 11 .575 

McDonald J. A Co 568 

Mci'.lwee A Ackerman .^78 

.McGill J. A Co .5.50 

McGregor J 5.56 

McKibbin W .539 

Mcliuer A Merrill xviii 

Jlcad J. |{. A Co back cover 

Mciulcr, Lolor A Co liv 

.Mclr,.se,Zorn A Co.... li 

Mereliants' Mut. Ins. Co xxxviii 

.Mission Woolen Mills xxix 

Mitchell A. W 584 

Milcbell J. C 581 

.Molitor S. A Co xliii 

.Moore H. P. A Co back cover 

.Moore G.E xxxiv 

Mcirison, Harris A Co xxxii 

iMullorA back cover 

Murpliv, Grant A Co xix 

Newman Bros 5.'>6 

N isbet A Garniss .53i 

Norcross 1) Ixi J. K. A Co .563 

Occidental Hotel .584 

O'Brien J. H xxxi 

Oldham A Crowell 5n7 

Overland Mail Ixvii 

Pacillc Accumulation Loan Co 590 

Pacific Works Iviii 

Pacific Insurance Co xvii 

Paeidc Mail Steamship Co iv 

Pacific Metallurgical Works 579 

Pacific Mineral Co xxxiv 

Page R.C 584 

Palmer, Hanscom A Co 536 

Paltenghi A Larseneur 543 

Parker E. H xxxix 

Parker G. F 553 

Peckham E. P 563 

Peirce J iii 

Perlvins W. L xlix 

Phcliui A Hughes 548 

Phienix Insurance Co il 

Pioilie A I'.ayerque xi 

Plum CM xlv 

Pope A Talbot 581 

Portmann J. H. C 566 

Prior J. K. A Co Ixv 

Profit A. A Co .530 

Randall A. G. A Co xlvii 

Kansom L 5.55 

Uasche Bros xlviii 

Roberts Jos. A Co. ... xxv 

Roberts, Morrison & Co xv 

Ribinson A Snow Ixx 

Roman A 47 

Roos A Wunderlich xxxv 

Kosenbaum A. S. A Co be 

Kosenbaum F. H li 

Sack J. C 567 

Sansevain Bros Iviii 

San Fran. City Water Works xU 

San Fran. Cordage Manufactory 1 

San Francisco Fire Insurance Co. Ixvi 

San Fran. Savings LTnlon xxiv 

San Fran. A Pacific Sugar Co 574 

Santa Clara College ix 

Savings and Loan Society xxiii 

Schafer J. F. A H. H 543 

Schmolz W 547 

Schreiber J. A C 551 

Selby T. H. A Co Ixviii 

SherniJin W. A Co xxxiii 

Sherwood Robert ii 

Shew W 530 

Singer Manuf. Co . . .576 and back cover 

Sims I. R 841 

Sneath R. G 1 

Snook G. A W 568 

Solomon A Hart xlii 

Speyer M. Insurance 534 

Speyer M. wines Ivii 

Spreckles Bros 560 

Spring Valley W'ater Works xl 

Squarza V 590 

St 1 gnntius College .582 

St. .Mary's College 583 

stiin, Simon A Co xxiv 

Stoddart D ixii 

Stow J. W 591 

Stott C 543 

Stout A. B 535 

Stratman J. A Co liii 

Strahle J 564 

Swain R. B. A Co 534 

.Swedcnstierna M. B. Mrs Ixi 

Sweenev Daniel 566 

Taaflo W. P Iv 

Taylor John 542 

Ta.vlor A Laughlin 562 

'lavlor S. P liii 

Thurnauer A Zinn 558 

Tillinghast W. II xlv 

Tillman F 554 

Tol)in Bros. ACo Ix 

Townc A Bacon 588 

Tubbs A Co 1 

Underhlll J. A Co xlii 

Van Ness C 537 

Venard G 565 

Vrrdier, Kalndler, Scellier & Co.. xxii 

Vice .Martin 562 

Vulcan Iron Works Co ,537 

Washington Market .586 

Washoe Express 561 

Weil A Co 577 

Wcllman, Peck A Co 549 

Wells, Kargo A Co viii 

w bit man s. P back cover 

Wighlnian A Ilardic xxxvi 

Wigmore J .570 

Whikle H .572 

Winter John xlv 

Woodworth, AUovon A Co Ixxi 

Wunnenberg A Co 562 

Zecli J acob .548 

Zech F 548 

Zerker D 567 

Zorn A Co xxxv 


Advertising Agent. 

C. A. Crane 568 

Agricultural Depot. 

Hawley & Co x 

Chas. E. Hinckley & Co xxxi 

Wm. Craine xliii 


G.W. Bell xxvi 

J. H. Churchill xxviii 

Hentsch & Berton xii 

Kellogg, Ilewston & Co xiii 

S. Molitor & Co xliii 

G. E. Monre xxxiv 

Pacific Metallurgical Works . . . 579 

McRuer & Merrill xviii 

D. Sweeney 566 

Axle Grease. 

Hucks & Lambert 566 

Cal. Unfermented Bread Co.. . xJiv 

Deeth & Starr 550 

H. Winkle 572 


Hentsch & Berton xii 

Pioche & Bayerque. xi 

Wells, Fargo & Co viii 


J. F. &H. H Schafer 543 

J. & C. Schreiber 551 

Bellows Manufactiirer. 

C. Van Ness 537 

Billard Saloon. 

Bank Exchange 553 

Billard Table Manufacturers. 

Phelan & Hughes 648 

J. Strahlc 564 

Taylor & Laughlin 562 

Boat Builder. 
Martin Vice 562 

Boiler and Sheet Iron "Works. 

Coffey & Kisdon 565 

Book Binder. 

A. Buswell & Co 48 and 589 


Adrien Gensoul xxx 

G.H.Bell Ixix 

A. Roman 47 

Boots and Shoes. 

P.F.Dunne 556 

H. Lucke ..564 

Roberts, Morrison & Co xv 

Boxes, Packing. 

Hobbs, Gilmore & Co xvi 

Brass and Bell Foundry. 

Gallagher & Weed 543 


Hoelscher & Wieland 546 

Spreckles Bros 560 

Wunnenberg & Co 562 


C. Baum 556 

A. M. Chapelle 578 

Joseph G rant Ixxi 

D. Henriques xxxv 

R.C.Page 584 

Broom Makers. 
Armes & Dallam 551 

Newman Bros 556 

Cabinet Maker. 

J. Wigmore 570 

Camphene, Coal Oil, etc. 

C. II. Harrison 559 

Hay ward & Coleman Ixix 

Chas. Stott 543 


John C. Bell Ixx 

Frank G. Edwards front cover 

Solomon & Hart xlii 

Wightman & Hardie xxxvi 

Carriage and "Wagon Stock. 
H. W.Bragg & Co xxxvi 


Cutting & Co liii 

Cigars and Tobacco. 
C. G. Emery 563 

B. C. Horn& Co Ixxii 

H. Heuck 563 

J. K. Norcross & Co 563 

A. S. Rosenbaum & Co Ix 

Weil& Co 577 

Clothing Dealers. 

Badger & Lindenbergcr xxvi 

J. R. Mead & Co back cover 

W. Sherman & Co xxxiii 

Cloths and "Woolen Goods. 

Lanzenberg & Co xxvii 

Stein, Simon & Co xxiv 

Coal Dealers. 
E. Flanagan 544 

Coffee and Spice Mills. 

C. Bernard 549 

D. Ghirardelli Ix 

G. Venard 565 

Colleges and Schools. 

City College Ixiv 

Dr. Julius Eckman 572 

Santa Clara i.x 

St. Ignatius College 582 

St. Mary's College 583 

Mrs. M. B Swedensticrna Ixi 

Union College Ixiii 

Commission Merchants. 

C. W. Brooks & Co lix 

W. T. Coleman & Co xv 

Flint, Peabody & Co xlvii 

Macondray & Co xviii 

Meader, Lolor & Co liv 

A. Profit & Co 530 

Cooking Ranges. 
Locke & Montague xxvii 

Tubbs & Co 1 

Crockery and Glassware. 

Haynes & Lawton xiv 

Helbing, Greenebaum & Co xxxiii 
Thomas Day front cover 


Adelsdorfer Bros xxxii 

Frederick Kesmodel 564 

Dr. Burbank xlii 

J. Dows & Co 571 

Doors, Sashes, and Blind Man- 

S. S. Culverwell xliii 

J. McGill & Co 650 

Drugs and Medicines. 
Crane & Brigbam lii 

Dry Goods. 

Austin & Schmitt xxiii 

M. Cannavan front cover 

Heynemann & Co xxviii 

Huchez & Quaile xxxvii 

Henry Hughes xxi and lii 

Murphy, Grant & Co xix 

Jos. Roberts & Co xxv 

W. P. Taaffe Iv 

Verdier, Kaindler, Scellier & 
Co xxii 

Engravers and Designers. 
R. W. Fishbourne 585 

A. Kuncr 552 


Robinson & Snow Ixx 

Roos & Wunderlich xxxv 

Examiner of Deeds. 
C.V.Gillespie 558 


Washoe Express 561 

Wells, Fargo & Co viii 

Fancy Goods. 

Adelsdorfer Bros xxxii 

Locan & Co xxii 

R. Mayers 675 

Tobin Bros. & Co Ix 

Fire "Works. 
Church & Clark xlix 

Flour MiUs. 
Grosh & Rutherford 549 


McRuer & Merrill xviii 

W. L. Perkins xlix 


Wm. Brodie & Co 541 

Donahue, Booth & Co 640 

Goddard & Co 541 

Hinckley St Co 538 

Howland, Angell & King 639 

Palmer, Hanscom & Co 536 

Vulcan Iron Works 637 

Fruit Dealers. 

Gould, Martin & Co 570 

Graves & Williams 570 

Furniture Dealers. 
H. Horstmann & Co 559 

B. P. Moore & Co back cover 

J. Peirce iii 

Fur Dealers. 

A. W. MitcheU 584 

A. Muller back cover 

Gas Fitters and Plvmibers. 

Thomas Day front cover 

J. H. O'Brien xxxi 

J. K. Prior Ixv 

G. & W. Snook 568 


Pacific Glass Works. ... Iviii 

F. H. Rosenbaum li 

John Taylor 542 

Henry Hughes Iii 


Bradshaw & Co 665 

Castle Bros 677 

J. S. Day & Co 557 

R. G. Sneath 1 

WeUman, Peck & Co 549 


J. Bach 657 

Klepzig & Co 572 




N. S. Arnold xxxiv 

Conroy & O'Connor xix 

Hawley & Co x 

Hooker & Co 1 vii 

L. W. Konnody back cover 

Melrope, Zorn & Co li 

KuFsell Erwin Manufg Co.... 591 

J. Undorhill & Co xlii 

Zurn & Co XXXV 

Harness and Saddlery. 

J. C. Johnson & Co 577 

Main & Wincliestor xxix 

Hats and Caps. 

RIake & Co Iv 

J . Winter xl v 


Lick Honsp 1\t 

Occidental 584 

Russ House 587 

Instrument Depots. 

.1 . McG regor 556 

.I.e. Sack 567 

\Vm. Schmolz 547 

Insurance Adjusters. 

T. N. Cazneau Ixii 

Joseph Clark Ix 

Insurance Agents. 

Alsop & Co xxviii 

Bigelow Brotlier.s & Flint 532 

Dickson, DeWolf & Co xlvii 

Falkner, Bell & Co 535 

John Fowler 533 

W. B. Johnston 529 

C. Adolphe Low & Co 533 

K. H. Magill inside front cover 

Nisbet &"Garniss 532 

E. H.Parker xxxix 

M. Speyer : 53f. 

A. B. Stout 535 

R. B. Swain & Co 534 

W. H. Tillinghast xlv 

Insurance Companies. 

California Mutual Marine xlvi 

Fireman's Fund Ins. Co cover 

Merchants' Mut. Marine Ins. 

Co xxxviii 

Pacific Ins. Co xvii 

San Francisco Fire Ins. Co Ixvi 
Intelligence Offices. 

Geo. W. Cliapin & Co iii 

S. I*. Whitman & Co cover 

Iron and Steel. 

Conroy & 0'Conn(ir xix 

Geo. C. .lolnison & Co Ixx 

T. U.SoIby & Co Ixviii 

Iron Doors. 

W. McKibbin ,539 

J. R. Sims 541 

IJamps, Oils, Etc. 

Hay ward & Coleman Ixix 

C. Stott 543 

Iiand Agents. 

L. Ransom 555 

Leather Dealers. 

Cox, Wilcutt & Co Ixviii 

A. D.Ing & Co Ixi 

Kirby, Jones & Co xxxi 

R. W. Fishbourue 585 

Liquor Dealers. 

A. R. Baldwin & Co Ivii 

A.J. Bryant 580 

E. Martin & Co xxxii 

G. F. Parker 553 

M. Speyer Ivii 

V. Squarza 590 


F. P. & J. A. Hooper 550 

G. B. & I. H. Knowles li 

Pope & Talbot 581 

Machine Shops. 

Devoe, Dinsmore & Co 539 

Wm. McKibbin 539 

D. Stoddart Ixii 

Mail Lines. 
Overland Mail Ixvii 

Marble Yards. 

A. Paltenghi & P. Larseneur.. . 543 


Washington Market 586 

Medical Institute. 

L. J. Czapkay 569 

Metallurgical "Works. 

Electro Metallurgical Co 580 

European Ore Kelining Co 642 

I'acitic Metallurgical Work.s. . . . 579 

Pacific Mineral Co xxxiv 

Music and Piano Fortes. 

Badger & Lindenberger xxvi 

M. Gray xxvii 

Rasche Bros xlviii 

Woodworth, Allovon & Co... Ixxi 

F. Zech 548 

Jacob Zech 548 

Native "Wines. 

Hobbs, Gilmore & Co xvi 

Kohler & Frohling. . . . front cover 
Sainsevain Bros Iviii 

Newspapers, etc. 

Golden Era Ixxii 

Stratman & Co liii 

Notaries Public. 
P. B. Cornwall 542 

E. P. Peckham 563 

A. G. Randall & Co xlvii 


Lawrence & Houseworth xx 

J. C. Sack 567 

Paints, Oils, and Glass. 
J. R. Deane 558 

C. H. Harrison 559 

J. R. Kelly 558 

Joliu McDonald & Co 568 

Paper Dealers. 

G. J. Brooks & Co 555 

S. P. Taylor liii 

Photographic Galleries. 

W. D. Dyer 561 

W.Shew 530 

Pickles and Preserves. 

Cutting & Co liii 

Picture Frames. 
■Jones, Wooll & Sutherland... xxv 

Robinson & Snow Ixx 

Printing Offices. 

Frank Eastman 5.52 

Towne & Bacon 588 

Market Street Railroad 573 

Kegalia Manufactory. 
T.R Jolnison 591 

D. Norcross Ixi 

M. E. Fitz-gibbon 554 

Salamander Safes. 

F. Tillman 564 

Savings and Loan Societies. 

(,'al. Buildingand Loan Society. 587 
Hibernia Savings and Loan. ... 581 
Pacific Accunuilation Loan (Jo.. 690 

S. F. Savings Union xxiv 

Savings and Loan Society. . . . xxiii 

Saw Dealers. 
J. Underbill & Co xlii 

Sewing Machines. 

R. G. Brown back cover 

Deming & Co 576 

Singer Manufg Co.. . 576 and cover 

Shirts and Collars. 

Morison, Harris & Co xxxii 

Show Cases. 

J. Wigmore 670 

Silver Platers. 

John Martell 552 

Soap Manufacturers. 

Eureka Soap Co 689 

J . H. C. Portmann 566 


Buckley & Jones 631 

Oldham & Crowell 567 

Stair Builders. 
Brown & Wells 652 

B. H. Freeman & Co 560 

N. P. Langland 651 


G. H.Bell Ixix 

Wm. B. Cooke & Co. . . front cover 

G. B. Hitchcock Ixxii 

Hodge & Wood lix 

Isaacs J. & Co Ixxi 

California & Oregon S. S. Line. . vi 
California Steam Navigation Co. . v 
Oregon & San Diego S. S. Line, ■vii 

Pacific Mail Steam Ship Co iv 

Royal Mail xix 

Stoves and Tinware. 

J. W. Brittan & Co Hi 

Kohler Bros 678 

Locke & Montague xxvii 

Sugar Refinery. 
S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 674 

Suspension Bridges. 
A. S. Hallidie & Co 544 

J. C. Mitchell 581 

Truss Maker. 
A. Koohler 646 

A. Massey 560 


F. G. Edwards cover 

J. McDonald & Co 568 

McEIwee & Ackerman 578 

C. M. Plum xlv 

"Wagon Grease Manuf turers. 
Hacks & Lambert 566 

"Watches and Jewelry. 

Braverman & Levy front cover 

J. McGregor 656 

Robert Sherwood ii 

"Water Cure. 

Empire 585 

Water "Works. 

San Francisco Water Works. . . xli 

Spring Valley 'Water AVorks . . . xl 

"Windmill Mauufacturer. 

E. O.Hunt 557 

"Wire "Workers. 

H. T. Graves 546 

A. S. Hallidie & Co 544 

"Wood and Coal. 

D. Zerkcr 567 

"Wood and Ivory Turner. 
A. Cameron 561 

"Wood and "Willow "Ware. 

Armes & Dallam 651 

Thurnauer & Zinn 558 

"Woolen Goods. 

Locan & C^o xxii 

Mission Woolen Factory xxix 

S. F. Pioneer xxviii 


The City of San Francisco was, for the first 
time, incorporated by the Legislature in May, 
1850, the organization of the County having been 
effected in the month previous, by the election of 
a Sheriff and other officers, thus establishing two 
distinct systems of government. The Consolida- 
tion Act took effect on the first day of July, 1856. 
Under its stringent provisions, our municipal af- 
fairs have been administered with energy and 
fidelity, and a thorough reform has resulted. The 
enormous outlay consequent on the dual system 
of government has been entirely abolished or 
seriously reduced, while the checks upon lavish expenditure were so well devised as 
to defy evasion, and the contraction of debts has been inhibited. The financial his- 
tory of all this is sufficiently indicated in the subjoined exhibit of the Aggregate 
Annual Expenditures of the City and County of San Francisco, from 1850 to 1864 — 
since the first legislative organization of the government — exclusive of the sums paid 
in liquidation of the principal and interest of the Bonded Debts : 

Annual Revenue. 

The following is an exhibit of the receipts from State and City and County taxes, 
Ucenses, stamps, etc., collected in San Francisco during the thirteen fiscal years end- 
ing the thirtieth day of June, 1863 : 

City and County 

OF San Francisco. 

State of 

Fiscal Years. 

City Taxes. 
































1856 57 



City and Co. 








1861 62 


18 6-' 63 







In addition to the above sources of revenue may be enumerated the receipts from 
fines, rents, harbor dues, and fees collected by the Sheriff, the County Clerk, the 
County Recorder, Auditor, Tax Collector, Treasurer, etc. The sums received from 
State and County licenses, and several other sources, are not included. 


Annual Municipal Expenditures, 1850 to 1864. 

Fiscal Years. 

















1863-64, Estimated. 








The Governments of the City 
and County consolidated. 















Total for fourteen years $12,987,839 

Assessments and Rates of Taxation from 1850 to 1864. 

Fiscal Years. 

1851-52. . . . 
1856-57- . . . 
18.57-58. . . . 
1858-59. . . . 


$2 00 
4 10 
4 4U 

3 85^ 
3 85 5-6 
2 30 
2 30 

2 45 

3 16 9-10 
2 85 

2 87 
2 741 
2 10 

Particular Class of Assessments. 

Real Estate. Improvements. Personal Prop 


In Personal. 

In Personal. 

In Personal. 

In Real. 

In Real. 

In Real. 

In Real. 















Total Annual 



The amount absolutely collected on is much less than the aggregate valuations for 
the last two years. In 1862-63 it was $12,227,818 Personal against $29,540,554 
assessed, and $34,312,403 Real Estate against $37,016,102 assessed, in all about 
$46,500,000 collected on against $66,500,000 assessed. There is about $2,680,000 
exempt, $1,715,000 assessed in error, and $15,000,000 delinquent from various 
causes, among which the mo&t prominent is the resistance to payment of taxes on 

Bonded Debt, 1863. 

Issued in. 

By the 

Payable in 

1851 iCitv 1871 

1854 S<-hool Depart'nt 1865 

1854 JFire Department! 1866 

1855 ICity 1875 

18.58 ICity and County.! 1888 

1860 iScliool Depart'nt 1870 

1861 ISchool Depart'nt 1870 

1862-03 ICit V and Co. for 

I S'anJosiS'R.R. 1877-8 

A,NNUAL Interest. 

Per cen\. Payable in 





Sail Francisco. 

New York 

New York 

New York 

San Francisco. 

New York 

New York 

San Francisco. 

Sinking Fund. 




In 1865 

In 1867 



In 1866 

Bonds in 






59, .500 



Total Bonds in Circulation $3,355,100 


To be issued on account of San Jos^ Railroad, $60,000 more. Total Bonded Debt, 
over and above Sinking Fund, $2,639,465. Judgment Debt about $1,450,000. 
Total debt, $4,089,465. Most of the Judgment Debt is shortly to be funded. An 
issue of $1,000,000 bonds is to be made as subscription to the Central and Western 
Pacific Railroads, which will make the net debt about $5,000,000. 

Population, 1861.* 

Believing that the National Census of the City and County of San Francisco, com- 
pleted during the year 1860, did not truly represent the number of our population, 
and at the urgent solicitation of numerous patrons of this work, the following exhibit 
has been carefully prepared from the returns of the different canvassex's engaged in 
collecting information for the present volume. The plan adopted to obtain the neces- 
sary data, was the same as that so successfully carried into effect in the months of 
April and May, 1859, the results of which were published in the San Francisco 
Directory of that year, as follows : " To arrange and classify each sex in three divis- 
ions, viz : Males : First Class — the head of each family, and members thereof over 
twenty-one years of age ; Second Class — those between five and twenty-one ; TJiird 
Class — those under five years of age. Females : First Class — those over eighteen 
years of age ; Second Class — those between five and eighteen ; Third Class — those 
under five years of age. Also to collect such other information as would furnish an 
approximation of the different elements composing our population not included in the 
foregoing classifications : " 

White males over 21 years, names in Register of the present volume (a J i;7,100 

" " Residents floating, names not obtained (b) 3,400 

" " Average number boarders, etc., at the hotels, boarding 

houses, etc.. in addition to the regular boarders (c)... 4,100 

" " In the Hospitals 481 

" " U. S. soldiers at the Forts /^^y... 800 

" " Engaged upon water crafts, ocean, bay, and river, claim- 
ing residence in this city r fy' 2,500 

" " Foreigners, French, Spauisi, etc., names not registered (f) 1,950 

" Between 5 and 21 • 5,919 

" " Under 5 6,803 

Total white males 53,053 

Females over 18 14,783 

" Names not Registered 500 

Between 5 and 18 4,821 

" Under 5 5,136 

Total white females 25,240 

Chinese males over 21 2,400 

" Females over 18 520 

" Males under 21 and females under 18 210 

Total Chinese 3,130 

Colored males over 21 800 

» » Under21 250 

" Females over 18 600 

" " Underl8 150 

TotalColored 1,800 

Total population of the City and County of San Francisco 83,223 

(a) The number of names in the present volume exceeds thirty thousand, of -which nearly three thousand are com- 
posed of non-resident partners of firms doing business in this city, females, Chinese, and colored. 
(6) This is from actual count, and is composed of a class of population who have no permanent place of abode. 

(c) This estimate has been arrived at by careful investigation. Number of hotels and lodging houses in the city, 340. 

(d) The number at Fort Point, Alcatraces, and Presidio in June last. 

(«) This number is composed of persons sailing from this port who have shipped from this city. 

(/) This number has been obtained from actual enumeration. * From the San Francisco Directory, 1861-62. 


National Census, 1860. 

From the official returns deposited at the office of the County Clerk, 
expressly for the San Francisco Directory, 1861-62. 


White Males. 

Under 1 year 1,730 

" 2 ■" 777 

" 3 " 730 

" 4 " 627 

" 5 " 645 

Total under 5 4,509 

Between 5 and 10 1,812 


20 2,91 

30 10,184 

40 9,390 

50 2,581 

60 842 

70 162 

80 36 

90 2 

Total wbite males 32,463 

While Females. 

Under 1 year 1 ,563 

" 2'" 739 

" 3 " 677 

" 4 " 600 

" 6 " 551 

Total under 5 4,130 

Between 5 and 10 1,831 


20 3,198 

30 6,226 








Males of aliases 2,168 

Females of all agea... 448 

Total Chinese 2,616 


Males of all ajijes 711 

Females of all ages... 435 
Total colored — 1,146 


White males, all ages 32,463 

White females, all ages .. - 20,610 

Total whites 53,073 

Chinese, male and female. 2,616 
Colored, male and female. 1,146 

Total white females 20,610 Total pop. City and Co.. .. 56,835 

Population, 1863. 

The following table, compiled from the most reliable data, is presented as an esti- 
mate of the population of San Francisco, August 1st, 1863, and in directing attention 
thereto, it is believed to be as fair an approximation as can be made without an official 
and accurate canvass : 

White males over 21, names \n the present volume - 35,000 

" Females over 18, estimsited 20,000 

" Males under 21 and female^ under 18, estimated 30,000 

" Males, names refused, and foreigners, estimated 4,200 

Chinese, male and female 3,200 

Colored, male and female 2,000 

Total permanent populatiou 94,400 

To which should be added a large element of our population known as " floating," 
which consists of: 1st. Transient boarders, etc., at hotels, boarding houses, etc. 
2d. Soldiei-8 at the fortifications in the haibor. 3d. Persons engaged in navigating 
the bay, who claim this city as their resid'snce. 4th. A large number of persons 
in our midst who have no permanent place ol abode, together amounting to about 9,000 

Total population........ 103,400 

City Improvements. 

In accordance with the design marked out when the publication of our Directory 
was first commenced, we have called into requisition every possible means of giving 
a correct idea of the improvements made in our rapidly-growing city during the past 
year. As it would be impossible to enumerate all the improvements made or to 
enter into detailed enumeration, the scope and limits of our work will only permit us 
to give a general outline of the whole. The growth and extension of our city during 
the past twelve months has been unexampled in its own remarkable history, and 
; probably unequaled by that of any other city of the same population in the world 
durino- the same time. The developments of the rich mineral resources of Nevada 
Territory, and the rich mining regions north and south of us, bringing to these shores 
an influx of population hitherto unparalleled, fully accounts for the ready and rapid 
march of improvements in our city. 

Streets. — In no department of city improvement has there been a more marked 
and beneficial change during the past year than in the improvement and extension of 


the streets. From being the by-word and reproach of former times, the main 
thoroughfares of San Francisco will bear a favorable comparison with those of any 
portion of the world, and all things considered are kept and maintained in much 
better condition than those of any of the Eastern cities. In addition to the other 
manifold advantages dei'ived from the construction of railroads through the principal 
streets of the city, the benefit to the streets in diminishing the number of omnibuses 
and other vehicles, and thus avoiding an immense wear and tear of the pavements, is 
manifestly apparent. 

Grading. — A large amount of work has been done during the past year in this 
department, as the following details will show. Heavy excavations and deep cuts 
have been made in various parts of the city, opening a channel of intercommunication 
essentially needed. Among these improvements, the completion of the excavation 
through the solid rock opening up the communication through California from Powell 
to Mason Street, which has added materially to the value of the property and con- 
tributed to the convenience of the residents of that portion of the city. Among the 
principle streets that have been graded during the past year have been Sacramento, 
between Taylor and Jones ; California, from Mason to Taylor ; Sutter, between 
Mason and Taylor ; Post, between Hyde and Leavenworth ; O'Farrell, between 
Powell and Leavenworth ; Ellis, between Mason and Taylor ; Turk, between Jones 
and Leavenworth ; Powell, between Sacramento and California ; Taylor, between 
Pacific and Broadway, Leavenworth, between Union and Filbert ; Hyde, between 
Sacramento and Washington ; Mission, between Fifth and Sixth ; Clementina, 
between Fifth and Sixth; Bryant, between Third and Fourth. 

Macadamizing. — This has been only resorted to in cases where the grades of the 
streets have not yet been fully established, and in cases where paving and planking 
are rendered impracticable for the time being. 

Sidewalks. — In no other feature of this department has there been greater 
improvement than in the extension and repairs of the sidewalks of the city — nearly 
five miles of whicli have been constructed during the past year, greatly to the comfort 
and convenience of foot passengers. As the throng has increased, the benefits of the 
widening of the sidewalks upon Montgomery Street are rendered every day more 
observable ; and the advantages of the system are so manifestly apparent, that it is to 
be hoped that other business streets will be similarly improved. A large amount of 
crosswalks have been constructed, and curbing of the most substantial character done 
in this connection during the year. 

Sevterage. — One of the most important features of a city as regards the health 
and comfort of its citizens, is the best modes of sewerage and drains. In this depart- 
ment there is an increased and decided improvement over the past. Capacious'sewers 
have been constructed during the year on Pine between Dupont and Front ; Bush, 
between Kearny and Dupont ; Third, between Market and Harrison ; Third, between 
Harrison and Hawthorne ; Fifth, between Folsom and Mission ; Fifth, between Folsom 
and Harrison ; and Fifth, between Market and Mission. 

Paving. — The work done in this department has been of a substantial and perma- 
nent character, the material used being the cobble stones shipped from the American 
River at Folsom, by way of the railroad and Sacramento, which has been found, upon 


a thorough test, to stand the wear and tear much better than any other used for this 
purpose. Nearly fifty per cent, of tlie work done has been tlie crossings or intersec- 
tions of streets rendered necessary in most instances by the extension of sewerage. 
The principal streets paved during the past year have been First, Third, and Haw- 
thorne, and Bush and Geary. 

Planking. — Although in all cases where the work is practicable, solid and sub- 
stantial pavements have taken the place of planked streets, yet of necessity a consid- 
erable amount of work has been done in this department during the past year, most 
of which has been upon the following streets : Clay, between Powell and Mason ; 
Sacramento, between Drumm and East ; Stewart, between Howard and Mission ; and 
Harrison, between Fourth and Sixth. 

Recapitulation. — It will be seen from the following summing up of the street 
improvements we have named, which we copy from the report of George T. Bohen, 
Esq., the efficient Superintendent of Public Streets, for the year ending July 1st, 1863, 
that the amount of labor done is largely increased over that of any previous year. 

Class of Work Done. 








Brick Sewers, etc 

Eedwood Sewers 

Crosswalks, Curbs, etc. 

535,191 cubic yards 

1,836,484 feet 

170,874 square feet 

397,582 square feet 

25,3] -J liiu-al feet 

13,344 lineal fecr 

5,889 lineal feet 

13,23G lineal feet 

2,511 lineal feet of caps. 


Total expenditures $487,865 

Buildings. — " From the center all round to the sea," San Francisco is expanding. 
The number of buildings erected during the past year is estimated at 1,250. 

Number of buildings in the City and County of San Francisco, including those in 
the course of erection August 20th, 1861 : 


One story 4,033 

Two stones , 5,090 

Three stories 180 

Four stories 5 


One story 272 

Two stories 1,126 

Tliree stories 438 

Four stories. 
Five Stories. 

One storv 

Two stones.. 
Three stories. 







Four stories . 

One story 

Two stories.. 
Three stories. 
Four stories. 

One story 

Two stories.. 
Three stories. 
Four stories . . 




Total 11,285 

Buildings erected from August 20th, 1861, to August 20th, 1862, 1,228, viz. : 
Brick, 372 ; wood, 856. Old buildings destroyed, 210. Net increase, 1,018. Total 
number of buildings in the city, August, 1862, 12,303 ; of which 2,270 are of brick. 

Buildings erected from August, 1862, to August, 1863, 1,250, viz. : Brick, 360 ; 
wood, 890. Old buildings destroyed, 160. Net increase, 1,090. Total number of 
buildings, August, 1863, 13,393, of which 2,630 are of brick. 



Prom July 1st, 1862, to July 31st, 1863. 

July 1, 1862. The amount of treasure shipped 
East by the departing steamer St. Louis, was 

$1,267,160 58 The back Overiand mails of 2d, 

3d, and 4th April, arrived, bringing over 10,000 let- 
ters Great preparations making for celebrating 

the Anniversary of National Independence. 

July 2. U. S. steamer Lancaster ariived from 
Mare Island, vphere she had been undergoing repairs. 
As she was leaving the Navy Yard, Jonathan P. 
Roberts, a seaman, fell from aloft, and was instantly 
killed Lick House Hotel opened for the recep- 
tion of guests. 

July 3. U. S. steamer Saginaw, which had been 
condemned in China as unseaworthv, was brought 
safely into port by Com. Watkins, who had been dis- 
patched thither for that purpose by the U. S. Gov- 
ernment The Union Democratic State Central 

Committee nominated Col. Jonathan D. Stevenson 
for Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

July 4. The Anniversary of Independence cel- 
ebrated in a manner niiKurpassed by any of its pre- 
decessors. The National ensign floated from all the 
public and privat<' buildings and from the shipping 
in the harbor. National salutes were fired at morn- 
ing, noon, and night. The di.splay of the military. 
Regulars, and Volunteers, had never been equaled 
on any former occasion, and the civic portion of the 
procession was on the most extensive scale. 

July 5. A fire occurred this morning, on the 
north side of Sacramento Street, between Mason 
and Taylor, destroying property to the amount of 

$2,000 A small frame building on the east side of 

Virginia Street was destroyed by fire, and the occu- 
pant, James Gallagher, perished in the flames A 

printer, named A. Wagner, was found drowned at 
the corner of East and Mission streets. 

July 7. Corner Stone of the Hall of the Society 
of California Pioneers laid with imposing ceremoni- 
als by the Grand Master of the Masonic Order. 

Andrea Garibaldi, an Italian, dropped dead 

in the street, and a man named Dennis Hardy was 

found dead in a lumber yard Willie Linn, a" small 

boy, fell through one of the wharfs and was 

July 8. Neil Doherty, a native of Philadelphia, 

fell from a balcony, and died of his injuries A 

boy named Gregory died from the effects of the ex- 
plosion of a pistol on the Fourth of July. 

July 10. A grand Torch Light Procession in 
honor of the passage of the Pacific Rail Road Bill 
Amount of treasure shipped East by the Oriza- 
ba, $1,541,390 38 — the largest sum shipped during 

the present year Steamer Oregon arrived from 

Victoria and Portland, with $286,796 26. 

July 12. A billiard match between Joseph Lit- 
tle and Daniel Lynch took place at Tucker's Hall — 
won by Little. 

July 13. A man named Thomas Dunigan drop- 
ped dead in his room, on the corner of Beale and 
Folsom streets — death caused by pulmonary apo- 

July 14. French corvette Bayonnaise anived in 
the harbor — international salutes being exchanged 
between that vessel^ Fort Alcatraz, and the U. S. 
frigate Lancaster. 

July 16. A surplus of $4,500 remaining of the 
moneys collected to defray the expenses of the cele- 
bration of the Fourth, was donated to the fund for 

the relief of sick and disabled soldiers in the East 

Frank Whitney reelected President of the 

Dashaway Association Flag Officer Bell of tlie 

Pacific Squadron, visited the French corvette B.iy- 
onnaise, and was received with a National salute. 

July 17. A Frenchman named Jo.seph Mul'or 
was stabbed and killed bv Andres Sessians, a Spaa- 
iard A boy named Jofm Henry Quinn was burn- 
ed to death, by his clothes taking'fire. 

July 20. U. S. sloop of war St. Marys returred 

from a cruise down the coast Lafayette Hcwk 

and Ladder Company visited the French corvette 

July 21. Amonnt of treasure shipped East by 
the Golden Gate, $1,400,747 24 ; — 14,000 letters 
were dispatched in the steamer's mail. 

July 24. The mail steamer Golden Age arrived, 
bringing a large number of passengers and one hun- 
dred and sixty bags of newspaper mail. 

July 25. U. S. war steamer Lancaster put to 

sea A ball was given at Tucker's Hall to the 

Officers of the French corvette Bayonnaise, by the 
Lafayette Hook and Ladder Company The Mex- 
icans of San Francisco subscribed $600 for a sword 
to Gen. Zaragoza. 

July 27. Death of the pioneer merchant, Capt. 

F. W. Macondray Flouring mills of Jonathan 

Hunt on Francisco Street, between Powell and 

Mason, destroyed by fire. Loss $2,000 H. B. M. 

steamer Mutine amved from Panama. 

July 31. During the month of July there were 

one hundred and sixty deaths in San Francisco 

The Custom House receipts during the last fourteen 
days of the month amounted to ,$303,000. 

August 1. The steamship Uncle Sam sailed for 
Panama with treasure amounting to $1,513,430 34. 

The colored population celebrated the anniver- 

of slave emancipation in the British West Indies by 

a general jubilee A detachment of California 

Volunteers arrived from Fort Colville, W. T 

James Morton and E. Murpliy got into a drunken 
altercation, which ended by the former shooting the 
latter in the leg, which was amputated. 

Aug. 2. George W. Colmere, indicted for the 
murder of his wife, was found guilty of murder in 
the first degree. 

Aug. 3. The corner stone of St. Mary's College, 
at Bernal Hights, was laid with the customary cere- 
monials of the Catholic Church by Archbishop Ale- 
many George B. Tinglev, a pioneer lawyer, and 

Register of the U. S. Land Office, died suddenly 

John W. Wilde, of the banking house of Tallant & 
Wilde, died suddenlv of disease of the heart. 

Aug. 5. The funerals of George B. Tingley and 
John W. Wilde were largely attended by all classes 
of citizens A detachment of California Volun- 
teers left for Humboldt under command of Major 

J. F. Curtis Ship Henrv Brigham sold by the 

U. S. Marshal for $15,250. 

Aug. 6. The steamship St. Louis arrived, bring- 
ing the news of the burning of the Pacific Mail 
steamer Golden Gate, when about fifteen miles to 
the westward of Manzanillo, at five o'clock on the 
afternoon of July 27th, by which two hundred pas- 
sengers were lost, together with the treasure and 
ship's papers. The surviving passengers returned 
on the St. Louis. The news caused a general gloom 
throughout the community. 

Auci. 7. Tlie flags of the shipping and the city 
disphiyed at half mast in token of mourning over 
tlie GoUlcn Gate disaster. Hondits given at all the 
theateit* for the relief of the sulterers, and a large 
amount raised hy private suliscriptiont! for the same 

Aug. 10. Steamer Active, vmder charge of Cant. 
R. H. Waterman, whs dispatched to the scene of the 
•wreck of the Golden Gate for the purpose of recov- 
ering the lost treasiu'e Joim Williams, a seaman 

on tlie sliip Twilisilit, fell overhoard as she was com- 
ing into port, and was drowned. 

Aug. U. Tlu^ steamship Golden Age left for Pan- 
ama with $1,0S8,H)0 97 in treasure and a mail of 
7,000 letters and 30,000 newspapers. ...The U. S. 
steamer Narragansett arrived from Mare Island, 
where she had been undergoing repairs. 

Aug. 13. The French war steamer Diamant ar- 
rived from Mazatlan A small frame dwelling 

near the Protestant Orphan Asylum was destroyed 
by fire. 

Aug. 15. The French citizens celebrated the an- 
niversary festival of Napoleon III with a proces- 
sion of the military, high mass at the Church of 
Notre Dame des Victoires, a national salute from the 
French corvette Diamant, and a ball at Piatt's Hall 
in the evening. 

Aug. 17. The P. M. steamship Orizaba arrived 
from Panama with four hundred and six passengers, 
and the crew of the Golden Gate, and twenty-three 
of the passengers on board at the time of her de- 
struction Calvary Cemetery consecrated by Arch- 
bishop Alemajiy, with the rites of the Catholic 

Church James Donahue, a pioneer citizen, died 

at his residence in Santa Clara County. 

Aug. 18. A storm of thunder accompanied by 
lightning passed over the city. Heavy showers of 
rain fell throughout the valleys of San Jos6 and 

Santa Clara James Whitney, jr.. President of the 

California Steam Navigation Company, and Ben. 
Holladay, who were passengers on the Golden Gate 
at the time of her wreck, started East by the over- 
land route The Union Democratic Convention 

met and adjourned out of respect to the memory 
of James Donahue, who died at his residence near 
Santa Clara on the i7th inst. 

Aug. 21. The steamship Sonora left for Panama 

with treasure amounting to $1,431,592 20 The 

tannery owned bj' Daniel C. McGlynn, near Mis- 
sion Dolores, was destroyed by lire. Loss estimated 
at $3,000 or $1,000. 

Aug. 23. A Dane named F. H. Prahn, fell over- 
board from the schooner Ringleader, off San Pablo 
Point, and was drowned. 

Aug. 25. Judge Blake, of the Probate Court, 
decides in favor of the validity of the will of Hon. 
D. C. Broderick, and an appeal is taken to the Su- 
preme Court Water commenced (lowing through 

the flume of the Spring Valley Water Works into 
the Lake Honda Reservoir. 

Aug. 27. A large Union met^ting held at Piatt's 
Hall was addressed by Hon. Thompson Campbell 

A boy named Patrick Redding was run over by 

the locomotive of the Market Street Railroad, and 
80 severely injured that his arm had to be ampu- 

Aug. 28. The Army Department of the Pacific in 
compliance with an order from the General Govern- 
ment paid a tribute of respect to the memory of 
Ex-President Van Buren, by firing thirteen guns from 
the Fort at Alcatraz at sunrise, half-hourly guns 
during the day, and thirty-four gnus at sunset-— the 
flags of the military remaining at half-mast during 
the day. 

Aug. 30. A large Union Ratification meeting was 
held at Piatt's Jlusic Hall, which was addressed by 
several of the candidates nominated by the Union 

Administration County Convention The brig 

Angenette from the northern seas arrived in Port 

fifty-one days from the Amoor River, and twenty 
from Kamschatka. 

Skpt. 3. Steainship Consfiliilion left for Panama 
with treasure aniounling to :?! ,3:i(;,S !:") 10 Elec- 
tions for Stvitc Ofliccrs passed of (juicily resulting in 
the success of the entire Union Administration ticket 
by a large maioritv..--Over $3,000 contributed to 
the Sanitary Fund \)y the voters at the polls. 

Skpt. 4. " The North Beach & ^lission Railway 

Company organized Patrick Redding, the boy run 

over by the cars on the ^Market Sti-ect Kailway, died 

of his injuries Trial of Muf^es Wairen. indicted 

for the murder of his wife in March last, commenced 
in the Fourth District Court. 

Sept. 5. The Millitary Enrollment list made out 
by the Assessor, and approved by the Board of 
Equalization, includes twenty-seven thousand six 
hundred names. 

Sept. 6. Great rejoicings over Union victories in 
the East Six thousand six hundred dollars sub- 
scribed in a few hours to the Fund for the relief of 

sick and wounded soldiers in the Federal Army 

This was one of the hottest days of the season, the 

mercury standing at SO*-" in the shade Steamship 

Uncle Sam arrived from Panama with 318 passen- 
gers, a large mail, and 350 tons of freight The 

jury in the case of Moses Warren, indicted for the 
murder of his wife, retm-ned a verdict of not guilty. 

Sept. 7. Extensive preparations making for the 
celebration of the Anniversary of the admission of 
California into the Union Steamship Pacific ar- 
rived from the Northern Coast with treasure amount- 
ing to $72,231. 

Sept. 9. The Twelfth Anniversary of the ad- 
mission of California into the Union was celebrated 
by a general parade and review of the military of 
tlae city, and an Oration by E. H. Washburn before 
the Society of California Pioneers at their rooms in 
the evening — after which a testimonial fund to Gen. 

Sutter was inaugurated by the members John 

Wall, a member of the Riggers and Stevedore Asso- 
ciation, died from the ruj)ture of a blood vessel. 

Sept. 10. The Annual Conference of the Cali- 
fornia Methodist E. Church assetnbled in the Folsom 
Street M. E. Church, and organized by appointnig 
the [following officers and the regular Standing 
Committees— President : Bishop Simpson ; Secretary: 
J. B. Hill ; Assistant: W. S. Urmy ; Statistical Sec- 
retary : D. Deal A large meeting for the relief 

of suflTering soldiers in the East was held in the room 
of the Board of Supervisors, Mayor Teschemachcr 

presiding The magnificent flag gotten up by the 

Baltimoreans, for the First Regiment of Maryland, 
was intrusted to Gen. Ellis to baud over to Reverdy 
Johnson, and by him to be presented to the Regi- 
ment in the name of the donors English Steam- 
ship Tyneiiioutli arrived uiuely-onedaystioni London 
rin the Falkland Islands, with two hundred and 
forty-six ])asseiigers for Victoria. 

Sept. 11. Steamship Orizaba left for Panama 

with treasure amounting to $920,335 12 Sheriff 

Ellis, who was among tbe passengers for the East, 
was saluted by the artillery of the First California 

Guard Stock and Exchange Board of Brokers 


Sept. 12. The following named oflicers were 
elected for the Odd Fellows Hall Association — Pre- 
sident: B. A. Shelden ; Vice President: Henry C. 
Squire; Secretary : T. Rodgers Johnson ; Treasurer: 

A. Hinimelniau The anniversary of the battle of 

North Point near Baltimore Sept. 12, 1814, was 
celebrated by Monumental Engine Company. 

Sept. 13. A large niectinj,'- of memliers of the 
Bar was held to take, measures in aid of the sick and 

wounded Soldiers' Fund Sales of the Broderick 

Estate made by Messrs. Cobb, Sinton & Bond, 
amounting to $170,3.'J0. 

Sept. 14. A frame building on the north-eafst cor- 
ner of Geary and Mason streets was destroyed by 


fire, loss $1,200 An immense meetin<,' was held 

at Piatt's Hall in aid of the Fund for the relief of 
the sick and wounded of the Array and Navy in the 
East. Addresses were delivered by Mayor Tesche- 
macher, Eugene Casserly, Rev. T. Starr King, Fred- 
erick Billings, and others. 

Sept. 1.5. Major McKay arrested at Benicia by 
J. M. Neville, Sheriff and Provost Marshal of 
Solano County, on a charge of Secessionism was 
brought to the city en route for Fort Alcatraz by a 
file of soldiers. 

Sept. 16. The Stockton Argus, Stockton Demo- 
crat, San .Jose Tribune Visalia Post, and Visalia 
Equal Rights Expositor excluded from the mails by 

order of Gen. Wright The Mexican citizens 

celebrated the Anniversaiy of their National Inde- 
pendence, by a salute of twenty -one guns, a thanks- 
yiving Jlass at the Cathedral, and an Oration at 
Turn Terein Hall. 

Sept. 17. A number of GeiTnan citizens contri- 
buted $1,000 for the purchase of a testimonial to be 

forwarded to Gen. Sigel The Steamship Golden 

Age arrived with a large number of passengers. 

Sept. 18. The residents of the Chilean Republic 
in San Francisco celebrated the fifty-second Anni- 
versary of their National Independence by a Mass 

at St. Mary's Cathedral Patrick Mulholland 

died suddently of apoplexy. 

Sept. 20. The steamship Golden Age left for Pan- 
ama with treasure amounting to ,$1,157,511 25 

The San Francisco Committee remitted $100,000 of 
California contributions to the fund for the relief of 
the sick and wounded of the army and navy in the 

East The Russian war steamer Abreak, 9 guns 

and 125 men, arrived in port A number of frame 

buildings on Sullivan's Alley near Stockton, ten- 
anted by Chinese, were destroyed by fire; loss tri- 
fling .John Frohling, pioneer wine cultorist, died 

of consumption. 

Sept. 22. An association of patriotic ladies met 
at the Unitarian Church for the purpose of prepar- 
ing lint for the wounded National soldiers and sea- 
men James Mountain was indicted by the Grand 

Jury for killing Edward Murphy. 

Sept. 23. A dispatch was received from Rev. H. 
W. Bellows, President of the U. S. Sanitary Com- 
mission in New York, acknowledging in eloquent 
terms the receipt of the contribution of $100,000 

from California Joseph Mayer was killed by the 

accidental discharge of a pistol he was handling. 

Sept. 24. The feast of the New Year inaugu- 
rated by Jewish citizens Work commenced on 

the Bro'dei-ick Monument I)y the contractors. 

Sept. 26. A discharged soldier named John Gal- 
lagher died suddenly of disease of the lungs 

Bishop Stanley and family aiTived from England en 
route to ITonolnlu ... . Contributions to Sanitary 

Fund coming in liberally Large amountsof goods 

shipping to Washoe. 

Sept. 28. The Russian steam corvette Calavala 
arrived from Kamschatka, having on board Rear 
Admiral A. Popoff, Commiinder-inCliief of the Rus- 
sian forces on the Pacific Ocean and Chinese Seas 

Gr:ice Church opened for service the first time, 

Bishop Kip officiating. 

Sept. 29. At five minutes past two o'clock a. m. 
occurred the severest shock of an earthquake felt 
in the city for a number of years ; the shock was a 
single one lasting but a few seconds, and resembled 
those fi'equently occurring in South Ameiica. 

Sept. 30. William H. Heighe, an employ^ in the 
banking department of Wells, Fargo & Co., com- 
mitted suicide by shooting himself in the head with 
a pistol in a fit of temporary insanity. 

October 2. The steamship Sonora left for Pan- 
ama with over $1,000,000 in treasure, and a large 
number of passengers. 

Oct. 3. Emma Lane, a child aged 2^ years, fell 
into a cistern on PoweU Street near Green, and was 

drowned Forty arrests made by the police, eigh- 
teen of whom were Chinese, who refused to pay the 

Federal tax George Shirly, a German, was 

found drowned near Fort Point where he had gone 
in the surf to bathe. 

Oct. 4. A patriotic mass meeting of native and 

foreign born citizens was held at Piatt's Hall A 

shower, the first rain of the season, occurred C. 

Bauer was precipitated, by the giving way of the 
railing of his building, a distance of thirty-hve feet, 
injuring him so severely as subsequently to cause 
his death. 

Oct. 5. The P. M. steamship Constitution arrived 
with 343 passengers, and a large mail and freight. 

Oct. 6. Horace P. Janes, a pioneer citizen and 
lawyer, was found dead on the street from disease 

of the heart Edward Massey, an Englishman, a 

jeweler, committed suicide by taking strychnine. 

Oct. 7. Charles Doane, a prominent citizen and 
ex-Sheriff of the county of San Francisco, died sud- 
denly of apoplexy Ralph P.Meade, for many 

year's a purser on the northern steamers, died of 

dropsy Col. J. B. Starr, a pioneer auctioneer of 

Sacramento, was attacked with an epileptic fit which 
resulted fatally State Sabbath School Conven- 
tion met in Rev. Mr. Lacy's Church. 

Oct. 9. The funeral of Gen. Doane was largely 
attended by the military and Masonic fraternity. 

Oct. 10. The steamer Senator arrived, bringing 
among her passengers Col. E.J. C. Kewen, member 
of Assembly elect from Los Angeles, arrested for 
treason and consigned to prison at Alcatraz Island. 
Major John S. Gillis, also arrested in Sacramento 
on the same charge, was also transferred to the same 

q^uarter A destructive fire occurred on the north 

side of Sacramento Street above Dupont, destroying 
several frame buildings and property amounting to 
about $8,000. 

Oct. 11. The steamship Constitution left for Pan- 
ama with treasure amounting to $1,279,167 20 

George Samuel Wade, aged 13 years, was drowned 
in a pond corner of Turk and Jones streets. 

Oct. 12. The steamship Sierra Nevada arrived 
from the northern coast, bringing treasure amount- 
ing to $500,000 and 555 passengers. 

Oct. 13. Dr. E. S. Cooper, a well known physi- 
cian and surgeon, died at his residence, on Mission 

Street, after a lingering ilhiess Charles W. Soule, 

while driving a team, was accidentally dragged from 
his seat, and was so severely injmed that he died in 
a few minutes. 

Oct. 15. Two frame laundries, on the opposite 
sides of Dora Street, between Folsom and Harrison 
and Seventh and Eighth, were destroyed by fire. 

Loss, $8,000 Senator Baker, of Tulare County, 

arrested by Marshal Rand, on a charge of treason, 
and discharged. 

Oct. 17. Evan Evans, belonging to the ship 
Ciiterion, fell from the second story of his boarding 
house and was killed. 

Oct. 18. The Opposition Steamship Nicaragua 

Transit Route re-opened A son of Judge Lorenzo 

Sawyer, aged four years, fell through a skylight of 
the Stevenson House, a distance of two stories, and 
was so severely injured that he died soon after. 

Oct. 21. The steamship St. Louis left for Pana- 
ma, with treasure amounting to $1,184,619 04 

The Opposition steamer Moses Taylor also left for 
Nicaragua, with a large number of passengers. 

Oct. 24. Col. Kewen, after remaining a prisoner 
for two weeks, at Alcatraz Island, was released upon 
taking the oath of allegiance and giving bonds in 
the sum of $5,000. 

Oct. 25. The boiler of the engine of the National 
Flouring Mills, on Market Street, at the head of San- 
son!, exploded, causing the death of four men, and 
severely injuring several others. The names of the 
parties fatally injured were Cooper, MiUer, Robb, 
and Keller. 



Oct. 26. Pacific Mail steamship Golden At,'e 
arrived with -130 passengers, and a large mail aiid 
freight. The steamer brought the remains of Col. 
Roderick N. ^Matheson, who died from the effect of 
wounds received in hattle. 

Oct. 27 An Italian bark arrived from Genoa, 
the first vessel hailing from the home of Columbus 
that ever entered the harbor of San Francisco. 

November 1. The steamslii]i Ooidcn Age left 

for Panama with treasure amoumng to .*], 698,797 50. 

Nov. 4. A grand Union Festival, for the benefit 

of the fsimilies of California Volunteers w^as given 

by the ladies, at Piatt's Hall. 

Nov. 6. The P. M. steamship Sonora arrived with 
a large number of passengers, and a newspaper mail 
of over 90,000 copies. 

Nov. 8. The ix-mains of Col. Roderick N. Mathe- 
8on were escorted to the Petaluma, boat by a large 
mihtary and civic procession... !The steamship 
Pacific arrived from the North, bringing a large 
number of passengers, and treasure amounting to 
$290,600 An elegant ser\nce of plate was pre- 
sented by the congregation Emanu El to their Presi- 
dent, Henry Seligniau. 

Nov. ll." The P. M. steamship Orizaba left for 
Panama, with treasure amounting to $1,203,441 66. 
Nov. 13. Gov. Stanford and Secretary Weeks 
visited the various benevolent institutions of San 
Francisco— the Catholic and Protestant Orphan 
Asylums, the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, and Magdalen 

Nov. 16. A fire broke out in the frame building on 
the corner of Clay and Jlontgomery streets, destroy- 
ing a large amount of property in the Daily Morn- 
ing Call office, the cigar store of Leony &"Hirstel, 
Martin & Horton's, and Boyd's Hat Emporium. As 
Broderick Engine, No. 1, was passing down Clay 
Street to the fire, a man man nanicd .James Carson, 
who had hold of the rope, stumliled and fell, when 
the machine ran over him, injuring bim so that he 
died soon after. 

Nov. 18. Dr. Henry Bates, Treasurer of State 
under the administration of Gov. J. Neely Johnson, 

died, of consumption The physicians of the city 

contributed $1,000 to the Sanitary Fund in the East. 
Nov. 19. A meeting of the Wine Growers of the 
State was held at the Union Hotel. President: A. 
Haraszthy; Secretary: John S. Hittel. 

Nov. 21. The P. 'M. steamship Constitution left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $1,363,- 
536 77. 

Nov. 24. The workmen commenced breaking 
ground on the North Beach and ^Fission Railway 

Rev. H. W. Bi-llows acknowledged the receipt 

of an additional $:{0,000 from San Francisco to the 
Sanitary Fund. 

N(jv. 25. The Thirteenth Anniversary of the 
California Bible Society was observed at the First 
Baptist Church, on Washington Street. 

^ov. 27. Thanksgiving Day was generally ob- 
served, the greater poi'tfon of places of business 
being closed and all the chniciies o])ened. The 
American Flag was generally displayed in the city 
and on the shipping. 

Nov. 2;t. A workman, named Martin Spelman, 
engaged in the Centre Street Quarry, near tlie Mis- 
sion, was killed in blasting rock The Grand Jury 

adjourned, afrer having found a number of bills of 
indictment, a majority oJF which were for gaming. 

Nov. 30. Tlie steamship Pacitie arrived from tlie 
northern coast, l)ringing over .'*-JO(l,Oi)0 in treasure 

Capt. John B. Cooper, a pioneer citizen, died, 

after a lingering illness The building known as 

" Pfeiffer'B Castle," on Stockton Street, refitted and 

opened as "The Home of the Inebriate" A negro 

named Charles Anderson, in a fit of jealousy, shot 
and killed another colored man, named tVesley 
December 1. The P. M. Steamship St. Louis, left 

' for Panama with treasure amounting to §1,G28,- 

180 81 Charles D. Connell was elected Assistant 

Engineer of the Fire Department A Frenchman 

(Theodore Benjamin) committed suicide by taking 
strychnine The body of a Gei-man, named Chris- 
tian William Andreas, was found in the sand- 
hills; deceased having committed suicide with a 
shot gun. 
Dec. 2. The first number of an Italian Weekly, 

styled La Parola, issued by Splivalo & Co A boy 

mimed Scarpor was killed by the explosion of a 
bottle of gunpowder. 

Dec. 3. 'The corner stone of the Unitarian 
Church, on the south side of Geary Street, between 
Dupont and Stockton, was laid with appropriate 
ceremonies. Rev. T. Starr King delivenng a dis- 
course on the occasion. 

Dec. 4. Through hia own carelessness, in en- 
deavoring to get upon the Mission Railway Cars, 
William F. Larkin, Constable at the Mission, was 
run over and so severely injured that both legs were 
amputated, causing death two days after. 

Dec. 6. The California Cavalry Company for the 
East, paraded and were reviewed on the Plaza by 

General Wright Capt. R. H. Waterman, sent to 

the scene of the destruction of the Golden Gate, re- 
turned after an absence of four months without re- 
ceiving any portion of the lost treasure. 

Dec. 9. The State Wine Convention met at 
Minerva Hall, and adopted a memorial to Congress, 

asking a reduction of the tax upon native wines 

A festival was given to the California Rangers at 
Piatt's Hall. 

Dec. 10. The California Himdred, Capt. Reed's 
Cavalry Company of California Rangers, were re- 
viewed on the Plaza by Mayor Teschemacher, and 

inspected by Lieut. Col. Thompson A dispatch 

was received by the Mayor from Henry W. Bellows, 
acknowledging the receipt of $30,500 from Cali- 
fornia to the Sanitary Fund. 

Dec. U. The P. M. Steamship Golden Age left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $1,595,- 

599 78 The Moses Taylor also left i'or Nicaragua 

with a large number of passengers. 

Dec. 12. A young Frenchman, named Francisco 
Madelaine, fell down in an apoplectic tit on Sacra- 
mento Street, and exiHredsoon after Capt. Philip 

O'Neill, an old resident, died from the effects of a 
fall.. ..The Fall term of the Public Schools closed 
for a vacation during the holidays. 

Dec. 13. A man, named Theodore Partello, re- 
siding on Natoma Street, committed suicide by cut- 
ting his throat with a razor. 

t)EC. 15. A Frenchman, named Joseph Lerny, 
who had been dissipating extensively, committed 

suicide by hanging Simon Crugier, a member of 

Volunteer Fire Company No. 9, died of fever at St. 
Mary's Hospital. 

Dec. 16. The Moses Taylor was compelled to 
return on account of having hroken her port shaft. 

Sister Jlary Paul Brecliinor, a Sister of Mercy, 

died at St. Mary's Hospital. 

Dec. 18. The P. M. Steamship Orizaba arrived 
from Panama, bringing a large number of passen- 
gers A little daughter of G. A. McLaughlin was 

run over by the cars near Hayes Park, severing an 
arm near tne slioulder. 

Dec. 20. The P. M. Steamship Sonora left for 
Panama, with treasure amounting to $1,448,994 27. 

The Opposition Steamer Hermann also left with 

a large number of passengers A man, named 

Mathew S. Ingolls, fell dead while on his way to 
his residence on Mission Street. 
Dec. 21. Majors Gillis and McKay released from 

confinement at Alcatraz Rain fell heavily during 

the day. 

Dec. 22. The steamer Paul Pry, with one hun- 
dred and fifty persons on board, was wrecked off 
Alcatraz Island, but no lives were lost A one- 



story frame building, on the comer of Beale and 
Mission streets, was burned to the ground. Loss 

about $2,500 James Burns, first mate of the brig 

Quoddy Belle, was washed overboard and drowned 
as that vessel was entering the harbor. 

Dec. 23. A severe earthquake, lasting five or six 

seconds, was felt throughout the city A number 

of the crew of the ship Audubon were arrested for 
mutiny on the high seas. 

Dec. 24. First cars started on the South Beach 
and Mission Railway. 

Dec. 25. Christmas was very generally observed 
throughout the city, by the customary religious ser- 
vices and festivities. - -.News received of the death 
of Capt. John Wattson at Hongkong An En- 
glishman, named George Wormsley, committed sui- 
cide by taking laudanum. 

_ Dec. 27. The P. M. Steamship Constitution ar- 
rived with a large number of passengers and the 
news of the capture of the steamer Ariel, on the 
Atlantic side, bj^ the Alabama, causing great excite- 
ment Rev. Mr. Thrall, a pioneer clergyman, ar- 
rived with his family. 

Dec. 29. The cfrying house and stable of the 
Chelsea Laundry, on Brannan Street, between 
Third and Fourth, were destroyed by fire. Loss 

near $4,000 A slight shock of an earthquake felt 

throughout the city. 

Dec. 30. Hon. Thomas Campbell, member of the 
Assembly from Calaveras County, died of consump- 
tion Mrs. Mary Ann Clark committed suicide by 

taking strychnine Charles A. Moore attempted 

suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. 

January 1, 1863. Although the weather was 
unpleasant, New Year's Day was generally observed 
throughout the city The P. M. Steamship Con- 
stitution left for Panama with a number of passen- 
gers and treasm-e amounting to over $1,000,000 

The Sierra Nevada arrived from the North with 

treasure amounting to $90,358 83 The clipper 

ship Noonday, from Boston, was wrecked off the 
Farallone Islands. 

Jan. 3. Hon. John A. Lent, a pioneer citizen, and 
late County Judge of Alameda County, died of a 

lingering illness Judge Sawyer, of the Twelfth 

District Court, decides that greenbacks are a' legal 

Jan. 4. The P. M. Steamship St. Louis amved 

with a large number of passengers from the East 

Weather inclement ; a heavy rain falling. 

Jan. 6. Rev. H. W. Bellows acknowledges the 
receipt of $20,000 from California to the Sanitary 
Fund The first pleasant day of the season. 

Ja.n. 8. The New Hall of the Society of Califor- 
nia Pioneei-s was inaugurated with appropriate cer- 
emonials — a procession of the Secretary ; Inaugural 
Address by the President, O. P. Sutton; an Oration 
by Eugene Lies, and a Grand Ball in the evening. 
The flags of the city and shipping were gener- 
ally displayed in honor of the Anniversary of the 
Battle of New Orleans. 

Jan. 9. The ship F. W. Bailey was stranded 
outside the harbor, and wrecked. The following 
persons belonging to the vessel were lost : Samuel 
P. Dyer, Captain ; the First Officer, and Wm. Ru- 
dolph, John Tarlando, Peter Simpson, John Con- 
way, J. C. Fielding, Joseph Lynch, and George 

Kinckley, of the crew Allen Cook, formerly of 

Niles, Michigan, committed suicide by shooting him- 
self with a pistol D. W Barry, an Irishman, 

dropped dead in the street of an attack of apoplexy. 

Jan. 10. The P. M. steamship St. Louis left for 

Panama with treasure amounting to $893,790 50 

The steamer Scotland left for Hongkong with 
treasure amounting to $185,000. 

Jan. 11. The steamship Pacific arrived from the 
North with $80,000 in bullion and dust.. ..The Brit- 
tish bark, Mary Nicholson, arrived from Sydney af- 
ter a stormy passage. 

Jan. 14. The colored population of San Fran- 
cisco celebrated the President's Emancipation Proc- 
lamation by a Grand Jubilee at Piatt's Hall. The 
Proclamation was read by Rev. J. B. Sanderson, 
and an address was delivered by Rev. T. Starr 

King George Watson, Second Steward of the 

steamship Pacific, dropped dead on the street of dis- 
ease of the heart. 

Jan. 15. A young woman named Ellen Rowland 
died of burns received while reading in bed the 

night previous Eben Niles, an old citizen, was 

found dead in his bed from paralysis George 

Stewart, a carpenter, was found drowned in the 

Jan. 17. Capt. James Hagan, an old citizen — 
the first Harbor Master of San Francisco, and a 
member of the Board of Aldermen in 1849-50 — died 

of a lingering illness A difficulty occurred in a 

Saloon between James Eoff and Wm. f !hapman, in 
which the former shot the latter with a pistol. 

Jan. 18. The Steam Laundry at the Laguna, on 
the Presidio Road, was destroyed by fire. Loss 

about $20,000 The Russian American Sitka Ice 

Company's building destroyed by fire. 

Jan. 19. Wm. Chapman died of the wound re- 
ceived from James Eoff. A fire occurred in the 

brick 1 uilding adjoining the Railroad House on 
the west side ; Loss about $2,000. 

Jan. 21. The P. M. steamship Golden Age left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $4,731,- 

815 36 W. W. Kurtz, one of the founders of the 

Sacramento Union, died; aged 36 years Henry 

Bryan died from the effects of hair-dye taken in 

mistake for castor oil E. P. Browning found 

dead in his bed from disease of the heart. 

Jan. 26. The P. M. steamship Sonora arrived 
with a large number of passengers and considerable 

freight A fire occurred in the rear of the Sugar 

Refinery, below Folsom and beyond Sixth, destroy- 
ing several frame buildings Another fire occur- 
red at the same time on Jessie Street, between Third 

and Fourth, destroying several frame dwellings 

Thomas Toynbee, an Englishman, committed suicide 
by taking strychnine. 

Jan. 29. Tlie Opposition steamship Herman ar- 
rived from Panama with a large number of passen- 

February 3. The Twelfth Anniversary of the 
San Fi'ancisco Protestant Oiphau Asylum celebrated 
at Piatt's Hall. Addresses were delivered by J. B. 
Crockett, Nathan Porter and others. The following 
officers were elected for the ensuing year — Presi- 
dent : Mre. Ira P. Rankin ; Vice President : Mrs. R. 
J. Vandewater ; Treasurer : Mrs. S. R. Throckmor- 
ton ; Secretary : Mrs. F. MacCrellish. 

Feb. 7. The P. M. steamship Constitution ar- 
rived from Panama with a large numl>er of passen- 
gers, a quantity of freight, and $320,000 of the trea- 
sure lost on the Golden Gate. 

Feb. 9. Four Companies of the Massachusetts 
Cavalry Battalion, raised in California, quartered in 

Piatt's Hall A son of Henry Marks, struck on 

the head by a horse and killed. 

Feb. 11. A severe storm of rain and wind occur- 
red during the entire night, doing considerable 

Feb. 13. Goods amounting to $200,000 in value, 
the property of some eight or ten foreign business 
houses, were seized by the Custom House author- 
ities for violations of the Revenue laws. 

Feb. 16. A heavy south-easterly gale prevailed 
during the day, doing considerable damage. A 
large frame building, in the course of erection on 
the corner of Howard and Twelfth streets, was 
blown down, killing a boy named White. 

Feb. 17. The U. S. sloop of war Cyane arrived 

from Panama Pilot boat Relief, No. 2, capsized 

at the entrance of the harbor, and all on board lost. 

Feb. 21. The P. M. steamer St. Louis left for 



Panama with treasure, amounting to $1,239,315 04 

Seventeen suits commenced in tlie U. S. District 

Court for violMtion of the Revenue laws. 

Feb. 22. The anniversary of tiie birth of Wash- 
ing was observed, by the liring of cannon, disphiy 
of flags, and a general parade and review of the 
military The corner stone of the Broderick mon- 
ument "was laid at Lone Moiuitain by Gov. Stanfoid, 
in the presence of a large assemblage, with the 
usual ceremonies. 

Fkb. 23. A fire occurred in a shanty between 
Battery and Front and Vallejo and (Greenwich 
streets, in which an old lady, Mrs. Catharine Gun- 
ther, was burned to death. 

Feb. 26. The Board of Foremen of the Fire 
Department met, and recommended a general pa- 
rade on the fourth of May. 

Feb. 27. A fire occurred in N. P. Perrine's Bos- 
ton maetic-roofing establishment, damages slight 

I. L. Eoft, charged with the murder of William 

Chapman, admitted to bail in the sum of $10,000. 

March 2. The P. M. steamship Golden Age left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $871,304 31 
M. J. !Marshuetz tendered his resignation as Pub- 
lic Administrator to the Board of Supervisors A 

French woman, named Jlrs. A. Gaud, fell dead of 
apoplexy at Mission Dolores. 

March 3. The Stock Exchange organized 

A fire occurred in the Boston House, a frame 
building on Stevenson Street, between Second and 
Third, destroying the property. Loss about $1,. 500. 

March 6. William Worcester, from Gilroy, 
Santa Clara County, committed suicide at the Orig- 
inal House, by cutting his throat with a bowie 

March 7. The steamship Oregon arrived from 
Mazatlan, bringing $84,814 in silver J. R. Cory- 
ell, arrested on a change of feloniously altering and 
falsifying an engrossed copy of the Tide and Marsh 
Land Act of the Legislature, admitted to bail in the 
sum of $5,000. 

March 9. Great excitement occasioned by the 
reported discovery of silver rock on California Street 

above Powell Board of Brokers organized 

The Pilot Boat Daniel Webster sailed for China. 

March 10. The Ship Shawmut, bound to Syd- 
nev, went asliore upon 5lile Rock ; vessel and cargo 
valued at $100,000 ; afterwards got off, and returned 
to San Francisco. John H. Gass, a Sacramento 
forger, one of her passengers, afterwards found se- 
creted in the city, arrested and taken to Sacramento. 
The damage to the Shawmut estimated at $20,000. 

March 11. The P. M. Steamship Sonora arrived 
from I'anama, with a large number of passengers 
and thirteen boxes of treasure lost on the Golden 

March 12. The Commencement of the Medical 
Department of the University of the Pacific took 

place at Piatt's Hall The French Corvette Cor- 

nelie arrived from Mazatlan. 

March 15. The Rebel Privateer Chapman, fit- 
ted out for the Southern coast, captured in the liar- 
bor, and her otficers and crew transferred to the 

prison on Alcatnis Island A fire occurred in a 

frame building on the corner of California and St. 

Marys Street. Damage slight William Thomas, 

of Placer county, died suddenly of aneurism at the 
Railroad House. 

March 18. St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in 
a spirited manner by the Irish population of the city, 
who turned out in procession, lii-iigious services 
were held at the Cathedral, and patriotic addresses 
delivered at Hayes Park, by Hugh Farley and K. 
F. Dunne, members of the California Assembly. 

March 18. The Steamship Oref^on left for Mex- 
ican Ports, with a large freight of mming machinery 
and merchandise A severe shook of an earth- 
quake was felt throughout the city about two 
o'clock, A. M. 

March 20. The P. M. Steamship Constitution 
arrived from Panama, with a large number of pas- 
sengers, heavy mails and freight, and seven more 
boxes of the recovered treasure of the Golden Gate 
Frequent showers of rain during the day. 

March 22. Ellen E. Moon committed suicide, by 
shooting herself with a pistol. 

March 23. The P. JI. Steamship Constitution 
left for Panama, v^'ith a large number of pa.'^sengers, 
among whom were three Companies of C ilifornia 
troops for the seat of war, and treasure amounting 

to ,$1,111,647.21 A fire occurred in the California 

Saloon, a frame building on the corner of Fremont 
and Folsom streets. Loss about $3,000 Hum- 
phrey Gritfith, of Yolo county, a prominent Califor- 
nia politician, died of consumption at the Lick 

March 25. The U. S. steamer Saginaw, having 
been thoroughly overhauled and refitted, arrived 

from Mare Island John Hudson, plumber, died 

of injuries occasioned by the ujisetting of his cart. 

Dr. J. R. Prefontaine, for a long time connected 

with the San Francisco press, died after a brief ill- 

March 27. Mrs. Isaac Levy committed suicide 
by cutting her throat with a razor. 

March 30. The total amount of treasure recov- 
ered by the party who proceeded to the scene of the 
wreck of the Golden Gate on the schooner William 

Irelan, is estimated at $660,5-13 77 An Irishman 

named Murray died suddenly of hemorrhage. 

April 3. A fire occurred on the coiner of Chest- 
nut and Powell streets, destroying a number of frame 
buildings. Loss about $3,000 The P. M. steam- 
ship Orizaba left for Panama with treasure amount- 
ing to $1,104,699 74. 

April 6. The P. M. steamer Golden Age arrived 
with a large number of passengers. 

April S. The steamer Sierra Nevada arrived 
from the northern coast, bringing treasure amount- 
ing to $59;530 David Maddux, a member of the 

Stock and Exchange Board, and former Treasurer 
of Sacramento County, died of a lingering illness. 

April U. JamesL.Eott, arraigned in the Twelfth 

District Court for the murder of Win. Chapman 

H. M. Miller appointed one of the Appraisers for 

this Port Henry Baker appointed to succeed 

Charles Watrous as Poutal Agent for the Pacific 

April 13. The P. M. steamship Golden Age left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $S13,3i)0 6(i. 

April 14. Capt. James Van Voast, of the Ninth 
Regiment U. S. Regulars, appointed Provost Mar- 
shal in place of Col. Leonard, ordered East for ac- 
tive service. 

April 16. A meeting of the Polish residents X)f 
San Francisco was held at the Russ House for the 
purpose of expressing sympathy with their country- 
men fighting for freedom Orrin Bailey, a promi- 
nent citizen, and for many years a Justice of the 
Peace, died aged sixty years. 

April 18. The P. M. steamship Sonora arrived 
with seven hundred and eighty passengers, and 

heavy mails and freight The transactions of the 

first Board of Brokers amounted to $102,227 J. 

W. Osborn, of Oak Knoll, Napa County, was killed 
by J. W. Brittan, a man in his employ. 

April 19. The steamer Brother Jonathan arrived 
from the northern coast, bringing treasure to the 
amount of $117,650. 

April 20. The Opposition steamer Moses Taylor 

arrived with a large number of passengers Maj. 

Win. McQueen, an old citizen, and formerly Post 
Master of New Orleans, died suddenly of diseose of 
the heart. 

April 23. The P. M. steamship Sonora left for 
Panama with treasure amounting to $1,094,718 90. 

April 28. Opera season closed at the Metropoli- 
tan Theater Citizens' Nominating Committee 



closed its labors Examination of the High School 

took place Seventh Annual Meeting of the Sea- 
man's Friend Society held at Calvary Church 

The trial of J. L. Eoff, for the murder of Chapman, 
was commenced in the Twelfth District Court. 

April 29. The P. M. S. S. Constitution arrived 
from Panama with a large number of passengers. 
News of the death of R. A. Harrison at Kingston, 
Jamaica, was received by her. A large quantity of 
ordnance, arms, and ammunition, received by the 

steamer for the Pacific coast Union Hall on 

Howard Street lighted with gas. 

Apr 1 1, 30. The fast day ordained by the Presi- 
dent's Proclamation was "generally observed, with 
sei-vices in all the churches A rise in the Sacra- 
mento and San Joaquin rivers brought down drift 

wood and discolored the waters of the Bay The 

steamer Senator arrived from Los Angeles with 
the remains of Capt. T. W. Seeley, and others, 
killed by the explosion on the Ada Hancock, in the 

bay of San Pedro, on the 27th ult Union Hall, 

of the Omnibus Railroad Company, on Howard 

Street, dedicated by a grand ball Examination 

of witnesses in the Eoff murder case closed. 

May 1. The jury in the Eoff murder case re- 
turned verdict of not guilty The funerals of Capt. 

T. W. Seely, of the Steamer Senator, killed by tne 
explosion at San Pedro, and that of Frederick took, 
of the Overland Mail, who died from injuries re- 
ceived in being thrown from his carriage in Sacra- 
mento, were largely attended A fire occurred in 

a frame building No. 532 Clay Street, adjoining- 
Court Jjlock, destroying the same. Loss not serious. 
May 2. The P.*M. Steamship Constitution left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $1,010,189- 
06 R. B. Swain entered upon his duties as Super- 
intendent of the Mint The remains of Edward 

Gilbert were removed from Yerba Buena Cemetery 
and reinterred in Lone Mountain by the Eureka 
Typographical Union. 

May 3. An Italian named Pietro Arcardi or 
Lercari was shot dead near the Six Mile House on 
the San Bruno Road. 

May 4. The Annual Parade of the Fire Depart- 
ment took place — the display being unsurpassed on 
any previous occasion The State Teachers' Insti- 
tute met at Piatt's Hall, the profession throughout 
the State being generally represented Bein, sen- 
tenced to the State Prison tor six years for robbing 
the U. S. Mint, pardoned by the President. 

May 6. The Forty-fourth Anniversary of the 
Organization of the Independent Order of Odd 
Fellows in the United States, was celebrated by a 
procession in which the Order throughout the State, 
was largely represented — an Oration by John W. 
Dwindle and a Poem by C. A. Sumner, and a 
Levee and Concert in the evening at Union Hall. 

May 9. The P. M. Steamship Orizaba arrived 
from Panama with a large number of passengers 

The Steamer Brother Jonathan arrived from the 

northern coast with treasure amounting to $102,836. 
May 11. A fire occurred in a frame building on 
the south side of Broadway between Montgomery 
and Sansom, which with aii adjoining building was 
destroyed. Loss estimated at from $18,000 to $20,- 

May 13. The body of Frederick R. Reynolds 
was found drowned in the Bay. 

May 1.!>. William Gibb, of the old established 
house of Daniel Gibb & Co., died after a short 

May 16. Intelligence of the death of Major S. 
H. Jleeker, an old and well known merchant, re- 
ceived by telegraph from New York. 

May 18. The Steamship Sierra Nevada arrived 
from the northern coast with treasure amounting to 

$121,4.54 Thomas Fitch commenced suit in the 

Fourth District Court against the proprietors of the 
Bulletin for $15,000 for libel. 

May 19. The election tor City and County Offi- 
cers passed off quietly. The entire People's Ticket 
was elected with the exception of Coroner, Sheldou 

being chosen over Dean by a small majority The 

vote in favor of the million loan to the Pacific Rail- 
road also carried by a large majority The P. M. 

Steamship Golden Age arrived from Panama with a 
large number of passengers. 

May 20. The oath of allegiance was administered 
to seventy-two teachers of the public schools, ac- 
cording to the provisions of the Act of the Legis- 
lature Bernard Kearns committed suicide by tak- 
ing poison A man named Mr. Lake was drowned 

from the British ship King Lear. 

May 22. A large mass meeting of sympathisers 
with the Polish Revolution was held at Piatt's Hall, 
H. P. Coon presiding. A number of addresses were 
delivered and appropriate resolutions adopted. 

May 23. Tlie P. M. Steamship Golden Age left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to $1,194,- 

195 50 The 43d Anniversary of the birth of 

Queen Victoria was celebrated by the English 
residents, and on board the British vessels in the 

May 25. Jean Baptiste Brusio, an Italian cook 
arrested in Washoe and brought to San Francisco, 
confessed to the murder of Pietro Arcadi or Lercari 
on the San Bruno Road, charging that he committed 
the deed at the instigation of Rosano, the partner 
of the deceased. 

May 27. The circulation of the New York Weekly 
Caucasian through the mails prohibited by order of 

Gen. Wright The body of Nathaniel Brooks, 

ex-janitor of the Spring Valley School, found drown- 
ed near Fort Point. 

May 29. The steamship Brother Jonathan ar- 
rived from the northern coast with treasure amount- 
ing to $139,000. 

June 1. Ira P. Rankin retii-ed from the position 
of Collector of the Port, and was succeeded by Hon. 
F. F. Low. 

June 3. The P. M. steamship St. Louis left for 
Panama with treasure amounting to $955,698 64. 

June 4. A fight occurred at the Parrallone 
Islands between the Farallone Egg Company and a 
party of Italians, in which Edward Perkins, one of 
the former, was shot through the stomach and killed 

and five of the latter wounded The passengers 

of the steamer Panama on her pioneer trip to Cali- 
fornia, celebrated the fourteenth anniversaiy of that 
event by a banquet at the Occidental Hotel. 
June 6. The steamer Oregon arrived from Maz- 

atlan with silver amounting to $93,265 09 The 

P. M. steamship Constitution arrived with 700 pas- 
sengers, among whom was Hon. Edward Stanly, 
lateMMilitary Governor of North Carolina. 

JtJNE 7. The Nicaragua steamer Moses Taylor 
arrived with a large number of passengers. 

June 10. A Sicilian fruit picker, named Fnmcisco 
Taranto, was struck by a box thrown by Michael P. 
White, a diayman, on Jackson Street Whart, from 
the effects of which he died shortly after. 

June 11. A meeting of citizens "to make arrange- 
ments for celebrating the Fourth of July was held 
in the chamber of the Board of Supervisors. 

June 13. The P. M. steamship Constitution left 
for Panama with treasure amounting to .^890,479 93 

The Mercantile Library Association filed in the 

Countv Clerk's office a certificate of reincorporation 

under "the act of the last Legislature A girl named 

Mary Gillan, aged 19 years, committed suicide by 
taking laudanum. 

June 15. An Italian woman, named Louise Fres- 
chi, was found horribly murdered with a carpenter's 

chisel in her dwelling, No. 9 Pike Street Eleven 

melodeon proprietors were arrested for carrying on 
business without a license. 

June 17. The anniversary of the battle of Bunker 
Hill was celebrated by the firing of cannon, display 



of fla^, and a ffrand entertainment in the evening 
at Union Hall, in aid of the sick and wounded of 

the Union army and navy Josej)h II. Prince and 

Angelo Magliani, an Itafian, wounded in the Faral- 
lone Egg War, died at the Citv and County Hos- 
pital John Owen, an Englisliman, fell suddenly 

dead from disease of the hrain. 

June 18. Capt. Alexander G. Taylor, of the bark 

Yankee, died suddenly of disease of the heart 

Slight showers of rain "fell at intervals during the day. 

June 19. The P. M. steamship Orizaba arrived 
from Panama with a large number of passengers. 

June '22. The British steamer Fusi Vanii arrived 
from Dartmouth with a cargo of merchandize. 

June 2'.i. The P. M. steamship Constilutiou left 
for Panama with treasure amountnig to §1,200,317 59 
Judge William Rufus Longley,of Placer Coun- 
ty, and formerly Alcalde of Monterey, died suddenly 
of apoplexy. 

June 2i. A grand Union ratification meeting was 
held at Piatt's Hall, at which addresses w^ere deliv- 
ered by Hon. T. G. Phelps, F. F. Low, and the va- 
rious candidates nominated by the Union State Con- 
vention at Sacramento. 

June 26. Capt. R. S. Fretz, of the banking firm 
of Fretz, Ralston &- Co., died at the Napa White 

Sulphur Springs, after a lingering illness The 

new Odd Fellows' Hall, on Montgomery between 
California and Pine streets, was opened for the in- 
spection of the public. 

June 28. The steamer Sien-a Nevada arrived 
from the northern coast bringing treasure to the 

amount of $383,000 An Englishman, named W^m. 

Sharp, committed suicide by taking strychnine 

The Russian corvette Rynda arrived from Japan via 
Sitka and Victoria. 

July 1. H. F. Teschemacher, who had for four 
years successfully and satisfactorily filled the posi- 
tion of Mayor of the city, retired from office, and 
was succeeded by H. P.' Coon. The Board of Su- 
pervisors passed by unanimous vote a resolution of 
thanks for the able and impartial manner in which 
the retiring officer had presided over the delibera- 
tions of that body Jolin S. Ellis entered upon 

his second term as Sheriff of the County of San 
Francisco, and Mr. Loewey succeeded Washington 
Bartlett who had held the office for live years, as 
County Clerk. 

July 2. The dead bodies of Dr. George W. 
Beers, his wife, and daughter, aged about ten 
years, were found in their rooms, on the north-east 
corner of Geary and Stockton Street. The result 
of the investigation of the Coroner's Jury was that 
the wife and daughter " came to their death from 
injuries received at the hands of G. W. Beers, and 
that G. W. Beers came to his death by opening a 
blood vessel in his hand with the intention of com- 
mitting suicide. Destitution and depression were 

regarded as the cause of this brutal tragedy 

Intelligence was received of the death of Wm. N. 
Thompson, for many years connected with the Pa- 
cific Mail Steamship Company's office, by being 
gored by a bull at his raneho in Alameda County. 

The" water of the .Spring Valley Works was for 

the first time brought to the city from Lake Honda. 

July 3. The Pacific Mail Steamship Golden Age 
left for Panama with treasure amounting to $1,048,- 

573 80 The eve of the nation's anniversary was 

marked by displays of fire works and other patriotic 

July A. The Eighty-seventh anniversary of 
National Independence was celebrated in a manner 
becoming the great occasion and a patriotic and 
loyal people. The day was observed by an immense 
civic and military procession, a universal display of 
flags by the city and shipping, and the firing of 
National salutes! An oration was delivered at the 
Metropolitan Theater by Rev. Thomas Stiirr King, 
the Declaration of Independence and the Presi- 

dent's Emancipation Proclamation were read by 
John Swett, and an appropriate poem by F. B. 
Harte was read on the occasion. 'The proceedings 
closed with a grand display of fireworks in the eve- 

July 8. A laboring man, named William La 
Meet, was found murdered near his dwelling, 
between the Protestant Orphan Asylum and the 
Spring Valley Water Works. Upon an investiga- 
tion before the Coroner's Jury, the fact was estab- 
lished that the deceased was killed by Andrew 
Cummings and Henry Wallace w^hile in a state of 
intoxication At a meeting of the Board of Dele- 
gates Eureka Hose Company No. 4 was admitted 
into the Fire Deiiartuient. 

July 9. P. M. steamship St. Louis arrived with 

a large number of passengers The news of the 

surrender of Vieksburg was celebrated by a general 
display of flags and congratulations among loyal 

citizens Detective officer Lees was thrown from 

his buggy and suff'ered a severe fracture of the 

July 10. The city was startled with the rumor 
that the U. S. Government had sent out an agent 
with orders to take possession of the New Almaden 
Quicksilver Mines, and that a detachment of U. S. 
soldiers had been ordered to San Jose to aid the 
Marshal in taking possession. Intelligence was re- 
ceived from Washington that the Government had 
rescinded the order The steamer Brother Jona- 
than arrived from the Northern coast with .f 181,669. 

July 13. P. M. Steamship St. Louis left for Pan- 
ama with treasure amounting to $889,094 81. 

July 17. A sailor, named Wm. Henry Tillson, a 
native of Massachusetts, was killed iu the harbor by 
falling from the mizen topsail yard of the ship 

July 18. P. M. steamship Constitution arrived 
with a large number of passengers Madame Si- 
meon, proprietress of the Hotel de la Fraternity, 
attempted suicide by leaping from the top of the 
building to the street below, injuring herself so se- 
verely as to produce death the day following. 

July 19. The steamer Sierra Nevada arrived 
from the Northern coast with treasure amounting to 

July 23. The P. M. steamship Constitution left 
for Panama with treasure simounting to $1,210,229 
29. The Opposition steamer Moses 'Tajdor also left 
for San Juan del Sur with a large number of pas- 

JijLY 24. A severe shock of an earthquake was 
felt in the lower portion of the city about ten o'clock 
in the day. 

July 25. A fire broke out about 2 o'clock a. m., 
in the Arcade Restaurant on Market Street, between 
Third and Fourth, which extended to the Apollo 
Baths and Saloon, destroying the property. The 
pioiirietiir of the restaurant, with Antonio Silva, 
William Bell, and Jdlin Marx, employed as cooks 
in the estalilishiuent, sleeping in the building, were 
burned to death. The pecuniary loss was estimated 
at about $7,000. 

July 26. An Italian, named Carlo Adualdo, 
wounded one of his countrymen, named Giovani 
Passano, by cutting his throat with a bowie-knife. 

.July 28." A luectiiig of citi/.t'iis was held in the 
chamber of the Board of Siiiieivisiirs to take meas- 
ures for the celebration <if llu- late ITnion victories, 

at which preliminary committees were chosen 

The steamer Brother Jonathan arrived from the 
northern coast with treasure amounting to $143,315. 

.July 30. Great excitement was occasioned in 
commercial circles that Henry Garthwaite, head 
clerk in the Empire Warehouses, had raised large 
sums of money by hypothecating fraudulent receipts 
for the goods stored therein by a large number of 
merchants, the amount of the liabilities in the case 
being estimated at $160,000. 



gei^e;ra.l revie^v. 

Public Schools. 


MICHAEL LYNCH, President. 
Directors. — L. B. Mastick, 1st District; John 

F. Pope, 2d District ; J. W. Dodge, 3d District ; 
George B. Hitchcock, 4th District; Lafayette Story, 
5th District; Erwin Davis, 6th District; William 

G. Badger, 7th District ; E. D. Sawyer, 8th District ; 
John N. Eisdon, 9th District; J. H. Widber, 10th 
District; M. Lynch, 11th District; Daniel Lunt, 
12th District. 

George Tait, Superintendent ; D. H. Whittemore, 

The Public Schools of this city were organized in 
1851 by Act of the Legislature. Within live years 
from that date, there w-ere only six schools es- 
tablished, for the support of which, the Common 
Council appropriated, during the year 1855 $97,335, 
a sum wholly inadequate to supply the most ordinary 
wants of the schools. 

The school accommodations, if we may use such 
a term in speaking of the miserable hovels in which 
the first schools were kept, were of the most meager 
and nondescript character. 

The educational affairs of the city were intrusted 
wholly to the Common Council, which embarrassed 
with debt and exposed to the attacks of men inimical 
to the common school system, the School Department 
for several years struggled for existence. Happily, 
a new era in the history of our Public Schools has 
begun. The School Fund is now annually supplied 
with ample treasure, by a generous public ; the 
present school houses, if not numerous, are at least 
commodious and with but few exceptions, creditable 
in appearance ; and, w'hat is still more important, 
the schools afford the children of the community, 
every needed facility for acquiring a practical educa- 
tion, and if desired, no insignificant preparation for 
the learned professions. 

From the report of the Superintendent of Public 
Schools we gather the following statistics : 

The Public Schools are, principally, classified, as 
High, Grammar, and Primary ; the schools for spe- 
cial instruction are designated, as Evening, Normal, 
Model, Colored, and Chinese. 

The course of study in the High School is arranged 
for three years, and embraces the ordinary English 
branches, natm'al sciences, higher mathematics and 
modern languages. The Grammar Schools have four 
grades or classes ; the Primary six grades. To com- 
plete the entire course of study in the schools, a 
period of ten years is required for a pupil who enters 

the lowest Primary grade, which he may do at the 
age of six years. 

The course of instruction prescribed for all the 
grades is well defined and systematic ; and the text 
books in use are of the most approved character. 

The regulations for the government of the schools 
are contained in the manual of the Board of Educa- 
tion, and for the proper observance of their pre- 
scribed duties, teachers are amenable to the Board. 

The powers and duties of the Board are regulated 
by statute. There are at present 96 teachers em- 
ployed in the schools, of whom 80 are females and 
16 males. In general, the latter occupy the position 
of Grammar Masters, and the former, that of Prin- 
cipals of Primary Schools. The examination of 
candidates for position in the schools is held semi- 
annually, according to public announcement, in May 
and December, at which time, the applicants are all 
subjected to a rigid examination of their qualifica- 
tions. Those who pass through this ordeal, success- 
fully, receive a certificate, which entitles them to 
teach in the Public Schools for a period of two 
years, unless revoked by order of the Board of 
Education, for immoral or unprofessional conduct 
upon the part of the holder. Before receiving the 
certificate all teachers are required by Act of the 
Legislature, to take the '■'■Oath of Allegiance." 

The average cost of tuition for each pupil attend- 
ing the schools, during the last fiscal year, was $14 
per annum, estimating alone the amount paid for 
salaries of teachers ; or, $21 per annum, if all the 
school expenditures be included in the calculation. 
The rate of tuition in this city is considerably higher 
than that reported by the School Departments of 
other cities. That this should be the case, however, 
will not affect any Califomian with surprise. 

The attendance of the schools has been rapidly 
increasing, of late years, so that now the school 
houses in all parts of the city are crammed to reple- 
tion. During the past school year, additional rooms 
either in new school houses or in rented buildings 
have been furnished for nearly 900 pupils, yet the 
applications made for admission are still so numerous 
and so urgent, that a large appropriation of the 
School Fund for the erection of new school houses, 
is clearly demanded. 

In consequence of the Umited supply of school 
accommodations, especially, in the southern portion 
of the city, hundreds of our citizens have been com- 
pelled to seek in private schools the means of 
instruction for their children. 

So fai' as we can learn from the views expressed 
on this subject by tax payers, we are led to believe 



tliat the public, generally, will cheerfully do their 
utmost either by the payment of taxes or otherwise, 
to place at the disposal of the Board of Education 
the requisite funds for the supply of enlarged school 

The statistical tables appended will fui-nish in 
detail such other facts regarding the Public Schools 
as our limited space at present precludes us from 

Number and average attendance of Pupils. 

High School 

Union Street School 

Mason Street School 

Bush Street School 

Rincou Street School 

Mission Street Scliool 

Spring Valley Scliool 

Greemvich Street School 

rowell Street School 

Hyde Street School 

Sutter Street School 

Market and Fifth Streets School.. 
Fourth and Clary Streets School 

Montgomery Street School 

Colored School 

Chinese School 

Hayes Valley School 

Evening School 


No of 





Ordinary Current Expenses, 1862-63. 

Teachers' salaries $86,282 71 

Janitors' salaries 4,853 50 

Clerk's salary 1,.500 00 

Carpenter's salary 1,937 98 

School Census 500 00 

Insurance 823 45 

Lights 340 03 

Water 273 00 

Furniture 3,414 89 

Books and supplies 3,047 05 

Rents 3,954 52 

Fuel 1,091 08 

Care of houses 375 61 

Printinu- and stationery 279 12 

Incidentals 728 03 

Rent of rooms of Board of Education 200 00 

Industrial School (salaries) 600 00 

Fitting up rooms of Board of Education. 142 38 

Total $110,343 35 

Building and School Bond Account. 

Improvement of school property $11,848 14 

Building and alteration of school-houses. . 29,469 57 

Purchase of Lot (50 vara) 1023 11,817 00 

Repair of streets 35 00 

High School mortgage and interest 1,893 33 

Interest on school bonds 11,893 08 

Sinking land for redemption of bonds 12,500 00 

Total '. $178,799 47 

Claim of Barry. (See Stat. 1863, p. 259). 130 00 

Total $178,929 47 


High School. — Ellis 11. Holmes, Geo. W.Minns, 
Geo. D. Hansen, Mrs. L. A. Clapp. 

Unio.v Street School. — T. S. Myrick, Miss M. 
R. Warren, Miss S. A. Jessup, Miss S. M. Hunt, 
Miss Li/./.ie Kennedy, Miss Hester Champlin, Miss 

Abbie T. Aldrich, Miss Emily M. Tibbey, Miss Stella 
M. Bulleue, Miss Helen A. Grant. 

Mason Street School. — James Stratton, Miss 

D. S. Prescott, Miss E. M. Tiebout, Miss H. F. 
Richardson, Miss S. J. White, Miss A. B. Kimball, 
Miss Geraldine Price. 

Bush Street School. — Theodore Bradley, Mrs. 
L. A. Morgan, Miss L. E. Field, Miss Kate V. Dar- 
ling, Miss J. M. Lyon, Mrs. F. E. Reynolds. 

RiNCON School. — J. C. Pelton, Miss Helen 
Thompson, Miss M. C. White, Miss Frances Lynch, 
Miss C. V. Benjamin, Miss M. E. Stowell, Mrs. M. 
S. P. Nichols, Miss A. M. Nutter, Miss Lizzie F. 

Mission School. — T. C. Leonard, Mrs. H. H. 
Treat, Miss A. A. Rowe, Miss Annie Hill, Miss 
Jessie Smith, Miss N. M. Chadbourue. 

Spring Valley School. — Geo. W. Bunnell, 
Miss H. A. Haiieke, Miss E. R. Shaw, Miss Jose- 
phine Barkley. 

Greenwich Street School. — Miss Kate Ken- 
nedy, Miss Laura J. Mastick, Miss Margai'et Keith, 
Miss C. M. Pattee. 

Powell Street School. — Miss Caroline Price, 
Mrs. E. S. Forester, Miss M. A. Mills, Miss Lizzie 
Macy, Miss E. T. Snow, Miss E. S. GrifSn, Miss C. 
A. Coffin, Miss Josephine Griffin. 

Hyde Street School. — Mre. C. 11. Stout, Miss 

E. E. Hastings, Miss L. A. Humphreys, Miss J. H. 

Sutter Street School. — Mrs. A. E. DuBois, 
Miss C. L. Hunt, Miss Lizzie G. Davey, Miss J. A. 

Market Street School. — F. A. Elliott, Miss 
P. M. Stowell, Mrs. P. C. Cook, Miss H. E. Porter, 
Miss M. E. Very, Miss AHce Kenny, Miss Carrie L. 
Smith, Miss M. A. Humphreys. 

Montgomery Street School. — Miss A. S. 
Moses, Miss Ellen Cashing, Miss H. F. Parker. 

Fourth and Clary Street School. — A. E. 
McGlynn, Miss A. Lowder, Miss E. JL Shaw, Miss 
J. C. Hahnlen, Miss E. Overend, Miss E. A. Shaw, 
Miss A. E. Slavan, Mrs. H. E. Packer, Miss Maggie 
McKenzie, Miss M. A. Phillips. 

Hayes Valley School. — Miss H. B. Cashing, 
Miss M. M. BirfRngton. 

Model School. — Miss Kate Sullivan, Miss H. 
M. Clarke. 

Colored School. — J. B. Sanderson. 
Chinese School. — B. Lanctot. 
Music— F. K. Mitchell, Wash. ElHot. 
Writing and Drawing. — Hubert Burgess. 




1st . . . 


3(1 ... 


5th .. . 









1,786 1.122 


2,033 927 

638 321 

16,208 9,744 









n ■ 

(R • 



'D S 






to s; 

? 3 

: 3 

: » 

: 3 

: a- 


'■ 3 

; 5' 


. 3 


; a 


: 3 


















































































Total number of blind children 29 

Total number of deaf and diuub children 3:i 

Total number of colored children 234 

Total number of Chinese children 117 

Private Educational Institutions. 

While the flourishing condition of our Public 
Schools — those "People's Colleges," as they have 
been aptly styled — is a source of congratulation to 
every one interested in the well-being of society and 
the welfare of the State, the Private Educational 
Institutions of our city reflect the highest credit upon 
the parties by whom they have been established and 
conducted as well as upon the community by which 
they have been so libendly supported. To the credit 
of Sau Francisco be it said, that no city of a like 
population in the world can boast a more liberal 
supply of tirst-class private institutions for the train- 
ing of youth. While everything belonging to Cali- 
fornia is conducive to the highest degree of physical 
development, it is creditable to her citizens that 
nothing has been neglected that can minister to the 
greatest intellectual attainment. If there are those 
who labor under the erroneous opinion that a love 
of gain is the ruling passion of our people, the flour- 
ishing educational institutions which are to be found 
everywhere around us are the best refutation of so 
fallacious an idea. 

The following statistics of the number of private 
schools in San Francisco will conclusively show the 
truth of the statements we have made in this con- 
nection. The whole number of these schools is 
eighty-two, and the aggregate attendance upon the 
same is 5,596.* Of these, eleven are conducted by 
the Catholic denomination, the aggregate attendance 
upon which is 3,424. Thirteen of these schools are 
located in the Second District ; one in the Third ; 
six in the Fourth ; six in the Sixth ; three in the 

*The returns of the School Census are 4,552. Ourfigures 
have been obtained from the returns raade to this office, of 
the various private educational institutions in this city, 
and they may be rejrardcd as a fair approximation to the 
actual number.— CoMPiLEB. 

Seventh; fourteen in the Eighth ; nine in the Ninth ; 
twenty in the Tenth ; nine in the Eleventh ; and one 
in the Twelfth. 

In enumerating the principal private schools, as 
the most numerous, largely attended, and anijily pro- 
vided for, we commence our summary with the 



This well-known literary institution, located on 
Market Street between Fouith and Fifth, which is 
conducted by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus 
was flrst opened for the reception of students on the 
1.5th day of October, 1855, and was incorporated 
under the law of the State on the 30th of April, 
1859, and empowered to confer the usual degrees 
and academical honors. Since its connnencement 
this institution has been attended with the highest 
degree of prosperity and success. The course of 
Instruction pursued is thorough and comprises a 
complete Classical, Mathematical, and Philosophical 
course of training cahndated to jirejtare the pupil for 
enti'iing upon llic ^Uuly of any of the prolosions or 
connnencing any business avocation. The College 
is provided with an extensive laboratory, compris- 
ing all the necessary appliances for the assaving of 
metals and making chemical analyses, whicli is an 
important feature not generally found in institu- 
tions of this character — a sjjacious building has been 
erected for a photographic gallery where all the de- 
partments of the Daguerreian Art will be practiced 
and taught. There is a telegraphic room, with 
an instrument in operation, connecting Avith a simi- 
lar station at the Santa Clara College — the use of 
the California State Line having been granted for 
this purpose — where the business of operating is 
taught, forming another novel and important educa- 
tional feature. 

The founders of this institution foreseeing the 
rapid progress of the Queen City of the Pacific, 
purchased some years since the property upon which 
the magnificent College edifice has since been erect- 
ed. This lot has a frontage of two hundred and 
seventy-five feet on Market, and the same on Jessie 
Street, with a depth of three hundred and fifty feet. 
The College building at present consists of a center 
and two wings, one of whicli is one hundred and five 
feet by fifty-six, and the other in which is the Col- 
lege Hall — used temporarily as the Church, until 
that building shall be erected in another portion of 
the grounds — is one hundred and seventy by sixty 
feet. The present building, the cost of which inde- 
pendent of the lot was $120,000, although one of the 
finest architectural ornaments of the city is only one- 
third of the extent contemplated. When the exten- 
sive additions are made the entire structure will 
rival anything of the kind to be found in our portion 
of the country. The present building is admirably 
adapted to the purposes for which it was designed, 
being abundantly lighted and well veiUilated in 
every portion ; the ceilings are lofty, and sj)aciou8 
halls run through the building. A large play-ground 
is attached with a eomodious shelter from the rain, 
affording ample means for the physical exercise of 
the pupils. In fact, nothing has been uedected 
which is at all conducive to mentiil and physical 
training. The number of students in the College at 
present is four hundred. 

The following are the oflicers and professors of 
this Institution : 

Rev. N. Congiato, S.J., President; Rev. A. Af- 
franchino, S. J., Professor ; Rev. C. Barchi, S.J., Pre- 
fect of Studies; Rev. J. M. C. Buchard, S.J., St. Ig- 
natius' Church ; Rev. A. Cichi, S.J., Professor ; Rev. 
A. Maraschi, S.J., Treasurer ; Rev. B. Picardo, S.J., 
Professor; Rev. P. Ratio, S.J., St. Ignatius' Church; 
Rev. M. O'Reilly, Professor; Rev. J. Tadini, S.J., 



Professor; Mr. J. Pinnsco, S. J., Professor; Mr. P. 
J. Kelly, S.J., Professor; Mr.J. O'Doiiogbue, Pro- 
fessor;" Mr. J. P. McCurrie, Professor; Mr. H. 
MfGill, Professor; Mr. J. Egtin, Professor; Mr. 
W. J. J. Williams, A.M., Professor. 


This institution is situated near tlie conntv road to 
San Jos6, at a distance of four miles and a Lalf from 
this city. The lot on which the building is erected 
consists of sixty acres ; it po.'fsesses all the advant- 
ages ot a Biilubrious situation, and commands an ex- 
tensive view of the Bay and surrounding scenery. 
The College building covers a space of two hundred 
and eighty feet front by depth of lifty feet, which, 
in the center, is increased to a depth of seventy feet ; 
one hundred and ten feet of the building will be 
three stories high, and the remaining portion four 
stories high. On the northern extremity of the main 
edifice is situated the refectory, which is forty by 
eighty feet, and two stories in bight. On the south- 
ern extremity is the chapel, forty by one hundred 
and thirty feet. By this arrangement, the greatest 
advantage is secured for all healthful purposes, as 
the sun shines during the day on the three principal 
fronts of the building, and the narrow ends bemg 
north and south, during the rainy season the smallest 
surface is exposed to the inclemency of the weather. 
Thus the structures form three sides of a quadrangle, 
and on the eastern front there is a cloister thirteen 
feet six inches wide, whicb extends the entire 
length of tlie building, so that under any circum- 
stances and at all periods of the year the students 
can have out-door exercise. The basement will 
contain the offices of the steward, and all apart- 
ments in connection with them ; the housekeepers' 
rooms, sei-vants' rooms, general store rooms, bath 
rooms, and closets for various purposes 

The chief entrances to the College are in the 
principal story. These consist of an entrance in the 
center through a spacious porch, and two side en- 
trances. The center one leads to a hall thireen feet 
wide by thirty feet long, on either side of which are 
the reception'rooms. This hall terminates in a corri- 
dor which leads to the three chief staircases and the 
diH'erent apartments in this story, namely : Lavato- 
ries, professor's rooms, recreation hall, and library ; 
on the eastern side of this story are the various en- 
trances to the cloister. The second story consists of 
school rooms, class rooms, music rooms, apartments 
for natural philosophy and museum. The third story 
consists of dormitories, bed rooms, hath rooms, and 
an apartment which will answer as a temporary 
infirmary. The first story of the refectory building 
consists of lavatory, refectory, and lunch rooms; 
the second story is a dormitory. There are three 
entrances to the chapel — one through the western 
porch which faces the altar, another through the 
tower which is situated on the south side, and one 
on the north side. 

The sanctuary is in the east end of the chapel, 
adjoining to which are sacristies, and organ gallery. 
Tht! top of the spire is to be one hundred and 
thirty feet above the sinface of the ground, and 
the south gable of the College building eiglity-six 
feet high. The building will be supplied with gas 
and water throughout its entire extent. All sewer- 
age and driiinagc is on the outside. The kitchen, 
bake-house, and laundry are disconnected with the 
main l)iiililing8; every thing has been studied in 
order to [iromote the heulth of the students and give 
them all accommodation. The portion now in course 
of erection will accommodate three hundred students. 
The entire building, when completed, will accommo- 
date seven hundred or eight hundred. The building 
is designed in the Gothic style of architecture, and in 
its completciieas of outline as well as the faultless 
elaboration of detiiils, reflects the greatest credit on 
the professional skill and taste of its architect, Mr. 

Thomas England. The pension will be exceedingly 
moderate, not exceeding one hundred and fitly dol- 
lars or one hundred and sixty dollars a year for 
board and tuition, thus placing its advantages within 
the means of all ; considering the great want of 
educational facilities in tlic interior of the State, it 
UHist be evident that the Institution will be a great 
public benefit to the commuiiitv at large, as children 
of all denominations will be admitted. 

St. Mary's College was opened for the reception 
of children on the 6th of July, 18G3, and has now 
over two hundred and ten students from all parts of 
this State and adjoining Territories, under the direc- 
tion of a large staff of able Professors. 

President : Rev. John F. Harrington ; Vice Presi- 
dent: Eev. N. Gallagher. 


This school is for bovs, and meets in the basement 
of Saint Mary's Cathedral, and is conducted by three 
brothers of the order of St. Francis, aided by six 
other teachers and a number of monitors, who receive 
compensation. The number of pupils connected 
with this school is five hundred and sixty, and the 
average attendance three hundred and twenty. 

A thorough English course is taught here, together 
with mathematics, the French and Spanish lan- 
guages. Classical studies may likewise be pursued 
with peculiar advantage, if so desired. There is a 
nominal charge of one dollar per month for each 
primary scholar, and of fifty cents additional lor the 
higher "branches, to those attending the school, but 
it IS not exacted except in cases where ability and 
willingness unite in making the payment. As this 
is a regulation common to the Catliolic schools, male 
and female, in the city, it will not be necessary to 
repeat it in referring to the others. 


This is also a male school, conducted in the base- 
ment of the Church of St. Francis, on Vallejo Street. 
The number of pupils is two hundred and sixty, 
with an average attendance of one hundred and 
seventy. The course of studies is the same as in 
St. Mary's School. 


This is a large female school couducted by the 
Eev. Mother Superior and fifteen Sisters of Presen- 
tation, at the Convent on Powell Street. The num- 
ber of pupils belonging to the school is five hundred 
and twenty, and the average attendance five hun- 
dred. The studies embrace a full English course, 
vocal and instrnuKntal music, French, and embroid- 
ery. An examination recently concluded elicited 
high commendation for the Sisterhood as teachers, 
won by the intelligence displayed by the little ones 
under their charge. The pile of buildings devoted 
to this purpose constitute a feature in the northern 
part of the city, from the extent of ground occu- 
pied on a prominent avenue. The cost of these 
buildings was over $.50,000, of which about $25,000 
was recently expended in the construction of the 
north half, and of which sum a large portion is still 
unpaid and is an incumbrance which the liberality 
of our citizens will not suffer long to hang over so 
useful an institution. 


This is a female day school on Jessie Street, under 
the direction of Sister Frances McEnnis and ten 
other Sisters of Charity, who are also in cl'.arge of 
the Koman Catholic Female Orphini Asylum on 
Market Street. The number of s( '.hilars belonging 
to the school is over five hundi i, exclnsive of two 
hundred and fifty orphan cl.udren in the Asylum. 
The course of studies is tlie same as in the school 
last mentioned, and t! o noble ladies who conduct it 
have established a iiigh reputation for ability and 



devotion to tlieir self-imposed duties. As this school 
is supported by voluntaiy contributions, it appeals 
directly to the liberality of the generous and cliari- 
tjible in our midst. 

In addition to the foregoing, the Sisters of Mercy 
have aleo a female school under their charge for 
children thrown upon their care, at which instruc- 
tion in primary English studies is imparted, and the 
pupils are taught to be useful in the discharge of 
household duties. The only remaining Catholic in- 
stitution of learning to be mentioned is 


This Seminary is for the pursuit of clerical studies, 
and was commenced at its present phice (Slission 
Dolores) in 1854, although prior to that time a few 
students pursued their ecclesiastical studies at the 
residence of the Archbishop. The number of stu- 
dents is now fourteen, and seven have been ordained 
who were educated at the Seminary. 

Other City Colleges and Schools. 


This institution is situated at the corner of Stock- 
ton and Geary streets, opposite Union Square, in a 
most eligible and central part of the city. 

It furnishes the best facilities for acquiring a 
thorough mathematical, commercial, and classical 
education. The course of studies is the same pursued 
in the best colleges. 

There are eight instructors constantly employed ; 
and one hundred and thirty students in the different 
departments. Patient, thorough, laborious drilling 
is the leading feature in the instruction. The dif- 
ferent branches cannot be anywhere taught more 
thoroughly than in this institution. Particular at- 
tention is given to the elemeutaiy branches of an 
English education. 

On the fifty vara lot is a gymnasium put up under 
the supervision of the director of the San Francisco 
Olympic Club. 

The College has a fine philosophical apparatus 
worth more than one thousand dollars, to wliicb 
additions will be constantly made. 

Besides this valuable property in the heart of the 
city, the college owns twcnty-tive acres, in an un- 
surpassed situation, four miles from the city, on the 
San Bruno Road, where buildings for a university 
will be erected without delay. A fund of more 
than thirty thousand dollars has been provided for 
that purpose. 

The faculty of this institution is composed of the 
following named gentlemen of well known literary 
attainments. Principal: George Burrowes, D.D.; 
Professor of Latin and Greek : William E. V. Hor- 
ner ; Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, etc.: 
Rev. Thomas Kirkland; Professor of Mathematics: 
C. Brier; Professor of Modern Languages: A. De 
Leo de Laguna ; Teacher of English Branches and 
Drawing : Herman Bergner. 


This college is under the charge of Dr. R. T. 
Huddart, who has probably had more experience in 
the training of youth than any teacher here, aided 
by an efficient corps of assistants, is located on the 
corner of Second and Bryant streets. The manner 
in which this school is conducted, and the course of 
education pursued meets the highest approbation of 
all who avail themselves of its advantages. As 
ample arrangements are made for the accommoda- 
tion of pupils from abroad, a large number of those 
in attendance are from Mexico, and the interior of 
this State. The average attendance is about one 


This school under the charge of Rev. Peter S. 

Williamson and lady, located at No. G29 California 
Street, was commenced bj' the parties who conduct 
it, ten years ago, and has remained at the same place 
during all the intervening changes which have taken 
place in this city. The English branches are taught 
at this establislim.ent with the addition of French 
and music. The average attendance of the pupils 
is about forty in number. 


This highly ])opular female school under the charge 
of Mrs. M. B. Swedenstierna has steadily increased 
in public favor. The Principal is assisted by three 
other ladies. All the solid branches are tautrbt at 
this institution, with those lijrhter and graceful ac- 
complishments of the finished lady, music, drawing 
and dancing — not omitting gynniastics and cales- 
thenic exercises so conducive to the health of the 
pupils. A number of those in attendance c<mnng 
from abroad board in the institution. The averaije 
attendance is seventy-five. The location which is 
on Silver Street near Third is pleasant, and the build- 
ing large and well arranged for its purpose. 


This institution which is conducted in the base- 
ment of Calvary Church by Rev. Charles R. Clarke 
and an efficient corps of assistants, continues to 
maintain a marked popularity on account of the 
thorough system practiced in all its departments. 
From sixty to eighty young ladies are in daily 


There exist two schools for religious instruction 
for Hebrew children in this city. 


At the school-house on Sutter, second house from 
Stockton Street, (formerly the German Lutheran 
Church) under the management of Dr. Julius Eck- 
man, was opened July "26, 1854. At this school, 
children are taught the Hebrew, and the principles 
of the Hebrew Faith. It is 8U])ported by parents 
and voluntary subscriptions. Children of the needy 
receive instructions and books gratis. The Hephtsi- 
bah School has its regular Sabbath and Holy-day 
services with a prayer-book in English and some 
portions in Hebrew, prepared for the special use of 
this school, the only publication of this kind known 
for Hebrew children. The school has also published 
a Hebrew and English vocabulary for the Hebrew 


Under the management of Eev. Dr. Elkan Cohn, 
teaches the Hebrew and the principles of the He- 
brew Faith. It is supported by the Synagogue 
Emanu-El. The average number of children attend- 
ing each of these schools is about one hundred. Both 
teach children of the poorer classes gratis. 


The number of Hebrews of San Francisco can 
only be approximately stated. Probably thev num- 
ber from 5,000 to 8,000 souls. 

To judge from the great increase of pupils of the 
religions schools they must have increased coneider- 
ablv since late years. The number of children at- 
tending religious instruction in 1854, was from forty 
to fifty', while the two schools now count nearly three 
hundred, besides a number that receive private 
instruction or none at all. 


This is a public institution of a correctional and 
reformatory character, foi- youthful offenders and 
refractory children. It is supported by a monthly 
appropriation of $1,000, from the City and County 



general fund, iind two hundred dolhirs, for t!ie pay- 
i ment of teachers, fi'oni the .School Fund. The nuin- 
I ber of childien in tlie ecliool, June 6, was seventy- 
j six, of which ten are girls. Nuinher of cliildren 
I admitted since the organization of the institution two 
I hundred and thirty-seven. The scholatlie iustruc- 
I tion of this institution is intrufted to a teacher ap- 
pointed by the Hoaid of Education. 

The f>)regoing embraces the most of the schools 
now in operation in the city, but there are a num- 
ber of others princip.iUy devoted to primary studies 
which we have been unable to visit, and which in 
the aggregate afford elementary instruction to sev- 
enil thousand children, nuile and female. 

The aggregate thus exhibited we think fully sus- 
tains the proposition that education is of cardinal 
consideration in our good city of San Fr.incisco. 


Medical Department. — Faculty : Isaac Kowell, 
M.D., Professor of Chemistry ; R. Beverly Cole, 
M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Wo- 
men and Children; L. C. Lane, M.D., Professor of 
Anatomy; Henry Gibbons, M.D., Professor of Jla- 
teria Medica and Botany; A. J. Bowie, M.D., Pro- 
fessor of Principles and Practice of Surgery ; J. P. 
Whitney, M.D., Professor of Institutes of Medicine ; 
John P". Moijse, M.D., Professor of Theory and 
Practice of Medicine ; Hon. Geortje Barstow, Pro- 
fessor of Medical Jurisprudence ; K. Beverly Cole, 
M.D., Dean, north-east corner Stockton and Broad- 
way ; James Murphy, M.D., Demonstrator of Anat- 
omy. College located at 660 Mission Street. 


As the art of fencing has already been regarded 
as a most graceful accomplishment and healthful 
exercise, we cannot omit from this department, the 
Academy established at K o. 522 Montgomery Street, 
by Capt. T. H. Monstery. This gentleman is a 
tl'iorough master of the art he professes to teach, 
and those who have availed themselves of his in- 
structions speak in the highest terms of his sy.stem 
and practice. 


Tliis Club which was organized in 1860, for gym- 
nastic and healthy exercise, is in a flourishing condi- 
tion, having a gymnasium on south side Sutter be- 
tween Montgomery and Sansom streets. The Club 
is composed of a large number of members, mostly 
business men engaged in sedentary occupations who 
need the active exercise afforded by this organiza- 
tion. The Club give annual exhibitions, showing 
the proficiency of its membei-s. 

Societies— Keligious, Benevolent, and Protec- 

Our Appendix contains a full list of charitable 
associations and orgixnizations established for the 
benefit and improvement of every elites of humanity 
requiring aid and encouragement. Copious explana- 
tions and historical observations, in the Appendix, 
give the desired information concerning each of 
these societies separately, and leave but little to be 
said in this place, except of a general nature. It is, 
however, meet and pleasing to note the continued 
and regular increase in the number and importance 
of these indices of modern christian civilization in 
our midst. There is probably no city in the world 
of the same population, so well supplied with benev- 
olent institutions and elemosynary associations as 

Sari Francisco. Every nationality is represented by 
its charitable association ; every want known to 
humanity is anticipated ; every ill that Hesh is heir 
to is ministered to by the kindly hand of benevo- 
lence and good fellowship. The vital force and ac- 
tive condition of these praiseworthy associations is 
the best refutation of the charge sometimes made 
that our people are absorbed in the woiship of mam- 
mon. In no community in the world are the calls 
of distress more fully and liberally responded to. 
While oiu- numerous benevolent institutions are so 
liberally sustained by private contribution and indi- 
vidual etfort, the State has nobly contributed to the 
support of a number of this class of our institutions 
in the following liberal appropriations : 

To the A.syluni for the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, 
$15,000 ; Orphan Asylums — Protestantaud Catholic, 
each $6,000; to the Ladies Protection and lielief 
Society, Home of the Inebriate, and Magdalen Asy- 
lum, each $3,000. 


The Sabbath Schools connected with the different 
churches continue in a prosperous condition. 


The Union was re-organized May, 1857. The 
anniversary was held on the 15th of June, 1863, in 
Piatt's New Music Hall, when reports were read 
by the Secretary from the difierent schools, showing 
tliiem to be in a very encouraging and prosperous 

The most pleasing feature connected with the 
schools is the energy, perseverance, and entire self- 
devotion manifested by the officers and teachers in 
their efforts to forward, the glorious work of bring- 
ing the young and tender lambs into the fold of the 

Two additions have been made during the past 
year. The Presbyterian Mission and Third Congre- 
gational Schools. And three Sabbath Schools are 
not represented in the Union. 

OJfrccrs elected for tlic enxning year — President: 
W. H. Codington ; Vice Presidents : B. J. Martin, 

E. W. Plater, C. L. Kellogg, John Reynolds, and 

F. L. Hill; Secretary .and Treasurer: Chester J. 

The following is the Secretary's Annual Report : 










Kirst CoiiRreiJatlonal. 

First Kaiitist 

I''iist I'rrslivterlan 

1 inward .St. I'l-csbvt'ii 

111! ward M. V. 

I'owell St. Mctliodist. 
Mission St. liotlirl ,. 
lidwv (ievmaii .M. 10. 
Mission .St. (ier'n.M.K. 
Mariner's Chu'li Scli'l 
St. Paul's Presljyt'n.. 

Industrial S. S 

Second Com-'rcgation'! 

L. B. Benchlev. . 
Benj. T. Martin 
•S. B. .Stoddard.. 
G. W. Amies.... 
W. H. Codington 
E. W. riavter. . . 
1). lI.Mitcliel.... 
.Joseph Mysell... 
James Senart.... 
Warren Holt... 
(Jeorge H. Lynde 

George Tait 

John G. Thwing. 
E. R. Waterman 

Wm. Neil 

J. I>. Arthur 

J. E. Perkins 













Spring Valley Mission. 

Second IJaptist 

I'resbvterian Mission. 
Tliird Congregational. 






Organized in 1853, by the election of W. K. Os- 



borne, President; J. L. Roberts, E. P. Flint, H. B. 
Miiy, Albert Miller, J. U. Stont, Vice-Presidents; 
J. II. Titcomb, Rocordins,'- Secretary ; Wni. F. 
Boardman, Correspondinu- Secretary; E. B. Benja- 
min, Treasurer; Eliliu .lolmson. Librarian; J. G. 
Armor, J. P. Cogswell, F. S. Hawley, W. C. Pond, 

F. S. Rising, Lucius Bell, T. G. Gould, Board of 

Ofjprcn^for 1863-64— President : H. L. Gliamber- 
lain ; Vice-Presidents: J. T. Bowers, M. B. French, 
0. W. Amies, R. G. Davisson : Recdrdiiig Seci-etiiry : 
J. M. Philbrook ; Corresponding SiM-ictary : Elijah 
Clough ; Treasurer: R. C. Harrison; Libiarian : J. 
L. Cogswell; Board of Managers: (!. J. King, J. 
H. Purdy, A. Cameron. .1. Lowrv, W. F. Kellett, 

G. L. Pivmptou, A. P. Wade. J.' F. Bacon, Wm. 
M. Cubery, John Kiloh, Wm. Krug, J. P. Stewart, 
Clias. Spencer; Registrar: Thaddeus Hanford. 

The Young Men's Christian Association was estab- 
lished with a view to the moral, social, and intel- 
lectual improvement of young men of all denomina- 
tions, by means of a Reading Room 6U[)plied with 
all the leading religious and secular papei's, maga- 
zines, and periodicals, domestic and foreign, together 
with a well-selected library of more than 2,000 

The Association meets on the third Monday eve- 
ning of each month for the trans iction of ordinary 
business, etc., when a Literary Essuy — of a moral 
or religious character — is generally read by a mem- 
ber of the Association, and the sn{)ject then thrown 
open to the meeting for general discussion. A Social 
Prayer Meeting, to which all of every denomination 
are welcome, is held at the rooms every Saturday 
evening from 8 to 9 o'clock. Also a Daily Prayer 
Meeting is held every day from 12 to 1 o'clock p. m. 

There is also a Literary Society conducted under 
the auspices of the Association (see page 514), Avhich 
meets at the Rooms every Thursday evening. 

The Library contains upwards of 2,000 volumes, 
embracing nearly every biiuich of general literature. 
Of these, about six hundred and thirty-two are Re- 
ligious, sixty-five Poetical, two hundred and twenty- 
two Biographic) 1, two hundred and twenty Histori- 
cal, one hundred and forty three Travels, and seven 
hundred and sixty-one Miscellaneous — as Essays, 
Sermons, Classics, Fiction. Drama, Law, Philoso- 
pliy. Science, and Art, Standard Works. Bound 
Maga/.iiu's and Periodicals, Commentaries, Encyclo- 
pedias, Dictionaries, and Reference Books, Public 
Documents, etc. The average number of books 
taken out monthly is one hundred and twenty-five. 

The Association numbers about three hundred 
members. Of these, six are Honorary, sixty-one 
Life, one hundred and nineteen Active, and one 
hundred and fourteen Associate. To become a mem- 
ber, the name of the applicant must first be pro- 
posed for membership at a regular monthly meeting 
by a member of the Association, whicli proposal 
will be acted upon at the next regular meeting. If 
elected, the candidate at once becomes a member 
by signing the constitution and paying his dues, 
vvhich in the case of an active member are five 
dollars, and that of an associate three dollars per 
annum. No initiation fees are exacted. Members 
of evangelical churches in good standing only may 
become active members. Life members are consti- 
tuted by the payment of twenty-five dollars at anj 
one time. Only active and life members are quali- 
fied to vote, and eligible to office. 

The Rooms of the Association are at 629 (old No. 
172^) Washington Street, nearly opposite the Opera 
House, which are open to the public the year round 
from 8 A. M to 10 p. M. The Library is open every 
day (Sundays excepted) from 3 to 10 p. m. 


This benevolent and praiseworthy institution was 
organized January 3l8t, 1851, and incorporated by 

act of the Legislature on the tenth of the ensuing 
month, and was inaugurated un(?er the inunagement 
of the following ofliceiv : PiVfjidcnt : M s. Albert 
Willianhs; Vice-President: Mrs. S. II. Willey ; Sec- 
retary: Mrs. E.A.Warren; Treasurer: Mrs. Bor- 
ing ;' Managers : Mrs. R. H. Waller, Mrs. C. V. 
Gillespie, Mrs. Tiiylor, Mrs. Ver i\Iehr, Mrs. E. V. 
Joice, and Mrs. O. C. Wheeler; Trustees: Charles 
Gilmore, L. Ross, and S. Franklin. 

The Asylum was first located on the corner of 
Folsom and Seconil streets in a building owned by 
H. W. Halleck, from whence it was removed in 
March, 1854, to the present building, a commodious 
and elegant stone structure, which was finished at 
an expense of $30,000. 

Finding this building entirely inadequate to the 
increasing wants of the institution, the Managers 
have, during the past year, erected an extensive ad- 
dition, which has recently been completed at a cost 
of about $25,000, under the name of the Sansome 
Wing, in honor of the Sansome Hook and Ladder 
Company, who when they disbanded generously 
donated their house on Alontgomery Street to the 
Asylum, a tablet inscribed with the name of the 
addition being conspicuously displayed in its front. 
The benefits of the increase of room and the conven- 
iences so indispensable to the successful management 
of an institution of this kind cannot, be overestimated. 
The establishment is roomy and adequate to the 
wants of the class for whose benefit it has been 
founded. Dependent mainly upon private benevo- 
lence for support, the institution is one of the proud- 
est monnments of the liberality of the people of San 
Francisco. In the construction of the building, two 
important mattes have been carefully kept in view, 
which are too often lost sight of in tlie planning of 
many public structures of the present day : ventila- 
tion and light. To the abundant supply of fresh air 
introduced into every portion of the building, com- 
bined with the abundant and substantial supply of 
food furnished the children and the d;iily exercise 
allowed them, may be attributed the unexampled 
health of the inmates. Among the large number of 
children now domiciled in the Asylum, there is not 
a single case of sickness, and there has not been for 
some time past. The number of children who have 
found a home in this institution during the past year, 
as we learn from the report of the Managers, is one 
bundled and twenty-six, in which but one death 
occurred — the case being that of an infant of eighteen 
months, which having been neglected and tinallv 
abandoned by its mother, was ill when admitted. 
This fact speaks volumes in favor of the locality and 
sanitary management of the Asylum. Every depart- 
ment is thorough and complete, cle^nl, orderly, and 
well kept; the dormitories are spacious and airy, 
with everything neat and comfortable ; large play- 
rooms are provided for the exercise of the children, 
when confined in-doors by the weather; the school- 
room, dining-room, kitchen, laundry, wash and bath 
rooms are all npon a scale commensurate with the 
wants of the institution, and everything connected 
with each is arranged and conducted in the most ad- 
mirable manner. ' In the school, which is under the 
charge of Mrs. Mary E. Hodges, the children are 
taught the solid branches, with the addition of draw- 
ing and exercises in singing, and in point of aptness 
aiid proficiency the pupils will compare favorably 
with any of the Public schools of the city. The 
prompt and efficient discipline exhibited in this de- 
partment, forcibly reminded us of its importance, for 
it is here that the infant mind receives those impres- 
sions which mold it for the future. There are 
ninety children at present in the Asylum ranging 
from one and a half to fifteen years. Sixteen of 
these of tender, two of whom are twins, are 
in the nursery, which is well managed by Mrs. 
Masterson ; Mrs. H. B. Willard, the Matron, having 
the entire supervision of all the ariangements which 



are creditable in the hifjrlieet degree to every one 
connected with the institution. 

The elevated locution of tlie Asylum commands a 
view of a great portion of tlie city and bay, with 
the opposite shore, and when further iniprovementH 
are made to the grounds, which are very much 
needed, a more picturesijue and beautiful spot ciinuot 
be any where found in the vicinity of the city. The 
Legislature of 18tj3 appropriated for the support of 
thiis institution $6,000. 


This institution is located on Market Street near 
its junction with Kearny, on a lot donated for the 
purpose by Timothy Murphy of Marin Countj'. The 
main building, which is a handsome edifice, fronts on 
Market Street — the school and infirmary buildings 
lieing located in the rear. The children, females, — 
the male Asyiuni of the Order being located on the 
property donated for this purpose by the same testa- 
tor, at San Rafael, Mann County — number near 
three hundred. Every attention is paid to the men- 
tal and physical trainmg of the children, who are 
truly healthy and happy. All the solid branches of 
education are taught m the school, with music and 
other accomplishments — the Asylum being provided 
with three pianos for the use of the orphans. The 
rooms are well ventilated, and every attention is 
paid to the health of the inmates. The play grounds 
are ample, and provided with every appliance for 
healthy exercise. Some of the teachers have been 
brought up and educated in the institution. Two of 
the tinest globes, terrestrial and celestial, to be found 
on this coast belong to this institution. The Asylum 
is supported by the Order under which it was insti- 
tuted, by donations and private contributions, and 
by appropriations from the State — the last Legisla- 
ture having voted $8,000 for this purpose, of which 
.§2,000 was for the male department at San Rafael, 
a gratuity v\-ell bestowed. The Asylum is under the 
charge of Sister Francis, who is truly a mother to 
the Orphans. 


This admirable State institution, the wants of 
which began to be so much felt in California, was 
organized under an Act of the Legislature in 18G0. 
The location is upon a hirge lot, afibrding ample 
i-oom for the exercise of the pupils, on the corner of 
Mission and Fifteenth streets. In anticipation of 
measures being taken to raise adequate means to 
erect the main building fully adequate to the grow- 
ing wants of our rapidly increasing population, two 
wings were erected to provide temporarily for the 
accommodation of the unfortunate class who need the 
cultivation and instruction allorded by institutions of 
this character. By an Act of the last Legislature, it 
was provided that the sum of $7.5,000 should be 
raised by an impost levied u])ou the ta.xable property 
of the city and county, which was subject to the ral- 
ilicalion of the qualilied voters of the same at the 
annual election. To the credit of our citizens, be it 
said, the vote in favor of the measure was almost 
unanimous, and the proiicr stejjs will be taken to 
carry the provisions of the law into effect. By the 
combined contributions of our Slate, city, and private 
individuals, the in^lilulion has I)ecn brought to its 
juesent useful condition, and with the fund to be 
raised in the manner indicated, it will be ])laced 
upon a footing equal to most of those of the older 
States of the Union. The immediate control of the 
Institution is assigned to a Board of benevolent lady 
maiijigers, who interest themselves actively in behalf 
of the work ; the business management being con- 
ducted by a Board of five Trustees. 

The number of pupils at present in the institution 
is fiftylhree, of which twenty-nine are deaf mutes, 
and twenty -four blind. The former under the tui- 
tion of Mr. Azel S. Roe, who has had considerable 

experience in Bimilar institutions in the Atlantic 
States, and Mr. Henry Crandali, educated at the 
New York Institution, have made rapid i)rogres8 in 
all the branches taught in ordinary schools, being 
quick and apt at learning, and writing and compo- 
sing with gn-at facility. The blind ]iu|iils who are 
under the inunediate charge of Miss Kiizabeth S. 
Cameron, are taught many of the most important 
branches of education compatible with the senses of 
hearing and touch, through which latter faculty they 
are enabled to read by means of the raised letters 
used for this purpose, and answer questions in geog- 
raphy from the dissected maps. They are also 
taught ornamental work and music, for which most 
of them evince great aptitude. The institution is 
provided with two pianos, one organ and a number 
of other musical instruments. This department is 
under the charge of Mr. Mueller, a competent musi- 
cal instructor. The deaf mutes are instructed in 
drawing, by Mr. Hubert Burgess. The persons we 
have named comprising the entire list of teachers, the 
maiiagi'iiicnt being under the charge of Mrs. P. B. 
Clark, the active and indefatigable Principal. While 
the benefits of the institution are extended to all, 
those parents and guardians who have the ability 
are expected to contribute the sum of $300 per an- 
num, $i!50 being allowed by the State for each pupil. 
Officers — President: Mrs. P. B. Clark; Vice Pres- 
ident : Mrs. J. P. Whitney ; Secretary : Mrs. O. C. 
Pratt ; Treasurer : Mrs. B. H. Randolph. 

ladies' protection and relief society. 
This Institution, organized August 4, 1853, by the 
benevolent ladies of San Francisco, and incorporated 
August 9th the year following, has been productive 
of a large amount of good in relieving tlie distress 
of sick and destitute women and children, and pro- 
viding euiployment for females desirous of procuring 
work. To carry out this praiseworthy object, the 
Society has under its supervision a Home at No. 23 
Tehama Street, between First and Second, where 
protection, aid, and information is cheerfully fur- 
ni.shed to all residents and strangers included within 
the sphere of its praiseworthy operations. Among 
the otlier appropriations of the last Legislature in 
aid of the benevolent institutions of the State, this 
Association was allotted $3,000, which well be- 
stowed donation will materially aid its operations. 

ST. MARY'S ladies' SOCIETY. 

This Society, which was originally founded in 
18,50 by the Sisters of Mercy for the dissemination 
of piety among the females of the Catholic Church, 
and afterwards converted into a Mutual Benevolent 
Association, holds its meetings in the Hall erected 
for that purpose adjoining the St. Mary's Hospital, 
to which its labors are mainly devoted, the officers 
being selected from the Sisters of Mercy. The So- 
ciety numbers some five or six hundred members, 
whose labors in alleviating the condition of the sick 
and afflicted are untiring. 


Like the foregoing, this Society is composed of 
the male members of the Roman Catholic Church, 
for the aid of those in distress and the consolation 
and relief of the afflicted. Although mainly devoted 
to attending to the sick, burying the dead, and re 
lieving the families left in needy cirrunistances by 
its own members, its benevolent (ipciatidiis are not 
exclusively confined to its own limits, but adminis- 
ters to the wants of all such afflicted as comes within 
its notice. 


This reformatory institution is located at Hayes 
Park, and is under the charge and direction of the 
Sisters of Mercy. The building is extensive and 
well adapted to the purposes for which it is designed, 
being eighty feet by thirty, and three stories high, 

erected at a cost of $7,500. An appropriation of 
$3,000 in aid of this institution was made by the last 


Without making an invidious distinction, it must 
be acknowledged that no denomination makes more 
ample and liberal provision for the unfortunate in- 
digent and distressed than the Jewish. To such an 
extent does this prevail, that pauperism among this 
class is entirely unknown, and cases where the 
expense of relieving one of their number has fallen 
upon other parties are almost entirely unknown. 
The Hebrew Self Protecting Association, founded, 
as its name imports, for the mutual protection and 
aid of its members in sickness and misfortune, was 
organized under the incorporation laws of the State 
in July of the present year. A charitable fund is 
formed which is devoted to canying out the objects 
of the Association. Although of but recent origin, 
this organization promises to be productive of much 
good in its Held of usefulness. 


This is another benevolent Association formed of 
the members of the Jewish faith, for the relief of 
the unfortunate, and to aid the widows and orpljans 
of that das.s, lor which purpose an accumulating 
sinking fund formed by the monthly contributions 
of one dollar by each member, and donations, has 
accumulated to an amount of over $20,000, a portion 
of which has been invested in productive real estate, 
and the remainder placed at interest. This Society 
numbers over three hundred members. 


This is another benevolent organization composed 
of members of the Hebrew denomination, devoted 
to the relief of the sick and assistance of the needy 
of that faith. The Society was organized in Feb- 
ruary, 1867, since which time it has been in active 
operation, holding regular meetings once a month 
to carry out the objects of the Association. 


This widely known Temperance organization, 
originally founded on the 24th of May, 1859, by the 
members of Howard Engine Company, has increased 
to an astonishing extent, numbering near 6,000 mem- 
bers. A large and elegant hall lias been erected by 
the Parent Association, devoted to the business and 
social meetings of the members. The aft'airs of the 
Association are in a most flourishing condition, and 
the sphere of its usefulness constantly extending. 
From this parent stock auxiliary societies have 
sprung up and are in successful operation all over 
the State. The name of "Dashaway" has become 
a household word. 


This praiseworthy Association was established in 
1855, by the ladies" of the Israelitish faith, for the 
aid of the distressed among the women of that peo- 
ple, to attend to the sick, bfery the dead, aid the 
poor, and relieve the wants of the distressed. The 
objects of the Association have been carried out 
with the untiring zeal and philanthrophic spirit with 
which it originated. 


This is a mutual benevolent Association, formed 
in 1851, by a number of French citizens for the aid 
and relief of its members, although its action is not 
confined exclusively to that class. A spacious and 
commodious Hospital, with handsomely laid out 
grounds, was erected by this Association more than 
a year since, on Bryant between Fifth and Sixth 
streets. The office of this Society is at No. 649, Sac- 
ramento Street. 


This Association, composed exclusively of Ger- 
mans, and those who speak the language, was organ- 
ized Januarv 7th, 1854, for the mutual attendance 
upon and relief of its members, and especially the 
protection and aid of newly arrived German immi- 
grants. The large and commodious Hospital erected 
by the Association on Brannan Street, near Third, 
where every possible comfort and accommodation 
adequate to the wants of the sick can be obtained, is 
an enduring monument of the liberality and philan- 
thropy of this provident class of our citizens. A full 
description of this institution and the operations of 
the Association will be found in the Appendix to the 


That somewhat limited but industrious, thrifty, 
and provident portion of our citizens, the Italians, 
have not been behind other and more numerous 
classes in their provision for the sick and distressed 
among their ranks. This Society has under its 
charge a Hospital located at the corner of Folsom 
and Third streets, where ;every provision is made 
for the care of those entitled to its protection and 


This Association, formed of the citizens of North- 
ern Europe for the aid and success of its members, 
and their distressed countrymen, was organized No- 
vember 17, 1857, and although the Association is not 
so numerous as some otheis, has been productive of 
much good in the sphere of its operations. 


This is an Association of our citizens hailing from 
Northern Europe, united for benevolent purposes, 
aiding the sick and destitute among their country- 
men who stand in need of aid. The wants of this 
class are promptly relieved from the fund of this 
Association, whose members are active in searching 
out such cases as come within its sphere of benevo- 
lence and usefulness. Every effort is made to pro- 
cure employment for those out of work and to extend 
aid to all in need in every possible way. This So- 
ciety has a handsome library filled with standard 
works for the use of its members. 


There is, perhaps, no city in the world of its age 
and population better supplied with public and pri- 
vate hospitals than San Francisco. Essentially cos- 
mopolitan in the constituent parts of its pojjulation, 
and embracing as it does representatives from all 
portions of the globe, each nationality has its benev- 
olent associations, one of the principal objects of 
which is to make ample provision for the care of its 
sick. The greater portion of those unfortunates, 
injured by the casualties so constantly occurring in 
the mines, resort to San Francisco for medical and 
surgical treatment ; hence it is that the public and 
private hospitals of the city are almost constantly 

The following comprises the leading institutions of 
this character located here : 


This spacious brick building, two hundred feet 
long by one hundred feet in width, and four stories 
high, was erected by the U. S. Government on the 
Government Reserve at Rincon Point, in the year 
1853. It is capable of containing several hundred 



patients, and is devoted oxcluBively to the nse of the 
sick and disabled belon-rintr to tlie national and mer- 
chant marine service, inchuiintr landsmen entja<red 
in the inland and coast trade. The nnmher of pa- 
tients admitted each vear is abont 1,'200, and the 
number of annual deatlis near forty-live; the aver- 
afie number of patients is about one hundred and 
twenty-live. The otiicers in charfjc of the Hospital 
who are appointed by the (lovernment arc a Sur- 
geon, Ajiothecary, Steward, and Matron. 


This spacious building, which is of brick and three 
stories high, located on the corner of Stockton and 
Francisco streets, was opened for the reception of 
patients in July, 18.')7. It is calculated to accommo- 
date comfortably about one hundred patients. The 
lower floor is occupied by the offices of the Resident 
Physician and attendants, with a surgical ward, 
an^ cells for the safe keeping of insane patients. 
The second floor is occupied by surgical patients, 
dining hall, apothecary's room, contractor's store- 
room, and kitchen. The medical patients are allowed 
the third floor, a number of small rooms in the rear 
being set apart for the female patients. During the 
past year important additions have been made, ma- 
terially enhancing the accommodations. The sup- 
plies ofthe Hospital— food, fuel, lights, and washing- 
are furnished by contract. The officers are one 
Visiting and one Resident Physician, Apothecary, 
and Contractor. 

The most liberal provisions are allowed by law, 
for the maintenance of this useful institution, viz. : 
for 1863, contingent expenses, $60,000 per aninim ; 
repairs, $6,000; furnishing, $12,000; improvements, 
$2.5,000 ; also, for support of a Small Pox Hospital, 
$6,000 per annum. 


This is the most extensive private hospital in the 
city of San Francisco, and is under the charge of 
the Sisters of Mercy. The portion completed is one 
hundred and sixty feet in length by seventy-five 
in width, built of brick, and four stories high. 
The ceilings are lofty, the rooms well lighted and 
ventilated, with warm, cold, and shower baths on 
each lloor, and lighted with gas throughout. In 
addition to twelve spacious and commodious wards 
furnished with all that is to be found in the best 
regulated sanitary institutions, there are a number 
of private rooms neatly fitted up and completely 
arranged for the accommodation of patients. The 
officers of the Hospital are: Sister Mary Russell, 
Superior; Visiting Physicians: l)rs. R. Beverly 
Cole, .1. V. Wliitney, iiud II. fiibbons; Resident 
Physirian : Maximilian Cacliot ; Druggist: Edward 
O' Dougherty. 


This hospital, founded by the French Mutual 
Benevolent Society, was o]ic"ncd March 15, 1858. It 
IS a brick building, situated in the center of a hundred 
vara lot, and is snri'(iun<l<'d with trees and shrub- 
bery, forming a pleasant promenade and exercising 
grounds for patients. Tlie building contains two 
general wards, fitted up with twelve beds each, 
eight with four beds each, and a large number of 
private i-oonis, several of which are appropriated to 
ladies. The whole is neatly fiuiiishcd, and heated 
throughout with hot water — the hospital being also 
supplied with warm, cold, shower, and steam baths. 
The ollic(MS are two Physicians, a Superintendent, 
and an Ai)othecary. 


This is a brick building with a front of one hini- 
drcd and twelve feet, with a depth of fifty feet, 
attached to which is a rear wing of one hundred 
and twenty-two by twenty-three feet, two stories 
with a basement, with surrounding grounds laid out 

and arranged with ornamented shrubbery and flow- 
ers, and mider careful cultivation, one hundred and 
thirty-seven by two hundred and eighty-live feet in 
extent. The "two stories are divided into general 
wards and private rooms for the use of patients, 
widi ofllces and rooms for the jihysicians and at- 
tendants in charge. The building is amply supplied 
with warm, cold, shower, and steam baths, and 
every appliance for the proper care and treatment 
of tlie sick. 

There is, perhaps, no feature connected with a 
prominent city that occupies a greater degree of 
interest in the estimation of strangers and visitors 
than its cemeteries. One of the most attractive spots 
to the visitor to the great American metropolis is the 
" City of the Dead " at Greenwood. The peaceful 
shades of Mount Auburn have a melancholy charm 
to those who make a pilgrimage to the great capital 
of the Bay State, and no one enters the City of 
Brotherly Love without seeing the classic monu- 
ments, tastefully laid out, beautifully adorned, and 
admirably kept grounds at Jjaurel Hill. Other cities 
of lesser extent and fewer years exhibit equal taste 
and regard for the depositories of their dead. Spring 
Grove at Cincinnati, Mount Hope at Rochester, the 
Albany Cemetery, and numerous others, are exam- 
ples of taste in the selection of the location and 
beauty of adorning and arrangement. In all mod- 
ern places selected for the repose of the departed, 
good taste has retained the primitive forest trees — 
the monarchs of the grove themselves being fitting 
monuments "not made with hands.'' In point of 
beauty of locality our own Lone i\Iountain and Cal- 
vary Cemetery, situated as they are in full view of 
that grandest of all monuments, the mighty Ocean, 
are nowhere surpassed. There is a fitness and sub- 
limity in their contiguity to the waves of the Pacific 
and the entrance to the Golden Gate, that never fails 
to impress every beholder. In the way of monu- 
ments erected to the memory of the departed by the 
hand of affection and regard, many may be found in 
the City Cemeteries which are alike models of 
artistic elegance and pure and refined taste. 


The oldest of the city cemeteries is the burial 
grotnul at Mission Dolores, wiiich was consecrated 
by the pious Fathers of the Church as early as the 
year 1776, the first interment in the consecrated 
ground being made in Se]itetiib('r of that year. As 
the chosen resting place of the oai'ly inhabitants of 
the Pueblo, this sacre(< snot will ever be surrounded 
with an atmosphere of deep historic interest, reve- 
rence, and veneration. The inscriptions to be found 
on the monuments in this burial place exhibit the 
varied character and nationalities composing the 
population of this region, some being composed in 
the Latin with which its leaineil founders were 
familiar, and others in Englisli, French, Italian, and 
a still larger number in the Spanish language, the 
contemplation of which attords the pilgrim to these 
shores much food for profitable reflection and 

Several other spots within what have for some 
years been the city limits, Avere selected by parties 
visiting this portion of the Pacific years ago, who 
little dreaming of the rapid rise an5 extent of the 



homes and haunts of the living, selected these 
grounds for the resting places of their dead. The 
principal of these graveyards wore located on Eus- 
sian and Telegraph hills, and a lot on the north-east 
corner of Powell and Lombard streets. As the march 
of improvement infringed upon these localities, their 
occupants were removed to other places of repose 
where they will not probably again be disturbed 
until the earth and sea shall give up their dead. 


In order to accommodate tlie wants of the fast 
increasing and growing community, so rapidly aug- 
menting at this locality, in February, 18.50, the 
Board of Aldermen of this city set apart the tract 
bounded by Market, Larkin, and McAlister streets, 
embracing an area of sixteen acres, as a City Bury- 
ing Ground, under the appropriate name of Yert)a 
Buena, the original appellation of the Pueblo. The 
prevalence of the cholera, which swept away such 
numbers of its victims the season following, rapidly 
filled tlie space allotted for interments, and the sud- 
den growth of the city in th;it direction, soon indi- 
cated the necessity of more remote and extended 
grounds for burial purposes. Up to the time of the 
opening of Lone Mountain Cemetery, seven thou- 
sand interments had been made in'Yerba Buena. 
Acting under authority from the Legislature, and 
in many instances under the direction of the friends 
of the deceased families, the remains of the dead 
have been gradually removed, and the grounds will 
hereafter be dedicated to the uses of a public prome- 
nade or park, for the use of the living. 


Fully alive to the wants and necessities of the 
case, a number of public spirited citizens, succeeded 
in securing a tract of one hundred and seventy-four 
acres in extent — about three miles from tlie city — 
which was admirably adapted to the purposes of a 
rural cemetery. Situated on an elevated plateau at 
the base of the eminence known as Lone Mountain, 
from which it derives its name, in full view of the 
Pacific Ocean and the opposite Bay, the shores of 
which their discoverer. Sir Francis Drake, whose 
name this sheet of water bears — from their fancied 
resemblance to the white clifts of Dover, christened 
New Albion^ — those solitary sentinels of the sea, 
the Farallones, dimly outlined in the distance, typi- 
cal of "the Land beyond the River" — the Golden 
Gate, suggestive of the entrance to the Holy City, 
with the beautiful Bay of San Francisco, with its 
cluster of islands — together with an extended view 
away to the inland, no more beautiful or appropri- 
ate site could have any where been found. Since 
that time the grounds have been laid ofl' into burial 
lots — with spacious carriage ways winding among 
its miniature hills and vallies — with walks thread- 
ing the mazes of the natural shrubbery, which with 
characteristic taste has been preservecl as far as pos- 
sible — numerous chaste and beautiful monuments, 
which would do honor to any community, have 
been erected — every species of ornamental shrub- 
bery and rare ilowers planted, and lots inclosed 
with handsome iron railings — and the evidences of 
taste and affection of the living is every where ap- 
parent in this appropriate resting phice of the dead. 

Here rest the remains of two illustrious men 
whose names and deeds are inseparably interwoven 
with the history of our State, Senators Broderick 
and Baker, both of whom fell on the field in the 
prime of life and the ripeness of manhood. The 
time will not be long when lofty monuments will 
be reared to the memory of those illustrious patriots 
— that of Senator Broderick, which is to be sur- 
mounted with a life-size statue in marble, having 
been commenced some time since. The whole num- 
ber of interments made in Lone Mountain from its 
dedication to the present time is about 6,500. The 

management and improvement of these grounds 
reflect great credit upon the proprietors of the Cem- 
etery, Messrs. Nathaniel Gray, J. H. Atkinson, and 
Charles C. Butler. 


Some two years or more ago, Bishop Alemany 
purchased an extensive tract of land adjoining Lone 
Mountain and possessing like advuntages with that 
Cemetery, wiiich was consecrated to the uses of the 
Catholic Church, under the appropiiate title of Cal- 
vary Cemetery. Since that time, numerous improve- 
ments have been made in the way of laying out and 
adorning the grounds, grading avenues for vehicles 
and walks through the intermediate spaces, under 
the direction of the Bishop, who has charge of the 
Cemetery. Improvements are constantly in progress 
enhancing its beauty and fitness for the sacred sanc- 
tuary of the dead. A small but neat chapel has been 
erected at this Cemetery for burial service. 

Associations— Literary, Protective, Etc. 

For a description of the different associations, the 
reader is referred to the Appendix, page 505, in 
which will be found the officers and operations of 
each during the past year. The progress made by 
many of these associations reflects credit upon the 
members thereof, and is worthy of the liberality so 
generously exhibited in their support. 


Among the most prominent of our public institu- 
tions are these benevolent orders. There is, proba- 
bly, no tity in the Union where these associations 
are in a more flourishing condition than in San 
Francisco. Each of these orders own a handsome 
property, fine buildings with handsome halls for the 
use of the Association. In the elegant building 
owned by the Masonic Order, built by a joint stock 
association of the members, there are four large 
halls for the use of the lodges, with a large ban- 
queting hall, with ante-rooms, committee rooms, and 
offices. This structure is one of the handsomest 
public buildings of our city. 

The Odd Fellows Order is also in a most flourish- 
ing condition, having within the past year purchased 
and fitted up for the use of the Order the property 
on Montgomery Street, between California and 
Pine, known as Tucker's Hall. The library of this 
institution is one of the best in the city, abounding 
in rare works, relating especially to the history of 
our State. 

For list of the different associations, and the offi- 
cers of each, see Appendix, page 516. 

Fire Department. 

The Department at present consists of 1,023 mem- 
bers, divided into fourteen engine companies, two 
hook and ladder companies, and two hose compa- 
nies. For their accommodation there are eighteen 
houses ; and for service, fourteen fire-engines, two 
hook and ladder trucks, and sixteen hose-carriages. 
Two new and powerful steam fire-engines have 
been recently added to the Department. There are 
in the city thirty-four cisterns, capable of holding 



1,470,000 gallons of water — many of tliem Bubstan- 
tially buill of brick and cement. 

We refer our readers to tlie Appendix, page 540, 
for a complete description of tlie organization of this 
important branch of the public service, in which 
will be found a mass of information concerning the 
different companies, useful to its members and inter- 
esting to every citizen. 


In our last issue the remark was made that " the 
construction of this means of communication and 
tran.sit has not kept pace with the other elements of 
progress which American enterprise has brought 
into reqnisition in California." While the correct- 
ness of this statement at the time it was made could 
not be reasonably controverted, affairs in this depart- 
ment have, during the past year, been moved by an 
impetus that has kept pace with the onward march 
of improvement, and fully made up for the inactivity 
of the past. Tracks are laid down through all the 
principal thoroughfares of the city, and the town- 
plat exliibits a net-work of iron rails, ramifying 
throughout its entire extent and radiating outwardly 
in all directions affording egress from its limits. 
The benefits arising from these public improvements, 
in enhancing the convenience of the public travel, 
at a reasonable rate, are everywhere apparent, 
especially in the expansion of the limits of the city, 
the enhancement of the value of real estate, and the 
rapid improvement of suburban property. The fol- 
lowing is a list of these important public works, 
in successful and prospective operation, within and 
leading out of tl^e city : 


The Company engaged in the construction of this 
road was inc()ri)orated July 21, 1860, with a capital 
stock of $-i,OOa,()00 ; of this amount $600,000 has 
been sul)K(ril)ed by the three counties thro\igh 
which tlio road ^)nsses, of which sum three-fifths is 
the proportion of San Francisco, two-sixths that of 
Santa Clara, and one-sixth of San Mateo. The en- 
tire route between the city of San Francisco and the 
Pueblo of ;San Job6, (ifty-two miles in length, is 
under contract to Messrs. McLaughlin & Houston, 
of this city, who are prosecuting tlie work with 
characteristic energy and vigor. The grading of the 
entire road, includnig all bridges, culverts, drains, 
etc., is completed fioni San Jose to within a short 
distance of Mission Dolores, and the character of the 
work is pronounced by competent judges to be fully 
equal to that of the most subsUuitial and best con- 
structed works in the I'^aKtern States. The greater 
{)ortioii of the rails and machinery for the road has 
)een received. A spacious and elegant brick depot 
is in the course of construction at San Jo86 and will 
soon be completed. A portion of the track has been 
laid — in a short lime will be extended to this city — 
and it is confidently anticipated that the entire road 
will be in successful operation by December next. 
The route traversed is through one of the most fer- 
tile and inviting poition.s of the State, and the bene- 
fits to be derived fiom this desirable improvement 
are incalculable ; and forming, as is confidently an- 
ticipated, the first link in the great chain extending 
from this city across the continent, its importance 
cannot be over estimated. 

The officers of the Company are : President : 
Timothy Dame ; Vice President : H. M. Newhall ; 
Secretary : Charles W. Sanger ; Treasurer : Peter 
Donahue ; Chief Engineer : Wm. J. Lewis ; Assist- 
ant Engineer: Thomas J. Arnold. Office 302 Mont- 
gomery Street. 


This Company was incorporated December 11, 
1862, with a capital stock of $.5,400,000, for the pur- 
pose of constructing a railroad from San Jos6 to Sac- 
ramento by the way of Stockton. The route is one 
hundred and twenty miles in length, and connecting 
with the San Francisco and San Jose Railroad forms 
the second link in the great Pacific Railroad chain. 
Of the capital stock of this road, $400,000 has been 
subscribed by San Francisco County ; $250,000 by 
San Joaquin, and $150,000 by Santa Clara County. 
The remainder is furnished by heavy capitalists of 
San Francisco. The work will be commenced in a 
short time and pushed forward without delay to its 
successful completion. 

The officers of the Company are : President: 
Timothy Dame ; Vice President : Erastus S. Holden ; 
Secretary: Charles W. Sanger; Treasurer: Emery 
T. Pease; Chief Engineer: Win. J. Lewis; Assistant 
Engineer : Thomas J. Arnold. 


This being the first of the Street Railroad enter- 
prises, which have inaugurated, and are daily bring- 
ing about such important results in our city, is 
fairly entitled to the honor of being styled the 
pioneer in this department. Few of those who wit- 
nessed the passage of the first car over this road but 
a little more than three years since, imagined that 
in so short a space of time a net-work of iron rails 
would traverse the principal thoroughfares of the 
city. Although the act incorporating this road was 
granted in 1857, the work upon it was not actively 
commenced until about two years after. The work 
was however pushed forward with such energy and 
vigor that in a little more than a year's time the first 
car passed over the track, and trains of curs com- 
menced making their regular trips, which have been 
successfully continued. The travel over this road 
to and from the Mission, the Willows, Hayes Park 
and intermediate point.'s, since, its o]HMiing. has been 
immense, and beyond (■.■ilcuiatiou. Cdiiti-asted with 
the old system of phiuk roads and wading through 
the sand, which existed but a few years since, it is 
somewhat difficult to realize the change brought 
about by the system of Street Railroads now in suc- 
cessful operation. 

Oficerx — President : A. Casselli ; Directors : F. 
McCoppin, Thomas Hayes, H. A. Cobb, J. B. 
Bayen^ue; Secretary: Henry Pichoir ; Trustee: J. 
15. Bayerque ; Superintendent : P. McCoppin. Office 
of the' Company south-east corner of Montgomery 
and Jackson streets; Superintendent's office, junc- 
ture of Market, Geary, and Kearny streets. 


The Capital Stock of this Company is $1,000,000, 
divided into 1,000 shares of $100 (iacli. There are 
two lines of the Omnibus Railroad. One from Pow- 
ell and Union to Stockton, and along Stockton to 
.Jackson and Washington, down both of these streets 
to Montgomery and Saiisom, and through these 
streets to Second, and thence to Howard, 'fhird, and 
Townsend. The other is from the intersection of 
Jloiitgoiiiery and Washington, through JMontgomery 
to Srcoiui, thence to Howard, Center, and tlie Mis- 
sion Dolores, with a branch from Market through 
Third to Howard. This road is entirely completed, 
and the length of rails laid down, if reduced to a 
single track, would amount to ten and seven-tenths 
miles. It has twenty-four cars constantly running, 
and eight more in reserve for extra service. Ninety 



men and one hundred and forty horses are employed. 
The Depot on Howard Street, under Union Hall, is 
an imniense structure. The Company are building 
extensive stables, fronting on Minna and running 
back to Clementina Street, one hundred and fifty- 
seven l)y one hundred and sixty feet, built of brick 
and two stories high. The officers of this Company 
are — President : Peter Donahue ; Vice President : 
Eugene Casserly ; Ti-easurer : Wm. Sharon ; Secreta- 
ry : James O'Neil; Superintendent: John Gardner. 


This Company was organized from a consolida- 
tion of two railroad charters granted by the Legis- 
lature of California, and approved April 17th, 1861. 
The one authorizes the following route in commenc- 
ing at the intersection of California and Montgomery 
streets, running through California to Battery, thence 
along Batteiy to Bush, thence to the intersection of 
First and Market, thence along Folsom to Center, 
and fioni thence to the Southern limits of the city 
and county of San Francisco, with a double track 
over the entire route. From Center Street south- 
ward no particular route is designated, it being 
optional with the Company to take any one they 
may deem most advantageous. The otlier charter 
authorizes the following route, viz.: commencing at 
the south end of Fourth Street, through Fourth to 
Mission, through Mission to First, through Fii'st and 
Battery, and by the northern limits of said city, 
outside of Telegraph Hill, to the north end of Mason, 
thence through Mason to LTnion, through Union to 
Powell, through Powell to Broadway, down Broad- 
way to Kearny, through Kearny to Geary, through 
Geary and to Stockton, through Stockton to Market, 
along and across Market to Fourth, and thence back 
in the line of Fourth to the southern limits of the 
city, with a double track over all portions of the 
route excepting through Kearny Street where a 
single track with turnouts is allowed. The Legisla- 
ture of 1863, granted to the N. B. & M. R. R. Co., 
the further right to construct a branch railroad 
from the intersection of Pacific and Battery streets, 
through Pacific to Dupont, and along liupont to 
Broadway ; also, a branch to run down Folsom 
from First to Stewart streets ; also, in the event of 
Kearny Street being widened, which will probably 
soon be accomplished, the right to lay a double tracK 
on that street. There are three distinct routes of 
this Company completed and running : one from the 
coiner of Powell and Union through Kearny, etc., 
to the corner of Fourth and Brannan ; another from 
the corner California and Montgomery, through Bat- 
tery, Fii-st, and Folsom, to the corner Fourth and 
Brannan streets ; and one from the Plaza through 
Kearny, Fourth, and Folsom to Center streets ; mak- 
ing in all four and two-thirds miles of double track, 
and three-quarters of a mile of single track. The 
fare on either of these routes is five cents. Thirty 
cars are required to accommodate the regular trav- 
el on these routes, and the Company have eleven 
more cars ready for extra occasions, with car houses, 
stables, blacksmith shop, work shop, and every thing 
complete for the accommodation of all the rolling 
stock, horses, etc., required for the prosecution of 
the business. Their depot is at the corner of Fourth 
and Louisa streets. This Company was incorporated 
August 23d, 1862. The capital stock is $1,000,000 
divided into 10,000 shares of $100 each. Their 
annual election for directors takes place on the fourth 
Monday of August of each year. The officers 
elected on the 24th August, lS63, to serve for one 
year, are as follows — President : T, Dame ; Vice 
President: Isaac E. Davis; Treasurer: Chas. B. 
Polhemus ; Secretary : Willet Southwick ; Superin- 
tendent: A. L. Morrison. 


This railroad was chartered by Act of the Legis- 

lature of 1862. Incorporated in 1862. Capital stock 
$500,000 in 5,000 shares. The route traversed is, 
from the corner of Davis and Vallejo streets through 
Davis to Washington, along Washington to Sansom, 
along Sansom to Bush, and through liush to Dupont, 
along Dupont to Post, through Post to Stockton, 
along Stockton to Geary, through Geary to Taylor, 
along Taylor to Turk, through Turk to Fillmore, to 
Post, and along Post to Lone Mountain Cemetery. 
Lateral a branch tract at Taylor Street, through 
Sixth to Brannan, and along Brannan to the Bridge 
at Mission Creek ; also along Davis to Bush streets. 
The Central Railroad is completed from the inter- 
section of Vallejo and Davis streets to the inter- 
section of Taylor and Turk streets ; and the re- 
mainder is under contract to be completed to Lone 
Mountain Cemetery by November 1, 1863. 

Officers — President: John Middleton ; Secretary: 
J. T. Hoyt; Treasurer: A. J. Gunnison; Superin- 
tendent : John A. McGlynn. 


This Company was incorporated by Act of the 
Legislature approved April 21, 1863., and organized 
May 20, 1863. The capital stock of $1 ,000,0U0 is di- 
vided into 10,000 shares of $100 each. The first assess- 
ment of $10,000, has already been paid in. By reso- 
lution of the Board of Directors nothing was allowed 
for the franchise which was donated to the Company 
by the thirteen original corporators. The route 
traversed by this road commences at the intersection 
of Chestnut and Stockton streets, thence along Stock- 
ton to Union, along Union to Dupont, along Dupont 
to the intersection of Market, and from the inter- 
section of Montgomery and Market, along and upon 
Market to Fifth, across Market to Fifth, across Mar- 
ket to the city Front, and from the intersection of 
Mason and Washington, along Washington to Powell, 
along Powell to Broadway, along Broadway to 
Dupont, along Dupont to Pacific, along Pacific to 
Drumm, along Drunmi to Washington, along Davis 
to Market, along and across Market to Fremont, 
along Fremont to Mission, along and upon Mission 
from East to Montgomery, and from the intersection 
of Dupont and Sacramento, along Sacramento to 
Davis, and from the intersection of Mission and 
Sparks, along Sparks to Dolores, along Dolores to 
Corbett, and along Corbett to Mission streets. The 
Dupont, Mission, Sacramento, Pacific, and Davis 
streets portions of the route are under contract. 

The following are the officers of the Company — 
President : I. Rowell ; Vice President : E. T. Pease ; 
Treasurer: J. W. Reay : Secretary: E. W. Casey. 
Office corner of Bush and Kearny streets. 


The Legislature at its last session granted to Ab- 
ner Doble and others, the right to construct a tunnel 
through Russian Hill, in the city of San Francisco, 
on the' line of Broadway, from Ma.son to Hyde or 
Larkin Street, which shall not be less than twenty 
feet in width, by sixteen in hight in the center; 
also, the right to" lay down a double track railroad, 
commencing at or near Fort Point, to be indicated 
by the grantees, with the consent of the U. S. Gov- 
ernment, thence along the most practicable routes 
and streets in the Western Addition between Broad- 
way on the south and San Francisco Street on the 
north to the intersection of Broadway and Polk 
streets, thence along Broadway to Davis Street, 
and (with the consent of the Central Railroad Com- 
pany) along Davis Street to California Street, thence 
along California Street to Market Street, along Mar- 
ket Street to Stewart Street, and along Stewart 
Street to Folsom Street. 

A franchise was also granted by the last Legisla- 
ture, granting to S. H. Parker and others the right 
to lay down and maintain a raih-oad along and upon 



Post Street, in tlie city <>f Sin Francisco, com- | 
mencinj,' at tlie intersection of Montgonu'ry, Market, 
and Post, inul thence alon^-- and upon Post Street to 
Lone Mountain Cemetery, which franchise shall 
continue for twenty -live years. 

A similar IViincliisc was also granted to Willi:im 
F. Nelson, and otlicrs, to lay down a railroad along 
and upon the following streets: lieginning at or 
near the center of intersection of Greenwich Street 
with Front Street, thence along and upon Front 
Street to Market Street, thence along and upon 
Market Street to Sutter Street, thence along and 
npon Sutter Street to Larkin Sti-eet, thence along 
and upon Larkin Street to Pacific Street, thence 
along and upon Pacific Street to the charter limits, 
witli the right of continuation along the said line of 
Pacific Street to the Ocean beach whenever said 
street is declared open by the proper authorities of 
the City and County of San Francisco, with an inter- 
secting railroad connecting at the junction of Sutter 
with Larkin Street, thence running southerly along 
and upon Larkin Street to Market Street, thence 
along and across Market Street to Jolnison Street, 
thence along and upon Johnson Street to Mission 
Street, thence along and upon Mission Street to 
Sparks Street, thence along and upon Sparks Street 
to Dolores Street, thence along and npon Dolores 
Street to Corbet Street, thence along and upon Cor- 
bet Street to Mission Street, thence along and upon 
Mission Street to Sparks Street ; together with the 
right to lay and maintain an iron railroad from the 
intersection of Corbet Street with Mission Street, 
along and upon Mission Stieet to the charter limits 
of said city and county. 

A franchise was also granted at the last session of 
the Legislature to F. A. Hassey, and others, to con- 
struct a railroad along and upon the following 
streets in the City and County of San Francisco : 
Commencing at or near the foot of Fourth Street, 
thence along Channel Street to Fifth Street, along 
Fifth Street to Harrison Street, along Harrison 
Street to Sparks Street, along Sparks Street to Dol- 
ores Street, along Dolores Street to Tracy Street, 
along Tracy Street to Sanchez Street, along Sanchez 
Street to Steiner Street, along Steiner Street to Sut- 
ter Street, and from or near the foot of Fourth 
Street, across the waters of Mission Hay to or near 
Kentucky Street, thence along Kentucky Street by 
the most practicable route to South San Francisco. 


For the pui-pose of facilitating travel and shorten- 
ing the distance between this city and the opposite 
shore of the Bay, a company has ueen organized 
under a charter granted by the Legislature, who 
have built a whai-f, three-quarters of a mile in 
length, out to deep water, a mile north of San An- 
tonio Creek — the distance from the water end of the 
wharf to San Francisco being but foiu' miles — short- 
ening the jiresent steam ferry route some six miles. 
A railroad with a single track of T rail has been 
laid down from the end of this wharf to the inter- 
eectioii of Broadwaj'and Seventh streets, Oakland, 
a distance of two and a lialf miles. This railroad is 
to be coiiipletiid to (.Clinton Slougli, the eastern 
boundary of Oakland, and will ])rol)iibl_v be ex- 
tended s'outiiward by the Alameda Valley Railroad. 
The Directors of this Comjiany arc: J.'JJ. Fallon, 
E. B. Goddard, D. P. Barstow. R. E. Cole, and 
Samuel Wood ; Engineer, R. L. Harris. 

Homestead Associations. 
One of the most important as well as pleasing fea- 
tures in the unexampled progress of our City, is 
the organization of numerous Homestead Associa- 
tions, which, by united effort and consolidated cap- 
ital, place it within the scope and means of any 

industrious and prudent individual to secure a tract 
that he can call his own. and secure to him the proud 
title of "lord of the soil." In all civilized coun- 
tries, the moral and healthful effect produced upon 
communities, and more especially the so-called indus- 
trial classes, by the ownership of a fee simple in the 
soil, has ever been the subject of laudation among 
the most enlightened statesmen and liberal philan- 
thropists. By the organization of Joint-Stock Home- 
stead Associations, and the purchase of large and 
eligible located tracts of land, every member of the 
community may become a landholder at a compara- 
tively trifling cost. By the payment of a small sum 
into the capital stock, and a compai'atively trifling 
amount in stated assessments, every one may through 
this medium, which is available to all, in a short 
time become the possessor of an unincumbered site 
for a homestead. The healthy and advantageous 
effect of this system is apparent in tlie number of 
elegant and comfortable residences which have 
sprung up, as if by magic, in the vicinity of the city 
in all directions within the past year. With a full 
sense of the importance of this matter, and its influ- 
ence upon the community at large, we have pro- 
cured as far as possible a correct list of the Home- 
stead Associations organized and existing in this 
city, with the extent of their operations. 

The following is a list of tlie Homestead Associa- 
tions organized and existing in this city, with the 
amount of their capital stock, the date of their in- 
corporation, names of Trustees, with their operations 
and progress : 


The oldest of tliese incorporations, was organized 
in February, 1861, but did not go into active opera- 
tion until after the passage of a special Act of the 
Legislature, when the Association ortranized thor- 
oughly on the pth of June, 1S61. Capital, $75,000, 
to be divided into three hundred shares. The As- 
sociation purchased fifty -two acres near the Pioneer 
Race Course at five hundred dollars per acre, and 
subsequently fifteen acres at six hundred dollars 
per acre. The land has since tlien risen in value, 
so the stock is above par. One hundred and 
ninety lots have been distributed among tlie mem- 
bers, and of these only forty stand in the names of 
the original shareholders, the remaining, more than 
four-fifths, having been transfeirod. This may be 
considered tlie most successful of the Homestead 
Associations, because it was the first to buy, it 
bought land cheap. It has fifteen acres and ten 
building lots of undivided property. The Company 
are negotiating for the purchase of additional lands, 
and is preparing for a second division of lots among 
the share-holders. 

Trustees — E. W. Park, Jas. Linforth, Epes Ellery, 
A. Klopenstine, John Taylor, Josiah Moulton, W. 
Bartlett, C. Bartlett, C. S.'Capp. 


Incorporated July 11, 18(J1. Capital $-2.5,000 in 
one hundred shares. This association purchased and 
divided into lots a tract of land in Haves Valley. 

Tnistees—Yi.. Pflueger, J. C. W! Schulte, and 
Peter Sesser. 


Incorporated July 25, 1861. Capital, $~'2,000 in 
three hundred shares. Tliis Association purchased 



twenty-one blocks near the Pioneer Race Course 
and within the limits of Valley, Jersey, Dolores, and 
Castro streets, the title to which is a U. S. Patent. 
A division of the lots has been made. 

Trus/ees—S. P. Middleton, E. Polhemus, H. H. 
Haight, O. Liverinore, B. G. Latimer, T. Van Tas- 
sell, and C. H. Stoughtenborongh. 


Incorporated August 19, 1861. Capital, $10,800 in 
thirty shares. Tiiis Association purchased block No. 
224 in Hayes Valley, which is fully paid for, all the 
stock paid in, and the Company prepared for a divis- 
ion of lots. 

Trnstce.'i—R. J. Tiffany, H. L. King, J. C John- 
son, Wallace Stewart, and C. S. Capp. 


Incorporated August 29, 18G1. Capital, $72,000 in 
two hundred shares. This Association has pur- 
chased a tract near the Jewish Cemetery. 

Trnstees — E. D. Sawyer, Samuel Cowles, Geo. 
C. Potter, J. W. Towne, F. W. Brooks. B. C. How- 
ard, C. J. Jansen, Horace Davis, and H. C. Hudson. 


Incorporated Sept. 1, 1801. Capital, $120,000 in 
two hundred shares. This Association has pur- 
chased two fifty vara lots, one of which is situated 
on the north-west corner of Van Ness Avenue and 
Fell Street, and the other on the north-west corner 
of Van Ness Avenue and Oak Street. 

Officers — President: Henry B. Brooks; Secre- 
tary : William J. Gunn ; Treasurer : Charles Lang- 
ley ; Directors : Henry C. Squire, Cornelius Bartlett, 
Samuel H. Parker, J. A. J. Bohen, Joseph Winter- 
burn, David Hunter, A. D. Meacham. 


Incorporated October 23, 1861. Capital, $150,000 
in three hundred shares. 

TriixtfCf. — John IMason, Claus Spreckles, R. H. 
Waller, Henry Austin, Willard Hodges, George C. 
Waller, and F. A. J. Diss. 


Incorporated Nov. 12, 1861. Capital, $18,720 in 
two hundred shares. This Association purchased a 
tract of one hundred and seventeen acres on the 
southern boundary of San Francisco County, near 
the San Jose lioad, which they have improved, 
divided into lots, and distributed. 

Trusteen — J. A. Bauer. H. Payot, F. Leppien, 
J. Kegensburger, E. Rondel, J. W. Shaffer, G. J. 
Hobe, J. N. Eckel, and H. Dreschfeld. 


Incorporated Nov. V-i, 18^1. Capital, $150,000 in 
five hundred shares. This Association originally pur- 
chased a tract of about six hundred acres atllunter's 
Point, and by an Act of the last Legislature acquired 
two hundred and twentv-niue acres additional water 
lot property, which includes the water front of some 
two miles in extent, and to one fathom at extreme low 
tide. A survey of this water lot property has been 
made, the purchase money paid, and a patent issued 
to the Company. Negotiations are in progress with 
a company of capitalists to construct at this point a 
stone dry-dock, the work to be completed within 
eighteen months. 

The officers of this Association are — President : 
H. F. Williams ; Vice President : Thomas Tennent j 
Secretary : A. S. Gould ; Treasurer : John E. Kiu- 
caid ; Directors : Edward Tompkins, F. D. Conro, 
J. B. Knapp, W. M. Scales, H. W. Chittenden, 
Henry Webb, Thos. Anderson, C. J. Hawley, Geo. 
W. Paget. 


Incorporated Nov. 25th, 1861. Capital, $2.50,000 
in five hundred shares. This Association purchased 
a tract of eight hundred and fifty acres of the Ber- 
iial Rancho, between Silver Terrace and the West 
End Tract, which has been improved and distributed 
in two hundred and ten lots. 

Trustees — R. J. Tiffany, J. B. Spring, C. S. Capp, 
J. R. Mead, .J. W. Hendrie, Mrs. Whiting, C. M. 
Kinney, P. Durkin, and G. Wetzlar. 


Incorporated Dec. 5th, 1861. Capital, $40,250 in 
one hundred and fifteen shares. This Association 
purchased a tract in Hayes Valley. 

Trustees — Thomas Penniman, W. N. Arthur, Wm. 
Fall, H. A. Cobb, F. MacCrellish, W. P. Merriam, 
and D. P. Belknap. 


Incorporated Dec. 24th, 1861. Capital, $150,000 
in one hundred and fifteen shares. 

Trustees — H. M. Gray, B. A. Sheldon, George 
Eidenmuller, J. Rowell, Edward Flanagan, George 
D. Husey, Charles E. Hinckley, Thomas Green, and 
Ebenezer Morrell. 


Incorporated June 30th, 1863. Capital, $36,000 in 
one hundred and twenty shaves. 

Trustees— .i. F. Babcock, B. G. St. John, J. Rud- 
man, N. Pierce, R. C. Lemau, R. S. Eells, Warner 
Buck, and James L. King. 


Incorporated July 18th, 1863. Capital, $7,500 in 
three hundred shares. 

Trnstees — B. H. Freeman, R. P. Clement, Thos. 
Tennent, P. B. Dexter, Lorenzo Cadey, N. B. Per- 
rine, Joseph Britton, Cyrus Palmer, and Charles 
M. Plum. 

Savings Banks = 

One of the most healthy and beneficial institu- 
tions of a large city is the Savings Banks, which is 
empbalically a monetary agent of the people. By 
receiving on deposit at a remunerative rate of inter- 
est, sums, no matter how small, and which would 
otherwise too often be heedlessly squandered, habits 
of economy and thrift are inculcated which are pro- 
ductive of the most beneficial results to the entire 
community. By constant additions, sums insignifi- 
cant at the outset are gradually swelled to an amount 
of which the depositors themselves had no definite 
idea until they gave these institutions a trial and 
fully and satisfactorily tested the experiment. The 
loans made by these institutions are generally se- 
cured by bond and mortgage, and upon loans mutu- 
ally advantageous to all parties. By requiring with 
the payment of the interest due each month, a sum 
equivalent to a monthly installment of the original 
loan, at the time fixed for its maturity, the debt has 
been entirely extinguished. There are four of these 
institutions conducted upon the same principle in 
successful operation in the city of San Francisco, 
the beneficial effects of which are felt and acknowl- 
edged by the community at large. The first of these 
organized on this coast is the 




Incorporated July 23, 1857. Office, 619 Clay 
Street. E. W. IJiirr, President ; B. I). Dean. Vice 
Prefiident ; \V. F. Herrick, Secretary; J. O. Dean, 
Auditor: G. 11. Gray, Attorney ; Gardner Elliot, 
Surveyor; R. B. Woodward. II. L. I)odi,'-e, Win. 
lioBWorth, Kobert Turner, IJ. O. Devoe, R. J. Tif- 
fany, Isaac Hyde, A. Merrill, and J. W. Cudworth, 

The amount to the credit of the members of the 
Society is $ 1 ,05S,'JS2 02. A dividend of one and one- 
fifth jter ctiit. waK declared in July last for the j>re- 
cediiif< bix niontlis. The management of the Savmgs 
and Loan Society reflects high credit upon those 
who have it iu charge, and its advantages to the 
masses can scarcely be estimated. By its means 
and under the admirable system devised, depositors 
are made perfectly secure, thrift is encouraged by 
accumulations of interest, small capitals are aggre- 
gated, and enterprise stimulated by the facilities 
thus provided. The savings of the laborer thus 
invested, also aid in producing a general prosperity 
in which he is himself a sharer, and doubtless it is a 
conviction of these truths, with confidence in the 
fidelity of those in charge, which have obtained for 
this Society the unparalelled success of which we 
have spoken. 


Incorporated April 12, 1859. This Association 
was formed for the mutual benefit of the members, 
who through it are enable to find secure and profita- 
ble investment for small savings, and on the other 
hand have an opportunity of obtaining from it at 
reasonable rates the use of a moderate capital, upon 
giving good and sufficient security for the same. 
The affairs of this Association have been managed 
with the utmost prudence and economy, and its busi- 
ness has been gradually increas-ing. Its success and 
healthy condition reflects the highest credit upon the 
management of the concern. The officers are — 
President: M. D. Sweeny ; Vice President: CD. 
O'Sullivan; Trustees: .Jo'hn Sullivan, R. J. Tobin, 
M. J. O'Connor, Gustavo Tonchard, Jeremiah Cal- 
laghan, P. McAran, John McIIugh, D. J. Calla- 
ghan, T. J. Brodevick ; Treasurer: Edward Mar- 
tin ; Attorney : Richard Tobin. 


The Legislature having passed an act, on the 11th 
of April, i8()2, framed witli a special view to the 
formation (if Savings Societies, a few gentlemen of 
well known character and standing in tiiis connnun- 
ily took advantage of it to incorporate themselves 
under the above name. 

To depositors, it otters the security of a guarantee 
capital of $100,(100, to be increased as the business 
incre;iseB liy a reserve fundof ecjual amount, which 
bears all losses, and neither of which can be with- 
drawn under any circumstances until every dollar 
deposited has been repaid to the depositors; in com- 
pensation for this guarantee, the stockholders receive 
a fair share of the net piolits, and it is from this 
share, not from the nrolils of depositors, that tlu; 
reserve fund is forniea. As, with ordinary' prudence, 
it is all bul impossible that the Irjsses should ever 
amount to .§JOli,000, and as the losses have to be 
borne by the guarantee capital and reserve fund, 
before they can touch deposits, the latter may he 
considered'as perfectly secure. Dividends are calcu- 
lated without deduction for broken months, short 
time, etc., so that their real value is higher than it 
appears to he, but money coming in and going out 
again every few days will be refused, as the institu- 
tion is not a bank, and does not do a banking busi- 

It is a material relief to married women and mi- 
nors, especially to the former, that when they make 
deposits in this institution in their own name, they 

can draw them without the necessity of obtaining 
the consent of their husband.? or guardians. 

To borrowers, it offers the facility of repayment 
by easy installments, spread over from twelve to 
forty-eight months (the law allows six years), ac- 
coi'fling to the circumstances of the case. To men of 
small means seeking to obtain a homestead, experi- 
ence has shown this facility to be invahial)le. 

The report of the 30th June shows as the result of 
ten and a half months' operations : Deposits, $198,- 
522 26 ; Guarantee Capital, paid in reserve fund and 
surplus profits, $37,642 20; total, $236,164 52. Of 
this amount there was invested in real estate .$206,- 
537 60 ; on hand, $27,747 75 ; balance iu stamps on 
hand, furniture, and expenses paid. Profits of the 
half year $12,250 51. 

Officem — Jas. de Fremery, President ; Albert 
Miller, Vice-President ; Chas. Pace, Washington 
Bartlett, James Bowman, Jno. P. Buckley, Chas. 
L. Taylor, O. Adolphe Low, Edward P. F'lint, 
Directors; John Archbald, Cashier and Secretary. 
Office, 513 California Street, south side, above Mont- 


This is a new savings and loan associatien, with a 
capital of $5,000,000, recently organized by a num- 
ber of our most prominent capitalists. The plan upon 
which their operations is conducted combines the ad- 
vantages of the banking and saving systems. Stock- 
holders are in the immediate receipt of all the benefits 
accruing from the transactions of the company, after 
the payment of the first installment or assessment on 
the stock held by each. Subsequent assessments in 
no event can exceed two per cent, per month. The 
present enterprise is designed for the benefit of the 
State at large, as \vell as the Territories adjacent 
thereto, and aims at the increase of the wealth and 
the development of the resources of California and 
her neighboring communities. So far as practicable 
its plan will be analogous and its purpose co-exten- 
sive with that of the Credit Mobilier of France. 

Officers — Peter H. Burnett, President: George F. 
Bragg, Vice President; Samuel Brannan, Peter H. 
Burnett, John W. Brumagim, J. E. de la Montagnie, 
Sam. J. Ileiisley, Joseph W. Winans, Wm. R. Gar- 
rison, George F. Brag^, Crestian Ries, Directors; 
Mark Brumagim, Cashier; O. P. Sutton, Secretary. 


Was established in 1861, with the object of ena- 
bling lis iiLL-iiibcrs to procure homesteads, erect dwel- 
lings, and liquidate the cost money by easy monthly 
installments extending over two, three, or four 
years. These installments are paid every month, 
and include a portion of the principal and interest of 
the original sum borrowed. These installments sel- 
dom exceed the rent of which the house would 
biing if let, and by the gradual diminution of the 
]ii'iniipal and interest monthlj-, a party is put into 
the poss('ssion of property forever; and which were 
he to continue a tenant to a stranger he never could 
have realized. An object so praiseworthy deserves 
well of the community. 

The following are the officers of this Association : 
P. J. Reilly, M.D., President; Daniel Murphy, 
Treasurer; Tiiouias Mooney, Secretary; 11. H. To- 
land.M.D., Atkins Massey, Francis McKenna, '^ ' " 
Clarke, Frank MctJoppin, Daniel Norcross, 
O'Kane, Daniel Murphy, Directors. 



It may be set down as a fixed fact that there is no 
surer indication of the progression and prosperity of 
a community, than the number and condition of its 
libraries. In this department San Francisco may 



safely challenge competition with any city of its age 
in the range of civilization. Her public Libraries 
are numerous and respectable, and notwithstanding 
the activity and energy exhibited by her citizens in 
every department of life, the statistics of these insti- 
tutions prove beyond controversy that they are at 
the same time essentially a reading people. Not 
physical alone, but mental activity is a prominent 
cimracteristic of our population. 

At the head of this creditable class of our public 
institutions deservedly stands the 


The spacious and well-arranged rooms of this 
association are located in the Mercantile Library 
Building, det^igued for the purpose, on the corner of 
Montgomery and Bush streets. The Society was 
orjranized January ^24, 1853, by the election of the 
following oliicers : President : David S. Turner ; Vice 
President : J. P. Haven : Treasurer : C. C. Bowers ; 
Recording Secretary : W. H. Stevens ; Correspond- 
ing Secretarv : Dr. Henry Gibbons ; Directors : E. 
P. Flint, E. E. Dunbar, JD. H. Haskell, and J. B. 
Crockett. The officers of the Association chosen at 
the last annual election, are : President : Albert, Blil- 
ler ; Vice President : Henry B. Williams ; Treasurer : 
Fred'k W. Macondray; Corresponding Secretary: 
Frank D. Carlton; Recording Secretary : Win. N. 
Arthur; Directors : H. D. Oliphtuit, Thomas Breeze, 
Geo. C. Boarduian, Andrew Ij. Edward,*, Frank E. 
Webster, Josei)h liobart, Augustus P. Flint, W. 
Melvin Smith, and William M. Pierson ; Librarian: 
H. H. ]\Ioore ; Assistant Librarian : Daniel E. 
Webb ; Collector : John J. Tayker. 

The Library contains 17,000 judiciously selected 
and well arranged and classified volumes of stand- 
ard and miscellaneous works ; the Library for refer- 
ence numbering 4,000; additions amounting to 1,000 
volumes, at an expenditure of $2,000, have been 
added during the current year— several copies of 
each popular work being purchased for the Library 
immediately after its issue from the press. The 
average number of hooks taken from the Library 
each month, amounting to 3,000, clearly sustains 
the assertion previously made, that the citizens of 
San Francisco are essentially a reading commu- 

In the commodious, convenient, and comfortably 
fitted-up Reading Room attached to the Library are 
to be found all the leading local, domestic and for- 
eign newspapers and periodicals, magazines and 
reviews — neither pains nor expense being spared to 
render this department an attractive resort to mem- 
bers and visitors. The walls are adorned with a 
number of tine paintings, portraits of distinguished 
individuals, and historical pieces. Adjoining this is 
the Chess Room, where members partial to this 
healthy and invigorating mental exercise meet for a 
trial of skill, and to indulge in theirfavorite pastime. 
Although the rooms are thronged nightly with a 
crowd, everything is quiet, orderly, and decorous — 
all the attiiirs of the Association moving along like 
clock-work. The Mercantile Library is a titling and 
appropriate testimonial to the liberality, intelligence 
and worth of the commercial community by which 
it has been founded, fostered, and so successfully 
managed. While the affairs of the Association have 
been judiciously conducted by its officers, no small 
degree of praise is due the Librarian, H. H. Moore, 
who is thoroughly posted in his department, and 
whose uniform urbanity, in connection with his 
Assistant, D. E. Webb, render the associations con- 
nected with this institution of the most pleasant 
character. The Mercantile Library Association 
numbers 1,700 members. 


This Library was organized December 30, 1854, 
with but about one hundred volumes. It now con- 
tains over 10,000, among which are a large number 
of rare and valuable works on the history of this 
coast. The greater part of the works of the old 
Spanish writers on this subject have been collected 
with great care and research, and form a very 
attractive feature of this collection. Agents are now 
employed by the Association, both in the Atlantic 
States and in Europe, collecting all that is extant 
upon this important and interesting subject. 

Connected with the Library is a reading room 
where all the leading journals of the day are to be 
found constantly on file, and also an extensive Cab- 
inet of valuable curiosities, embracing various speci- 
mens of the mineralogy, botany, conchology, orni- 
thology, entomology, and zoology of California, in 
fact a miniature museum of the wonderful resources 
of our Pacific home. The value of the Library and 
Cabinet is upwards of $20,000. When we consider 
that the Library is supported only by Odd Fellows, 
it speaks well for the literary taste of its members. 
A great deal of the success of the Association is due 
to the untiring energy and unwavering interest in its 
progress of its respected President, Hon. S. H. 
Parker, who has been, since its organization, its 
unanimous choice. Under his fostering care the Li- 
brary and Reading Rooms have become models of 
neatness, elegance, and utility. The officers of this 
Association are : Samuel H. Parker, President ; Wm. 
R. Satterlee, First Vice President ; Frank B. Austin, 
Second Vice President ; Henry C. Squire, Secretary ; 
A. Himmelinann, Treasurer ; John Phillips, Libra- 
rian ; John Q. Piper, Henry Kimball, John Pforr, 
James A. J. Bohen, Samuel L. Lupton, John W. 
Van Zandt, H. Kozminsky, Frank D. llorrell, H. 
Buettner, Philo White, and Henry Briel, Directors. 


Belonging to that flourishing Society, which is an 
honor to the citizens and working men of San Fran- 
cisco, the Mechanic's Institute, is a library of near 
6,000 volumes of scientific and standard works, for 
the use of the members, who avail themselves freely 
of the advantage afforded them by this collection. 
Connected with the library is an interesting cabinet 
containing several hundred specimens of interesting 
objects in natural history, models of machinery, and 
other interesting and curious matters. This library 
occupies the main hall of the elegant new building 
recently erected by the Association, on California 
street, above Montgomery. 


Belonging to the Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion is a well selected library of 3,000 volumes in 
almost every department of "literature. Of these 
works about six hundred are religious, sixty-five 
practical, two hundred and twenty-two biographi- 
cal, two hundred and twenty historical, one hun- 
dred and forty-three travels, and seven hundred 
and sixty-one miscellaneous, including sermons, clas- 
sics, lore, fiction, the drama, philosophy, science and 
art, bound magazines and periodicals, public docu- 
ments, etc. The average number of books taken 
out monthly is one hundred and twenty -five. The 
library is in the rooms of the Association, No. 629 
Washington Street. 


The society of California Pioneers have at their 
rooms, in their building, a library containing several 
hundred volumes, principally historical, and mostly 
relating to the early history of Cahfornia, some of 
which works are very rare. This collection may be 
justly regarded as the nucleus of a splendid library 



wliicli the PioiiecTH will hnild up in the course of u 
few yeara. The leading,' room attiiclicd is Kiij)|)lie(l 
willi all the ioadiii^f jodnialH, choice periodicals and 
magazine literature of the day. 


The lihrary of the San Francinc() Vcrcin, foiiiidcd 
in IHoiJ, contiiiuH iilioni U, ()()() voliiiiicH in Ocrnian, 
English, French, and S|ianiHh, and tiie re:iding room 
in BU]i|)lied wilh the Iciiding (Jt^rmiin and English 
iiewBpajierH and i)ei iodicalK. The lihrary and i-ooniH, 
which arc located on the Month-eaKt corner of Sacra- 
mento and Kcai'ny «lr(^ctH, are liighly creditahle to 
the liherality and inl(dligence of the AHsociation. 

(JJ/icrrs — I'l'cHidenl : lOdward KruHC ; JBt Vice 
Prenident: ('. II. Sli-yliing ; 2d Vice l'iesi(l<!nt : L. 
Dorniil/.er; Secietary: K. Wagner; AHsistant Secre- 
tary : II. Drehchiehl ; Treatiurer: .J. G. lis; Libra- 
rian: II. Ilerzer; Assistant: O. SchlcBsinger. 

In addition to theee lihraricB, several of the hotclH 
of the city are provided with large and well selected 
collections of hoolis for the use of guests. 'That 
belonging to the What Cheer House numbers about 
5,000 volumes of well selected works, <;onnected 
with which is an extensive cabinet of specimens in 
natuial histoi-y, and a large number of paintings, 
with a marble bust by Powers, copied by that artist 
from his statue of California, and a fancy head in 
marble by Gault, an eminent sculptor, which works 
of art, selected by the proprietor, Mr. Woodward, 
during his tour in Europe, reflect credit upon his 
taste and liberality. 

Insurance Companies. 

Within the past year several important institutions 
of this character have gone into successful ojjeration, 
while those of an older date have largely increased 
their business. This is an important feature of oiu" 
domestic policy ; and the establishment, and success- 
ful conduct, of Home Insurance Companies exhibits 
a healthy condition of public contentment and a 
feeling of security on the part of our citizens with 
regard to fire and marine risks. Instead of the large 
amounts paid annually as premiums, to loreigu Com- 
panies, going abroad, a large portion will be retained 
at home', and the entire connnunity thereby largely 
the gainer. The following is a list of the local insti- 
tutions of this character in successful operation here, 
the character of whose oflicers and managers is a 
sufHcient guaranty of their soundness and reliabil- 
ity in all respects. 


Organized March 2(lth, ISGI. Officers— Vj. W. 
Burr, J'rcsident ; (!. I). O. Sullivan, Vice-President; 
E. W. liurr, (). L. Shaflcr, .loim Archbald, Itohcrt 
Tui-ner, L. A. Bootii, V,. D.O.Sullivan, IT. H. 
llaight, Wm. F. llerrick, W. Hosworth, J. I)e la 
Montanva, J. G. Eastland, Edward Hull, J. II. (.'ut- 
ter, li. h. Woodvvaid, Charles Kolilc^r, E. F. Nor- 
tham, (J, .J. Hrooks, J. Van Hergcu, 15. I>. Dean, .). 
P. Huckley, and (icorge C. Hoardman, Directors. 
Office, Oyi Clay. This is the (irst Fire Insurance 
Company organized in the SUile of California. Its 
capital and surplus is over ,$li()0,000 [Imnajldc cash), 
the sterling character of its well known managers, 
and the conservative policy adopted by tliera, be- 
speak entire conlideuce in the Company, and promise 

them a high rank among the permanent institutions 
of the Pacilic coast. 


This Com])any was incorporated February 2'3d, 
IH(;;{, with a subscribed capital of $-J00,000, divided 
into twenty shares of $10,000 each. It is the pioneer 
ol'idl the insurance corporations in oiu' city, and the 
gentlemen owning its stock were the first who had 
the courage to assume the personal liabilities im- 
posed by our State Constitution on stockholders, in 
a laisiness su])posed to be preeminently hazardous. 
For the mutual ))rotection of (uicli other and of the 
insured, with reference to this li;iliilily, unusual 
care was taken to admit only such stockholders as 
were of undoubted responsibility; and to prevent 
sales of stock to irresponsible parties, all the receipts 
of the Company, less taxes, expenses, and losses, 
are retained on hand, and no dividend can he de- 
clared until the entire original capital has been 
earned from the proceeds of the business. The 
Company has thus far prospered. Its oflicers are 
well known and experienced underw) iters, and 
they have won for the office a character for pru- 
dence in taking risks and libcralitjin paying losses. 
'I'he losses paid since its oi-ganization amount to 
$7.'3,0()0, while its surplus finids considerably exceed 
oiuvh;ilf th(^ oi'iginal ca])ital subscribed. Owing to 
the substantial character of its stockholders, the 
jicfniliarities of our State laws and of the by-laws 
of the Company, the California Mutual is probably 
tlie strongest mai'ine oflice in the United States ; for 
not o\\\y arc its capital and accumulations subject to 
the claims of creditors and the control of State offi- 
cers, hut after these aie exhausted the stockholders 
remain p<'is()iuilly li;ilile for the excess in the same 
manner- as if they had each signed the policy on the 
plan of the Lloyds of London. 

This company divides ten per cent, of its profits 
on oi)en policies, among the holders of such policies, 
on the second Monday of January in each year, in 
lieu of the scrip returns of Eastern marine compa- 
nies. All its transactions are made only in gold coin. 


We resiiectfully call the attention of property 
holders and insurers to the many advantages this 
comiiany offers for the protection of property against 
loss or (laiii:ige by lire : 

Firsl — That of being organized on the ])hilan- 
thropic priiiciiile of allowing the insurer the honor- 
able satisfaction of ])atronizing an institution that 
gives one-tenth jiart of its entire net piolits to the 
San Francisco Ii^ire Department Charitable Fund, 
for the relief of disabled and needy lireinen, and 
their widows and orphans. 

HccoikI — The lieiudit to he derived from i\\v. jiecu- 
iiiary interest and cooperation of the best oi-.nanized 
and most efficient Fire Dep;irtment in the United 
States, cannot be over valued by insurers, especially 
when we take into consideration that they number 
over a thousand energetic public conservators. 

7'/t(/v/— The caiiital st<ick of this company is 
owned by nearly four hundred of our citi7,ens, who 
will spend its jirodiu ts here for the hcnelit of home 
iutercHls. Tlu^ alliiirs of the ('oni])aiiy is managed 
by a Poard of fifty Directors, selected i'rom oiu' most 
reliable and efficient citizens, representing nearly 
every business pursuit, and personally interested in 
the welfare and prosperity of the city and home 

There is no evading the fact, that we are in duty 
and honor hound, as rational and a((touiit:ible beings, 
to respect and honor with our palrom-igc and influ- 
ence home institutions that have for their object the 
welfare and prosperity of our city and State. 

Every property holder should forthwith avail 
themselves of the facilities this company offer for 
the protection of their property. Delays are dan- 



gei-ous; procrastination is the thief of time. To- 
morrow 3'our l)uilding and contents may be in ashes, 
liliink fdriiiH of application for insurance can be 
Jiad on af)])ruiition to the ofiicers of the company, 
whose pm]iosc it will be to conduct the affairs of tlie 
Company iiitiuHted (o tliem, in a judicir)ii9, honor- 
able, and satisfactory manner. Referring to the list 
of directors for the character and statistics of the 
company, we respectfully solicit a share of public 
patronage. Ofhce No. 238 Montgomery Street. 


Organized Aprils, 1<S63. Capital, $500,000. This 
Company, as its title imports, is devoted exclusively 
to marine insurance, all losses in which department 
are promptly paid in United States gold coin. Presi- 
dent : James 1*. Flint; Vice President : C. L. Tay- 
lor ; Secretary : J. B. Scotchler. 


This Company, which was organized July 14th, 
18G3, with a capital stock of $750,000, insures against 
loss or damage by lire. The Board of Directors is 
composed of the best known and reliable business 
m(;n and capitalists of San Francisco, and the stock- 
holders represent a larger amount of capital than 
almost any otiier Company on the continent. Re- 
cognizing in its fullest extent the law of individual 
liability, this Company offers the best possible j^uar- 
antee to the insured, and establishes an institution in 
this important department of which every citizen 
who taKes an interest in the welfare and prosperity 
of the Pacific coast may well feel proud. The ofli- 
cera are — President : Jonathan Hunt ; Secretary : A. 
J. Ralston. 


Capital stock, $1,-500,000, in 3,000 shares of $500 
each. OffU-vi-A — Henry S. Dexter, President ; Peter 
Carter, Secretary; C. W. Boynton, Chief I'Jngineer; 
W. H. Fnincis, Registrar; H. S. Dexter, John Bens- 
ley, J. B. Tl:oMias, C. L. Low, R. G. Sneath, Joiin 
Parrott, Krwiu Davis, Trustees; John Parrott &. 
Co.; Bankers ; (). L. Shafter, Attorney. 

Tliis Company filed its certificate of incorporation 
(m the liltli day of June, 18.57. and on the i!7th diiy 
of September of the year following introduced the 
waters of Lobos Creek into the lower portion of the 
city, and in Jan'y, 18G0, the permanent works were 
completed for the su])ply of the entire city with water. 

Ttie supply is drawn from Lobos Creek, a stream 
ot pnre soft water, emptying into the Bay near 
Ponit Lobos. The supply drawn from this source 
amounts to between two and three millions of gallons 
daily. The distance of the stream, whi(;h is fed en- 
tirely by •springs, in a direct line from the Plaza is 
three and a half miles. 

The receiving reservoir is located at lilack Point, 
on the Bay, from which the water is elevated by 
Steam pumps to the distributing reservoir on the ad- 
jacent hills, the hi^hesc being three bundled and 
fifteen feet al)0ve high water mark, located at the 
corner of Hyde and Greenwich streets; the second, 
which is situated immediately below, at the inter- 
section of Hyde and Francisco streets, is one hun- 
dred and forty-five feet above higli water mark. 
The cajjacity of the first is 3,600,000 gallons, and 
that of the lower 7,800,000. The supjily of all that 
part of the city, which is over one hundred feet 
above tide water, is drawn from the upper reservoir, 
while the lower portion is supplied from the last 
named source, the distributing mains of all sizes now 
extending, in the aggregate, a distance of nearly 
forty miles, from which tlie fire hydrants and public 
buildings of the city are supplied without charge. 

The public are secured against oppressive water 
rates by a provision in the charter of this Company, 
which directs the Supervisors to reduce them when- 
ever they yield an aggregate whicli exceeds the 
annual income of twenty-four per cent, on the amount 

invested. The right is also reserved to the city to 
purchase on payment of the expenditures of the (Com- 
pany, together with a reasonable rate of interest. 


This (Company was incorporated in the month of 
June, 18.58, in ])nrsuance of an Act of the Legisla- 
ture approved April 23, 1858. The capital stock is 
$3,000,OfJO, divided into 3,000 shares of $1,000 each. 

Officers — President: Eugene L. Sullivan; Vice 
President: Fred. A. Woodwoi'tli ; Secretary: Ed- 
ward Mickle ; Chief Engineer : A. W. \()\\ Sciiii;idt; 
Trustees : Eugene L. Sullivan, Henry Carlton, jr., 
Robert Roxby, F. A. Woodworth, .James Bell, A. 
Casselli, and A. W. Von Schmiilt. Oflice of the 
Company, south-east corner of Montgomery and 
Jackson streets. 

The Company was formed for the purpose of intro- 
ducing pure fresh water into the City and County of 
San Francisco, and supplying its inhabitants. The 
water is collected from various brandies of the 
stream known as the Pilarcitos Creek, in tlie coast 
range of mountains, distiint from San Francisco about 
fifteen miles in a southerly direction. This supply 
is taken at an elevation of "seven hundred feet aliove 
the level of the sea, through the main coast range 
by meaus of a tunnel 1,50() feet in length. A large 
dam is now being constructed on the Pilarcitos Val- 
ley below the tunnel, which dam will be seventy 
feet in hight and two hundred and twenty-eight 
feet between the abutments. This will cause the 
water to cover one liundred acres of land and 
make a reservoir that will contain 1,-500,000,000 gal- 
lons, which will be filled during the winter season 
of the year, and be drawn from as required in the 
city reservoirs, making this the great retaining res- 
ervoir. It will take two years to construct this 
darn, which is to be built of stone. From the east 
end of tlie tunnel the water is conducted around the 
hills into another large reservoir. Lake Honda (now 
filled), back of the Mission Dolores, by a fluiiie eigh- 
teen by twenty inches, with a gi'ade of seven feet 
to the mile, being thirty two miles in length. Of 
this distance six miles are laid of iron pipes, and 
when the fiumes are to be replaced it will probably 
be done by iron pipes, of winch about twelve miles 
would be required to make the entire route of iron. 

Lake Honda (capacity 100,000,000 gallons), is a 
fine natural reservoir three hundred and seven'jy 
feet above the sea, from which place the water is 
iH'ought to another distributing reservoir, corner of 
Buchanan and Market streets, by means of sixteen 
and twelve inch cast iron mains. 

The Market Street Reservoir is constructed on a 
high hill two hundred feet above the sea, and is made 
of brick and cement; cai)acity 2,000,000 gallons. 
This is the main distributing reservoir, and supplies 
four-fiftlis of the city. The upper part of tlie city is 
supplied direct from Lake Honda pressure, wh'ich 
will give a good pressure to almost every part of 
the city. ' 

As to the quality of the water, it is now over a 
year since it was first introduced, and lias been car- 
ried to every quarter of the world and given the 
greatest satisfaction to all that have used it. 

The amount of pipes of the (Company now laid 
reaches forty miles in the city, and in the course of 
ten months an addition of ten miles more will be laid. 

Foundries, Machine Shops, etc. 
There is no department of manufactures and in- 
dustrial enterprise connected with our city that has 
made such rapid advancement during the past year, 
as that included under this head. The unprecedent- 
ed demand for castings and machinery used in crush- 
ing ore, rendered necessary by the vast number of 
mines opened in Nevada Territory and in Mexico | 



during the past year, has 80 largely increased this 
kind of work that, even running night and day, 
these et;tal>Iishinents are unable to keep jiace with 
the increasing demand, and their number will doubt- 
less be augmented during the coming year. The 
number of establishments engaged in the working 
of metals is estimated at between three and four 
hundred, giving steady emploj-ment to over 2,000 

The number of Iron Foundries now^ in operation 
in this city is twelve, which gives employment to 
from seven hundred and fifty to nine hundred per- 


Messrs. Donahue, Booth & Company, proprie- 
tors. This pioneer establishment, the oldest of its 
class in San Francisco, was put in successful opera- 
tion in 1S49 by the enterprisnig Donahue Brothers, 
since which time it has steadily increased in extent 
and importance, and has remained the foremost 
work of the kind in the city. In this establish- 
ment is to be found all the recent improvements 
and extensive machinery and appliances used in 
similar foundries iu Eastern cities. The engines 
manufactured at these works have been thorough- 
ly tested and bore away the palm of superiority. 
in addition to steam engines for navigating pur- 
poses, the Union has during the past year furnished 
a large amount of mining machinery, comprising 
twenty-live mills averaging fifteen-horse power 
each. ' The average number of hands employed is 
one hundred and forty-three, and not less than three 
tuns of pig iron and two and a half of coal are used 
daily with an average of li,000 tuns of wrought iron 
every week. A large number of Varney's Amal- 
gamating Pans have been manufactured here dur- 
ing the past few montlis, and they are now turned 
out at the rate of four per day. 


Goddard & Co. nroprietors. Next to the Union, 
the Pacific is the oldest establishment of the kind in 
the city, the works having been established on 
their present site, First Street between Mission and 
Natonia, iu September, IS.'iO, by Messrs. Egery &. 
Hinckley, whose interest was purchased in Decem- 
ber, 185^, by the present proprietors, who erected 
the present sjiacious buildings and enlarged and in- 
creased the works. There has been manufactured 
at the Pacilic during the past year, one eighty-horse 
power engine, si.x forty-five-horse power engines, 
and seven thirty, live twenty-five, two twelve, and 
two six ; with forty-eight quartz mills, patent of 
Bryant's Battery, with an aggregate of two hun- 
dred and sixteen stamps ; thirteen mills with wood 
frames, comprising one hundred and thirty stamps ; 
eighty stcaui-chainber amalgamating pans; fourteen 
Iloweil's (Centrifugal Quartz Crushers; five rock 
breakers; l,31)-2 stamp shoes; 1,110 dies, and eight- 
een steam boilers, ranging from ten to eighty-horse 

In addition to the foregoing a large number of 
grist and saw mills, and castings for agricultural 
implements were turned out during the time. The 
average number of hands employed is about seventy ; 
the amount of pig metal consumed is over 1,000 tuns, 
with a proportionate amount of wrought iron. 


Hinckley &. Co. proprietors, 45, 47, and 49 First 
Street. Established 1855. Men employed at pres- 
ent fifty-five. The machinery for a large number 
I of steamboats has been manufactured during the 
past two years. Extensively engaged in the manu- 

facture of saw-mill machinery. Many additions 
have been made to the stock of tools during the last 
year, and the facilities at the present time are ecjual 
to any shoj) for manufacture of all kinds of ma- 
chinery for steamboats, quartz mills, saw mills, 
llonring mills, etc., etc. 

There is now being constructed the machinery 
for a steamboat for the Sacramento River. The 
engines have poppet valves and the first that Lave 
been made in the State. 


P. Torquet, manager; R. Ivers, C. R. Steiger, S. 
Aitkeu, proprietors. The Vulcan Iron Works, located 
on First Street 137-139, were established in August, 
1851, by Geo. Gordon &, Steen, for the manufacture 
of steam engines, boilers, and machinery. In Janu- 
ary, 1855, they were incorporated as a joint-stock 
company, and iu April, 1857, became the property 
of the present owners, who have been with the 
concern from its commencement. Steam engines 
and boilers of every variety are constantly turned 
out at these works, which have also supplied the 
machinery for a number of saw, flour, and quartz 
mills on this coast ; all the hydraulic machinery for 
raising brick buildings in San Francisco was invent- 
ed and made at these works, and the first locomo- 
tive built in this State was built there. p]very class 
of mining, pumping, and hoisting machinery can be 
obtained from this firm, who take especial pride in 
keeping up with the vast improvements lately made 
in mining machinery. Hepburn &. Peterson's Amal- 
gamating Pan is manufactured here, as also their 
Separators. These works employ from one hundred 
to one hundred and fifty hands, about 1,000 to 1,200 
tuus of castings are made annually, and about three 
hundred and fifty tuns of wrought iron used. The 
business averages $450,000 per annum. 


Palmer, Hanscom & Co., proprietors. This ex- 
tensive establishment is located on the site formerly 
occupied by the Sutler Iron Works on First Street. 
In addition to the various descriptions of foundry 
and machine work, this establishmeut is extensively 
engaged in the manufacturing of grates of every 
style and patcrn, stoves and other articles of domes- 
tic use. The operations of this concern have, owing 
to the unusual demand for mining machinery, been 
confined latterly almost exclusively to that class 
of maiiiifactuies, in which the production of amalga- 
mating machinery — Knox's Pan with Palmer's Im- 
proveti Steaiii Chest and False Bottoms, now in gen- 
eral use, being turned out in large quantities. A 
number of quartz mills of various sizes have been 
manufactured here during the past year. The Gol- 
den State gives constant cmjiloyment to forty men. 


This establishment, which as its name imports, is 
devoted mainly to the furnishing mining machinery, 
of which, owing to the increased demand in this de- 
nartment during the past year, a large amount has 
tieen sent to the silver mines of Washoe, Esmeralda, 
and Mexico. _ During the past year, one hundred 
and twenty-five hands have been kept constantly 
employed at this establishment, and the business 
during that time has amounted to $500,000. The 
business is conducted by Messrs. Ilowland, Angel, 
& King, pra(;tical mechanics, who are thoroughly 
posted in all the important improvements in mining 
machinery, which the present activity in that de- 
partment is daily developing. The Miners' Foundry 
is located on First Street, between Howard and 


William Brodie & Co. , proprietors. These works, 
located at 16 Fremont Street, employ a large num- 
ber of workmen in the preparation of castings of 



every description. " Some of the heaviest and most 
ornalnentiil house fronts erected in this city have 
been produced at these works. 


At tlieir Steam Engine and Machine Works, north- 
east corner Mission and Fremont streefs, employ a 
large number of hands in the mannfacture of steam 
engines and castings of every description. 


Established 1853. for the especial manufacture of 
fire proof doors, shutters, bank vaults, and every de- 
scription of lighter castings, such as gratings, cem- 
etery r.iilings, balconies, and ornamental house work 
of all kinds. Works on Oregon Street near Fioiit. 
Number of hands employed, fouiteen. 


William McKibbin, proprietor, 41 and 43 First 
Street. This establishment manufactures iron stairs, 
shutters, railings, and house-work of every descrip- 
tion. The celebrated Eureka Key and Clamp 
Bridge is also manufactured by Mr. McKibbin. 
Number of men employed, eight. 


The Boiler Works of Messrs. Coffey &• Risdon are 
engaged in an extensive and increasing business, 
employing a large number of hands, involving a 
heavy outlay for labor and materials. Several of 
the leading foundries are also engaged in the manu- 
facture of boilers. 

There are numerous other establishments engaged 
in the working of metals, viz. : blacksmith shops, 
bi-ass foundries, carriage and wagon smiths, copper- 
smiths, exclusive of those employed in the precious 


With the constant discovery of new mines in the 
Washoe, Hunibolt, and Reese River region, and the 
reclamation of old ones in Mexico, there is of course 
an increased demand for the best methods and most 
complete facilities for reducing and extracting the 
various samples of rock, produced from thousands 
of sources. In order to avail themselves of every 
facility and the improvements which are made every 
day in this department, the owners of these mines 
ship samples of their ore to this city for reduction 
and assay. There are four large Metallurgical estab- 
lishments in this city, engaged in crushing and re- 
ceiving samples of rock, from Reese River to Mexico, 
and which are kept constantly at work. We will 
enumerate them in the following order : 


This pioneer establishment, which is located at 
the junction of Meiggs' Wharf and Francisco Street, 
North Beach, has been in successful operation for 
three years, during which time it has tested and 
developed the mineral wealth of many of the most 
valuable mines yet discovered. The capital stock is 
$500,000, in five hundred shares of one hundred 
dollars each. The following are the officers of the 
Company: S. C. Hastings, President; M. S. Mar- 
tin, D. C. Ferris, S. C. Bradshaw, Paul Torquet, 
W. A. Woodward, Directors; S. C Bradshaw, Jr., 
Secretary ; G. T. Fouque, Superintendent. 

These works were erected upon European plans 
under the direction of Mr. Fouque, an able Metal- 
lurgist. Both wet and dry processes are used. 

The machinery is propelled by a twenty-five- 

horse power engine, the vertical mill being used in 
crushing the ore — about five tuns being worked per 
day; three amalgamators are in use, and extensive 
furnaces are used for roasting ores. 


This mill, which has recently gone into operation, 
adjoins the Pacific Works on Francisco Street. It 
has also a twenty-five-horse power engine, which 
drives a battery of five stamps, crushing about six 
tuns of rock each day. It is fitted up with two of 
Varney's Amalgamators, separating and reverbera- 
torv furnaces tor roasting ores. Messrs. George 
Wteeler and Moses Thayer, are the proprietors. 


This establishment is located at Steamboat Point, 
and has in use a tliirty -horse power engine, with 
Bryant's Iron Battery, crushing about two and a 
half tuns of ore each day. Six of Palmer and Hare's 
cast-iron steam pans are in use in the mill. J. W. 
Smith, Superintendent; S. F. Clouser, Secretary. 


This Company, composed of Messrs. J. C. Gris- 
wold, L. A. Kelley, R. B. Gray, and B. R. Norton, 
have an establishment at No. G16 Merchant Street, 
between Montgomery and Kearny, devoted to the 
reduction and assaying of ores — the amalgamating 
process being facilitated by the application of elec- 
tricity from a very powerful battery, connecting 
with V^aniey's and Taylor's pans. By this process, 
it is said, that not even the minutest particle of the 
precious metals is lost. 


Located on Bryant Street near Third, have in 
operation Quartz Mills and Furnaces which are en- 
gaged in the reduction of ores. The operations of 
these works are superintended by thorough pi'actical 
metallurgists, of extensive European experience, 
and from their success so far their operations are 
destined to become of permament importance to the 


Is located on Brannan near Seventh Street. The 
refinery, a substantial brick structure, is one story 
in hight, and sixty feet in width by one hundred 
and thirty in length, together with the various im- 
plements in use, represent a permanently invested 
capital of about $60,000. Employment is furnished 
to an average of from thirty to forty persons. Kel- 
logg, Hewston & Co., proprietors; office 416 Mont- 
gomery Street. 

There are several other establishments in the city 
engaged in the refining of gold and silver, viz.: 
Ilentsch &l Bert on, 43-J Montgomery Street; S. 
Mollitor & Co., 418 Montgomery Street; Riehn, 
Hemme & Co., 408 Montgomery ; 'Greenberg, Ehrl- 
enback & Co., 521 Sacramento Street. 


During the past year a new refinery has been 
built, brought into successful operation, and merged 
into one concern, with the old established "San 
Francisco Sugar Refining Company." They are 
incorporated as the " San Francisco and Pacific Su- 
gar Company." Capital, $800,000. Manager: Geo. 
Gordon ; Agents : Wm. T. Coleman & Co. 

The buildings of the Company are located on the 
corner of Harrison and Eighth streets, and together 
comprise the largest buildings in the State, with the 
exception of the U. S. Forts. The buildings con- ' 
sist of a melting house, eighty feet long, forty- 
five feet wide, and six stories high ; a charcoal tank 
house, eighty-five feet long, twenty -five feet wide, 
and thirty feet high; a white sugar house, eighty- 
five feet long, fifty feet wide, and six stories hig& ; 



u yellow sugar house, one Imnflred and twenty-two 
feet long, seventy-five fest wide, and live stories 
high; a bono eluirooiil factory, one hundred feet 
long, forty feet wide, and thirty feet high ; a boiler 
house, iifly feel w)nare,aiid twenty-five feet high — 
with nuin'erouK small liiiildhigs on the premises for 
the repairs of the iiiachiiieiy, etc. 

The buildings and machinery of the San Fran- 
cisco and Pacific Sugar Company are as well fitted 
for economical and efficient working, as any other 
refinery- All the recent improvements in sugar re- 
fining liave contributed to make it so — the manager 
and one of the foremen having visited the Eastern 
and European refineries for that purpose. The 
buildings are lighted by gas manufactured on tlie 
premises in the bone charcoal retorts. 

The Company at present are refining 1,000 tons 
raw sugar monthly ; turning out 5,000 barrels white 
sugar ; 2,500 barrels yellow coffee crushed sugar, 
and 35,000 gallons golden syrup. The works, how 
ever, with uieir present machinery and implements, 
have sufficient capacity to increase this by one-third, 
whenever the consumption of refined sugars in the 
State warrants it. The immber of hands employed 
is about two hundred on the premises, besides giv- 
ing work to some fifty more outside. 


Incorporated December 2, 1862. Location, Black 
Point. Capital, $150,000. Heynemann & Co., 
agents, 311 and 313 California Street. These mills 
manufacture all kinds of woolen goods, especially 
blankets and woolen over shirts, of which one hun- 
dred and fifty to two hundred pairs are made daily. 
The number of persons employed are one hundred. 
Amount of wool used per day is 3,000 pounds, pro- 
ducingfrom fifteen to two hundred pairs blanketsand 
twenty-five dozen over shirts per day. 


Located on the corner of Folsom and Sixteenth 
streets. Lazard & McLennan, proprietors. These 
works were established in 1861. Number of hands 
employed at the factory are one hundred and 
forty, and one hundred at other places, in connec- 
tion with the business. Amount of wool consumed 
is 800,000 pounds per annum. All qualities and 
colors of blankets, and all wool flannels of every 
description — tweeds, cassimeres, and broadcloths, 
army and navy cloths manufactured. All these 
fabrics find a ready market here, and are superior 
in Quality to the same line of imported goods. 

These works, during tlie past year, iiave greatly- 
extended their nianufacturiiig facilities, by the com- 
pletion of an extensive addition to the main building, 
tliereby aflbrding sufficient room to meet the increas- 
ing demand for woolen goods on this coast. 


f This man\ifactory, which is located at the Potrero, 
was established in 1856, by Messrs. Flint, Peabody 
& Co. and Messrs. Tubbs & Co., and has been suc- 
cessfully conducted ever since. The buildings are 
upon the moat extensive scale — that used as the rope- 
walk being one thousand feet in length, the depart- 
ment devoted to the spinning of tlie yarn being one 
hundred feet long by forty feet in width. The 
material used is Manila hemp — regular shipments 
being made for lliis piu'pose. This manufactory gives 
Consl;:nt iMi|)l<)ynifut to fifty hands, who tmn out 
2,000,(100 pounds of (-(ji-dage during tlie year — about 
6,000 pounds of the raw material being consumed 
each day in the manufacture. The office is at Messrs. 
Tubbs &. Co.'s, 613 Front Street. 


The Pacific Glass Company was incorporated 
early in October, 1862. The officers are— President : 
Caleb S. Hobbs ; Vice President : John Taylor ; 

Secretary and Treasurer : John Archbald ; Trustees 
for the first term : Caleb S. Hobbs, John Taylor, 
Robert Turner, Joseph S. Garwood, H. O. Hudson; 
Permanent Trustees : C. S. Hobbs, .John Taylor, 
Robert Turner, C. Bigelow, Charles Kohler, Joseph 
S. Garwood (deceased). 

This Company was incorporated with a capital 
stock of ,$50,000, and assessments amounting to more 
than $40,000 have been levied and paid in. A meet- 
ing of the stockholders has been called to increase 
the capital stock to $100,000. The factory is situa- 
ted on a tract of ten acres, purchased by the Com- 
pany, at the Potrero. The first bottle was blown 
June 16th. The concern has been ever since in 
active operation ; are at present making wine bottles, 
as well as for schnapps, mustards, mineral Avater, 
catsup, etc., etc. 

Thirteen glass blowers are employed, and were 
obtained from Pittsburg, Pa., and Ellenville, N. J. 
From forty-five to fifty men and boys receive em- 
ployment in various capacities at the factory. John 
Taylor, agent, 514 Washington Street. 

It is difficult to estimate the demand for this kind 
of ware in this market — probably from 125,000 to 
150,000 bottles yearly. The increase in the various 
manufactured articles that require bottles-— such as 
acids, patent medicines, etc., and for putting up 
pickles, fresh fruits, catsup, mustard, etc., and last, 
but not least, for the great wine growing interest in 
the State — makes this an important branch of manu- 
facture for the Pacific Coast. 


This establishment is located on Mission Creek, 
between Brannan and Folsom streets, and is the 
largest distillery on the Pacific Coast. Barley, 
wheat, rye, Indian corn, and rice, are used in the 
manufactnre of whisky ; the monthly consumption 
over 1,000,000 pounds of grain, and production of 
whisky from 6(3,000 to 75,000 gallons per month ; 
consumption of coal for fuel about three hundred 
tuns per month. The proprietors have lately altered 
and refitted the whole establishment and made many 
improvements, among the prmcipal of which is in 
the furnaces, whereby they are enabled to use the 
Mount Diablo California coal exclusively, and with 
more success and economy than has been heretofore 
done, thereby enabling them to be independent of 
foreign coals, and keeping the money that has been 
heretofore expended for the imported article at 
home. They are also rectifyers — the greater por- 
tion of tlieir production is made into pure spirits — 
annually consuming from 6,000 to 7,000 sacks of char- 
coal in rectifying. They also have the only Column 
Still on this coast, for the manufacture of high 
proof alcliohol and spirits — capacity five hundred to 
six hundred gallons of high proof alchohol daily. 
Their barrels are made principally of California or 
Oregon white oak, and are made for them at the 
Stale Prison. 


One of the most notable enterprises established 
during the past year, is that for the wholesale 
manufacture of bread by anew process, without fer- 
mentation, patented in 1858, by Perry & Fitzgerald, 
machinists, of New York. 

The usual method of bread making is hy fermenta- 
tion. By the impregnation of the dough-inass with 
a substance ftnown as //east, which according to 
chemical authority, (Kane,) "is nothing more than 
the decomposing vegetable gluten or albumen, pro- 
duced by previous fermentation," carbonic acid gas 
is evolved at the expense of about one-tenth of the 
constituent elements of the flour. This gas is simply 
the agent of distending, or making porous, the loaf, 
and performs no other office. In the method of 
bread making by fermentation, a fungus growth 
called "yeast plant," together with free acetic and 



lactic acids, are resulting products, which have a 
tendency to impair digeslion, and are among the 
most active causes of dyspepsia. 

The new process consists in the mechanical uae of 
carbonic acid gax to "'lighten'' the dough. The 
modus operandi is as follows: the tiour, water, and 
salt, are put together in a horizontal '' mixer," and 
by means of a revolving shaft, with arms, worked 
into a consistent paste. The dough is then discharged 
through a trap m the bottom of the mixer into a 
hopper, whence by ingenious meeltanism it is forced 
into a close vessel, or receiver, called the " Carbon- 
izer." This is an egg-shaped vessel holding about 
two barrels of flour, and made to resist a high pres- 
sure. It has a vertical shaft through the center, 
with arms, for the purpose of thoroughly kneading 
or incorporating the carbonic acid gas into the dough 
mass. The gas is generated by the decomposition of 
carbonate of lime (marble dust) with sul])huric acid, 
passed through water into a gasometer, and thence 
supplied to the " Carbonizer " by means of the usual 
air or gas pump. At a pressure of one hundred and 
seventy-five pounds to the inch at which the ma- 
chine is worked, the dough becomes thoroughly 
•'light," and is discharged by the pressure through 
faucets into pans, when it is immediately put into 
the ovens. The whole process, from the inception 
to the drawing of the baked loaves, occupies a little 
over one hour. In the language of Prof. St. John, 
of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New 
Yorli : " The process is simple, cleanly, and uniform 
in its results, involving the use of no substance re- 
specting whose wholesomeness a question can be 
raised. It saves all the constituents of the flour, 
while the process of raising bread by fermentation 
inevitably sacrifices some of them." 

This Company having successfully entered upon 
its second year, and largely increased its facilities 
for the manufacturing by the addition of a duplicate 
set of machinery, presents greater pecuniary induce- 
ment to use a delicious article of Graham and rye 
bread, which is now being made by the same pro- 
cess, in addition to their unequaled pure and whole- 
some wheat bread for which they received the un- 
qualified approbation of the medical and scientific 
fraternity. Office and manufactory 575 Mission 
Street near Second. 


This enterprise was established by A. S. Hallidie 
&. (!o., and has been in successful operation for sev- 
eral years. The consumers of wire rope are princi- 
pally the mining and ferry interests of this State and 
Oregon, it being chiefly used for hoisting, pump, 
derrick, ferry, and bridge ropes. The longest wire 
rope made at this manufactory, without splice or 
joint, was more than one-third of a mile, and three 
inches in circumference. These works also manu- 
facture considerable copper and brass wire rope for 
sash cords, lightning conductors, etc., and iron wire 
stays for shipping. The manufactory is located at 
the foot of Taylor Street, North Beach. 


H. T. Graves' Wire Goods Manufactory, 412 Clay 
Street, was established in 1852, as the Dennis Wire 
Works, and is one of the oldest manufacturing estab- 
lishments in San Francisco. It is fully adapted to 
the manufacture of every article that wire is used for, 
and in its consumption every style and size of wire 
is called in use, from the finest wire cloth to the 
inch-square coal screens made of three-eighth inch 


The Eureka Soap Company is now in successful 
operation. The cr uality of the article is said by good 
judges to be equal to any imported, and is meeting 
the approval of the public. It can be used either for 
fresh or salt water. The Company commenced busi- 

ness in May, 1862, and now fumish about 30,000 
pounds of soap per month. The salesroom and man- 
ufactory are located at 207 Sacramento Street. 

poktmann's soap. 
This very superior article of home manufacture, 
by J. H. C. Portmann, is turned out in large quan- 
tities at his works on Mission Creek. Every variety 
of soap now in use can be had at this manufactory, 
to meet the demands of a generous public. 


These very important articles for table use have 
called out a large capital for their manufacture for 
home consumption. One of the most extensive of 
these estahlisuments is that of Messrs. Cutting &, 
Co., which commenced business in 1853, and now 
located at 115 Commercial Street. They employ 
from thirty to forty hands constantly. About 400,000 
pounds of pickles and as many pounds of vegetables 
and fruits are put up annually by this firm. Cider, 
vinegar, etc., form an important item in their busi- 


C. Van Ness, Smith's Bellows Manufactory, Cali- 
fornia Street, below Davis, was established in 18.59. 
These bellows are improved in construction, and 
stronger than those formerly imported, and have 
" blowed " themselves into general use ; so that they 
now supply the demand for the whole Pacific coast, 
to the exclusion of tlie imported article. 

The Fluctuations of Trade. 

The following table has been prepared for the 
purpose of showing the changeable character of our 
business community. Only the leading branches of 
trade have been included, but these may be regarded 
as a fair indication of the whole. The yearly changes 
among the small dealers will not fall short of forty 
per cent, per annum : 


= ^ 

g» No. 




1861. 18B2. 

a r, 

=■5- 1S63. 


tc ^ 


49' 51 


38 58 

7, 6 
315 328 
21; 18 


5 14 

282 343 


12' 18 




Billiard Table Makers 

Boarding Houses, Etc. . .'. . . 



Butchers and Markets 

Cabinet Makers 


Ciyar Dealers and Makers. . 

Clothing and Tailors 

Dress Makers ^... 

Dry Goods 






Hair Dressers 


Liquors, Etc 


Merchants, Commission 




Printing Offices 


Restauran ts 

Stoves and Tinware 

Upholsterers, Etc 

watchmakers, Jewelers. ... 
Wood & Coal 











































,041 1,231| 





74 i 


84 1 


2(12 1 







89 1 


76 1 


















217 447 

l.?| 26 

170 390 

79; 264 

91 28 

32 79 

87 158 

198 304 

35| 99 


831 1,315 
32' 32 
1311 149 

171 227 

181 19 
61 1 84 

23 i 

110 161 

53 84 

Total 4,9915,300! ],880 3,4205,556 





Adriansen F. C collector and real estate agent NE 

cor Uroadwav and Powell 
Albion 6. & S. M". Co. (Slate lianjre) office 224 Mont 
Alice a. (fe S. M. Co. office 34 Metropolitan Block 
Allen Cliarlcfi R. f Heath 4- A.J res Oakland 
Alta G. & S. M. Co. (Silver Mountain) office 213 

Altenburg Edward, cigars and tobacco 210 Mont 
Altniayer Aaron f Einstein Bros. J dwl W s Mason 

bet Market and Eddy 
Altmayer Abraham (Einxtrin Bros.) dwl W 8 Ma- 
son bet Market and Eddy 
Alveres Joseph, painter 328 Davis 
Ambrose Goodhue, clerk Internal Revenue office 

NW cor Coninievcial and Battery, dwl NW cor 

Pine and St. JIary 
American Baltimore G. & S. M. Co. office 224 Mont 
American Eagle (Excelsior Dist.) G. & S. M. Co. 

office G19 Merchant 
American Pioneer C. S. <Sc G. M. Co. office 606 

Anderson Copper M. Co. office 626 Merchant 
Anderson Ileiuy, hack driver with F. J. Willson, 

dwl 809 Montgomery 
Andreas Andreas, clerk "210 Montgomery, bds Phil- 
adelphia House 
ANDREWS W. 0. (J. C. Hutchinson S^- Co.; and 

Notary Public and Com. Deeds, N. T., 630 

Mont, dwl NW cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Animas (Durango) 8. M. Co. office 808 Mont 
Annie Laurie G. & S. M. Co. office 546 Merchant 
Anteloi)e and Esmeralda Basin Tunnel Co. office 

611 Montgomery 
Antelope Consolidation (Antelope Dist.) C. M. Co. 

office 228 Montgomery 
Aulelope C. M. Co. office'SW cor Montgomery and 

Jackson, room 4 
Antelope (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 327 

Apache Chief G. & S. M. Co. office 621 Clay 
Apollo G. & 8. M. Co. (Reese River), office 228 

Apollo (Silver Mountain) G. &. S. M. Co. office 402 

Ariel Copper M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
AHROWSMITH D. B., State Ganger office 40.'i 

Front, dwl SE cor Post and Stockton 
Atwood William T. with Martin &. Co. dwl 560 

Auld Lang Syne Willis G. & S. M. Co. office 426 

Austin (Esmeralda) S. M. Co. office 428 Mont 
Avaro Miguel, cook with Peter Job 
Azetic (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 305 Mont 
Aztec (Esmeralda) G. &. S. M. Co. office 636 Sac 

fT. E.J importers and jobbei-a clothing and 
agents Ciiickering & Son's Piano Fortes, 411 
Battery, dwl 333 Second 
BAILEY .lOHN F. attorney at law, office 33 Me- 
tropolitan Block, dwl 331 Aliinia 
Baker .Johiao H. fCoifo?i, D. Sf ('o.) res Michigan 

Baldwin A. S. physician, office and dwl 659 Clay 
Baltimore American G. & S M. Co. office 224 Mont 
Bar Aaron, proprietor East India Tea Store, 631 
Washington, dwl E s Mason bet Green and 

Barchi C. Rev. ^6'. ./.y* professor St. Ignatius College 
SW cor Market and Fourth 

Barey William, workman Central Railroad 

Barkbaus F. W. bookseller and circulating library 
321 Kearny, dwl 325 Kearny 

Barnard Isaac D. real estate and employment agent 
and Sec'y Dashaway T. S. office 313 Mont 

Baron Rothschild (Contra Costa) G. & S. M. Co. 
ottice 542 Sacramento 

Barry M. fS. .].) domestic St. Ignatius College cor 
Market and F'ourth 

Barry (Slate Range) S. M. Co. office 636 Sac 

Baton Rouge (Reese River) S. M. Co. office 522 

Bayley George B. clerk with George D. Nagle, dwl 
457 Bryant 

Bayley f IV. F.J & Johnston fJ. W.J photographic 
gallery 618 Washington, dwl 622 Kearny 

Bed Rock G. & S. M. Co. office 64 Clay 

Beede Bennen W. wines and liquors, 412 Jackson 

Beirne Charles, f Cornyiin t^ B.) 814 Sansom 

Belfost (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 Me- 
tropolitan Block 

Belknap Mining Co. office 436 Jackson 

Bell E. G. homeopathist jjliysician, office 3\! Kearny 

Benedict Jacob, carpenter, dwl 2 Lincoln Place 

Benjamin (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 706 

Bepler Z. G. coppersmith cor Mission and Fremont 

Ik'rliner Weiss, beer brewery oil Green 

Bernard A. furrier 124 Jlontgomery 

BEHNHEIM MAURICE, manutiicturing confec- 
tioner 408 Clay, dwl 535 California 

BERNARD CHARLES, manufacturer and dealer 
Chartres Coffee 707 Sansom 

Berne J. J. supervisory agent and adjuster Phoenix 
Insurance Co. SW cor Montgomery and Com- 
mercial, dwl Rnss House 

Berry Daniel T. attorney at law office 625 Merch 

Berry Fulton G. groceries and liquors NW corner 
Stockton and Jackson 

BERRY RICHARD N. stock broker 707 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 1507 Stockton 

BETGE ROBERT J. New York bookstore 217 
Montgomerv, dwl Russ House 

Beverl}- Consolidated (El Dorado Caiion) C. M. 
Co. office 808 Montgomery 

Beveily (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 

Big Baby (Esmeralda) G. &. S. M. Co. office 402 

Big Chief (Esnieralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 608 

BIGGS A. R. saloon 616 Mmitgomery, dwl S 8 
Francisco bet Stockton and Dnpont 

Birthright (Gold Hill) G. &l S. M. Co. office 760 Clay 

Black Hawk (Silver Hill) G. & S. M. Co. office 622 

Black Ledge (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 
228 Front 

Black Monntiiin C. M. Co. office 540 Clay 

Black Rock (Contra Costa) G. S. & C. M. Co. office 
542 Sacramento 

Blake H. C. & Co. stock broker 610 Washington, 
dwl 402 Stockton 

Blaney f.Jnhn H.J &c Kelsey (Bryant J collectors 
and mining secretaries, office 613 Merchant 

Blauvelt Richard D. jr. clerk City and County Re- 



Bloomingdale Emauuel, furniture cor Pine and San 
Blum Herman, gents" furnishing goods 306 Mont 
Bluxome No. 1 G. & S. M. Co. office 46 Government 

Bluxome No. 2 G. & S. M. Co. office 46 Government 

BOARD OF EDUCATION, rooms 325 Mont 
Boden and Larkin S. M. Co. office 611 Clav 
Bodie BlufF (Bodie Mining Dist) C. M. Co." office 33 

Montgomery Block 
Bolivia (Gold Hill) G. &, S. M. Co. office 605 Clay 
BOND CHARLES R. secretary Fireman's Fiind 

Insurance Co. office 238 Montgomery 
Booken Christian ( Wm. Meyerholtz i^ Co.) cor 

Sutter and Taylor 
Boston C. M. Co. office 630 Montgomery 
Boston (Gold Hill) G. & S. M. Co. office 605 Clay 
BOWLEY S. C. & CO. real estate, stock, and 

exchange broker 621 Mont, dwl 423 Bryant 
Boyle J. (S. J.) domestic St. Ignatius College cor 

Market and Fourth 
Boyle William, porter with Cyrus Adams, bds What 

Cheer House 
Boylen Joseph, dwl 549 Market 
Branger (Jean) & Job (Peter) restaurant SW cor 

Mont and Bush, dwl NE cor Clay and Powell 
Brayton A. P. & Co. (Henry S. Nett/efon) sloven 

"and tinware 204 Bush and 103 and 105 Sansom 
Breckbill C. P. waiter with Peter Job, dwl N 8 

Bush nr Kearnv 
Brennus (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 436 

Breuenstuhl Wm. F. clerk with Heyer & Co. dwl 

1010 Powell 
Brevoort House, Mrs. Matilda Yates proprietress, 

NW cor Jlission and Fourth 
Bright Star S. M. Co. (Reese River) office 56 Metro- 
politan Block 
Brilliant (Slate Range) S. M. Co. office 410 Mont 
Brimberg Herman, clerk 631 Washington 
Britton George W. book-keeper with Goodwin & 

Co. dwl 1313 Taylor 
Broadhead G. &. S. Si. Co. office 622 Clay 
BROOKS CHAS. WOLCOTT, consul "for Japan, 

office 511 Sansom (and C. W. Brooks 4' Oo.J 

dwl 1 109 Stockton 
Brovyell Jeremiah, contractor and builder, office 530 

Clay, dwl N s Lombard between Dupont and 

BROWN CHARLES F. Eureka Soap Co. 207 Sac- 
ramento, dwl 66 Clementina 
Brown E. J. Mrs. millinery 134 Montgomery 
Brown Frank J. salesman 124 Montgomery 
Brown Grafton T. draftsman with C. C. Kuchel 
Brown James F. at Eureka Soap Co. 207 Sac 
Brown S. C. secretary mining companies office 40 

Montgomery Block 
BROWN THO'M AS, special agent U. S. office third 

floor Custom House 
Bryan & Watson (Lander Co.) G. & S. M. Co. 

office Metropolitan Block 
BRYANT ANDREW J. wholesale wines and 

liquors 423 Battery, dwl 921 Bush 
Buckeye (Cinnabar Dist.) G. & S. M. Co. office 426 

Buckeye (Silver City) G. & S. M. Co. 41.5 Sansom 
Buckingham Charles E. stock and bullion broker 

office 528 Clay 
Buckley Samuel, hay, grain, and feed 13 Sutter, dwl 

218 Bush 
Bulfinch Warren, currier, dwl 625 Market 
Bulletti C. fruits and produce .'')21 Merchant 
Bullion (Virginia) M. Co. office 606 Merchant 
Bunker Hill (Lander Co.) G. dz. S. M. Co. office 604 

Burnett John M. secretary mining companies, office 

536 Washington, dwl 1006 Jackson 
Burns Henrv J. stencil plates, What Cheer House, 

dwl 74 Fourth 

Burrage George S. (B. P. Moore &■ Co.) dwl 249 

Byrne J. M. dwl .533 Sutter 

Cahii.1, John, porter 210 Battery 

California Protective Union Division No. 1, groce- 
ries, 114 Sutter 

CALIFORNIA TEACHER (monthly) educational 
magazine, office 536 Clav 

JOURNAL (monthly) J. Q. A. Warren editor, 
office 517 Clay 

Camanche (Sugar Pine District) G. & S. M. office 
528 Clay 

Campbell A. D. boots and shoes 334 Montgomery, 
dwl 1104 Stockton 

Campbell J. W. H. storage warehouse Rincon 
Point bet Folsom and Harrison 

Capitola (Uvas District) G. S. «fc C. M. Co. office 
328 Montsomerv 

CAPP CHARLES "S. attorney at law and minin;; 
secretary, office 810 Montgomery 

Carlisle S. H. milkman, dwl NW cor Pine and 

CARLTON CHARLES C. Carlton's Warehouse 
18, 20, and 22 Beale nr Market 

Carter H. K. (T. ,). Jones 4' Co.) dwl cor Fourth 
and Marlcet 

Casey Henry, clerk City and County Recorder, dwl 
Michigan Avenue 

Cash (Palmyra District) G. & S. M. Co. office 413 

Cassius (Buena Vista) G. & S. M. Co. office 544 

Cella A. (Ricci Sf Co.) dwl Union nr Stockton 

Chabot John, superintendent S. P. Water Works 
and Cement and Pipe Manufactory, S s Fran- 
cisco bet Mason and Taylor 

Chamberlain Silas, sash maker with Smith &Ware 

CHAMPLIN WILLIAM B. drugs and chemicals 
SW cor Fourth and Mission 

Charter Oak Insurance Co. New York, office Gov- 
ernment House 

CHASE R. P. physician office 436 Bush, dwl 31 

CHAUVIN O. commission merchant 314 Com- 
mercial, dwl NW cor California and Powell 

Chelon G. & S. M. Co. office 528 Montgomery 

Cherokee G. & S. M. Co. office 625 Merchant 

Chicago (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 326 Clay 

Chicago (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 22"8 

Chimawavo Con. (Colorado) C. &. S. M. Co. office 
SE cor Market and First 

ChoUar S. M. Co. office 434 California 

Christiana (Esmeralda) G. &. S. M. Co. office 40 
Metropolitan Block 

Chrysopolis G. «k S. M. Co. office 328 Montgomery 

Chrysopolis (Mono) S. M. Co. office 546 Merchant 

Chrysopolis (Silver Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. office 
436 Jackson 

Cincinnati (Reese River) S. M. Co. office 608 Mer- 

Cinco de Mayo G. & S. M. Co. office SW cor Broad- 
way and Dupont 

CITY RAILROAD CO. office NE cor Bush and 

Clark Allen C. engineer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 113 

CLARK RODNEY, secretary mining companies 
office 618 Washington, dwl 1019 Powell 

Clear Creek (Sierra) G. & S. M. Co. office 536 

Colburn Thomas W. mining secretary office 402 
Montgomery, dwl 731 California 

Clemens (Esmer"alda) G. & S. M. Co. 528 Clay 

Codicia (Gold Hill) S. M. Co. office 11 Government 

Cogeshall W. A. stock broker, office 605 Washington 



Coleinnn No. 1 G. & S. M. Co. office 4C Government 

Coleman No. '2 G. & S. M. Co. office 4() Government 
House (Gold Hill) G. &. S. M. Co. office 607 

Colorado (La Pa/,) G. & S. M. Co. office 515 Front 

Columbia (La Paz) G. S. & C M. Co. office 528 

Comet C. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 

Compora .John, waiter with Peter Job, dwl S s Pa- 
cilic nr Stockton 

Comstock (Lower Cal.) G. S. &. C. M. Co. office '204 

CongreBS (Slate Range) G. & S. M. Co. office NE 
cor .Alontiromcrv and California 

Congolidatcd (lariliilldi and Belvidere G. S. & C. M. 
Co. ollice -20 Market 

Constantia G. & S. M. Co. office 546 Merchant 

Contra Costa (Contra Costa Co.) G. «fc S. M. Co. 10 
Government House 

Cook (J. H.) & Heywood (S. J.J game, poultry, 
eggs, etc. 48 and 49 Washington Market, dwl 
Ewer Place 

Cooper A. F. Veterinarv Hospital 326 Bush, dwl 
327 Bush 

Copp (Humboldt N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 420 

Copper Age (Clayton District) M. Co. office 10 Gov- 
ernment House 

Copper Hill (Soledad District) M. C©. office 636 Sac- 

Corinthian (Esmeralda) G. &- S. M. Co. office 40 
Metropolitan Block 

Cornell (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 14 Gov- 
ernment House 

Corning f Richard S.J & Heustis (C. P.J ship 
chandlers and provisions 11 Vallejo 

Cornwall William A. attorney at law office 655 
Washingtou, dwl 1423 Kearny 

Cosala S. M. Co. office NE cor Front and Clay 

Cosbv Hugh, saddler with John O'Kane, dwl 9 

Cosihuiriachic (Chihuahua) G. & S. M. Co. office 607 

Cottle Franklin 1). carpenter and builder W s Fre- 
mont nr Mission, dwl 932 Howard 

Cotton f Daniel E.J, Baker (Johiao H.J & Co. (Z. 
A. Col.tonJ ))roprietors Genessee Flour Mills 3 
and 5 (jold Street, dwl 732 Union 

Cotton Z. A. (Cotton, Baker 8f Co.) dwl S s Mis- 
sion nr Fourth 

Covington G. & S. M. Co. office 423 Battery 

Cox <fc Ko.-c (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 
410 Montgomery 

CRANE EliWIN J. commission merchant 209 
Front, dwl 548 Folsom 

Crane Israel, commission merchant 321 Front, dwl 
SE cor Folsom and First 

Creole (Reese River) G. &. S. M. Co. office 423 Bat- 

Croesus" (Eagle and Washoe District) G. & S. M. Co. 
oflire NE cor Montgomery and Jackson 

Cronin ('rhomaaj & Kavauagh (James J liquor 
saloon 2.J Kearny 

CROSLEY (John iV.J &, MAZE ( Montg;omery ) 
mining and stocii agency and secretary mining 
companies office 9 and 10 Government House, 
dwl 708 Taylor 

Cuhi A. Rev. (U. J.) professor St. Ignatius College 
cor Market and Fourth • 

Cutter William K. dwl 605 Post 

Dane f}. &. S. M. Co. office 224 Montgomery 
Daniel Webster (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 

512 Sansom 
Davis Consolidation (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. 

528 Clay 
Davis R. E. dentist, office 912 Dupont 

Dayley James C. mining secretary office 607 Wash 
Delaware (Virginia) M. Co. oflice 3 Armory Hall 
Delta (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 60S Mcht 
DENT HKXUY S. mining secretary office 420 

Montgomerv, dwl .525 Folsom 
De Soto G. &L S". M. Co. office .536 Washington 
Detention (Henness Pass) C. G. & S. M. Co. office 

338 Montgomery 
Dettmer Charles, cook 26 Stewart, dwl 176 Jessie 
DeWolfe S. & Co. stock brokers 608 Montgomery, 

dwl Lick House 
Dexter (Arizona) M. Co. office 108 Kearny 
Diamond C. M. Co. office 321 Montgomery 
Diana (Reese River) G. «fc S. M. Co. office 228 Front 
DICKEY GEORGE S. apothecary and pharma- 
ceutical chemist NE cor Fourth and Howard 
DICKSON, DeWOLF & CO. (Charles F. Lett 
and George Campbell) importing commission 
merchants and agents Queen Insurance Co. 
London, 410 412, and 414 Battery 
Di Vernon S. M. Co. (Reese River) office 56 Metro- 
politan Block 
D'Oliveira Emanuel, physician, office and dwl 810 

Donophan (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 542 Sac 
Don Pedro (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 

Metropolitan Block 
Douglas &. Fillmore Con. (San Francisco) G. &- S. 

M. Co. office 410 Montgomery 
Driscoll (DanielJ & Jellings (EdwardJ Brokers' 

Exchange 426 Montgomery 
Dubuque G. & S. M. Co. office SE cor Montgomery 

and Jackson 
DUJARDIN F. Washoe Express agent SE cor 

Washington and Battery, dwl 10 Ellis 
Dumas Lucien, laundry. 416 Dupont 
Dundas (Silver City) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 Metro- 
politan Block 
Dunn Charles D. printer Monitor 622 Clay 
Duperu Numa, office 208 California, dwl cor Howard 

and Twelfth 
Durney A. F. otiice NE cor Front and Clay, dwl 
356 Jessie 

Edwards J. C. clerk City and County Recorder 

Eagle M. Co. office cor Mont and Com 

Eai-ly Dawn (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 

40 Metropolitan Block 
Eastern Star iM. Co. office 006 Montgomery 
Eastern (Virginia) M. Co. office 18 Montgomery 

Echo Extension (Gold Hill) G. & S. M. Co. office 

605 Clay 
Eclipse M. Co. office cor Mont and Com 
El Dorado Con. (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 

113 California 
El Gran Poder C. M. Co. office 540 Clay 
El Tesora (Lower California) S. M. Co. office 542 

Electrical (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 547 

Eliza Andeison (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 

625 Merchant 
Ellis Nathaniel steamer Paul Pry 
Emerson R. secretary mining companies office 540 

Emma Antoinette G. &l S. M. Co. office 716 Mont 
Empire (Silver City) G. Si. S. M. Co. office Metro- 
politan Block 
Empire Stale C. M. Co. office 618 Washington 
ENAS JOSEPH D. &. CO. real estate agents office 

225 Montgomery, dwl 909 Vallejo 
Enterprise (Colorado) G. & S. M. Co. 422 Mont 
Enterprise (Placer Co.) V.. M. Co. office 528 Mont 
Estabrook .James A. salesman 217 Montgomery, dwl 

628 Merchant 
Estrella del Monte G. & S. M. Co. office 546 Mcht 
Eureka G. M. Co. office 214 California 
Eureka G. & S. M. Co. (Humboldt) office 607 Wash 



Eureka (Silver Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. office 502 

Evans Jlon-is, pastor M. E. Church South, dwl 409 

EWER ( Warren B.) &, SMITH ^C. W. M.J 
editors and proprietors Mining and Scientific 
Press office 56 and 57 Government House 

Exchange (Del Norte Co.) C. M. Co. office 604 

Express (Silver City) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 Me- 
tropolitan Block' 

Fair Haven G. & S. M. Co. office 400 Front 

Fair Play (Shay Gulch) C. G. & S. M. Co. office 
MeU-bpolitan Block 

Falstaff G. & S. M. Co. office Metropolitan Block 

FARNHAM STEPHEN B. stock broker office 
610 Washiniiton, dwl 231 Post 

Farrell Michael, tobacco cutter with Cyrus Adams 

Federal and Republic (Virginia) S. M. Co. office 605 

Federal Union (Esmeralda) G. &. S. M. Co. office 
Metropolitan Block 

Felt J. J. dwl Rincou Place 

Fennell Michael, contractor, dwl W s First Avenue 
bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth 

FERGUSON JOHN, claim agent, office and dwl 
202 Bush 

Fick Gustav (Melrose, Zom Sf Co.) res Hamburg, 

Fidelity (Contra Costa) G. S. &. C. M. Co. office 604 

Figaro (Al(une Dis.) G. & S. M. Co. office 512 San 

Finigan Holmes, physician, office 608 Jackson 


First South Chihuahua (Esmeralda) M. Co. office 
400 Montgomery 

First South-east Extension (Slate Range) S. M. Co. 
office 512 Montgomery 

FITZPATRICK JOHN E. Pioneer Soda Works 529 
Jackson, dwl NW cor Grove and Van Ness Av 

FLEMING WILLIAM, Superintendent Owens- 
River Canal Co. office 328 Montgomery, dwl S 
E cor William and Post 

Flint Lewis, miller Genessee Flour M. dwl 137 Silver 

Flora (Reese River)^ G. <fc S. M. Co. office 410 Mont 

Florida G. & S. M. Co. office 423 Battery 

Flume Ledge G. & S. M. Co. office Government 

Folsom (Albert) & Killer (John i2.j carnage manu- 
facturers 531 California, dwl 418 Post 

Forbes Wm. H. mining secretary office 224 Mont- 
gomerv, dwl Lick House 

FORTUNE (H. \y.) & HUDSON (NehonJ stock 
brokers and mining secretaries office 618 Wash- 
ington, dwl W s Fourth nr Brannan 

Fortune (Cumabar Dis.) G. & S. M. Co. office 426 

Fort Wagner (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 
Government House 

Four-Twentv S. M. Co. office 619 Washington 

Fourth of July No. 3 G. & S. M. Co. office 426 

Francis 1st S. E. Ex. (Slate Range) G. «fc S. M. Co. 
office 522 Montgomery 

Francis Willard H. registrar and collector S. F. City 
W. W. 614 California 

Frank (Joseph H.J & Co. /'Abraham Rothschild J 
importers stationery 302 Battery, dwl 1713 Stock 

Frank O. H. Consul for Hanover office 229 Sac 

Franklin (Esmeralda) Tunnel Co. office 608 Mcht 

Freeman James E. surveyor, dwl 327 Bush 

French E. & Co. real estate agents office 538 Market, 
dwl 720 Market 

French Gulch M. Co. office 622 Clay 

CIETY, office 13 Geary 

Freyburg (Gold Hill) S. M. Co. office 540 Wash 

FULLER (FrankJ & WILSON (S. L.J stock 

brokers 623 IMontgomerv dwl 429 Bryant 
Fusi Yama G. & S. M. Co. office 611 Clay 

GAGER JAMES H. mining secretary and stock 
broker 546 Merch Mont Block, dwl 759 Market 
Galacar Charles, nautical school and marine sur- 
veyor 310 Front 
Gardner John M. milk ranch, dwl Ss Minna near 

Garniss James R. (Nishet ^ G.J dwl Lick House 
Gazelle (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 636 

Gedge George F. clerk with J. R. Mead & Co. 200 

Montgomery, dwl 918 Jackson 
Gen. Jackson (Devil's Gate) G. &. S. M. Co. office 

512 Sansom 
George S. G. office 522 Mont, dwl 568 Mission 
Gertrude G». & S. M. Co. (Reese River) office 56 

Metropolitan Block 
Ghio A. (Kicci Sf Co.) 534 Commercial 
Gibbins Sarah Miss, folder laundry 416 Dupont 
Gibbs C. V. S. secretary Board N! Y. Underwriters 
office 308 Front, dwl cor Ellis and Powell 
GILBERT (FerdinandJ BERT (Edward O.) & 
CORBYN (Sheridan) proprietors Gilbert's 
New Idea S s Com bet Kearny and Dupont 
Oilman A. M. with Howard, Goewey & Co. 409 

Gilmore John H. advertising agent, dwl 241 Minna 
Goewey James M. (Howard G. Sf Co.) dwl Vir- 
ginia Block cor Stockton and Pacific 
Gold Caiion Con. M. Co. office 613 Merchant 
Gold Hill M. Co. (Sonora Toulumne Co.) office 15 

Montgomery Block 
Gold Hill Union Mills (Gold Hill) G. & S. M. Co. 

office 33 Montgomery Block 
Gold Point (Reese Rivef) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 

Government House 
Golden Wedge (Gold Hill) S. M. Co. office 605 

Golden Wedge S. M. Co. office NE cor Jackson 

and Montgomery 
Golden Gate (Gold Hill) S. M. Co. office 605 Clay 
Golden Gate (Reese River) T. & M. Co. office 522 

Golden Magnet (Cinnabar Dist.) G. & S. M. Co. 

office 426 Montgomery 
Good Hope (Nevada) M. Co. office 338 Mont 
Goodwill Con. C. G. & S. M. Co. office 611 Clay 
GOODWIN JAMES P. & Co. (Philip B. Holmes) 
importers and manufacturers furniture, etc. 510 
and .528 Wash and 618 Battery, dwl 1313 Taylor 
Gortha (Esmeralda) M. Co. office 40 Metropolitan 

Gov. Downey Con. (Humboldt, N. T.) G. &. S. M. 

Co. office 426 Montgomery 
Graham G. & S. M. Co. office '46 Government House 
Goodman Kate Miss, furnished rooms 7 Third 
Grand Trunk G. & S. M. Co. (Humboldt) office 607 

GRANT JOSEPH, notary public, commissioner of 
deeds for all the States and broker office 655 
Washington, dwl 703 Geary 
Great Central (Colorado) M. Co. office 542 Sacra- 
Great Eastern Gold Mine, office 406 Montgomery- 
Green Rock (Angels Camp) M. Co. office 804 M!oiit 
Greene William G. (Watson Sj- G.J 528 Mont 
Greenebaum Moses (Helbing, G. Sf Co.) cor Pine 

and Battery 
GREENWOOD WILLIAM M. with Dickson, De- 
Wolf & Co. 410 Battery (and Battles Sf Co.) 
dwl Union Club Rooms 
Grissim Con. M. Co. office 607 Washington 
Grosch Con. (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office 420 

Guadalupe De Los Angeles G. <fc S. M. Co. office 13 
Court Block 



Hale T. T. lanndrynian, dwl with Col. Jos. Wood 
Hall (John C.J i&i. Poser (Henry) real estate 
agents and brokers '218 Montgomery, dwl base- 
ment First Baptist Chnrch 
Hamilton.!. 13. {.J. W. Keep Sf Co.^/ dwl Russ House 
Hanscom W. W. mechanical engineer 19 Fiist 
Harding G. & S. 51. Co. ollice 8 Government Honse 
Hard Nut Con. (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office 506 

Harris A. II. (Morison, H. Sf Co.) dwl Occidental 

Harrison (San Mateo) C & P. M. Co. office 327 

Harry Raymond (Oro Fino) G. & S. M. Co. office 

536 Wasliington 
Hart Cliarlos b: (Morrison Sf H.) dwl S s Green 

bet Stockton and Diipont 
Hartford (Virginia) M. Co. office 606 Merchant 
HASKELL D. H. secretary mining companies 

office 46 Government House, dwl 945 Mission 
Hathaway B. W. physician office 606 Montgomery 
HAWES HORACE, attorney at law and real estate, 
office and dwl N s Folsom bet Ninth and Tenth 
Heald John, dentist office 313 Montgomery 
HEATH (Richard W.J & ALLEN f Charles R.J 
commission mercliants, and Consulate for San 
Salvador office 609 Front, res Oakland 
Heidleburg G. S. & C. M. Co. office 635 Mission 
Heizman Lorenzo ( Zack Jj- H.J, dwl .521 Kearny 
&. CO. (Emanuel Straus) importers and job- 
bers crockerv and glass ware NE cor Pine and 
Battery, dwl 1522 Powell 
Hemme Auguste (Richn, H. ^ Co. J res Oakland 
Helm G. «fc. S. M. Co. office 423 Battery 
Henderson Thomas H. cleik City and County Re- 
corder, dwl E s Gustavus nr Sacramento 
Hero (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 Bat 
Heustis C. P. (Corning i^- H.) dwl 11 Vallejo 
Heyer Ellis J. (Hcyer^Sf Co.J dwl 1010 Powell 
Heyer Lawrence A. (Heyer Sf Co.J res Boston 
HEYER (William A., Ellis J. and Lawrence A.J 
&L CO. importers fancy goods, musical instru- 
ments, pianos, etc. 406 Battery, res Boston 
Heywood S. J. (Cook Sf H.J bds Fisher House 
HIGGINS WILLIAM M. druggist and apothe- 
cary 534 Sac, dwl NW cor Pacific and Stockton 
Hill J. Brvant, stock broker office 608 Montgomery, 

dwl 1013 Pine 
Hinchman (El Dorado) G. & S. M. Co. office 305 


cor Cal an<l Front, dwl 30 Ilawthorne 
Hoge Jo.scph P. attorney at law 2 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 2(; Ellis 
HOLDREIKiE W.M. president Fireman's Fund 

Insurance Co. office 238 Montgomerv 
HOLLA DAY SAMUEL .W. attorney at law office 

20 Naglee's Building cor Mont and Merchant 
Home F. L. Mrs. physician, office and dwl 111 St. 

Mark Place. 
Hood A. G. carpenter 28 Kearny 
Hooper John C. farmer New San Jos6 Road 4 miles 

SW Plaza 
Hope (Gold Hill) M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Hopkins Thei'on R. (Kennedy ff H.J dwl NE cor 

Broadway and Montgomery 
Hooper Edward N. clerk with Cross & Co. dwl 

1312 Taylor 
Hord J. R. jihotographic gallery 624 Market, dwl 

NE cor Bush and Taylor 
Horse Shoe (Mount Diablo) S. & C. M. Co. office 

512 Sansoni 
HORSTMANN JOHN, groceries and liquors NW 

cor Bush and Powell, dwl 608 Powell 
Hosmer Charles, office NW cor Clay and Front, dwl 

639 Clay 
Hovet Henry R. (Nobrnann 4- Co.J dwl 627 Bush 
Howe Arabella (widow) furnished rooms 620 Market 

HOWES SAMUEL P. mining secretary office 42 

Government House, dwl N s Post nr Jones 
Hoyt Henry I. (Morison, Harris Sf Co.J res Nor- 

walk. Conn. 
Hubbell E. S. stock broker 610 Washington, dwl 

231 Post 
Hudson Nelson (Fortune 4' H.J dwl E s Mason nr 

Humboldt Great Consols G. & S. M. Co. office 706 

Hussey Joseph W. Superintendent's clerk U. S. B. 

Mint, dwl NW cor O'Farrell and Powell 
Hydraulic (Contra Costa) M. office 10 Government 


Illinois (Smoky Valley, N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 

611 Clay 
I mperat rice (Calaveras) G. & S. M. Co. office 542 

Ina Ledge (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 506 

Independent (Gold Hill) G. & S. M. Co. office 302 

Independent (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 

Indian Queen (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 305 

Indus (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office NE cor Clay 

and Battery 
ING ANDREW D. & CO. leather and depot Santa 

Cruz Tannery 322 Wash, dwl Braunan House 
Iron Clad (El Paso District) G. & S. M. Co. office 

636 Sacramento 

Jackson (Garden Bar) C. M. Co. office 509 Market 
JAMES CHARLES, United States Ccdlector port 

San Francisco office third floor Custom House 
Jefferson (Galena) S. & C. M. Co. office 328 Mont- 
Jefferson (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 

Jesus de Antocha S. M. Co. office SE cor Sansom 

and Broadway 
Jewel (Devil's Gate) G. & S. M. Co. office 604 

JEWETT A. P. &. CO. (Miles Jeivctt) hay and 

feed 22 and 24 Market, dwl W s Mason nr Ellis 
Jewett Jarvis, agent Pahner's Artificial Leg 64 

Joe Douglass (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 56 

Metropolitan Block 
Joe Lane (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 228 

Johnston J. W. (Bayley Sf J.J dwl cor Howard 

and Tenth 
Jones Charles C. with Wheeler & Thayer, dwl SW 

cor Stockton and Green 
Jones T. J. & Co. (H. K. Carter J stock brokers 

office .528 Montgomery, dwl 616 Mission 
Judkius David R. photographic artist with J. R. 

Hord, dwl Nl*] cor Sutter and Montgomery 
Jump E. artist (i2l Market, ilwl 711 Mission 
Jura G. &. S. M. Co. ollice 72? Montgomery 

Kahn Eliza Mrs. millinery 112 Montgomery 
Kahn Wm. salesman 112 Montgomery 
Kavauagh James (Cronin i^- K.J dwl 333 Bush 
Kay Quartz Lode M. Co. office Custom House 
Keep .t. W. & (/O. (J. B. HmniltonJ manufacturers 
clothing and gents' furnishing goods 140 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Lick House 
Keller M. native wine depot 609 Front, res Los 

Kellev'^L. A, (Electro Metallurgical Co.) 616 

Kclsey Bryant (Blancy Sf K.J, 613 Merchant 
Kelsey (El Dorado County) G. «k S. M. Co. office 

605 Sacramento 
Keltz (Tuolumne) G. M. Co. office 542 Sacramento 



Kennedy (Edward) & Hopkins ( Theron R.J, 

Genessee Flour Mills office 3 and 5 Gold, dwl 

KE cor Broadway and Montgomery 
Kentucky (Contra Costa) G. & S. M. Co. office 542 

Keokuk C. M. Co. office 322 Front 
Kerr Thomas, bookkeeper, dwl NE cor Silver and 

Kindeihook G. & S. M. Co. office 605 Sacramento 
King Stephen T. stock and exchaTige broker office 

712 Montgomery, dwl 228 Fourth 
Kinsman G. S. & C. M. Co. office 220 Clay 
KLEPZIG I. C. E. manufacturer and dealer guns 

and sporting materials 733 Washington 
Klingomar James, music teacher, bds 7 Stockton 
KLINKOFSTKOM M. (Rowland, Walker Sr Co.) 

Russian Vice Consul office 505 Front, dw 29 
_ South Park 
Knickerbocker & Monumental Consolidation G. S. 

& C. M. Co. office 322 Sansom 
Knickerbocker G. & S. M. Co. office 542 Sacramento 
Knoll Theodore, musician, dwl ]8 Sansom 
Koenigsberger T. book-keeper with M. Mayblum, 

dwl 1515 Powell 
Kohler Bros. (Jacob and Ranemous) importers and 

jobbers stoves, tin, iron, etc. 106 and 408 Battery, 

dwl E s Larkin bet Clay and Washington 
Kohler Bros. S. M. Co. office 408 Battery 
Konopak C. R. (Melrose, Zorn Sf Co.) "421 Battery 

La Candslaria (Lower California) S. M. Co. office 

542 Sacramento 
La Libertad (Lower California) S. M. Co. office 542 

La Mina Del Norte (San Antonio, L. C) S. M. Co. 

office 436 Jackson 
La Mina Ophir (San Antonio, L. C.) S. M. Co. office 

436 Jackson 
La Naud (San Francisco) G. & S. M. Co. office 410 

La Paz M. Co. office SW cor Battery and Wash 
La Providencia (La Paz) S. M. Co. office 611 Mont 
La Sinaloa S. M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Lady Bryan G. & S. M. Co. office 33 Metropolitan 

Lady Elizabeth (Silver Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. 

otKce 604 Merchant 
Lady of the Lake (San Francisco) G. & S. M- Co. 

office 410 Montgomery 
Lafayette (Lander County, N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. 

office 423 Battery 
Lake Harvey, armory Metropolitan Theater, rear 

Original House 531 and 533 Sac, dwl 808 Vallejo 
Lasar Leopold (E. Jj- L. Lasar), dwl 532 Mission 
Laurent (Celcatine) & Cie (Madame), French mil- 
liners 828 Washington 
Ijawrence H. H. Assistant Assayer U. S. B. Mint 
Lazarus S. H. dry goods 118 Third 
Lee Amanda Miss, actress Bella Union Melodeon 
Lee Marian Miss, actress Bella Union Melodeon 
Leeke (Austin, Lander Coimty) G. & S. M. Co. office 

224 Montgomery 
Lindsey Lead Co. (Calaveras) office 8 Government 
Little Giant (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 

Government House 
LITTLER (Charles W.) & CO. (James M. Dun- 
can I brokers office 528 Montgomery 
Live Oak (Lander County) G. & S. M. Co. office 224 

Lizzie Leighton Consolidation (Esmeralda) M. Co. 

office 4 Armory Hall 
Locbiiivar (Calaveras) C. M. Co. office 519 Mont 
Lone Star (Reese River) M. Co. office 602 Wash 
Longley (San Francisco) G. & S. M. Co. office 410 

Los Cruzecitas (Sonora, Mexico) M. Co. office NW 

cor Front and Jackson 

Louisville (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 542 Sac 
Love H. S. (Bennett, L. Sf Love) dwl 16 Tehama 
Love John L. (Bennett, hove Jj- 1^.) dwl 16 Tehama 
Lovejoy Alphonso, porter with Cyrus Adams 
Low James C. dwl NE cor Broadway and Mont 
Lubeck S. stock broker, office 605 Washington 
Lull Almon, druggist and apothecary, NE cor Third 

and Tehama 
Lyon I. W. dentist office 13 Belden Block cor Bush 
Lyons J. J. architect office 204 Moutgoinerv 
Lysett John P. Market Street House 504 Market 

Macdonald (Contra Costa) G. S. & C. M. Co. office 

11 Government House 
MacLaren Daniel P. clerk with George S. Dickey, 

dwl 23 Howard Court 
Macy William, cashier U. S. Branch Mint, dwl 762 

Madison (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 

Madraza G. & S. M. Co. office 811 Montgomery 
Magdalena G. <fc S. M. Co. office 621 Montgomery 
Magna Charta (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 523 

Mahonev W. P. bar keeper 616 Montgomery 
Maid of "Erin G. & S. M. Co. office room 13 Mead 

Maillard G. & S. M. Co. office 540 W^ashington 
Mallard Con. (Prince Ifcyal) G. & S. M. Co. office 

523 Montgomery 
Malon (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 228 Front 
Mandat C. M. Co. office .508 Battery 
MANGELS PETER, groceries and liquors SW cor 

Pine and Sansom 
Manzanillo (Sinaloa) M. Co. office 616 Merchant 
Marronena (Lower Cal.) S. M. Co. office 411 Clay 
MARTENS (Frederick) &, CO. (Charles Place) 

liquor saloon 425 Sansom, dwl .526 Merchant 
Martin Louis, wines and liquors cor Jackson and 

Masson F. P. (Salomon ^ Co.) dwl 211 Sutter 
MAYBLUM M. importer cigars and tobacco SE cor 

Front and Sacramento, dwl 1515 Powell 
Mayflower (Star) G. &. S. M. Co. office 228 Front 
Maze Montgomery, searcher of records office Gov- 

House (and Crosley Sf M.j dwl 834 Kearny 
McAlester ( William F-) & Jackson ( William) 

proprietors Pacific Temperance House 109, 111, 

and 113 Pacific, dwl 616 Third 
McCoU (William) «fe Cox (Anson) produce com- 
mission 46 Clay, dwl 412 Minna 
McClelland G. & S. M. Co. office 11 Clay 
McDowell Archibald, miner, dwl 723 California 
McNIEL (A. B.J & CO. (Dwight Crittenden) 

dealers in rice 440 California^ dwl 622 Sac 
MEBIUS C. F. importing commission merchant, 

agent Bremen Board Underwriters, Consul for 

Lubeck, and acting Hanoverian Consul, office 

229 Sacramento, dwl 1415 Powell 
Mechanics G. & S. M. Co. office 322 Front 
MELROSE (Henry), ZORN (John T.) & CO. 

(C. R. Konopak and Gustave Fick) importers 

and jobbers foreign and domestic hardware, tin- 
ware, etc. 421 Battery, res New York 
Merrill Isaac M. office 706 -Montgomery, dwl cor 

Montgomery and Pacific 
Metcalf (George A.) &l Hutchinson (D. /S.^/ pho- 
tographic gallery 650 Washington 
MEYER ADAM, Cincinnati Brewery Valencia nr 

Midnight (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 619 

Miel Charles, Kmder-Garten School 41 South Park 
MILLER J. H. collector and house broker office 

217 Montgomery 
Mina (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 428 Mont 
Minnehaha M. Co. office 42 Government House 
Minerva and Gittels Con. M. Co. office 24 Naglee's 




Mississippi S. M. Co. office 503 Montgomery 
Missouri (Keose River) G. & S. M. Co. office 34 

Metropolitan Block 
MITCHEIjL a. W. importer and manufacturer 

furs, 12-1 Montgomery 
Mohawk (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office 604 Mont 
Moigneu L. J. F. (Salomon Sf Co J dwl211 Sutter 
Monarch (Lander Co.) G. & S. M. Co. office 8 Gov- 
ernment House 
Monitor C. M. Co. office 503 Montgomery 
Monitor (Slate Range) G. & S. M. Co. office 522 

Monte Cristo (Palmyra) G & S. M. Co. office 630 

Montezuma Hill. G & S. M. Co. 622 Clav 
Montrose (Lander Co.) G. & S. M. Co. ofiSce 8 Gov- 
ernment House 
Moreno Jo8(5 M. physician office 722 Washington, 

dwl JSNatoma' 
MORRISON (James B.J &. HART (Charles B.J 

stock exchange brokers office 15 Metropolitan 

MORSE JOHN P. professor pathology, theory, and 

practice, Med. JDept. University Pacific, 660 

Morton Charles G. stevedore office 619 Front, dwl 

1621 Leavenworth 
Moselle (Esmeralda) M. Qo. office 400 Montgomery 
Mosquito i\I. Co. office 443 Montgomery 
Mosquito Quartz M. Co. office NW cor" Montgomery 

and Jackson 
Mobs Con. E. secretary mining companies 305 Mont 
Moulton Charles E. drayman 533 Washington 
Mount Carmel (Argentine) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 

Metropolitan Block 
Mount Vernon (Calaveras) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 

Government House 
Mount Zion G. S. & C. M. Co. office 10 Government 

Mountain Queen (Reese River) G. Si. S. M. Co. 

office 423 Battery 
Mountain (Silver Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. No. 1 

office 305 Montgomery 
Moiuitain View (Calaveras) G. & S. M. Co. office 22 

MoinitaincH-r CM. Co. office 642 Washington 
Mudge Theodore A. stock broker office 528 Clay, dwl 

712 Bush 
Mulcahv Thomas, Fontenoy Liquor Saloon 227 Bush 
MuUerC. optician 3 Montgomery, dwl Brooklyn Ho- 
Musidora (Sonora, Mex.) S. M. Co. office 618 Mcht 

NAGLE GEO D. contractor and brick maker office 

SE cor Pine and Mont, dwl 16 Rincon Place 
Nashville (Humboldt Co.) G. & S. M. Co. office 

436 Jackson 
Nelson (Owen's River) M. Co. office 526 Merchant 
Nevada (Nevada Co.) M. Co. office 56 Montgomerv 

Nevada O. S. & C. M. Co. office 222 Sacramento 
Never Sink (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co, office G36 

NEWBV RICHARD, agent Commercial Bank, 

Indies, office 410 California 
Newfield Louis, salesman with Wm. Meyer & Co. 

dwl 736 Vallejo 
Newsom (Silver City] G. & S. M. Co. office 40 

Metropolitan Block 
New Year Diggings G. &, S. M. Co. office 410 Mont 
New York and Nevada Mill & M. Co. office 224 

New York Quartz M. Co. office 222 Sacramento 
Niagara (American Dis.) G. &. S. M. Co. office 616 

Noah Wet)Hter M. Co. office 504 Battery 
Nolan Michael N. hds Lick House 
Nollner Bernard, tobacco packer with Cyrus Adams, 

dwl Sumner Street House 

Noonday (Contra Costa) G. S. & C M. Co. office 

9 Government House 
Noning A. F. porter City and Co. Recorder's office 
NORCROSS (J. K.J k CO. cigars and tobacco 

2061 i}„sh. dwl two Market 
North Beach Quart/. Mill, Wheeler & Thayer pro- 
prietors S s Francisco bet Powell and Maeon 
North Star G. S. & C. M. Co. office 430 Jackson 
Nunan Jeremiah, book-keeper 227 Bush 
Nye William H. apothecary with C. E. Hinckley & 
Co. bds American Excliange 

O'Byrne L. editor Alta California 536 Sacramento 
OCCIDENTAL MARKET, Sutter to Market bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Occidental (Silver Mountain) G. &, S. M. Co. office 

436 Jackson 
Occidental (Soledad District) C. M. Co. office 636 

Old Colony (Reese River) S. M. Co. office .523 Mont 
Omaha (Campo Seco) C. M. Co. office 542 Sac 
Oneida (Mono) G. & S. M. Co. office 402 Mont 
Ontario (Reese River) G. &. S. M. Co. office 325 

Open Sesame G". S. & C. M. Co. office .526 Mont 
Ophir (Slate Range) S. M. Co. office 410 Mont 
Ophir (Virginia) S. M. Co. office 402 IMontgomery 
Ophir of the Colorado No. 1 (Ai-izona) G. &, S."M. 

Co. office Metropolitan Block 
Oppermann Christian, dwl 1516 Powell 
Orleans (Lake County) Q. M. Co. office 542 Sac 
Oro Fino (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 34 

Metropolitan Block 
Oesippe G. & S. M. Co. office 612 Montgomery 
Overton Charles T. physician, office and dwl 139 

Owens River Mill & M. Co. office 328 Montgomery 
Owens River Canal & M. Co. office 328 Montgom- 
ery room 4 
Owens River (Inyo District) G. & S. M. Co. office 

621 Clay 
Oxford Beta (Aurora) T. & M. Co. office SE cor 

Broadway and Sansom 

NY, office 404 Montgomery 

Pacific Copper M. Co. office 611 Clay 

Palmer Noyes S. agent Charter Oak Life Insurance 
Co. Hartford office 28 Government House 

Palmetto G. & S. M. Co. office 305 Montgomery 

Parker Giftbrd F. salesman with Jennings & 
Brewster, dwl 928 Clay 

Pasha (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 Gov- 
ernment House 

PATTON WILLIAM, architect, office and dwl 681 
Washington, rooms 14 and 1.5 

PAYNE THEODORE, Estate of, office room 5 
61S Mcirliant 

Payne Tlieodore Mrs. dwl Lick House 

Payne Theodore F. dwl Lick House 

Payne Warren R. real estate office room 5, 618 
Merchant, dwl Lick House 

Pena Antonio A. D. clerk with S. Wilzinski, dwl 13 

Peninsular (Lower Cal.) M. Co. office 606 Front 

Penole G. S. & C. M. Co. office 517 Clay 

Pensacola (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 
Montgomery 151o('k 

Pepita (Devil'sGate) S. M. Co. office 338 Mont 

Peroxide (Sierra County) G. & S. M. Co. office 508 

Peru (Humboldt District) M. Co. office 630 Mont 

Phcebus (Reese River) G. &, S. M. Co. office 7 Gov- 
ernment House 

Pierson C. Mrs. flag maker 1502 Leavenworth nr 

Pilkington John B. ear infirmary office -305 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 129 Silver 

Pique Edward, musician, dwl 748J Market 



Pioneer (Reeee River) Mill & M. Co. oflace 544 

Place Clmrles (Martens 4" Co.) dwl 425 Sansom 
PLATT HENRY B. proprietor Piatt's New Music 

Hall, dwl 316 Pine 
Plutus (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 Gov- 
ernment House 
Plymouth Rock (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 

7 Government House 
Plympton Lowell, carpenter, dwl 515 Bush 
Polar Star G. & S. M. Co. office 617 Clay 
Poiudexter (Colorado) G. & S. M. Co. office 410 

Polastri V. physician, office and dwl 919 Vallejo 
Pond G. & S. M. Co. office 402 Montgomery 
Pope Tbos. J. professor Union College, dwl 15 Third 
Poser Henry (Hall Sf P.J dwl McClellan House 
Pound Keeper City, office NE cor Union and Van 

Ness Avenue 
Preston (Reese River) G. & S. M. Co. office 423 

Prince Imperial G. & S. M. Co. office 611 Mont 
PRIOR JAMES K. im]iorter gas fixtures, plumb- 
ing material, etc. 539 Washington (and after 
March 1st, 1864) 728 Montgomery, dwl W s 
Mason bet Eddj- and Turk 
Provines R. R. attorney at law office o8 and 39 

Metropolitan Block 
Pui-kitt J. H. secretary mining companies 618 Wash- 
ington, dwl 1814 Stockton 

QuiNN S. T. oysters 612 Montgomery 

Quinn William H. salesman 108 Battery, dwl cor 

First and Folsom 
Quackenbush Thomas M. contractor and builder 

534 Jackson 

RANSOM LEANDER, State Locatingand General 
Land Agent office 328 Mont, dwl 402 Sutter 
Ravenna (Arizona) G. M. Co. office 619 Wash 
Red Butte (Esmeralda) M. Co. 400 Montgomery 
Red Jacket (Contra Costa Co.) M. Co. office Gov- 
ernment House 
Red Rock G. &■ S. M. Co. office 54 Clay 
Reese River M. Co. office 42 Government House 
Regina M. & T. Co. office 528 Clay 
Ricci (P-) &- Co. (A. Cella and A. Ghio) Commer- 
cial Liquor Saloon 534 Commercial 
RIEHN (Charles i^.; HEMME (Angu^te) & CO. 
assayers office 408 Montgomery and laboratory 
1 Sumner, dwl 11 Stockton 
Rife (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 6 Parrott's 

Richardson »S. O. miner, dwl with Col. Jos. Wood 
ROBBINS JAMES J. stock broker office 609 Clay, 

dwl Occidental Hotel 
Roberts. I. D. shawl emporium, 127 Montgomery 
&L CO. ( Wickhain C McNiihJ importers boots 
and shoes and agent J. Miles &- Son Pliiladel- 
phia 216 Califomia, dwl 230 Green 
ROBINSON (Thomas J & SNOW (Frank C.) 
engravings, picture frames, etc. SE cor Wash- 
ington and Sansom, dwl 423 Washington 
Rock River (Butte Co.) G. M. Co. office 542 Sac 
Roderick (Lander Co. N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 

224 Montgomery 
Romelia (Contra Costa) M. Co. office Government 

Rosenbaum Henry G. shooting gallery 526 Cal 
Rosenblatt S. Palace of Novelties 105" and 121 Mont 
Rose Spring (Coso) W. & M. M. Co. office 400 

Rough and Ready (Nevada) G. & C. M. Co. office 

Government House 
Roulstone A. J. crockery and glass ware 618 Mar- 
ket, dwl Railroad House 
Roulstone John W. salesman 618 Market, dwl 4 1 5 

Rowland (Richard R.J, Walker (Andreru) & Co. 
( M. Klinkofstrom ) groceries and provisions 
642 Clav an"d 505 Front, dwl 1313 Kearny 
Roval Eaglb and Cliff G. & S. M. Co. office 617 

■ Clav 
Russ Adolphus G. dwl NW cor Sixth and Harris© 
Russ Augustus P. dwl NW cor Sixth and Harrison- 
Russ Christiana Mrs. dwl NW cor Sixth and Har- 
Russ Henry B. with C. F. Mebius 229 Sacramento 
Russian American Commercial Co. office 505 Front 

Sarins A. C. commission merchant 209 Sacramento, 
dwl S s Chestnut bet Stockton and Powell 

Sailor (Blue Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. office 24 
Naglee's Building 

Salazor (La Paz) S. M. Co. office 523 Montgomery 

Salmon ( L. G.J & Co. (/-. F. Moigneu and F' P. 
Massonj manufacturing confectioners 211 Sutter 

Salvador G. & S. M. Co. office 528 Montgomery 

San Antonio S. M. Co. office 310 Sansom 

San Francisco Board Underwriters Rooms 

San Gabriel (Carmen Island) G. S. & C. M. Co. 
office 406 Montgomery 

San Jose de Ventanas G. '&, S. M. Co. office 540 Clay 

San Nicholas (Durango Mex.) S. M. Co. office 224 

Santa Clara (Esmeralda) M. Co. office 49 Metropol- 
itan Block 

Santa Rosa (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office 618 

Sarah Frances (Amador) G. & S. M. Co. office 604 

SATHER (PederJ & CO. bankers SW cor Clay 
and Batterj', dwl 346 Second 

Savory Benjamin L. vegetables, fruits, etc. 9 Wash- 
ington Market, dwl 859 Mission 

Schiller /Gold Hill) G. & S. M. Co. office 607 Wash 

Schumacner Anthony, importer leather and shoe- 
findings, 634 Clay, dwl 1103 Mason 

Scudder George M. merchant office with W. F. 
Walton 618 Merchant 

Selleck C. M. Co. office 415 Montgomery 

Setting Sun (Contra Costa) G. & S. M." Co. office 9 
Government House 

Shanahan William, clerk with A. Kohler, dwl 903 

Siiarou (Virginia) M. Co. office 18 Montgomery 

Shassman (Charles) &. Bernstein (S.) East India 
Tea Co. 631 Washington 

Shay (Silver City) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 Metro- 
politan Block 

Sheba (Humboldt, N. T.) G. & S. ^. Co. office 712 

Sierra Moreno (Coast Range Ledge) G. tfc S. M. Co. 
office 522 Montgomery 

Sierra Nevada Gold Quartz M. Co. office 212 Cal 

Silver Modu G. & S. M. Co. office 523 Front 

Silver Mount (Esmeralda) C. M. Co office 522 Mont 

Simonsen Martin, profe.ssor music Eureka Theater, 
dwl Continental Hotel 

Sir Edmond (Silver City) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 
Metropolitan Block 

Si.ikiyou (Star Dist.) C. & S. M. Co. office 523 Mont 

> I iduiore Wm. E. merchant, dwl 605 Post 

Siiinner William R. clerk with Wm. Patton, dwl 
112 Powell 

Smith & ?laain G. «fe S. M. Co. (Reese River) office 
56 Metropolitan Block 

Smith ( Alc.riinderJ & Ware (James J sash and door 
factory N s Cal nr Drumm, dwl 623 Howard 

Snow Franlc C. (Sal/insori cV •'^■J dwl 29 Perry 

Snyder (A. VV.J «fe Reed (B. F.) office NW cor 
Clay and Front (up stairs) dwl 834 Clay 

Sonoma" (Napoleon Ledge, N. T.) G. «fc S. M. Co. 
office '.^08 California 

Sonoma Ledge (Reese River) S. M. Co. office 522 



Sotoj^onie (Esmeralda) G. &• S. M. Co. office 305 

Soutlieni Hell ii. & S. M. Co. (Reese River) office 

56 Metropolitan Block 
South Potosi (liueua Vista) G. & S. M. Co. office 

b2l Chiy 
Soytoyme (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 636 

Spanish G. &. 8. M. Co. No. 2. office 56 Mont Block 
Spear Thomus R. dentist, office and dwl 202 Bush 
Stanford William T. hook-keeper with S. De Wolfe 

dwl 61 1 California 
Star of Hope (Silver Mountain) G. & S. M. Co. 

office room 10 Armory Hall 
Steinberger A. B. & Co. stock brokers 630 Mont 
Stella Milling- Co. office 17 Montgomery Block 
Stern David ^ IVange.nhcim, Steriiheim Sf Co. J dvpl 

NW cor Taylor and Tyler 
Sternheim Samuel (IVanffeiiheim, S. ^ Co. J SE cor 

Sanson! and California 
St. Clair (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 547 

St. John (Cal. and Nevada Dist.) C. M. Co. office 

604 Montfj'omerv 
St. George (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 413 

ST. MARYS College (R. C.) San Josd Road, 

4 miles from City Hall 
Stock Edward, agent Pioneer Flour Mills, dwl 338 

STODDART DAVID, machine shop, agent Gif- 

ford's Injectors NE cor Front and Pine, dwl 28 

Storer James B. carpenter, armory 326 Bush 
Straus Emanuel (Helbing, Greenebaum Sf Co.) dwl 

424 Sacramento 
Strassman (Charles) & Bernstein (S.J East India 

Tea Store 631 Washington 
Strelitz Jacob, clothing 11 Market 
Strong H. D. professor Natural Sciences Union Col- 
lege, dwl 240 First 
Suburban (Mission Dolores) G. »fc S. M. Co. office 

326 Clay 
Suerto (Carmen Island) C M. Co. office 7 Armory 

Sugar Pine (Tuolumne) G. & S. M. Co. office Cus- 
tom House 
Summit Pass (Tuolumne) M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Swezey Samuel 1. C. Becret:iry Citizens Gas Co. 

ofiice 702 Washington, dwl 708 Mission 
Syren (Calaveras) G. & S. M. Co. office 716 Mont 

Tajo G. &. S. M. Co. office 212 California 

Talcott Seth C. milk ranch Old San Jos6 Road, 5 

miles SW Plaza 
Tamilpais (Marin Co.) M. Co. office 11 Gov't House 
Tellunum G. & S. M. Co. office 617 Clay 
Tesora (Lower California) G. & S. M. Co. office 542 

THIBAULT FREDERICK J. Notary Public and 

Couiiuissioui'i- of Deeds, office 538 Clay 
ThomsiMi TlioiiiaH, contractor and artesian well 

borer 2S Third, dwl N s Clementina nr Fourth 
Thomsons (Simpson's Park) G. &- S. M. Co. office 56 

Metropolitan Block 
Thurstin J. car importer and manufacturer saddles, 

harness, etc. NW cor Battery and Sacramento 
Tigre of Colorado (Durango) G. & S. M. Co. office 

737 Union 
Tirita G. & S. M. Co. office 608 Montgomery 
Titania (Lander Co. N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 7 

Government House 
Todd A. H. & Co. produce commission SE cor Clay 

and Druumi, dwl E s Second nr Braniian 
TOLER WILLIAM P. stockbroker and secretary 

mining companies 607 Wash, dwl 312 Minna 
Toronto (Argentine Dist.) G. & S. M. Co. office 40 

Metro])olitan Block 
Tranquillon G. & S. M. Co. office 430 Jackson 

True Delta (Del Norte) C. M. Co. office 113 Cal 
Tulare (Inyo Dist.) M. Co. office 422 Montgomery 

United C. G. & S. M. Co. office 14 Gov House 
United Cosmopolitan (French Corral) G. & S. M. 

Co. office 519 Montgomery 
United States (Esmeralda) G.'& S. M. Co. office 630 

United States Tunnel Co. (Reese R.) office 423 Bat 

Valley (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 426 Mont 
Valley Forge (Amador) C. M. Co. office 415 Mont 
Valparaiso G. M. Co. office 229 Sacramento 
VANTINE a. a. importer and jobber Japanese 
goods 14 Mont, dwl SW cor Second and Folsom 
Van Wyck Thomas W. dwl 6 Government House 
Veatch (Comet Ledge) S. M. Co. office 712 Jlont 
Victoria (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 621 Clay 
Victorine (Esmeralda) G. & S. M. Co. office 629 Clay 

Ward Isaac M. policeman City Hall, dwl 311 Ritch 
Ware James (Smith Sf W.J dwl 54 Minna 
Warner William, money broker 610 Merchant 
Warren Brothers (Cliarles D. and James M.J 

apothecaries NW cor Howard and Fourth 
Warren C. C. T. Mrs. embroidery and dress making 

3 Montgomery, dwl Hyatt's Building 
Warren James J\i. ( Warren Brothers J dwl NW 

cor Howard and Fourth 
Warren J. Q. A. publisher Wine and Wool Journal, 

dwl 63 'fehama 
Washington C. &. S. M. Co. office 625 Jlerchant 
Washington (Lander Co. N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. 

office 8 Government House 
WATERMAN FREDERICK H. attorney-at-law 

office 9 Montgomery Block, dwl 1117 Stockton 
Webster G. & S. M. Co. office 412 Montgomery 
Webster (Lander Co. N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 

629 Clay 
W^eehawkeu (Silver City) M. Co. office 204 Front 
Whitney George E. attorney-at-law office 11 and 12 

Metropolitan Block 
Wide Awake (Cinnabar) G. & S. M. Co. 426 Mont 
Williams D. D. salesman 409 Front, dwl 22 O'Far- 

Willow Con. G. &, S. M. Co. office 621 Clay 
Wilmot W. mining agent and secretary office 530 

Wilson (Humboldt N. T.) G. & S. M. Co. office 23 

Montgomery Block 
Wisconsin G. M. Co. office 47 Metropolitan Block 
Wheeler Zenas, amalgamating pans Miners' Foun- 
WIIIGHAM ROBERT S. president Owen's River 

Canal Co. office 328 Mont, room 4, dwl 338 Minna 
Wilson S. L. (Fuller 4- W.) dwl Russ House 
Whipple Wm. Jay, secretary mining companies 

ollice 625 Merchant 
White «&. Murphy (Virginia) G. & S. M. Co. office 

804 Montgomery 
White Horse (Humboldt) G. & S. M. Co. office 604 

White Philo, dwl 605 Post 

Whitman G. & S. M. Co. office 402 Montgomery 
Willard H. P. (vvi<low) Matron Protestant Orphan 

Asylum cor .Market and Ridley 
WINN MARSHALL, stock and money brokeroffice 

430 Montgomery, dwl 136 Sutter 
Wright Hiram, manufacturer picks 121 Bush 
Wuiliheim Max (Morris Wurkkeivi Sf Co.) res 

New York 
Wurkheim, Morris &, Co. (Max Wur/ckeimJ cloaks 

and mantillas 615 Sacramento, dwl 614 Sac 
Wylde Edward, dwl SW cor Stockton and Green 

Zacatecas G. &- S. M. Co. office 610 Front 
ZECH FREDERICK, piano forte manufacturer 

2, 3, and 4 Summer, dwl 109 Dupout 
Zorn John T. (Melrose, Z. <^ Co.) resides London 



For the Year commencing October 1st, 1863. 

IJ^NoTiCE. — Names too late for regular insertion, removals, changes, etc., which have occurred 
during the printing of the work, will be found on the pages immediately preceding this. 

For list of Boarding Houses, Hotels, Lodgings, etc., .see Business Directory, pages id2, 417, 423 ; for 
Packets, sail and steam, sec page 428 ; for tlie location of tlie offices of the different Mining Companies, 
see Register of Names. 


abv Above 

acct Accountant 

atty Attorney 

av Avenue 

bdg. Building or Buildings 

bds Boards 

bet Between 

blk Block 

C. H Custom House 

elk Clerk 

com Commission 

cor Corner 

dept Department 

dwi Dwelling 

E East 

exch Exchange 

F. P Fort Point 

h House 

imp Importer 

lab Laborer 

manuf. Manufacturer 

mec Mechanic 

mcht Merchant 

Mis Dol. . Mission Dolores 

mkr Maker 

mkt Market 

N North 

nr Near 

off. OflSce 

op Opposite 

pi Place 

P. O Post Office 

Pre'o Presidio 

proptr Proprietor 

res. . Resides or Kesidence 

rms. . . Rooms 

S South 

8 Side 

stm . Steamer or Steamship 
U.S.B M., U.S Br'chMint 

wkm Workman 

W West 


Bdwy Broadway 

Bat Battery 

Cal California 

Com Commercial 

Lcav Leavenworth 

Leid Leidesdorff 

Morch Merchant 

Mont Montgomery 

Pac ! Pacific 

Sac Sacramento 

San Sansom 

Stock Stockton 

Wash Washington 

Aaron Aaron, merchant, dwl Continental Hotel 

Aarou Jacob, dwl 503 Green 

Aaron Jacob F. dry goods, dwl 539 Vallejo 

Abadie Antonio, baker, with Blaise Lapariat, dwl 
539 Broadway 

Abadie Maria, (widow) midwife, dwl 705 Vallejo 

Abadis J. F. M. cutler, dwl 8 Polk Alley 

Abbate Paul B. real estate agent office 804 Mont- 
gomery, dwl SE cor Clay and Powell 

Abbe Farria, G. & S. M. Co. office tiao Montgom- 

Abbott A. R. box maker, with Hobbs, Gilmore & 
Co. bds 16 First 

Abbott Benjamin M. carpenter, dwl 547 Mission 

Abbott Chtirles E. f Potter ^ A.J dwl 12G Mont- 

Abbott Frank, rook 333 Bush 

Abbott Henry B. mariner, dwl S s Union, bet Tay- 
lor and J ones 

Abbott John M. painter and paper hanger, dwl 547 

Abbott Oscar, stock and exchange broker, 613 Mer- 
chant, dwl 317 Minna 

Abbott S. E. (widow) dwl 1018 Powell 

Abbott W. A. inspector, C. H. dwl E s Davis bet 
Washington and Clay 

Abbott William jr. clerk with C. Cmtin, dwl SW 
cor Powell and Clay 

Abecco Charles C . miner, bds 1013 Dnpont 

Abecco Rafaelle, vocalist. Eureka Theater, dwl 323 

Abeel John, farmer Industrial School old San Job6 

Abel Samuel O. butcher, dwl E s Mason bet Green 

and Union 
ABELL ALEXANDER G. Grand Secretary Grand 

Lodge F.A.M. office Masonic Temple Post nr 

Montgomery, dwl 1027 Washington 
Abell Charles, stevedore, dwl NE cor Mission and 

Abell Frank, pluitograplier with Wm. Shew, dwl N 

B Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Abels Frederick (Peters ^^ Co. J dwl SW cor Clara 

and Berry 
ABEND POST (German) daily, Leo Eloesser & 

Co. editors and proprietors, office 517 Clay and 

514 Commercial 
Abenduna John, laborer, dwl 325 Pine 
Abraham Henrietta Miss, domestic, 324 Geary 
Abraham Jacob, diy goods and clothing, 517 Sac, 

dwl O'Farrell bet Leavenworth and llyde 
Abraham Jacob, merchant, dwl 171 Minna 
Abraham Jonas, boots and shoes 325 East, dwl S s 

Commercial bet Drumm and East 
Abrahams A. clerk, dwls 325 Pine 
Abrahams A. clerk, 616 Mont, dwl 1317 Powell 
Abrahams Louis, clothing, 10 Clay 
Abrahainson Peter, stoves and tin ware, 439 Bush 
Abrams David, with George Rosenberg, dwl 1317 

Abrams John, with D. R. Provost & Co. dwl What 

Cheer House 
Abrams Mendel, peddler, dwl 50 Jessie 
Abrams Morris, awl 786 Folsom 
Abrams (Moses J.) & Falkenstein /^GMstet^MS^ stock 

brokei-s 426 Montgomery 



Abrams Samuel, commission mercbiuit, office 423 Sac- 
ramento, dwl S 8 Clementina nr Fouith 
Academy Natural Sciences, 62'J Clay 
Acevedo Manuel Ij. clerk, 307 Mont, dwl 27 Kearny 
Acber A. F. clothing 521 East 

Ackernian Charles, carpenter, dwl NW cor McAllis- 
ter and IJuchanan, Hayes' Park 
Aekennan Ilenrv, waiter'Apel House Restaurant, 

dwl 902 KeaVny 
Ackernian Hart S. (Ackerman Bros.) dwl 746 Mis- 
Ackernian Hvuian S. (Ackerman Btoit.J dwl 746 

Ackerman Joseph, (McElwec Sj- A.J dwl 518 Stock 
Ackermiin Jo.«eph W. rigger, dwl 129 Sansom 
Ackerman Louis, dwl 722 Green 
Ackeruuiu Louis S. dwl 722 Green 
ACKERMAN \Mi()Tn¥Ai^ ( l^amuel S.,Hart S. 
and H If man S.J dry goods 19 Montgomery, 
Lick House, and 300 Kearny, resides New York 
Ackemiann August F. W. clerk with C. F. Zwey- 

bruck, dwl Kearny bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Ackerson Charles H. carpenter, dwl 332 Bush 
Ackerson Thomas, l)oatinan P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 

N\V cor Folsoni and IMain 
Ackland (Edivard S.J & Kessing (John B.J fish 
34 Metropolitan Market, dwl SW cor Franklin 
and Fell 
Ackley (George W.J & Davidson fOle) cabinet 
makei-s 838 Market, dwl NE cor Pine and 
Ackley Henry F. clerk, dwl E s Prospect Place, nr 

Ackley Hezekiah H. with Wheeler Martin, dwl 11 

ADAM THOMAS, liquor saloons, Old Comer 516 
Montgomery, SE cor Commercial, and Branch 
Old Corner junction Market and Jloutgomery 
ADAM (Thom'fisJ & MAY (Ilcnri/ HV; Pioneer 
Association Billiard Room and Bowling Alley 
808 Montgomery nr Pacific 
Adamar William, with Gould, Martin & Co. Pacific 

Fruit Market 
Adami C. bottle beer 910 Kearny, dwl 532 Bdwy 
Adami John (J. Alhrecht Sf Co. J dwl 637 Bdwy 
Adamie Michael, machinist, dwl St. Charles, nr 

Adams Charles, tanner, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Adams Conrad, Old Stand Saloon, 404 Montgomery, 

dwl 15 Union Place 
Adams Cyrus, Eureka Tobacco Manufactory 5 Gold 
Adams Edward F. laborer, dwl rear 919 Washington 
Adams G. driver Omnibus R. R. Co 
Adams George, hair dresser 105 Jackson, dwl N s 

Jackson het Sausom and Montgomeiy 
Adams George R. druggist clerk NE cor Pine and 

Kearny, dwl 81! Bush 
Adams Grove (Mitckell, Gihnan 8f Co. J resides 

Virginia City 
Adams H. miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Adams Halscy W. machinist Golden State Foundry, 

dwl 18 Siiipley 
Adamn Harriet Mrs. house keeper, Occidental Hotel 
Adams Harry, miller 717 Battery, dwl 118 Jesrsie 
Adams H. E. brakeman Market St. R. R. dwl E s 

Valencia bet Sixteenth und Seventeenth 
Adams Henry, brewer Broadway Brewery, dwl 637 

Adams Henry (^. clerk with C. V. Gillespie, dwl 

N s Cidiiornia bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Adams Hermann, tailor 406 Jackson 
Adams Hugh, clerk 238 Stewart 
Adams James (McEweii Sf A.J dwl S 8 Hayes bet 

Van Ness Avenue and Franklin 
Adams James H. shoemaker, dwl E s Hyde bet 

Union and Green 
Adams John, biakeman Market St. R. R. Co. dwl 
1 Mission Dolores 

Adams Joseph, City Gauger, office 405 Front, dwl 
512 Front 

Adams Lawson S. (John Arnold ilj- Co. Sacrnmen- 
tuj office NE cor Front and Clay, dwl 1 14 Minna 

Adams Louis, clerk with Stevens & Oliver, 28 Mont- 

Adams O. liarness maker 216 Battery 

Adams Quincy L. dentist office 423 Montgomery, 
dwl 21 Howard Court 

ADAMS (Robert II. J & BRO. (Roxx M. AdamsJ 
hat and cap manufacturers 647 \\'ashington, dwl 
N 8 Washington bet Jones and Leavenworth 

Adams Ross M. (Adnins 4- Bro.J dwl N 8 Wash- 
ington bet Jones and Leavenwoi'th 

Adams Samuel, druggist NE cor Pine and Kearny, 
dwl 814 Bush 

Adams Samuel, lime, cement, plaster, etc. SE cor 
Market and Main, dwl Russ House 

Adams Warren P. delivery clerk P. O. dwl 609 Pine 

Adams William, stevedore, dwl 331 Green 

Adams William, waiter What Cheer House Restau- 

Adams William H. with Howard, Goewey & Co. 
dwl 19 Harlan Place 

ADAMS, (Wilhani J.J BLINN (Samuel P.J &, 
CO. lumber and packets 215 and 217 Stewart 
piers 17 and 18, dwl NW cor Second and Brannan 

R. B. Swain & Co. Agents NE cor Front and 

J5TNA INSURANCE CO. Hartford, E. H. Parker 
Agent 204 California 

thur B. Stout, -M.l). Agent, 832 Wash 

Adcock William, porter 212 California, dwl SW cor 
Tehama and Hubl^ird 

Addis Jacob, porter vmh S. A. Sanderson, dwl 224 

Addison James H. (Robinson Sf A.J dwl SW cor 
Howard and First 

Addison J. Stephen, dwl S s Freelon bet Third and 

Addoms Samuel K. with Elam & Howes, dwl 312 

Adelaide Consolidated G. &. S. M. Co. office NW cor 
Montgomery and Washington 

ADELPHI HOTEL. SW cor Sansom and Bush 

Adelsdorfer Isaac, peddler, dwl 1116 Dupont 

Adelsdorfer Joseph (Adelsdorfer Bros. J dwl 314 

seph Adelsdorfer J importers and jobbers fsmcy 
goods, cutlery, etc. SE cor Sausom and Sacra- 
mento, resides Bavaria, Germany 

Ades Mary Mrs. dwl 1424 Dupont 

Ading John, clerk, dwl N s School Alley 

Adiain Beiiiamin, sailor, dwl rear 3"i2 \'allejo 

iVdlecamp IJarnard, variety store 424 Third 

Adler B. clerk, dwl 325 IMue 

Adler Bar, dwl 748 floward 

Adler Bernard, clothing, 27 Pacific 

Adler {Uiaries, liook-lvceper with Reynolds, Reis & 
Co. 40S Montgomery 

Adler Charles, salesman 407 Sac, dwl 427 Sac 

A(ller Diivid, butcher 337 Vallejo cor Montgomery 

Adler Elkan, baker, dwl 316 Third 

Adler Henry, laborer, dwl 2 California, rear 

Adler Henry, merchant, office 304 Cal, dwl 22 Mont 

Adler Jonas (Simon, Dhikehpiel ^- Co. J dwl W s 
Powell bet O'Farrell and Ellis 

Adler Julius, book-keeper with Pollack Bros, dwl 
118 Prospect Place 

Adler Leopold, boot and shoe maker 156 Third, dwl 
208 Third 

Adler Mary Miss, dressmaker with Miss E. F. Per- 
kins, dwl 302 Beale 

Adler Moses, merchant, dwl S s Pacific bet Stockton 
and Powell 

Adler Moses, porter 409 Sac, dwl 427 Sac 



Allies Adolpli, butcher, dwl 325 Pine 
Adlintiton M. caipeiiter, ihvl 11'25 Keaniy 
Adiiiiiul Gold and .Silver Mining Co. office 406 Mont 
Adolph William (colored] servant, dwl 521 Bdwy 
Adolpluis Henry, physician and drngtcist 511 Jack 
Adona (i. & S. M. Co. ofiice Government House 
Adrain William, dwl (iJH California 
Adrieni^en T. bds 12 Sacramento 
Adriatic Gold and Silver Mining Co. ofiice 11 Gov- 
ernment House 
Adsit fL. B.J &. Haley (John B.J stock and money 

brokers (504 Montgomery, dwl S s Natoma bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Affrancliifio A. Rev. S. J. professor languages St. Ig- 
natius College cor Market and Fifth 
Afous CHiarles, drayman, dwl N s Lewis Place bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Agan Catherine Miss, domestic, dwl NE cor Fourth 

and Mission 
Agard W. B. (Dujmy, Fonlkes ^S- Co. J dwl 311 

Agnew Agnes (widow) dwl 528 Bush, rear 
Agnew Gilmore, compositor Alta Califonua, dwl 828 

Agnew John, Dashaway Livery and Sale Stable 26 

Kearny, dwl 28 Kearny 
Agnew Luke, groceries and liquors SW cor Howard 

and First, dwl 509 Howard 
Agnew M. Mrs. dwl 718 Stockton 
AGNEW ,^7'A«wrt.s' H.J & DEFFEBACH (Thos. 

B.J book and job printers 511 Sansom cor Mer- 
chant, dwl 518 Howard 
Agrguth Samuel, picture frame maker, dwl 4 Du- 

pont Place 
Aguas Calientes, Gold and Silver Mining Co. office 

426 Montgomery 
Aguillon Caniille, farmer A^egetarian Mai'ket near 

Aguirri John M. dwl Rasette Place, No. 2 
Agustus Joseph, painter Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Ahearn John, drayman cor Fii-st and Natoma, dwl 6 

Ahearn Michael, laborer with F. A. Davis, Potrero 
Aliearon Julia, domestic I'acitic Temperance House 
Aheren James, laborer, dwl 414 Post, rear 
Ahern M. laborer Spring Valley W. W. Co 
Ahern Timothy J. stonecutter, dwl W s Trinity bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Ah Fob (Chinese) washing 835 Dupont 
All Fong (Chinese) restaurant 710 Jackson 
Ah Fong (Chinese) washing (Wl Broadway 
Ah Hing (Chinese) wasliiiig 749 Clay 
Ahlers Henry, clerk with W. Ehle'rs, dwl SE cor 

Hinckley and Pinckney Place 
Ahlers J. H. driver Columbia bakery, dwl 1129 

Ahlfeld H. D. carpenter, dwl 325 Pine 
Ahlfeld Ferdinan<l, actor German Theater, dwl E 

s Calhoun nr Union 
Ahlstrom Joliii, slun-maker, dAvl 711 Pacific 
Ahpel H. dwl 248 Fourth 

Ahpel Samuel, fruits and confectionery 106 Second 
Ah Quong (Chinese) washing 822 Sansom 
Ahrens August, carpenter, dwl 319 Bush 
Ahrens Christian, jeweler 836 Dupont 
Ahrens D. goldsmith, dwl 325 Pine 
Ahrens Henry, groceries and liquors SW cor Post and 

Ahrens (Jacob J & Hons (Frederick J groceries and 

liquors NW cor Howard and Second 
Ahrens J. R. dwl What Cheer House 
Ahrens William H. clerk SW cor Post and Kearny 
Ah Sing (Chinese) washing 851 Clay 
Ah Tell Fong (Chinese) groceries 71*2 Jackson 
Ah Yuen Fung & Co. (Ciiinese) mclits 818 Dupont 
Ah Woo (Chinese) washing ()0:i Broadway 
Ah Yok (Chinese) lodging 724 .Jacksim 
Aigeltinger Leopold, furrier, dwl 517 Tehama 
Aiken Hugh, deck hand stm Yosemite 

Aiken J. sailmaker, dwl 1 Sherwood Place 

Aine Henry E. (Lonix Aine Sf Co.) dwl 433 Bush 

Aine Louis & Co. (Henry Fj. AiiicJ carpenters 433 

Aine Miillot, general agent, dwl 630 Pacific, rear 
Ainsa J. M. warehouse clerk naval office C. H. dwl 

405 Lombard 
Aitken Charles H. (Hall S^- A.J dwl S s Wash bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Aitken James ( Moy nihan S,- A.J 311 Mission, dwl 

Seventh nr Folsom 
Aitken Samuel ^F?/ /£•«'» Iron Workx Co. ^ foreman 

boiler department, dwl N s Clementina bet Third 

and Fourth 
Aiax G. & S. M. Co. office 804 IMontgomery 
Ak Chung (Chinese) washing NW cor Seventh and 

Alameda Coal Mining Co. office 804 Montgomery 
Alameda Valley Railroad Co. office NE cor Jlont- 

gomery and Pine 
Alamo C. G. &■ S. M. Co. office 420 Montgomery 
Alamo G. &. S. M. Co. office 115 California 
Alarcage A. C. broker, dwl Russ House 
Alatone Theophilus, waiter stm Cornelia 
Alba Nueva S. M. Co. office 500 Battery 
Alban G. &- S. M. Co. office 420 Alontgomery 
Albany East G. & S. M. Co. ofiice 406 Montgomery 
Albany G. & S. M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Albany West G. & S. M. Co. office 810 Montgomery 
Albern Marcus, groceries and liquors 641 Pacific 
Albers August, waiter with Dr. S. D. Scharlacb, dwl 

913 Dupont 
Albert Charles, bar keeper 808 Keamy, dwl Pacific 

Temperance House 
Albert Conrad ( Seipcl Sf A.J dwl Wisconsin Hotel 
Albert John, molder Miners' Foundry, dwl 422 

Albert Lewis, teamster pier 1 Stewart, dwl 20J 

Alberto Paul, musician, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Albertson Christian, dwl Empire House SE cor Jack- 
son and Drumm 
ALBIN LEONCE, book and job printing office 622 

Clay, dwl NE cor ^^'^ashington iind Keaniy 
Albion &. Noyo River I'ackets office pier 20 Stew- 
art, A. W. Macpherson agent and proprietor 
Albion G. &. S. M. Co. ofiice (4overnment House 
Allirecht Andrew, milk ranch S s Filbert bet Laguna 

and Octavia 
Albrecht John, tailor 339 

ALBKECHT (JoxcphJ & CO. (John AdnmiJ pro- 
prietors Broadway Brewery 637 Broadway 
Albrecht Joseph, porter 218 Bush 
All)reilit August, confectioner with Henry Behi-e 
Alcarey. Joseph, miner, dwl 124 Jessie 
Alcatraz S. M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Alcaus Jacob, boots and shoes 609 Kearny, dwl 12 

Alden Joseph B. shijimaster, bds 911 Bush 
Alden O. Jl. statistical clerk C. H. dwl 514 Third 
Alden Richard C. chief clerk U.S. Commissary De- 

liartmeiit 208 Sansom, and secretary Napoleon 

C. M. Co. office 420 Mont, dwl SW cor Eddy 

and Jones 
Alden Samuel B. drayman, dwl NE cor Sacramento 

and Jones 
Alderhood Rosina, dwl 43 Sacramento 
Aldersey John, asphaltuni roofer 612 Merchant, dwl 

S s "Grove bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Aldrich Abbie F. teacher Union Street School, dwl 

535 Green 
Aldrich Julia A. Miss, Principal Ladies' Seminary 

and Gymnasium 115 and 117 Stevenson 
Aldrich Li^inda, <lri'ss making 510 Bush 
Alemauia S. M. Ci.. otlice .jJ!! Aloiitgomerv 
ALEAI.VNY JOSEPH S. Must Rev. Arcllbishop, St. 

Mary's C^atbedral, dwl 602 Dupont, adjoining 


A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 



A'ei"8 An<;iietU8, physiciiui, ollice and <hvl 72'2 Wash 
Alexander (harjes M. tin^^nlitll with Dwiglit S. 

Weaver, dwl NE cor Sutter and Dupoiit 
Alexander Edward, books and s-tationery 11 Third 
Alexander Eli, dwl Ki Virj^inia 
Alexander Eli, Sutter Street Market 223 Sutter, dwl 

22 Stockton Place 
Alexander Geor;j:e, dwl !3.') Urannun 
Alexander Georiie, co()])it at 117 Washintrton, dwl 

S 8 Chambers bet Pacilic and Broadway 
Alexander I. dwl 2J9 Stevenson 
Alexander flxidutr) &c Mayers (John) boots and 

shoes NE cor Tliird and "Stevenson 
Alexander J. harness maker, dwl SW cor Yallejo 

and Dujiont 
Alexander J. &, Co. (Jacob As/i J auction and com 
mchts 410 and 412 Couuneivial, dwl 734 Yallejo 
Alexander Jacob, handcartinan cor Clay and East 
Alexander Jacol), paper box maker with Levy & 

Mochet, dwl 11 Third 
Alexander James, dwl 1:20 Fremont 
Alexander John, auctioneer, dwl 734 Yallejo 
Alexander John F. ship carpenter, dwl 311) Bush, 

room 6 
Alexander Joseph, workman with Hart & Goodman 
Alexander Joseph D. (Kenny S^- A.J dwl 826 Union 
Alexander Julius, dwl N s Folsom bet 12th and 13th 
Alexander Louis L. machinist, dv\-l 727 Pine 
Alexander Lyman, hoop skirts 20 Second 
Alexander Robert, slii]) caipinter, dwl 167 Silver 
Alexander S. dwl 740 Broadway 
Alexander Samuel, cap maker 1339 Dupont 
Alexander Samuel, tailor 144 Stewart 
Alexander Samuel O. clothing SE cor Dupont and 
Jackson, dwl S s O'Farrell bet Stockton and 
Alexander Solomon, clothing 1002 Dupont 
Alexander Sophia Jliss, dwl with Mof-es Rosenbaum 
Alexaudei- Theodore, with John Alexander <fe Co. 

dwl W s Yirginia nr Washington 
Alexis P^mile, dwl 521 California 
Alexis Eugenie Mrs. French Laundry 521 California 
Alexis Miiliet, butcher 4 Clav Street Market 
Alfa<ller F'raiik, milk lanch NV 8 San Bnmo Road A\ 

miles from Citv Hall 
Alliiro J. Gen. dwl 020 Stockton 
Algayaga Jose, groceries and liciiiors 1300 Dupont 
Algeb Thomas, with John J. Fultou, dwl N b Town- 

f-end bet Second and Third 
Algeo Thomas, at Sixth Street Tannery E s Sixth 

bet Brannan and Bluxcmie 
Alger James, salesman 637 Clay, dwl N s Sacra- 
mento bet Leavenworth and llyde 
Alhaml)ra Mining Co. oflice 815 Sansom 
Alia Camelia Jlrs. dwl 641) Broadway 
Aline John, clerk with Stanford Bro'lhers, bds with 

Cvril Y. Grev 
Alisal'C.old and Silver Mining Co. office 528 Mont 
Alison Oscar, dwl 13 llartnian Place 
Allen A. hair dresser 305 Davis 
Allen Alexander, worUnian S. V. P. Woolen Fac- 
tory, dwl Black INiiiit 
Allen Alexander, workman Jlission Woolen Mills, 

dwl W 8 Sholwell nr Sixteenth 
Allen Charl<;s R. odice (iOO Front, resides Oakland 
Allen Charles R. clerk with J. Rosenfeld, dwl NE 

cor Folsom and Spear 
Allen Datv, milk ranch, dwl E e Sixth bet Jessie 

and Jlission 
Allen ICIIen (widow) dwl S s Milton Place nr I)u))ont 
Allen Emma E. (widow) dwl 4th floor Armory llall 

Allen F. lamplighter S. F. Gas Co 
Allen George, bds Bailey House 116 Sansom 
Allen George, longshoienian, bds 113 Washington 
Allen George, jjorter with Ackernian Bros, dwl 

liailey House 
Allen Gideon jr. merchant office 601) Front, dwl 044 

Allen Henrv, mariner, dwl W s Ritch nr Townsend 
Allen II. H*. merchant ollice 609 Front, dwl 944 Mis- 
Allen Isjiac S. dwl E s Jones bet Pine and Cal 
Allen James, carpenter, dwl 321 Bush 
Allen James, hostler with Enist Jeinsen 
Allen James F. collector, dwl 324 Folsom 
Allen JaTues M. broker, dwl S 8 Market bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
.Mien James S. constable 1st township office 536 Pac 
Allen J. J. dwl What Cheer House 
ALLEN J. MONROE, proptr Market Street Livery 
and Sale Stables 667 and 669 Market, dwl 748 
Allen John, drayman cor Yallejo and Front 
Allen John, music teacher, dwl 912 Market 
Allen .I(jhn, tailor, dwl rear 334 Third 
Allen John, variety store 733 Pacific 
Allen John H. dwl W s Gilbert bet Brannan and 

ALLEN^ (Josicph E.) &L SPIER (Richard P.) im- 
porters and jobbers books, stationery, etc. 542 
Clay, res New York 
Allen Leonaid, tinsmith with A. P. Brayton & Co. 

dwl Original House 
Allen L. H. merchant office 807 Sansom, dwl 618 

Allen Lorenzo H. oysters and clams 32 Washington 

Market, dwl Market St. House 
Allen Lumber S. shij)wngiit, culker, etc. 24 Folsom 
Allen JM. carpenter, hds Original House 
Allen Marv Mis. cook with Aaron Fleishhacker 
Allen Malfiew H. Capt. dwl J09 Folsom 
Allen Michael, deck hand stmr Ycjseiuite 
Allen Oscar, mason, dwl 741 Market 
Allen Richard, dwl 820 Dupont 
Allen R. K. stock broker 528 Mont, dwl IS Es^'icx 
Allen Robert, clerk, dwl NW cor Kearny and Jack 
Allen Samuel, dentist, office and dwl 813 Wash 
Allen S. B. dwl What Cheer House 
Allen Sheldon (Cnrt/s ^^- A.J dwl 1713 Stockton 
Allen Smith j\I. drayman 413 Sacramento 
Allen T. H. pilot, dwl Stevenson House 
Allen Thomas, longshoreman, dwl 9 Clay - 
Allen W . caijienter, bds Original House 
Allen Waldo M. mining, dwl 63 ]\Iinna 
Allen W. B. compositor Evening Bulletin 
Allen ^\'illiaMl (^apt. schooner Noyo pier 20 Stewart 
Allen William, barkeeper with William Craig, dwl 

Hall's Court 
Allen William, clams, dwl 815 jMcmtgoniery 
Allen 'Will, drayman with David B. Sherman 
Allen William, mariner, dwl 327 Beale 
Alli-ii William, iiiolder Pacilic Iron Works 
Allen 'Will, seaman, lids 39 Clay 
Allen William jr. scroll sawyer with Wni. Davis, 

dwl Beale nr Folsom 
Allen \\'illiam A. carpenter S. P. W. Factory, dwl 

15lack Point 
Alien William J. dwl 830 Dupont 
Allen William R. shipping agent Clay St. Wharf, 

dwl 911) Leavenworth 
Allen William S. book liinder with Barlling & Kim- 
hall, dwl 709 Howard 
Allen W. W. dwl What Cheer House 
Allendale Alexander, miner, dwl 127 Pacilic 
Allev .lolin, dr:iynian, dwl cor Geary and Jones 
Allfadter David, bran packer National F^ lour Mills, 

dwl \Miiiehali Exchange 
Allis Pcler, painter, 3-J5 Pine 
Allison Charles, apprentice Yulcan Iron Works 
Allison James, hostler 532 California, bds 34 Webb 
Allison John, farmer with George Treat 
Allison O. laboier Custom House 
Allniann Coglio, laborer, dwl Meyers' Hotel 
Allovon Allied F. ( Woodvorth, 'A. Jj- Co. J dwl 735 

Alloway Peter, seaman, dwl 228 Mission 
Alljieter Henry, laborer Philadelphia Brewery 

BUSWELL & CO., Blank Book Mantifacturers and Paper Bvders, 517 Clay Street. 



Alltoff Jobn, Pacific Engine Co. No. 8, painter, dwl 

116 Jackson 
Ally Williani H. laborer, dwl N s Greenwich bet 

Sansom and Montgomery 
Allyne J. W. clerk with Stanford Brothers, bds SE 

cor Eddy ami Taylor 
Allman Henry, tailor, dwl 25 Jessie, rear 
Almendere/. josefe, 1519 Dupont 
Almond (ieorf^e E. plasterer, dwl 917 Dnpont 
Almy IJeiijamin, collector, dwl 667 Market 
Almv Moses B. with Dickinson & Gammans, dwl 

Russ House 
Alpers Charles, musician, dwl 103 Dnpont 
Alpers Frederick, barber 9 Second, dwl 27 Second 
Alphonse Vi/^oureux, waiter with Lelevier Cous- 

saint, dwl 1127 Dnpont 
Alsaldo Francis, drayman, dwl 720 Union 
Alsgood Henry, witli Henry Holje, dwl SW cor 

Jackson and East 
ALSOP & CO. fCharlea B. Polliemns) commission 

merchants, agents Liverpool and London Royal 

Insurance Co. 411 and 413 Calit'ornia 
Alsop Jobn, umbrella maker, 334 Bush 
ALSTROM fl^.J & CO. (G. S. Juhnson mid John 

M. Lawlor) proprietors Lick House, W s Mont- 
gomery bet Sutter and Post 

weekly, and steamer, Fred'k MacCrellish & Co. 

pnblisliers and proprietors, office 536 Sac 
Alta G. & S. M. Co. office 544 Merchant, Montgom- 
ery Block 
Altamireno Mary Miss, dressmaker with Madame 

Bousquet, dwl SW cor Union and Dnpont 
Alteuberg Frederick, salesman 302 Kearny, dwl W 

8 Gardner Alley nr Post 
Altenberg Peter, shoemaker, dwl W s Gardner 

Alley nr Post 
Altenberlj Rdr^aliu Mrs. millinery 302 Keamy, dwl 

Gai'dner Alley nr Post 
Altenburg Ernest, book-keeper with A. S. Rosen- 

baum & Co. dwl 837 Sacramento 
Althaus Daniel, waterman, l)ds Post St. House 
Altman Gerbina O. Miss, dwl 625 Clay 
Altman Isaac, liuit peddler, dwl W s ftobbius' Place 
Altmaver Aaron, dwl W s Mason bet Market and 

Altmaver Abraham, dwl Ws Mason bet Market and 

Alton F. C. machinist Golden State Foundry, dwl 

1020 Stockton 
Alton Jane L. (widow) boarding and lodging 1020 

Alton T. clerk, dwl 325 Pine 

Altonheiner Jacob, dwl N s Hinckley nr Kearny 
Altonie Jesus, liorses and cattle, dwl 712 Wash 
Altontine John, cook, dwl N s Hinckley nr Kearny 
Altscbul Louis & Co. ( Lndwig Taussig) wines, 

liquors, cigars, etc. 723 Sansom 
Altschul S. dwl cor Howard and Fourth 
Altshuler H. Mrs. milliner 1105 Dnpont 
Altshuler Levi, clerk, dwl 1105 Dupont 
Alva Miguel, harness maker with A. Tillman 221 

Alvarado Diego, dwl E s Prospect Place netu- Clay 
Alvarado JIartin, waiter stm Yosemite 
Alversoii Daniel F. driver Protective U. Bakery 

Alvev Charles ^V^ stoves and tin wai'e 907 Keaniv, 

dwl 1520 Dupont 
Alviso and San Jose Lme Packets (West's) Central 

Alviso and San Jos6 Union Line Packets, Central 

ALVORD WILLIAM & CO. (Richard Patrick 

cS* Joseph Tarratt) imp and dealers hardware 

114 and 122 Battery, dwl 564 Folsom 
Alwill James, contractor, dwl 110 Stevenson 
Aly Christopher, painter, dwl 333 Bush 
Alzamora Josefa Senoi-a, dwl W s Duncan Court 

Amador Loreto, carpenter, dwl 1519 Dupont 
Amant Isnard, barber 632 Pacific 
Amargoza G. & S. M. Co. office 338 Montgomery 
Amazonia G & S. M. Co. office 56 Metropolitan Blk 
Anibroise Sebastian, Lafayette Market NE cor Pine 

and Dupont 
Ambrose Sauniel, dwl 1412 Mason 
Am(5d6 Mme. Frencli dress maker 409 Post 
Amelia G. & S. M. C^). otiice 6 Court Block 
Amelie S. Mrs. dwl 214 Sansom 

Sargent proprietor 323 Sansom 
American Freeman G. & S. M. Co. office Pioneer 

American G. & S. M. Co. Humboldt Co. office 617 

American G. & S. M. Co. V. D. office NW cor 

Montgomery and Washington 
American Pioneer C. S. & G. M. Co. office 524 Mont 

office 11 Broadway 
AMERICAN THEATER, 314, 316 and 318 Sansom 

cor Halleck 
Amerige George, printer, dwl 100 Stockton 
Ames Amanda L. Miss, seamtress with Mrs. A. R. 

Barter, dwl 575 Howard 
Ames Benjamin F. drayman with Wel)sler «fe Co. 

dwl W s Jones bet Geary and O'Farrell 
Ames George, dwl 22 Dupont 
Ames'Geoi-ge (col'd) seaman, dwl 716 Battery 
Ames George H. cook Prank's saloon, dwl 121 

Prospect Place 
Ames Henry, stevedore, dwl 111 Minna 
Ames Henry K. bag maker, dwl 14 Harlan Place 
Ames Nellie Mrs. Rincon House 270 First cor Folsom 
Ames Nelson O. broker, dwl Rincon House 270 

First cor Folsom 
AMES ORVILLE T. stockbroker, office 434 Mont, 

dwl 749 Larkin 
Amme H. H. tailor, dwl 510 Front 
Amos B. P. drayman 410 Front 
Amos (Frederick R.) &, Ryan (Thomas) butter, 

cheese, produce, etc. 219 Clay, dwl 505 O'Farrell 
Amos George, clerk pier 9 Stewart 
Amos John, silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 810 

Amos John T. millwright, dwl 366 Jessie 
Amos Mary F. proprietress Columbia Hotel, 741 

AMOS (Zechariah) PHINNEY (Arthur) & CO. 

(Williatn H. Hooke) lumber, and proprietors 

Victoria and Paget Sound Packets 123 Stewart, 

pier 9, dwl 507 Harrison 
Amsden O. A. miner, bds Original House 
Amst Solomon S. mucisian, dwl 835 Dupont 
Ancarani Raftiiele with Brignardello & Macchiavello 

and editor La Parola 71 Montgomery Block 
Anderau Joseph, bacon and preserved fruits 9 Metro- 
politan Mlvt, dwl S 8 Jessie bet Second and Third 
Anderfuren John, tailor 24 Dupont 
Anderson Alexander, driver with John Henderson, 

dwl N s Cal bet Dupont and Kearny 
Anderson Charles, collector, dwl with Clias. Ashton 
Anderson Charles, laborer with R. W. Slocomb & 

Co. dwl 605 jNIarket 
Anderson Cliarles, longshoreman, bds 12 Sacramento 
Anderson Charles, ]>ork packer, dwl 607 Market 
Anderson Charles, property man Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Anderson (Charles A.) & Co. (Jonathan C. Mc- 

Kewen) liquor saloon 209 Jackson 
Anderson David C. actor Magnire's Opera House, 

dwl SW cor Washington and Dupont 
Anderson Edward A. dwl'W s Liberty nr Townsend 
Anderson Erick M. tailor, rms 536 Vallejo 
Anderson Frances Sirs, furnished rooms 828 Sac 
Anderson Francis B. Eureka Malt House 1612 Stock 
Anderson (George) & Swensson (Frank) Union 

Restaurant 529 East 

A. BOMAJN" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Standard and Miscellaneous Books. 





Andei-son Geo. W. drayman with Oakley «fc Jack- 
son, (Iwl S 8 Hinckley bet Dupont and Kearny 
Anderson Henry C. (Potter 4- Co. J dwl E s Vinceiit 

nr Tnion 
Andei-son IniojLrene jMiss, dwl 137 Fourth 
Anderson Isaac, laliorer National Flour Mills, dwl 

New EuLchind House 
Andei'son (Jnmcs, col'dj & Yates fjf/rob, colored) 
wliitewasliing 844 Kearny, dwl NE cor Union 
and Mason 
Anderson James, dwl 707 Jlission 
Anderson James 13. boiler maker Vulcan I. Works 

bds 12 Sutter 
Anderson James, hostler Omnil)U8 R. R. Co. 246 

Anderson James, seaman, bds 3i2 Stewart 
Anderson James, watchmaker with J. W. Tucker 

& Co. dwl 1(59 Minna 
Anderson James (col'd) bootblack C20 Keaniy, dwl 

cor Virfjinia and Pacific 
Anderson Jane, domestic I'acific Temperance House 
Anderson John, Caplaiu schooner Osceola pier 21 
Stewart, dwl N s IJraniian W\ Second and Third 
Anderson John, carpenter, dwl Philadelphia House 
Anderson John, laborer with T. Ellsworth cor East 

and IMarket 
Andei'son John, laborer with Wm. Hall Ocean House 

Anderson John, miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Anderson John, nurse U. S. JIarine Hospital • 
Anderson John, salesman with J. L. Sanford 
Anderson John, steward What Cheer House Restau- 
Anderson John, wines and liquors 895 Front, dwl 

19 Silver 
Anderson John, wines and liquors 40 Jackson . 
Anderson John jr. mariner, dwl N 8 Brannan bet 

Second and Third 
Anderson John 31. dwl SW cor Bryant and Second 
Anderson John M. Mrs. dwl 34 Ellis 
Anderson Jos. florist W s Folsom bet Fifteenth and 

Andei-sf)n J. T. A. draftsman, dwl 165 Jessie 
Anderson Louis, washing E s Leav bet Pacific and 

Anderson ^laria (widow) dwl 137 Fourth 
Anderson JIartin, bds Sailors Home 
Anderson Mary (widow) dwl 23 Stevenson, rear 
Anderson Mathew A. teacher music, dwl 822 Sacra- 
mento, rear 
Anderson M. E. (widow) dwl rear 114 Post 
Anderson Niel T. stevedore, dwl W s Sansom bet 

(ii-een and Union 
Anderson Peter, (col'd) publisher Pacific Appeal and 
clol lies' renovator 541 Merchant, dwl E s San- 
son! nr Creen 
Andei-son Peter W. salesman 607 Sacramento, bds 

Brannan House 
Anderson (P. W.) & Prousergue (A.) imps ixnd 
dealers laces and embroideries 111 Montgomery 
Anderson Sarah A. (col'd) stewardess slm Chryso- 

Anderson Thomas, coal 737 Jackson, dwl 34 Ellis 
Anderson Thomas, waiter Union Club rooms 
Anderson Thomas W. blacksiiiitli with Gallagher &. 

Farreii, dwl 112 Mission 
Anderson W. laborer, bds Original House 
Andersoti W. H. track layer with Geo. 1). Nagle 
An<lers()n William, laborer Vulcan Foundry, dwl S 
8 Ecker nr Folsom 

rNDEKSOX WILLIAM C. Rev. D.D. pastor First 
Presbyterian Church W s Stock bet Clay and i 
v Washnigton, dwl 1008 Powell / 

Anderson ( WiHimn N.) & Roberts fAmnstJ butchere 

SI'; cor Wash and Stock, dwl 131(1 Powell 
Anderson W. P. conductor, dwl 22 Dupont 
Anderson Z. dwl SW cor Bi'yant and Second 
Adornetti Giovanni B., Opera liquor saloon 727 Mont, 
dwl 928 Pacific 

Andrade Evaristo, compositor Echo du Pacifique, 

dwl Jackson bel I'owell and .Mason 
Andres Chris, musician, dwl 320 Kearny 
Andres Peter, driver with Duckert &"jewett, dwl 

Wm. Tell House 
Andreschi William, dwl 776 Folsom 
Andresen C. & Co. (John. AiirlrrsenJ blacksmiths 

and wagon makers 119 Sansome 
Andrews Catrina, (widow) dwl S s St. Charles 
Andrews Charles, cabinet maker with Ackley & 

Davidson, dwl Golden Gale Hotel 
Andrews Charles, wood turner with Charles Field, 

407 Mission 
Andrews Frederick J. distiller Dow's Distillery, 

dwl with Mrs. M. C. Keith 
Andrews P. S. dwl What Cheer House 
Andrews George, painter, dwl 22 Sansom 
Andrews George P. Brevet Major Third Artillery 

U. S. A. dwl Fort Point 
Andrews H. H. groceries NW cor Mission and Sparks 
Andrews H. S. Mrs. with Dr. G. M. Bourne 10 Post 

Masonic Temple 
Andrews Jeriy, fireman stm Chrysopolis 
Andrews Johii, porter Railroad House, dwl Jessie 

bet Fifth and Sixth 
Andrews John H. bar keeper, dwl 730 Kearny 
Andrews Mary, (widow) dwl 1224 Stockton 
Andrews Richarrl, stevedore, dwl W s Sansom bet 

Union and Filbert 
Andrews Thos. J. proprietor California malt house 

43(i Brannan, dwl 440 Brannan 
ANDREWS W. O. fJ. C. Hutchinwn 4^ Co.) 

and Notary Public 630 Montgomery, dwl NW 

cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Andriot Piei're, groceries SW cor Sixth and Stevenson 
Andrus J. B. office C. S. N. Co. NE cor Front and 

Jackson, dwl 760 Folsom 
Andrus T. B. {Kittridpe c^- A.J dwl 144 Fourth 
Andrzejowski J. W. liquor saloon NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Bush, dwl 776 Folsom 
Angelis Edward, German Hall 16 and 18 Sansom 
Angelius Diedrick, with Spreckels & Co. dwl 134 

Angell Horace B. fHou-land, A. ^ King) dwl 130 

Angell N. H. laborer, dwl 741 Market 
Angelo, L. A. Miss, domestic 734 Green 
Angelo Sarah (widow) dwl 186 Stevenson, rear 
Angerer Charles, shoemaker 12() Post 
Angle Oliver, calkcr, dwl 54 First 
Angus Henry, with John Angus Black Point 
Angus John, Superintendent S. F. P. Woolen Mills, 

dwl Black Point 
Annapolitau (J. & S. M. Co. office 607 Clay 
Anna Smith G. & S. M. Co. office room 56 Metro- 
politan Block 
Annie Laurie G. & S. M. Co. Montgomei-y Block 
Ansaldo Francisco, drayman 421 Jackson, dwl 724 

Ansbro Thomas, si)ecial policeman, dwl 315 Fremont 
Anschel L. tailoring lO'JIi Dimont, rear 
Anson Richard, ]iaiiiter, and groceries and liquors 

SW cor Lark in and Geary 
Ansous Victor, butcher 709 Pacific 
Antelo])e Consolidated Extension Mining Co. office 

327 Montgomery 
Antelope and Esmeralda Basin Tunnel Co. office 500 

Antelojte (*}. & S. M. Co. Reese River, office 522 

Antelope S. M. Co. Esmeralda office 522 Montgomery 
'' Antehjjie Spur G. &. S. M. Co. office room 12, 305 

Antlies Frederick, musician, dwl 7 St. Jlaivs Place 
Anthes f .Ink II J i.*c Kaufmann fAugnxtJ, Lyre Saloon 

650 Coiiiinercial cor Kearny, dwl 323 Kearny 
ANTHES f Peter J & DIEli'LyChrwf.ojiIwrJ Orig- 
inal House hair dressing saloon 533 Sacramento, 

dwl 621 Pine 

BUSWELIi & CO., Book Binders and Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



Anthony E. T. & Co. repackers mercliandise NE cor 
Siicrainento and Battery, dwl G19 Sacramento 

Anthony George, dwl ~'8 Battery 

Anthony George, with Eeid & iJrooks, dwl Battery 
Street House 

Anthony Henry, clerk with John Puckhaber 

Anthonv l-iitliaid M. salesman with Wm. Sherman 
(fe Co. dwl 73-J H(.\vard 

Anthony William T. dwl Empire House 

Antisell Anna (widow) lodgings 813 Washington 

Antoine E. cook, dwl NW cor Kearny and lidwy 

Antoine Poster, cook Sailor's Home 

Antoniowitch Florio, coffee stand cor. Clay and East, 
dwl '2 Meichant 

Antrol)us Charles, Indian physician 110 Stewart 

Antsell James S. broker, dwl 8"J8 Washington 

Anzon August, cook, dwl 511 Filbert 

Apel House, NW cor Kearny and Jackson 

Apler Chris, waiter 325 Pine 

Aplustiel Charles, watch case maker, dwl NE cor 
Page and Fillmore 

Apollo G. & S. M. Co. office 2d floor Armory Hall 

Appel Frederick, boiler maker, dwl 18 Hunt 

Appel J. peddler, dwl 325 Pine 

Apple Sarah Mi-s. millineiy 204 Kearny 

Apple Wolf, tailor S s Pacific bet Battery and Front, 
dwl 201 Kearny 

Applegate Charles B. clerk Oregon Steam Naviga- 
tion Co. <iwl S 8 Pine Ijet Kearny and Dnpont 

Applegate Josiali H. attorney at law office 702 Wash- 
ington dwl 219 Stevenson 

Appleton Abram, shoemaker 124 Natoma 

APPLETON D. E. & CO. books, stationery, cut- 
lery, etc. 508 Montgomei-y and SE cor Clay and 
Kearny, dwl 502 Montgomery 

Appleton Louis, clerk with Julius Baum, dwl 25 

Appo Junius, porter, dwl N s Washington bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 

Appraiser General U. S. office Custom House 

Apps William J. steward 38 South Park 

Arata IMary Mrs. fruit 1302 Stockton 

Arbogast Frederick, upholsterer with Frank G. Ed- 
wards, dwl 4 Wetmore Place 

Archbald John, Cashier and Secretary San Francisco 
Savings Union 513 California, dwl S s Vallejo 
bet Hyde and Larkin 

Archer Catharine (widow) laundress 6 Minna 

Archer .Idsiali, laborer ^vith Charles H. Miller, Ocean 
House Kiiad 

Archer William, machinist with Devoe, Dinsmore & 
Co. dwl S s Folsom bet Fifth and Sixth 

Archibald James, stove molder with John G. Ills, 
bds 129 Jackson 

Bigelow Bros. & Flint agents NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Sacramento 

Arees C. P., Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2 

Arey Charles, captain bark Leonore, pier 12 Stewart 

Arey Edward F. clerk, dwl 21 Fremont 

Arey Emily F. Mrs. dwl 327 Bush 

Arey Eva Miss, dwl 1024 Stockton 

Arey James A. bar keeper with Watei-s & Dillon 
539 Montgomery 

Arey Walter W. book-keeper with Jacob Underbill 
& Co. 118 Battery, dwl 226 Sansome 

Arfort John B. blacksmith, dwl E s William bet 
O'Farrell and Geary 

Argall John, machinist Miners' Foundry, dwl 18 

Argent Oro Mining Co. office 522 Montgomery 

Ai'genti Joseph, sculptor and modeler, dwl 4o9 Bry- 

Argenti M. (widow) dwl 459 Bryant 

Ar Hing (Chinese) washing 12l3 Dupont 

Arigoli & Co. butter, cheese, etc. 52 Metropolitan 

Alio William, waiter Occidental Hotel 
Arizona Mining Co. office SE cor Cal and Mont 

Arizona Silver and Copper Mining Co. ofFC21 Clay 
Arley C. T. dwl What Cheer House 
Arlington G. & S. M. Co. office 426 Montgomeiy 
Armerger Charles, seaman, dwl 8 Brenham Place 
ARMES fC. W. ,S' G. W.J & DALLAM rRich- 

ard B.J manufrs wood and willow ware 217 

Sacramento, nianufv brooms 2(5 and 28 Beale 

(and Parrixh i^- Co. J dwl 106 Tehama 
Armes Geoi-ge W. f Amies Sj- Dallam and Parrish 

Sc Co.) dwl 106 Tehama 
Armitage John, Superintendent Home Inebriate NE 

cor Stockton and Chestnut 
Armitage Rachel C. Mrs. matron Home Inebriate 

NE cor Stockton and Chestnut 
Armonson August, upholsterer with Gullixson & 

Nelson 336 Keaniy 
Armor Robert, laborer, dwl 5 Washoe Place 
ery and Sacramento 
Amis Mo.«es, dwl N s Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
Armstead Charles G. (colored) bootblack 630 Kearny, 

dwl Green nr Dupont 
Armstrong Aimer E. clerk with Conroy & O'Connor, 

dwl Brooklyn Hotel 
Annstrong Charles, steward No. 9 Engine, dwl 706 

Armstrong ClJarles M. (A. Diirkin i^- Co. J dwl N s 

Fifteenth bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Armstrong Denias, clerk 10 Montgomery, dwl W s 

Brown's Alley nr Pine 
Amistrong E. I. cTwl Lick House 
Armstrong G. S. sail maker, dwl 325 Pine 
Armstrong Henry, painter 328 Davis, bds SE cor 

Turk "and Polk 
Armstrong James, clerk, dwl 506 Broadway 
Armstrdiig. lames, hostler, dwl White Hall fixchange 
Armstrong James, waiter What Cheer House Res- 
Annstrong J. J. contractor, dwl Benton House 
Armstrong John, secretary mining companies office 

610 Merchant, dwl 50S Broadway 
Armstrong John, tinsmith, dwl 612 California 
Armstrong John J. I'lasterer, bds Benton House 
Armstrong Julia (widowl dwl 100 Dupont 
Armstrong Rebecca (widow) dwl 40 Tehama 
Armstrong Sarah, domestic 435 Bryant 
Armstrong Solomon S. clerk, dwl 1000 Dupont 
Armstrong T. D. tinsmith 120 Front 
Armstrong Thomas, bds with Edward Hagthrop 
Armstrong William J. hostler with Porter & Flenner 
Armstrong William T. teamster, d^yl St. Charles nr 

Arnaud Ernest, box maker with L. Racouillat, dwl 

Sixteenth nr Dolores 
Arnaud Joseph, restaurant S s Sixteenth bet Dolores 

and Guerrero 
Aniaud Paul, dwl S s Sixteenth bet Dolores and 

Aniaud Pierre, dwl S s Sixteenth bet Dolores and 

Arnheim Samuel, clothing 315 Pacific 
Amheini Samuel S. cigars and tobacco 8 Stewart 
Arnitz Xavier, butcher SE cor Dupont and Green, 

dwl 439 Green 
Arnold Abram, clerk 526 jVIontgomery, dw^l SE cor 

Commercial and Sansoni 
Arnold A. E. foreman stables N. Beach & Mission 

Railroad Co. 
Arnold Ames, teamster cor Davis and California, 

d\vl 28 Tehama 
Arnold Beni. E. dwl N s Folsom bet Tenth and 

Aniold (CyruaJ & Co. poultry and produce 11 and 

12 i\[etropolitan Market, dwl 512 Howard 
Arnold Elbridge F. f Arnold Broa.J dwl N s Broad- 
way bet Dupont and Stockton 
Arnold Emily P. (widow) dwl 24 Natoma 
Arnold Frank, cooper, dAvl N s Fell bet Gough and 


A. ROMAN" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, School, Law, and Medical Works. 



Arnold Oeorj^e D. with Ilobbs, Gilmore & Co. dwl 

5!) 'IVhaina 
Anioltl lliiiiiiiili, (loniostic 010 Green 
Arnold Isaac L. <ii,'ar.s and toliacco '>'2i't ^lontgonieiy, 

dwl SK eor Ci'Unnereial and 8ant<om 
Arnold brothers f.Iohii F. S,- Klbrid^e F.) hay and 

gniin 3"i0 .lackson, dwl S 8 Washington bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Arnold dnhn E. wood turner 24 California, bds 219 

Arnold L. l)ag maker at 33 Clay, dwl W s Reed bet 

Washington and CMay 
Arnold Marv, domestic 547 Folsom 
AKNOLl) N. S. hardware and cutlery 306 Battery, 

dwl 8 !8 Folsom 
Arnold Robert, laborer, dwl rear 816 Vallejo 
Arnold Tiiomas J. ass't engineer S. F. and San Jose 

Railroad Co. dwl 1026 Clay 
Arnolds 15. watchmaker, dwl 325 Pine 
Arnoux Desire, dwl 1622 Stockton 
Amstein Eugene, book-keeper with Stein, Simon &. 

Co. dwl' 1806 Stockton 
Aron Joseph (We'd Sf Co.) dwl 729 California 
Aron Simon, clerk with Weil &. Co. bds 729 Cal 
Aronson F. speculator, dwl 604 Duriont 
Aronson Siegmund, waterman, dwl W e Monroe nr 

Aronstein Adolf, physician, oflSce and dwl 810 Wash 
Arps John, groceries and liquors SW cor Hyde and 

Arraba John S. mining, dwl S s Vallejo nr Jlont 
Arrante Adelida Jlrs. dwl N s St. Charles 
Arras Domingo, laborer Tehama Restaurant 317 San- 
Arrigoni Fernando, fresco painter S s Hayes bet La- 

guna and Octavia, Hayes' Park 
Anington Joanna (widow) dwl 1309 Mason 
Arriola Fortunato, portrait painter 659 Clay 
Arrison H. dwl Umted States Hotel 304 Beale 
Arrit John, shoemaker, dwl 3-Jl Bush 
Arrivets J. bootmalcer 631 Pacific 
An-ons Amos A. teamster, dwl 534 Pacific 
Arrowell Aaron, speculator, dwl 609 Dnpont 
ARROWS.MITII DAAID B. State C4auger, oflRce 

rms 11 and 12, 405 Front, dwl S s Pine bet Du- 

pont and Stocktcni 
Arrowsmith John, laborer P. M. S. Co. dwl 232 

Arthur Edwin JI. with John D. Arthur & Son, bds 

1027 Bush 
Arthur V,. N. with John D. Arthur & Son, bds 1027 

ARTHUR JOHN D. & SON (Wm. N. Arthvr) 

importers agricultural implements SW cor Davis 

and Washington, dwl 1027 Bush 
Arthur ^Vm. N. (John D. Arthur if Son) dwl 1002 

Arzaga])h, compositor Golden Era, dwl SW cor 

Jackson and JIason 
ABchar Ellis, tailor 101 Bush 
Ash B. meichant, dwl 1024 Stockton 
Ash Charles, drayman, dwl E s Taylor bet Geary 

and post 
Ash David, Idacksmith, dwl 20 Geary 
Ash Jacob (J. Alconulcr \ Co.) dwl 412 Com 
Ash Leo, book-keeper with S. Rich &> Bro. dwl 

1026 Stockton 
Ash Morris, clerk wnth Goldstone, Barnett & Co. 

dwl 113 Geary 
Ash PIiili]>, niolder Union Foundry, dwl 524 Mission 
A^h (Win. II.) ic Hurley (Charles P.y men's fur- 

nishiug goods 602 Kearny cor Sac. ilwl 20 Geary 
Ashburne .fames C. jeweler with Barrett & Sher- 
wood, dwl Pacific Temperance House 
Aslibnrner William, mining engineer office 67 Mont 

Block, dwl NW cor Mission and Fourth 
Ashbury Moiu'oc, real estate, dwl room 7 Mercantile 

Libiaiv Building 
Ashbv M. '!'• dwl room 3, 633 Broadway 

Ashcom James E., Rcgi.ster Dep. Co. Clerk Fourth 
District Court Cilv Mall, dwl 218 l>ush 

Ashcroft William, dwf 11 Natoma 

Aslie R. P. physician, dwl 44 SimuIi Park 

Asher Jacob, jjeddier, dwl 325 I'ine 

Ashenauer (Jeorge, laborer National Flour Mills, 
dwl 25 Jessie 

Asher Simon, clothing 14 Stewart 

Asliim M. B. (Virginia City) dwl 34 Geary 

Ashland G. & S. M. Co. office 621 Clay 

Asliland Sarah (widow) dwl W 8 Anna bet Eddy 
and Kills 

Ashley D. It. A\\\ E s Folsom bet Tenth and Elev- 

Ashley S. J. master mason Engineer's Dept. F. P. 

Ashman Richard T. engineer S. F. Cordage Co. 

Ashmead G. S. builder 318 Dupont 

ASllTON CHARLES, collector, oflice 523 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Hubbard nr Howard 

Ashton diaries S. clerk with Fisher & Robbins, 
609 Clay 

Assay er Stiite, B. B. Thayer, office SE cor Mont- 
gomery and Sutter 

Assembly llall, NW cor Keariiy and Post 

Assion (Joxeph) & Brother (Henry AssionJ mcht 
tailors 2U5 Montgomery, dwl 348 Third 

Assion Henry (Assion iV Bro.) dwl 348 Third 

Assmus John, porter Connnercial F. Mills, dwl Jes- 
sie bet Fifth and Sixth 

Aston .Tames, porter with John Sime & Co. dwl N 8 
Jlission bet Fourth and Fifth 

Astor G. & S. M. Co. Gold Hill office 436 Jackson 

Astor G. & S. M. Co. Humboldt Co. office room 4, 
604 Merchant 

Astrnc Gustavo, Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 

Atalanta G. &. S. M. Co. office I'oom 4, 604 Mereh 

Atami Jacob, driver Broadway Brewery, dwl 337 

Atchiuson, A." J. dwl 329 Bush 

Atchinson B. M. with Stevens & Oliver, dwl 329 

Atchinson James, laborer S. F. P. Woolen Factory 

Athearn (Chnrlex G.) & Morrison (Charles W.J 
grocers 8 Clay, dwl 548 Tehama 

Athearn Charles iNl. milkman with Cushiug & May- 
hew NW cor Cal and Larkin 

Atlieai-n George, dwl Russ House 

Athearn ,yocc['i!i H. clerk S Clay, bds 548 Tehama 

Athearn William, Stockt(jii messenger Wells, Fargo 
&. Co 

Athenaeum Building, SE cor Montgomery and Cal 

Atherton F. D. office with A. B.Grogan 705 San- 
son!, res San Mateo 

Afhye Bridget Miss, domestic 813 Jackson 

Atkins Henry B. groceries and liquors NW cor 
O'Fariell and .Jones 

Atkins Robert C. (Orr Sf A.) dwl 920 Stockton 

Atkinson David, ironer Bay City Laimdry E s Grove 
bet Harrison and Bryant 

Atkinson Francis, machinist, dwl Crescent Engine H 

Atkinson .Tames, laborer, dwl N b Union bet Taylor 
and Jones, rear 

Atkinson .lolin P. steward slmr Yoseniite, dwl 365 

Atkinson .Foseph B. (L. Atkinson ^' Co.) resides 

ATKINSON JOSEPH H. Superintendent Lone 
JVIouutain Cemetery, office 6 Government House, 
dwl Stevenson House 

ATKINSON L. it CO. f Joseph B. Atkinson) man- 
ufacturers and imporlers shirls and collars 511 
Sacrameiilo, dwl Occidental Hotel 

Atkinson Thomas ( L. Uhrca c^- A.) dwl NE cor 
Filbert and Fillmore 

er agent 204 California 

Atlantic G. & S. M. Co. office 502 Montgomery 

Atlantic House, 210 Pacific, I'atrick Casserly proptr 

BUS"WELIi & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S, F. 




CO. New York, C. A. Low & Co. agents 426 

Atliir David, butdier Vallejo nr ]\Iotit, dwl W s 

Jlontgoinery bet Vallejo and Given 
Atlas G. & S. M. Co. office 544 Merchant 
Attenger Moritz, with D. Norcros^^, dwl 313 Tehama 
Attridge Edward, porter with II. Weliw'er ifc Co. 

dwl N s Filbert bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Attridge Thomas, porter CowelFs warehouse, dwl 

N s Sansome nr Union 
Atwell A. J. painter bde Bailey House 116 Sausom 
Atwill G. <fe S. M. Co. office 6:21 Clay 
Atwill Joseph F. (Virginia City, Jf. T.) dwl 714 

Atwood E. F. (Rainon Sf A.) dwl W s Fourth bet 

Mission and Jessie 
Atwood George A. with Jos. P. Chamberlin, dwl 

224 Second 
Atwood J. carpenter, dwl 331 Fremont 
Atwood M. Mrs. house keeper Lick House 
Atwood \^"illiani T. with Martin & Co. 224 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 319 Geary 
Auberlen (August) vSt Ehman (Robert) manuf fire- 
proof safes, etc. 416 Market and 322 Com 
Aubert A. sausage maker, dwl 626 California 
Aubert Paul, jeweler with Baldwin & Crane, dwl 

rear 8 St.' Mark's Place 
Aubery William, carpenter, dwl 137 Minna 
Aubrey Francis (). fancy goods 310 Third 
Aubrey .loseph, manufacturer trunks, 73.") Clay 
Auditlred ( llippolytc) &. Male f G.) wood and char- 
coal Alarket Street Wliarf, dwl Bdwy nr Kearny 
Auditlred Rose Jlrs. dwl W s Pinckney nr Bdwy 
Audou Leon, poultry, dwl 527 Merchant 
Auer Joseph, tailor, bds 317 Bush 
Auerbach (Leopold) & Frohmann ( Susmann) boots 

and shoes 156 Third 
Auerl)ach Louis, clerk with Arnold Kalish, dwl 515 

Augdahl Oliver, steward Wright's Hotel 
Angell Elizabeth, stewardess stmr Cornelia 
Auger Eugene B. importer and commission merchant 

704 Sansoui, dwl 7-Jt) Mission 
Anger Jolm ( MaJaiv^ta 6f A.) 634 Pacific 
Auger Lambert, mathematical instrument maker 

with Wm. Sclunolz, dwl E s Mont nr Pacific 
Augier P. BI. Capt. schooner Dart office Commercial 

Street Wharf 
August Madam, dressmaker 1212 Dnpont 
Augustus Joseph, painter 328 Davis, dwl Howard 

Engine House 
Ault Matliias, miller National Mills, dwl 107 Natoma 
Aune E. ( titork S^- A.) dw^l SE cor Montgomery 

and Jackson 
Aurado Leon ( Spotorno Sj- A.) dwl 507 Merchant 
Auradon Jide, with Andre Secchi, dwl 1709 Leav 
Aurbaet L. cigars, bds 512 Sacramento 
Aureau Lucien, licpiors 619 Kearny 
Aurora S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
AUSTIN ALEXANDER, importer dry goods 427 

Montgomery, dwl 417 Montgomery 
Austin Alvah C. Superintendent Union Foundry, 

dwl 539 Howard 
Austin Barnett, molder Miner's Foundry, dwl 54 

Austin Benjamin C. importer tin and sheet iron ware 

324 Clay, dwl 720 Filbert 
Austin Edward, oiler stmr CHirysopolis 
Austin Emilius, tinsmith with B. C. Austin, dwl 

916 Stockton 
Austin Frank B. secretary Lone Mountain Cemetery 

Co. office 6 Government House 502 Washington, 

bds Russ House 
Austin Henry, dwl 215 Sansom 
Austin Henry, dentist office 634 Washington, dwl 

509 Lom^jard 
Austin J. dry goods, dwl Russ House 
Austin James, bar keeper NE cor Com and Kearny 

Austin John A. variety goods, 218 First 
AUSTIN (Joseph) ^'^CUMYTT (Henry) import- 
ers and retail dry goods 427 Montgomery, dwl 
636 Sacramento 
Austin Marcus E. with Willard Hodges, dwl 618 

Austin Reuben, teamster 30 Clay, bds 62 Clay 
Austin Sampson, packer with R. A. Swain, dwl 826 

AUSTIN'S B'UILDING, 425 and 427 Montgomerv 
agent jMerchant's Exchange Bdg 
Austria G. & S. M. Co. office 15 ]\Ielropolitan Block 
Antler Joseph, clerk 105 Jlontgomerv 
Aveline L. slipper manufactdry S3S Kearny 
Averell An-^on fCoehranc Sj- A. ) dwl W s Taylor 

bet O'Farrell and Ellis 
AveriU W. B. dwl What Cheer House 
Avery Annie L. Mrs. physician, office and dwl 82 

Avery Clark, carpenter, dwl N s Presidio road nr 

Avery D. R. (Brown Sj- A.) dwl 52 Minna 
Avery Elihu, mariner, dwl 143 Townsend 
Avery H. G. (Stevens 4- A.) dwl 436 Fremont 
Avery James A. mariner, dwl 303 Bryant 
Avery O. R. (widow) dwl 28 O'Farrell 
Avila J. F. Sec. Mexican Consul, dwl 820 Jackson 
Aviles Paula Miss, dwl 1114 Powell 
Aviles Quirina Miss, dwl 1114 Powell 
Avis Fredeiick, clerk, dwl 724 Howard 
Awenius Jacob, laborer Philadelphia Brewery 
Ayer Elizabeth, memorandum clerk U. S. B. M. 
Ayer .1. Y. carjx-nter, dwl W s Clarence Place 
Ayer Washington, jihy^ician, office and dwl 605 Sac 
Ayers C. P. tinsmith TJO Front 
Ayers Ira jr. book keeper with George F. Bragg & 

Co. rms 219 Minna 
AYERS J. J. & CO. (George. Ed. Barnes, Peter B. 
Forster, and Charles F. Johson) editors, pub- 
lishers and projtrietors Daily Morning Call office 
610 and (il2 Commercial, dwl 25 Turk 
Aymar William, clown, dwl 730 Kearny 
Ayon Antone, barber 919 Dupont, dwl St. Charles 

Ayres J. C. dwl What Cheer House 
Avres John C. brass founder, dwl Portrero 1 mile 

SE Brannan St. Bridge 
Ayres Jlary A. Miss, dwl with Henry L. Messenger 
Ayres William O. physician, office and dwl 613 


Bapbich Marco, with Martin Martins 18 Sutter 
Babbitt Edwin B. Lieutenant-Colonel and Deputy 
Quartermaster General U.S.A. office 742 Wash- 
ington, dwl 314 Fremont 
Babco David, laborer with Alexander Lemore NE 

cor Polk and Union 
Babcock Ann Mrs. lodgings SW cor Washington and 

Babcock Benjamin E. (Scott S^- B.) dwl 641 Market 
Babcock George, book-keeper 7 Clay, dwl 121 Na- 
Babcock Geoi'ge W. carpenter, dwl 24 Everett 
Babcock Henry S. office 412 Mont dwl ] 1 Essex 
Babcock Jasper, Superintendent and Engineer San 
Miguel and Ocean House McAdam Road, dwl 
Babcock JMelvin D. physician, and proprietor Buck- 
eye House 683 Market 
BABCOCK WILLIAM F. office 412 Montgomery, 

dwl 11 Essex 
Babcox J. T. annealer U. S. B. M. dwl 1123 Stock 
Babson Edward, book-keeper with C. L. Taylor & 
Co. dwl N 8 Sac bet Leavenworth and Ilyde 

A. BOMAM" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 


Balison W. E. l)ook-ket'i)er with HeusUm, HastingB 
& Co. 

lJiil>.v A<l()l]>Ii, clerk witli Kielmrd L. Ogden 338 

BAIJV FKANOIS R. ussistant ajrent P. M. S. Co. 

office X\V cor Sacramento aud Leidesdorff, dwl 

5'J4 Pine 
Baicarro Aiiijiistine, laborer, dwl S 8 Greenwich bet 

Powell and Mason 
Bacciis .IoImi 15. jr. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

(hvl I lO-i Stoi'kton 
Bach Frederick \\'. clerk with B. Gattel &. Marcus, 

dwl (Ireen nr I'owell 
Bach if. Mi-8. milk ranch corner of Seventeenth and 

Bach John, tjuni^niith and sijorting- materials 408 

Commercial, <l\vl llli Virginia 
Bachar.ich Chai-les, tinisnuth with Morris Dobe- 

zinsky, dwl '2-i Post 
Biichelder Henry, dwl N s Austin bet Polk and Van 

Ness Avenue 
Bachel ier Hiram, cari-ier Eveninj; Bulletin 
15achelder P. .7. carjienter, dwl 1(17 Mont Block 
Baclielder William H. porter with Castle Brothers, 

dwl X s Bush ni' Hyde 
Bacher Celestine, piano forte maker with Jacob 

Zech, dwl 1-22 Sutter 
Bachhaus Peter, cook, dwl 39 Pacific 
Bachnian Auyust, u])liolsterer with Wm. Ehrenp- 

fort, dwl {i04 Dujiont 
Bachman David S. ( Bachman Brothers) dwl St. 

Nicholas Hotel 
Bachman Herman S. ( Bachmnn Brothers) resides 

New York 
Bachman John, with J. B. Luchsinger 
Bachman John, i)hotojfraphist 48 Third 
Bachman Leopold, book-keeper with Bachman Bros. 

dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Bachman liroxhvrti ( ynihnu S., Dnvid S., and Her- 
man iS'. Biichiiuni) im])orters and jobbers dry 

fjTOods 304 and IJOLi California 
Bachman Simon f Si-li'^ \ B.J dwl 106 Montgomery 
Bacitralupiii I), fruits lllO Dupout 
BaciLcalu]ipi Jose])h, ornamental carver, dwl Ss Sac- 
ramento below l)i-umm 
Backei- William, Sandy Hill Bakery NE cor Clay 

and Mason 
]5ackes I'eter, Mansion House Saloon Dolores op 

BackliauH Peter, laborer, dwl with John Hermann 
Backus Charles, ethio]iian comedian Gilbert's Melo- 

deon, bds Inlernatinnal Hotel 
Backus Charles, workman with Charles W. Alvey, 

dwl 1 i(l-J Stockton 
Backus Charles Iv clerk Bulletin, bds with Mrs. E. 

Slickney Sansom N Union 
Backus G. & Co. flV. II. Miller) real estate and 

stock brokers 22t> Montgomery, dwl SW cor 

California and Lark in 
Backus George, brass molder oO" Market 
Backus Henrv M. book-keeper with Morrill Bros. 

dwl (il.'i Hush 
Biickus Jerome II. steward 3x!() Second 
Backus Sylvester, apjjreiitice with A. Crawford & 

Co. dwl Bay State House 
l$ackus Oscar j". fTn,,, Brooks Sr B.) dwl SW cor 

tJret'U and Montgomery 
BACON JACOI5 f To,r„e Sf B.) dwl 816 Bush 
Bacon James, laborer Minora' Foundry, dwl 33 Na- 

Bacon Joseph S. (T. H. Sf J. S. B.) dwl 1 Ver- 
non Place 
Bac(m L. sculptor and modeler G23 California 
BACON T. H. & .1. S. importers and commission 

merchants ami agents Boston Underwriters SE 

cor Fiont and Cnmmercial, res Boston 
Badarous J. C. physician, otiice and dwl 730 Wash 
Bailel Victoire Mrs. toys 13():{ Dupont 
Baden Frank, cigar maker, dwl 3 Miima 

Badenhoi) Hem-y, groceries and liquors W 8 Mission 

bet 'rwelfth'and 'riiirteentli 
Badger James, Sugar Helinery, dwl N 8 Folsom bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Ba<lger Josei.h B. (Dyer Sf B.) dwl SW cor O'Far- 

rell and Taylor 
Badger T. W. odice 305 Sacramento 

(Thomas E.) importers and jobbers clothing 

etc. and agents Clnckering & Son's piano-fortes 

411, 413, and 41.5 Battery, and School Director 

Seventh District, dwl -'18 Bush 
Badt Alexander L. book-keeper with L. King & 

Brother, dwl 411 Pine 
Badt Morris, clothing 527 Commercial 
Baettge John, drayman, dwl S s Brannan bet Fifth 

an<l Sixth 
Baez Carlos, compositor La Voz de Mejico, dwl S s 

Francisco nr Stockton 
Baffert Pierre, butcher, dwl S s Francisco bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Baflijo John, grocery NW cor Dupont and Union 
Bag^e Charles E. with Moses B. French, dwl S 8 

Hinckley m- Dupont 
Bagler David K. c(j()k with John Hart 
Bagley Margaret, domestic 27 South Park 
Bagley Michael, molder Miners' Foundry, dwl SE 

cor Geary and Jones 
Bagley O. IJ. office with John Middleton & Son, 

dwl Lick House 
Bagley Townsend, dwl 45 Everett 
Bai^nel Joseph, liquors 33 Sacramento and 6 Broad 
Baifuell Kliza (widow) dwl 709 Vallejo 
Bagnell Jlargaret Miss, milliner with Mrs. Maiia 

Fonts, dwl 907 Vallejo 
Bahifeind JIartin, grocer, dwl SW cor Powell and 

BAHRS ANDli'EAS, groceries and liquors NE cor 

Davis and Jackson 
Bahrs Herman, with Andreas Bahrs, dwl NE cor 

Davis and Jackson 
Baigalupi Joseph, carver, dwl SE cor Sacramento 

and Dnuum 
Bailas I. driver Oumilius Railroad Co. 
Bailey A. H. carpenter, bds Bailey House 116 San 
Bailey Mrs. Annie, dwl 1423 Keainy 
Bailey Byron, carpenter, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Bailey Daniel C. clerk stmr Sophie McLane 
Bailey David, proprietor Bailey House 116 and 118 

Bailey F. P. produce, dwl NE cor Second and Minna 
Bailey Frank, billiard saloon 109 Washington 
Bailey Gustavus, shij)builder, dwelling rear of 324 

Bailey Isaac L. omnibus driver Origmal House, dwl 

177 Jessie 
Bailey Jacob F. bricklayer, dwl 121 Jessie 
Bailey James jr. (Trover iSj- B.) dwl St. Lawrence 

Bailey .lames, gardener, dyyl 74 Jessie 
Bailey James, liandcartman cor Front and Pacific 
Bailey .1. D. actuary I'lioeuix Insurance Co. SW cor 

Montgomery aud Commercial, dwl 20 Perry 
Bailey .John, dwl What Clieer House 
Bailey John F. attorney at law office 605 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 331 Minna 
Bailey .lobn N. cai]>euter, dwl 244 Jessie 
Bailey J(ise])h H. groceries 1313 Stockton, dwl N 6 

Union bet .Mason aud Tavlor 
BAILFY LEWIS H. projytr Portsmouth House NW 

cor Clay and Brenham Place 
Bailev Lizzie Miss, teacher with Miss Gale 231 

Bailey L. L. (widow) dwl 229 First 
Bailey Major, mineralogist, bds 54 First 
Bailey Margai'et Miss, machine sewing 514 Mission, 

dwl 520 Mission 
Bailey Mary J. (widow) dwl 27 Perry 

BUS'WEIjIi & CO., Manufacturers of all kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Bailey Mon-is, pliotofrraphic jmnter with Alexander 

Edouart, fhvl 634 Wasliington 
Bailey O. S. planer at 24 CaK dwl 545 Mission 
Bailey Thomas, Rincon Wool Depot, dwl cor Har- 
rison and Brvant 
Bailey Thomas W. fCablea Sf B.) dwl 1017 Powell 
Bailey William, dwl 916 Howard 
Bailey William, laborer, dwl Riiss House 
BaileV William I. dravman. dwl (Jg Jessie 
Bailly Arthur, clerk 3o Wash Mkt, dwl 516 Clav 
Baillv Frangnis, sausages and pork 35 Wash Mkt, 

dwl 516 Clay 
Baily William, fruit and commission 407 Davis, dwl 

124 Silver 
Baily William J. proptr Isthmus House 54 First 
Bailv William T. (colored) cook, bds with William 

Bain Alexander, longshoreman, dwl 257 Jessie 
Bain John, hlackmith Vulcan Iron M'orks, dwl 27 

Bainbridge Arnop, bar keeper Broderick Engine Co. 

No. 1 
Baine George W. agent Collinsville Land Co. office 

509 Sac, dwl cor O'Farrel and Mason 
Baird Irvin, workman San Francisco and Pacific 

Sugar Co 
Baird John H. (J. W. Tucker 4' Co. J dwl Occiden- 
tal Hotel 
Baja California Silver Mining Co. office 519 Mont 
Bajo Peter, {Alexander Finance Sf Co.) dwl 837 

Baker Adam B. dwl 8 Brenham Place 
Baker Albert J. earner Evening Bulletin 
Baker Alexander, book-keeper with George M. Jos- 

selvn & Co. dwl 609 Pme 
BAKEli ALFRED, apothecary NE cor Third and 

Howard, dwl 82 Everett 
Baker Alfred N. elk U. S. B. M. dwl 1016 Stockton 
Baker Barbara Miss, domestic 1715 Stockton 
Baker Cbarles, with Chas. Randall 
Baker Christian, baker with Charles Scbroth 230 

Baker Colm C. (Stevens B. ^ Co.) res Providence, 

Baker Conrad, assayer's dept U. S. Branch Mint dwl 

351 Minna 
Baker Copper Mining Co. office 611 Clay 
Baker Cyrus, cigars and tobacco 132 Montgomery, 

dwl 114 Montgomery 
Baker Demaris, (widow) dwl with Geo. L. Kenny 
Baker Edgar G. carrier Alta and Call, dwl -500 Sutter 
Baker Edward D. Mrs. (widow) dwl with Robert 

J. Stevens 
Baker E. J. confectioner 1120 Dupont, dwl SsNato- 

ma nr Sixth 
Baker F. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Baker Ferdinand, shoemaker 608 California, dwl 

Haves bet Laguna and Octavia 
Baker Francis jr. box maker with Hobbs, Gilmore 

& Co. bds Benton House 
Baker F. W. cigars and tobacco 705 Davis 
Baker George, malt maker, bds NW cor Jackson 

and Keamy 
Baker George, (col'd) cook Old Georgia Restaurant, 

dwl 919 Kearny 
Baker George H. lithographer 522 Montgomery, dwl 

211 Prospect Place 
Baker George L. nielter with Kellogg, Hewston & 

Co. dwl Downey bet Bryant and Bi-annan 
Baker George W. book-keeper with Lyon «St Co. dwl 

()54 Mis.<i(m 
Baker G. P. wines and liquors, dwl Tehama House 
Baker Henry, bds Sailors' Home 
Baker Henry, cook Globe Hotel 
Baker Henrv, lab, dwl W s Libertv nr Townsend 
BAKER HENRY, U. S. Postal Agent office P. O. 

dwl NW cor Second and Tehama 
Baker Henry Y. engineer Chace's Mills, dwl 64 


Baker H. J. dwl 91 Montgomery Block 

Baker Isaiah, boarding officer C. M. 

Baker {.James G.J & Co. fC. C. Ball Sy Lmiis 

Hv titer) shipping masters and commercial bro- 
kers W s Front nr Vallejo, dwl 52 Second 
Baker John, hackman Russ House 
Baker John, seaman, rms 37 Sacramento 
Baker John J. fanner Golden Gate Ranch 6 miles 

W Plaza 
Baker John B. book-keeper with J. Bryant, Hill & 

Co. dwl 109 Montgomery 
Baker John H. carpenter, dwl rear 512 Bush 
Baker John P. with A. R. Baldwin & Co. 219 Front, 

dwl Tehama House 
Baker John S. clerk S. F. Directory office, dwl 130 

Baker John S. pile driver, bds 62 Clay 
Baker Joseph, crockery and glassware SW comer 

Dupont and Sutter 
Baker Judah jr. (Stevens, Baker Sf Co.) dwl 1510 

Baker Luke N. clerk, dwl Jessie bet Second and 

Baker Luther, carpenter, dwl 741 Market 
Baker Maria, (widow) Golden Gate Ranch, Point 

Lobos 4^ miles W Plaza 
Baker Marj' (widow) dwl 764 Howard 
Baker Jlarv A. Mrs. (widow) dwl 1618 Stockton 
Baker M. C. manager daily Morning Star 
Baker Melville C. Rev. asst teacher 635 Mission, 

dwl SE cor Fourth and Bryant 
Baker Svlvester C. mariner, dwl S s Bernard bet 

TayTor and Jones 
Baker "Stephen N. captain police City Hall, dwl 

108 Silver 
Baker S. W. clerk What Cheer House 
Baker William K. tinsmith with DwightS. Weaver, 

dwl 527 Pine 
Baker Wm. P. I. ship master 42 Clay, bds 660 

Baker Winslow, dwl 224 Folsom 
Balch Frank S. lumber office 231 Stewart, pier 20 
Balch S. M. butter and eggs 7 and 8 Wash Mai-ket, 

dwl 840 Jlission 
Balchen Ingobar (widow) liquor saloon cor Beach 

and Leavenworth 
Bald jMountain G. M. Co. office 4 Armory HaU 

Baldenian Adolph, cook, dwl 716 Pacific, rear 
Baldnmn August, groceries and liquoi-s SE cor Green 

and Mason 
Baldwin Albert S. physician, office and dwl 639 

Baldwin Amos, butcher with Andrew J. Schrader 
BALDWIN A. R. & CO. (James Michael) imps 

and jobbers wines and liquors 219 Front, dwl 

13 Stockton 
Baldwin Charles H. (C. Adolphe Low c^ Co.) U. 

S. N. res New York 
Baldwin Edwin, turnkey State Prison, dwl E 8 

Jones bet Bush and Sutter 
Baldwin (Elias J.) & Killip (J. N.) livery and sale 

stables 704 Com, dwl N s Geaiy bet Mason and 

Baldwin Elisha F. dwl N s Fell bet Polk and Van 

Ness Aveiuie 
Baldwin Henry, fisherman, dwl 2 Drumm 
Baldwin Hirain S. physician office 612 Clay, dwl 

818 Pacific 
Baldwin James B. butcher with A. J. Shrader W s 

Ninth nr Brannan St. Bridge 
Baldwin Jeremiah, Pacific Railway boarding house 

517 Mission 
BALDWIN (Jo.-ieph G.J & HAGGIN (James B.J 

attv's at law office 1 and 2 Court Block 636 

Clay, dwl 1321 Powell 
Baldwin Leon M. student with S. L. Johnson, dwl 

177 Minna 
Baldwin Mary,- (widow) lodgings 812 Sacramento 

A. KOMAN &, CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ts National Almanac & Annual Becord, 700 pp. 



Baldwin AI. M. (C. L. Johnson S^ Co. J dwl S s C'al 
lic't Powc-ll and Maxon 

Baldwin Orvillo I), dwl IIS Tiiiid 

Baldwin St;ii-r, elk wiili I). W. Chanibcre 11 Conrt 
Block, dwl •.'.j() Teliania 

Baldwin \Villiani, ship carpenter, dwl E 8 Crooks 
nr Townsend 

BullVey John, shoemaker with D. Hiinser, dwl SE 
cor Hansom and Greenwich 

Balfrey Maiy, seamstress, Chelsea Laundry 

Balidi" Lucas, dwl NE cor Com and Leidesdorff 

Balke 'Williain (Schroder 4' B.J Telegraph House 
it-21 Baltery 

Ball Albert, plivsician, office and dwl 619 Com 

Ball Charles, drayman with F. 8. Wensinger, dwl 
Kitch lict Bryant and Brannan 

Ball Charles T. cook, (UK ^Market 

Ball David 1 1, bookbinder and paper ruler 408 Clay, 
dwl 318 Kitch 

Ball George A. book-keeper with Buswell & Co. 
dwl 512 Stockton 

Ball James, stevedore, dwl S s Francisco bet Mont 
and Kearny 

Ball John, pilot, dwl 408 Vallejo 

liall John M. policeman City Hall, dwl 43 Third 

Ball Minnie ]\Iigs, domestic with Zadock Einstein 

Ball Thomas, apprentice Irish Nationalist, dwl SE 
cor California and Dupont 

Ballanger Andrew, laborer, dwl W s Oneida Place 

Ballard Charles, Nicaragua Lodging House SE cor 
Leidesdortt' and Commercial 

Ballard George, painter with Wra. Worthingtou, 
bds 5l!t Market 

Balhnd Jetlerson H. operator with Wm. She^v, dwl 
xIlG Stevenson 

Ballen Louis, bds 314 Sutter 

B ALLEN TINE JAMES, builder, office 314 Sansom 
dwl AN'S Ninth bet Market and Jlission 

Bailey Edward, clerk with D. Gibb & Co. dwl 
South Park 

Ballhaus Christian A. boot and shoeniaker C13 Pacific, 
bds New Atlantic Hotel 

Ballhaus Frederick, carpenter, dwl SW cor Lombard 
and Leavenworth 

Ballia John, dwl E s Howard bet Twelfth and Thir- 

Ballinger Patrick fWlielan ^ B.J dwl NW cor Cal- 
ifornia and Pi'att Conrt 

Ballinger Peter, billiard and liquor saloon 545 Cal 

Ballinger I'ctcr, 1)lacksmith, dwl 45 Clementina 

Ballon B. W. calker, dwl Crescent Engine House 

Ballser Charles A. butcher Potrero nr Brannan St. 

Balma Nicholas, servant 827 Washington 

Balphry Williiim, bds 333 Bush 

Baltic "Consolidation G. & S. M. Co. office G21 Clay 

Baltimore American G. & S. M. Co. office 210 Bat- 

Baltlitz Theodore, packer, dwl S s Dupont Alley 

Balz Adolph, clerk quartermaster's office, dwl N s 
I'ost liet Leavenworth and Hyde 

Balzer C. A. fZicl, Berthcau i^r C'o.J res Handjurg 

Bai/.er Henry, upholsterer with J. F. & H. II. 

Bamber .Alexander, milkman with Edm'd II. Knight 

BA.AIBKK JOHN & CO. (C. E. JJrixcoll) Contra 
Costa Express 719 Davis, dwl 028 Montgomery 

Bamber Wm. F. liquors 721 Davis, dwl cor Broad- 
way and Montgomery 

Bamboo G. Sc S. M. Co. office 406 Montgomery 

Bamboo Chief G. «St S. M. Co. office 2d floor Ar- 
mory Hall 

Banci'oft All)ert L. (H. H. Bancroft Sj- Co. J resides 
New York 

Bancroft Ashley C. clerk with H. H. Bancroft & Co. 
dwl 22'.' First 

BANCROFT li. H. & CO. (Albert L. BancroftJ 
publishers, Iwoksellers, and stationers 609 Mont- 
gomery resides Oakland 

Bancroft William B. book-keeper with II. H. Ban- 
croft & Co. dwl 229 First 
Bandi'line John, merchant, dwl 325 Pine 
BANDMANN, (.J,ili„>iJ NIELSEN (II. J &, CO. 
imjiorters and commission merchants 210 Front, 
dwl 514 Lombard 
Banett Edward, helper Miners' Foundry, dwl 13 

BANK EXCHANGE, George F. Parker proprietor, 

SE cor Montgomery and Wa.shington 
Bank Joseph, billiard table maker with Jacob 

Strahle, dwl 27 St. Mark's I'lace 
Banker Eliza Miss, domestic 9(tS Jackson 
Banker Mary Jliss, domestic 1213 Powell 
Banks Albert, clerk w'ith F. Boilleau, dwl 032 Broad- 
Banks George S. (Skelli/ <^- B.J dwl 567 Maiket 
Banks (Javicx A.J &. Sheldon (Hirnm A.J «apen- 
ters and builders 233 Jackson, dwl 1107 Keamy 
Banks Joseph, lireman steamer Cornelia 
BANKS ( Thomas C.J & Co. bankers SW cor 
Montgomery and Commercial, dwl Lick House 
Banks William,' comforter manufacturer 400 Sacra- 
mento, dwl 1001 Mason 
Bannan Frank, with Charles H. Harrison 
Bannan John, ^vood yard 510 Green 
I'aiinaii Marv ;\Iiss, domestic 1115 Stockton 
Ijaiinaii Philip E. laboier, dwl 165 Jessie 
Bannard Francis, dwl Union Alley nr Union 
Banner G. & S. M. Co. office 706 Montgomery 
Bannett Harris, proprietor Bannetfs House 5l2 Sac 
Banning John, C. H. inspector, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 

128 Sansom 
Bannister G. & S. M. Co. office 630 Montgomery 
Bannon Edward, drayman with Treadwell & Co. 
Bannon Hugh, laliorer, dwl 830 Bmaihvay 
Bans John, cabinet maker with E. Bloomingdale 
Baptista Jean, gai-dener with John Carfole, Hayes' 

Baptiste Jean, miner, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Baracsan Elizabeth Mrs. dwl E s Kobbins Place 
Barbat J. physician and druggist 910 Pacific 
Barbeiri Joseph, wood yard SE cor Eighth and 

Barbent Charles, miner, dwl W s Twelfth bet Hoav- 

ard and Folsom 
Barber Enos W. blacksmith, d^vl 741 IMarket 
Barber G. & S. M. Co. office 4 Armory Hall bdg 
Barber. I ohn A. (colored) plasterer and bricklayer, 

1030 Pacific 
Barber Mary E. (widow) boarding 16 (^uincy 
Barber Peter J. builder, dwl N s' Virginia Place nr 

Barber liichard, (colored) waiter with Dr. C. E. 

Blake, dwl John nr Powell 
Barber Thomas H. boatman, dwl N 8 Pacific bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
BAKBEK WILLIAM, attorney at law office Wells' 

Building cor Clay and Mon"t, dwl 321 Geary 
Barlier William M. dwl 754 Howard 
Barbier Armand, painter, dwl 309 Fourth 
Barbier Eugenie, (widow) dwl N s Minna bet Sev- 
enth and Eighth 
Barbier Louis, cook l^nion Club Rooms 
BAiiCKHAUSEN JULIUS, agent (4ermaii Beney- 
oleiit Society ofiice 625 Merchant, dwl 8 Louisa 
Barclay Catherine Miss, <lomestic 710 Vallejo 
Barclay Frank, laborer Union Foundry 
Barclay Geo. li. broker, dwl 21 Fourtli 
Barclay Robert, wheelwright with Geo. P. Kimball 

&,"Co. dwl 748 Market 
Barclay «fc Smith G. tSc S. M. Co. office 56 Metro- 
politan Block 
Barclay Thomas, (Virginia City, N. T.) dwl S s 

Hayes nr Pavilion 
Bard J." safe maker, bds 205 Sansom 
Barde Dwight, attorney at law office rm 11, 604 
Merchant, dwl 122 Geary 

BUS'WELL & CO., 517 Clay St., Mining Companies' Books printed and bound at sliort notice. 



Bardeiui Peter, tailor, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Barden Bridget, (widow) dwl 139 Minna 
Bardenbagen Meiigels, collector Folsoia Street Road, 

NW cor Folsoin and Ninth 
Bardenweiper C. P. drayman 212 Front 
ISardcs John, cooper 20() Davis, dwl 47 Clementina 
Bardet Alexandre, with S. A. Peyser &, Co. dwl 

W B Pinckney ur Bioadway 
Bardet fO. ) tfc Ijiucouret fF.J liqnors and, billiards 

102!) Dupont 
Bardet Madam, millinery 928 Dupont 
Bardwell fJ. L.J &, Co." bag factory 105 Clay, dwl 

619 Montgomery 
Baretta Loniis, cook 424 Sac, dwl Mani^ion House 
Baretta Peter, machinist Union Foundry, bds 54 

Bargestrani J. bargeman Custom House 
Bargones Leonardo, drayman, dwl S 8 Francisco bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Bariglit (Tcorge, carpenter, bds 176 Jessie 
Bariglit Walter L. cimtractor 27 O'Farrell 
Baring H. [lainter, dwl (i52 Pacific 
Barkeloo John, real estate agent and stock broker 

office 622 Merchant, dwl 715 Busli 
Barker Abner H. office NE cor Front and Jackson 
Barker Andrew P. policeman City Hall, dwl Jesbie 

bet Thiid and Fourth 
Barker Benjamin M. secretary mining companies 

office 406 Montgomery, dwl Irying House 
Barker F. C. teacher, dwl NE cor Wash and Powell 
Barker G. & S. M. Co. office rm 2 Mead House 
Barker Henry K. drayman cor Sansom and Mercli 
Barker J. Jjoring, clerk 208 Battery, dwl American 

Barker Joiui, hog ranch NE coi' Folsoin and Eleventh 
Barker Joshua, liook-keeper with J. H. Coghill & 

Co. dwl 1022 Pine 
Barker J. T. stone cutter, dwl 325 Pine 
Barker l\Iaria A. Mrs. (colored) dwl 423 Union 
Barker ('Samuel F.J &. Brother f S/rphen Barker J 

livery and sale stable 739 Folsom, dwl S s Clem- 
entina bet Fourth and Fifth 
Barker Stephen, (Barker Sf Brother J dwl 541 Te- 
Barker T. L. merchant office 321 Front, dwl Lick 

Barker William, vocalist Eureka Theater, d_wl 845 

Barker William, dwl NW cor California and Jones 
BarkhauB F. W. (Prie>i Sj- B.J dwl 325 Kearny 
Barkley Samuel, book-lseeper with Wilson &. Ste- 
vens, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde and Larkin 
Barkley W. H. clerk with Redington & Co. bds 

with ■\\'m. Barkley 
Baikley William, dwl N s Pacific bet Hyde and 

Barlage Henry, cabinet maker with J. Peirce, dwl 

114 ^'il•ginia 
Barling Hoiatio H. dwl 809 Union 
Barlow Eli^ha T. mechanic, dwl N s Brannan bet 

Sixtli and Seventh 
Barlow Jackson, laborer, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Barman Jonas, real estate, dwl 29 Hunt 
Barniore Henry, teamster 111 Stewart pier 7 
Barmore John J. li(£uor saloon, dwl 32 Government 

Barnard A. ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Barnard Frank, clerk with A. G. Rainsdell, dwl 23 

Barnard'G. & S. M. Co. office 532 California 
Barnard George, with Main & Winchester, bds 28 

Barnard George H. drayman dwl E s William bet 

Geary and Post 
Barnsird (iiorge W. clerk with Main &, Winchester, 

bds 28 Battery 
Barnard Hannah, "domestic 323 First 
Barnard Isaac, dwl 211 Minna 

Barnard Isaac D. clerk with S. P. Whitman, dwl 

313 Montgomery 
Barnard Joseph, fancy goods 232 Fourth 
Barnard T. G. contractor and builder, dwl 23 Vassar 

Barnard Thomas, dwl 211 ]\Iinna 
Barnard William H. Pony Liquor Saloon 510 Kear- 
ny, and Branch P(my 18 Suiter, dwl 508 Kearny 
Barnert J. &. Co. (Samuel BarnertJ importers and 

manufacturers clothing 423 Sacramento, dwl 211 

Barnert Samuel (J. Barnert S^ Co. J dwl 211 Minna 
Barnes Alexander, laborer S. F. Gas Co 
Barnes Alexander, laborer, dwl S s Minna Place bet 

Beale and Fremont 
Barnes Charles A. plasterer, dwl What Cheer House 
Barnes Charles E. conductor N. B. & M. R. R. Co 
Barnes D. B. clerk, dwl 325 Pine 
Banies F. cook Eureka Restaurant 709 Market 
Barnes George, saddler, Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
BARNES GEORGE ED. (.1. J. Ayers Sf Co. J dwl 

810 Clay 
Barnes James H. clerk 546 Clay dwl 18 Prospect 

Barnes J. F. dwl What Cheer House 
Barnes Mary (widow) lodgings 14 Stewart 
Barnes William H. L. attorney-at-law NW cor 

j\Iont and Com, dwl 403 Bryant 
Barnett Isaac (Guldstone, B. •Sj-'Co.J dwl 113 Geary 
Barnett John W. baker, dwl 5'^9 Mission, rear 
Barnett Norman W. milk ranch Old San Jos^ road 

3^ miles from City Hall 
Barnett Samuel, dwl "345 Minna 
Barnett Thomas (Goldstonc, Barnett t^" Co. J dwl 

211 Minna 
Barney Aurelius, express wagon 64 Clay 
Barney George, engineer Mission Woolen Mills 
Barney H. S. painter, dwl 652 Pacific 
Barne"y Milton S dwl 141 Silver 
Barney Thomas, drayman, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Barnhisel Epenetus R. waterman, dwl 58 Minna 
Barnliisel Henry S. waterman, dwl 58 Minna 
BanihiscI (.>livia (widow) privaie boarding 58 Minna 
Barnoh Samuel, peddler, dwl 325 Pine 
Barnstead Thomas D. blacking manufactory junction 

Drunim and Market 
Barnstead Thomas S. carpenter, dwl N s Natoma 

Place nr Beale 
Barnstead William, carpenter, dwl Post Street House 
Barnum Catharine Miss, dwl 137 Jessie 
Barnum William R. (Le Gay cV Co.) 614 Cora 
l?aron Henry, express wagon, bds 317 Bush 
Baron Madam, boarding 536 Broadway 
Barolte Amelia Mrs. dwl 356 Third 
Barr James H. jeweler, dwl 813 Clay 
Barr John, laborer S. F. Gas Co 
Barr John (col'd) porter with G. F. Walter & Co. 

611 Sacramento 
Barr Neil, molder Union Foundry 
Barr Niel, porter Cal. S. N. Co. NE cor Front and 

Jackson, dwl 146 Second 
Barr William, dwl What Cheer House 
Barr William H. boatman, dwl 312 Green 
BARRA EZEKIEL I. proptr Barra's Hall, and im- 
porter New England Rum NW cor Minna and 

First, dwl 4 Minna 
Barra Hall, NW cor First and ]\linua, E. I. Barra 

Barraclough J. & Co. (Geo. Lauder j hay, gi'ain, 

and feed 39 Clay and 42 Commercial 
Barraco Andrew, fruit 614 Washington, dwl E 8 

Sansom bet California and Pine 
Barragan Maximino, reporter La Voz de Mejico, 

dwl 446 Union 
Barreio Antonio G. clerk with Joseph Dellepiane, 

dwl 1000 Jackson 
Barrell Samuel, broker, dwl NE cor Fourth and 


A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograph Albums and Portraits of Notable Persons. 



Barret Peter, Klioeinaker, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and l)ii|)()iit 
Barretems S. M. Co. oflice room 4, fi04 Merchant 
Barrett Alfred, watcliiiiaker and jeweler 35 Second 
Barrett Ann, domestic (iO? Folsom 
Barrett Catheriue, domestic 5'_'1 Folsom 
Barrett Cliarles E. clerk with Wm. T. Coleman & 

Co. dwl 5') Teliaina 
Barrett Edward, laborer, dwl 52 Stevenson, rear 
Barrett Edward, lal)orcr, dwl 20 Clementina, rear 
Barrett Edward, teamster with L. Greene, dwl Pac 

liet Stockton and Dnpont 
Barrett Ellen Miss, domestic, 1119 Stockton 
Barrett Francis A. carpenter, dwl 2 Lincoln Place 
Barrett Oeorfre, lab Liil'ayette Brewery S 8 Green 

bet Powell and Miison* 
Barrett Giles, laborer, dwl W b Mason bet Sutter 

and Post 
Barrett Henry, clothing 623 Davis 
Barrett J. carrier JMorninjj St;ir 
Barrett James, painter, dwl 128 Natoma 
Barrett Johanna Mrs. domestic 810 Bush 
Barrett John, clerk, bds 559 Market 
Barrett John, conductor Omnibus It. E. Co 
Barrett John, laborer with John Hart 
Barrett John, printer, bds 333 Bush 
Barrett M. boiler maker Pacific lion Works 
Barrett Piitrick, butcher NE cor Rilch and Harrison 
Barrett Rolicrt, cartman cor IJroadwav and Ohio 
BARRETT & SHERWOOD (Rob'crt Sherwood, 
successor J importers and dealers watches, dia- 
monds, jewelry, etc. 517 Montgomery 
Barrett William G. book-keeper S. F. Gas Co. dwl 

253 Tehama 
Barrette Mary E. (widow) pianist, dwl 49 Clemen- 
BaiTetti Fran<;ois, butcher 1 Clay Street Market, dwl 

237 Stevenson 
Barrieux M. F. merchant, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Barrington William, with Dickson, DeWolf & Co 
Barris Hiram I), butcher 904 Stockton 
Barris Theresa (widow) dwl 1212 Dupont 
Barroillict llcnrv, with Belloc Freres and Consul 

for Peru office .535 Clay, dwl 1020 Clay 
Barron Abi-am, fruit peddler, dwl W s Robbins PI 
Barron C'orneiius J. painter and varnisher 146 Minna 
Barron Edward, butcher, dwl 829 Mission 
Barron Jleniy, job wagon, dwl 319 Bush 
Barron .John," painter, dwl N s Francisco bet Dupont 

and Kearny 
Barron ,]otn-\>])'f Barron t^ Co. J dwl 606 Stockton 
Barron .AI. California Engine Co. No. 4 
Barron Michael, carpenter, dwl 228 Post 
Barron William, manufac cemetery fences S s Bush 

nr Lone Mountain Cemetery 
BARRON (William E.) &. CO. (Joseph Barron 
and Thomas Bell) commission merchants and 
agents New Almaden Quicksilvei' Mines NE 
cor Mont and Jackson, dwl l>ll(i Stockton 
Barrow Henry, lifjuors NE cor Stock and Francisco 
Barry H. laliorcr with Geo. I). Nagle 
BarrV ( 'iiarlea E. clerk with Richard Tobin, dwl 

923 Pacific 
Barrv David, laborer with D. C. McGlynn 
Barry Uavid, laborer, dwl 229 Post 
Barry E. (widow) dwl ()24 Sansom 
BaiTV Edwai-d, milk ranch San Bruno Road 4 miles 

from City Hall 
Barry Jlaniiab (widow) dwl with W. P. Hemenway 
Barry Hannali .1. Mrs. fin-nished rooms 200 Stock 
Barry Ileniy, carpenter, <hvl (iolden Gate Hotel 
Barry .lauics, api)rciitice Union Foundry 
Barry .Imuks, foreman with Nelson «fe Doble 
Barry ■lames, waiter Lick House 
Barry .lohn, laliorcr, dwl 192 Stevenson 
Barry John laborer Fulton Foundry, dwl Ecker bet 

Folsom ami Clementina 
Ban-y John, laliorer with Geo. D. Nagle 

Barrv John, painter and glazier W s Stock nr Mar- 
ket, dwl S s Natoma bet Fifth and Si.xtli 
Barrv John J. stove molder with John G. lis, dwl 

W s Ecker nr Folsom 
Barrv Martin, tailor with C. L. Cordiner 208 Mout, 

(Iwl 227 Post 
Barrv ^lary, domestic 741 Howard 
Barrv MarV E. N. (widow) dwl 553 Howard 
Barry .Alichael, dwl 18 Cleary 
Barry Michael J. dwl S s Valparaiso nr Tayhjr 
Barry Patrick, express wagon, dwl 240 First 
Barry Patrick, laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
BariT P. O. clerk County Recorder's office, dwl 

923 Pacific 
Barry Richard, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Barry Robert (col'd) steward stm Constitution, dwl 

143 Jessie 
BaiTy Robert M. tailor, dwl W s Trinity bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Barry S. M. Co. office 636 Sacramento 
Barry Teresa, (widow) dwl 55 Everett 
BARRY (Theodore A.) Si, PATTEN (Ben. A.) 
wines and liquors SE cor Slont and Sac, dwl 
209 Geary 
Barry Thomas, foreman Griffin's warehouse, dwl S 

8 Bay bet Kearny and Dupont 
Barry "\Yilliam, comedian Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl SW cor Washington and Dupont 
BaiTV William, compositor Irish Natiuiialist, dwl E 

s Larkin bet Clay and Washington 
Barrv William McG." dwl 200 Stockton 

notary public, dwl 116 Montgomery Block 
Barstow^ Calvin, laborer 111 Stewart pfer 7 
BARSTOW I). P. & A. attorneys at law offices 

24 and 25 iMontgomery Block, res Oakland 
BARSTOW GEORGE, "attorney at law office 12 
Armory Hall Bdg and Professor Jurisiirudence 
Medical Department University Pacific, dwl 36 
Barstow John C. mate sch'r Wild Pigeon, Jackson 

St wharf 
Barstow Simon F. compositor Alta California, dwl 

SW cor Market and Third 
Bart Caroline Miss, saloon 607 Pacific 
Bartelemy JI. dwl 813 Clay 
Bartell Catherine Miss, domestic 1607 Powell 
Bartell.John H. S. speculator, dwl cor Tenth and 

Bartell Mary Miss, domestic 628 Sutter 
Barteloo August, workman, S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Bartels Conrad, imisician, dwl rear 1516 Powell 
Barteman W. caiiilalist, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Barter Augusta B. (widow) dressmaker 575 Howard 
Bartest .Toim, cooper, dwl 47 Clementina 
Barlet "William, lessee Broadway Block NW cor 

Broadway and Kearny 
Barth (Jeorge", with Auberlen & Ehman, bds New 

England House 
Barthen Frank, tobacconist 221 Sacramento, dwl 3 

Bartholomew Henry G. with Charles H. Strybing, 

dwl 81 Fourth 
Barthrop Edward ( William Bell e^ Co.) dwl 27 

Bartlay David, spinner Jlission Woolen jNIills, bds 

SE cor Fii'st Avenue and Fifieeiith 
Bartlett C. H. nainter, dwl 12 Everett 
Bartlett ('has. T. mariner, dwl S s King nr Third 
Bartlett Columbus, clerk, dwl 218 Bush 
Bartlett Earl, allornev at law oflice 34 Montgomery 

Block, dwl 616 California 
Bartlett Edward, dwl 35 South Park 
Bartlett Edwin E. conductor N. B. & M. R. R. Co 
Bartlett Frank A. discharging clerk, dwl 56 Jane 

bet Howard and Natoma 
Bartlett Henry W. book-keeper Hobbs, Gihnore & 
Co.'s wine depot. 

BUS"WEIjIj & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Eooka. 



Bartlett J. E. drayman, dwl NE cor Pine and Kearny 
Bartlett Jonathan D. painter, dwl S 8 Freelon bet 

Third and Fourth 
Bartlett Joseph C. drayman Commercial Flour Mill 
Bartlett Mary A. (widow) dwl 606 Broadway 
Bartlett Plinv fIV. H. Bovee 4- Cu.J laundry office 

318 Pine; dwl 610 Powell 
Bartlett Robert B. porter with Macondray &- Co. 

204 Sansom 
Bartlett Rufus K. ship carpenter, dwl S s Douglas 

Biu'tlett Thomas D. steward What Cheer House 

Bartlett Washington, ex-county elk, dwl 218 Bush 
Bartley John, handcartman cor Mont and Wash 
BartleV Jhu'v Miss, domestic r20 Prospect place 
BARtLINd (Willknn) & KIMBALL (Henry) 

bookbinders 505 Clay, dwl E s Clai-ence Place 

lu- Townseiid 
Barto Cornelius, dwl 1220 Powell 
Btu'to 'Shwy Mrs. fruits, confectionery and toys, 1220 

Bartol J. S. speculator, dwl Mansion House 
Barton John, Pacific Salt Works 218 Sacramento, 

dwl 15 Laurel Place 
Barton Joshua H. mining, dwl 51 Second 
Barton Xaucy Jlrs. bonnet maker 51 Second 
Barton P. VV. clerk with John Barton, bds Rincon 

House cor First and Folsom 
Baiton Robert (colored) white washing, dwl 7 Penn- 
sylvania Avenue 
Barton William, carrier Irish Nationalist 
Barton ^Villiam, painter, dwl NE cor Union and 

Lark in 
Bai'ton William, waterman, dwl N s Geary bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Bartz Charles, tailor at 232 Commercial 
Baruck Isaac, merchant Russian River, dwl 632 Post 
Baruteill Arcisco, porter 540 Wash, dwl Dupont nr 

Basch, (Israel) Cohn (Simon) & Co. (Manheim 

Cohn) imps and jobbers cigars and tobacco 307 

Battery, res New York 
Bascoiii Annie Miss, dwl with J. G. Mauning S s 

Mission bet Eighth and Ninth 
Basham F. modeler 104^ Dupont 
Basler George A. dwl 282 Mnnia 
Basnet P. cabinet maker with Pierre Lekens, bds 

Simeon Hotel 
Bass Addison S. dwl N s Townsend bet Second and 

Bass Benjamin F. sash maker with Brokaw & Met- 

calf,'dwl 134 Fourth 
Bass (Chester j &. Gorgon (George) (col'd) barbers 

925 Kearny, dwl 926^ Pacific 
Bass Thomas J. drayman ■with Cameron, Whitlier 

i-t Co. dwl N s O'Farrell nr Leavenworth 
Basse Thomas (Eggers iSf Co.) dwl 567 Howard 
Bassell J. M. carpenter, dwl Franklin Hotel 
Basselt Alonzo, stone cutter Fort Point, dwl 905 Bat 
Bassetl C. F. book-keeper with Henry K. Cummings, 

dwl N s Mission bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Basselt Dauiel, seaman, dwl 48 Clementina 
Bassett Joseph, tiour and grain, 213 Clay, dwl 816 

Bassett Nathmiiel, dwl N s Stevenson bet Fifth and 

Bassett William H. stock dealer, 16 Clementina 
Bassher Frederick, hatter with G. Marguerie 
Basso August, restaurant 633 Pacific 
Bastard Freeman, teamster with J. B. Holmes & 

Co. dwl Ridley 
Baster George A. dwl 282 Minna 
Bastiaii Baptiste, chambennan St. Francis Hotel 
Bastian Gregoire, kitchen hand 508 Washington 
Bastion Frederick, cigar maker with Charles A. L. 

Batavia Eugene, cook, dwl 726 Pacific 
Batchelder David F. dwl 14 Geary 

Batchelder Edward P. attorney at law 11 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl SE cor Bush and Sansom 
Batc-lielder James, engineer Market St. R. R. Co. 

dwl Valencia nr Mission Dolores 
Batchelder Joseph M. shipping merchant, dwl 107 

Batchelder Levi L. stevedore, dwl 1014 Wash 
Batchelor Edward P. teacher, dwl 28 Sansom 
Batcher Richard, clerk, dwl SE cor Jones and 

Bateman David, engineer, dwl 329 Yallejo 
Bateman Henry C. book binder and ageut for Dr. 

J. Sadlier 617 Kearny, dwl 45 Stevenson 
Bateman James W. (Phillips ..^ B.) 219 Davis 
Bateman Joseph, looking glasses, dwl 250 Foui-th 
Bateman M. C. contractor City and County Hospital 

SW cor Stockton and Francisco 
Bateman Michael, Eagle Bakery 45 Stevenson 
Bateman Patrick, baker with Deeth &. Starr 
BATEMAN (William A.) &. TAYLOR, (David 
W.) San Francisco Dairy 329 j Kearuv, dwl 610 
Bates Catherine, (widow) dwl 764 Harrison 
Bates Gustavus, drayman, dwl 10 Front 
Bates Henry, clerk with Morrison & Bryant, dw'l 

921 Bush 
Bates John F. seaman, dwl 123 Fremont 
BATES JOSEPH, stock broker office 524 Mont- 
gomery, dwl Union Club 
Bates J. ^\ . (F. J. Schaejf'cr 4* Co.) res Marysville 
Bates William W. piano forte maker, dwl 40 jane 
Bateson William, mining, dwl 56 Tehama 
Bath Albert L. carriage maker 581 Market, dwl 639 

Batione Domingo, book-keeper West End Hotel 
Batisli I'assauio, laborer with Bonnet &, Duliaud 
Battams \\'illiam, salesman with Locke & Montague, 

dwl 29 Minna 
Batternian C. C. port warden office 716 Front, dwl 

715 Filbert 
Battersbv John, stoves and tin ware 228 Bush, dwl 

1 on" Mason 
Batteux Dauiel (Motteler Sf B.) dwl SW cor Kearny 

and St. Mark's Place 
Battge Charles, drayman 208 California, dwl Bran- 
nan bet Fifth and Sixth 
Battiste Jean, tailor, dwl 220 Kearny 
Battiste Toussan, tailor, dwl 220 Kearny 
BATTLES rlF'//;«w H'.V &, CO. (William M. 
Grceuu-oud) proprietors India Rice !Mill 39 and 
41 Beale office 3.a Beale (and stock broker 528 
Montgomery), dwl 13 Laurel Place 
Batturs Edward T. book-keeper with Wightman & 

Hardie, dwl 69 Tehama 
Bauch Karl, gardener, dwl N s Presidio Road nr 

Presidio House 
Bauch P. G. ship and custom house broker 508 Bat- 
tery, dwl 7 19 Mission 
Baudot Casimer, with E. Costerauste 415 Montgom- 
ery, dwl California Hotel 
Bauer 'Charles (John Schumacher Sf Co. >* dwl 207 

Bauer Charles, compositor Morning Call, dwl 1124 

Bauer Emile (White Sf B.) dwl Custom House PI 
Bauer George, mason, dw'l 774 Folsom 
Bauer George, waiter 506 Mont, dwl Armory Hall . 
Bauer Henry, upholsterer with Chai-les Fuhr, dwl 

207 Post 
BAUER JOHN A. (F. Vietor) drugs, medicines, 
chemicals, etc. 644 Washington, aud secretaiy 
Santa Rosa Mining Co. dwl 642 \A'ashington 
Bauer 'SV. piano maker, dwl Meyer's Hotel 
Bauer ]Mary, (widow) dwl 731 \Va.-5hington 
Baufield John F. ship carpenter, dwl 732 Harrison 
BAUGH THEODORE E. propiietor Merchants' 

Exchange .521 Clay 
Baugh W. Washington, clerk with T. E. Baugh, 
dwl 521 Clay 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, New Books for sale as soon as published. 



IJanp^lie AVilliain, plij-sician, chvl 325 Pine 

IJaulKir Nimniil, piiiiij) iiiid block maker 22 Druinm, 

dwl 'Xi 'IVliaiiia 
BAUM ClIAULES, custom house broker 510 Bat- 
tery op Custom House, dwl W s Powell bet 

Union and Killiert 
Baum F. .1. & Co. importers and jobbers watches, 

jewelry, etc. ()45 Clay, dwl 430 Green 
Baum Geoi>;e, ssilesman with J. Baum, dwl Conti- 
nental Hotel 
Baum J. drayman cor Sacramento and Battery 
Baum J. fiu-aiture and beddiui,' !I19 Kearny 
Baum John, cinav maker, dwl S s Hinckley bet Du- 

jHint and Kearny 
Baum Julius, importer and jobber clothing 407 and 

409 Connnercial, and SE cor Commercial and 

Leidcsdorfl', dwl 25 Minna 
Baum Simon, clerk with Julius Baum, dwl 25 Minna 
Bauman Caroline Miss, domestic with Moses lloseu- 

Baumann H. H. dwl 823 Clay 
Baumann John, nuisician, dwl 29 St. ISIark's Place 
Baunieister John, dwl E s Beldeu nr Pine 
Baumgartner \'aleutine {John Hecrdink S,' Co.) 

dwl 9 Front 
Baun Jasper J. f Miller (^ B.J dwl W s Mason bet 

Clay and Sacramento 
Baun John, butcher cor Unioii and Mason, dwl 1005 

Baurhvte Robert H. engineer steamer Yosemite, dwl 

1223 Washington 
Baurngartel Edward, German school 12 Dupont 
Bausch Jacob, shoemaker, dwl 19 Virginia 
]?uux John B. dwl W s Sixth bet Harrison and Fol- 

Bavaria Brewery, 622 Vallejo 
Bavus E. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
Bawers Jacob, with John P. Manrow, dwl NE cor 

Larkin and Chestnut 
Baxter Anna (widow) dress maker, dwl 806 Stock 
Biixter Anna Miss, domestic with John Archbald S s 

Valk'jd bet Hyde and Larkin 
Baxter Charles, c:Iri)enter, dwl Es Seventh bet Bry- 
ant and Brannan 
]3axter Edward 11. clerk with Crane & Brigham, 

bds 28 Battery 
Baxter J., U. S. Assistant Appraiser Custom House, 

dwl 119 Natoma 
Baxter James, engineer, dwl W s Tyson Place nr 

Ba.ster Jiinies F. clerk with O. F. Willey & Co. 316 

Baxter John B. conductor North Beach and Mission 

K. K. Co. dwl 165 Silver 
Baxter Josepii, box keeper Gilbert's Melodeon cor 

Clay and Kearny 
Baxter Joseph G. produce 26 Stockton 
Baxter Joseph P. draynian, dwl Volunteer Engiue 

Baxter Louisa Mrs. private hoarding 28 Battery 
Baxter Mary Miss, domestic SW cor Washington 

and Taylor 
Baxter Robert, bds 67 Clementina 
Baxtei' T. P. inspector Custom House 
BaxterW. H. &. L'o. (U'i//i/im Find) saddle and 

haiiiess makers Wi Jiattery, dwl N s California 

l)et Hvdeand lA'aveiiworlh 
Baxter AN'illiam, waiter 8 Bi-oadwav 
Bay C. G. Al S. M. Co. rm 13 Mea'd House 
Bay Josephine Mrs. dwl 830 Sacramento 
Bay Shore and Fort I'oiut Road Co. office Montgom- 

" ery Block, Merchant 
Bayer Anthony .1. baker 124 Montgomery, dwl 

" Jones bet S.icramento and Clay 
Bayerque J. B. fl'iorhc c^ B.J dwl 804 Stockton 
Bavles Lewis ('. olliciutiug pastor First Presbyterian 

' Church, dwl 101)8 Powell 
Bayless Thornton J. olticc SW cor Sacramento and 
" Sansom, dwl Stevenson House 

Bayley Jane Miss, domestic SE cor Mason and Union 

]?ayley .1. L. onmibus Original House 

Bayley Wil)ur F. ]ihotographic gallery 622 Kearny 

Baylor Thomas, buihler, dwl 82:5 Clay 

Bayly Charles A. fBr„rn.c c^- B.J dwl 614 Mission 

Bayly Leslie, dwl 214 Sansom 

Baylv I'auline (widow) midwife 614 Mission 

Bazifle John & Co. tripe 4 Clay St. Market, dwl 

Ba/in Victor, tailor 447 Bnsh 
Bazt Leon, soda water maker 529 Jackson, dwl S s 

Vallejo nr Mason 
Beach, dwl 114 Stockton 
BEACH C. books and stationery 31 Montgomery, 

dwl 908 Broadway 
Beach Eliza Mrs. dwl'lU? Stockton 
Beach Gilbert, hatter, dwl 607 Howard 
Beach Henry, clerk, dwl 52 Second 
Beach Henry H. book-keeper with R. G. Sneath, 

dwl 020 Montgomery 
Beach Henry M. Iwok-keeper 616 Sac, dwl 902 Sac 
Beach House, Andrew McLaue proprietor, foot Fill- 
Beach House, John McCarty proprietor, S s Ocean 

House seven miles W Plaza 
Beach Joseph D. C. ofKce NW cor Clay and Front 
Beach John C. clerk Original House 
Beach Lewis, waterman, dwl ti(i2 I'owell 
Beach Lucy C. Mrs. dwl 607 Howard 
Beadle Donald (Brymd ,S^- B.J 404 and 406 Davis 
Beagle Ira J. painter 50 First, dwl N s Post bet La- 

guna and Buchanan 
Beaird George, laborer, dwl Greenwich nr Sansom 
Beal Jolm, carpenter, bds Bailey House 116 Sansom 
BEALE EDWARD F., U. S. Surveyor-General, 

ottice SW cor Wash and Bat, dwl 821 Bush 
Beale Thomas, with N. B. Jacobs <fc Co., res Oak- 
Beales J. dwl What Cheer House 
BEALS H. CHANNING, commercial reporter Mer- 
cantile Gazette 536 Clay, dwl 1210 Sacramento 
Bcals James, barkeeper Niantic Hotel 
Beamish ,Iohn, shoemaker, bds 57 Stevenson 
Bean John F. tinsmith, dwl 417 Pine 
Bean J(.)seiih, dwl 109 (Jeary 
Bean Joseph, blacksmith, dwl 349 Minna 
Bean L. F. cook Union Club Rooms 
Bean Moses T. shi]imaster, dwl 513 (Jreenwich 
Bean Redmond, lodgings 1)09 JIarket 
Beau Thomas F. dwl 129 iMontgoniery 
Bean William, carpenter, dwl SE cor Powell and 

Bean William, salesman 427 Montgomery, dwl How- 

iu-d Court 
Beane Josiah, dwl N s Market nr Stockton 
Beanston Peter, helper 37 Webb, dwl Greenwich nr 

Beaustun Alexandra Mrs. dwl rear 513 Greenwich 
Bear Jacob, tailor, dwl 313 Pine 
Bearbear A. Mme. dress making 104 (old number) 

Beard Charles C. clerk with Solomon & Beard, dwl 

(i Jlontgomery 
Beard (ieorge, bar keeper 52 First 
Heard George, butcher, bds 54 First 
Beard John, laborer, dwl N s Townsend bet Third 

and Fourth 
Beard Josejih R. (Solomon Sf B.J dwl 6 Mont 
Beai-ilsley Frederick A. salesman 501 Front, dwl 20 

Beardsley (J. iS'.^ & Merrill /'P«7-A:ery butter, cheese, 

etc. "32 and 42 Metropolitan Market, dwl 328 

Bearing ('harles, seaman, dwl E s Ritch bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Bearwold Benjamin, apprentice 5 Second, dwl SW 

cor Dujiont and St. Marks Place 
Bearwold Henry, iipprentice with Felix Daly, dwl 

SW cor Dupont and St. Marks Place 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay Street, Blank Books of all kiads made at the sliortest notice. 



Bearwold Tobias, cigars and tobacco 714 Kearny, 

dwl S"SV cor Duiiont and St. Marks Place 
Beat Refjina Miss, domestic 4'J4 Post 
Beattie George, miller, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Beattie John M. cabinet maker with Goodwin &, Co. 

dwl 19 Geary 
Beatty Elizabeth, domestic 21 Fourth 
Beatty James, workman Central R. R. Co. 
Beatty Jane A. Miss, domestic with Robert B. Ford- 
Beatty (John) «fc Rogers (Henry) house and sign 

painters 611 Market 
Beatty John, drayman, dwl S s Folsom bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Beatty Patrick, mattress maker 106 Front, dwl 229 

Beatty Robert, White House Hotel W s Mission nr 

Horner Mission Dolores 
Beatty Samuel G. (Gunnison 4- B.) searcher of 

records, dwl SE cor Mason and Ellis 
Beauchamp J. W. miner, dwl 327 Bush 
Beaughnanip Jean, lal>orer, dwl 325 Pine 
Beauharnais Sarah Mrs. embroidery, dwl SW cor 

Broadway and Duijont 
Beaumont Peter, butcher, dwl fi25 California 
Beaver George W. (James Patrick Sf Co.) dwl 927 

Beaverhondt Adrian B. seaman, dwl 528 Pacific 
Bee Bartholeniy, job wagon cor Stockton and Val- 

lejo, (hvl 140;") Stockton, rear 
BECHEKER C'lIAREES F. proprietor Golden Gate 

Hotel 7-Jti ami 72S Market 
Bechman Andrew, ^iuiliiiakir 211 Sacramento 
Beck A. G. accountant otiice 233 Bush, dwl N s Six- 
teenth bet Guerrero and Dolores 
Beck B. L. broker, dwl 18 Rincon Place 
Beck Ellen 31. Mrs. dwl 647 Broadway 
Beck Eugene B. clerk 20.5 Front 
Beck Hansen, handcartman Commercial Wharf 
Beck Henry, boot and shoemaker 427 Pacific 
Beck James C. painter with Elvin D. Farrington, 

dwl W s Tnnity nr Bush 
Beck Louis, cook 506 Bush bet Mont and Kearny 
Beck JIary Miss, milliner with S. Somertield, dwl 

NE cor Mason and Vallejo 
Beck Mary Miss, domestic 900 Vallejo 
Beck Mary R, (widow) dwl SE cor Washington and 

Beck ^Matilda C. (widow) dwl Ws William bet Post 

and Geary 
Beck Nathaniel A. tanner SE cor Fourth and Bran- 
Beck Peter, groceries and liquors NE cor Mission 

and IJeale 
Beck William (colored) cooper at cor Front and 

Washington, dwl 106 Davis 
Beck A\'!lliam, cooper with Patrick Molloy, dwl cor 

Davis and Ctdifomia 
Beck William J. cook, dwl S s Lick Alley bet First 

and Ecker 
Becker Brothers (B. Adolph and M. Rudolph E.J 

cigars and tt)bacco XE cor Clay and Mont and 

714 Wash, dwl 802 California 
Becker Geo. J. bar keeper 603 Cal, dwl 18 Brooks, 

Becker J. M. drayman, dwl 325 Pine 
Becker M. R. E. (Becker Bros) dwl 802 California 
Becker Nieolaus, porter 408 Clay 
Becker O. L. book-keeper with John B. Newton & 

Co. dwl NE cor Sacramento and Taylor 
Becket Henry, varnisher with J. Peirce, dwl 55 

California bet Polk and Larkin 
Beckett James, varnisher, dwl W s. Larkin bet 

California and Pine 
Beckett Joseph, collar-maker with J. G. Thwing 
Beckford Daniel R. New York mastic roofing office 

328 Montgomery, dwl 16 Natoma 
Beckman Andrew, sail maker, dwl 325 Pine 
BECKWITH EDWARD G. Rev. Pastor Third 

Congregational Church Mission Dolores, dwl 
SE cor Mission and Thirteenth 
Beckwith E. S. shipwright, bds 138 Stewart 
Beck with Seth L. seaman, dwl E s Virginia nr 

Bedbez August, harness maker, dwl E s Union Place 

N Union 
Beddell William, machinist Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

500 Mission 
Bedell M. J. dwl What Cheer House 
Bedenger William, shoemaker with Henry New- 
dorfer, dwl S s Green bet Dupont and Stockton 
Bedet Samuel, furniture 1019 Dupont 
Bee A. W. com. merchant, dwl 530 Harrison 
Bee Camille, tailor 718 Pacific, rear 
BEE HIVE BUILDINGS, M.Cannavan prop, NE 

cor Washington and Dupont 
Beecher John, dwl Franklin Hotel 
Beecher Lyman, broker, dwl Russ House 
Beeching Martin, with John R. Sims, dwl Geary bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Beeching Robert, iron shutter maker with John R. 
Sims, dwl N s Ellis bet Polk and Van Ness Av 
Beehler David, clerk with J. & C. Schreiber, dwl 

29 O'Farrell 
Beehler Francis, with Hiram S. Graves, dwl 29 

Beekman Chas. clerk 124 Clay 
Beell William, dwl What Cheer House 
Beeman J. H. stock and exchange broker 22 Metro- 
politan Block, dwl 1309 Mason 
Beer Julius ( Weil c^- CoJ 226 Front, dwl 729 Cal 
Beers Adelia Miss, domestic, 18 Ellis 
Beers Barrit (Beers Sf SonJ dwl 813 Bush 
Beers Herbert M. dwl 113 Post 
BEERS (John B.J &. SON (Barritt BeersJ dentists 
and mining stocks, office 617 Clay, dwl 813 Bush 
Beez August, liquor saloon, 616 Pacific 
Begemann Frecferick, with Perry & Leichter, dwl 

cor Jackson and Battery 
Bi(jgen Marv (widow) dwl (313 Kearny 
Beggs H. book-keeper with Henry Webb [& Co. 

bds NW cor Essex and Essex Place 
Beggs James, Ass't Supt. S. F. Gas Co. dwl 18 Essex 
Beggs Thomas, service man, S. P. Gas Co 
Beggs William W. Supt. S. F. Gas Co. dwl 18 Essex 
Begne Joseph, Lafayette Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 
Begnmi Louis, with Lazard Freres, dwl 229 Dupont 
Behan Finton, dwl W s Powell bet Geitry and Post 
Behl J. dwl What Cheer House 
Behnken Martin (Cordes ^f Co. J 1007 Battery 
BEHR HERMAN, physician, and Consul for Sax- 
ony, Anhalt, office (il9 Montgomery 
Behre Frederick, produce, 7 Clay Street Market, 

dwl Laura Place nr Pine 
BEHRE HENRY, confectioner, 833 Washington 
Behreiis Geo. H. porter with Crane & Brigham, dwl 

3 Central Place 
BEHRENS H. C. F. physician, office NE cor Wash- 
ington and Dupont, rooms 1-4 
Behrens James, commission merchant, office 429 Bat 
Behrens John, cabinet maker with Goodwin & Co. 

528 Washington 
Behrens Joseph, grocer, SW cor Sixth and Brannan 
Behrnian Fi-ederick, carpenter, dwl 115 St. Marks 

Behrman Henrv O. cooper with John P. Meyer, 

dwl 406 Vallejo 
Beicke Mrs. Annie Marv, domestic 218 Bush 
BEIDEMAN JACOB 'C. real estate office 2 Armo- 
ry Hall, dwl SW cor Larkin and Sutter 
Bein "Philip, fruits and confectionery llSTliird 
Beirne P. (Coo net/ 4' B.J dwl Stockton nr Bush 
Beisel William, miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Beisser Frederick, teamster with Stecklen «fc Co 
Bela Felix, blacksmith Phoenix Iron Works 
Belan Michael, tailor, dwl 1317 Kearny 
Belcher Robert H. furniture wagon, 433 California, 
dwl S s Union bet .lones and Leavenworth 

A. KOMAU^ & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Theological and Scientific Books. 



Bek-lit-r Fredurick P. drayman cor ISattery and 

MiTcliaiil, dwl S 8 Union ln't Jones and Leav 
Bt'lden ]{loi-k, SW cor IJuxli and Monlgoniery 
lielden Charles H. clerk with llaigbt & Pierson, 

dwl -JxiS Jessie 
BELDEN FHANCIS C. & CO. f Bernard Mac- 

KeonJ wlioleside wines and liquors, 413 Waah- 

iiiyton, dwl 1114 Stockton 
Beldcn Joseiih W. clerk, "J second floor Armory 

Hall, N\V cor Green and Stockton 
Beldeii Josiali, ollice ~'U4 iMoniyoniery, res Sau Jose 
Belden Jlargaret S. (widow) dwl •2~'<S Jessie 
Belden M. E. merchant, dwl 1114 Stockton 
Belding Orrin, millwright, dwl 4'J Xatoma 
Bellils S. C. dressmaker, dwl 8 Polk Alley 
Belier Clarice Mrs. dwl E s Montgomery IjetYallejo 

and Green 
BELKNAP DAVID P. attorne;^ at law, office 

room 10, t)U4 Merchant, dwl IsE corFom-th and 

Belknap Frederick, liquor broker, dwl 521 Union 
Bell Amory F. salesman with W. M. Hixon, dwl 

1715 Powell 
Bell Artevins, attorney at law, dwl 67 Minna 
Bell L^ Baldwin, Tnnnel & M. Co. office 426 Mont 
Bell Charles E. soap peddler with P. MacKay, 

Brannan nr Second 
BELL E. G. physician Empire Water Cure 625 

and 627 Market 
Bell George, tinsmith, dwl 23 Ritch 
BELL GEO. 11. bookseller and stationer 611 Mont- 
gomery cor Merchant, dwl 1015 Pine 
Bell George W. (colored) with James P.Dyer, New 

England Soap Factory 
BELLtiEiaUT W. assayer office 512 California, 

and Supervisor Eighth District, dwl 1021 Leaven- 
worth cor Pine 
Bell Henry, produce, Washington Market, dwl 121 

St. Marks Place 
Bell Henry W. general book-keeper Wells, Fargo 

& Co. dwl 715 Broadway 
Bell 11. M. Miss, adjuster U.'S. B. Mint, dwl 740 

Bell Jacob, with Charles Metzler 713 Greenwich 
Bell A-Muiin ( Fdlkncr, B. i^ Co.) dwl N s Folsom 

bet Eleventh and Twelfth 
Bell James, seaman, bds 3!) Clay 
Bell James, (colored) hair-dresser, dwl 1410 Mason 
Bell J. ilailison (colored) plasterer, dwl NE cor 

Broadway and Mason 
Bell John f Kennedy i\- B.J resides New York 
BELL JOHN C. carpets, paper hangings, uphols- 
tery, etc. SW cor California and Sansom, dwl 

50 1 (irecnwicli 
Bell John 11. marine surveyor, teacher navigation, 

and editor Nautical Magazine 405 Front 
Bell John P. clerk with Samuel H. Dwindle, dwl 

27 Anthony 
Bell John VV. New York Dept Wells, Fargo & Co. 

dwl 715 Broadway 
Bell Joseph (col'd) boo't blacking 400 Bush 
Bell .Mary (widow) dwl 15 Dupont 
Bell (_>cta*\ius, attorney-at-law with Stanlv & Hayes 

6(11 Clay 
Bell P. A. dwl 162 Battery 
Bell I'atrick, boarding and lodging 14 Sansom 
Bell Hol)ert, miner, dwl Railroad House 
Bell Rorti, domestic (iO'.J Harrison 
Bell K. S. dwl t;7 Minna 
Bell Samuel, calker, dwl 312 Braiman 
Bell Samuel 15. Rev. dwl 740 Howard 
Bell Tliomas / Barro/i iV d'.J dwl (iOO Stockton 
BELL THO.UAS, Bells Saloon 218 Clav 
Bell William & Co. (Eihrard Barthrop) Golden 

State Market '^7 Market, dwl N s Brannan bet 

Second and Thinl 
Bell Will, clerk 3111 Davis, lids 15 Dupont 
Bell William, compositor Alta office, dwl Reed nr 


Bell William, seaman, dwl 180 Jessie 

15ell AN'illiam, ship builder, dwl 342 Brannan 

Ik-ll William 11. 612 Mont, dwl 528 Bryant 

Bell ( Will(<nii .].) & Lampman (RobcrlJ book and 

job iirinieis 110 Clay 
Bell" W. S. dwl What Cheer House 
Bell Zadock F. steward stiur Moses Taylor, dwl 707 

Bellanger Caniille, lodgings 736 Pacific 
Bella Union Melodeon, Samuel Tetlow proptr 706 

Bella A'ista (J. & S. M. Co. office NE cor California 

and Sansom 
Bellay Francis, artist and retoucher 423 Jlontgomery, 

dwl ^liS Natonia 
Belleau Eusebe, proptr St. Francis Hotel, dwl 820 

Bellemere Adoljihus, dwl 117 Natonia 
Bellemere Augustus ( Puhlmanii iSf B.J dwl 117 

Bellemere Louis, hair dresser, dwl SE cor Mission 

and Eighth 
Bellener John, com merchant, dwl 836 Market 
Bellew Lizzie Miss, dwl E s Montgomery bet Pac 

and Bwdy 
Bellew Margaret Mies, dwl E s Mont bet Pac and 

Bellhom Joseph, carpenter, bds NW cor Jackson 

and Kearny 
Bellier Clarise (widow) washing and ironing 704 

Belliere Eugene, barber 756 Clay, dwl 626 Cal 
Bellingall M. Mrs. dwl 716 Cal " 
Bellivew Francis, carpenter, dwl W s Oneida Place 
Bellman Vincent, rope maker S. F. Cordage manu- 
Bellmer Herman, clerk 815 Jackson 
Belloc B. (Bcllcc FreresJ resides Paris 
BELLOC FRERES fl. 4- B. BcllucJ importers and 

bankers 535 Clay 
Beloy Francis, carpenter, dwl 261 1 Jessie 
Bemiik Isaac, cap maker with Wolf Fleischer, dwl 

38 First 
Bemak A\'olf, cap maker with Wolf Fleischer, dwl 

38 First 
Beme J. .J. adjuster agency Phoenix Insurance Co. 

S\\' cor Jtont and Com, dwl Russ House 
Bemer John, dwl NE cor Leavenworth and Cal 
Bemerly Cli;iiles, miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Bemerly AVilliam, farmer, dwl 325 Pine 
Beniis A. silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 810 

BEMIS C. C. inspector boilers office Custom House 

3d floor, dwl 417 Bryant 
Bemis ( S. A.j & EdsonV^'- H'.y wood and coal 18 

and 20 Washington, dwl 362 Jessie 
Benard Alexander, cook, dwl 262 Tehama 
Benard .Vugust ( lid nice n 4' B.J dwl SW cor How- 
ard and Fourth 
Benavides Antonio, cigar maker, dwl W s John nr 

BENCHLEY L. B. & CO. (.John Bi'u>^h'y, Francis 

I). Kelld'^a, dtiil James McMerhaiiJ importers 

and jobbers American and forei;;ii hardware 206 

an<l'2ilS Hat, dwl S s Cal bet Mason and Taylor 
Benchmaii Saiiniel, butcher with Smith &- ^^■il8on, 

dwl lOS Dupont 
Bendel Aluaham, dwl 50 Jessie 
Bendel lleiiuaim, dwl SW cor Kearny and St. 

Marks Place 
BendehlMii Otlfried, clerk with Edward Vischer 

515 Jackson 
Bender Charles, shoemaker, 7.38 Market 
Bender Feli.x, wood sawyer with S. S. Culverwell 

29 Fremont 
Bender Frank, boot and shoemaker 789 Folsom 
Bender Isaac, glazier, dwl 41 Jessie 
Bender Jacob A. bricklayer, dwl SW cor California 

and Jones 

BUSWELIi & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Kulers. 



Bendei- Jobn, piano timing and repairing 808 Mai-ket 
Bender Josiali, bricklayer, dwl IS 8 Filbert bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 
Bender Pliilip, oabiiiet mkr, dwl Wbite Hall Exeli 
Benditf Morris, lalioi-er, dwl 70G Busli 
Bendit llciiry, v»ifli Suniuel Beudit 1019 Dupont 
Beudit Morris, I'urnitiu-e wagon cor Montgomery and 

California, dwl N s O'Farrell nr Dupont 
Bendit Samuel, furniture 1019 Dupont 
Bendixen George L. J. (Jones 4* B.j dwl 1705 

Benecke Louis, mcbt, dwl Globe Hotel 
Benedict, B. F. dwl What Cheer House 
Benedict John, carpenter, dwl 2 Lincoln Place 
Benedict Newton, dwl 770 Howard 
Benedict Samuel, seaman, dwl N s Dupont Alley 
Benedict William, waiter, dwl 531 Kearny 
BENEUX (Jules J.) &. BAYLY (Charles A.J 

drugs and medicines 51'J Kearny, dwl 514 Bush 
Bencux Leon, dwl 514 Bush 
Bencux Margaret (widow) dwl 514 Bush 
Ben Franklin G. &- S. M. Co. office 60(i Mont 
Ben Franklin G. S. & C. M. Co. oifice 542 Sac 
Bengerman Ad;im, dwl 620 PaciKc, rear 
BENHAM A. C. & CO. (J. J. Knowllon and J. S. 

SmithJ proprietors Evening Journal office 532 

Jlerchant, dwl Bryant Place nr Bush 
Benham D. C. dwl Lick House 
Benheim Sarali (widow) machine sewing W b Clara 

nr Sutter 
Benicia and Martinez Line Packets, Clay St. Wharf 
Bening George F. saloon SW cor Wash and East 
Benjamin Carrie V. Miss, principal primary dept 

Rincon School, dwl 1109 Stockton 
Benjamin E. B. (Cavicrou, Whitticr Sf Co.) dwl 

516 Third 
Benjamin Frederick A. office with Steinhart Bros. 

300 California, dwl 120li Powell 
Benjamin George, dwl 1027 Kearny 
Benjamin Parker V. mining, dwl E s Lombai'd nr 

Lark in 
Benjamin ( StudzinskiJ ^ Brown (David J clothing 

305 Kearny 
Benjamin Thomas, broker, dwl 6 Ross 
Benjamin William K. assistant elk U. S. B. M. dwl 

SW cor Geary and Powell 
Benkert William J. agent Benkert's Philadelphia 

boots office 218 California, dwl SE cor Bush and 

Benn Frederick (Win. Holtz 4- Co.) dwl SW cor 

Pacific and Montgomery 
Benn George, with John K. Fishbeck 1002 Pacilic 
Beunan Francis, book-keeper, dwl W s August ur 

BENNECHE (Robcrtj & LERCIH (Charles) pro- 
prietor Jlechanic's Hotel SW cor Keaniy and 

Bennedet Louis, with D. R. Provost & Co. 
Bennehan Edwaid, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Benner Frederick JI. assistant melter U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl N 8 Austin bet Franklin and Gough 
Benner George L. shipwright with L. S. Allen 24 

Benuet Charles A. with Miller Bros, dwl SE cor 

Third and Stevenson 
BENNET lIENIiY W. drugs and medicines 21 

Third cor Stevenson 
Bennett Alviu P. book-keeper, dwl 407 Green 
Bennett Antoine, milkman with George W. Butler 

S 8 Broadway bet Gough and Octavia 
Bennett Charles, 'molder, dwl U. S. Hotel 304 Beale 
Bennett Chailes H. molder Miner's Foundry, bds 

United States Hotel Folsom 
Bennett Charles M. carriage trimmer with Eaton, 

Larkins & Co. dwl 232 Kearny 
Bennett Edwin S. book-keeper with H. R. Covey, 

dwl Russ House 
Bennett (George) &; Menefee (Joseph J.) dentists 

office 629 Market 

Bennett James, collar maker with J. G. Thwing, 

bds Original House 
Bennett James, carpenter, dwl 110 Sutt&r 
Bennett James C. packer Pacific Glass Works, Po- 

Bennett Jane (widow) dwl 133 St. Marks Place 
Bennett John S. dwl 782 Harrison 
Bemnett John, conductor North Beach & Mission R. 

R. dwl 217 Third 
Bennett M. B. (widow) milliner, dwl 319 Minna 
BENNETT, (Nathaniel) LOVE (Harlow S.) & 

LOVE (John L.) attorneys at law office 75 and 

76 Montgomery Block, dwl 41 Ritch 
Bennett Peter B. Ksh, dwl 731 Union 
Bennett R. H. com mcbt 3 Clay, dwl Essex Place, 

Rincon Hill 
Bennett Samuel, elk pier 20 Stewart, dwl 13 Mission 
Bennett Stephen, steward at 508 Wash 
Bennett Thomas, physician office 620 Sac, dwl N s 

Pine bet Stockton and Powell 
Bennett W. C. messenger U. S. Marshal's office, 

dwl 13 U. S. Court Building 
Bennett Wm. H. proprietor South Park Laundry 

540 Third 
Bennison Henry, elk 511 Jackson, dwl S s Mission 

nr Third 
Benoit H. waiter German Hospital 
Benoit J. baker with Blaise Lapariat, dwl -539 Bdwy 
Benoit Joseph, laundryman with Joseph Carnui 835 

Benoit M. H. "butcher 12 New World Market 
Benoit Pierre, baker, dwl NW cor Montgomery and 

Benrimo Henry, porter with A. S. Rosenbaum &, Co 
Benrimo Joseph, cigars, dwl 416 Bush 
Bensinger Daniel, baker, dwl 132 Natoma 
BENSLEY JOHN (L. B. Benchley Sf Co.) pre- 
sident S. F. City Water Works Co. office 806 

Montgomery, dwl 708 Mission 
Benson Andrew, laborer, dwl N s Greenwich bet 

Montgomery and Sansom 
Benson C. A. capt schr Tolo pier 9 Stewart 
Benson G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Washington 
Benson Henry, basket manufacturer 1608 Stockton 
Benson James, Registry Clerk P. O. dwl W s Sixth 

bet Brannan and Townsend 
Benson John, book-keeper Contra Costa Laundry 13 

Broadway, dwl cor Fourth and Jlarket 
Benson John, liruker office 702 Washington 
Benson Sewall, hay and grain ottire 120 Stewart, 

res Warm Springs, Santa Clara Co. 
Benson Ware, sailmaker with Harding & Linekin, 

dwl 32 Clary 
Bent Edward F. book-keeper with Richards & Mc- 

Craken, dwl 618 Market 
Bent J. wheelwright, dwl 741 Market 
Bent Samuel, waiter Lick House 
Bente L. waiter Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
BENTON HOUSE, F. J. Hanlon proptr ti24 and 

626 Commercial , 

Benton John S. purser stm Senator, dwl S s Pine , 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Benton .Joseph A. Rev. pastor Second Congregational 

Church, dwl 818 Bush 
Beutz (Henry) & Hemprich (Lonis) hairdressing 

saloon 18 Kearnv, dwl 18 Harlan Place 
Benzen G. A. (Burnett Sf B.) 636 Clay 
Bepler Frederick G. copper smith 118 Bush, dwl E 

s Mason bet O'Farrel a-nd Geary 
Bepler Justus, Abbey Hotel N s Old San Jos6 Road, 

7 miles S City Hall 
Beratti Pietro, machinist Union Foundiy, dwl 109 

Minna, rear 
Berbrauer John, carpenter, dwl 83 Jessie 
Berce (Peter) & Wolff (August) fish 31 Wash 

Mkt, dwl NW cor Sansom and Merchant 
Berel Jacob, furiuture, 740 Pacific 
Beressa Francois, washing, dwl E s Winter Place 
Berg Carl F. physician office 904 Kearny 

A. BOMAIf & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 




Bei'fj John, t;iilor 30 Saoi-ameiito 

Reri,fe Krick O. laborer, dwl 20!> Orcen 

Bergen John, boiler maker Vuleaii Foundry, bde 

It) First 
Berger August, Avatch maker, dwl 325 Pine 
Berger Christian, jeweler, dwl ~'38 Stewart 
Berirer (i. contractor and builder 811 Montgomery 
Berger Gabriel f Geneve ,y B.J dwl 202 Post 
Berger Julius, salesman 627 Clay 
Berges Peter, gardener Lobos Creek 5 miles W 

Berges Peter jr. dwl Lobos Creek 5 miles W Plaza 
Berggren August, merchant, dwl 214 Sansom 
Berghaueer John, dwl 1520 Dupont 
Berghofer (Conrad) &. Dodge (Daniel) Crescent 

Market, 201 Stewart cor Howard 
BERGIN JAMES J. soap manuf SE cor Green 

and Powell 
Bergin Michael ^r. I. Sf M. B.J dwl SE cor Powell 

and Green 
Bergin T. I. & Michael, attorneys at law office 23 

Metropolitan Block, dwl Sill, cor Powell and 

Bergin William, with James J. Bergin soap manu- 
facturer, dwl S 8 Broadway bet Dupont and 

Berginan E. clerk, dwl Steckler's Exchange 
Bergman J. carpenter, dwl 325 Pine 
Bergmann George, imp watches and jewelry 623 

Washington, dwl 1809 Powell 
Bergner Hermann, teacher City College, dwl 722 

BERGSON OLE, carpenter and builder. 111 Leides- 

dorff', dwl Fulton Hayes' Park 
Bergstein Henry, clerk with Louis Holz, dwl 835 

Bergstein Louis, merchant, dwl S s Pacific bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Bergstroni John, upliolsterer NE cor Montgomery 

and Broadway, dwl 318 Vallejo 
Berill Richard M. freight clerk P. M. S. S. Constitu- 
Bering John P. Avire rope maker with A. S. HaUi- 

die & Co. dwl foot Taylor 
Berjado Andeu, gardener Potrero, I mile SE Brannan 

Street Bridge 
Berkowity. Meyer, cloaks and ladies' trimmings 626 

Sacramento, dwl 151'J Stockton 
Berlemann W." dwl 20 Clay 
Berlin C. H. teacher, dwl 256 Minna 
Berliner Bernard, tailor 416 Davis 
Bemiinghain George C. salesman with Jennings & 

Ludiiigton, dwl 402 Sansom 
Bermingliam .lobn. Sup. Engineer California and 

Oregon S. Line, SWcor Front and Jackson, dwl 

323 First 
Bermingliam William, dwl 21 Fremont 
Bernard Arnaud, plaster modeler 406 Pine 
Bernard C. A. painter, dwl 741 Market 
Bernard Charles, Chartres coffee maker, NW cor 

Jessie and Annie and groceries 20 Third, dwl 

N W <'or Third and Stevenson 
Bernard Isaac, Philadeljihia boot and shoe store 53 

Bernard John, mariner, dwl S a Harrison bet Main 

aud S])ear 
Bernard John M. clerk, dwl 730 Keamy 
Bernard Jo»6 J. fai-mer Mission Dolores rear and 

SW church 
Bernard 1'. furniture, 1120 Stockton 
Bernard Paul, watciimaker, .520 Clay 
Bernard \'inhove, French boots and shoes 804 

Kearny, dwl 806 Kearny 
Bernard William, interrogator Gilbert's Melodeon, 

dwl 604 Dupont 
Bernard W. R. sign painter with Thos. Robinson, 

dwl E s Powell bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Bernardo Oiiaco, dwl Raseette Place No. 2 
Bemardoni de Priamo L. clerk 417 Jackson 

Bemede John, butcher, 5 Clay Street Market, dwl 
Presidio road nr Jjagoon 

BerneiH Frederick, broilei-, 507 Clay 

Berney William, saw maker 318 Jackson, dwl W b 

Bemhannner Henry, steward 209 Jackson 

Bernhard Bernhar("l, hair dresser with Stable Bros, 
dwl 626 Vallejo, rear 

Bernhard Sanniel H. (Sutter Sf B.) dwl 4 Harlan PI 

BERNHEIM MAURICE, wholesale manufactur- 
ing confectioner 408 Clay, dwl NW cor Oak 
and Franklin 

Bernheim Reuben, dwl 255 Tehama 

Bernis G. bds California Hotel 

Bernissi Manilio, la,borer with Bonnet «fe Duband 

Bernold H. laborer, dwl 325 Pine 

Bernstein Abraham, peddler, dwl E s Sutter bet 
Kearny and Dupont 

Bernstein Edward, cabinet maker with J. Wigmore, 
dwl cor Washington and Waverly Place 

Bernstein Herman, tailor 514 Mission 

Bernstein .losepli, furniture and bedding 810 Mar- 
ket, dwl 20 Dupont 

Bernstein Morris, capmaker, dwl 724 Green 

Bernstein S. with Geo. Rosenberg 

Bernstein Solomon, dress trimnnngs 1012 Stockton 

Berre Edward, waiter 021 Commercial 

Berri Emanuel (B. Davidson tSj" B.) acting Consul 
for Italy and IJelgiura office NW cor Montgom- 
ery and Commercial, dwl 503 Dupont 

Berriug Hermann, clerk 504 Montgomery, dwl 719 

Berring Joseph, cigar manufacturer, dwl 325 Pine 

Berrio William, astrologer office Sunnner nr Mont 

Berrot B. gardener French Hospital 

Berry Ann Miss, bds with H. McKenna W s Mont- 
gomery bet Union and Filbert 

Berry Bridget Miss, laundress 58 Clay 

Berry Charles W. miner, dwl i2!l Sansom 

Berry Fifield H. harness maker with W. H.Baxter, 
awl Original House 

BeiTy (Fulton G.) & Mott (Jacob B.J groceries NW 
cor Stockton and Jackson, dwl 516 Dupont 

Berry George, driver Chelsea Laundry, dwl 146 

Berry Gideon, clerk with Gillespie tfc Gray, dwl 
&06 Stockton 

Berry Hannah Miss, domestic 1707 Stockton 

Berry James, blacksmith, dwl 212 Minna 

Berry James, folder Chelsea Laundry 

Berry James, shoemaker, dwl W s Fifth bet JIarket 
and Stevenson 

Berry James L. laborer, dwl 514 Mission 

Berry John, blacksmith, dwl E s Taylor bet Geary 
and Post 

Berry John, carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet Hj'de and 

Berry John, carriage painter with A. Searles & Co 

Berry John, clerk Chelsea Laundry 

Berry John, engineer, bds NW cor Jackson and 

Berry John, painter, dwl S s Natoma bet Fifth and 

Berry John, upholsterer with John C. Bell, dwl N s 
Union bet Jones and Leavenworth 

Berry John S. (colored) white-washing, dwl 1218 
Dupont, rear 

Berry Lewis (colored) dwl 1218 Dupont 

Berry Peter, longshoreuian, dwl S s Dupont Alley 

BERRY RICHARD N. stock broker 33 Mongom- 
ery Block, dwl 1507 Stockton 

Berry Robert, rope maker, dwl W s Sixth bet 
iJrannan and Townsend 

Berry R. W. clei-k with R. Card & Co. dwl 56 Ste- 

Berry Thomas, ironer Chelsea Laundry 

Berry \^'illiam II. hair dressesr with Henderson & 
Brown 215 Sansom 

Berryessa Hannibal, baker, dwl 411 Sutter 

BUS"W:ELL & CO., Blank Book Manufacturers and Paper Bulers, 517 Clay Street. 



Berryessa Jos6 S. wholesale liquors 716 Com 
BeiTVinan Estelle Miss, dressniiiker, dwl 513 How- 
Berson Adolphe, upholsterer with W. J. Stringer, 

dwl 8:28 Washington 
Berson Alexina Mrs. washing and ironing, 828 Wash 
Bert Bert (Henry Schroder iSf Co.) res Bordeaux, 

Bert Edward G. treasurer Gilbert's Melodeon, dwl 

81)7 Jlission 
Bert Frederick W. clerk Koopmanechap & Co. N W ' 

cor Battery and Union 
Bertano Andrew, boarding house W s Union Place 
Bertheau Cesar iZicI, B. c^ Co.) res Hamburg 
liertheimer Abralnun, jieddler, dwl 208 First 
Berthelot J. F. oliice 528 Montgomery, dwl What 

Cheer House 
Bertheloti Fran9oi8, dwl NW cor Kearny and Bdwy 
Berthon E. dwl NE cor Pine and Dupont 
Berthot Joseph J. miner, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Bertody Charles, physician, office and dwl 807 

Berton Francis (Heidsch Sj- B.) dwl 835 Howard 
Bertram Herbena Miss, domestic with Theodore Bo- 
Bertram Theophilus, butcher, dwl N 6 Broadway 

bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bertrand Bigne (Leon 4- B.) dwl 1402 Stockton 
Bertrand Jean Baptiste, bootmaker, 541 Merchant 
Bertz Henry, porter with Weil & Co. dwl NW cor 

Broadway and Powell 
Bertz Jacob, porter with Weil & Co. bds with Hen- 
ry Bertz 
Berwick Thomas, sail maker at 221 Davis, dwl W s 

Mason nr Greenwich 
Berwin Aaron, (P. Beru-in Sf Bros.) res New York 
Berwin Henry, salesman with Julius Baum 
Berwin Isaac, tailor 324 Connnercial 
Berwin Moritz, (P. Berwin l^ Bros. J dwl 828 Post 
BEliWIN P. & BROS, f Aaron 6r Moritz Ber- 
win J importers and jobbers hats, caps, etc. 319 
Sacramento, dwl 828 Post 
Besby Harry, bar keeper with Barry & Patten, dwl 

319 Kearny 
Besheinen William, watchmaker with George C. 

Shreve & Co. dwl (iOG Montgomery 
Beshoi'man Henry, fui'rier, dwl 58 Everett 
Besse Joseph O. salesman 633 Clay, dwl 108 Minna 
Bessemer Heiu-y L. dwl rear 308 "Dupont 
Bessey Albion P. teamster NE cor Sansom and Com- 
mercial, dwl 147 Minna 
Besson Felix, New^ Market Exchange Liquor and 

Billiard Saloon 530 Clay 
Besson (Harriet) &. Pons (Charlotte) Mesdames, 

French corset makers 629 Sacramento 
Best Albert W. painter with Eaton, Larkins tfe Co. 

dwl Clinton Temperance Hotel 
Best &, Belclier Mining Co. office 712 Montgomeiy 
Betst Chance (4. & S. Al. Co. ofHce 726 Montgomery 
Best John, varni»her with J. Wigmore 
Best William, stair builder with N. P. Langland, 

bds 240 Fremont 
Bester John H. bar keeper Harmony Hall Saloon, 

dwl 614 Sacramento 
Beston "Elizabeth Mrs. dwl N s Valparaiso bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Bestor Henry T. architect with Patrick Walsh 104 

Betaux Louis (Perrier c^ B.) dwl 206 Third 
Betge Robert T. merchant, dwl Glol)e Hotel 
Beth John, machinist, dwl 37 Natoma 
Beth John M. inventor, bds 11 Ecker 
Betkowski Peter, dwl 23 Silver 
Betteley Frederick, sash maker at 30 California 
Bettman Joseph, book-keeper with D. Hausmann & 

Co. dwl 250 Fourth 
Bettman Moses, dwl 520 Stockton 
Bettman Samuel, dwl Steckler's Exchange 

Bettner Andrew, dwl 7 St. Marys Place 

Betuel (FraiK^oix) & Co. (Francis Yeyrat) gi-oce- 

ries and liquors SW cor Pine and Dvtpont 
Betzel Louis (Rosenthal 6f Co.) dwl 16 Second 
Beuchamp C. H. drover, bds Original House 
Beuchel Gottleib, tailor, dwl 1705 Mason 
Beurkmann August, drayman 211 Front, dwl Chel- 
sea Place 
Bevan James, waiter chop house 121 Montgomery ' 
Be van John, drayman cor Braiman and Eighth 
Bevans Ira L. mining, dwl 18 Minna 
Bevans Isajic, carpenter, dwl 922 Stockton 
BEVANS JOHN & CO. (WiUiavi Pickering) 

apothecaries SE cor Stockton and Broadway, 

dwl l')(l!) (iicenwich 
Beverson Charles, (Rocs Sj- B.) dw^l 570 Mission 
Bewley Allen H. clerk with T. Eodgers Johnson, 

dwl 131 Second 
Beyea James L. book-keeper with B. C. Horn & Co. 

dwl 734 Folsom 
Beyleu Michael, laborer San Francisco Gas Co. 
Be/.iade P. tailor, dwl SW cor Bdwy and Dupont 
Bhute Christoph, clerk with ( 'hiif-toiili llaacke 
Bialba Anaeleto, ranchero, dwl Globe Hotel 
Bianchi Eugenio, tenor Italian Opera, dwl 726 Mont 
Bianchi Giovanna Signora, soprano-primo Italian 

Opera, dwl 726 Montgomery 
BIBBINS TRACY L. mining secretary 12 Mead 

House 305 Montgomery, dwl NE cor Pine and 

Prospect Place 
Bibrach Frederick, baker New England Bakery 

433 Jackson 
BICHARD NICHOLAS, importer anchoi-s, chains, 

etc. 209 Stewart pier 15, dwl NE cor Harrison 

and First 
Bickel Conrad, dwl 125 Post 
Bictorina G. & S. M. Co. office 629 Clay 
Bidau Peter, dwl 924 Dupont 
Biddolph James, machinist Golden State Foundry, 

dwl 72 Minna 
Bidela Sa. Nemecia, dwl 538 Green 
Bidlack Benjamin A. dwl 1019 Powell 
Bidleman Jc-eph B. office with F. J. Thibault, dwl 

740 Wat>liington, rear 
Bidwell l)u uie, dwl Willows Trotting Park, Mission 

bet John and Hill 
Bidwell Geo. W. dwl Willows Trotting Park E s 

Mission bet John and Hill 
Bidwell Hiram, dwl Willows Trotting Park E s 

Mission bet John and Hill 
Bidwell Thomas J. (Vandcrcook Sf B.) dwl 13 

Biebersheimer Peter, bar keeper with Philip Klose 
Biedert A. musician, bds 317 Bush 
Bielawski Casimer, draughtsman U. S. Suuveyor- 

General's office, dwl 2j2 Stevenson 
Bieler Frank, laborer, bds 317 Bush 
Bien Herman M. Rev. Principal Valley Academic 

Seminary 635 Mission, dwl 349 Minna 
Bien Joseph, machinist and Idckfiiiiith 322 Com 
Bien William A. dwl Golden (iafe Hotel 
Bienenfeld Henry, cooper, dwl Shakspeare Hotel 

219 Pacific ■ 
Bierbrauer Charles, cabinet maker with Goodwin 

& Co. dwl cor Anthony and Jessie 
Bierbrauer John, cabinet maker with L. Emanuel, 

dwl cor Anthony and .lessie 
Bigarel Dominique, clothing and furnishing goods 

635 Washinyson, dwl 637 Washington 
Big Baby G. & S. M. Co. office Cashier C. H. 
Big Blue Lead G. & S. M. Co. office 519 Mont 
Big Blue Mining Co. office 418 Montgcmiery 
Big Canon G. & S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Big Caiion G. & S. M. Co. (Tuolumne Co.) office 

406 Montgomery 
Bigelow A. J. & Co. (Artemns Rogers) wood and 

coal 429 Pine, dwl cor Whitney and Sixteenth 
Bigelow Daniel, Sugar Refinery, dwl S s Haiiison 

bet Seventh and Eighth 

A. KOMAJS" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Standard and MisceUaneoua Books. 



Bifielow l^dwnrd, Suj^nr Helinery, dwl S s HaiTisou 

bi't Seventh uiul Kiiilitli 
Hitrelow Klij ill, eoniJiii.-sion ineirhiint office NE cor 

Front and C'lav, dwl 5o8 Folsoni 
BIGELOW GEORGE II. (Bigrlow Bros, c^- 

Flint) Secretary Jlif^sistiippi and St. Geortje 

Mining Cos. ofhcc 50.') Montgomery, dwl N s 

Pine l)et Jones and Tavlor 
Bijrelow H. oculist with Dr. Pardee, dwl 1123 Stock 
Bigelow Henry A. with IJigelow Bros. &, Flint, 

dwl Teletrraph Place nr Greenwich 
BIGELOW BKOTHEKS (Henry H. 4- George 

H. Bifrdoir) &, FLINT fAiiguntiis P.J tire and 

life insiu'unce agents 50.5 Montgomery cor Suc- 

r:imento, dwl N s Pine bet Taylor iind Jones 
Bigelow Jonathan E. with Bigelow Bros. «fc Flint, 

dwl N s Pine bet Jones and Taylor 
Biirelow ]\Iartin, dwl 401 Lombard 
BIGELO'W (Samuel C.) &. BOWMAN (Arthur 

W.J real estate agents office 204 Montgomery, 

dwl -6 Laurel Place 
Bigelow T. B. superintendent warehouse department 

Custom House 
Bigelow Theodore F. clerk Chelsea Laundry, dwl 

15 Tehama Place 
Bigen (Joseph J & Co. (Hazen Haseltine) butchers 
' NeAv Clay St. Market 514 Clay, dwl 613 Kearny 
Bigger W. W. steward, dwl 106 Minna 
Biggey Terence, hostler with John A. McGlymi & 

Co. dwl 523 Howard, rear 
Biggs A. R. salesman with Mitchell, Gilman & Co. 

dwl S s Francisco bet Stockton and Dupont 
BIGGS (John E.J & HERSEE (GcorgeJ proptrs 

Flume House, Brunoville, San Bruno Road, 4 

miles from City Hall 
Biggs Nancy F. (widow) dwl 120 Silver 
Biggs Thomas, gas-man with S. F. G. Co. dwl E s 

■\^'illiam bet Geary and Post 
Bigley C. groceries 134 Clay, dwl 323 Kearny 
Biglej- Daniel, clerk 134 Clay, bds 323 Kearny 
Bigley George, clerk 134 Clay, bds 323 Kearny 
Bigley John, drayman Albany Brewery, dwl NE 

cor Eddy and Larkin 
Bigley John, teamster with A. H. Todd & Co. dwl 

Eddy bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bigley Thomas (Riugot 4- B.J dwl 832 Mission 
Bigiie \'. waiter Restaurant de France, dwl 821 

Bignima Louis, with Lazard Fr(5res, dwl 213 Du- 

Bigot Ernest, dwl 804 Wa.shingtou 
Bigot Loon, dwl 804 ^\'ashington 
Bigot Mme. laces 804 Wasliingtou 
Bigot Thomas, barber, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Big Tree G. & S. M. Co. office 1 Armory Hall, 

second floor . 
Bigwood Job, blacksmith Union Foundry, dwl 13G 

Bilay Anthony F. clerk Globe Hotel 
Biler .lohn, baker, dwl 836 Mission 
IJillingcr A. paper carrier, dwl 11 It) Dupont 
I'.illinger Mary Mrs. dressmaker II hi Dujiont 
Hill (instave, shoemaker with W. A. Zilluer, dwl 

i\M I'acilic 
Bill Philip, <lwl 338 Third 
Billet Edward, bar keejx^r, dwl 7 IS Market 
Billet L. A. C. Miss, dwl 1015 Stockton 
Billet M. (willow) dwl J015 Stockton 
Billings B. B. dwl What (Jheer House 
Billings Edward P. Miners' Foundr\', dwl 

27 Natoma 
BILLINGS FREDERICK, attorney at law office 

42 Montgomery Bhjck, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Billings John, folder Chelsea Laundry 
Billings John F. dwl E s Billings Place 
Billings Josiah B. carpenter, dwl 815 Kearny 
Billington S. W. clerk SE cor California and Da^■i8 
Binge Elizabeth, domestic 829 Bush 

Bingenheimer Christopher, cooperage 106 Davis, bds 

26 Battery 
Bingham A. water cart Market op Mont 
Bingham C. Edward, cigars SE cor Kearny and 

Washington, dwl 730 Kearny 
BINGHAM JAMES W. clerk Board of Supervisors 

City and County S. F. office City Hall 2d floor, 

dwl 405 Post 
Binneman Charles, clerk, dwl 726 Commercial 
Binney Isaac B. porter with Daniel Norcross, dwl 

NE cor Jessie and Second 
Binzel B. cooper 106 Market 

Birch Mary J. (widow) dwl W s Eleventh bet Mar- 
ket and Jlission 
Birch Sauiiiel, waiter with Leander Ransom 
Birch Thomas, plasterer, dwl 310 Tehama 
Birch William, Ethiopian comedian Eureka Theater, 

dwl 730 Kearny 
Birch William H. assistant foreman Vulcan Iron 

\\'^orks Co. dwl 68 Natoma 
Bird Catharine (widow) dwl 18 Baldwin Court 
Bird George W. contractor, dwl 565 Tehama 
Bird Herbert, book-keeper with L. B. Dell, dwl 

West End Hotel 
Bird Isiibella Mrs. furnished rooms 536 Washington 
Bird James, raolder Union Foundry 
Bird John W. pressman job office' Alta California, 

dwl 1113 Keamy 
Bird Patrick, helper Miners' Foundry 
Bird Sarah Miss, domestic 514 Stockton 
Bird Thomas, dwl 412 Davis 
Bird Thomas, civil engineer with Brooks, Rouleau 

& Co. dwl 7 Union 
Bird Thomas, liq^uor saloon 160 First 
Bird William, tailor, dwl 536 Washington 
I5irdsall Elizabeth (widow) dwl 602 Filbert 
Birdsall George, special policeman, dwl E s Ritch ar 

Birdsall John, porter 313 Davis, dwl S s M;u'ket bet 

Seventh and Eighth 
Bii-dsall Zephimiah, di'iver Wells, Fargo & Co. dwl 

916 Clay 
Birge Francis, laborer, dwl S s Freelon bet Thu-d 

and Fourth 
Birge J. J. dentist office 1 Mead House l!iW cor 

Montgomery and Pine 
Birmbaum Charles, book-l«»^er California Brew- 
ery, dwl IJOO Stockton 
Birmingham Edward, Avoi'kman S. F. & Pacific 

Sugar Co. 
Birmingliaui Patrick, hostler with John A. McGlynn, 

dwl N s Steveiu-jou bet Ecker and Second 
Binuingham Pattick, laborer, dwl 58 Stevenson 
Bii-miiighaui Sibina, domestic 808 Howard 
Birmingham Thomas, groceries SE cor Tui'k and 

'J 'ay lor 
Birmingham. See Bermingham 
Birrell Andi'ew, dwl 150 Tliird, rear 
Birrell Andrew J. treasurer Metropolitan Theater 
Bisagno Bartholomew (Bisagno Bros. J dwl N 8 

Pacific in- Scott 
Bisagno Brothers (Louis, Pio and BartkolotncicJ 

importers hardware, cutlery, etc. 420 Battery, 

dwl 924 Pacific nr Scott 
Bisagno Pio (Bisdgno Bros. J res Stockton 
Biscaccianti Madam, dwl 506 Broadway 
Biscliolf Herman, brewer, dwl 325 Pine 
Biscliotf Louis, jeweler with F. R. Reichel, dwl ()13 

Bisho]) Benjamin F. gold chain maker with J. 31. 

Seamans, dwl 119 Second 
Bishoj) Browne, bar keeper foot Clay 
Bishop Franklin, Sixth Street Tannery E s Sixth bet 

Brannan and Bluxome 
Bishop Gurdon, teamster, dwl NE cor Broadway 

and Jones 
Bishop Henry, boatman foot ]Market 
Bishoj) Henr_y, marketman NW cor Taylor and Post 
Bishop Henry, saloon foot Clay 

BUSWELIi & CO., Book Binders aa d Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



jii^;..}V James, carpe/tivr, d^yl V-iiiriiiia Place nr 

Bishop Lewis, jeweler, dwl 415 Bush 

Bishop Oliver, teainster with Gnrddn Bishop, dwl 

W s Florence bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Bishop Richard, stone-cutter with M. C'ronin, dwl 

SE cor Vallejo and Kearn}^ 
Bitshop Stej)lien, boatman foot Market 
Bisset Andrew, stone-cutter, dwl 117 Howard, rear 
Bisset George, -washer Davis Laundry W s Hiuriet 

bet Folsom and Howard 
Bisset William, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Bitler >L niolder Pacitic Iron Works 
BITTER WILLIAM, i)roprietor Bitters Hotel NW 

cor Keurny and Jaclcson 
Bittner John, blacksmith, bds NW cor Keaniy and 

Bitzer John, coffee roaster, dwl NE cor Mission and 

Bivins Samuel (col'd) porter Custom House, dwl IG 

Bixby John E. clerk with Tichenor & Co. bds with 

Mrs. Harriet Toy 
Bixby Michael A. painter, dwl E s Leavenworth 

nr McAllister 
Bixler David, attomey-at-law office NW cor Jlonl 

and Com, dwl 1007 Mason liet Clay and Sac 
Bizard Eiieune, liquor saloon 71v! Market 
Bjerke H. T. grainer, dwl S s Folsom bet Fifth and 

Bjorkman August, dwl with Mrs. JIary Robertson 
Black Adam, bootmaker, dwl S s Mission bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Black Belt G. & S. M. Co. office 426 Montgomery 
Black Bess G. & S. M. Co. office 2'2.5 Sacramento 
Black Charles, apprentice with Nelson & Doble 

321 Pine 
Black Charles, blacksmith, dwl 20 Sac 
Black Charles, plumber with J. H. O'Brien & Co. 

bds What Cneer House 
Black David, blacksmith O. R. R. Co. dwl 706 Fol- 
Black Diamond Coal JI. Co. office 110 Jackson 
Black George, civil engineer, dwl 1107 Mason 
Black George, plasterer, bds 559 Market 
Black George E. broker office 606 Merchant, dwl 72 

Black Hawk G. & S. M. Co. office 617 Clay 
Black (H. M.J &c Miller (D. D.) carnage manufac- 
turers 719 Market, dwl 749 Market 
Black Jtimes J. agent Golden Era, dwl NE cor Sec- 
ond ;ind Miinia 
Bhick John, with Coffey &l Risdon, dwl 316 Beale 
Black John W^. book-keeper with Thos. H. Selby <fe 

Co. dwl W 8 Fremont nr Folsom 
Blacl; M.utin E. harness maker with Wm. H. Len- 

nani, dwl 316 Third 
Black Williim, coachman Lick House, dwl 14 Sutter 
Black William K. carpenter, dwl 663 Howard 
Black William W. ^^lat Cheer Livery Stable 622 

Blackbuni Charles, carriage and wagon maker 589 

Maiiet, dwl 116 Silver 
Blackburn Frederick, bar keeper Court Exchange 

Saloon rear City Hall, dwl Wetmore Place 
Blackman Cassius H. with A. R. Baldwin & Co. 

219 Front 
Blackman .lohn, cook 619 Market 
Blackmore Thomas, boarding, 327 Beale 
BlackwtU .John, lab Golden Gate Ranch Point Lobos 
BLACKWOOD WILLIAM, clerk Quar. Master's 

Dept. U. S. A. 742 W'ashington, dwl cor Bx'y- 

a nt and Grove Avenue 
Bladt Ludwig, shoemaker with M. Strauss 105 Third 
Blaikie Andrew, pattern maker Union Foundry 
Blaikie James L. sweep room United States Branch 

Mint, dwl 121 Prospect Place 
Blaikie Sarah (widow) dwl W s Leavenworth bet 

Clay and W^ishington 

BLAIN JOHN 1). Rev. pastor Second Methodist 

Episcopal Church Howard, dwl W s Hubb.ird 

nr Howard 
Blair B. S. waterman Mi'.rkct op Montgomery 
Blair JItthew, livery stable 7.39 M. rket 
Blair Peter, p.sinter, bds 721 Market 
[ Blair Phineas S. waterman, dwl W s Leavenworth 

bet Geary and O'Farre'l 
Blair Smmel Capt. Imrk Kival pier 10 Stewart, dw! 

47 Tehama 
Blair (Tkosi. M.) &. Co. decorators Piatt's Music 

Hall and s])e(ial policeman, dwl lOS Post 
Blair Willi im D. p.iinter with IIopps, K m.irv &■. 

Co. dwl 539 Merchant 
Blaisdell Elizabeth F. Mrs. fmcy goons SW cor 

Dupont and Bush, dwl SW cor Dupont and 

Harlan Place 
BLAKE (Cnlvin T.) & CO. (George W. Blnhe.J 

h itters 524 Montgomery, res New York 
BLAKE C. E. dentist SW cor Clay and Kearnv, 

dwl 43,) Brvant 
Blake Elizabetla (widow) dwl N s Lick Alley bet 

First and Ecker 
BLAKE (Franch) & MOFFITT (Jcimc^) import- 
ers printing ])apersand power press priuler8 533 

"Wash, dwl SE cor Bush and Jones 
Blake George H. salesman with J. C. Johnsf)n &. 

Co. dwl N s Filbert bet Powell and Mason 
BLAKE aieorgi' M.J & GRIMES fN'dhni. E.J 

stock br(d<ers and secretaries mining comp.inies 

office 4 & 5 Government House, dwl 417 Post 
Blake George W. (Blnkc i!y Co.) dwl Russ House 
Blake H. R. dwl NE cor Jackson and Kearny 
Blake Henrv C. with D. C. Williams & Co. dwl 

402 Stockton 
Blake James, physician, office and dwl 210 Bush 
Blake James, express wagon cor Folsom and Third 
Blake .lohn, tailor with Charles Boyes 42 Sutter 
Blake Lazell W. hotel runner, dwl 33 Geary 
Blake L. C. carrier Morning Call, dwl Virginia PI 
Blake JIarv Miss, domestic with William E. Keid 
BLAKE MAURICE C. Judge City and Co, S.>n 

Francisco, ex otiicio .Judge Court of Sessions and 

Probate, City Hall, Chambers 402 Montgomery, 

dwl Russ House 
Blake O. capt barkentine W. B. Scranton pier 9 

Blake Philip H. constable 5th township and collector 

otiice 613 Market, dwl 264 1 Minna 
Blake Sumner C. carrier Jlorning Call, dwl Sophie 

Blake William H. (col'd) hair dressing saloon 508 

Blakely Francis, carpenter, dwl 109 Powell 
Blakely (Robert F.J & Tate (Mrs. America S.J 

jiroprietoi-s Montgomery House 623 JIarket 
Blakely William H. drayman 414 Battery, dwl S s 

Harrison nr Sixth 
Blakie A. pattern maker Pacific Iron Works 
Blakiston John S. sail maker221 Davis, bds Brooks 

Blanc Stewart, bootmaker 705 Battery 
Blance Elmer, groceries and liquors N s Sixteenth 

bet Guerrero and Dolores 
BLANCH MARIANO, editor El Eco del Pocifico 

ofKce .538 Sacramento, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Blr.nchard Alexander capt steamer Anna, dwl E s 

Reed nr Washington 
Blanchard David, dwl .529 Pine 
Blanchard David jr. with Hoburt Bro. & Co. dwl 

529 Pine 
Blanchard Francis H. clerk 13 Stewart, dwl 146 

Blanchard .John, contractor, dwl NW cor Kearny 

and .Jackson 
Blanchard Julius, crockery and hardware, 26 Third 
Blanchard Lot, fruit 146 Fourth 
Blanchard Robert S. clerk 587 M.irket, dwl 54 First 

A. BOMAJSr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., School, Law, and Medical "Works. 



IJliincliaril Thomas, carpenter, bds with David 


IJIam hard William II. mining stocks, dwl Tehama 

IJlanche Madame, dwl NW cor Kearny and Bdwy 
HUuuliou Jean, Lafa)'ette Hook and' Ladder Co. 

Xo. i> 
BhuuUardt T. A. hoots and shoes, dwl 8'25 Wash 
BhuuUar.itTheo. A. ck-rk Qr.-:\IasltT-s Dept. U.S.A. 

7 IJ Washinfjrtoii, dwl <S..'.5 AX'ashiii^'lon 
IJlaiid Adam, liev. jiastor Seamen's Hetliel Church, 

5.")4 Mission, res Rome City, Sutter County 
Blandinf,' (1. it S. M. Co. office 402 Montgoiiiery 
lilaiulin;,' Louiw, attorney at law, dwl i!l4 Sansom 
IJlaiidi'.i;; Kohert 11. secretary Blount Zion Copper 

."\1. Co. olHce 4i() Montgomery, dwl W'liat Clicer 

Blanding William, attorney at law, office 804 Mont, 

room W, dwl SE cor Geary and Mason 
Blaner Ernst, wood turner 24 California, bds with 

Adam Bootz 
Blaney tl. Henry, mining, dwl 576 Mission 
Blaney .John, painter, dwl S s Ellis bet Leavenworth 

and Hyde 
Blaney Patrick, cook, .'J07 Clay 
Blanken John, clerk NW corPaciiic and Front 
Blankcu I'eter, groceries and liquors NW cor Pa- 

cilic and Front 
Blankin Jacob, fireman, dwl W s Morey AUey nr 

Blansfelt Thoirias, labors*, dwl 6 Jane 
Blasdell Frederick, dwl 445 Bush 
Blasdell George, contractor, dwl 6G0 How'ard 
Blasdell (Tcorge E. property man Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Blasdell Geo. W. supt. with Timothy Sargent, dwl 

40 Minna 
Blasts Gassen, clerk 62 Second, dwl (50 Second 
BlasK .\Icyer, dry goods t)2 Second, dwl 60 Second 
Blalchley A. surveyor, dwl 71(1 Stockton 
Blalt L. shoemaker, dwl 205 Sansom 
Blattner John J. contractor, dwl 32 Everett, rear 
Blauvelt Richard, clerk Recorder's office, dwl 1234 

Bleasdel Isaac, dwl N s Nineteenth bet Guerrero and 

Blease Henry, painter with Hopps, Kauary & Co. 

dwl 146 Second 
Bk-ck .John, clerk, dwl 325 Pine 
Bleichest .lulins, dwl Mej'ers' Hotel 
Bleu August, i)arber, .535 Pacific 
Blcsh Frederick, butcher, Pacific Engine Co. No. 8 
BlesKman Louit*, waterman, Market op Montgomery 
ISlcster Martin, steward, 507 Clay 
Bletheii ,T. H. Capt steamer Sierra Nevada, dwl 928 

Blevin .lames, dwl 314 Broadway 
Blevert Adolph, piano maker, dwl Golden Gate 

Bli-ymann Edward, upholsterer 34 Sutter 
Blick Peter, carjienter Vulcan Iron Works 
Blick Pierre, Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. No. 2 
Bligh C.itherine Mrs. dwl -VJ!^ Union 
Bligli Henora MihS, dwl .>28 Union 
Blinn S:imuel 1'. ('Adatax, B. dy Co.) dwl NW cor 

.Second iind Branniin 
BLISS ALFRED & CO. coal oil lamps New York 

City, L. W. Kennedy agent SE cor Sansom and 

Bliss George D. rO'ConneU £f B.J dwl SE cor 

P.icilic :ind Polk 
Blitz Beniiirdus S. policeman City Hall, dwl 1206 

Blitz Joseph S. dwl 1011 Kearny 
Bliven James I. fFHzpatrick A- B.) bds 314 Bdwy 
liloch E. B. clotliing 1 107 Duiwnt 
Bloch George, dwl 1013 Pacific 
Bloch II. F. (A. Calm S,- Co.) res Port hind, Oregon 
Bloch I. F. (A. Cahn Sf Co.) dwl 427 Post 

Bloch .John, dry goods 12t)'.' Stockton, dwl lO'.'T Pac 
Bloch William," lioots and ^h()(■s 1022 Duv'>/Jit 
Block Abraham &. Co. Nevada office 300 Battery, 

dwl Steckler's Exchange 
Block Albert, merchant, dwl N s Stockton nr Bdwy 
Block Emanuel, dwl Stecklei-'s Exchange 
Block James N. book-keeper with H. Cohn & Co. 

dwl 1)14 California 
Block John, clothing 532 Kearny, dwl 124 St. Marks 

Blodes Theodore, (Brodcck Sf B.J dwl 19 Geary 
Blohm Christopher, clerk with Frederick Lankenau 
Blohni Francis, dwl 413 Green 
Blolim Hermann, at Pacific Brewery, dwl 271 Te- 

Blohm Peter, groceries and liquors 42 Webb 
Blom C., bds 28 Sacramento 
Blomquist .John, lal)orer 515 Market 
Blondell Thomas, job wagon, dwl 218 Ritch 
Blood (James) & Clark ( Francis M.) draymen 1019 

Blood Ivory M. (Pacific Straw Works Co.) dwl St. 

Lawrence House 
Blood James, boatman, dwl E s Dupont bet Fran- 
cisco and Bay 
BLOOD .1. H. Mining Secretary office 7 Montgom- 
ery Block, ilwlSE cor Montgomerv and Cal 
Blood "L. L. with CJurtis & Allen, dwl 223 Clay 
Blood Mary Mrs. millinery 8 Montgomery 
Blood JIary (widow) dwl N a Filbert bet Sansora 

and Mdutgomery 
Blood William H. manufacturer washing machines, 

dwl S s Brannau nr Second 
Bloom Wolfe, wool pulling and tannery S s Bran- 
nan bet Fifth and Sixth 
Bloomer Hirani G. painter, dwl W s Vei-non Place 

nr Jackson 
Bloomer I. millwright, dwl What Cheer House 
Bloomer Louis, d\\ 1 427 (ireeuwich 
Bloomer Louisa Miss, dresssmalver, dwl 48 Jane 
Bloomer Teresa Mrs. boarding and lodging 421 Du- 

Bloomer Theodore H. clerk State Ganger's office, 

dwl Vernon Place . 
Bloomer William, superintendent of Metropolitan 

JIarkcl and special policeman, dwl 421 Dupont 
BloomiiL'ld Tiicini:is, carpeiilcr, dwl 322 Green 
Bloomiicld A\'illiaui G. capt schooner Naiad, dwl N s 

Union ^V Battery 
Bloomingftale Enutnuel, furniture 514 Washhigton, 

dwl 1312 Powell 
Bloomingdale Hermann, clerk, dwl 1312 Powell 
Bloonnngdale Joseph B. salesman 316 Sacramento, 

dwl 3 llardie Place 
Bloom llvmcn, wool puller, dwl Ss Brannau bet 

Fifth "and Sixth 
Bios .Joseph, dwl 804 Sansom 
Blossom John, liquor saloon 713 Pacific 
BLOSSOiM WILLIAM H. Blossom's Exchange 

Saloon 323 Washington 
Bluclier John C. shoemaker 1438 Stockton 
Blue Comet G. &, S. M. Co. oflice 810 Montgomery 
Blue Ledge G. &. S. M. Co. office 228 Fro^t 
Blue Leiige G. & S. (Quartz M. Co. Cal. office 544 

Blue Ledge Lovell S. M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Blue Mountain G. & S. M. Co. office Naglee's Bdg 
Blue Mountain Peak G. & S. Mining Co. office 24 

Naglee's Building 
Bhie Mvron H. furniiure, 47 Third 
Blue Ri'dge G. &- S. M; Co. office 606 Montgomery 
Blum Chai'les, steward Sac Hotel 407 Pacific 
Blum H. clerk, dwl 325 Pine 
Blum H. furnishing goods 317 Montgomery 
Blum Henry C. clerk, dwl 1200 Stockton 
Blum Isaac", clerk Original House 
Blum Isidor, clothing and gents' furnishing goods 

411 Montgomery, dwl 728 Vallejo 
Blum Jacob, clerk, dw^l 413 Sutter, rear 

BUSWrELL & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Blum Jonas, clerk, 2 Virginia Blk, dwl W s Stock, 
bet Broadway and Vallejo 

Blum Simon, expressman, SW cor Cal and Sansom, 
dwl 315 Fremont 

Blumliertf J. F. dwl Stevenson bet Fifth and Sixth 

Blume H. bootmaker, dwl 827 Dupont 

Blumel Leberecht, tailor 1343 Dupont 

Bhmienberg Hall, 313 Pine 

Bluiiieinberg J. H. carver and gilder 313 Pine 

Blnmeiiscliein Philip, gardener with John O. Hare 

BLUiMEXTHAL A. L. & SON fJiiHus Blnmen- 
thai) importers and manufacturers cloths 616 
Sacramento and 615 Com, dwl 104 O'Farrel 

Bluinenthal ft. & S. M. Co. office 607 Washington 

Blumenthal Henry M. (Lasnr t^ B.) dwl 817 Val- 

Blumenthal Julius (A. L. Blumenthal Sf Son) 616 
Sacramento, dwl 639 Clay 

Blumenllml Louis, agent Rinaldo & Lasky 408 Sac 

Blumenthal M. A. crockery and glassware 510 and 
512 Clay, di\v\ St. Nicholas Hotel 

Bluxome Isaac jr. coal and iron and stock broker 
office 206 Front, dwl 733 Folsom 

Bly L. A. molding maker with Brokaw &. Metcalf 

Bly Leander, manf moldings, dwl E s Selina Place 

Blyth Henry, book-keeper with B. Dore, dwl 319 

Boahl Henry, cooper S. F. S. R. dwl W s Langton 
bet Howard and Folsom 

Boaner Joseph, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 

BOARD CITY ENGINEERS, office 623 Montgom- 
ery, establislied Aia-il 30, 1862 

BOARD OF DELKftATES S. F. Fire Depart- 
ment, rms third tloor City Hall 

second floor 

partment, rms third floor City Hall 

second floor 

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS clerk of, office City 
Hall, second floor 

Boardman Charles, carpenter, dwl SW cor Pine and 

Boardman Edward H. dwl 1027 Washington 

BOARDMAN C4E0RGE C. secretary's. F. In- 
surance Co. oHice 021 Clay, dwl Russ House 

Boardman J. bds Original House 

Boardman Joscpli, architect, newspaper carrier, etc. 
15 Naglee's Building cor Mont and Merchant 

Boardman Thomas S- mining stocks office 631 Clay, 
bds Russ House 

Boas Joseph «fe Co. (C. B. RicharJsJ importers and 
jobbers fancy goods and agenis H;imhurg Pack 
et Co. 513 Sacramento, dwl Rnss House 

Boas Michael, cartman, dwl 542 Howard 

Boastel Pierre, laborer with Bonnet & Duband 

Bobst Cyrus E. salesman 626 Clay, dwl SW cor 
Dupont and Pine . 

Bobst James, dwl SW cor Pine and Dupont 

Bock Adolph, merchant, dwl 521 Kearny 

Bock (Charles) &, Hauser fCJ liquor saloon 773 

Bockius John, carpenter, dwl 4 Harlan Place 

Bockmann Henry, groceries and liqtiors771 Howard 
cor Fourth 

Bockrath H. H. fruits and vegetables 23 and 24 
Washington Market, dwl N s Pine bet Mason 
and Taylor 

Bode Cicorge C. accountant with J. B. Thomas, dwl 
cor Harlan Place and Dupont 

Bodecker Barnard, musician, dwl 422 Green 

Bodecker William, musician, dwl N s Green bet 
Dupont and Kearnv 

Bodega Line Packets, Washington Street Wharf 

Boden John F. court room Dep. Co. Clerk Fourth 
District Court, City Hall, dwl 424 Bush 

Boden John H. clerk with Henschel &, Maurice 508 
Battery, dwl 424 Bush 

Boden P. (widow) dwl 424 Bush 


2, office 413 Montgomery 
Bodie Mammoth Tunnel Co. office 33 Montgomery 

Bodie Silver Hill Consolidated M. Co. office 630 

Bodie William, (col'd) seaman, dwl 716 Battery 
Bodkin Thonuis, plasterer, dwl 128 Natoma 
Bodoine H. w"aiter Metropolitan Restaurant 
Bodwell fH. H.J & Knowles fJ. E.J cooperage 120 

Davis, dwl N s Mission bet Twenty-Fourth and 

Bodwell J. heehnaker, dwl 1215 Dupont, rear 
Boegler Frederick, engineer with Morris Greenberg, 

dwl 1015 Kearnv 
Boehm P. Jacob, waiter 621 Commercial, dwl Jessie 

bet Second and Third 
Boehme Frederick, musician, dwl E s Clara nr Sutter 
Boehmer Fritz (Gerstung iHf Co J dwl 611 Union 
Boell Charles L. pressman with Charles A. Calhoun, 

dwl SE oor Pine and Dupont 
Boernstein M. dwl What Cheer House 
Boero Girolamo, coolv with Mauletti &. Co. dwl SE 

cor Sanson! and Merchant 
Boese Julius, book-keeper 512 Davis, dwl 524 Davis 
BOFER WILLIAM & CO. (Carl F. Mancede, 

August Bnltmann Sf Adolph MarquardJ im- 
porters and retail hardware 610 Sacramento, 

resides Bremen, Germany 
Bofinger Jacob, silver-plateig 431 Kearny 
Bogan Charles, printer, dwl E s Mason bet Union 

and Filbert 
Bogan Christian (WilHnm Meyerholtz Sj- Co. J dwl 

NE cor Leavenworth and O'Farrell 
Bogardns A. A. tailor 809 Battery 
Bogardus John P. canvasser and collector, dwl N s 

Green bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Bogart J. M. book-keeper 127 Clay, dwl cor Mission 

and Twelfth 
Boge /^J.^ & Kroger ^C^r2si/(7«y wholesale ^vines 

and liquors 1130 Dupont, dwl SE cor Pine and 

Boge Jurgen, carpenter, dwl S s Pine bet Montgom- 
ery and Sansom 
Boge William, gardener Lone Mountain Cemetery 
Bogel August, dwl 220 Sutter 
Bogel Joseph H. clerk with Hobbs, Gilmoie &■ Co. 

dwl 510 Sacramento 
Bogel Louis, groceries and liquors 220 Sutter 
Bogel Theodore (Baptist Lvfevre Sf Co. J dwl SE 

cor Washington and Dupont 
Boggs Alexander, book-keeper, dwl 319 Harrison 
Bogle C. H. groceries and liquors NW cor Powell 

and Eddy 
Bogner Charles, with I. B. Purdy 
Boh an Patrick, coachman 20 Rincon Place 
Bohen Benjamin F. policeman City Hal], dwl 411 

BOHEN GEORGE T. superintendent public streets 

and highways city and county San Fi-ancisco 

office City Hall, dwl 617 Pine 
Boheu James A. J. deputy sujierintendent streets 

city and county, dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohen Walter J. (Cram cV B.J dwl 411 Dupont 
Bohlens William, cigars, dwl 521 Kearny 
Bohni Henry J. job wagon, dwl 643 Jackson 
Bohni Simon H. merchant, dwl 608 Green 
Bohm Solomon H. merchant office 300 California, 

dwl 624 Green 
Bohm William, manufacturing jeweler rm 25, 614 

Bohme Louis, salesman 623 Clay, dwl 207 Dupont 
Bohmer Fritz, (Gerstuug c^- Co. J dwl 611 Union 
Bohn Adotfo, shoemaker, dwl 417 Green 
Bohn C. workman with John Bohn, dwl 1218 Du- 
Bohn John, stoves and tin ware 1218 Dupont, dwl 

418 Union 

A. ROMAIC" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 



IJohiicr fliiirles, l):ii-l>er 801 Dupont, dwl W s Ben-y 

bet and Suitor 
Hoio (ii'oru'e, picker Golden Gate Mills 
Boiler l';itriek, dwl S 8 Clementina bet Fifth and 

Hoilleiiu Ferdinand, stock and exchange broker NW 

cor Mont and Jackson, dwl S31 Sacramento 
Boirenn Clement, cashier with O. Cliauvin, dwl 

-' ClKitham Place 
Boiro Louis, salesman 618 Keaniy, dwl 316 Powell 
Boisse Eugene, hair dressing saloon 526 Connner- 

cial, dwl 62() Sacramento 
Boisse Gaston, boat builder with Martin Vice, dwl 

147 Sacramento 
Boisse Hermoine Madame, French dressmaker 627 

Boit mo Andrea, drayman Pacific bet Montgomery 

and Kearnv 
Bokee David McK. deputy tax collector city and 

county City Hall, dwl 733 Pine 
Bokee Wm. O. dwl 6 Montgomery 
Bolado Joaquin ( tiaujurjo, B. Sj- Pujol) resides 

Bolan A. L. baker, bds Original House 
Boland George S. paver, dwl 812 Sacramento 
Boland (John) & Gray (WiUlam) l)utchers 39 Me- 
tropolitan Market, dwl SE cor Taylor and 

Boland Martin, paver, dwl rear 310 Dupont 
Boland William H. book-keeper -with Brokaw & 

Metcalf, bds 54 First 
Bolander Anna M. Mi-s. stamping, marking, and 

hair worker 60 Second 
Bolander Henry N. Professor German Academic 

Seminary N s Post bet Dupont and Stockton, 

dwl 60 f:5econd 
Bolaur P. workman S. F. and Pacific Sugar Co. 
Boldar Sandy, laborer with John Hart 
Bdlduc Francois, lodgings 732 Pacific 
Boley James, W'ith B. F. Mauldiu, dwl 731 Clay 
Bolger John, plasterer, dwl 13 Kitch, rear 
P>olinas Line of Packets, Jackson Street Wharf 
Boling Thomas, mariner, dwl W s Mason bet Un- 
ion and Filbert 
Bolle Constant, laborer with Bonnet & Dubrand 
Boiling George K. salesman 424 Commercial, dwl 

1()21 Stockton 
Boiling Tlierese Mrs. variety store 1624 Stockton 
Bolo Joseph, carpenter, bds Baily House, Sansom 
Bolo Thomas, gi'oceries and liquors 1328 Stockton 
P)olster Annie, domestic 772 Folsom 
Bolster Thomas, special policeman, dwl N s Grove 

Hayes Park 
Boltce Albert, cook, dwl NE cor Bush and Stockton 
Hdite Henry, liquors and saloon 643 Jackson 
Hollon H. butcher, dwl 313 Pine 
BOLTOX JA^IKS \\. real estate office 618 Mer- 
chant, dwl >,' W cor Jones and Greenwich 
Bolton Jolui II. dwl E s Taylor bet Clay and Sac 
Holt/. Albert, waiter 611 Chiy 
lioU/. (ieorge, driver with Frederick Katz, dwl 551 

Bomeisler Herman, with J. I\Iarten6tein & Co. dwl 

cor Sutter and Kearny 
Bon Charles, asphaltuui, dwl 604 Dupont 
Bon Matilda (widow) dwl 017 Sacramento 
Bonaciua Angelo, carver, dwl 838 Market 
Bonacnia F. dwl Union Club Koonis 
Bonaparte Eugene N. lal)orer, dwl S s Presidio Road 

near Octavii 
BOND C1I.\I\LES R. secretary Fireman's Fund 

Insurance Co. office 2 Government House, dwl 

Pioneer Hall 
Bond Charles W. (Janson, B. £j- Co.) resides New 

Bond Richard, carpenter, dwl E 8 First bet Harri- 

sfm and Bryant 
Bond Thomas, caipenter, dwl E s First bet Harri- 
son and Bryant 

Bond William, laborer, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

1 )ii|iont 
Boiidil Pierre, hostler French Hospital 
Bouduel Charles, compositor Echo du Pacifique, dwl 

SE cor Tyson Place and Washington 
Bondy Adolph, secretary lleynemann & Co. dwl 

118 ProsiH'ct IMace 
Bone S. A. clerk Chicago Hotel 
Billies John W. contractor, dwl 40 Minna 
Bones Sainuei W. with W. D. Dver, dwl 40 Minna 
Boiu'stcll J. Trnnian, clerk with ll. B. Gray & Co. 

dwl 512 Stockton 
Bonestell Louis H. salesman ^yith Hodge & Wood, 

dwl 512 Stockton 
Bonis Pierre, veterinary surgeon 711 JIarket 
Bonita S. M. Co. office 436 J^ickson 
Bounard Francis A. compositor Morning Call 
Bonneau Thomas C. hair-dressing saloon Railroad 

House, dwl 785 Folsom 
Bonnell Allison C. book-lceeper and cashier Evening 

Bulletin office, dwl 711 IJush 
Bonnell Edwin, clerk Recorder's office, dwl N 8 

Sutter bet Leavenworth and Jones 
Bonnell Henry "W. clerk with W. II. J. Brooks, 

dwl 711 liush 
Bonnell .John, shoemaker with Benjamin Klein 817 

Bonnell Rufus, clerk \yith D. J. Oliver, dwl 711 

Bonner Anna, domestic Occidental Hotel 
Bonner Ellen, domestic 519 Folsom 
Bonner Stephen, draj'mau with Wm. T. Coleman & 

BONNET B. & CO. (John Leoticr) asphaltum 

workers SW cor Third and Stevenson, brick- 
yard and dwl W s Larkin bet Broadway iind 

Bonnet Sostbanne, actor, dwl 511 Union 
Bonnet Wolf, ilockmaker, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Powell anil Mason 
Bonnett f Augustus) & Duband (Joseph) asphaltum 

workers, office 24 Third 
Bonuewell Henry, boatmaker, dwl 1215 Dupont, 

Bonney Joel, poultry, dwl Potrero two miles SE 

Brannau Street Bridge 
Bonney Julius, dwl 109 Geary 
Bouquet J. Jules, dwl 1305 l)uj)ont 
Bonra Peter, carpenter, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Bonzi Antoine, bar keeper 515 Merchant 
Bonzi Peter &. Co. (Loiiix Gnviisniaao) Italian Res- 
taurant 515 and 517 Merchant 
Boobar Elijah C. (Gallou-uy cV B.) dwl 5.54 Folsom 
Boodar Thomas, washer San Francisco Laundry N 

s Folsom bet Seventh and Eighth 
Booken George, (John Bookcii iSc Bro.J dwl 813 

Booken .John &- Tirothev (Gaorffc Booken) gvocenee 

and liquors 813 Washington 
BOOKER W. LANE, 11. B. M.'s Consul office 428 

California, dwl Union Club Kooins 
Bookstavi-r Samuel, drover, dwl 81<) Howard 
Bool William, carpenter, dwl 327 Bryant 
Boone William, drayman, dwl 109 Pine 
Boone Rosaliii Mrs. dwl S s Bush bet Stockton and 

Powell, rear 
BOORAEM H. TOLER (Delany .5- B.) dwl 

Union Club Rooms 
Booreni T. teamster, dwl rope walk Potrero 
Boorham A. B. dwl 711 Pacilic 
Booth (A.) & Co. (Alex. Nicholson) produce com- 
mission 4 and 6 Merchant, dwl 1713 Jlason 
Booth B. E. book-keeper with Redington & Co. dwl 

114 GeaiT 
Booth Daniel" E. clerk with C. V. Gillespie, dwl 21 

Mead House 
Booth Henry J. (Donahue, B. Sp Co.) dwl Lick 


BUS"WELIi & CO., Manufacttirers of all kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Booth Jo.-C'pli, (William Booth S^ Co.) resides 

Newiivk, X. J 
Booth Jimiuhi B. actor, dwl W s Calhoun bet Green 

and I'nion 
BOOTH NEWTON (Booth Sf Co. Sacramento) 

oliice 3-Ji Front, bds Kuss House 
Booth Siumiet, Mission Woolen Mills, dwl W s 

Shotwell nr Sixteenth 
BOOTH WILLIAM &. CO. (Joseph Booth) im- 
porter anil nianufiicturer huts and caps 314 Sac- 

ramento, dwl 40 Tehama 
Bootliby Wilham L. teamster, dwl ^08 Folsom 
Boothnian .Junies, cooper with D. li. Provost & Co. 

dwl St. Lawrence House. 
Bootz Adam, proprietor Bootz's Hotel 435 Pine 
Boquillon Adrien (Elides cV Co.) dwl 53 Third 
Borbuck (Jnhn) &. Tarbett {Foster B.) commission 

mercliants NE cor Commercial and Drumm, 

dwl N\V cor Ritch and Clary 
Borchard Charles, confectioner 407 Third 
Borchurd Jolin, sawyer 304 Beale 
Borchard Louis, carrier Abend Post, dwl 68 Jessie 
Borchers Fabian (Gotze 4' B.) dwl NE cor Cali- 
fornia and Kearnv 
Borchers lUnirv (Prcrht Sr B.) dwl 419 Davis 
BORCMIKl.'S 1. C. pUy.sician 4 St. Marks Place 
Borda Martii), dwl 114 Post, roar 
Borde Frederick, laborer, dwl 1(U6 Powell 
Borde Johanna (widow) dwl U)18 Powell 


431 Battery 
Bordeaux Board of Underwriters, Henry Schroder 

&. Co. agents 811 Montgomery 
Bordeaux Felix, artist, dwl nr Point Lobos 
Borden M. boilermaker Vulcan Iron Works 
Bordwell Geoi'ge, architect 224 Montgomery, dwl 

W s Mary bet Minna and Natoma 
Bordwell H. W. millwright, dwl 783 Folsom 
BOREL ALFRED, banker NW cor Montgomery 

and Jackson, dwl 507 Dupont 
Borel Antoiue, clerk witli Alfred Borel, dwl 507 

Boregan Philip, waiter Occidental Hotel 
Boreks Ursula (widow) dwl E s Dolores bet Seven- 
teenth and Eighteenth 
Borfeld Frederick', billiard table maker, bds NW cor 

Jackson and Kearny 
Borger Frederica Miss, 'domestic 837 California 
Boring Sanuiel W. mining otKce 522 Montgomery, 

dwl 112 Geary 
Borkowsky Frederick, mariner, dwl E s Main bet 

Folsom and lIarri.-<on 
Borle Louis, cook, dwl 514 Green 
Bonn Gustave, peddler, dwl E s Vareune 
Born Chnles, barber 631 Kearny, dwl S s Post bet 

Powell and Mason 
Born Philip, dwl 19 Geary 
Bornemanu Ferdinand H. messenger U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl SW cor Thirteenth and Folsom 
Bornemanu Francis G. cashier U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

SW cor Thirteenth and Folsom 
Bomemami A^illiam G. mining stocks office room 3, 

420 Mont, dwl SIC cor Battery and Valleio 
Bomer Charles, piano manufacturer, dwl NW cor 

Kearny and Broadway 
Bornheimer Francis, tailor, dwl SE cor Page and 

Bornstein Julius, with E. Martin & Co. dwl 433 

Bomstine (Henry) &; Witkowski (Adolph) auction 

and coumiiseion 725 Montgomery 
Bonell Gustav, dk, dwl Potrero S Brannan Street 

Borren E. dwl 604 Dupont 
Bortfeld Ernst, cabinet maker 612 Battery, dwl cor 

Hinckley and Pinckney 
Borthwick Robert, porter Smith & Co. 414 Front, 

dwl 10 Jessie 

BORUCK MARCUS D. (Cha^^e S^- B.) office 430 

Mont, dwl S s Genry bet Jones and Leav 
Boschen (Fabian) & Boschen (Nicholas) groceries 

and li(|uors SE cor Fifth and Minna 
Boschen Nicholas (Boschen Sf B.) dwl SE cor Fifth 

and Minna 
Boschken Jacob (C. F. Glcin c?- Co.) dwl 317 

Boscowitz Leopold, book-keeper with William Lan- 

german, dwl 731 Washington 
Bosen Christien, with Martin Mangels SE cor Lom- 
bard and Taylor 
Bosley Douglass W. dwl 27 Second 
Bosquet Andrew, clerk with A. P. Hotaling & Co. 

dwl NE cor Jackson and Sansom 
BOSQUI EDWARD (Buswcll 4- Co.) dwl SW 

cor Union and Jones 
Bossuge John, coppersmith, dwl W s Pinckney PI 

nr Broadway 
Boston Board of Underwriters, J. S. Bacon agent, 

office SE cor Front iind Connnercial 
Boston Joseph (Kirby, Jones 4- Co.) resides Santa 

BOSTON LINE PACKETS, Glidden & Williams' 

Line, Meader, Lolor & Co. agents 405 Front 
Boston Mary (widow) dwl S s Stevenson bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Bostwiclv H. H. with Tay, Brooks & Backus, dwl 

Quincv nr Pine 
Bostvvick 6. butcher, dwl SW cor Wash and Taylor 
Boswell S. B. dairy com nicht NW cor Front and 

Com, dwl W s Jones bet Turk and Eddy 
Boswell Wm. salesman 25 Washington 
Bosworth Charles W. pork packer with McKenna 

& Co. <\\\\ 12 Everett 
Bosworth G. F. printer Alta California, bds Benton 

Bosworth S. N. dwl "What Cheer House 
Bosworth William, com mcht, dwl 14 Prospect PI 
Bothe Sophia Mrs. midwife NE cor Pine and Kearny 
Bothe Charles, dwl NE cor Pine and Koamy 
Bothmann Frederick, baker, dwl E s Stockton bet 

Union and Green 
Botsford Frank, dwl 411 Br^mnan 
Bottcher D. bar keeper with George Roeben, dwl 

NW cor Pacific and Dupont 
Bottes W. B. dwl What C!heer House 
Bottomley James, miner, dwl 121 Natoma 
BOUCHER EUGENE, merchant tailor 537 Sacra- 
mento, dwl NW cor Pine and Quincy 
Boucher James, laborer with F. A. Davis Potrero 
Boudan Alcide, washing and ironing W s Mason bet 

Chestnut and Lombard 
Boudin (Isadore) & Gleizes ( French 

Bakery 434 Green, rear 
Boudreaux Rev. F., S.J. profesfsor chemistry, etc. St. 

Ignatius College cor Market and Fifth 
Boue Henry, drayman with John B. Delabigne 
Boufet Ernest, waiter 647 Commercial, dwl Lorquin 

Building 626 Cal 
Bouffe R. waiter L'Esperance Restaurant, dwl 626 

Bougert John, drayman 639 Broadway 
Bougiri Hermann, manufacturer with Frederick A. 

Will, dwl 431 Pine 
Bouillon Louis, hair dresser with C. Hubert, dwl 

113 Post 
Boulin Bridget, domestic with T. N. Cazneau 
Boulin Pieire, carpenler, dwl 515 Green 
Boullet Joseph, Lyceum Club Rooms, dwl 916 

Boulon Etienne, syrup manufactory 613 Union 
Bourbin James, carpenter, dwl S' s Broadway bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Bourdet Pierre, butcher N s Miima bet Eighth and 

Bourdet Victor, salesman 415 Montgomery 
Bourdin J. restaurant 1222 Stockton 
Bourdin J. wagon maker, dwl 8 Polk Alley 

A. E.OMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ts National Almanac & Ann ual Record, 700 pp. 



Bourj,'ci>is fAh'xnuder) Si, Lnllciiient fC.) black- 

tiiiiitlis ;ni<l \vlR>t'hvri<,'lits i\'M) liroudway 
Bourfi-oiMi J()sei)li, carpenter, dwl S 8 liusli bet 

Buchanan and Webster C'lieri, wines and liquors 038 Pacific, dwl 

^•39 J'ine 
Bonrk Jobanua, domestic 716 IMifision 
Boiirkev Eniile, Itiborer, dwl S s Dupont Alley 
Bourn \Vni. B. sbippini; and forwarding merchant 

2'2"J S KMMiiicnto, dwl 537 Third 
Bourne EiJHlia AV. book-keeper with Macondray & 

Co. dwl 428 Bryant 
BOURNE GEORGE M. water cure physician 10 

Post, Mationic Temple 
Bom-ne John B. book-keeper with Castle Bros. 213 

Front, dwl W s Jones nr Filbert 
Bourne Russell, clerk, dwl SI21 Sacramento 
Boiu-nic Pierre, dwl cor Market and Turk 
Bourquin Charles, dentist, office and dwl 703 Pacific 
Boursier Edward, fisherman witli E. Cardinet, dwl 

N s Lmnljard bet Powell and Mason 
Bouscy Pc(er, dwl W 8 First Avenue ur Sparks 
Bimsi|iu-t lierang, baker, dwl 209 Stevenson 
Bousquet Lduis, baker, dwl 209 Stevenson 
Bousquet Madam, dressmaker, 1222 Stockton 
Bousquet Melenie (widow) dwl 209 Stevenson 
Boutard Charles, French laundry 178 Jessie 
Boutcan Charles, civil engineer, bds California Hotel 
Bouwman Bernard, shoemaker, dwl 17 Minna 
BOVEE JAMES S. liquor saloon E s Powell bet 

Francisco and Bay, dwl t)09 Union 
Bovee William, dwl 2"8 Battery 
Bovee fWm. H.J Hallett (Georse H.) Bartlett 
(Pliny) &, Dalton fP. E.J Contra Costa Laun- 
dry Co. office 13 Broadway, dwl Lick House 
Boville August, waiter 523 Merchant, dwl 661 Pac 
Bovver William L. carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 
Bow Edwin It. W. clerk with Holcombe Brothers, 

dwl Chicago Hotel 
Bow INIai'v Mrs. liquor and saloon 640 Pacific 
Bowdeu C\ S. book-keeper 213 Clay 
Bowden Jolin, express wagon NE cor Montgomery 

ami Sacramento 
Bowden William, house painter, dwl S s Filbert bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Bowden William, painter with Wilson &- Moulton 
Bowen Archibald, stevedore, dwl NE cor Mont- 
gomery and Alta 
Bowen fChar/es F.J & P^dmnnds (Henry H.J milk 

ranch N s Presidio Road nr Presidio House 
BOW EX {Charles R.J & 1?U( )'I'IIER ^ /V7/-,/^)« M. 
Botri'nJ wholeside and retail groceries SE cor 
Montgomery and California, dwl 211 Stevenson 
Bowen Deiuiis,liostler with N. Gray 641 Sacramento 
Bowen B^li/.abeth Miss, dwl 1017 Powell 
Bowen Ezekiel C. foreman coining department U. 

S. B. M. dwl cor Vallejo and Leavenworth 
Bowen Hannah iMiss, dwl 137 Jessie 
Bowen James, dwl 5.">2 Folsom 

Bowen James L. carpenter with Franklin D. Cottle 
212 Pine, dwl N s Wash bet Mason and Taylor 
Bowen Kate Miss, dwl 5 Minna 
Bowen JIary (widow) dwl 5 Minna 
Bowen Mary (widow) dwl S s Minna Place bet 

Bealc and Fremont 
Bowen l'ai-<lon M. (Bou-cii Sr Pro.) res Stockton 
Bowen Ri-uhijn W. booklander witli Bartling & 

Kimball, dwl E s Dujiont bet Sac and Cal 
Bower John, mining, bds Wisconsin Hotel 
Bowers C. II. groceries, dwl cor Mission and Beale 
Bowers C. comijositor Morning Call, dwl 1127 Clay 
Bowers Elisha P. clerk with B. P. Moore, dwl SE 

cor Sansom and Pine 
Bowers George, clerk Greene's Restaurant, dwl 404 

Bowers Herbert, hay, grain, wood and coal Steam- 
boat Point Wharf, dwl S s King bet Third and 

Bowers J. B. stock and exchange broker, dwl 732 

Bowel's J. C. mining, dwl Portsmouth House 
Bowers John, farmer Old Ocean House Road 6J 

miles from City Hall 
Bowers Jolin T. office with James R. Bolton 618 

Merchant, dwl 815 Howard 
Bowers Jourdin, porter with H. P. Wakelee, dwl 

SE cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Bowers IMargaret Mrs. dwl W s JMain bet Folsom 

and Harrison 

Bowhan John, carriage trimmer, dwl 334 Third, rear 

BOWIE AUGUSTUS J. Professor Theory and 

Practice IMedical Department University of the 

Pacific and pliysician office 622 Clay, dwl NW 

cor Sutter and Stockton 

Bowie Augustus J. jr. student with Dr. A. J. Bowie 

622 Clay 
Bowler Johannah Miss, dwl 37 Stevenson 
Bowler Mjiry Miss, dwl 37 Stevenson 
Bowler Mary (widow) dwl 37 Stevenson 
Bowles George R. cai'penter, dwl NE cor Francisco 

and Ponr 
Bowles J. merchant, dwl American Exchange Hotel 
Bowley H. L. salesman with Ackermau Bros, dwl 

Lick House 
Bowley Samuel C. (Pease, B. Sf Co. J dwl 423 

Bowman Arthur W. (Bi^clow S^ B.J dwl 26 Laurel 

Bowman C. C. secretary mining companies office 726 

Montgomery, dwl ^ Vassar Place 
Bowman E. B. Mrs. (colored) dwl 4 Dupont Alley 
Bowman E. P. stock and exchange broker 528 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 8 Yassar Place 
Bowman 6eorge, laborer, dwl with Wesley Diggins 
Bowman James, dwl S s Sac bet Powell and .Alason 
BOWMAN (JfimcuJ&L GREE^ (WilJuim .4.; pro- 
prietors Greenwich Dock Bonded Warehouse 
NW cor Bat and Greenwich, dwl •^26 Market 
Bowman James F. attorney at law NW cor Mont- 
gomery and ]\Ierchant 
Bowman Joel K. dwl 706 Folsom 
Bowman John, waterman, dwl S s Geary bet Leav- 
enworth and Jones 
Bowman Peter E. dwl NE cor Mont and Bdwy 
Bowman Sr.muel H. speculator, dwl West End Hotel 
Bowman William, street contractor, dwl E s Devisi- 

dero bet Sutter and Post 
Bowman William, teamster, dwl N s Pine bet Polk 

and Van Ness Avenue 
Bowman William J. door maker with Brokaw & 

Bowraaster Henry, carpenter, dwl 429 Sutter 
Bowne George lil. shipping and commission mer- 
chant 311 East, dwl 334 Fremont 
Bowne William F. shipping and commission mer- 
chant 311 East, dwl 334 Fremont 
Bownell JuUa, chamber-maitl Steckler's Exchange 
Box James, carpenter, dwl E s Hyde bet McAllister 

and Tyler 
Boy George, miller Golden Gate Mills, dwl with 

John Springmiller 
Boyce James core maker Pacific Iron Works 
Boyce James, nielter Union Foundry, bds 16 First 
Boyce John, meUer Pacific Foundry, dwl 524 Mis- 
Bovee J. R. physician, office and dwl 743 Wash 
BOYCE THOMAS, advertising and newspaper 
agency office 544 Wash cor Mont, dwl 526 Bry- 
Boyd Anna Miss, boarding 14 Swtter 
Boyd Catherine (widow) furnished rms 325 Dupont 
BoVd C'harles, printer, dwl 331 Fremont 
Boyd George, foreman with William M. White, dwl 

" SE cor Stockton and St. Marks 
Boyd (Tcorge \\ . captain ship Coquinibo, dwl 41 

Boyd James L. painter, dwl 325 Pine 

BUS'WEIjIj St, CO., 517 Clay St., Mining Companies' Books printed and bound at short notice. 



BOYD f James T.J & MORRISON (Robert F.) 

attorneys at law office 8 WeUs' Building cor 

jMontgomery and Clay 
Boyd John, drayman with Reid & Brooks, dwl SW 

cor William and Oearv 
Boyd John I). (MvAnJ'ifflS- B.) dwl 412 Pine 
Boyd Joseph, tinsmith 519 Davis, dwl 521 Davis 
Boyd Oliver D. with J. H. Segbers & Co. Tehama 

Restaurant Tehama House 
Boyd Oscar H. hatter with Mead & Van Tassel, 

dwl NE cor Bush and Leavenworth 
Boyd Theodore C. Ijooks and stationery 228 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 3()3 Jessie 
Boyd William, capt barkentine W. H. Gawley pier 

■ 1 Stewart 
Boyd William A. (R. S. Cutter .^ Co.J dwl NE 

cor Howard and Second 
Bovd W. M. coining department U. S. B. M. dwl 

' 102 Powell 
Boyden Mary A. domestic 628 Harrison 
Boye Otto, private boarding SW cor Powell and 

Boyer David, handeartman cor Merch and Drumm 
Boyes Charles, merchant tailor 42 Sutter 
Boyington Abbott B. with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 

dwl Union Hotel 
Boyington Barney, coachman, dwl 334 Beale 
Boyle — , physician, dwl 140 Sutter 
Boyle Agnes F. Mrs. dwl 505 Howard 
Boyle B. laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Boyle Edward, engineer, dwl 505 Howard 
Boyle Edward, porter, dwl 731 Tehama 
Boyle F. R. cigar maker 532 Broadway, rear, bds 

What Cheer House 
Boyle Hugh A. book-keeper with Agnew &- Def- 

febach, dwl 827 Washington 
Boyle James, hostler N. Beach &, Mission R. R. Co. 
Boyle James, dwl NW cor Eddy and Steiner 
Boyle John, clerk pier 22 Stewart, dwl with W. Y. 

Boyle John C. gasfitter with J. K. Prior, dwl 320 

Boyle Lawrence, with Brown & Swain 5 Kearny 
Boyle Niel, laborer, bds 903 Battery 
Boyle Robert, dwl 763 Mission 
Boyle Robert, fanner Green's Ranch N s Ocean 

House Road seven miles W Plaza 
Boyle Robert, laborer, dwl nr Ocean House 
Boyle Sarah, domestic with Jas. Stanton 
Boyle Terry, bar keeper Rail Road House 
Boyle Thomas, sliipjoiner, dwl 742 California 
Bo'vle William, clerk, dwl Niantie Hotel 
Bovle William, tailor, dwl 20 Hunt 
Boyle William A. dentist office 625 Clay 
Boylen Charles, fruits and confectionery 1436 Stock 
Boyliii, conductor S. Park & N. Beach R. R. dwl 

15 Geary 
Boylon Thomas, dwl 135 Jackson 
Boyiie George, ship carpenter, dwl 127 Pacific 
Boyne Joseph, laborer, dwl W s Codmau Place nr 

Boynton A. B. boxmaker with Hobbs, Gilmore &. 

Co. bds 16 First 
Boynton Charles E. carriage maker with Frederick 

Gebhardt, dwl S 8 Market bet First and Second 
Boynton Luther W. carpenter, dwl NE cor Green 

and Hyde 
Boynton O. P. special policeman, dwl 828 Vallejo 
Boyreau John J. C. cashier O. Chuuvin, dwl E s 

Chatham Place nr Bush 
Boysen Charles, hatter 316 Kearny 
Boysen Julius, hatter with J. Wores, dwl 1129 Clay 
Boyson Peter S. laborer with Morrell & Clay 
Bozzo Emanuelle (Jouillin Sf Co.) dwl 1420 "Powell 
Brach George A. bakery 1228 Stockton 
Brachvogel W. cigar maker, dwl NW cor Kearny 

and Pacific 
Brack Oswald, boot mkr NW cor Geary and Taylor 
Bracken Catherine, domestic with Samuel Cowles 

Brackett J. G. packer National Flour Mills, dwl N 

s O'Farrell bet Leavenworth and Jones 
Brackett J. N. Bruce, farmer, dwl 536 Howard 
Brackett Nathaniel, millwright, dwl ■'i36 Ploward 
attornevs at law office 18 and 19 Metropolitan 
Block, "dwl 429 Bryant 
Brackett (William L.J & Keyes ^Orsow i^.y pro- 
prietors Stewart Street Market 50 Stewart, dwl 
34 Tehama 
Brackin Mary, domestic 21 South Park 
Brackison J. L. carpenter, dwl 530 Bush 
Bradbury George H. first officer P. M. S. S. Consti- 
tution, dwl 4()() Bryant 
Bradbury Susan Mrs. ijoarding 36 Natoma 
Bradbury Thomas, machinist, dwl 36 Natoma 
Bradbury William B. contractor and builder 5J 
Third, dwl N s Bush bet Polk and Van Ness Av 
Bradd John, carpenter, dwl 405 Keaniy 
Braddock Anna (widow) dwl 47 Jackson 
Braden C. laborer 51.') Jhukc-t 
Bra den Catherine Miss, domestic 522 Dupont 
Braden Charles, cook Tehama Restaurant 317 San 
Braden Thomas, bar keeper Tehama Exchange Sa- 
Brader Christian, with Brader «fc Co. Excelsior 

Soda Factory, dwl 742 Broadway 
Brader (Henry) Si, Co. (William liartmannj Ex- 
celsior Soda Factory 734 Broadway 
Brader Peter, soda manufacturer, dwl 734 Bdwy 
Bradford Alden H. engineer, dwl S s Rincon Court 
BRADFORD CHARLES H. stock and exchange 

broker office 639 Clay, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Bi-adford G. B. bar keeper, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Bradford George B. lumber, dwl 65 Tehama 
Bradford John, bootmaker, bds 12 Sutter 
Bradfoid Tliomas B. Mrs. (widow) dwl 310 Folsom 
Bradford ^^■illiam, laborer, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Bradford Woodbuiy, compositor Morning Star, dwl 

N s Winter's Alley nr Mason 
Bradford W. R. bds Original House 
Bradley Ann Mrs. domestic 924 Jackson 
Bradley Ann, domestic 346 First 
Bradlev B. painter with Wilson & Moulton, dwl 47 

Bradley Catherine, domestic Winchester Hotel 
Bradley Charles L. clerk with Berry & Mott, dwl 

N s Union bet Dupont and Stockton 
Bradley E. (widow) dwl 1009 Stockton 
Bradley Eliza Mrs. dwl 848 ^^'a^^hington 
Bradley Ellen, domestic 333 Second 
Bradley Ezra S. piano tuner, dwl 770 Howard 
Bradley Frank, waiter Russ House 
Bradley Geo L. (Bradley Sf Chesley., Sacramento) 

offi'ce 404 Front, dwl 923 Bush 
Bradley G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Washington 
Bradley Henry, stair builder with B. H. Freeman 

& Co 

BRADLEY HENRY W. importer photographic 

and ambrotype materials 622 Clay, dwl 933 Sac 

Bradley (Henry W.J & Rulofson (William H.) 

proprietors Vance's Photographic Gallery 429 


Bradley Hugh, lather, dwl W s Larkin bet Green 

anil Union 
Bradley Hugh, plasterer, dwl W s Mason bet Pacific 

and Broadway 
Bradley John, waiter Russ House 
Bradley Kate, domestic 346 First 
Bradley Manus, driver with John Ag^new 26 Kearny 
Bradley Robert, lather, dwl W s Larkin bet Green 

and Union 
Bradley Sion (Little 4' B.) Gilbert's Melodeon cor 

Clay and Kearny 
Bradley Terence, laborer, dwl 229 Beale, rear 
Bradley Theodore, principal Bush Street School, 

dwl 11 O'Farrell 
Bradley T. W. (George W. Sawin Sf Co.) dwl 
641 Pacific 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograpli Albums and Portraits of JNTotable Persons. 



Br;ulsh;i\v George H. clerk with Nisbet & Gamiss, 

(Iwl 20 Post 
Brailslv.iw Margaret (widow) furnished rooms, 15 

BKADSHAAV SAMUEL C. agent Pacific Metal- 

hirgic d Works office TiOlt Sic, dwl "JO Post 
Bradshiiw Sunucl C. jr. secrctarv Pacific Metallur- 
gical Works office 509 Sac, dwl 20 Post 
BKADSHAW (Tnrell T.J & CO. (George F. 
Brnixs;) wholesale grocers NE cor California 
and Sansoni, dwl SW cor Pine and Central PI 
Bradr Gurden G. policeman City Hall, dwl Miles' 

Place nr Sacramento 
Bradv Ann E. Miss, domestic 210 Powell 
Brady Benj. mcht 120 California, dwl (i28 Vallejo 
Brady C'atlierine Miss, domestic 734 Vallejo 
Brady Catherine Miss, domestic 1605 Masim 
Brady Henry, clerk with Stow & Patterson, dwl 

(512 Pine 
Brad}' Henry, laborer, dwl 188 Jessie 
Brady James, helper Union Foundry, dAvl 54 Beale 
Brady Jiimes, meter man S. F. Gas Co 
Brady James G. printer, dwl 417 Filbert 
Brady Jennie Miss, assistant teacher Young Ladies' 

Seminary 1211 Powell 
Brady Johanna (widow) dwl 10 Brooks 
Brady John, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Brady Jolni, c irmau cor .Jessie and Annie 
Brady .lohn, painter with Wm. Worthington 
Brady Jolm, pressman with Blake & Moliitt 
Brady John, with Bell &. Lampman, dwl Prospect 

Place nr Sacramento 
Bradv John B. with J. W. Sullivan, dwl 511 Pine 
BRADY ,K)HN J. proprietor Franklin House SW 

cor Sansom and Broadway, dwl 620 Third 
Brady John li. laborer, dwl 160 Jessie 
Brady .John li. waiter with Stevens & Oliver 
Brady John T. clerk with Charles Langley 
Brady Joseph, laborer, dwl 64 Stevenson 
Brady Michael, dw4 64 Stevenson 
Brady Michael, bds with Jeremiah Harrington 
Brady Owen, coupe Plaza 
Brady P. waiter Original House 
Brady Patrick, upholsterer, dwl 625 Bush 
Brady Patrick, waiter St. Nicholas Hotel, dwl 188 

Brady P. F. upholsterer with J. Peii'ce, dwl SE cor 

.'Ransom and Pacific 
Brady I'iiilip, lilacksmith Union Foundry 
Bradv Philip, cartman cor Brannan and Gilbert 
Bradv Uoliert (O'Brien Sf B.J 641 Market, dwl 25 

.Jane cor Mission 
Brady Robert P. blower Pacific Glass Works Potrero 
Brady Rosa C. iMiss, operator with H. W. Wads- 
worth, dwl SE cor Sutter and Montgomery 
Brady Terence, gas fitter, bds .'')3;) Jlarkct 
Brady Thomas, nitelligence olfice OliH Kearny, dwl 

K 8 Janson bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Bradv Thoiiias, mason, dwl Volnnteer Engine House 
BRADY THOMAS A. editor and proprietor Mon- 
itor ollice 622 Clay, dwl 311 Stockton 
Brady William, dwl I'acilic Temperance House 
Brady AN'illiam, cabinet maker, dwl 325 Pine 
Bradv William J. boiler maker Union Foundi'y, dwl 

116 Beale 
Bragg Geo. F. & Co. commission merchants 111 

Cal (nml Biadshaw i^- Co. J dwl 822 Wash 
BRAGG H. W. & CO. (C. Watcrhouse and J. W. 
LextcrJ importers and dealers carriage and 
wagon materials 29 and 31 Bat, I'es Sacramento 
Bragtri Rinaldo, grocer NE cor Brannan and Sev- 
Brain Anna Jliss, dw4 54 First 
Brainard Henry C. dwl 204 Stockton 
Brainard Jvichard, clerk with Charles Langley, dwl 

139 Alinna 
Braley Thomas, bds Benton House 
Bralley Patrick, hair dresser, dwl 5 Rasette Place 
No. 1 in- Sutter 

Braly Marcus A. real estate office 405 Front room 6, 

dwl 360 .Jessie 
Bramson Henry A. machinist with Wm. Ware, dwl 

Philadelphia House Bush 
Bramstone Geo. laborer with Cutting & Co 
Bramwell Aaron, laborer, dwl E s Stevenson bet 

Union and Filbert 
Branch Hotel, 12 Sutter 
Branch fVVm.J & CoWer fWfr.ihing-it/n J restaurant 

919 Kearny, dwl §24 Filbert 
Brand Aristide (John Saulnier ^ Co. J dwl 818 

Brand Heiinan, manufacturer cigars 408 Clay, dwl 

Dresden House 
Brand Louis, shoemaker 21^ Geary 
Brandau Margaret (widow) dwl 339 Geary 
BRANDER JOHN S. groceries 775 Mission cor 

Brander Louis W. dwl S s Minna bet Fifth and Sixth 
Brander Alorris, clerk with J. S. Brander, dwl 103 

Fourth cor Mission 
Brander William, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Brandenstein Joseph (A. S. Roseitlxium iSf Co. J 

dwl S s Eddy bet Powell and Mason 
Brandenstein Meyer, butcher Potrero, dwl 665 

Br.nidhid Peter, laborer, dwl 325 Pine 
Hrandliofer Michael, merchant tailoi-, 628 Merchant 
Brandman John, carrier Morning Star 
Brandon AmeUa Miss, dwl -525 Broadway 
Brandon J. bar keeper, dwl 1226 Dupont 
Brandon John S. groceries Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
Brandon Joseph jr. clerk, dwl .525 Broadway 
BRANDON J. R. attorney at law office 60 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl 637 Folsom 
Brandon Susin Miss, dwl 525 Broadway 
Brands James., foreman molders' department Fulton 

Foundrv, dwl 811 Geary 
Brandt Adolph, clerk Christian von Glahn 126 Na- 

Brandt Alonzo, pick maker, dwl 543 Mission 
Brandt Alonzo B. pick maker 511 Market, dwl 543 

Brandt Bernard L. house and sign painter 322 Com, 

dwl N s O'Farrell bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Brandt George E. sailmaker, dwl 234 Commercial 
Brandt Jonas, jeweler with F. R. Reichel, bds Ger- 
man Hall 
Brandt Jjouis, agent, dwl 52 Second 
liranger John, dwl 1000 Powell 
Brangon Richard M. (Hnlcli Jj- B.J dwl 1006 Clay 
Brann Frederick W. oysterman 417 Front, dwl 1407 

Brann Robert C. sailmaker with Harding & Line- 
kin, dwl 32 tHary 
Brannan B. waiter American Exchange Hotel 
]5raniuin Bridgi-t, domestic International Hotel 
Brannan Ellen Mrs. domestic 425 Sutter 
Brannan Ellen (widow) dwl PJ s Montgomery bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Brannan H. clerk, dwl 3x!'5 Pine 
Brannan House, Mrs. Sarah Enscoe proprietor NE 

cor Bush and Sansom 
Brannan .James, with J. B. Scotchler & Co. dwl cor 

Broadway and Ohio 
Brannan James, with T. G. Sanford & Co. 223 Mont 
Brannan John, hiborer, dwl W s While nr Vallejo 
Brannan .John, laborer, dwl 29 Beale 
Brannan Julia Miss, dwl 849 Clay 
Brannan Mary A. Miss, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Brannan Mary F. (widow) dwl 690 Geary 
Urannin Michael, waiter West End Hotel 
Bramian M. J. wool puller, dwl Bramnsn bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Brannan (FatrickJ & Dunnigan (Patrick J horse- 
shoeing and farrier Spring nr California, dwl 

721 Tehama 
Brannan Patrick, salesman 609 Sac, dwl 805 Bush 

BUSWIEIjL & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Books. 



Braniian Patrick S. blower Pacific Glass Works Po- 

BliANNAN SAMUEL, real estate office 3d floor 
Masonic Hall Building 420 Montgomery 

Brannan Thomas, laborer, dwl 48 Jessie 

Branniug August, with Howes &, Ewell, dwl NW 
cor Harrison and Alain 

Branscheid AVilliam (G. Weber 4- Co.) dwl 820 

Branson Ware, sailmaker, dwl 32 Clary 

Brant August, steward 24 Sacramento 

Brant William P. policeman City Hall, dwi E s 
Jones bet Yalleio and Broadway 

Brasche Henry G. draughtsman, dwl 403 Third 

Braselin JIargaret Miss, domestic 809 Bush 

Brash John, compositor News Letter, dwl 713 Stock 

Braticevicli Louis, wines and liquors Jackson St. 

Brauer Aloys (Frederick Hess Sf Co.) dwl 1228 

Brauer (Charles) & Co. (Henry Schroder) gro- 
ceries and liquors NE cor Pacific and Sansom 

Braun F. W. ovsterman 318 Front, dwl 1407 Powell 

BRAVERMAN (Louis) & LEVY (John) import- 
ers and retail watches, diamonds, silverware, 
jewelry, etc. (i21 Washington, dwl 750 Folsom 

Brawlev John, waiter Niantic Hotel 

\mXY '(John G.) &L BROTHER (W. A. Bray) 
conmiission merchants agents Alviso and Gran- 
ite Flour Mills NE cor Clay and Front, res Santa 

Bray Charles, musician, dwl 911 Sacramento 

Bray Jean, laborer with Bonnet <fe Duband 

Bray John, book-keeper with Bray & Brother, dwl 
364 Minna 

Bray John A. (Wilkins Sj- B.) dwl NE cor Mai'ket 
and Keiuny 

Bray MargaretMiss, dwl N s Folsom bet Fifth and 

Bray Michael, shoemaker with M. Carroll 630 Mer- 
chant, dwl 14 Sansom 

Bray W. dwl What Cheer House 

Bray W. A. (Bray 4- Brother) res San Antonio 

Brayfogle ^^'illiam, carpenter, dwl 747 Market 

13rayman Richard, dwl Pacific Temperance House 

Brayton Albert P. jr. (Goddard ^ Co.) res Oak- 

Bray ton A. P. & Co. (Henry S. Nettleton) stoves 
and tinware 128 Sansom, res Oakland 

Brayton G. &. S. M. Co. office 413 Montgomeiy 

Brazer G. & S. M. Co. office 550 Clay 

Brazer John (Lnrrahee c^ B.) dwl 95 Mont Block 

Breant Leon, dwl 418 Dupont 

Brccht .-\ugust, wood and coal 128 and 130 Geary 

Brecht Frederick, with August Brecht 130 Geary 

Brechtel William F. house and sign painter NE cor 
Post and Cemetery Avenue 

Breck Charles E. clerk, dwl 575 Howard 

Breckbill Cyrus P. with William R. O'Reilly 3-36 

Brede John, clerk, dwl 423 Washington 

Brede C. Madam, liquore and billiard saloon 535 

Bredhotf Charles (Martens Sf B.) dwl 1623 Powell 

Bredhotf Henry, saloon 423 East 

Bredt Henrichj saloon 1424 Stockton 

Bree John, brass finisher with JMon-is Greenberg, 
dwl 47 Jane 

Breed Daniel C. (B. Sf Chase) dwl 1213 Powell 

BREED (Damel N. c\ Daniel C.) & CHASE 
(Andrew J.) groceries and provisions NE cor 
Clay and Battery, dwl 1213 Powell 

BREED EDWARD A. mining secretary office 804 
Montgomery room 11, dwl 1213 Powell 

Breed James F. surveyor with Turner &, Shortt, 
dwl E s Buena Vista nr Sacramento 

Breen Anna, donie-slic 835 Howard 

Breen Jenner. domestic 44 South Park 

Breen Michael, hostler, 423 Jackson 

Breen M. J. carrier Morning Call, dwl 26 Perry 
Breen Thomas, machinist and brass foundry 119 

Breeze Thomas, (Murphy, Grant ^- Co.) dwl 757 

Breid Francis, with Bradshaw & Co. dwl Bootz 

Breidensteiu L. manufacturer jewelry 650 and 652 

Wash, dwl 1209 Kearny bet Vallejo and Green 
Breidhawpt Felix, brewer Broadway Brewery, dwl 

037 Broadway 
Breig John, soda maker, Pacific Soda Works, dwl 

3:39 Kearay 
Breiling Francis, butcher with BreiUng Brothers, 

335 Bush 
BREILING BROTHERS (Jacob Sr John Breil- 
ing) Franklin Market 335 Bush 
Breiling John (BreiUng Bros.) dwl 335 Bush 
Breitling Philopoena (widow) dwl rear 135 Post 
Breitwieser Chas. W. steward 218 Clay 
Bremen Board Underwriters, C. F. Slebius agent 

office 402 Front 
Bremer Herman ( Schonfeld Sj- B.) dwl 402 Kearny 
Bremer William, drayman Empire Brewery, dwl 

158 Jessie 
Bremmer Carstien, carrier Evening Journal and 

Morning Call, dwl 816 Green 
Brenal F. Lafayette Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 
Breudel Christian, agent National Brewery, bds 

with John F. Gluck 
BRENHAM C. J. commissioner of deeds for all 

the States and Territories NW cor Front and 

Jackson, dwl S s Sixteenth bet Mission and 

Brenn W. S. liquors, dwl Mansion House 
Brennan Admond, porter with Wm. P. Taafl'e, dwl 5 

Brennan Augustus, seaman, dwl N s Harrison bet 

Main and Beale 
Brennan Edward, porter with Williimi P. Taatfe, 

dwl 5 Hunt 
Brennan (James) & Co. (John McHiigh) produce 

commission and agents Santa Cruz stmr Salinas 

204 and 206 Clay, res Watsonville 
Brennan James, witli Wright & Roden 109 Battery, 

dwl Seymour House 
Brennan James F. bar keeper Branch Pony Saloon 

18 Sutter 
Brennan John, dwl room 8, 129 Montgomery 
Brennan John, porter with Treadwell & Co. dwl 

524 Mission 
Brennan John A. porter with M. Heller & Bros. 

dwl 510 California 
Brennan Martin, porter with Steinhart Bros, dwl 

324 Vallejo 
Brennan Mary Mrs. dwl 219 Bush 
Brennan M. l". bricklayer, dwl 13 Ritch 
Brennan Patrick, porter with Kerby, Byrne &; Co. 

7 Montgomery 
Brennan Thomas," seaman, dwl 725 Battery 
Brennan Thomas, wagon maker 424 Pacific, dwl 

48 Jessie 
BRENNAN (Thomas W. ) Stc RYDER (George 

\V.) Old California Exchange Saloon NE cor 

Kearny and Clay, dwl 112 Natoma 
Brennan William, laborer, dwl 134 Stevenson, rear 
Brenner Anthony, tailor, 403 Bush 
Brenner George, tailor 403 Bush 
Brenner William, dwl E a Browns Alley nr Pine 
Brenner William clerk with Eunen Seigmundt, dwl 

844 Kearny 
Brenuus G. & "S. M. Co. office 6 Court Block 
Breon Paul, cook West End Hotel 
Brereton James, collector S. F. Gas Co. dwl 7 Na- 
Breslauer Baruch, cigars Tehama House 309 San- 
som, dwl 323 Jessie 
Breslauer Hermann, dry goods 310 California, dwl 
225 Jessie 

A. ROMAlsr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, New Books for sale as soon as published. 


Bresliu John, stone cutter, dwl Domett Alley nr 

Bresnelien Stephen, with Haste &, Kirk, dwl 331 

Bresse Ijouin, restaurant, dwl 20 Minna 
Brett Arthur, waiter 508 Washington 
Brett John K. fN. T.) dwl NW cor Taylor and 

Brew Nathaniel, ship carpenter, dwl 748 Han-ison 
Brewer F. A. clerk 40 Montgomery Block, dwl 919 

Brewer Frederick L. butcher Empire State Restau- 
rant, (Uvl E 8 Kearny bet Post and Sutter 
BREWER JOHN H. attorney at law office 40 

Montgomery Block, dwl 81 "Clementina 
Brewer W. 11. State Geological Survey 67 Mont- 
gomery Block, res Oakland 
Brewer ^Villiam, dwl 12 St. Charles 
Brewer William, stevedore, Howard Engine Co. 

No. 3 
Brewgon J. G. liquors and saloon 750 Clay, dwl 1217 

Brewster Benjamin (Jennings Sf B.J res New 

Brewster G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Washington 
Brewster Godlep, butcher with M. C. Lick Potrero 

ur Brannan Street Bridge 
Brewster Goetlep, bootmaker 14 Sacramento 
Brewster J. J. Tiger Engine Co. No. 14 
Brewster John, plumber and glazier and proprietor 

Summer Street House Summer nr Montgomery 
Brewster Lizzie Mrs. dressmaking 513 Pine 
Brewster Koljert E. office NW cor Clay and Front 
Brewtoii John C. barkeeper Portsmouth House, dwl 

1217 Mason 
Breyden J. dwl What Cheer House 
Breyfoijle ^^'illiam, carpenter, dwl 547 Mission 
Brian James, laborer, bds 721 Market 
Brian. See Bryan and O'Brien 
Briant Edward, railroad conductor, dwl with Henry 

(^. Adams 
Briant Jo.seph, ste-svard with Joseph Marshall, dwl 

cor Hinckley and Dupont 
Briar Edward (colored) restaurant 646 Pacific 
Brias P. 11. baker Columbia Bakery, dwl 1129 Du- 

Brice Alexander R. restaurant 815 Clay 
Brickwcilel Aaron D. groceries and liquors SW cor 

Fiibt and Market 
BRRKWEDEL CHARLES H. proptr Steamer 

Dining Saloon 253 and 2.55 Stewart cor Folsoin 
Brick wedel (Jacob) &. Co. groceries and liquors 

N I'] cm' Clay and Waverly Place 

l/urirj importers and wholesale liquors 208 and 

210 Fioiit, dwl 1104 Powell 
Brickweid Cliailes, handcartman cor Washington 

and Siiiisom 
Brickwelle Charles, dwl Shakspeare Hotel 219 Pac 
Bride Richard, dwl 331 Broadway 
Bride William, dwl S s Union Court nr Kearny 
Bridge Charles T. dwl 317 Pine 
Bridge S. J., U. S. Appraiser C. H. dwl Occidental 

BRIIXiE aVilliamE.) & LORING (SimconM.J 

Black Hawk Livery and Sale Stable 317 Pine, 

dwl42t) Kearny 
Bridgens Richard P. draughtsman 528 Clay room 14, 

dwl 443 Green 
Bridges J. R. dwl What Clieer House 
Bridges M. C. dwl NE cor Jackson and Kearny 
Brid^ewood Samuel, seaman, dwl S s Lombard bet 

Montgomery and Kearny 
Bridgman J. dwl What Cheer House 
Brieiia Andres, dwl 1334 Dupont 
Briedeiislein Leonard, jewcH-y box miinufacturer, 

(\\\\ 120'J Kearny 
Briel Henry, upholsterer with McElwee & Acker- 
man, dwl 518 Stockton 

Brier C. Professor Mathematics City College, dwl S 

s Tehama bet First and Second 
Brierly John, workman Sugar Refinery, dwl W s 

Rnss bet Folsom and Howard 
Brierslien Theresa, domestic SE cor Powell and 

Brigaerts Girard, clerk, dwl 53 Jessie 
Brigaerts Lewis, clerk, dwl 53 Jessie 
Briggs Alfred W. packer with Marden & Polger, 

dwl SW corner Union and Powell 
Briggs B. S. produce commission 220 Clay, dwl 312 

Briggs Catharine M. (widow) dwl 49 Everett 
Briggs Charles (Idc 4- B.J dwl 28 Sansom 
Briggs Edgar, salesman with Weil & Co. dwl N s 

Turk bet Taylor and Jones 
BriLTgs Edward, carver with Ackley & Davidson 

'838 Market 
Briggs George, porter steamer Cornelia 
Briggs J. M. waterman Market op Montgomery 
Briggs W. C. bds Benton House 
Briggs William, dwl 21 ElHs 
Brigham C. O. (Hall S^ B.J dwl 840 Mission 
BrighamS. O. «fc Co. sewnng machines, silver-platers, 

and branch Madame Demorest's, New York, 

111 Montgomery 
Brigham Willey, capiUdist, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 128 

Brigham William H. (Crane Sj- 5.;^4wl N s Mis- 
sion nr Fifth "\^^ 
Bright Hester E. laborer, dwl N s McAllister bet 

Jones and Leavenworth \ 

Bright Robert, fireman, dwl S s Pacific bet Stockton 

and Powell 
Brightmore M. dwl What Cheer House 
Brignardello Nicholas, clerk with Brignardello & 

Bro. dwl 623 Pacific 
Brignardello Santiago & Bro. (Stefano Brignardel- 
lo J importers hardware and crockery 623 Pacific, 

dwl 703 Stockton 
Brignardello (Stefano J., Macchiavello (Giovanni 

BattiataJ &'Co. (N. LarcoJ manufacturers 

macaroni and vermicelli 706 Sansom, res Italv 
Briley John, spinner S. F. P. Woolen Factory, dwl 

Black Point 
Brimblecom Samuel A. poultry, eggs, etc. dwl 111 

Brimley William, tailor, dwl 111 Sansom 
Brincken Adolph, barkeeper Geiinan llall 18 San 
Brindel Gustave, porter with Y. Marziou »fc Co. dwl 

314 Commercial 
Brindelson Ellen Mrs. milliner with Mrs. JIary 

Cohen, dwl 1125 Dupont 
Briody (JohnJ & Pardee (Samuel A.J groceries 

and liquors GO First 
Briordv J. apprentice printer, dwl 114 Prospect Place 
Briordy Jlargaret (widow) dwl N s St. Charies in- 

Briordy V&inck ( Burke Sf B.J dwl 114 Prospect PI 
Brisac"Felix, merchant, dwl 1007 Stockton 
BrLsacher A. liquors, dwl Globe Hotel 
Brisk .hilieus, clothing 23 Jackson 
Bristol Henry, cooper 216 Commercial, dwl 51 

Bristol Joseph D. attorney at law, dwl 1007 Jackson 
Bristol Smith (colored) with David W. Ruggles, dwl 

12 Auburn 
Britnel J. laborer, bds 116 Sansom 
l>iilt Anna Miss, dome.itic 1309 Mason 
Brill Arlhur. waiter Occide-iUal Holel 
Brilt .himes, hostler wiih L. Cobiirn, dwl 1016 Stock 
Brilt William, seaman, dwl 130 First, rear 
BRITTAN J. W. & CO. (K. C. Eldredge Sr A. 

D. McDonald J importers stoves and metals 118 

and 120 Front, res San Mateo 
Brittingham Edward L. copyist Dunbar Alley rear 

City Hall 
Britton "George W. book-keeper with Goodwin & 

Co. dwl 521 Folsom 

BUS'WEIjIj & CO., 517 Clay Street, Blank Books of all kinds made at the shortest notice. 



BRITTON (Joi^eph) & CO. (Henry Stcincgs^cr S^- 
X. Van dc CasteeleJ lithographers NE cor 
Slontyoinery and Commercial, dwi S s Union 
hfl Tayhir and Mason 
Britton Martha, domestic 864 Mission 
Broad Charles C. butcher, dwl 1-22-J Bush 
Broad James, laborer, dwl E s Taylor bet Chestnut 

and Lombard 
Broadhead Cr. & S. M. Co. office 617 Clay 
Broadway I)lock NW cor Kearny and Broadway 
Brocas (John IV. J & Perkins (Charlca C.y produce 

dealers 52 Clay, bds International Hotel 
Brocatelle Henry, cook with John Hart 
Brock C. C. boatman, dwl 2 Hartman Place 
Brockage John F. searcher records with Andrew 

E. Thayer, dwl 21 Stevenson 
BEOCKLEBANK (Manuel T.) &, CO. real estate 

agents office 402 Montgomery, dwl Russ House 
Brockman William, draymens' clerk, Empire Brew- 
ery, 159 Jessie 
Brockman Auguste, musician, dwl 621 California 
Brodek Rudolph, hairdresser, dwl 25 Dupont 
Brodek ( Stan iiclj & Blodes ( Theodore j hairdressers 

44 Sutter, dwl 25 Dupont 
Broder Patrick, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 
BrodericK' Alice Miss, domestic 321 Geary 
Brodeiick Catharine Miss, domestic 613 Stockton 
Broderiek David, shoemaker 212 Stewart 
Broderick Delia (widow) liquors 51 Stevenson 
Broderiek Edward, wood turner with L. Emanuel 

11 Beale, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Broderick John, workman S. F. &Pacilic Sugar Co 
Broderick Patrick, coachman International Hotel, 

dwl 235 Sutter 
Broderick R. (widow) dwl 312 Minna 
Broderick Robert, barber with John Greif, dwl 636 

Broderi'k Tl J. boots and shoes 220 Montgomery 
Broderick William, agent, dwl 217 Post 
Brodersoii B. broker, dwl 18 Sansom 
Brodie Samuel H. attorney at huv office room 24 

614 Merchant, dwl 325 Pine 
BRODIE WILLIAM & CO. (John McHaffie) 

proprietors California Foundi-y 16 Fremont, dwl 

82 Everett 
Brodigan Xicliolas, tanner with Henry Von Seggern 
Brodwolf George, tailor, dwl 14 Jane 
Brody Patrick, (Burke iy B.) dwl Prospect Place 

bet California and Sacramento 
Brogan John, laborer with John Henry 
Brogau jMichael, dwl SE cor Third anJl Hunt 
Brogan Ahchael jr. dwl SE cor Third and Hunt 
Brokaro 11. workman Central R. R. Co 
Brokate Henry, workman S. F. &. P. Sugar Co 
BROKAW ('James J & METCALF ( tiamnel A.J 

doors, sash, blinds, and shatter manufacturers 

SW cor Mission and Fremont, dwl 6 Belden Blk 
Brokomp Benjamin, upholsterer with J. F. & H. H. 

Schafer, dwl 506 Sansom 
Bromer Chius (Bromer J|' Bro.J dwl 366 Third cor 

Bromer (Dietrich) &, Brother (Claus Bromer J gw- 

ceries and liquors 366 Third 
Bromley William B. pilot stmr Yosemite, dwl N s 

Riley bet Taylor and Jones 
Bromley W. L. clerk 630 Montgomery, dwl N s 

Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
Bromnier ( Deulrich) «fe Co. (John Brommer) gi-o- 

ceries and liquors NW cor First and Tehama, 

d\vl cor Third and Harrison 
Brommer John (Brommer Sf Co.) dwl NW cor 

First and Tehama 
Bromsen John, machinist, dwl Philadelphia House 
Bronson Crevola M. compositor Daily Republic, dwl 

8.28 Market 
Bronson Harriet Mrs. (Whitman lS- Co.) dwl 828 

Bronson Martin, waiter stmr Yosemite 
Bronson Sarah Mrs. dwl 849 Clay 

Bronstrup William, grocer SW cor Dora and Folsom 

Brook Aaron, dwl 325 Jessie 

Brook E. C. dwl 232 Stevenson 

Brookes Sanuiel M. portrait and landscape painter 

studio 611 Clay, dwl Old San Jose Road 
Brooklyn Exchange 215 and 217 Broadway 
BROOKLYN HOTEL, John Kelly jr. proprietor 
122 to 1-JS Sansom 

Brooklyn House, SE cor Sansom and Pacific 

Brooks' Benjamin H. student with Sidney V. Smith, 
dwl NE cor Washington and Dupont 

BROOKS BENJAMIN S. attorney at law office 
11 and 12 Metropolitan Block, dwl 631 Harrison 

Brooks Charles C. dwl 215 Sansom 

BROOKS CHARLES W. & CO. ^H' Fra?ik Ladd 
and Edward F. Hall jr.) shipping and com- 
mission merchants office 511 Sansom 

BROOKS (David C) & CARLE (Andrew J.) 
merchandise auctioneers 722 Montgomery, dwl 
NE cor Washington and Dupont 

Brooks David, painter and paper hanger, dwl 50 

Brooks Ednmnd (Reid ^ B.) dwl S s Filbert bet 
Mason and Taylor 

Brooks E. L. carpenter, dwl N s Ridley bet Mission 
and Market 

BROOKS E. L. B. attorney at law office Govern- 
ment House, dwl 417 Lnion 

Brooks Eliphalet C. carriage maker with Pollai'd & 
Carvill, dwl 610 California, rear 

Brooks Frank, dwl 1109 Stockton 

Brooks Frank W. (George J. Brooks c^- Co.) dwl 
336 Second 

Brooks Franklin, porter 223 California, dwl 313 
Geary, rear 

Brooivs George, house builder, dwl E s Keamy bet 
Lombard and Chestnut 

Brooks George (col'd) dwl 833 Vallejo, rear 

BROOKS GEORGE J. & CO. (Frank W. Brooks 
and Norman F. Cabot) importers printing, 
writing, and wrapping paper SW cor Sansom 
and Mercliant, dwl Occidental Hotel 

Brooks Henry B. (Tay, B. Sf Backus) dwl 661 

BROOKS HENRY S. editor Pacific office 30 Gov- 
ernment House, dwl NW cor Mont and Union 

Brooks Hezekiah, dwl with Stephen S. Brooks 

Brooks House, boarding and lodging JMrs. Ellen 
Lynch proprietress 20 Sansom 

Brooks Hugo, furniture 31 Second 

BROOKS (James) & LAWRENCE (Joseph E.) 
editors and proprietors Golden Era office 543 
Clay, dwl N s Howard bet Fourth and Fifth 

Brooks James M. dwl NE cor Jackson and Kearny 

BROOKS JOHN L. merchant tailor 710 Mont 

Brooks Joseph, driver for Cutting & Co. dwi NW 
cor Brannan and Fourth 

BROOKS (Lorenzo H.) & SCHRODER (Ferdi- 
nand A.) Senator Liquor Saloon NE cor Pow- 
ell and Francisco 

Brooks M. with John C. Bell, bds Benton House 

Brooks M. (widow) dwl Shiel's Block 

Brooks jMargaret (colored, widow) dwl W s Stone 
nr Washington 

Bi'ooks Mary Miss, domestic 723 Yallejo 

Brooks Robert C. ship carpenter, dwl ill Stevenson 

Brooks Sanuiel JI. portrait painter 611 Clay, dwl 
Old San Jose Road 3 miles from City Hall 

Brooks S. S. street contractor, dwl N s Sutter nr 

Brooks Shadrack, cutter with J. L. Brooks 710 Mont 

Brooks Thaddeus R. member and secretary Board 
City Engineers office 623 Mont, dwl Lick House 

Brooks Thomas H. salesman 722 Montgomery, dwl 
NE cor Washington and Dupont 

Brooks William, bootmaker 416 Third 

Brooks William, carpenter, dwl 1524 Dupont 

Brooks William, hostler with George N. Ferguson 
& Co 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Theological and Scientific Books, 



Brooks William, laboror, chvl N s Turk bet Polk and 

Van Ness Avi'iiue 
BR00K8 ( W. 11. .1.) ROULEAU (Francis A.) 

&. Co. (C. II. Parker) searcbers of recorils SW 

cor Monti^oniery and Merchant, dwl 1008 CHay 
Brooks W. 11. clerk' with F. G. Edwards 
Brooks Wui. S. seaman, dwl rear 206 Third 
Brooks — , dwl -yl Second 

Brooks — , dwl NW cor Howard and Howard Conrt 
Broome John V. contractor, dwl 184 (old No.) Cal 
Brophey James, Mission Woolen Mills, dwl E s 

Howard bet Fourteenth and Fifteenth 
Bropby John E., Express Saloon, dwl 83 Clementina 
Brophej' Michael, hostler 8'26 Kearny 
Bros George, hair dresser with Henderson & Brown 

215 Sansom, dwl NE cor Mission and Jane 
Brose F. hds Oi'iginul House 
Brosnan Charles V. attorney at law, dwl 703 Pac 
Brosner John, Wiuter Lick House 
Bross Jacob, hair dresser with Anthes & Diehl, dwl 

315 Dunont 
Brotherton Thos. W. Rev. rector St. John's Church 

Mission Dolores, dwl Ashland Place N s Mis- 
sion nr Eleventh 
Brott Gienouilleautt, French Bakery W s Pinckney 

Place nr Broadway 
Brougham John, barljer 918 Dupont, dwl E s Mason 

bet Union and Filbert 
Brougliton Nap. L. mining stocks, dwl 537 Howard 
Brouse Charles, laborer," dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Broust A. carpenter Lafayette H. & L. Co. No. 2 
Browell Jeremiah, contractor, dwl N b Lombard bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Brower A. J. wines and liquors NE cor Drumm and 

Brower Andy, bar keeper, dwl .505 Green 
Brower Darnel li. Brower's Bakery NE cor Stock- 
ton and Vallejo 
Browley William P. pilot stmr Yoseniite 
Brown A. B. foreman Flint's warehouse Battery, 

dwl W e Battery bet Greenwich & Filbert 
Brown Alexander, engineer, dwl 11 Ritch, rear 
Brown Alfred, cook, dwl 917 Sacramento 
Brown Alonzo F. merchant, dwl 761 Howard 
Brown Andrew, cartman, dwl Tehama bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Brown Andrew, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Brown Andrew B. dwl 1214 Kearny 
Brown Andrew D. policeman City Hall, dwl E s 

Mission bet Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown (Archibald ) &, Freeman (Jacob) stoves and 

tinware 214 T'hird 
Brown Benj. folder, Chelsea Laundry 
Brown Benj. B. drayman, dwl 320 itearny 
Brown B. T. nuning, dwl 327 Minna 
Brown Charles, carpenter, dwl 134 Minna, rear 
Brown Charles, clerk 107 First 
BROWN CHARLES, proprietor Pioneer Saloon 

NE cor Sixtccntli and Dolores, dwl W sDolores 

bet Fiflcenth and SixleeiUh 
Brown Charles, stoves and tinware, 34 Keaniy, dwl 

342 ]\linna 
Brown Charles, (colored) waiter stmr Chi-ysopolis 
Brown Charles E. clerk Daily Republic office, dwl 

Bee Hive Building 
Brown Charlis H. dwl 739 Green 
Brown Charles M. boik-riiiakcr with Coffey &. Ris- 

don, dwl l?iish Street Hoiise 
Brown Cliarles P. wines and liquors 517 East 
BROWN (Clwatcr) & WELLS (Ai^a R.j stair 

builders 53.i Market, dwl 131 Stevenson 
Brown Daniel T. Protective Union Bakery 1223 

Brown Daniel T. jr. baker Protective Union Bakery 

1223 Stockton 
Brown Davi<l (Benjamin Sj- B.) dwl 305 Kearny 
Brown David B. policeman City Hidl, dwl 913 

Brown D. D. surveyor, dwl 742 Harrison 

Brown Delia Miss, milliner with Jlrs. H. Altshuler, 

dwl 1420 Powell 
Brown 1). W. cai-penter R. R. Iron Works 28 Fre- 
Brown Edmund B. (colored) hairdresser, dwl NE 

cor Broadway and Mason 
Brown Edward, carriage trimmer, dwl cor Mason 

and Broadway 
Brown Edward L. broommaker with Arnies & Dal- 
lam, dwl junction Market and Geary 
BROWN EDWARD O. real estate agent office 19 

Naglee's Building cor Montgomery and Mer- 
chant, dwl 741 Market 
Brown Eliza (widow) dwl 8 Ellis 
Brown Emanuel, packer National Mills, dwl 629 

Brown Emma J. (widow) 124 Fourth 
Brown F. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
Brown Franklin, seaman, dwl E s Duncan Court 
Brown Frederick, musician, dwl W s Brown's Alley, 

nr Bush 
Brown G. & S. M. Co. office second floor, Annory 

Brown George, dwl 317 Fremont 
Brown George, speculator, dwl 251 Third 
Brown George S. carpenter, dwl 80(5 Stockton 
Brown Gideon H. dentist NE cor Pac and Powell 
Brown Grafton T. draughtsman with C. C. Kuchel 

622 Clay 
Brown Gustavus, tobacco agency NE cor Front and 

Brown "H. A. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
BROWN HAR^'EY S. attorney at law office 19 

Naglee's Building cor Montgomery and Mer- 
chant and real estate 605 Montgomery, dwl 

1309 Powell 
Brown Henry, dwl Sacramento Hotel 
Brown Henry, ciini]i(isit(ir Daily Morning Star, dwl 

S s Market bet Second and" Third 
Browni Henry H. calker, dwl W s Main bet Folson 

and Harrison 
Brown Henry J. collector with Barron & Co. dwl 

NW cor Merchant and jMontgonier}'- 
Brown Henry J. helper 37 Webb, dwl Branch Hotel 
Brown Henry S. shipmaster, dwl E s Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Brown Henry T. dwl Chicago Hotel 
Bi-own (IresonJ &, Wheeler (R. H.) carpenters N 

s Summer nr Mont, dwl 174 Jessie 
Brown (Ii^aac W. W.) & Co. (John B. Br men) 

Market 406 Folsom, dwl 318 Beale nr Folsom 
Brown J. A. head cook Brooklyn Hotel 128 Sansom 
Brown James, carpenter, dwl 8 Hardio Place 
Brown James, cartman cor Battery and Union 
Brown James, engineer, dwl 114 Geary 
Brown James, express wagon, dwl Hotel d'Europe 
Brown James, laborer, dwl S s Union nr Battery 
Bruwn James, laborer, dwl .305 Union 
Brown James, laborer, bds 721 Market 
Brown James, workman, S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 
Brov^'n James, (colored) Custom House Stables 606 

Sansom, dwl Scotland nr Greenwich 
Brown James, (colored) livery stable 902 Sansom, 

dwl E 8 Scotland nr Greenwich 
Brown James A. drayman with J. H. Coghill tfc Co. 

dwl 9 Riley 
Brown James E. clerk 610 Sansom, dwl Scotland 

nr Filbert 
Brown .Tames F. sash and blind maker with S. S. 

Culverwell 29 Fremont 
Brown James W. lirst mate S. S. Panama, dwl 54 

Brown .Jeremiah (colored) W s Billing's Place, nr 

Brown Jesse, night work 221 Keaniv 
Brown John (Warwick Sf B.) dwl'207 Third 
Brown .John, bar keeper with John N. Harris, dwl 

5 Milton Place 

BTJSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Rulers. 



Brown John, bootmaker, dwl S s Sutter bet Leaven- 
worth and Hyde 
Brown John, carpenter, dwl with George W. Hop- 
kins 3 Auburn 
I?rown John, calker, bds 138 Stewart 
Brown John, clerk with G. A Meigs pier 1 Stewart 
Brown John, fisherman, dwl 37 Sacramento 
Brown John, laborer, dwl W s Sausom bet Vallejo 

and Gi-een 
Brown John, laborer, dwl 13 Baldwin Court 
Brown John, milk ranch Potrero Sj miles SE Bran- 
nan Street Bridge 
Brown John, restaurant 638 Pacific 
Brown John, ship carpenter, dwl 5t)8 Howard 
Brown John, teamster, dwl 628 Mission 
Brown John, teamster, dwl cor Leavenworth and 

Brown John (colored) whitewashing and jobbing 
539 Clay, dwl N s Bdwy bet Stock and Powell 
Brown John A. teamster, dwl S s Pacific bet 

Franklin and Gough 
Bi'own John B. (Brown Sf Co.) dwl Fremont bet 

Polsom and Howard 
Brown John C. cook with M. Kropfee, dwl 819 

Brown John D. liquor saloon 112 First 
Brown John D. (colored) steward with James Bovee 

foot Powell 
Brown John F. compositor Commercial Printing 

Brown John F. saloon 1628 Stockton, dwl SE cor 

Filliert and Stockton 
Brown Jdseph, harness maker, dwl 200 Stockton 
Brown Jofit-ph M. carpenter with John Wigmore, 

dwl W s Third bet Harrison and Folsom 
Brown Joseph P. waiter liuss House 
Brown Joseph T. harness maker with J. C. Johnson 

& Co. dwl NW cor Geary and Stockton 
Brown J. P. engmeer Pacific Ii'on Works 
Brown L. A. stock and exchange broker NE cor 

Jlontgomery and Merchant, dwl 759 Market 
Brown Lotta Miss, dwl 30 Laurel Place 
Brown Louis, butcher with Berghofer &- Dodge 201 

Brown Louis, liquor saloon 146 Stewart 
Brown Margaret Miss, dwl 141 F'ourth 
Brown jMaruaret (widow) dwl E s Mission bet 

Twelfth and Thirteenth 
Brown .Maria L. (widow) private boarding McFad- 

dins Block'G39 and 641 Market 
Brown ^lartha J. (widow) millinery 12 Kearny 
Brown ]\Iartin, pickler 207 Davis, dwl 213 Dupont 
Brown Mary Miss, domestic 808 Taylor 
Brown JMai-y Mrs. boarding SW cor Tenth and 

Brown" :\lichael, with I. M. Singer & Co. 139 Mont- 
gomery, dwl S s Louisa nr Fourth 
Brown Michael, teamster, dwl 1.38 Silver 
Brown Morris, dwl 323 Jessie 
Brown N. laborer with George D. Nagle 
Brown N. teamster with George D. Nagle. 
Brown Nathaniel R. machinist Miners' Foundry 
Brown Newman A. dwl 11 Bay State Row 
Brown Nicholas, laborer, dwl S s Lick Alley bet 

First and Ecker 
Brown Nicholas, stucco worker W s Stockton nr 

Market, dwl 816 Greenwich 
Brown Patrick, laborer, dwl 227 Sutter 
Brown Peter, dwl W s Jansen bet Lombard and 

Brown Peter, dwl N s Sixteenth bet Guerrero and 

Brown Peter N. clerk 1223 Stockton 
Brown Philip, hair di-esser witli Ciprico & EAvald 
Brown Polly Miss, dwl 648 Pacific 
Brown Richard (Henderson S,- B.j dwl 520 Howard 
Brown Richard, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 
Brown Robert, laborer with David B. Hewes 
Brown Robert F. carrier Ii-ish Nationalist 

Brown Robert T. paper carrier, dwl Volunter En- 
gine House 

BROWN ROLAND G. agent Grover & Baker 
Sewing Jlacliine Co. 329 Montgomery, dwl 705 

Brown Rosa Miss, dwl 648 Pacific 

Brown Rose Miss, domestic 21 Ellis 

Brown R. S. dwl 46 Sutter 

Brown S. dwl What Cheer House 

Brown Sanniel, cook International Hotel 

Brown Selina L. Miss, teacher, dwl with Captain 
George W. Boyd 

Brown Seth, carpenter, dwl N s Turk bet Polk and 
Van Ness Avenue 

Brown Svlvester B. drayman with J. H. Coghill & 
Co. dwl 9 Riley 

Brown Theodore, proprietor Dresdener House 337 

Brown Thomas, clerk with J. Feehan NW cor First 
and Natoma 

Brown Thomas, cook 323 Washington 

Brown Thomas, driver 433 Jackson 

Brown Tliomas, salesman with Treadwell & Co. 
dwl 126 Bush 

Brown Thomas, seaman, bds 138 Stewart 

Brown Thomas (colored) garden S s Lombard nr 

Brown Thomas J. watchman Tehama House, dwl 
18 Anthony 

Brown W. A. laborer with Brokaw & Metcalf 

Brown William, dwl United States Hotel 706 Bat 

Brown William, with Edward Roach 421 Califor- 
nia, dwl 320 Post 

Brown \A'illiam, with Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl 500 

Brown William, boarding 126 Pacific 

Brown William, crockery 508 Market 

Brown William, gas fitter, dwl 17 Stevenson 

Brown William, harness maker, dwl 7 Natoma 

Brown William, 'longshoreman, dwl 20 Commercial 

Brown William, marmer, dwl W s Main bet Folsom 
and Harrison 

Brown William, mariner, dwl 808 Greenwich 

Browu William, saddler 216 Battery 

Brown William, waiter, dwl 325 Pine 

Brown William (colored) whitewashing SE cor 
Pacific and Kearny 

Brown ( William H.) & Averj- fD. R.J vetretables 
41 and 42 Washington Market, dwl 810 Clay 

BROWN WILLIAM H. contractor night work, 
E s Rasette Place No. 3 nr Sutter 

Brown William H. jeweler with Barrett &. Sher- 
wood 517 Montgomery 

Brown William H. salesman with Treadwell & Co. 
dwl 212 Green 

Brown William H. f Swaw Sf B.) dwl 5 Kearny 

Brown William H. (colored) laborer, dwl S s Green 
bet Kearny and Dupont 

Brown William R. carriage maker with John H. 
Lawton, dwl N s Mission bet Tenth and Elev- 

Brown W. P. policeman City Hall, dwl 1420 Powell 

Browu W. S. engineer, dwl ^^'in(•llester Hotel 

Brown W. T. dwl 129 Monti'omery room 18 

Brown W. Y. dw-1 2 Hardie'Place 

BROWNEJOHN THOMAS, secretary mining com- 
panies oflice 621 Clay, dwl 622 Sacramento 

Browuell Henry, laborer, dwl 182 Stevenson 

Brownell Hiram, stovesmith 120 Front, dwl SE cor 
Third and Market 

Brownell William, with Honi <fc Co. dwl St. Francis 

Browning (A.) & Finck (Joseph) groceries and 
liquors 1100 Dupont 

Browning (Augustus) & Finck (Julius) locksmiths 
and bell hangers 834 Kearny, dwl NE cor Pa- 
cific and Dupont 

Browning Jacob, drayman with Conroy & O'Con- 
nor, dwl NW cor Geary and Powell 

A. BOMATSr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 




Hitnviiing Jcreuiiali, waterniiin, Ixls 314 Geary 

IJrowniuir John (Eirs'rrs \ B.J (hvl 620 Eroadway 

Browning John, coal j'ard, bds N^\' cor Keaniy and 

Browninsr John, drayman with Conroy & O'Connor, 
dwl XW cor Geary and Powell 

Brownintr William, dwl 518 Third 

lii-owniuji /l\'t/liam J tfc Kolihiioos (John) bntter, 
cheese, etc. 505 Washington, dwl 771 Folsom 

Brownlee Jolin W. chief baker Tehama Restaurant, 
317 Sanson! 

Brownlee Robert W. baker Tehama Restaurant, 
317 Sanson! 

Brows Geoi'ge, barber, dwl 14 Jane 

Brozzo Hen-azo, lishermai!, dwl Es Powell bet Post 
and Sutter 

Bruce Alexander, tinsmith with Johnston & Reay, 
dwl 25 Second 

Bruce James, maiiner, dwl 27 Perry 

Bruce John, calker, dwl 54 First 

Bruce Richard H. painter with A. & T. Toming, 
730 Montgomery 

Bruce Robert, furniture 25 Second 

Bruce Robeit, hair dresser with Jos. Lipman What 
Cheer House 

Bruce Robei-t C. clerk with Dupuy, Foulkes & Co. 
dwl 914 Jackson 

Bruce S. C. stock aud exchange broker, Russ House 

Bruce William, wood, dwl NW cor Page and Oc- 

Bruder William, cigar manufacturer 717 Sansom 

Bruere T. tailor, dwl NW cor Kearny imd Bdwy 

Bruggeinan Heiuy , tailor, rms 546 Green 

Bruliiis William, San Francisco Dairy 1215 Dupont 

BruU l.-<aac, clerk, bds Oricdnal House 

Bruniagim Jacob H. (Mark Bruviagim 4* Co.) re- 
sider> iN^ew York 

BRl'JIAGIM JOHN W. public administrator of- 
fice 35 and 36 Montgomery Block (and Camp- 
bell (.V B. and Mark Brumagim 4' Co. J dwl 
1315 ilasoi! 

BRUMAGIM MARK & CO. (Jacob H. Bruma- 
gim 4" John W. Brvmngim) bankers 404 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1315 3Iason 

Brummer C A. carrier Jl<;)ruiug Call, dwl 820 Green 

Brunckus John H. dwl 529 Sacramento 

Bruud Lenhart, with Perry & Leichter 

Biame (Jacob) & Valkma!! (Morris) fruits and veg- 
etal)les 27 New Clay Street Market 507 Merch, 
dwl E 8 Stockton bet Union and Filbert 

Bninel William, workmai! San Francisco and Pacific 
Sugiu Co. 

I5runel Mrs. nurse, dwl 217 Third 

Bmner John, cook Brooklyn Exchange 

Bniiier Louis, bds 337 Busli 

Bruner Olof, book-keeper with John C. BeU, dwl 
Broadway nr Powell 

Bruner W. H. physician office and dwl NE cor Mont- 
gomerv and Miuket 

Brunges Jacob ^AV/z/c/^s c^- Co.) dwl SE cor Val- 
Icjo and Battery 

Bruning.i (Hermann) & Co. (Clans Mangels) gro- 
ceries SW cor Third and Mission 

Brunings Mai-tiu, clerk with Bruuings & Co. dwl 
NAN' cor Third aud Mission 

Brunius John, clerk, dwl 345 Jessie 

Brunjes Diedricli, groceries and liquors 425 Bush 

Brunjes Frederick, poiici- with Tillniann &. Co. dwl 
NE cor O'Farrell and Leavenworth 

Brunjes George, groceries and liquors 788 Harrisoi! 

Brunlv llezekiah, carpenter with Louis H. Nolte 734 
Broadway, dwl 814 Greei! 

Brunn D. (wi'dow) dwl 3 Hardie Place 

lininnor J. A. dwl 227 F(jurth 

Brunncr Louis, with J. Stock 510 Washington, dwl 
SW cor PaciKc aud .Sansom 

Brunnet Adolph, musician, dwl rear 429 Filbert 

BRUNOYILLE, San Bruno Road 4 miles tiom City 

Bruns Christian, physician office and dwl 7.55 Clay 
Bruns Frederick (licanlin Jj- B.) dwl 114 Steven- 
Bi'uns Frederick & Bro. (John F. Brmis) groceries 

and liquors SW cor Folsom and Sjiear 
Bruns Heiny^Pf7« t^- B.^ dwl cor Presidio Road 

and Yan Ness Avenue 
BiTjus Hei!iy, dwl 224 Ritch 
Bruns Henry, wines ai!d liquors 525 East 
Bruns (Hermann) &. Wilson (Geo. H.) grocers 

SW cor Davis and Commercial 
Bruns John, dwl 271 Tehama 
Bruus John D. cabinet maker 316 Jackson, dwl 14 

Bruns John F. (F. Bruns Sj- Bro.) dwl SW cor 

Folsom aud Spear 
Bruns Nicholas, groceries and liquors 61 7 Davis 
Bruus Otto G. T. book-keeper with TOlmaun &, Co. 

dwl Globe Hotel 
Brunsou John O. sm-geon U. S. volunteers, dwl 

Brunswick House, W. Lyon proprietor 761 Mission 
Brunt William M. butcher with A. J. Van Winkle, 

dwl SE cor Lombard and Dupont 
Brush Albert, ship smith W s Front bet Yallejo and 

Green, dwl N s Post bet Leav and Hyde 
Brush George, book-keeper, dwl 845 Dupont 
Brush George, shipsmitb with A. Brush, dwl N b 

Post bet Sacramento aud Hyde 
Brush Joel C. carpenter, dwl Prospect Avenue Ber- 

nal HeiglUs 3| miles S City Hall 
Brush R. G. book-keeper with Robert B. Swain & 

Co. dwl SW cor Dupont aud Washington 
Brusneheu Mai-garet, domestic NE cor Jiush and 

BruggA' Patrick, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Bruguiere (Louis) & Diftot (J.) produce 420 Wash 
Bruuu T. O. salesman with Andi-ew Koliler, dwl 

424 Sansom 
Bry Louis, seaman, dwl Potrero S Brannan Street 

Bryan Charles H. with Flood & O'Brien, dwl Te- 
hama bet First and Second 
Bryan Edward E. Geruiau Coffee Saloon 614 Mont- 
gomery and Empire Restam'ant 428 Sansom, dwl 
411 Pine 
Bryan Henry, attorney at law, dwl 426 Montgomery 
Bryan Jane (widow) dwl with Jacob A. Smith SE 

cor Union and Leavenworth 
Bryan Jolin, deck hand steamer Helen Hensley 
Bryan (John M.) & Johnston (James IV. J photo- 
graphic gallery 611 Clay, dwl Powell nr Union 
Bryan Julia Miss, seamstress 216 Battery 
Bryiin Leon, butcher with John Searls S s Union nr 

Bryau Matilda (widow) dwl 20 O'Farrell 
Bryan Thomas, bar keeper with William Bryan, dwl 

320 Sansom 
BRYAN WILLIAM, proprietor Custom House Ex- 
change Saloon 222 aud 224 Sansom, dwl 320 
BRYAN WILLIAM J. real estate agent office 
room 7, 420 Montgomery and di-ugs aud medi- 
cines SW cor Secoud and Mission, dvrl 316 Fol- 
Bryan AMlliam T. clerk 313 Davis, bds with Nicho- 
las Reynolds 
Bryan. See Brian, Brien, and O'Brien 
Bryans EdwiU'd, salesman 509 Sansom, dwl312Val- 

Bryant A. stock broker, dwl American Exchange 

Bryant Alexander H. commissioner, dwl 226 San 
Bryant A. J. (Morrison S,- B.) dwl 921 Bush 
Bryant Charles G. homojopathic physician, office and 

dwl 657 Howard 
Bryaut (D. S.J & Beadle fDo/ia^rfj commission and 
produce 40 1 and 406 Davis, dwl Eleventh bet 
Market and Mission 

BUS"W:ELL & CO., Blank Book Manufacturers and Paper Kvders, 517 Clay Street. 



Bryant, George W. melter and refiner's dept U. S. 

B. Mint, dwl S s Bush bet Van Ness Avenue 

and Franklin 
Bryant James E. clerk 518 Washington, dwl 421 

Bryant John, compositor Golden Era, dwl AViscousin 

" Hotel 
Bryant John, wood carver Fremont nr Mission 
Bryant John G. dAvl 614 California 
Bryant Kelsey, hook-keeper with W. H. Martin 

617 Clay, dwl 411 Bryant 
Bryant Margaret (widow) liquors NW cor Ninth 

and Mission 
Bryant Robert W. D. watchman U. S. B. Mint, bds 

614 California 
Bryant Samuel (colored) carpenter, dwl S s Green- 
wich bet Larkin and Polk 
Bryant Sarah Miss, dressmaker, dwl 652 Market 
Bryant Thomas W. (colored) cook steamer Constitu- 
tion, dwl 1208 Powell 
Bryant W. D. conductor N. B. & M. E. E. Co. dwl 

22 Louisa 
Bryant William F. agent Pacific Mineral Co. office 

325 Montgomery, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Bryarly Wake, physician office NE cor Montgomery 

and Market, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Brydges Marshall C. stoves an<l tinware 6 Sac 
Bryhan J. cai-riage trimmer with George P. Kimball 

& Co. 
Bryngelsen Peter, laborer, dwl S s Alta 
Bryson W. with Coffey & Risdon, dwl cor Harrison 

and Main 
Buce Alliert, grocer, dvyl 239 Minna 
Buch Jacob S! salesman with Kerby, Byrne & Co. 7 

BUCHAN PATEICK G. attorney at law office 410 

Buchanan Henry, Third Ward Burton Ale House 

324 Commercial 
Buchanan Isaac, dwl 212 Powell 
Buchanan John, groceries and liquors 569 Howar<l 
Buchanan .John W. C. carpenter, dwl 136 Sutter 
Buchanan Patrick, dwl N s Jessie bet Fifth and 

Burchard J. M. C. Rev. S. J., chaplain St. Ignatius 

College cor Market and Fourth 
BUCHHOLTZ fJ.) &. KOCK fCJ proprietors 

New Atlantic Hotel 611 and 613 Pacific 
Buchner (Cliarles) & Son (Charles jr.) cabinet 

makers 719 Jlission 
Buck Benjiimin (colored) cook steamer Constitution, 

dwl W s Scott nr Broadway 
Buck David W. special policeman, dwl 77 Natouia 
Buck George, drayman, dwl 314 Third 
Buck John, laborer, dwl 130 Minna 
Buck Sophie, domestic 760 Howard 
Buckelew Moses S. Avith H. Casebolt & Co. dwl 63 

Buckert Louis, carrier California Democrat, dwl 

Post bet Dupont and Kearnj' 
Buckeye G. & S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Buckford Richard, carpenter, dwl NE cor Hinckley 

and Pinckney Place 
Buckingham A. A. pilot office NW cor Washington 

anct East, dwl 717 Bush • 
Buckingham Charles PI secretary mining companies 

and stock broker office 607 day, dwl 9 O'Fai-rell 
Buckini-ham Joseph, bricklayer, ttwl E s <juincy nr 

Buckingham William, blacksmith, dwl 145 Fourth 
Buckle M. Miss, teacher, dwl cor Mission and Fourth 
Buckley Ann, domestic 346 First 
Buckley C. P. carpenter, dwl Maguire's Opera House 
Bucidey Delia, domestic 318 First 
I'.uckicV Edward, plasterer, dwl 1202 Powell 
BuckleV Edward P. dwl 1202 Powell 
Buckley Francis, dwl SW cor Ed<ly and Devisidero, 
Buckley Francis jr. carpenter, dwl SW cor Eddy 

and Devisidero 

Buckley Hannah Miss, domestic 807 Stockton 
liuckley Henry, assistant with .John Hart 
Bnclvley Ichahod, laborer 17 California 
Buckley .Tames, contractor and brick maker office 

528 jMontgomery 
Buckley Jeremiaii, carpenter, dwl S s Point Lobos 

Eoad 6 miles west of Plaza 
Buckley .Jeremiah J. porter 425 Fremont 
Buckley John, dwl 709 Lombard 
Buckley .John, bricklayer, Manhattan Engine Co. 

No. 2 
Buckley John, contractor, dwl 530 Tehama 
Buckley John P. office 534 Clay, dwl SW cor Jack- 
son and Taylor 
Buckley JMargaret Mrs. boarding 18 Natoma 
Buckley JMary (widow) dwl 22.5 Dupont 
Buckley i\Iicbael, workman Central R. 1\. Co 
Buckley Pati-ick, laborer, dwl 925 Broadway 
Buckley Patrick T. laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Buckley I'leubeu, clerk, dwl 730 Kearny 
Buckley R. helper U. S. B. Mint, d-vvri002 Powell 
Jjuckley Robert S. bar keeper, dwl 730 Kearny 
Buckley S. R. with Unfermeuted Bread Co. dwl 

10-> Natoma 
Buckley Susan, domestic with J. T. McLane 
Buckley Thomas, painter, dwl Brenham. Place 
Buckley Timotiiy, fireman Citv Water Works, dwl 

N 8 Union bet Powell and Jlason 
Buckley W. Monumentiil Engine Co. No. 6 
BUCKLEY rlF/Z/zV/wJ & JONES (Frank) Check- 
ered Liverj"^ and sale stable Ki Sutter, dwl 1201 
Buckley William, artist, dwl 325 Pine 
Buckley William, brickyard NW cor Larkin and 

Buckley William, shoemaker, dwl NW cor Kearny 

and Broadway 
Buckliu Edward t. (Miller c^ B.) dwl What Cheer 

Buckman George, dAvl 278 Minna 
Buckman Hermann, clerk 218 Green 
Buckman .John A. clerk People's Steamship Line 

407 Washington, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Buckme'ster Margaret, domestic 621 Harrison 
Bucknam Charles, salesman 415 Montgomery, dwl 

101 Prospect Place 
Bucknam Ezra T. stoves and tinware 22 Stewart, 

dwl 1 Lincoln Place 
Buckner Charles & Son (Charles Buckner jr.) cab- 
inet makers 719 Mission 
Buckner Charles jr. ( Bnckner 4- i^onj dwl 719 

I^uckner Mary C. (widow) dwl 32 Natoma 
Buckrath Henry H. fruit and vegetables Washing- 
ton Market, dwl N s Pine bet Mason and Taylor 
Biickwall M. J. (widow) dwl 4-J5 Sutter 
Budd Charles P. clerk with William R. Gai'rison 

131 Montgomery, dwl 32 Natoma 
Budd J. H. dwl 310 Jlinna 

Budd ^^\yman C. stock broker and secretary mining 
companies office 607 ^Vashingtou, dwl S s Clay 
liet Stockton and Powell 
Buddington Closes, ship master, dwl 512 Howard » 
Buddiiigton Walter, pilot stiiir Cornelia 
Budovich Nicholas (Radovich i^- B.) SE cor Stew- 
art and Mission 
BUEHLEK ,1 ACOB M. Rev. pastor German Evan- 
gelical Lutlieian Congregaiion, dwl 29 O'Farrell 
Buel Alfred, seaman, bds 12 Sacramento 
Buel Frederick Rev. agent American Bible Society, 

dwl 757 Market 
Bueil G. & S. M. Co. office 327 Commercial 
Buena Ventura G. &: S. M. Co. office 619 Merchant 
Buena Vista G. &- S. M. Co. office Government 

Buena Vista A^'inieultural Society, office 519 Mont 
Buerer Francis, laborer, dwl 1111 Keaii v 
Buetell Augustus, cashier with John Fo,,ier, dwl 
326 Ch'iy 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Standard and MisceUaneiiU.i £ooks. 



Hufler Ciiflieriiie (widow) dwl 9 Biij^ley Place 
Butliiijxtoii .Joliu M. sc'crctarv iiiiniiifj; companies, 

otlicc Jl (loveninient House, dwl 137 Silver 
Bufiiii.uton Mary M. Miss, teacher Hayes Valley 

Bull'ord J. L. painter 217 Dupont, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Powell and Mason 
Biigbee C. L. architect with S. C. Bugbee, dwl 767 

lUijibee .John S. attorney at law and commissioner 

deeds for jMassachusetts office NW cor Mout- 

troiiiery and Commercial, dwl 767 Howard 
BUGBEE" S. 0. architect 73 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 767 Howard 
Bugie Nicholas, saloon 605 Davis 
Buiiler August, clerk with Alfred Gros, dwl 752 

Buhlei- David, book-keeper with J. & C. Schreiber, 

dwl j;! O'Farrell 
Buliler Henry, butcher, dwl 815 Dupont 
Buhler J. V. l)oot and shoemaker 543 .lackson 
Buhii Tiieodore, boot and shoemaker with M. Rosen- 
thal & Co. dwl S s Green nr Dupont 
Buhrmeister Harry, wines and liquors Riucon Point 

Buhi-meister H. groceries NW cor Natoma and Mary 
Bulirnieister. See Burmeister 
BUHSEN DIEDRICH, groceries and liquors 727 

Bujan Antonio, toll collector San Bruno Turnpike 

Co. 3 miles from Citv Hall 
Bulefeldt John, tanner, dwl S s Branuan bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Bulger John, blacksmith Union Foundry 
Bulger Jlartin, chief engineer S. S. Sierra Nevada 
Bulger Miles, saloon SW cor Davis and Sac 
Bulger Raphael, compositor Evening Bulletin, dwl 

108 St. Marks Place 
Bulger Vincent, printer with Towne &. Bacon, dwl 

108 St. Marks Place 
Bulklev Franl;, book-keeper with Treadwell &; Co. 

d\vl lOM Stockton 
BULL ALPHEUS, real estate, office 405 Front 

room 4, dwl NE cor Pi-ancisco and Leav 
Buliacher Jerouimo, butcher, dwl 431 Pine 
Bullain Christian, cook, dwl 427 Greenwich 
Bullard Alfred, with Cliarles E. Collins 602 Mont- 

gomey, dwl SW cor Mission and Jane 
Bullard James H. stock broker, office SE cor Sacra- 
mento and Montgomery, dwl 518 Powell 
Bullard Marv M. Miss, dwl 518 Powell 
Bulicue Stella M. Miss, teacher Union Street School, 

dwl 1810 Stockton 
Bulletii G. fruits and vegetables 519 Merchant, dwl 

Vj k Dupont bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Bullion (}. iV S. M. Co. Inye Dist. office 522 Mont 
Bullion (J. & S. JNI. Co. Van Horn Dist. office room 

12 Jlead House 
Bullock Alice (widow) washing, dwl E s William 

i)et (Jeary and Post 
Bidlock Frank D. salesman with J. R. Mead &, Co. 

201) Montgomery, dwl 423 Sutter 
I'ullock \\'illiam, seaman, dwl 37 Sacramento 
Bul[]iii W. dwl \Vhat Cheer House 
Bulson .John, first assistant engineer P. M. S. S. Gol- 
den Age, dwl 172 Jessie 
Bultniann Aw^unt f William Bofer Sf Co.; dwl 610 

Bunnu<l. \V. pressman Agnew & Detfebach, dwl 

224 Jessie 
Bunnner .lames, ajjothecary NE cor Mason and Post 
Buncc Beverly, with Frederick P. Swett N s Clay 

I)et Taylor and .Jones 
Bunce Erastus B. with George Hughes, dwl 325 

Bunce William, barkeeper with Hobbs, Gilniore &. 

Co. dwl 3.57 Minna 
Bundy John H. (colored) with Stable Bros, dwl 


Bundy Thomas (colored) express wagon, dwl NE 

cor Utah and SixteeiUh, Potrero 
Bunemaun Charles, clerk with Schnltz & Von Bar- 
gen, dwl NE coi' Gearv and Larkin 
Bunker All)ert C. proprietor King I'hilip JIarket 702 

Bunker Frederick R. book-keeper with Moore & 
Folger, dwl E s Hyde bet Filbert and Green- 
Bunker George F. Capt. ship Victor pier 12 Stew- 
art, dwl S s De Boom nr Second 
BUNKER, (Henry ti.) GREAVES (Benjamin) & 
CO. Mexican shipping and commission mer- 
chants, office 305 Sacramento cor Front, dwl 
jMission op Twelfth 
Bunker Hill G. & S. M. Co. office 617 Clay 
Bunker Paul, foreman City Warehouse foot Battery, 

dwl 735 Union 
Bunker Roljert F. drayman with Badger & Liuden- 

berger, dwl 1320 Pacific 
Bunn Lucy Mrs. dwl N s Lombard bet Powell and 

Bunne John, 'longshoreman, dwl Empire House SE 

cor Jackson and Drumm 
Bunnell A. W. Mrs. adjuster U. S. B. Mint, dwl 240 

Bunnell Edwin F. dentist 51 Second, dwl 220 Stock 
Bunnell George W. principal Spring Valley School, 

dwl 220 Stockton 
Bunstead Harris, dwl SW cor Powell and Union 
Bunting Joseph, book-keeper 624 Clay, dwl 23 

Buonocore Christopher, artist, dwl 244 Jessie 
BURBANK CALEB, attorney at law, office Wells 
Building cor Montgomery and Clay, dwl SW 
cor Clav and .Jones 
BURBANK DAVID, dentist,'office 505 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 417 Post 
Burck Louis, brewer with Pfirter & Wrede 115 Bat 
Burckes Henry W. carpenter with A, A. Snyder, 

dwl N s (3'Farrell nr Leavenworth 
Burckes Samuel S. carjieuter Avith A. A. Sn3'der, 

dwl 610 California 
Burck hardt Christian, Union Bakery 1516 Stockton 
^^m•c\<.\x&vAl(Max) &L Klehs (Alexander J Anaheim 
Wine Depot, basement 631 Commercial, dwl 431 
BUliDELL GALEN, dentist, office 625 Clay 
Bnidcll John S. barber, dwl IMD Dupont 
Burdell Thomas, dwl E s Lungton bet Howard and 

Burdick Edward F. clerk with H. JI. Newhall &- 

BURDICK EUGENE B. tallow works Potrero, 

SE Braiuum Street Bridge 
BURDICK .JOSEPH D. Star Soap and Candle 
Works N s Austin bet Larkin and Polk, dwl 
Austin nr Polk 
Burdick Stejihen, captain sloop Banner office Com- 
mercial Wharf 
Bnrdsall John M. mining stocks office 610 Com 
Buret Lewis, clerk with V. Chevallier, dwl 739 Clay 
Burlind ( Siebe ^^ B.J dwl SW cor Powell 

and Francisco 
Burg Robert K. blacksmith, dwl S s Grove bet Oe- 

tavia and l.,aguna * 
Burgauei' Ij. hand cartnian cor Stockton and Pacific 
Burgen John, boiler maker Pacific Iron Works 
liurgenhiim .John, baker 431 I'acific 
Burtfcss Amasa S. drayman, dwl NE cor Eddy and 

Burgess Ann jNIrs. boarding 1021 Battery 
Burgess George H. artist 129 Mont, dwr409 Dupont 
Burgess Gilbert, sash and blind maker with Hobbs, 

Gilmore &:, Co. dwl 547 Mission 
Burgess Henry, with J. H. Kessiug, dwl 518 Clay 
Burgess Henry, peddler, Ritter nr Seventh 
Burgess Hubert, teacher writing public schools, dwl 
216 Stockton 

BUSWiDIiL & CO., Book Binders and Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



Burfi-ess James M. hostler Cliff House Point Lobos 

Burgess J. N. cook 741 Market 

Burgess Joseph S. dwl 515 Yallejo 

Buriians Willett S. pattern maker, tlwi S s Market 
Ijet Fifth aud Sixth 

Burluuan William, pattern maker Patilic Iron 

Burk Catherine Miss, domestic lOi)? Stockton 

Burlv Ellen Miss, domestic with Abraham Weius- 

Burk Jane Miss, domestic 1010 Stockton 

Burk Kate, ironer Clielsea Laundry 

Burk Kate Jliss, milliner, dwl 517 Yallejo 

liurk iMichael, carpenter, d_wl 307 Tehama 

Burk Tlionias, polisher Chelsea Laundry 

Burke Agnes, domestic, S s De Boom bet First and 

Burke B. mining, dwl 117 Second 

Burke Bai'bara (widow) dwl NE cor Filbert and 

Burke D. carpenter 547 Mission 

Uuvke (Dc III/ if! J k-lirody f Patrick) wines and li- 
quors lis Jackson, dwl S s Yalparaiso, bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 

Burke Francis G. dealer in hides, office SW cor Cal- 
ifornia and Front, dwl 607 F'olsom 

Burke Henry, porter with Hellman Bros. & Co. 424 

Burke James, laborer, dwl W s Slasou bet Geary 
and O'Farrell 

Burke James, plasterer, dwl S s Perry bet Third 
aud Fourth 

Burke James, w^aiter 507 Clay 

Burke John, laborer, bds 903 Battery 

Burke John I. bricklayer, dwl E s Yerba Buenabet 
Clay and Sacrameuto 

Burke John O. machinist Miner's Foundry, dwl 
First nr Jessie 

Burke Joseph, carpenter Union Foundry, dwl N s 
Minna, bet Seveuth and Eighth 

Burke Margaret Miss, operator with H. W. Wads- 
worth cor Montgomery and Sacramento 

Bm'ke Martin, laborer, dwl N s Yallejo l)et Sansom 
and Battery, Telegraph Hill 

BURKE MAIITIN J. Chief of Police City and 
County San Francisco, ollice City Hall, dwl 930 
Clay bet Stockton and Powell 

Burke Hilary Miss, domestic 131;2 Taylor 

Burke iMary Miss, domestic NE cor Pine and Taylor 

Burke Mary A. Miss, dressmaker with Maclam 
Bousquet, dwl 517 Yallejo 

Burke JMichael, cook Niantic Hotel 

Burke Michael, turner, dwl 41s Green 

Burke Nicholas, packer witli Deeth & Starr 

Burke P. laborer Yulcan Iron Works 

Burke Patrick, wagon maker with Gallagher & Far- 
ren, dwl W s First bet Howard and Natoma 

Burke Patrick, waterman, dwl 2 Suuuner 

Burke Peter, butcher Potrero ur Braunan Street 

Burke Robert, boatman NW cor Pacific and Davis 

Burke Sanuiei, carpenler, dwl 61;2 California 

Burke Stephen, hostler, dwl 44 Jessie 

Burke Thomas, carpenter, dwl 517 Yallejo 

Burke Thomas, machiuist, dwl cor Clay and Davis 

l)Urke Thomas, painter, dwl 28 Clary 

Burke ^'aleutiue, dwl 31 Everett 

Burke Walter, workman San Francisco and Pacific 
Sugar Co. 

Burlve William, carpenter Union F^oundry 

Burke William, hostler Omnibus R. I{. Co. dwl 
Shipley nr Fifth 

Burke William, pattern maker, bds St. Charles Ho- 

Burke William A. instrument nuiker, dwl S s Clay 
bet .Jones and Leavenworth 

BURKE WILLIAM F. importer and retail boots 
and slioes NW cor Montgomery and Pine, dwl 
lOUO Clay 

I'urke William .J. jeweler, dwl 517 Yallejo 
Bnrkhardt Adolpli, with Michael Price 110 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 207 Pacific 
Bnrkhardt Charles, confectioner, dwl 325 Pine 
Burkluu'dt Frederick, cabinet maker with William 

Faas, dwl 209 Pacific 
Burkhardt (Jeorge, shoemaker 323 Bush, dwl Phila- 

del]ihia House 
Burkhardt George, wa'tchniaker and jeweler 209 

Burkhardt M. wines and litjuors, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Powell and Stodcton 
Burkhead Charles, clerk, dwl 325 Pine 
Burkhead William N. compositor Evening Bulletin, 

dwl 1 lOS Powell 
Burkhim Henry, merchant tailor 22 Post 
Burlieu E. Nye, salesman with Joseph Peirce, dwl 

924 Sacramento 
Burling William, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Burlington G. & S. M. Co. ofiice 33 Mont Block 
Burman Emanuel, cigar manufacturer, dwl 261 Te- 
Burmeister A. groceries and liquors NW cor Califor- 
nia and Leavenworth 
Burmeister (Christinv) & Horning fAdvlph F.) 
Yulcan Liquor Saloon SE cor Mission aud Fre- 
Burmeister Christian, groceries and liquors SW cor 

JlissidU and Beale 
Burnieisier lieiirv, steward Occidental Restaurant, 

dvs;l 304 Sutter 
Burmeister. See Buhrmeister 
Burmester Henry, carpenter, dwl 25 St. IVIarks PI 
Burnap John, groceries 425 Davis, dwl NE cor Lar- 

kiu and Green 
Burne Sarali Mrs. liquor saloon 910 Kearny 
Burnett M. (widow) dwl NW cor Leav and Union 
Burnett George \\. butcher, dwl E s Polk bet Clay 

and Washington 
Burnett J. miuer, bds Original House 
Burnett (John B.) &. O' Regan (Patrick) bakery 

SE cor Jessie and Fourth 
Burnett John M. clerk with Robert C. Page «fc Co. 

605 Monttiomery, dwl lOOii .Jackson 
BURNETT PETEJR H. President Pacific Accumu- 
lation Loan Co. offi(!e 420 Montgomery 
Burnett Thonuis, laborer, dwl S s Ellis b^t Leaven- 
worth and Jones 
TiJJ'K^ETT (WeUrmrton C.) & BENZENff^. A-) 
attorneys at law office 20 and 22 Court Block 
636 Clay, dwl 1711 Dupont 
Burnett William, boiler insi)ector, dwl 421 Dupont 
Burney "William, merchant, dwl W s Anna bet Ellis 

and Eddy 
Burnham Edward T. architect, dwl 140 Sutter 
Buruham G. M. lumber, dwl 15 Laurel Place 
Burnham J. waiter, dwl 439 Jackson 
Burnham James, liquor saloon 200 Folsom 
Buinliam .Tames JI. saloon cor Main and Folsom 
Burnliaui W. driver Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Binning Jloscow S. JI. Co. office NE cor Montgom- 
ery aud .Jackson 
Btiniis Domingo, dish washer with Francois Yaladie, 

dwl 721 Pacific 
Bums Aaron M. captain steamship Pacific, dwl 915 

Burns Barney, cartman 113 Jessie bet Second and 

Bums C. F. sail maker 9 Clay, dwl S s Frederick 
Burns Daniel, carpenter, dwl" 828 Green 
Burns Daniel, painter with Jno. McDonald 24 Second 
Burns David P. cm-penter, dwl W s Dolores bet Six- 
teenth and Seventeenth 
Bums Dennis, waiter (iOS Com, dwl 22 St. Charles 
Burns Edmund, laborer, dwl S b Mission bet Seventh 

aud Eighth 
Burns Edward, dwl 412 Bush 
Bums Edward, deciv hand steamer Cornelia 
Barns Francis H. dwl 1 Quincy Place nr Pine 

A. ROMAM" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, School, Law, and Medical Works. 



IJunis Fniiik, waiter, dwl lid Stovcimon 
Hn\\\^ Hniinali Miss, (ioiiicstic (iOI Filbert 
liiiriiti ileury J. stencil ciUK'r, ilwi 73 Fourth 
Hums Hi!j,'li, liiborer, dwl SW cor Jjurldii and Geary 
IJiirns Isidore, sliiiisiiiitb 37 Market, dwl NE cor 
Powell and Fine 
, Burns James, dwl 1)34 Kearny 
'■ Burns .lames, drayman, dwl S s IJerry nr Dupont 
, Burns James, pis" litter, bds l(i First 
Burns .James, laborer, dwl N s Union bet Moiit- 
gomerv iuid S.msoin 
I Burns Janies, teamster, dwl N s Sixteenth bet Guer- 
1 rero and Dolores 

1 Burns James A. fii-emau U. S. B. M. dwl 4 St. Marks 
HiHiis James F. drayman v.-ith Locke & Montague 
ISurns James L. book-keeper with Chace & Mac- 

donalds, dwl Istiimus House 54 First 
IJurns Jane Miss, domestic with Pierre B. Cornwall 
llinns fJ. H.J &, Maguire (John) propiietors Suug 

Saloon G12 Washington, dwl ±i Jolin 
i'unis .loim. porter International Hotel, dwl W s 

Pollard Place 
;".urns Joseph W. painter, dwl 625 Pacific, rear 

i;nis J. P. dwl 052 Market 
i ;:irns Jnlicn W. laborer, dwl W s IMoutgomery bet 
, Union and Filbert 

I Burns Kate Miss, domestic 730 Washington 
liurns Maggie, domestic with C. Jackson 630 Vallejo 
T;\u-ns Margaret, domestic 'J28 Montgomery 
lliinis Marl in, laborer 212 Clay, dwl N s Clementina 
bet Tiiird and Fourth 
\ Burns ilanin, laborer, dwl 211 Green, rear 
i Burns JIartin, workman Central Railroad 
I Burns Mnthew, workman Sugar Refinery, dwl W s 
I Russ bet Folsom and Howard 

I Burns Michael, with Geo. 11. Peck, dwl Brookhii 
iJuriis .Michael, cooper with Patrick MoUoy, dwl 
Si.xib liet Tehama and Howard 
j Burns Michael, porter International Hotel 

Burns Michael, steward Lick House 
' Burns P. blacksniithiug 12 Geary, dwl 158 Minna 
Burns Patriclv, hostler with Baltlwin & Killip, bds 

Benlon House 
Burns Patrick, laborer, bds Western Hotel 
Bums I'atrick, liquor saloon NW cor Geary and De- 
I Burns Patrick, teamster with George D. Nagle 
! Burns Peter, laborer, dwl N s Green W of Battery 
Burns Robert fQuast cSj- BJ dwl SW cor Bush and 

Harns Saraii Jliss. dwl 652 Market 
. Burns Thomas, clerk with James Phelan, dw'l Chi- 
I cago Hotel 

' Bums Thomas, laborer with George D. Nagle 
IJurns Thomas H. machinist with Devoe, Dinsmore 

& Co. dwl E a Quiiicy Place nr Pine 
I'urns William, laborer Central R. R. Co. 
I')urns. See Byrne and Byrnes 
Burnsidc Charles (colored) servant with Dr. R. E. 

I'.urnside S. M. Co. office 436 .Jackson 
llurnstein Edward, cabinet maker, dwl 1017 Kearny 
Hmiistein Felix, dwl 1017 Kearny 
Burr Clarence C. clerk S. F. Ins. Co. 621 Clay, dwl 

witli E. W. Burr 
BUUU E. WILLARD, President Savings and Loan 
Society and President S. F. Ins. Co. olKce 61K 
I and oil Clay, dwl S s Filbert bet Polk and Van Avenue 
' Burr Geoige W. molder Fulton Fomidry, dwl SE 
cor Polk and Willow Avenue 
Burr Henry, clerk, dwl 1512 l)u|)ont 
Burr Henry P. shipmaster, dwl 17 Perry 
Burr Heiiiy T. clerk N'ance's Gallery 429 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1510 Dupont 
Burr James, cook with William Hall, Ocean House 

Burr Levi, proprietor Eureka House S s Bay bet 

Kearny and Dupont 
Burr W. laborer. Spring Valley Water W kg Co. 
Burrasic George S. butter, cheese, eggs, etc. 7 and 8 

Washington Market, dwl 249 Third 
Burrage G. S. Mrs. dry and fancy goods 249 Third 
Buriell M. S. fKnapp, B. .S- 'Co.) res Portland 

Bun is Samuel D. (colored) whitewashing and house- 
cleaning, dwl "Jl Scott 
BURROUGHS CHARLES, private club-rooms 614 

Burrongh8"Ed^vard M. dwl 313 Minna 
Burroughs J. Wilson, carpenter, dwl N s Ellis bet 

Powell and Mason 
Burroutjhs William, laborer, 518 Washington 
BURROWES GEORGE Rev. D.D. princi])al City 
College SE cor Geary and Stockton, dwl Lick 
Burrows Edward M. dwl 321 Minna 
Burson James N. Avith Samuel Hoyt 513 Bush 
Burson Lewis M. attorney at law office with Pi'aser 

& Co. 205 Battery 
Burt Charles, with Coifey «fe Risdon, dwl 54 First 
Burt Charlotte W. (widow) dwl with Erwin S. Davis 

SW cor California and Powell 
Burt E. sash maker, bds 54 First 
Burt E. C. Mis. teacher, dwl 17 Third 
Burt Eliza Miss, dwl Yerba Buena nr Clay 
Burt Silas S. clerk Avith Johnson & Baker, dwl 17 

Burt William Henry, mariner, dwl 1513 Mason 
Burt ^\'illiam J. laltorer, dwl S s Turk bet Polk and 

Va.n Xess Avenue 
Burtches Charles, waiter, dwl 325 Pine 
Burton Charles H. merchant office 405 Front, dwl 

1018 Washington 
Burton G. & S. M. Co. office 607 Clay 
Burton James, clerk with O. Fuller 322 California 
Burton Joseph, upholsterer, dwl 415 Bush 
Burtsell J. Jl. book-keeper with 3Iurphy. Grant & Co. 
Burtt E. laborer with S. S. Culverwell 29 Fremont 
Bnrwick Thomas, saihnaker, dwl W s Mason bet 

Filbert and GreeuAvich 
Busch Augustus, salesman with Kruse <Sc Euler, 

dwl cor Sacramento and Larkin 
Busch P. H. cook, dwl W s Ronsch bet Howard 

and Folsom 
Busch William, with. A. Fenkhousen, bds 317 Bush 
Bush Aloux.o, porter Wells, Fargo tSc Co 
Basil Charles, miner, dwl Sierra Nevada Hotel 
Bush Cordelia (widow) dwl 123 Silver 
BUSH HENRY, photographic gallery 9 Post, 

Sliiel's Block 
Bush John, boiler maker, dwl 324 Green 
Bush .John, heljier Union Foundry 
Bush J. P. physician, office and dwl 605 Sacramento 
Bush Louis, tlentist office 013 Kearny, dwl 47 Cle- 
Bush Nathan, furniture and bedding, 708 Pacific 
Bush Norton, clerk S. F. Gas Co. dwl 522^ Howard 
Bush I'eter, I'liion Malt House S 8 Braunau bet 

Eighth and Ninth 
Busli Sheet House, James SIcNamara pro])rietor 

331 and 333 Bush 
Bush Thomas H. bookbinder with Buswell & Co. 

dwl l>2i Yerba Buena 
Bush William, carpenter, dwl 220 Sutter 
IJiishard J. Rev. assistiint pastor St. Ignatius Church 

Market nr Fifth 
Bushman .Toseiih, gardener, bds .559 Market 
Bushmau William, pattern maker, dwl Mason nr 

Businger Ferdinand, porter 505 Montgomery, dwl 

20 Minna 
Basse AHiert fE. J. Cook Sj- Co.) dwl :Miima nr 

Bu.sse W. E. clerk with Ralzemond Parker, dwl 
Dresdener House 

BUSMrELL & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Bussinger Rosena Mrs. dwl 20 Jlinna 

Bussinirer Emma Miss, assistant with Mrs. A. R. 

Wheeler 3:> Second, dwl 20 Jlinna 
Bnstanieiite Catalina Miss, dwl 1114 Powell 
Blister Hiram C. dwl 130 ilontgomery 
Buster ^lary Airs, furnished rooms 130 Montgomery 
Bustis J. L. miner, dwl Russ House 
BUSWELL f Alexander) & CO. (Edward Bos- 

qnij bookbinders, pajier rulers, etc. 557 Clay 

and 514 Commercial, dwl SW cor Union and 

Buswell Wm. F. pattern mal:er Vulcan Iron Works, 

dwl X s Jessie bet Seventh and Eighth 
Butcher Gustave, with Vincenot tfc Gautier 523 

Butera Calcedonio, with A. Giorgiani, dwl 421 Wash 
Buthe Christian L. clerk 41 Third 
Butler Beiij;ui:in F. lithographer SE cor Montgomery 

and California, dwl N^^' cor Bernard and Taylor 
Butler C. F. dwl What Cheer House 
Butler Charles, cooper with James Carty 
Butler Cliarles, fireman steamer Chrysopolis 
Butler Charles C. real estate office 6 Government 

Hou.>e, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Butler Charles H. coojier, dwl W s Jansen bet Lom- 
bard and Greenwich 
Butler D. dwl What Cheer House 
Butler Daniel, laboi-er, dwl 29 Pacific 
Butler Elizabeth, domestic 712 Folsom 
Butler G. & S. M. Co. office 706 JMontgomery 
Butler George, bar keeper SE cor LeidesdorfT and 

Butler George W. milk ranch S s Broadway bet 

Gongh and Octavia 
Butler Henry W. clerk with Epes Ellery, dwl 1019 

Powell ■ 
Butler James, with James McEwen 192 Stevenson, 

dwl j miction Market and Geary 
Butler Jas. coachman witli Jeremian Callaghan 
Butler James, laborer, dwl cor Van Ness Avenue 

and Presidio Road 
Butler James, seaman, bds 138 Stewart 
Butler .James, soda maker California Soda Works 

192 Stevenson 
Butler J. D. special policeman, dwl 417 Sutter 
Butler J. D. Mrs. dressmaker 417 Sutter 
Butler John, carpenter, dwl E s Powell bet Chesnut 

and Francisco 
Butler Josepl), cook steamer Yosemite 
Butler Margaret Miss, domestic with Edward Le 

Butler Margaret IMrs. domestic with Charles Halsey 
Butler Mary (widow) dwl 521 Yallejo 
Butler Mary A. Jlrs. millinery 136 Jlontgomery, 

dwl W 8 Sixth bet Folsom and Howard 
Butler Mathew, grocer XE cor Harrison and Eighth 
Butler Mathe^, merchant, dwl 1009 Powell 
Butler M. F. architect office 542 Sacramento, dwl S 

s Howard bet Twelfth and Thi; teenth 
Butler Jlichael, laborer City Water Works, dwl 

Auburn bet Broadwav and Pacific 
Butler Michael, laborer, cfwl W s Salman bet Paci- 
fic and Broadway 
Butler Patrick, blacksmith with Nelson & Dohle, 

dwl SW cor O'FarreU and Jones 
Butler Patrick F. dwl W s Sixth bet Folsom and 

Butler Peter, clock maker, dwl S s Polk Alley 
Butler Richard, foreman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 
Butler Robert, with Mathew Butler, dwl NE cor 

Hai ison and Eighth 
Butler Robert, painter 145 Fourth 
Butler Robert, door keeper 3Iaguire's Opera House, 

dwl 12 St. Charles 
Butler Robert B. Enimett Saloon 14 First and Union, 

boarding House 16 First 
Butler Samuel S. lodgings 511 Washington and 528 

Butler Thomas J. miner, dwl 176 Jessie 

Butler Warren C. adjuster U. S. B. Muit, dwl 810 

Butler WilUam, steward Manhattan Engine Co. 

No. 2 
Butler William M. hostler, bds 16 First 
BUTMAN FREDERICK, artist room 17 Mercan- 
tile Librarv Building, dwl 806 Howard 
Batman Wilfre'd, dwl 806 Howard 
Butner Hermann, teacher, dwl 517 Greenwich 
Butt Christopher, clerk whh Clans Hadler NW cor 

Clay and IMason 
Butt Peter N. gi-oceries and liquors SE cor Keaniy 

and Pacific 
Buttenop Hemy, groceries and liquors 625 Pacific 
Butter John S. "captain stm Senator, office NE cor 

Front and Jackson 
Butter \Mlliam, waiter Lick House 
Butterfield Lizzie Miss, dwl 815 Stockton 
Butterfield Rodner, bootmaker 609 Jackson, bds 

What Cheer House 
Butterworth James, tinsmith with John G. Us, dwl 

S 8 Folsom bet Beale and Main 
Buttner Fredenck H. teacher private school 918 

Pacific, dwl 517 Greenwich 
Butts B. laborer with Samuel J. Hopkins 
Butts N. dwl \\'liat Cheer House 
Butts Sophia, domestic, 38 South Park 
Butts Wilson, servant 38 South Park 
Buxton George, engineer, dwl NW cor Polk and 

Buyer Carl, clerk with Shirek & Co. dwl 155 Minna 
Bybery Charles G. boatman, dwl W s Front bet 

Broadway and VaUejo 
Byers John, laborer, dwl N s Union nr Battery 
Byfield Augustus N. Consul for Portugal, office with 

E. Dnpre 606 Merchant, dwl 1306 Alontgomerv 
Byington H. W. ( Haxhy Sf B.) dwl N s Sutter bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Byler Thomas H. conductor Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Byles George, dwl 1007 Powell 
Byrdon Mary Miss, domestic with Marcus D. Boruck 
Byrne Garrett J. (Kirby, Byrne Sg- Co.) dwl 16 

BYRNE ( Harry H. ) & FREELON ■( Thomas W. ) 

attorneys at law office 15 and 16 Court Block 

636 Clfiy, dwl NE cor Howard and Thirteenth 
Byrne James, laborer, dwl i60 Beale 
Byrne J. J. laborer, dwl S s McCormick bet Hyde 

and Larkin i 

Byrne John M. (C. Grellet Sj- Co.) dwl 533 Sutter 
I5ynie Kate Miss, dressmaker, dwl 639 Marlcet 
Byrne Kate A. Miss, teacher private school SW cor 

Jaclcson and Mason, dwl 1307 Taylor 
BYRNE (Lafayette M.) & CASTREE (David B.) 

groceries and liquors NW cor Howard and 

Twelfth, dwl NE cor Thirteenth and Howard 
Byrne Mary C. (widow) dwl 148 Minna 
Byrne Mary J. boarding W s Valencia nr Sixteenth 
Byrne Michael, bricklayer, dwl 338 Minna 
Byine Michael, salesman with Kirby, Byrne & Co. 

dwl 108 Minna 
Byrne P. packer with Crane & Brigham, dwl 148 

Byrne Patrick, blacksmith, dwl N s Fulton bet Bu- 
chanan and Webster 
Byrne Patrick, porter, dwl 148 Minna 
Byrne Thomas, com merchant, dwl 642 Mission 
Byrne Thomas, laborer, dwl 1025 Pacific 
Byrne Thomas, merchandise broker office NE cor 

Front and Commerciid 
Byrne Thomas, porter with James Phelan 
Byrnes Charles J. jnlot Vignlant Engine Co. No. 9. 
Byrnes Frances A. (widow) dwl 1023 Kearny 
Byrnes Margaret (widow) dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Byrnes Patrick, blacksmith, dwl 158 Minna 
Byrnes William, laborer with John Hart 
Byron John, cabinet maker with Edward Schune- 

mann 429 Kearny 

A. ROM A TV & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 


Byioii Jlaria Miss, domestic 1028 Clay 

liy Woo Lee (Cbinese) washing aiid ironing 318 

Bvxbee .lolin F. book-keeper pier 21 Stewart 
Byxbee Robert G. (H. B. TicJienor Sj- Co.) dwl 26 



Cabanas Theopbilns, shoemaker with M. Louis, 

dwl SE C(M' California and Kearny 
Cabannes John (Dnpuy Sf C.) dwl nr Branuan 

Street Bridge 
Cabaunes Joseph, butcher Potrero nr Brannan Street 

Cabe Andrew, butcher, dwl 8 Virginia 
C:'.bles Alfred, dwl 174 Jessie 
Cables Lewns, bar keeper 534 Merchant, dwl NE 

cor Sanson! and Broadway 
Cabot Norman P. (George J. Brooks Sf Co.) dwl 

513 Sausom 
Cachot Maxillion, resident physician hospital Sisters 

Cadiclie Poarcet, baker, dwl 631 Pacific 
Cadiche W. S. driver wnth Poarcet Cadiche, dwl 

634 Pacific 
Caditz E. F. dwl What Cheer House 
Cadiz Eugenia (widow) boarding 712 Bush 
Cadmus H. P. carrier Sunday Meicury 
Caduc Philip, cobble stones and granite, foot Sau- 
som North Beach, dwl 947 Howard 
Cady Albemarle, Lieut. Col. Seventh Infantry and 

Inspector General U. S. A. office 742 Washiug- 

to;i, dwl Lick House 
Cady Adelaide J. (widow) dwl 914 Washington 
CadV George B. printer with S. Selleck, dwl 17 

Cady John, boiler maker, dwl W s Moss bet Folsom 

and Howard 
Cady Lorenzo, contractor, dwl 105 Prospect Place 
Cafiey Patrick-, with Tuuothy Sargent 
Catfrev Edward, waiter Clifi' House, Point Lobos 
Cattrey Timothy, lal)orer O. R. R. Co. 
Cafska Frederick, miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Caglieri Georgio, drayman 417 Jackson 
Cagney I^Uen Miss, domestic with William P. 

Cagney John, teamster, bds 333 Bush 
Cagney Martin, cartmau, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 

I'owell and JIason 
Cahalan John, shoemaker 902 Clay 
Cahalan .J(jhn L. carpenter, dwl United States Hotel 
Cahalin Edward, with Einstein Brothers, dwl 271 

Cahill Andrew, drayman 38 California, dwl S s Ste- 
venson bet First and Second 
Cahill Anthony, drayman, bds 57 Stevenson 
Cahill Edwai'U, bar" keeper Lick House, dwl 165 

Cahill Edward, clerk with Richard L. Ogden 338 

Montg<anery, dwl 412 Dupont 
Cahill Edward, 'waiter Russ House 
Caliill James D. clerk with William P. Taaife 
Cahill James, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Cahill f.Jamt'n F.J & McElroy (Jnmc!>) wholesale 

and retail liquors, SE cor Bush and Kearny, dwl 

758 Ilowaril 
Cahill Matthew, packer with Redington tfc Co. dwl 

SW cor 5[ason and O'Farrell 
Cahill Matthew, porter, dwl S s O'Farrell bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 
Cahill Patrick, drayman, dwl E e Leavenworth bet 

Pine and California 
Cahill Pati'ick, dwl Ritch bet Bryant and Harrison 
Cahill Patrick, laborer, dwl W s'Chesley bet Harri- 
son and Bryant 
Caliill Patriciv, workman S. F. and Pacific Sugar Co. 

CAIIN A. & CO. [1. F. Block, Leon Cahn and 
H. F. Block) wholesale groceries and liquors, 
Portland, Oregon, office 205 California, dwl 427 

Cahn Abraham, butcher SE cor Sixteenth and Dol'ea 

Cahn Abraham, butcher with Eli Alexander, dwlN 
s lirnnh lii-t Kearny and l)u])ont 

Cahn David, sak-fiinan with La/.ard Freres 217 Bat. 

Cahn Israel, merchant, office 309 Sacramento, dwl 
513 Folsom 

Cahn James, express wagon cor Dupont and Broad- 
way, dwl W 8 Leavenworth bet California and 

Cahn Lambert IM. with A. Cahn & Co. 205 Califor- 
nia, dwl 427 Post 

Cahn Leon (A. Cahn 4' Co. y res Portland, Oregon 

Cahn Leopold (Uklfeldcr 4- C.J dwl 515 Folsom 

Cahn N. dwl 219 California 

Cahn S. clothing, dwl room 7 Sargent's Building 

Cahn Sarah Jlisis, dwl 427 Post 

Cahn Solomon, cigar maker 223 Bush 

Cain Ann, domestic 608 Third 

Cain E. (colored) wliite waslung 602 California 

Caid Edward (colored) dwl 331 Union 

Cain Edward, pressman with Agnew & Deffebach, 
dwl Howard Engine House 

Cain Edward (colored) whitewashing 600 Califor- 
nia, dwl S s Union nr Montgomery 

Cain George Redfeam, student, bds Brooklyn Hotel 
128 Sanson! 

Cain Hymen, porter, dwl 262 .Jessie 

Cain James, molder Unioi! Foundry 

Cain Ja!i!es, porter American Exchange Hotel 

Cain Job!!, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 

Cain John, waiter Niantic Hotel 

Cain 'Mayx Miss, domestic 417 Dupont 

Cain Mary A. (widow) dressmaker 148 Minna 

Cain Peter M. machinist, dwl S s Louisa nr Fourth 

Cain RufusK. bricklayer, dwl 411 Dupont 

Cain Thomas L. machinist, dwl S s Louisa nr Fourth 

Cain. See Cane and Kane. 

Caire Adiiei! (Caire BrothersJ res Paris 

Caire Brothers (.Jnstiawn and AdrioiJ importers 
and jobbers hardware 530 Washington and 1028 
Dupoi!t, dwl 313 Green 

Caire Pierre, cook with Bonnet & Duband 

Cairnes Cliailes. shoemaker Vallejo nr Battery 

Cairns A. hariiess n;aker 216 Battery 

Cairns Barney, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 38 Na- 

Cairns Matthew, laborer, dwl 14 Ecker 

Cairns Robeit, salesman with J. Peirce, dwl 522 

Calahau Ellen Miss, domestic 601 Dupont 

Calahan Mai-y Miss, doiiiestic with Dr. A. J. Bowie 

Calahan Patrick, lea i!!ster with Geo. D. Nagle 

Caland William, wines and liquors Second Street 
Drv Dock • 

Caldwell Andrew, i)orterwith Wm.H. Keith & Co. 
dwl N s Oak bet Jlasou iuid Taylor 

Caldwell Annie (widow) dwl E s Rltch bet Bryant 
and Brannan 

Caldwell Casper M. painter, dwl E s Stockton bet 
Jackson and I'acific 

Caldwell D. miner, bds Original House 

Caldwell David, draymai!, (Iwl 415 Pine 

Caldwell David, ]iorier with ^^'egener <fc Shoenbar, 
dwl S sPiiie bet ^Montgomery and Keainy 

Caldwell J. caipeiiter, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 

Ciildwell J. iM. Rev. dwl 821 Jackson 

Caldwell John E. with Cochrane & Averill 101 Oc- 
cidental iMarket, dwl S s Geary bet Jones and 

Caldwell .Joseph, at Willows Trotting Park E s Mis- 
sioi! bet John and Hill 

Caldwell William, macliinist Fulton Foundry, dwl 
W 8 Liberty ni' Towiisend 

Caledonia Gold and Silver Mining Coinpany, office 
412 Front 

BUS'WBIiIj & CO., Manufacturers of aU kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Caledonia Tunnel and Mining Company, office 11 
Govtinnient House 

CALEF JONATHAN S. physician, office 726 
Waslungton, dwl 312 Post 

Caler .John, cook saloon -with Sain Meyers, dwl 28 
Winte;- Place 

CALHOUN CHARLES A. book and job printing, 
office 320 and 32-J Clay, dwl W s Jlasou bet 
O'Fanell and Ellis 

Calhoun James P. dwl SE cor Mont and Sutter 

Callioun John, dwl 1011 Mason, rear 

Caliiouu William, seaman, dwl S s Eolsora bet 
jMain and Spear 

Calhoun William A. printer with Charles A. Cal- 
houn, dwl W s Blas(>n bet O'Farrell and Ellis 

liam Thompson editor and proprietor, office 


leave Clay Street Wharf, S. L. Mastick & Co. 
and Amos,. Phiuney & Co. proprietors 123 


California Block, SE cor California and Battery 

SOCIETY, office -iOt) Montgomery 

(weekly) published by M. E Church, office 410 
Clay, Rev. E. Thomas editor 

California City Letter Express Co. office 418 Mont- 

CALIFORNIA CIlRONIK (weekly) German, 
office 543 Sacramento, Brauer & Co. proptr 

California Coal M. Co. office SE cor Montgomery 
and Jackson 

California Copper Smelting Works, Antioch Contra 
Cofita County, office 540 Clay 

CALIFORNIA DEMOCRAT (daily) German, off 
543 Sacramento, Fred'k Hess ife Co. editors 
and jiioprietors 

CALIFORNIA FARMER (weekly) agiicultural, 
office 7i8 Montgomery, J. K. Phillips &. Co. 
publishers, J. L. L. F. Warren editor 

proprietors W s Fremont bet Market and Mis- 

California G. & S. M. Co. office cor Montgomery 
and Jackson 

California G., S. & C. M. Co. office 542 Sac 

California Gunboat Co. office NE cor Montgomery 
and ('ahfornia 

CALIFORNIA HOTEL, Gailhard Bros, propria 
tors SE cor Dupont and Commercial 

CALIFORNIA LEDGER (weekly) office 625 
Merchant Magee Bros. & Co. editors and pro- 

ANCE COMPANY, office 414 Montgomery 
Gustave Toucluird secretary 

EER (monthly) Brooks &, Lawrence proprie- 
tors, office 543 Clay 

California Malt House 436 Brannan 

ANCE CO. office 405 Front cor Clay 

John H. Bell editor, office 405 Front 

STEAMSHIP LINE, Ben. HoUaday proprie- 
tor, office SW^ cor Front and Jackson 

CALIFORNIA PIONEERS, rooms 808 Montgom- 
ery bet Jackson and Pacific 

California Pow'der Works, office NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Jackson 

California Scale Co. Geo. W. Chapin agent E s 
Kearny op Plaza 

California Sheep Raisers' and Wool Growers' Asso- 
ciation, office NE cor Front and Clay 

California S. M. Co. office NE cor Montgomery and 

EGRAPH, office 507 Montgomery 

NE cor Front and Jackson 
California Temperance Journal (weekly) office 421 


573, 575 and 577 Mission 
Caligan John, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Calisher M. dwl W s Taylor bet Sutter and Post 
Calish Raphael S. waterman, dwl S s Sacramento 

bet Hyde and Leavenwoith 
Calkin Milo, copyist and secretary San Lorenzo M. 

Co. office 410 Montgomery, dwl 729 Bush 
Callaghan Charles, mariner, iwl W s Langton bet 

Howard and Folsom 
Callaghan Daniel {J. 4- D. Callaghan) dwl SW 

cor Howard and Fourteenth 
Callaghan D. O. harness maker, dwl Brooklyn 

Hotel 128 Sanson! 
Callaghan J. & D. merchants, office 421 Front, dwl 

cor Mission and Fourteenth 
Callayhan James, manager Eagle Lodging House 

55^8 Commercial 
Callaghan John, groceries and provisions 121 Front, 

dwl SE cor Hyde and Chestnut 
Callaghan Mary, chambermaid West End Hotel 
Callaghan Michael, saloon NE cor Drunini and 

Callaghan Philip, molder, dwl 127 Pacific 
Callaghan Timothy, deck hand stmr Yosemite 
Callaghan Timothy, workman Central R. R. Co 
CALLAGHAN'S 'building, 815 Dupont 
Callahan Bernard, chief engineer S. P. & Pacific 

Sugar Co 
Callahan Coll, laborer Lone Mountain Cemetery 
Callahan Cornelius, laborer, dwl E s White nr 

Callahan David, laborer, dwl 170 Minna 
Callahan Frederick, chief cook Tehama Restaurant, 

317 Sansom 
Callahan Henry, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Callahan James, blacksmith, dvyl 741 Market 
Callahan James, laborer with Bonnet & Duband 
Callahan James, porter, Cunningham's Warehouse, 

dwl N 8 Filbert bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Callahan James K. carriagesmith with Folsom & 

Hiller, dwl Columbia House 
Callahan Jeremiah, carpenter, dwl S s Hayes bet 

Franklin and Gough 
Callahan John, dwl United States Hotel 706 Bat 
Callahan John, dwl with Michael Cody 
Callahan Joseph C. waiter Tremont House, dwl 

S s Union Court nr Kearny 
Callahan Margaret, domestic 740 Harrison 
Callahan Mary, domestic 14 Rincon Place 
Callahan Mary Miss, domestic 602 Dupont 
Callahan M. B. cr<ickery and glass ware, dwl E s 

Sixth bet Harrison and Bryant 
Callahan Michael, hostler O. ll. R. C. dwl Natoma 

nr Third 
Callahan Michael, laborer, dwl S s Brannan bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Callahan Michael, workman S. P. & P. Sugar Co 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, dwl 165 Jessie 
Callahan Patrick, proprietor St. Marks Hotel 25 

St. Marks Place 
Callahan Timothy, dwl 112 Pacific 
Callaher Cornelius, cook, dwl W s Montgomery 

bet Vallejo and Green 
Callaly Michael, laborer, dwl 13 Jessie 
Callan Thomas (Magrath 4- C.) dwl junction Mar- 
ket and Ellis 
Callaway Thomas J. bootmaker 647 Jlerchant, dwl 

504 Pacific 
Gallon Jeremiah, milkman with Murray & Noble 
Calloway Thomas, lamplighter S. F. Gas Co 

A. ROM A TV & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ts National Almanac & Annual Record, 700 pp. 



Calmm P:!triik, Old Stand Liquor Saloon 101 Fivst 

cof ^lishion, dwl 5()7 Mistiion 
Calott ( Hiver S. Capt. pilot office 305 Sacramento 
Calvary Cemetery (R. C.) Lone Mountain office 602 

Dupont, rear St. Marys Cathedral 
Calvary Jolin, contractor," dwl with Thomas Dunn- 

Calvert John T. mason, dwl G'2 Everett 
Calveit William, dentist office and dwl 109]\Iout 
Cambonrnac John, tailor S s Polk Alley 
Cambridge Silas, driver with Reynolds tfe Rankin, 

dwl 417 Folsom 
Cambridsre S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Camellarre Stephen, with Lemoine Froment & Co. 

dwl 515 Merchant 
Camerden Michael, butcher, dwl N s Pacific bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Cameron Alexander, turner, dwl 264 Minna 
CAMERON ANGUS, wood and ivory turning and 
scroll sawing 309 Market, Chace's Mills, dwl 
264 Minna 
Cameron Duncan, foreman boiler makers Union 

Foundry, dwl 46 Ritch 
Cameion Elizabeth (widow) dwl 312 Beale 
Cameron Emma (widow) dwl 1112 Kearny, rear 
Cameron James, U. S. Bakery 509 Third " 
Cameron -James, wood turner with A. Cameron, 

dwl 264 Minna 
Cameri)!! .John, jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. 616 

Cameron John B. pattern maker Fulton Foundry, 

dwl 757 Market 
Cameron Mary Miss, domestic with Morris War- 

Cameron Ro1)ert, liook-keeper 122 Stewart 
CAMERON, WHITTIER ( W. Frank) & CO. (E. 
B. Bt'iijamin) importers and jobbers paints, oils, 
window glass 42o and 427 Front 
Cameron William, mechanic S. F. Gas Co. dwl 38 

Cammet John, dwl 102 Stockton 
Camp Charles, clerk, dwl 609 Howard 
Camp Geortre, furniture, dwl S s Clementina bet 

Fifth aiid Sixth 
Camp lleiman, silver miner, dwl Russ House 
Camp Sarah (widow) dwl 811 Vallejo 
Camp \\illiara, musician, dwl 325 Pine 
Camp William R. cook with John Hart 
CAMPBELL A. & H. C. attorneys at law office 

room 6 JMetropolitan Block, dwl 22 Turk 
Campbell A.U. shoemaker 425 Califoruia,bds Benton 

Campbell Alexander, dwl 419 Post, rear 
Campbell Alexander, attorney at law office with 
Ilarvey S. Brown SW cor Montgomery and 
3Ierchant, dwl Tehama House 
Campbell Alexander, porter 419 Montgomery, dwl 

419 Post 
Campbell B. E. ^Irs. dwl Rail Road House 
Camjibell Charles, compcitiitor, dwl S s Washington 

bet Dupont and Stijckton 
Campbell D. hostler Flume House San Bruno Road 
Campbell Dorcas Miss, domestic 314 Geary 
Camjibell Duncan, rigger, dwl E s Montgomery bet 

I'liion iind Filbert 
Campbi-11 E. R. attorney at law office 612 Clay 
Campliell George (Dickson, DeWolf Sj- Co.) res 

Li ludon 
Campbell Henry C. (A. Sf H. C. Campbell) dwl 22 

Campbell Hugh, bds Sailor's Home 
Campbell Isaac, baker, dwl E s Third bet Brannan 

and Town send 
Campiiell J. A. coffin maker with N. Gray 641 Sac 
Camiibell James, 2d officer steamer Brother Jona- 
than office NW cor Front and Jackson 
Campbell James (colored) laborer, dwl 13 Scott 
Campbell Jane (widow) dwl with J. Wilson Bur- 

Campbell John, bds 608 Bush 

Camjibell Jolm, boarding and lodging 214 First 

Camiibell John, book-keeper with Pope & Talbot, 

dwl N s Brannan nr Second 
Campbell John, waiter Pacific Temperance House 
Campbell John, watches and jewelry 335 Keaniy, 

dwl 1 Milton Place 
Campliell John G. clerk SW cor Third and Harrison 
C'nnijibell John P. seaman, dwl 528 Pacific 
CampbellJ. W H. produce dealer 35 Clay, dwl 2 

Douglas Place 
Campbell Margaret Miss, dwl E s Wetmore Place 

nr Washington 
Cam]ibell ?,Iarg:iret Mrs. nurse, dwl 151 Natoma 
Cani])lieil IMarthn Miss, domestic 912 Stockton 
Campbell Mary Miss, domestic 728 Green 
Campbell P. Mrs. dwl 650 ^^^ashingtOll 
Campliell Patrick, drayman, dwl 325 Fourth 
Campbell Patiick, hand cartmau cor Washington 

and Davis 
Campbell Phillip, cokeman S. F. Gas Co 
Campbell Thomas, blacksmith Fulton Foundry, dwl 

cor Second and Brannan 
CAMPBELL (Thompson) & BRUMAGIM (John 

W.) attorneys at law offices 35 and 36 Mont- 
gomery Block, dwl Lick House 
Campbell \Valter C. pattern maker Vulcan Iron 

Works, dwl 820 Mission 
Campbell William C. broker, dwl Russ House 
Campbell William Henry, carpenter, dwl 829 Green- 
Campe Albert, lodgings 639 Jackson 
Campe Henry, clerk NE corner Folsom and First 
Campe Henry, groceries and liquors NWcor Second 

and Tehama 
Campe John, groceries and liquors NE cor Folsom 

and First 
Campe IMagnus, clerk NW cor Second and Tehama 
Campe William, dwl 639 Jackson 
Campian Jlary Miss, domestic w'ith James C. Hol- 

Campino Guillerno Senora, dwl W s Duncan Court 
Campion Thomas, drayman with William Horr 
Campioui Ernst, pressman with Blake & iloffitt 
Campney Phillip, furnituie 1311 Dupont 
Campodonico John, drayman with James Lick, dwl 

5 s Union bet Powell and Mason 
Campodonico Stephen, marble carver 526 California, 

dwl 309 Broadway 
Camuset Louis A. laundryman, dwl Mission Dolores 

rear Church 
Canavan Bartlett, billiard table maker with Phelan 

6 Hughes 

Canavan V. Henry (Castero Sj- Lacovr) dwl 613 

Cane Frank, meterman S, V. Gas Co 
Cane John, hairdresser What Cheer House • 
Cane John, laborer, dwl 318 Tehama 
Cane Michael, dwl 319 Bush 
Cane. See Caine and Kane 
Canev John, drayman with Goldstein, Seller & Co. 

217 Front 
Canfield Rufus J. collection department Wells, Far- 
go & Co. dwl 1608 Mason 
Ciuilield William, dwl foot Meig-gs Wharf 
Canbam iMiarles, cook, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Canham Wni. F. painter S s Hardie Place nr Kearny 
Cann Thomas, carpenter, dwl 412 Bush 
Cannavan John J. laborer, dwl 25 Beale 
CANNAVAN M. importer dry goods Bee Hive 

Building NE cor Washington and Dupont 
Cannibar Gustiiia Mrs. dwl N s Dupont Alley 
Canniliar .John S. mining, dwl N s Dnpont Alley 
Canning ^larv, nurse St. Mary's Hospital NW cor 

Bryant and First 
Canning Williom, deck hand steamer Yosemite 
Cannon James, laborer 116 Davis, rooms with John 


BUSWELL & CO., 517 C31ay St., Mining Companies' JBooks printed and bound at short notice. 



Cannon J. M. flwl Ross Houise 

Cannon Jolm S. cariia<je maker with Geo. P. Kim- 
ball & Co. chvl 748 Market 
Cannon William, lids Sailor's Home 
Cannon William, butcher with J. Wray 
Canovan Mark, laboier Loise Mountain Cemetery 
Cantlin William, carpenter, dwl W 6 Virginia nr 

Caiitrell Thomas, machinist Fnlton Foundry, dwl E 

s Litrldn bet Bush and Pine 
Cantrill William B. sash maker with Brokaw & 

Cantwell IMorris, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Canty Daniel, clerk with Jeremiah Regan 113 Mont- 
Canty Joseph, cook Occidental Hotel 
CantV Michael, dwl S s Louisa nr Fourth 
Canty Thomas, dwl 332 Third, rear 
Canty Timothy, merchant tailor 646 jMarket 
C;my Edward", mining stocks, dwl 552 Mission 
Capers John, laborer, dwl 27 Anthony 
Caperton John, mining secretary, office NW cor 

Front and Jackson, res Oakland 
Capins J. miner, bds Original House 
Capital G. & S. M. Co. office room 34 Metropolitan 

Capito William, blacksmith, dwl N s Brannan bet 

Sixth and Seventh 
Caplica John, laborer Mission Street Brewery, dwl 

27 Anthony 
Capon T. W. seaman, bds 39 Clay 
CAPP CHARLES S. attorney at law and mining 

secietary office NE cor Washington and Sansom 

room 5, dwl 527 Union 
Capprise Joseph, dwl 516 Vallejo 
Capto William, blacksmith ^yi'th IMurphy & Hart, 

dwl N s Braiuian bet Sixth and Seventh 
Caradine Sarah Mrs. laundry SW cor Commercial 

and East 
Caratfa Dominico, Genoa Bakery 1309 Dupont 
Carberry John, laborer, dwl 411 Post 
Carberry William, carpenter, bds 721 Market 
Carcovich Vincent, fruit 1106 Dupont 
Card Nicholas, door keeper U S. Marine Hospital 
CARD R. & CO. rS. Ro<rcrs) poultry and game 62 

and 63 A'S'ashin.gton Market, dwl "321 Sutter 
CARD STEPHEN, President Saucelito Steam Tug 

and Water Company, office 326 Clay, dwl 256 

Cardiff Joanna Miss, dressmaker with M'me Mi- 
chel, dwl Ws Powell bet Wash and Jackson 
Cardiff Richard J. plumber, dwl 114 Kearny 
Cardiff Stephen, plumber with Horgan &. Moffitt, 

dwl 114 Kearny 
Cardinell William H. calker, dwl S s Frederick 
CARDINET EiMILE. fish 25-28 Washington Mar- 
ket, dwl N s Lombard liet Powell and Mason 
Cardoza Liverada, dwl rear 209 Green 
Carew James, laborer, dwl SE cor Hayes and Van 

Ness Avenue 
Carew Roger, workman Central Railroad 
Carew Thomas, drayman cor Battery and Sac, dwl 

N s Fell bet Gough and Octavia 
Cavcy Anna IMiss, domestic 811 Jackson 
Carey Ellen Miss, domestic United States Hotel 304 

Carey John H. director Pacific College, dwl SW 

cor Vallejo and Mason 
Carey Jliny Miss, domestic with Frederick Leppien 
Carey Michael, cup w-asher 507 Clay 
Carey Sarah Miss, domestic with Selden S. Wright 
Carey Thomas, bricklayer, dwl S s Lombai'd nr 

^'an Ness Avenue 
Carey. See Gary 
Carfole John, gardener E s Laguna nr McAlUster, 

Hayes Park 
Carico S. ^M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Carie John, porter at Eagle Warehouse cor Davis 

and Pine, dwl 26 Lafayette Place 

Cariety Amelia Mrs. dyeing and scom-ing with John 

B. Goux 
Carignan Adolph, with M. Keller SW cor Pine and 

Carignan Narcisse, with M. Keller SW cor Pine and 

Carini Louis, co'ok 621 Commercial 
Caristie Rene, wines and liquors, W s Valencia bet 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Caritey John B. cook, dwl 210 Third 
Caritey Magdaline, dress making 210 Third 
Carkeeper Henry, bar keeper with Lucieu Aureau 
Carl Andrew J. merchant, dwl 412 Green 
Carl Charles, delivery clerk post office, dwl 214 

Carl Patrick, laborer, dwl NW cor Greenwich and 

Carl John, hostler with Baldwin & Killip, bds 

What Cheer House 
Carl. See Carroll and Carle. 
Carlau John, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Carlan ( William) & Filco (John) horseshoeing and 

blacksmithing 704 Broadway, dwl 810 Uriiou 
Carle Andi-ew f Brooks S,- CJ dwl 412 Green 
Carle Edward, porter 409 Sacramento 
Carleton Sarah, domestic 744 Howard 
Carleton. See Carlton. 
Carlin Hugh P. machinist Fulton Foundry, dwl 93 

Carlin John, laborer, dwl 65 Stevenson, rear 
Carlin Julia Miss, domestic 1025 Washington 
Carlin Margaret Miss, domestic 1026 Pine 
Carlin Roger, fireman S. P. Gas Co. dwl 208 First, 

Carlin William, porter with Dickinson &, Gammaus, 

dwl N s Turk bet Polk and Larkin 
Carlisle H. dwl What Cheer House 
Carlisle S. H. dwi 321 Pine 
Carlisle William E. (colored) steward stm. Senator, 

dwl 408 3Iarket 
Carlos Tiburcio, saddle manufacturer 525 Pacific 
Carls John H. porter 416 California, dwl 20 Scott PI 
Carlson Charles, laborer San Francisco Pioneer 

Woolen Factory, dwl Bhick Point 
Carlton C. C. elerk'Castle Bros, dwl 49 Natoma 
CARLTON FRANK D. fA. Roman Sf Co.) dwl 

49 Natoma 
Carlton George W. clerk with McRuer & Merrill, 

dwl 64 Tehama 
Carlton Harriet C. (widow) furnished rooms 327 and 

329 Bush 
CARLTON HENRY, Jr. (Wm. T. Coleman Sj- 

Co.) dwl Occidental Hotel 
Carlton Henry P. secretary State Superintendent 

Public Instruction 734 Montgomery, dwl 740 

Carlton (Oliver) & Co. (George Kimball) fish 44 

and butchers 55 Metropolitan Maiket, dwl 329 

Carlton Peter, seaman, dwl S s Folsom bet Main 

and Spear 
Carlton Richard, captain ship Torrent pier 12 Stewart 
Carlton S. & C. M. Co. office 606 Montgomery 
Carman J. dwl E s Larkin bet Union and Green, 

Carman Wm. physician, office and dwl 616 Howard 
Carmany Cyrus W. book-keeper Savings and Loan 

Society, dwl 621 Clay 
Carmany John H. printer with Towns & Bacon, 

dwl" 621 Clay 
Carmatz Adolph, watchmaker 702 Washington, bds 

Lutgen's Hotel 
Carmelich George, harness maker 412 Kearny 
Carmichael William, blacksmith with D. S. iFlagg, 

N s Green, nr Battery 
Carmony Lewis, porter 4"32 California 
Carnahan fAlc.cander) & Rutherford (Thomas) 

proprietors City Market 113 Fourth, dwl Nato- 
ma bet Fifth and Sixth 

A. BOMAM" & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograph Albums and Portraits of Notable Persons. 



Caniaud J. C. professor music 1013 Stockton 
Carnell fitichard) Sz. Foss f William M.) fruits and 

confectionery 140 iMont, dwl 31 Geary 
Carues George "A. delivery clerk Post Office, dwl 

214 Powell 
Carnes Patrick, butcher Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Carnet Frederick, hatter, dwl 1"20 Virginia 
Carney Andrew, drayman 413 Mont, dwl 813 San 
Caiiicy John, teamster with Geo. D. Nagle 
Caruiu .Joseph, Belvidere Lavmdry 83.5 Broadway 
Caro Louis, cig;irs and tobacco 31 Jackson 
Caro Samuel, clothing and furnishing goods 54 Third, 

dwl 207 Minna 
Caro Wolf, merchant, dwl 263 Stevenson 
Carolita G. tfe S. M. Co. office Government House 
Carpenter Augustine D. freight clerk C. S. N. Co. 

dwl "GO Folsom 
Carpenter Daniel, soap manufacturer, dwl 822 Sac- 
ramento, rear 
Cai'penter Daniel H. physician, ofRce and dwl NE 

cor Montgomery and Market 
Carpenter E. P. jeweler with li. B. Gray & Co. 

61(i Jlerchant 
Carpenter George, book keeper, dwl 521 Pine 
Carpenter George W. brass finisher 507 Market, dwl 

IIKJ Kearny 
Carpenter George W. clerk 17 California, bds 521 

Carpeuter Harriet Mrs. actress, dwl SE cor Jones 

and Geary 
Carpenter Henrietta Miss, dwl 519 Folsom 
Carpenter I. W. printer with Towne & Bacon, dwl 

cor Kearny and Pine 
Carpenter Miles B. (J. Y. Hallock Sf Co.) resides 

New York 
Carpenter N. T. clerk Chicago Hotel 
Carpenter Rose, ironer Coles' Laundry W s Dora 

bet Folsom and Harrison 
Carpeuter Samuel P. salesman 624 Claj', dwl 1 

Chatham Place nr Bush 
Carpenter Sarah F. Miss, dwl 531 Vallejo 
Carpenter Thomas, teamster with Geo. D. Nagle 
Carpenter William H. proprietor Golden Eagle Sa- 
loon 926 Kearny 
Carpenter William L. compositor Evening Bulletin, 

dwl 21 John 
CARPENTIEK EDWARD R. attorney at law 

office 606 Washington, dwl NE cor Montgomery 

and Market 
CARPENTIER HORACE W. President and attor- 
ney California State Telegraph Co. office 507 

Montgomery, resides Oakland 
Carpy Jeiin, drfiyman 623 Sansom, dwl cor Francis- 
co and Taylor 
Carr Andrew, laborer, dwl W s Dupont bet Bay and 

Carr Catherine, Miss, domestic 1109 Stockton 
Carr Henry, porter with James Phelan, dwl 10 

Baldwin Court 
CARR (J.) Sc RILEY, files, etc. Sheffield, England, 

L. W. Keimedy agent SE cor Pine and Sansom 
Carr James E. clieinist, dwl W s Taylor bet Filbert 

and Gieenwich 
Carr Jesse D. real estate, dwl 316 Folsom 
Carr J. F. clerk, dwl 226 Sansom 
Carr Joseph A. coojjcr at 217 Washington 
Carr J. T. book-keeper with Diss & Co. 
Carr J. Tiiurston, saddle and harness maker NW cor 

Sacianienlo and Haltery, dwl 39 Everett 
Carr Mary Aliss, doiiiestic .')i).j Bush 
Carr JMaiv Jane Miss, with Madame De Pazzi 1211 

CARR N. S. plumbers' goods New York city, L.W. 

Kennedy agent SE cor Pine and Sansom 
Carr Patrick, porter Occidental Hotel 
Carr I'ati ick, soap maker, dwl N s Valparaiso bet 

Ma:s(iu and Taylor 
Carr Syhester, apprentice with W. jMyers &, Co. 

dwl 2.3 Jane 

Carr Sylvester L. wood sawyer with W. JMyers, 

dwl Jane nr Mission 
Carr Thomas, laborer, dwl S s Filbert nr Sansom 

bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Carr \A'illiani, boatman cor Pacific and Davis 
Carr William, carpeuter and builder, dwl 135 Jack- 
Carr William, laborer, dwl 2 California 
Carr W^. N. dwl 331 Jessie 
Carrabine James, dwl 30 Jessie 
Cairanza Pedro, carriage painter 033 Broadway 
Carrau John, butcher 1 New Clay Street Market, 

dwl Mission bet Eighth and Ninth 
Carrau Joseph, butcher Clay Street Market, dwl 

021 Pacific 
Carrazalita S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Carrell John, carpenter, dwl 411 Post 
Carreras Manuel, master schooner Matilda Heron, 

dwl S s Sacramento below Drnnnn 
Carrick Bridget (widow) dwl 63 Stevenson, rear 
Carrick Daniel, seaman, dwl 03 Stevenson, rear 
Carrick James R. lather, dwl N s Clementina bet 

Fourth and Fifth 
Carrick Richard, fireman S. S. Golden Age, dwl 79 

Stevenson, rear 
Carridan John, dwl rear 116 Sutter 
Carrie Bell G. & S. il. Co. office Pioneer Building 
Carrie (Joseph A.J & Damon (James E.) import- 
ers and jobbers books, stationery, etc. 402 and 
404 Battery, dwl 38 Silver 
TION, rooms 618 Mei'chant 
Carrigan Andrew jr. salesman with Conroy & 

O'Connor, bds 845 Mission 
Carrigan Ann Miss, domestic 106 Stockton 
Carrigan Catherine Miss, domestic 1117 Stockton 
Carrigan John, expiess wagon, dwl 8 First 
Carrigan Michael, laborer, dwl 12 Dupont 
Carrigan P. laborer Spring Valley Water Works Co 
Carrigan Patrick, laborer with N. V. Hatch 
Carrigan. See Corrogan, Kerrigan 
Carrington Henry, dwl 719 Clay 
Carricpie Edward, dwl W s Leavenworth bet Cali- 
fornia and Sacramento 
Carrique Hannah (widow) dwl W s Leavenworth 

bet Califcirnia and Sacramento 
Carritey P. first cook Stevenson House, dwl Third 

bet Howard and Folsom 
Carroe A. with Henry Schroder & Co. 
Carroll Ann Miss, domestic 1210 Sacramento 
Carroll Ann (widow) millinery 24 Kearny 
Carroll Anna Miss, dwl 24 Kearny 
Carroll Catherine Aliss, domestic 1015 Jackson 
Carroll Christoidier F. express wagon Oakland Ferry 
Carroll Dennis, boiler maker, dwl cor Jackson and 

Carroll Dennis, laborer, dwl 834 Vallejo 
Carroll Dennis, liquor saloon E s Cemetery Avenue 

bet Sutter and Post 
Carroll Dennis L. (McGarvey, O'Connor Si- C.) 

dwl 215 Stevenson 
Carroll Edward, miner, dwl Franklin House 
Carrt)ll Ellen, domestic 757 Mission 
Carroll Fiank, book-keeper, dwl 200 Green 
Carroll James, clerk 714 Montgomery, dwl 410 Bush 
Carroll James, laborer Protestant Orphan Asylum 
Carroll Jeremiah, laborer, dwl N s Fulton bet La- 

guna and Octavia, Hayes Park 
Carroll John, bds 338 Bush 
Carroll John, with Thomas Connolly, dwl 920 

Carroll John, blacksmith North Beach & Mission 

R. R. Co. 
Carroll John, clerk, dwl Niantic Hotel 
Cai-roll John, porter 518 Washington, dwl St. Law- 
rence House 
CARROLL JOHN, importer wines and liquors 
305 and 307 Front, dwl 12 Clementina nr First 
Carroll .7ohn, laborer, dwl 312 Vallejo 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Books. 



Carroll Jolin, lamplighter S. F. Gas Co. dwl 509 

Howard, reiir 
Carroll Jt)lui, iimchinist, dwl St. Charles Hotel 
Carroll .John, p;anter, dwl 5.55 Howard 
Carroll .John C. bakery 5 Jessie 
Carroll John L. porter with J. W. Brittan & Co. 

dwl I'nion bet Stockton and Powell 
Cariol Joseph, butcher, dwl S s Mission bet Eighth 

and Ninth 
Carroll Joseph, clerk pier 20 Stewart 
Carroll Luke W. marble worker with Grant & 

Devine, dwl 110 Prospect Place 
Carroll IMarjiaret, domestic 240 Stevenson 
Carroll jMaryaret Miss, domestic, dwl 1022 Pine 
Carroll Maiaaret Miss, domestic 1123 Stockton 
Carroll IMiuiin drayman with J. W. Brittan & Co. 

dwl l.Vil Dnpont 
Carn.U Mary :\Iiss, dwl 24 Kearny 
Carroll Marv Jtrs. dwl E s Lafayette Place 
Carroll MicLael, bootmaker 630 Merchant, dwl Va- 

renne nr Union 
Carroll Michael, marble cutter, dwl 110 Prospect 

( iMioll O. machinist Pacific Iron Works 
(':irnill (Patrick) & livothur ( Thommt) groceries 

and li(iiuirs NE cor Minna and Third 
Carroll Patrick, marble cutter, dwl 110 Prospect 

Carroll Patrick, hostler, dwl W s Spring nr Cal 
CairoH Patrick, stone cutter, dwl 157 Minna 
Carroll liic'iiard, nalk ranch Old San Jos6 Road, 

4^ uules trom City Hall 
( 'arroll Richard T. book-keeper with John Carroll, 

dwl 12 Clementina 
Carroll T. dwl What Cheer House 
Carroll Thomas (Carroll 4^ Bro.) dwl NE cor 

Tliird and Minna 
Carroll Thomas P. insurance accountant with Jan- 
son, Bond tfe Co. dwl S s Green bet Dupont 

and Stockton 
Carroll Warren, dwl 19 Geary 
Carroin\'illium, carriage driver, dwl 815 Broadway 
Carroll William, cartman, dwl Polsom nr Eighth 
Carroll William, driver with George W. Green, 

dwl 5S;> Market 
Carroll William, laborer, dwl 335 Broadway 
Carruthers George (Eckert Sf C.) dwl E s Yerba 

Butna nr Clay 
Carset Pascal, laundry 636 Broadway 
C'arson Bernard, engraver 602 Mont, dwl 115 Post 
Carson Henry, express wagon cor Market and 

Kearny, d\^ 1 iiit5| Greenwich rear 
Carson Hill G. <fc S. M. Co. office 629 Commercial 
Carson .1. G. storekeeper U. S. Q. Warehouse SW 

cor California and Davis, dwl 115 Post 
Carson (John) &, Libby (E. L.) Bay City Restau- 
rant 30 Clay, dwl SVV cor Mission and Third 
Carson John, carpenter, dwl 20 Ritch 
Carson John, driver Onuiibus Railroad, d"wl 510 Sac 
Carson Pierre, milk ranch Hunter's Point 6 miles 

from City Hall 
Carsten Frederick, clerk with Christopher Scheper 

N\\' cor Montgomery and Sutter 
Carswell George W. porter with Tubbs & Co 
Carswell John D. foreman with Frank Eastman, 

dwl 325 Union 
Carter Albert (colored) dwl E s Union Place 
Carter C. dwl 28 Sansom 
Carter CI arles, plasterer, dwl SE cor Leavenworth 

and Slitter 
CARTER CHARLES D. real estate agent, office 

610 Merchant, dwl 1307 Taylor 
Carter Cornelius, laborer, dwl 267 Stevenson 
Carter Edward B. clerk U. S. Circuit Court, dwl 

826 Sacramento 
Carter Frederick S. book keeper, dwl 746 Howard 
Carter George B. (Trcadwell 4- Co.) res Boston 
Carter George B. (colored) porter steamboat Sophie 

McLane, dwl W s Mason bet Pac and Bdwy 

Carter George W. carpenter, dwl 23 Minna 
Carter G. W. T. drayman, dwl cor Third and Silver 
Carter Hannah (widow) dwl 267 Stevenson 
Carter Henry, teamster jiier 5 Stewart, dwl N sPost 

bet Leavenworth ami Hyde 
Carter J. dwl What Cheer House 
Carter James J. machinist Fulton Foundry, dwl 764 

Carter James J. conductor N. B. & M. R. R. dwl 

764 Harrison 
Carter Jeremiah, laborer, dwl 267 Stevenson 
Carter John, drayman, dwl 3 Minna 
Carter John T. book-keeper with S. A. Sanderson, 

dwl 746 Howard 
Carter John W. clerk SW cor Sansom and Commer- 
cial, dwl 746 Howard 
Carter John W. S. confectionery 236 Kearny 
Carter J. W. dwl What Cheer House 
Carter Lewis, laborer, dwl NW cor Hyde and 

Carter Louisa Mrs. teacher, dwl 442 Third 
Carter Lyman D. teamster with James A. Buckley 
Carter Margaret Mrs. dwl 442 Third 
Carter j\I. H. drayman cor Commercial and Front 
Carter Peter, secretary S. C. Water Works Co. dwl 

cor Pine aiLcl Jlorse 
Carter Rachel Mrs. (colored) domestic with Henry 

CARTER ROBERT W. house broker and real es- 
tate agent, office 706 Montgomery, dwl NW cor 

Pine and Jones 
Carter Santiago, millwright Miner's Foundry, bds 

Sierra Nevada Hotel 
Carter Sylvester, box maker with L. Racouillat, 

dwl SE cor Bush and Sansome 
Carteron Constant, liquor saloon 428 Washington 
Carthcut Joseph L. (Handy 4- C.) 408 Jackson 
Cartier Victor, lapidary 532 Broadway, rear 
Cartmell James, jeweler with B. Moriis & Co. dwl 

16 Ecker 
Cartmell Margaret (widow) dwl 16 Ecker 
Carto Benjamin, carpenter, dwl N s Hayes bet Oc- 

tavia and Gough 
Cai-ton James E. clerk 631 Wash, dwl 27 Natoma 
Carton Peter, dwl with Leonard M. Felker 1922 

Cartwriglit Thomas, captain schooner Charlotte, dwl 

26 Post 
Cartwright Thomas, driver with Bradshaw «fe Co. 

bds 128 Sansom 
Carty Bridget Miss, domestic 611 Stockton 
Carty James, cooper 516 Front 
CartV Mary, domestic 732 JMission 
CAliTY (Paid) & WILLIAMS (Thomas J.J Yi- 

quor saloon 209 Leid, dwl 320 Green, rear 
Carty. See McCarty, McCarthy, and MacCarther 
Carvalho Charles "T. Chinese Intei-preter City Hall, 

dwl 17 Minna 
Carvey Thomas, laborer, bds Western Hotel 
Carvill Orrin S. (Pollard 4^ C.) dwl .500 Mission 
Cary Ann Miss, domestic with G. O'Hara TaafFe 
Gary Eliza Miss, don)estic 1018 Washington 
Cary Isaac G. (colored) hair dressing saloon 640 Clay 
Cary J. dwl 1 Hunt 
GARY JAMES C attorney at law, office room 1 

604 Jlerchant, dwl 20 'Tehama 
Cary John, with Timothy Sargent 
Cary (S. D.) &. Winegar (A. B.) salt and flour 322 

Front, dwl SE cor Taylor and Vallejo 
Cary Thomas G. connnission merchant, office 426 

California, dwl Union Club Rooms 
Cary. See Carey 

Casamapi August, dwl Portsmouth House 
Casanova Eugene, clerk Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
Casanova Henry (F. Dancri iy Co.) 421 Jackson 
Casanova Virginia (widow) dwl 709 Bi-oadway 
Casar William, watei-iuan, dwl 18 Stockton Place 
Casas P. B. (J. B. Osborii Sj- Co.) res Oakland 
Casazza Carlo, dwl 517 Union 

A. ROMAlsr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, New Books for sale as soon as published. 



Casazzo Orlando, drayman with Laviosa, Marengo 

<fc Co. dwl E s Union Place 
Chsc Elijah, merchant, dwl 50-J Sutter 
Case George A. job wagon SW cor Wash and Mont, 

dwl Es Larlvin bet Clay and Washington 
Case .Tofei>h, l>rakeman Market St. R. R'. dwl E 8 

Yuk-ucia bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Case Philiji H. salesman with William Sherman & 

Co. dwl 708 Taylor 
Casebolt George T. salesman with H. Casebolt & 

Co. dwl 34 Everett 
CASEBOLT H. &. Co. importei's and jobbers car 

riages and materials 26 Battery and R. R. Car 

Manufactory SW cor Fifth and Market, dwl 34 

Casebolt Ira J. carriage smith, dwl 145 Fourth 
Casebolt Jacob D. foreman with H. Casebolt &. Co. 

dwl 34 Everett 
Caselli Alexander, office with Pioche & Bayerque, 

dwl 403 California 
Casemago Paul, cook, dwl SW cor Broadway and 

Casey Annie, domestic International Hotel 
Casey Bridget Mrs. domestic with E. Willard Bun- 
Casey Bridget (widows) dwl 337 Fourth 
Casey Daniel, blacksmith with Black & Miller, dwl 

AV 8 Wash Avenue bet Howard and Mission 
Casey Daniel H. hatter with R. J. Tiffany, bds with 

Joseph Casey 
Casey Eliza Miss, domestic 824 Bush 
Casey Eugene M. plumber and gas fitter NE cor 

Montgomery and Jackson, dwl 926 Montgomery 
Casey E.' W. secretary City R. R. Co. ottice 520 

Casey Fiauk, laborer with E. Willard Burr 
Casey Henry, clerk with C. V. Gillespie, dwl Michi- 
gan Avenue 
Casey James, express wagon, dwl 129 Stevenson 
Casey" John, laborer, dwl 519 Mission 
Casev John, operator State Telegraph Co. Occiden- 
tal Hotel 
Casey Joseph, tailor, dwl NW cor Ellis and Leav 
Casey Joseph (colored) barber with John Collins, 

dwl Clay bet Stoclcton and Dupont 
Casey M. (widow) dwl 1(3 Ecker 
Casey Margaret Miss, domestic with James J. Doyle 

J& s Powell bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Casey ^largaret (widow) dwl W s Salmon bet Pa- 

cilic and Broadway 
Casey Maigaret, launrlress 326 Second 
CasL'V ^[aryarel Jlrs. liquors and saloon 921 Kearny 
Casey Maggie Tiii-ss, t^old leaf cutter, dwl 616 Mission 
Casey 31ary Miss, douie.stie with George Peck 
Casey Mary Mrs. lifjuor saloon 533 Jackson 
Casey Matthew, laborer with David B. Hughs 
Casey ilichael, carpenter, dwl E s Leavenworth 

bet Geary and Post 
Casey Michael M. hack driver Plaza, dwl 1301 Pac 
Ca;<ey Owen, v.-orkuian S. F. & Pacific Sn.uar Co. 
Casey Pairick, woikmau S. F. & Paeilic Sauar Co. 
Ca.sev Patrick J. painter 38 California, dwl KE cor 

Minna and Third 
Casey Thomas, contractor, dwl 217 Third 
Cash" Samuel, bolt cutter Jliners' Foundry, dwl Jane 
Cash William, dwl What Cheer House 
Cashan Benjamin, driver 206 Second, dwl with G. 

Cashel Flank, laborer, dAvl 1 Hodges Alley 
Cashnian Dennis, dwl 8 Silver 
Cashman William, foreman with John Kehoe 634 

Market, dwl S s Bush bet Dupont and Kearny 
Cashman William F. (SuUivau cY C.) bds Occi- 

denlal Hotel 
Casner John, cigar maker 81 Jessie 
Caspersen Martin, uiiluilsterer with Wightman & 

Hardie, dwl Original House 
Cass Julia Miss, domestic 533 Sutter 
Cass Alargaret, domestic 607 Harrison , 
Cass Mary, domestic W s Crook nr Townsend 

Cass Robert, dwl N s Louisa nr Fourth 

Cassandra G. & S. M. Co. office 607 Clay 

Cassebohm William, book-keeper with M. Speyer 
526 Washington, dwl 769 Mission 

Cassell Joseph, bricklayer, dwl 158 Second 

Cassen Melissa Misa, dwl 827 Clay 

Caesera Manilla Miss, dwl 1717 Stockton 

Caserlv Alexander, dwl SW cor Cal and San 

CASSERLY EUGENE, attorney at law office NW 
cor Mont and Com, dwl 410 Harrison 

Casserly John, dwl Atlantic House 

Casserly Mary Miss, domestic 811 Stockton 

Casserly SlicCael, dwl Atlantic House 

Casserly JMichael, omnibus Waverly House 32 Jack- 

Casserly Patrick, proptr Atlantic House 210 Pacific 

Cassiday Catherine Miss, domestic 27 Conmiercial 

Cassiday Hugh, laborer, dwl N 8 Valparaiso bet 
Mason and Taylor 

Cassidy Daniel, laborer, dwl S b Hinckley bet Du- 
pont and Kearny 

Cassidy f Edward) & Hm-ley (.Tames) butchers 4 
Occidental ilarket, dwl 558 Howard 

Cassidy Ellen Mrs. dwl E s Vincent 

Cassidy Hugh, laborer, bds with W. Kerr 903 Bat 

Cassidy James, laborer, dwl S s Hinckley bet Du- 
pont and Kearny 

Cassidy John, hostler with A. H. Connelly & Co. 14 

Cassidy .John, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 
dwl 25 Everett 

Cassidy John C. assistant steward Pacific Club 
Rooms 633 Commercial 

Cassidy John H. engineer Saucelito water boat, dwl 
5 Washington 

Cassidy John J. waiter Russ House, dwl N s Clem- 
entina bet Third and Foui-th 

Cassidy J. W. dwl What Cheer House 

Cassidy Kate Miss, cook 23 Tehama 

Cassidy Mary, domestic 325 Pine 

Cassidy Mary (widovr) dwl 318 Bush 

Cassidy MiclJael, hackman Plaza, dwl N 8 Jackson 
nr Kearny 

Cassidy Philip, cartman Minna bet Third and Fourth 

Cassidy R. wagon maker Crescent Engine Co. No 1 

Cassie William, driver Pioneer Flour Mills, dwl NW 
cor Larkin and Ellis 

Cassimere .John (colored) waiter 745 Clay 

Cassin Francis, book-keeper with P. Riley & Co. 
dwl 42 Natoma 

CASSIN JAiMES Rev. pastor St. Francis Church, 
dwl 519 Green 

Cassin Martin, shoemaker 665 Mission 

Cassin IMary F. Miss, teacher music and drawing 
46 Natoma 

Cassin. See Kasson 

Cassman \Mlliaiu, liquors, dwl 731 Washington 

Cassmann Jean B. laundry 406 Union 

Casson P. importer cigars 711 Sausom, dwl 536 

Castagnet Dominique, groceries and liquors 709 

Castalo Teodora, dwl N s St. Charles 

Castany Antoine, saddle and harness maker 121 Bat 
tery, dwl E s Stockton bet Clay and Wash 

Castel Francis C. furniture and upholsterer 811 Clay 

Castelano Andrea, restaurant and lodgings 1013 

Castello Edward, plasterer, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 

Caster Elizabeth, domestic 810 Valiejo 

CASTERA {JeanE.) & LACOUli (Louis) (P. 
H. Canavan) importers and jobbers wines and 
liquors 540 Washington, dwl SE cor Washing- 
ton and Dupont 

Castillo Gerardo d'Del, dwl 629 Valiejo 

Castillo Jesus, fruit, dwl 1119 Kearny 

Castillo Jesus, fisherman, dwl S 6 Dupont Alley 

Castle Clias. H. engineer Vulcan Iron Works, dwl 
N 8 Freelon bet Third and Fourth 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay Street, Slaak Books of aU kinds made at the shortest notice. 



Castle D. H. sawyer Chace's Mills, dwl cor Howard 

and Tenth 
CASTLE BROTHERS (Frederick L. and Michael 
Castle) wholesale grocers 213 aud 215 Front, 
dwl 1115 Stockton 
Castle James, bar keeper with Patrick Cody San 

Jose Road 
Castle Jliehael f Castle Bros.) dwl 314 Stockton 
Castle Nicholas, carrier Alta California, dwl W s 

Mason bet Pacific and Broadway 
CASTLE STEPHEN W. auction and commission 

731 Montjioinery 
Castner Charles, spar maker, dwl 3G3 First 
Castner William H. «hip carpenter, dwl E s Fremont 

bet Harrison and Brvant 
Castree David B. (B^^rne 4' C.) dwl NE cor Thir- 
teenth aud Howard 
Castoreua R. laundress, dwl 1428 Stockton, rear 
Castorene Pascal, Lafayette Hook & L. Co. No. 2 
Castro C. (widow) dwl 1015 Stockton 
Castro J. fanner, dwl 1114 Stockton 
Castro Pedro, dwl lxi31 Stockton 
Casula Angela, dwl liU8 Stockton, rear 
Caswell Mason, clerk 2 O'Farrell 
Caswell Mason P. carpenter, dwl SW cor Polk 

and Eddy 
Caswell S. B'. stock and exchange broker 610 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 218 Bush 
Cataraugus G. &. S. M. Co. office 322 Montgomery 
Cathcari AVilliam (Mallory 4- C.) dwl 552 Folsom 
Cathcai t William S. waterman, dwl N s Pacitic bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Catheriua C. (widow) dwl 30 Sacramento, rear 
Catlin Pierce H. fruits and confectionery 43 Third 
Caton Hannah (widow) dwl 91 Stevenson 
Caton Honora (widow) dwl witli JIalaehi Norton 
Caton Miciuiel, laborer witli William H. Green 
Caton Thomas, boot aud shoemaker S s Sixteenth, 

bet Dolores and Guerrero 
Cattou John C. broker, dwl 403 Kearny 
Catton William M. with Dickson, DeWolf &. Co. 

dwl SW cor Green and Kearny 
Cau Toiiiva, fisherman, dwl G21 Pacific, rear 
Caughell Peter, marinei', dwl N s Filbert bet Lar- 

kin and Polk 
Caughlin John, laborer, dwl 518 Mission 
Caughlin John, laborer, dwl W s Fillmore bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Caughlin William, laborer, dwl N s Jackson bet 

Jones and Leavenw^orth 
Cauley Jeremiah, apprentice Union Foundry, dwl 

500 Mis.sion 
Caun T. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
Cavalk Andreas, machinist 726 Commercial 
CAYALLIER J. B. E. real estate aud stock broker 
presiiient S. F. Stock and Exchange Board, 
office til!:) Washington, dwl 521 Post 
CavalJier Jules P. secretary mining companies office 

619 Washington, dwl 521 Post 
Cavallis C. N. painter with Hopps, Kanary & Co 
Cavalrey Ann iMrs. dwl 402 Valiejo 
Cavallo Francisco, fruit, dwl S s Dupont Alley 
Cavan George, ship joiner, dwl 822 Union 
Cavanugh James, machinist Union Foundry 
Cavauagh John, laborer Chelsea Laundry 
Cavanagh Kate, domestic 218 Third 
Cavanagii Patrick, carriage paintei-, bds 721 Market 
Cavauagii Patrick, drayman with Turner & Har- 
vey, dwl N s Minna bet Seventh and Eighth 
Cavauaugh James, carpenter, bds 333 Bush 
Cavanaugh John, dwl S s Berry nr Dupont 
Cavanavigb John, servant with Alexander Campbell 
Cavanieio Louis, vegetable dealer, dwl W 6 Ban- 
nan Place 
CAVA YE ADOLPH, groceries and liquors SE cor 

Stockton and St. Marks Place 
Caverly Ann (widow) dwl 16 Jessie 
Caverly Richard, l)oiler maker Union Foundiy, dwl 
16 Jessie 

Cawley Edward, teamster, dwl 36 Tehama 
Caxton G. & S. M. Co. office 606 Jlontgomery 
Caj1;on W. W. clerk quartermaster's dept U. S. A. 

742 "\\'ashington, dwl 313 Fremont 
Cayuga G. tfe S. M. Co. office 606 Montgomery 
Cazalis Eugene, office 314 Commercial, dwl NW 

cor California and Powell 
Cazaux B. boot and shoemaker 710 Pacific 
Cazeau D. restaurant NW cor Sansom and Merch 
Cazenave Eugene, clerk with Charles Rothurier, 

dwl 1030 Dupont 
Cazneau Dean B. cigar maker, dwl 620 Pacific 
CAZNEAU THOMAS N. average adjuster under- 
writers' rooms, 504 Battery, dwl E s Thirteenth 
nr Howard 
Cazneau William, shipmaster, dwl E s Thirteenth 

nr Howard 
Cazneau William L. jr. clerk Recorder's office, dwl 

906 Powell 
Caznoll Emma Miss, dwl 500 California 
Ceary John, clerk, dwl E s Lafayette Place 
Cedar G. & S. M. Co. office 305 Montgomery 
Cedar Hill M. & T. Co. office 509 Sacramento 
Celts Ferdinand; tin worker 151 Fourth 
Celerier Augustine, wines and liquors 1021 Du- 
Celestia S. & C. M. Co. office 606 Montgomery 
Cella Antonia, bar keeper with V. Squarza, dwl 

Union nr Stockton 
Celle E. physician, office and dwl 829 Washington 
Celle Josepli, dwl 713 Powell 
Celler Herman, hostler, 669 Market 
Celler M. with E. Bloomingdale, dwl 766 Howard 
Cenega B. lithographer 803 Montgomery, dv^'l 729 

Center James, laborer, dwl W s Howard bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth 
CENTER JOHN, real estate office SE cor Mont- 
gomery and California, dwl NW cor Sixteenth 
and Folsom 
Center John, engineer, dwl 3d floor U. S. Court 

Center John jr. salesman with R. A. Swain 518 

Center. See Senter 
Cent Livre Eliza Mrs. dwl E s Sansom bet Valiejo 

and Green 
Central America G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Wash 
Cential Hall, SW cor Market and Second 
Central House 814 and 816 Sansom 
CENTRAL RAILKOAD CO. office 229 Bush 
Cential S. M. Co. olHce 712 Montgomery 
Central Wharf Co. office 522 Clay 
Ceies Miguel, dwl Union Hotel Plaza 
Cerf Juha (widow) dwl 1311 Stockton 
Cerf Julius, crockery, dwl W s Taylor bet Geary 

and OFarrell 
Cerina Frank, bottle dealer, dwl 84 Stevenson 
Ceuninch Palex, proprietor Netherlands House 607 

Cevis Frederick, shoemaker, dwl 813 Clay 
Cfallaud James M. blacksmith, bds 205 Sansom 
Chabot John, supt S. F. C. Water Works Cement 

Pipe Manufactory office 806 Montgonierv 
CHACE (Benjami'a T.) & MACDONALDS 
(Donald A. and John H. Macdonald) [froprie- 
tors Chace's Saw and Planing Mills SW cor 
Beale and Market, dwl 220 Fremont 
Chace. See Chase 
Chadbourne Andrew J. driver Eclipse Bakery 1414 

Chadbourne Charles F. drayman 216 California, 

dwl 1414 Dupont 
Chadbourne Joseph, proprietor Eclipse Bakery 

1412-1418 Dupont 
Chadbourne Levi, clerk 425 Davis, dwl E s Larkin 

nr Green 
Chadbourne N. M. Jliss, teacher Mission school, dwl 
Presidio Road 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Theological and Scientific Books. 



Cliaillioiiine Thomas jr. bda with J. Chadbourne 

1114 Diiiiont 
Chadwick E. C. M. capt steamer Chrysopolis, office 

NK cor Front and .Jackson 
Chadwick Jolin, SE cor Davis and Commercial 
Chadwick Kondi, machinist with .John Lockhead 

111 Beale, dwl Pine nr (Jiuncy 
Chadwick X. G- carpenter, dwl 615 California 
Cbasjniaud Peter, tailor, dwl SVV cor Broadway 

and Duijont 
CliaiKiicau Victor, dwl 621 Pacific, rear 
Cbalas Celestine (widow) dwl 622 Clay 
Chalas L. jeweler witii Lenune Bros, dwl 622 Clay 
Cliallauiel Maurice, cij;ars and tobacco 121 Kearny 
Cbalinan .John, rope maker S. V. Cordage Co 
Cbahners .lames B. street contractor, dwl S s Hyde 

bet Bush and Sutter 
Chalmers .James B. jr. operator with Bryan & 

Johnston, bds with James B. Chalmers 
Chalovich {Andmc) & Co. (^Gabriel Constadter) 
New ^Vorld Coilee Stand NE cor Commercial 
and Leidesdorli', dwl junction California and 
Chamheriere Isadore (C. C. Grcllet 4* Co.) dwl 

6"2G California 
Chamberlain Blanehard, steward 508 Washington, 

dwL 44 Stevenson 
Chanilieilain Henry L. foreman with Locke & 

Jlontague, dwllU? Powell 
Chamberlin A. Lewis, Commissioner Deeds for 
Nevada Territor}'' and secretary mining com- 
panies office 413 Montgomery, bds Lick House 
Chamberlin Edward C. newspaper carrier, dwl 1 

Quincy Place nr Pine 
Chamberlin Joseph P. wines and liquors 113 Sec- 
ond, dwl 18 Tehama 
Chamberlin Louisa (widow) dwl 811 Stockton 
Chamberlin Eobert, batliman Original House 
Chamberlin Samuel B. drayman with D. J. Oliver, 

dv.-l Nevada hot Folsom and Harrison 
Chamberlin William, salesman with A. Atkinson & 

Co bds Niautic Hotel 
Chamliers David W. secretarv Coso G. & S. JI. Co. 
olticell Court Block 636 Clay, dwl 615 Stockton 
Chambers Frank W. cabinet maker with L. Eman- 
uel, dwl Pacific Tem[ erance House 
Chambers George, messengei TT. S. Surveyor Gen- 
eral's office 
Chambers George, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
(Chambers George W. steward steamer Cornelia 
Chambers Horace B. secretary mining companies 

office 619 Washington 
Chambers Israel Chelsea Laundry 
Chambers .John, bowhng saloon 1 L Washington 
Chambers .John, cook, bds 20.'3 Sausom 
Chandieis Peter, 'lonnshoreman, bds 39 Clay 
Chambers Thomas J. A. real estate, dwl W s Pow- 
ell bet Fill)ert and Greenwich 
Chamon Eugene, comnositor L' Union Franco Ameri- 

caine, dwl 746 ^\ ashington 
Chamon Julius, coumositorL' Union Franco Ameri- 

caine, dvvd 746 Washington 
Champhill Jolm, shoemaker, dwl 325 Pine 
Chaui[ilain .fohn, clerk What Cheer House 
Champlin Hester Mi.^s, teacher Union Street School, 

dwl 9 .Jane 
Champlin Ira, mining, dwl 32 Natoma 
Chamjiiiu Wm. B. apothecary 229 Third 
Chanipromy .John B. liquor saloon 752 Market 
Chance Margaiet (widow) dwl 43 Ecker 
Chandler Bethia Miss ( Stickncy Sf C.) dwl 26 

Chandler "(CV/f/z-Zcs) & Taylor (John G.) Ariel 

Saloon Eureka Theater,"dwl 77 Clementina 
Chandler George C. jjorter 38 Califonua, res NE 

cor ^lontgomery and Greenwich 
Chandler Richard, coal weigher Cal. Steam Naviga- 
tion Co. dwl 306 Green 

Chandler Robert, pilot steamer Helen Hensley, dwl 

W 8 Market bet Union and Filltert 
Chandler Thomas, bootmaker Manhattan Engine 

Co. No. 2 
Chantry David, with Buckley & Jones 16 Sutter, 

dwl 12 Sutter 
Chai)aHiei- William, harness maker 216 Battery 
Chaparral Hill G. & S. M. Co. office 629 Com 
Chapel .Jonathan A. dwl N s Vallejo bet Battery and 

CHAPELLE A. MARIUS, stock broker and real 

estage agent, office 619 Merchant (member S. 

F. Stock &. Exchange Board) dwl 65 Miima 
Chapin E. M. clerk with Crane & Brigham, dwl 

2.57 Stevenson 
Chapni Ezra W. mining office with George W. 

Chapiu & Co. 708 Kearny 
CHAPIN GEORGE W. & CO. real estate and 

employment office 7,08 Kearny, dwl 1018 Clay 
Chapman Charles C. contractor, dwl 509 Stockton 
Chapman C. M. Mrs. ladies hairdressing 687 JIarket 
Chapman Cyrus C. salesman with J. C Horan & 

Co. dwl"!!! Silver 
Chapman Francis G. teamster Easton's Laundry 
Chaimian George W. proprietor Apollo Baths and 

Water Works 687 Market 
Chapman Howard, carpenter, dwl .500 Mission 
Chapman Henry, pai)er hanger, dwl 232 Stevenson 
Chapman James Capt. mariner, dwl 327 Beale 
Chapman James, carpenter, dwl 709 Folsom 
Chapman John, sash and blind maker with Brokaw 

& Metcalf 
Chapman M. Mrs. teacher, dwl 127 Fourth 
Chapman Ralph J. job wagon junction Market and 

Montgomery, dwl 4 William 
Chapman Thomas, laborer, dwl 212 Dupont, rear 
Chappe .Jean, with Foster Moigneu 211 Sutter 
Chajipell George, farmer with George Treat 
Chappell Jacol) G. policeman City Hall, dwl 53 

Hinkley near Dupont 
Chardin R.dwl 626 California 
Chiirles Cany M. Co. office 338 Montgomery 
Chiules George, dwl Custom House Phice 
Charles Henry, mariner, dwl 711 Lombard 
Charles .John, porter 411 Pine 
Charles M. baker, bds Original House 
CHARLES (Thomas C.) & SMITH (Robert) 

stock and exchange brokers office 428 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 1/05 Dupont 
Charlton Frauk, (colored) bootblack 533 Sacramento 
Cliarlton Sarah Miss, domestic 1003 Stocldon 
Cha'", ..ntier Adolphe, cigars and tobacco 710 Market 
Charpiot Joseph, carpenter, dwl 938 Dupont 
Charpiot Madam, lodgings SE cor Dupont and 

J ackson 
Charriere Eugene, cook with William E. Barron 

606 Stockton 
Charruau Jleluic (widow) preserved meats, sau- 
sages, etc. 6 New Market 518 Clay, dwl Powell 

bet Jackson and Pacific 
Chart Olied, garden S s Presidio Road opposite Pre- 
sidio House 
Charton S. teacher languages 68 Montgomery Block 
Chartrey R. with L. P^ Garcin 34 Sutter 
Chase Alexander, aid U. S. C. Survey office Custom 

Chase Andrew J. (Breed Sf C.) dwl 20 Perry 
Chase C. H. actor Maguire's Opera House, dwl 6 

Wetmoie Place 
Chase Charles, 'longshoreman, bds NE cor Davis 

and Sa(!ramento 
CHASE (CharlesJ M. & BORUCK (Marcus D.J 

editors and proprietors Spirit of the Times and 

Fireman's Journal office 430 Montgomery, dwl 

1007 Washington 
Chase Daniel J. cigar maker, dwl 622 Commercial 
CHASE E. .JACOB, superintendent Washington 

Market office with Graves dt Williams 536 Clay 
Chase Ellen (widow) dwl 210 Minna 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Rulers. 



Cliase George, dwl 86 Everett 

Cliase George L. fhvl 31!l Fremont 

Chase fdeorge W.) «fc Wood f Granville N.J horse 

radisli depot 53 Metropolitan Market, dwl 208 

Cliase G. H. actor, dwl W s Wetmore Place nr Clay 
Cliase Heurv A. printer with Charles F. Robbins & 

Co. dwi lOOS Taylor 
Chase James B. stevedore, dwl E s ]Mason bet 

Broadway and Vallejo 
Chase J. E. collector Clay Street Wharf 
Chase J. L. importer, bds Original House 
Chase John, clei k :m Battery, dwl 319 Fremont 
Chase John A. with Chaifes 11. Harrison, dwl 

Heimburg's Hotel 
Chase Neri, calker, dwl 230 Beale 
Chase Quiiicy A. salesman with Andrew Kohler, 

res Oakland 
CHASE R. P. physician office 608 Market, dwl 31 

Chase William T. Howard Engine Co. No. 3 
Chase. See Chace 
Chassagne Leon, clerk 434 Jackson 
Chatanque S. M. Co. office 706 Montgomery 
Chatlield Richard, clerk Pacific Engine Co. No. 8, 

dwl Battery nr Pine 
Chatluim J. rancho, dwl Potrero 1 mile SE Brannan 

Street Bridge 
C'hauncey Cynthia I. Mrs. dwl 432 Greenwich 
Chauncey Henry N. clerk with Alsop &. Co. 413 

Chauvet Justine, calker, dwl 223 Bush 
CHAUVIN O. agent Union Maritime Society 

France office 314 Commercial, dwl Lick House 
Chavon Eulie Mrs. furnished rooms SW cor Cali- 
fornia and Sansom 
Chavon Jules, mariner, dwl SW cor California 

and Sansom 
Cheeseman Michael, painter, dwl 151 Natoma 
Cheeseman Richard S. dwl NE cor Sacramento 

and Prospect Place 
Cheeseman Robert P. pile driver, dwl 62 Clem- 
CHEKSMAN DAVID W. treasurer U. S. Branch 

Jlint and assistant treasurer U. S. office Jlint 

608 Connuercial, dwl S s Howard bet Twelfth 

and Thirteenth 
Cheesman jVIorton, real estate office 402 MpntgpoM 

erv, dwl .320 Third t '^^ ^ ^ 'h^U^^^ 
Chelon G. & S. M. Co. office 896 Front ^ 
Chely Louis, macliinist 807 Battery 
Ciiemezon ]\I. bootmaker, dwl 813 Clay 
CHEMIN LEON, editor L' Union Franco Ameri- 

caine, office 517 Clay, dwl NW cor Sansom and 

Cheniinant Adolph, apothecary and chemist NE cor 

Broadway and Dupont, (Iwl W s Virginia nr 

Chenaud Francis, dwl 645 Third 
Chenango M. Co. office .53 Alontgomery Block 
CHENERY RICHARD, U. S. Navy Agent, office 

Pioneer Building 810 Jlont, dwl 1005 Stockton 
Cheney Aaron, carpenter, dwl 665 Mission 
CHENEY DAVID B. Rev. pastor First Baptist 

Church and editor Evangel, office .536 Clay, dwl 

1417 Taylor 
Cheney Henry W. with J. A. Dorr 424 Jlontgomery, 

dwl Rail Road House 
Cheney Jesse (Savory c^ Co.) dwl 924 Mission 
Cheney Richard B. dwl 1234 Stockton 
Cherering Henry, wines and liquors 9 .Jackson 
Cherokee G. & "S. M. Co. office 804 Mont room 16 
Cherrott T. butcher with Zimmerrnann & Mocker 
Clierrus ^latthew, dwl SE cor Druiiun and Merch 
Cherry John, barber, dwl N s Dupont Alley 
Cherry John, butcher 904 Stockton 
Cherry John AV. State Stamp Inspector, office 28 

Govennnent House, dwl E s llj'de bet Green 

and Union 

Cherry Patrick, laborer, dwl 767 Howard 
Cheslev Charles P. dentist, office 12 Montgomery, 

dwl 238 Minna 
Chessler Horace, dwl SW cor Sac and Prospect 

Chessler Louis, butcher, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Chester George B. with Saml. Price &. Co. dwl cor 

Jackson and Viiginia 
Chester Henry (Hyde S,- C.) dwl 619 Mission 
Chester John, driver with D. C. McGlynn, dwl 27 

St. Marks Place 
Chevallier Antonio, washing, dwl S s Sirtter bet 

Powell and Mason 
Chevallier Louise Madam, dwl 825 Wiishinglon 
Chevallier Pierre, civil engineer, bds California 

Chevallier Victor, druggist 739 Clajt 
Chevassus Edward, book-keeper with J. E. Rene, 

716 Montgomery 
CHEVERS WILLIAM H. U. S. Commissioner 

and Clerk U. S. District Court, office 16, 17 and 

18 U. S. Court Building, dwl 627 Union 
Chevesich Henry, book-keeper with D. Ghirardelli 

Sc Co. 417 Jackson 
Cheyne Robert, fruits and cigars 140 First 
Chicago and Detroit Consolidated G. &. S. M. Co. 

oHice 24 Naglee's Building 
Chicago Hotel 220 Pacilic, Daniel Parrish proprietor 
Chichester James, polisher dwl W s Mason bet 

O'Parrell & Ellis 
Chick Augustus, dwi S s Washington bet Hyde and 

Chick Benedict, tailor, dwl S s O'Farrell bet Tay- 
lor and Jones 
Chick Harrison, piano wagon SW cor Montgomery 

and Sacramento, dwl cor Lombard and Dupont 
Chielovich Andiew, saloon Railroad Depot 7 Cal 
Chiery .John, wig maker 509, dwl S b Pacific bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Chihuahua and Western Summit M. Co. office 630 

Child A. Mrs. furnished rooms 608 Market 
Child Annie Miss, dwl 2()9 Second 
Child Charles, clerk with lleuston, Hastings <fe Co. 

dwl Shiel's Block 
Child Edwin F. stock and exchange broker 606 

Montgomery, dwl 940 iMission 
Child E. O. painter NE cor Battery and Jackson 
Chifd Henry H. L. watercart Market op Jlont 
Child Osmoie, dwl 178 Minna 
Child Thomas T. mining secretary office 606 Mont- 

gouieiy, dwl E s ^Montgomery nr Green 
Childers Prentice, letter clerk Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Childless Henry .J. miner, dwl 1705 Dupont 
Childs Charles W. collector, office 528 Montgom- 
ery, dwl -325 Bush, lear 
Childs George (Howard Sf C.) dwl 740 Folsom 
Childs George E. book-keeper with George Hughes 

NW cor Sansom and CJay 
Childs (J. C.J & ^lA-a\\- (Samuel J Big Lead Saloon 

316 Pacific 
Chilk .James, carpenter, dwl 74 1 Market 
Chimimo Domingo, clerk, dwl 837 Sacramento 
Chimney Rock G. & S. M. Co. office 426 Montgomery 
Chin Lee (Chinese) washing 1011 Dupont 
Ching Ah You (Chinese) merchant 641 Jackson 
Ching Foo (Chinese) washing .521 Broadway 
Ching Kee & Co. Chinese merchants 730 S.ic 
Ching Ty (Chinese) watchmaker 639 Jackson 
Ching Wo Quong (Chinese) wood and coal S s Du- 
pont Alley 
Chinn James \V. merchant, dwl 740 Mission 
Chiousse (JonephJ &- Salmon ( Peter J florists 716 

Chipchase .John, pattern maker Miner's Foundry, 

dwl 3 Eddv Place 
Chipchase William, pittern maker Vulcan Iron 

Works, bds 3 Eddy Place 

A, ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 




Cliipnian William W. attorney at law, office room 
17 ^letiopolitau Block, dwl 327 Greenwich 

Cliifilioliii AU'Xander, salesman 427 ]\[ontgomery, 
(Iwl Stevenson het Third and Fourth 

Chisbolm Stephen, carriage smith 37 Webb, dwl 500 
Mission , 

Chisbolm William, pressman Alta California, dwl 
738 Washington, rear 

Cbislar Jacob, co(>per California Brewery, dwl 1100 

Chisiar iMarcus, dwl 1100 Stockton 

Chisler Louis, butcher 1235 Dupont, dwl NE cor 
Vallejo and Kearny 

Chism Alexander, dwl 929 Sacramento 

Chittenden Charles, molding maker with S. S. Cul- 
verwell, dwl 408 Market 

Chittenden Henry W. with S. S. Culverwell, dwl 
408 iMarket 

Chittenden Joseph G. with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 
dwl 130 Second 

Chittenden Lucretia W. Mrs. furnished rooms 408 

Chittenden N. W. attorney at law, dwl 1123 Powell 

Chlemens Henry, stevedore, dwl N s Polk Alley nr 

Choate Thomas B. druggist with Wm. H. Keith & 
Co. 521 Montgomery 

Cholet Joseph & Co. (Frederick D' AssonvilleJ hams 
and sausages 70 W^ashington Market, dwl Pa- 
cific nr Lestrade Alley 

Chollar G. & S. M. Co. office 53 Montgomery Block 

Chong Chu Tong (Chinese) tiah 823 Dupont 

Choug Loong (Chinese) washing and ironing 318 

Chou Lin Ton, Chinese merchant 702 Dupont 

Chow Chong (Chinese) washing 523 Broadway 

Christ li. H. printer Alta California, dwl 621 Cal 

Christ KhatuB, compositor Abend Post, dwl S s Cal- 
ifornia het Kearny and Dupont 

Christian E. J. Manufacturers' Hotel lOG Front 

Christian James, cook 619 Market 

Christian Richard, dyer and scourer 749 Market, dwl 
NW cor Gough and Fulton 

Christiana G. & 8! M. Co. office 10 Armory Hall Bdg 

Christiansen Christian (J. Y. Hallock Sf Co.) dwl 
coi' Fifteenth and First Avenue 

Christiansen Henry, carpenter, dwl SW cor Twelfth 
and Van Ness Avenue 

Christiansen Jurgen, foreman withC. Bernard, dwl 
N 8 Filbert bet Dupont and Kearny 

Christie George, dwl NE cor Jackson and Kearny 

Christie Henry, with Cornelius Storm & Co. dwl 
714 California 

Christie J. marketman, dwl E s Sixth bet Harrison 
and Brvant 

Christin (Jdarles, melter with Hentsch & Berton, 
dwl 335 Bush 

Christin (LouixJ &, Pons f T. H.j Lafayette Liquor 
Siiloon SW cor Kearny and Pine, dwl Union 
C'hii) Rooms 

CHRISTIN LOi:iS & FiWH fThcqfrkdJ propri- 
etors Union (Jlub Rooms NW cor Montgomery 
and California 

Christmas William, cook U. S. M. Hospital, dwl 6 
Baldwin Court 

Christy .l.imes, l)lacksmith 706 Front, dwl Potrero 
SE Itrannan St. ISridge 

Christy Robt-it F. blacksmith Vulcan Iron Works 

Clu'istv Samuel, lilacksniith with A. Searls &. Co 

CHRl'STV fS. P. J &L WISE (.1. H.) wool commis- 
sion mcrclianis 611) Front, dwl 317 First 

Chrysoijolis G. &. S. M. Co. office NE cor Mont- 
gomery and California 

Chu Lung (Chinese) washing and ironing 324 Com 

Chue Yuen tfc Co. (jhinese merchants 824 Dupont 

Chuet Margaret, domestic 718 Stockton 

Chum Sim Chum tV:. Co. Chinese mchts 822 Dupont 

t^\ \ „ \.\ lll-^ C! ..,*„ 


A. washing 107 Sacramento 

Shun & Co. Ciiiinese merchants 709 Sac 

Chung Sing (Chinese) washing 552 Washington 

Chung Wo Ho, Chinese merchant 826 Dupont 

Chmig Wo Tong (Chinese) drutis 933 Dupont 

CHURCH M- ii-)^ CL.MMv^S'. ii.; importers 
and jobbers dried fruits and nuts and manufac- 
turers fireworks 407 Front, manufactoi-y Market 
nr Seventh, dwl Occidental Hotel 

Church Isaac S. Entry Clerk warehouse department 
Custom House 

Church Joseph B. cooper, dwl 133 Jackson 

Church Letitia H. (widow) dwl 339 Second 

Church Luther, driver with Bateman & Taylor 329^ 

Church Saiah Mrs. bds with Alfred J. Ellis 

Church Thomas R. with T. G. Sanford & Co. dwl 
1123 Clay 

Chui'ch William A. proprietor Empire Lodging 
House 636 Commercial 

Churchill Alfred, bar keeper Meiggs Wharf Saloon, 
dwl NW cor Linnber and Francisco 

Churchill Q\^\\ ( Wmiams Sj- C.J dwl 124 Wash 

CHURCHILL JOHN H. analytical chemist and 
assayer office 24 Government House, dwl New 
England House 

Churchill Joseph B. cooper with James Carty, dwl 
135 Jackson 

Churchill Samuel, with Bragg & Co. dwl 222 Fre- 

Churchill Seth W. hook-keeper American Exchange 
Hotel 323 Sansom 

Churchwood John, stevedore, bds with W. Lindsey 
E s Gj'eenwich nr Sansom 

Chute Richard, bar keeper C21 Merchant 

Chy Lung & Co. (Chinese) Canton crape shawls and 
Chinese dry goods 642 Sacramento 

Chy Wo Lang, Chinese merchant 927 Dupont 

Cialfay Maurice, florist 22 and 24 New Clay St. 
Market, dwl 507 Merchant 

Cian Tliomas Rev. assistant pastor St. Francis 
' Church, dwl 519 Green 

Cienega Anastacio, bathman with Ciprico & Ewald 

Cienega Buenaventiu'a, lithographic printer with 
Cyrille De Montpreville, dwl SW cor Pacific 
aiid Mason 

Cienega Macedonia, tailor, dwl 927 Pacific 

Cienegas (I. Sf M.) Misses, dresses and cloak- 
makers 602 Broadway, dwl 927 Pacilic 

Cienegas Masedonia Miss (I. t^i- M. Cienegas) dwl 
927 Pacific 

Cimmino Dominic, book-keeper 428 Jackson, dwl 
cor Sa eramento and Stockton 

Cincinnati Brewery Valencia bet Sixteeitth and Sev- 

Cinco Senores G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Wash 

Cinis Manuel, laborer with Henry ^^'ebb & Co. dwl 
S s Vallejo bet Montgomery and Sansom 

CIPRICO (George) &' EWALD (Edward) pro- 
prietors Montgomery Baths and hair dressing- 
saloon 621 Montgomery, dwl Fifteenth nr \n\- 
en da 

CIRCUIT COURT U. S. rooms SW cor Montgom- 
ery and Jackson 

cor Montgomery and Jackson room 6 

Citizen Geo. car iiahiter, dwl N s Folsom nr Fourth 

CIATION office 8 Nagke's Building, Edw. 
Flanagan secretary 

Citron M. L. clotbing 129 Pacific 

City Hall 

CITY ('<tI>ljK(!E, Rev. George Burrowes, D.D. 
piiiK-ipiil. Si<; cor Stockton and Geary 

CITV EN(}INEERS, board of, office 623 Mont 

Fowler agent, NE cor Clay and Battery 

City Female Seminary basement Calvary Church 
Bush nr Montgomery, Rev. Charles R. Clarke 

BUS^WELL & CO., Blank Book Manvifactvirers and Paper Bulers, 517 Clay Street. 



CITY TIALL BUILDING used for city aiul county 

iilHri'.s Kearny op Plaza 
City Laundry office 508 Clay 
City Pound, Lafayette Stivers keeper, NE cor Union 

and Van Ness Avenue 
CITY RAILROAD CO. office 520 Kearny 
Clabrouj,4i John P. gunsmith with Wilson & Evans, 

(hvl ()25 Vallejo 
Clallby H. D. California Enj^ine Co. No. 4 
Claflcy .John, fruits and confectionary 222 Fourth 
Claliane Dennis, apprentice calker, (hvl 24 Minna 
Cliihane Mary (widow) hoarding 24 Minna 
Claidat Louis, Lafayette Hook and Ladder No. 2 
Claucey Julia Miss, domestic SW cor California and 

• Taylor 
Clancey Jlichael, tireman stmr Yosemite, dwl S s 

Union nr Sansom 
Clancey Patrick, cartmau, dwl cor Hyde and Pacific 
Clancey Patrick, cooper 117 Wash, bds 16 First 
Claucey Thomas, with William P. Taaffe SW cor 

Chestnut and Jones 
Clancey Thomas C. with Howes & Ewell, dwl 9 

Clapp E." L. clerk with Geo. F. Hooper, bds 759 

Clapp Francis W. wood worker with Winall &. 

Clapp, dwl '-US Dupont 
Clapp Gustavus W. Asst Registry Clerk P. O. dwl 

SW cor Sansom and California 
Clapp Israel S. stock bi-oker, office NW cor Mont- 
gomery and Pine, dwl Russ House 
Clapp Jason f Winall ^- C.J dwl 343 Fremont 
Clapp John A. conductor Omnibus R. R. Co. dwl 

58 Minna 
Clapp L. A. Mrs. teacher High School, dwl 814 Bush 
Ciiip") IMichael, carpenter 117 Battery, dwl NWcor 

Tliird and Stevenson 
Clapp William P. drayman cor Leidsdorff and Sac 
Clapper Martha Miss, domestic with Moses Roseu- 

Clara G. & S. M. Co. Inyo District, office 522 Mont 
Clare John, tailor 115 Pacific 
Cliiresy G. & S. M. Co. office 629 Clay 
Clarissy John, merchant (Washoe) dwl 745 Clay 
Chirissy Victoria Mrs. lodgings 745 Clay 
Clarli A. Mrs. dwl 117 Second 
Clark Abraham, carpenter, dwl 22 Sansom 
Clark Ann Mrs. domestic 308 Sutter 
Clark Anna Miss, domestic 568 Mission 
Clarlv Barney, carpenter with John Clark, dwl 24 

Clark Barney, carjjenter, dwl 323 Stockton, rear 
Clarlv Benjamin, miner, dwl 79 Stevenson 
Clark Bridget Miss, domestic 1123 Stockton 
Clark Burnett, carpenter, dwl 24 Post 
Clark fCkarlcsJ & Deeriug (Mnthew) milk raucli 

Old San Jose Road 3 miles from City Hall 
Clark Charles, hostler Omnibus R. R. Co 
Clark Charles B. bookbinder with Bartling & Kim- 
ball, bds 715 Bush 
Clark Cliailes H. with Cotfev & Risdon, dwl 30 Ritch 
Clark Charles P. dwl 30 Ritch 
Clark Charles W. milk ranch, dwl S b Clay bet 

Larkin and Polk 
Clark Carrie F. (widow) dwl 136 Sutter 
Clark Cosauor H. bricklayer, dwl S s Broadway 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Clark Daniel, currier, dwl NE cor Vallejo and 

Clark Daniel, soda maker Emiure Works 29 Third 
Clark Edgar B. carpenter with Kimball & Bros. 

W s Leidsdortf bet California and Pine 
Clark Edward, carpenter, dwl W s Hyde bet Turk 

and Eddy 
Clark Edward, clerk with W. T. Coleman & Co. 

dwl N s Geary bet Laguna and Biu-lianan 
Clark Edward, painter, dwl United States Hotel 

304 Beale 
Clark E. miner, dwl W s Broadway nr Francisco 

Clark Edward IM. carpenter, dwl 112 Sutter 

Clark Kchviu P. carpenter, dwl 835 Clay 

Clark Ellen (widow) lodgings 815 Dupont 

Clark Ellen (widow) dwl 7i3 Dupcmt 

Clark Ellen Mrs. domestic 1008 Washington 

Clark Emily I. (widow) dwl 50 Tehama 

Claik F. carrier Sunday jMercury 522 Merchant 

Clark F. ]M. drayman 1019 Bat, 'dwl Chicago Hotel 

Clark Francis, 'longshoreman, dwl 14 Commercial 

Clark Fredeiick, restaurant 18 Stewart 

Clark G. E. (Sawyer, C. cV Co.) cor Broadway and 

Clark George, carpenter, dwl 64 Tehama 
Clark Geo.'G. Sac Messenger Wells, Fargo & Co 
CLARK GEQRGE W. importer and jobber paper 

hangings 500 Sansom, dwl 1715 Mason 
Clark ( Hairk'ni^j & Stone (James) furniture 15 

Third, dwl Alead House 
CLARK HIRAM, shipping and forwarding 2 Clay, 

bds Russ House 
Clark Hiram C. dwl 1123 Stockton 
Clark H. JI. Miss, principal Model School 
Clark Huoh, plasterer with Samuel Kellett 648 

Market, dwl St. Charles Hotel 
Clark Jackson, driver with J. «fe H. Dorland 
Clark James, roofer Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Clark James, carpenter, dwl 54 Beale 
Clark James, laborer, bds Mrs. Fitzsimmons N s 

Filbert nr Sansom 
Clark James A. milkman with N. W. Barnett Old 

San Jos6 Road 
Clark James II. druggist, dwl S s Hinckley bet 

Dupont and Kearny 
Clark J. H. dwl 919 Dupont 
Clark John, bag factory, dwl 1107 Kearny 
Clark John, builder, dwl 14 Hawthorne 
Clark John, carpenter 670 Mission, dwl 14 Haw- 
Clark Jchn, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Clark John E. teamster with Stanyan & Co. dwl 

W s Polk bet Sacramento and Clay 
Clark John G. teller with Donohoe, Ralston & Co. 

dwl NE cor Washington and Jones 
Clark John H. cabinet maker with L. Emanuel, dwl 

National House 
Claik John H. ship joiner, dwl 524 Mission 
CLARK JONAS G. merchant, office 620 Battery, 

dwl Occidental Hotel 
Clark Joseph Clark, Average Adjuster 504 Battery, 

dwl E s Mason bet Washington and Jackson 
Clark Joseph, pile driver, dwl SE cor Pine and Bat 
C!lark Joseph, plasterer, dwl 334 Third 
Clark Joseph E. dwl Lick House 
Clark Judsou H. confectioner, dwl 151 Minna 
Clark J. P. hag malver, dwl International Hotel 
CLARK (J. iV.) & PERKINS (J. E.) wool com- 
mission merchants office NE cor Front and 

Clay, depot N s Commercial nr Battery, dwl 

615 Harrison 
Clark Leonard S. attorney at law office NE cor 

Montgomery and Conunercial, dwl S s Broad- 
way bet Taylor aud .Jones 
Clark IJ. L. dwl What Cheer House 
Clark Martin (Martin 4- Horton) dwl 124 Jessie 
Clark Jlichael, plasterer, dwl 181 Jessie 
Clark Mortimer, laborer, dwl Filbert bet Sansom 

and Montgomery 
Clark Moses E. carpenter Avith J. G. Giles, dwl 112 

Clark Nathan, keeper county jail, dwl 1107 Pacific 
Clark Orange Rev. dwl NE cor Wash and Jones 
Clark Owen, cook steamship Sierra Nevada, dwl 24 

Clark Patrick, shoemaker with Thomas DoUiver 106 

Sutter, dwl N s Sac bet Dupont and Stockton 
Clark Patrick, workman S. F. &. Pacific Sugar Co 
CLARK P. 15. metals 412 Merchant, dwl SVv'' cor 

Mission and Fifteenth 
Clark Rachel Miss, dressmaker 612 Mission 

A. KOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Standard and Miscellaneous Books. 



Clark Rebecca l^Iiss, dressmaker, dwl fil2 Mission 
Clark Robert, milk ranch old Ocean House Road 5 

iiiileH from City Hall 
CLAlvK RODNEY, secretary mininp companies 

oflice X^V cor JlontgomeVy and Washington, 

dwl N s Clay nr Stockton 
Clarlc Rosanna IMiss, domestic 1211 Powell 
Clark Samuel P. (colored] hair dresser Kearny nr 

Post, dwl S 8 Mission bet Twenty-Fifth and 

Clark Sarali 3Iiss, dressmaker, 612 Mission 
Clark S. B. (Church df C.J dwl 1516 Mason 
Ciariv Simon P. (colored) hair dressing saloon 117 

Kearny, dwl Bernal Heights 
Clark Smyth, office 46 Montgomery Block, dwl 

101-1 Stockton 
Clark Tcrrence, laborer, dwl 113 St. Mark Place 
Clark Tliomas, blacksmith Union B''oundry 
Clark Thomas, plumber with O'Brien & Brady 641 

Clark (Treat P.) & Dickerson (David E.j carpen 

ters 547 California, dwl 429 Greenwich 
Clark William, carpenter, dwl S s Sutter bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Clark William, liquor saloon 808 Kearny 
Clark William H. attorney at law office 43 Metro- 
politan Block, bds 1018 Clay 
Clark William H. T. electrotyper, gilder, and plater 

uietals 228 Kearny 
CLARK WILLIAM S. proprietor Clark's Point 

Warehouse cor Bi-oadway and Battery dwl 436 

Clark ^V. T. attorney at law, dwl NE cor Pine and 

Clarke Alliert H. mining secretary office 522 Mont 
Clarke Alfred, policeman Citv Hall, dwl 1028 Kearny 
Clarke Alonzo N. dentist 219Third, dwl 920 Stockton 
Clarke Anna Miss, domestic 308 Sutter 
Clarke Charles Russell Rev. principal City Female 

Seminary basement Calvary Church, dwl 1000 

Clarke Charles W. workman S. F. &. Pacific Sugar 

Clarke Daniel {Johnson Sj- C.) dwl room 24 Me- 
tropolitan Block 
Clarke Francis, printer, dwl 911 Greenwich 
Clarke Frederick W. student, dwl 713 Bush 
Clarke Henry K. W. (Pratt S^- C.J dwl 913 Bush 
Clarke Iliram, dAvl Russ House 
Clarke James, fruit and vegetables 31 Metropolitan 

Market, dwl SE cor Second and Market 
Clarke James, job wagon NE cor Sansom and Sut- 
ter, dwl 516 Mission 
Clarke •Jeremiah, attorney at law office 11 Court 

Block 636 Clay, dwl 347 Fremont 
CLARKE MiCHkEL A. mason and builder, 114 

Clarke Samuel J. jr. attorney at law office 604 Mer- 
chant, res Oakland 
Clarke Thomas, hardware, dwl 912 Stockton 
Clarke Thomas, plumber, dwl 1 Natoma 
Clarke \V'illiam H. secretary miiiinu- (■< mi panics office 

224 Montgomery, dwl 624 Caliloi'nia 
Clarkson Edward F. special policeman, dwl 827 

Clarkson Henry C. broker dwl 25 Clementina 
Clary William H. (Andrew J. Moulder Sj- Co.) 605 

iMontgomery, dwl .'J37 Howard 
(Hasai-y Illlcn ^liss, donicstic willi Slcplien J. Field 
Clasliy" Anna Mi^^b, donicstic lldt; Taylor 
Ciasby Hannah i\Ii?s, doniestic I IK) Stockton 
Chmhy James, painter, lids 333 Bnuli 
Clasby John, lal;orer, dwl N s Filbert bet Jones and 

CLASSI':N (J. Milton) & CO. (John F. RoheJ 

pro))ri(toi-8 Pacific Soda W7)rk8 115 .Jessie 
Clas^;en .John C. carpenter, dwl N s Francisco bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
Clat a Christiana (widow) washing, dwl 413 Sutter 

Clanghley James A. collector, dwl N s Filbert bet 

Mason and Taylor 
Clauncey Patrick laborer, dwlN s Lynch bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Clausen Frederick, diamond setter 622 Clay 
Clauson Benjamin, laborer Griffing's Warehouse, 

dwl N s Geaiy bet Tavlor and Jones 
Clauss Jacob, dwl" 119 St Jflarks Place 
Claussen Henry H. veterinary surgeon 211 Pine, dwl 

137 Siuisom 
Clauter Philip, miner, dwl Globe Hotel 
Clawson Hemy, bar keeper steimiship Constitution, 

dwl SE cor Stockton and St. Marks Place 
Clay Jabez P. (Morrell Sf C.J dwl N s Sixteenth bet 

Dolores and Guerrero 
Clay Street Wharf Co. office 526 Merchant 
Clay Street Market 524 Clay 

Clay Thomas S. waterman Market op Montgomery 
Claybm'gh A. & Co. (Mo.tes ClayburgkJ clothing 

523 Sacramento cor Leidesdorff 
Claylnirgh Moses (A. Clayburgh Sf Co. J dwl 424^^ 

Claypole William, painter with Wilson & Moultou, 

dwl 516 Davis 
CLAYTON CHARLES &i, CO .( Samuel S. John- 

sonj produce commission, agents Santa Clara 

Flour Mills 223 Clay, dwl 558 Folsom 
Clayton Furman, chief engineer steamer Pacific, dwl 

■ 1223 Jlason 
Clayton Frank D. book-keeper with Pickett & Co. 

"225 Front 
Clayton George T. V. dwl 548 Mission 
Clayton Gilbert, gas fitter with Thomas Day, dwl 

1223 Mason 
Clayton Hugh J. superintendent Occidental Market, 

"dwl 548 ^Mission 
Clayton J. E. miner, dwl N 8 Jessie bet Fifth and 

Clayton William (colored) bar keeper with Mrs. 

Elizabeth Closes, dwl 716 Pacific 
Cleanev Dennis, laborer, dwl 64 Natoma 
Clear Creek S. M. Co. office NW cor Montgomery 

and Sacramento room 6 
Cleary Francis D. clei^k with William P. TaafFe, 

dwl 257 Tehama 
Cleary Margaret Mrs. boarding 59 Minna 
Cleary Margaret C. (widow) dwl 2.57 Tehama 
Cleary Marv Miss, domestic 1002 Pine 
CLEARY (Patrick) & CO. dry goods 20 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 257 Tehama 
Cleary Peter, laborer, dwl 59 Minna 
Cleary Thomas, seaman, dwl 1015 Pacific 
Cleary Thomas C. waterman, dwl S s Folsom bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Cleaveland Henry W. assaver's department U. S. 

Branch Mint, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Clegg Thomas, dwl 32 Silver 
Clemens D. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
Clemens G. & S. iM. Co. office 607 Clav 
Clement Charles W. bricklayer, dwl l^E cor Mis- 
sion and Spear 
Clement D. carpenter, dwl W 8 Trinity nr Bush 
Clement Ephraim B. clerk with Joseph Clement, 

dwl 526 Green 
Clement Horatio, bar keeper and milk depot, dwl 

637 Kearny 
Clement Jabish (R. P. Sf J, Clement) dwl 807 

Clement Joseph, searcher of records office 712 

Washington, dwl 526 Green 
Clement Peter, upholsterer with E. Bloomingdale 
CLEMENT R. 1'. & JABISH, attorneys at law 

office rooms 47 and 48 Metropolitan Block, dwl 

807 Union 
Clement Rufus H. carriage maker, dwl cor Sacra- 
mento and East 
Clements Gilbert, dwl E s Clarence Place 
Clements Harriet E. Miss, seamstress, dwl 1104 


BUS"WEIjIi & CO., Book Binders and Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



Clements Louisa II. (widow] dwl 1104 Stockton 
Clements Miitilda Miss, milliner and dressmaker 152 

Clements Thomas, varnisher with Goodwin & Co. 

dwl Mission nr Fifth 
Clen .lohn P. foreman Eclipse Bakery 1414 Dupont 
Clendonnen .lames B. clerk with John Kentfield, 

dwl 54 Tehama 
Cleopatra G. & S. M. Co. office 607 Clay 
Clerc P. F. machinist, dwl 8 Polk Alley 
Clerc Pierre (Kleindmis c^- C.) dwl Polk Allej' nr 

Cleveland G. W. dwl 12 Montg-omery 
Cleveland William H. attorney at law office G04 

Merchant, dwl 18 Sansom 
Cliff House, .Junius G. Foster proprietor Seal Rocks, 

G miles W Plaza 
Clifford George, merchandise broker office 108 

Front, dwl Union Club 
Clifford George B. (Crittenden S,- C.) dwl 518 

Clifford Marv Miss, domestic 417 Post 
Cliffoid iVIeh'itable (widow) dwl 1(509 Powell 
Clilfoid Patrick, carpenter, dwl N s Shipley bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Clifford Thomas, with Horace Davis &. Co. 430 

Clincliy Elizabeth (widow) dwl 5G1 Mission 
Cline Henry, brickmaker with Morrell & Clay, 

<\\y\ 2G8 .Jessie 
Cline Henry (Dahmke Sf C.) 407 Davis 
Cline ,)olin, porter Bank Exchange-, dwl S s Pacific 

bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Cline Peter, miner, dwl S s Pacific bet Hyde and 

Cline. See Kline. And Kliene and Kleine 
Clint Ellen Mrs. dwl 1021 Battery 
(Clinton George, speculator, dwl 45 Natoina 
Cliiiti'u >James, drayman, dwl 741 Natoma 
Clintiiu .John, deck hand steamer Yo.semite 
Clinton John, seaman, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Clinton Temperance House, 311 and 313 Pacific, 

Fennel' &, Slack proprietors 
Clio Gv ife S. M. Co. John ^. Pope secretary office 

113 California 
Cloalc Daniel, machinist Union Fomidry 
Clodi Louis, compositor California Democrat, dwl 

St. JIary nr California 
Cloney Patrick-, helper Union Foundry 
Close H. A. (widow) dwl 55 Everett 
Close Myron C. clerk with M. H. Blue, dwl 55 

Close William, speciilt policemen, dwl 55 Everett 
Cloudmau Nathan B. boot titter NE cor Battery and 

Clough Elijah, printer with Towne & Biicon, dwl 

SW cor Clay and Taylor 
Clougli James P. dwl W s Stockton nr Market 
(^\o\vX\\ (Jolni) & McVhiwhxw ( Joli n ) carriage and 

blacksmiths 581 31arket, dwl 186 Jessie 
CLOUGH (Jvsephl & DAM (George W.) real 

estate agents office 424 ]\[ontgomery 
Clou.«h .Alarshall H. with J. &l C. Schreiber, bds 

Bailey House 
Clougli Sidney A. expressman 412 Clay, dwl W s 

IJupont bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Clougher Thomas, salesman with James Irwin, dwl 

CLOUb*F:R S. F. proprietor South Park Quartz Mill 

foot Third, office and dwl SW cor ilontgomery 

and Post 
Cloyes Joseph, livery and sale stable 16 Clementina 
Cloyt JTaggie Miss, domestic with Solomon H. 

Clnin Thomas, Ijlacksmith SE cor Hayes and Van 

Ness Avenue, dwl N s Grove bet Octavia and 

Clyne Mary (widow) dwl 2G8 Jessie 

Clynes Margaret, Chelsea Laundry 
Coad Alfred, machinist Vulcan Iron Works Co 
Coad HaiT}^, actor Bella Ihiion, dwl N s Geary bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Coad Samuel, teacher music 561 Mission 
Coates (Caleb) & Co. (Joaenh Melhourn) feed, 

wood, and coal 1219 Powell and 707 Pacific 
Coates Moses H. carpenter 610 Third 
Coates Theodore H. clerk with Robert J. Tiffany, 

dwl 610 Third 
Cobb Chandler (Francis Sf Co.) dwl 118 Fourth 
Cobb David, apprentice Vance's Gallery, dwl 742 

Cobb David, clerk with Stallmann & Herrlich, dwl 

742 California 
COBB (Henry A.J & SINTON (Richard H.) stock 

brokers, real estate auctioneers, and agents 406 

Montgomery, dwl 1113 Powell 
Cobb Henry A.* jr. with Cobb & Sinton, dwl 1413 

Cobb J. T. dwl 529 Pine 
Cobb V/illiam A. dwl N s Stevenson bet Second 

and Third 
Cobbledick J. (F. J. SrhaeJ/er c^ Co.) res Oakland 
Cobhardt Wendell, upholsterer 830 Clay 
Cobleigh (John) & Gibson (Jameit) milk ranch N 

s Clay bet Polk and Franklin, dwl NE cor 

Clay and Stockton 
Cobleigh M. E. Mrs. dressmaker 252 (old No.) Clay 
Coblendz Joseph (M. Levy S^- Co.) dwl S s Broad- 
way bet Dupont and Stockton 
Cobiiza Copper M. Co. office .528 Clay 
Coburn L. livery stable 1016 Stockton, dwl 1102 

Coburn Parker, carpenter, dwl 1416 Stockton 
Coburn W. R. miner, bds Original House 
Cocheco G. & S. M. Co. office (i06 Montgomery 
Cochran John, contractor, dwl 223 Fourth 
Cochran Robert, architect, dwl 1309 Kearny 
Cochran William, harness cleaner 527 Kearny, dwl 

SE cor California and Prospect Place 
Cochrane Alexander (colored) porter U. S. Navy 

Agent office, dwl 1115 Kearny 
Cochrane John, rag depot 29 Commercial, dwl N s 

Branuan l)et Second and Third 
Cochrane (Robert N.) & Averell (Annon) pork 

packers 101 Occidental Market, dwl S s Post 

bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
Cochrane James, tailor, dwl 13 Front 
Cock William, waiter, dwl 325 Pine 
Cockburne W. driver Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Cocks Barzzillia, ship joiner, dwl 46 Tehama 
Code John (Williavi i^ .7. Code) dwl 17 Battery 
CODE WILLIAM G. & J. livery stable and hack- 
men 17 Battery, dwl (j36 Howard 
Codicia S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Codington Charles, fruits, dwl 542 Folsom 
Codington (C. P.) &- McHenry ( Somiiel) commis- 
sion merchants 212 Washington, dwl 512 Folsom 
Codington William H. collector with Lux & Miller 

536 Kearny, dwl 509 Taylor 
Codogan Daniel, workman S. F. <fe Pacific Sugar Co 
Codogan Timothy, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Cody James K. trunk maker with J. M. llollidav, 

"dwl 11 Eeker 
Cody John, laborer, dwl W s Clinton bet Brannan 

and Townsend 
CODY MICHAEL (McArau Jr 0-) and Super- 
visor Twelth District, dwl SE cor Hyde and 

Cody Patrick J. Morning Star Saioon New San Jos6 

Road 4 miles from City Hall 
Coe Edward H. inspector C. H. dwl W s Codinan 

Place nr Washington 
Coenly JMichael, laborer, dwl N s Ellis bet P««iyell 

and 31ason 
Coes George H. volcalist Eureka Theater, dwl 1 lOS 

Coes Martha E. Mrs. dwl 1108 Powell 

A. ROMAlSr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., School, Law, and Medical Works. 



Coffee G. & S. M. Co. office 47 ]\ront,iroinery Block 
CoHee John, carriafre painter, bds 7'Jl Market 
C'oHV-e William, Ixiiler maker, Ixls 1'2 Sutter 
CoHce W. II. Clerk with John R. Hearsay 13 Mont 
Coltey Astliar Mrs. tKvl liUKi Stockton 
CoHi'v Hannah (widow) dwl 37 Jessie 
Coti'ey J. apprentice Union Foundry 
Coli'ev Jeremiah, hrass finisher with Morris Green- 

her.i,', dwl 12(1 Bu.sli 
Coft'ev Joseph, hostler, dwl 19 Sherwood Place 
Cott'ey John, painter dwl 7-18 I\Iarket 
Coll'ey John, policeman City Hall, dwl 57 Everett 
Cotiey John F. stevedore, dwl 132 First, rear 
CotteV Joseph, hostler Union Sti-eet Livery Stable 

7M Union 
COFFEY f Lewis J & RISDON rJohn N.J boiler 

makers NE cor Bush and Market, dwl 316 

Coffey Jlichael, giger Mission Woolen Mills, dwl 

SE cor First Avenue and Fifteenth 
Cofl'ev William, with Coffey & Risdon,'dwl New 

]3ranch Hotel 
Coffin A. B. bds Occidental Hotel 
Coffin A. G. fRedington ^- Co.) res New Yoi-k 
Coffin Alexander, dwl 217 Minna 
Coltin Alex. G. clerk, dwl 1231 Stockton 
Coffin Alonzo. hostler with Reuben Morton, dwl S s 

O'Farrell nr Taylor 
Coffin Ciiarlotte A. Miss, teacher Greenwich Street 

School, dwl ;j30 Folsom 
Coffin Edward, folder Chelsea Laundry 
Colfin George, stevedore, dwl 530 Folsom 
Coffin Henry, cooper 710 Front, dwl N s O'Farrell 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Coffin Hezzie, compositor with S. H. Wade, dwl 

705 Howard 
COFFIN JARYIS B. lumber pier 14 Stewart, dwl 

cot) Harrison 
Coffin J. W. drayman 417 W^ashington, dwl 822 

Coffin William, laborer, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Coffin Zcnas, laborer Custom House 
COFRAN GEORGE, contractor and builder, dwl 

015 Bush 
Cogan John, laborer with Fritz & Slieklon, dwl E s 

Sanson! bet Green and Union 
Coiraii Maurice, laborer, dwl 27 Beale 
COdirKSIIALL J. II. druirgist SE cor Pacific and 

Stockton, dwl E s JIason bet Broadway and 

Coghill Andrew J. (Fogus 8f Coghill, Sacramento 

atid Oircnx, Moore 4- C. Stockton) office 313 

Front, dwl 1213 Clay 
COGHILL J. II. &, CO. (Wmiam N. Coghill Sf 

Samuel C. Hopkins) iui])orteis and jobbers 

groceries and provisions SW cor Front and 

Com, dwl N s Clay bet Stockton and Powell 
Coghill William N. (J. H. Coghill .\- Co.) dwl 

5 8 Washington bet Taylor and Jones 
Coghlan William, painter with Wm. Worthington 
Cogill John, dancing aca<leiiiv NE cor Stockton and 

Jackson, dwl 1410 Powell 
Co^joa John, fireuiim, dwl 310 Beale, rear 
CoLiHwell H. D. real estate (il(l Front 
Cogswell James L. dentist otfice 010 Front, dwl W 

s Telegraph IMace 
Cogswell J. P. stfjves and tinware 114 Clay, dwl 

217 Second 
Cohea Edwaid U. conductor ^Market St. R. R. Co. 

dwl X 8 Grove l)et Octavia and Laguna 
Cohen .-Vbraliam, glazier, dwl 23 Jessie 
Cohen .Abi-tim, miner, dwl 20 Hunt 
Cohen Albert, second hand clothing 021 Kearny 
COHEN ALFRED A. attorney at law office 77 

and 78 Montgomery Block, res Alameda 
Cohen F. drayman 213 Battery 
Cohen Ceorge M. book-keeper with B. Hamburger 

6 Bi'other, dwl Steckler's Exchange 

Cohen H tailor 411 Kearny 

Cohen Harris, job and furniture wagon SW cor Cal- 
ifornia and Montgomery, dwl 137 Natoma 

Cohen llein'v {Cohen if Bro. Dutch Flat) dwl 533 

Cohen Henry, book-keeper with A. C. Dietz & Co. 
dwl 730 Howard 

Cohen Henry, drayman 220 Cal, dwl 67 Minna 

Cohen Henry L. book-keeper with James Milburn 
& Co. dwl 515 Pine 

Cohen Isaac, bakery SE cor Dupont and St. Marks 

Cohen Isaac, cook Chelsea Laundry 

Cohen Isaac, pawnbroker 741 Washington 

Cohen Isidore, dwl 38 First 

Cohen Jacob, dwl 227 Jessie 

Cohen Jacob, importer and jobber dry goods 320 
California, dwl Warschauer's Hotel 

Cohen King, cigar niiinufacturer 942 Kearny 

Cohen L. M. merchant 1513 Stockton 

Cohen Louis, salesman with Levine & Silverstein, 
dwl NW^ cor Howard and Second 

Cohen Louis, tailor 70 First 

Cohen M. dwl 214 Sansom 

Cohen M. salesman with H. Cohen & Co. dwl Con- 
tinental Hotel 

Cohen flannel, clerk 514 Commercial 

Cohen I\Iary Mrs. millinery 1125 Dupcmt 

Cohen Meyer, clothing 510 Cora, dwl 40 First 

Cohen Morris, hair dresser with C. Hubert 603 Mont 

Cohen Alorris, salesman 413 Sacramento, dwl Con- 
tinental Hotel 

Cohen Morris, dwl 411 Pine 

Cohen Nathan, tailor with Stallmann & Herrlich 
424 MoutgoQiery 

Cohen S. glazier, dwl E sRassette Place No. 2 ur Sut- 

Cohen Samuel, broker, dwl 509 Pine 

Cohen Samuel, clothing, dwl 68 Jessie 

Cohen Samuel, driver with Louis Neustadt, dwl 505 

Cohen Samuel, dry goods 138 Montgomery 

Cohen Sanuiel H. carrier Evening Bulletin, dwl 
1505 Stockton 

Cohen Sarah (widow) clwl 205 Second 

Cohen Selick A. dwl 429 Union 

Cohen Simon, astrologer 5l.'8 California 

Cohen Simon, clothing, boots and shoes 514 Com- 
mercial, dwl N s Jessie bet First and Second 

Cohen Simon, salesman 324 Keaniy, dwl 35 Natoma 

Cohen Simon, salesman with Jacob Cohen 320 Cal 

Cohen W'<ddow Madame, jnanist 1505 Stockton 

Cohen William, second hand clothing 912 Kearny 

Cohen William, waiter, dwl W5 Pine 

Cohn Aaron, cigars NE cor Stockton and Wash 

Cohn David, clothes' renovator, dwl 41 Jessie 

Cohn Edward, cigars and tobacco 627 Clay 

COHN ELKAN Rev. pastor Congregation Eman- 
uel and i)rincipal Academic Seminary 135 Post, 
dwl 41)8 Sutter 

COHN H. &, CO. f Henry Woodlenf, Herman and 
Jacob (irccHchanm) imps and jobbers clothing, 
hats, etc. 413 and 415 Sac, res New York 

Cohn Harris, peddler, dwl 13t Sutter 

Cohn Henry, book-keeper with 1. H. Cohn & Son 
607 Sansom, dwl Continental Hotel 

Cohn Hermann, job w'ugon cor Califoraia and San- 
som, dwl 407 Folsom, rear 

COHN I. II. & SON fRichanl Cohn J wholesale 
butter, eggs, cheese, etc. 607 San, res I'etaluma 

Cohn Isaac, cigiu's and tobacco 620 Keainy, dwl 643 

Cohn .Jacob (J. Cohn <^ Co.) dwl 509 Commercial 

Cohn .lacob, bootmaker 33 Pacific 

Cohn Jacob D. salesman wilh George J. S. Hyams, 
dwl SW cor Stockton and O'Farrell 

Cohn Julius & Co. {Jacob Cohn) clothing .509 Com 

Cohn Julius, cigars 228 Battery, <lwl 69 Minna 

Cohn Jonas, merchant, office 213 Bat, dwl 30 Geary 

BUSWELIi & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Colin Joseph, clothing 131 1'acilic 

Cohn Lenuiel, barber What Cheer House, dwl Iflli 

Cohn Lewis, clollunsj- 411 Comiiiereial 
COHN LOUIS, meiehant oftiee 304 California, dwl 

1~01 Sacraiuenlo 
Colni Louis, variety store 743 Pacific 
Cohn jM. a. shells and cigars 8iiy Market 
Cohn ilanheim (Baxch, C'oLn 4- CV^.y res N. York 
Cohn Marx, tailoring 763 Clay 
Cohn M. B. clothing 131 Jaclison 
Cohn Jlendel, glazier, dwl 47 Jessie 
Cohn Meyer, clotliiug, dwl 40 Fir.^-t 
Cohn ^lorris (Leri/ t\- Co. J res Virginia City 
Cohn Morris, hair dresser, dwl li'Jl Pine 
Cohn Richard (I. H. Cohn Sf Sou) res Virginia City 
Cohn Richard, merchant, dwl Continental Hotel 
Cohn Samuel, hair dresser with Anthes <lt Diehl, 

dwl 0:21 Pine 
Cohn Simon (Banch, Cohn Sc Co.) dwl N s O'Far- 

rell bet Powell and Masou 
Cohn Simon (Hi/man S,- C.J dwl 525 Commercial 
Cohn Simon, cigars and tobacco, dwl NE cor O'Far- 

rell and Mason 
Cohn Simon, cigars and tobacco, dwl '223 Minna 
Cohrn Edward, cigars and tobacco lil6 Montgomery, 

dwl 247 Stevenson 
Coit B. B. physician, office and dwl SE cor IMont- 

gonierv and Sutter 
Colbert Eflward, wines and liquors 501 Davis 
Colbert Kate Miss, domestic 55il Jlarket 
Colbert PiUrick, tailor, dwl 34 Sutter 
Colborn Aim D. (widow) dress making 604 Phie 
Colbourn Richard, elk slK-rilfs office, dwl 30 Silver 
Colburn Cliarles, driver Wells, Fargo &. Co. dwl 

521 Pine 
Colburn Reuben B. clerk California Protective Union 

Crrocerv 114 Sutter, dwl 324 Folsom 
Colburn Thomas W. clerk 215 Cal, dwl 731 Cal 
Colliy B. brickmaker, dwl 43 Natoma 
ColbV Helen (widow) dwl 123 Silver 
Colb'v Henry, machinist Miner's Foundry, dwl 3 

Colby Hiram H. waterman, dwl 4 William, rear 
Colby James T. carpenter, dwl S s Ridley bet j\Iar- 

tet and Jlission 
Colby J. C. dwl Wiiat Cheer House 
Colby J. P. porter with Bryant <fe Bradley 
Colby M. H. & Co. expres.s w;igon 47 Third 
Colcord JIary J. (widow) dwl 5t)3 Mission 
Cole David E. compositor Daily Ixepiiblic, dwl 828 

Cole Edward, porter with Dnpny, Foulkes & Co 
Cole Elvin, with Amos Currier 620 Market, dwl 701 

Cole Helen E. (widow) dwl 64 Jane nr Howard 
Cole Henry H. cabinet maker, dwl X s Grove bet 

Octavia and Lagiina 
Cole Horace, dwl 115 Clay 
Cole James, coachman 19 South Park 
Cole John, harness maker with George Carmelich, 

dwl Stanford nr Second 
Cole John H. laborer, dwl W s Hayw'ood bet Fol- 
som and Louisa 
Cole Josiah L. machinist Jletropolitan Theater, dwl 

131 Second 
Cole Levi, boiler maker Vulcan Iron Works 
Cole Lyman, painter, dwl 815 Montgomery 
Cole M, bds Original House 

Cole Nellie (widow) vocalist Bella Union Jlelodeon 
COLE R. BEVERLY, ]iliysiciaii and professor med- 
ical dept University I'acilic, office and dwl SE 

cor Stockton and Broadwav 
COLE R. E. dentist office 715 Clay, resides Oakland 
Cole Samuel H. dwl N s Bernard bet Taylor and 

Cole S. M. Co. office 123 California 
Cole Thomas jr. traveling agent Wells, F''argo & Co. 

dwl NE cor Mission and Fourth 

f'ole William, porter, dwl Franklin Hotel 

Cole William, proprietor Cole's Laundry W s Dora 

ber Folsom and Harrison 
COLEMAN & CO. Pliiladelpbia cj.rriage boUs, L. 

W. Kennedv ayeiit SE cor Sansom and Pine 
Coleman A. Mrs. dwl 1024 Slo(4<toa 
Coleman Bernard, slioeinaker, dwl 42 Jessie 
Coleman David \{. shiii-siiiitli, dwl .523 A'allejo 
Coleman Ezra, amalgaiiiatiiig and ore working mill 

2.59 First, dwl Freinoiif House 
(!oleman J. dwl Wlial Cheer House 
Coleman A. N. (Haywtini tV C.) 414 Front, bds 

Occidental Hotel" 
Coleman James S. harness maker with Francis Peet 

& Son, dwl Chicago Hotel 
Coleman J(dni, drover, bds Original House 
Coleman John, stone cutter, dwl with John C. Pow- 
ers NW cor I'nion and Hyde \ 
Coleman John, wood turner with Win. Davis, dwl 1 

240 Fremont 
Coleman John E. W. (Loni^lcy A'- C.) dwl 3 William 
Coleman John H. collector Alta ('alitbrnia, dwl 1 

Stockton bet Pacific and Broadway ! 

Coleman John P. (Henry Hoffman ^- Co.) dwl 124 | 

Coleman .Joseph, workman S. F"'. & P. Sugar Co 
Coleman Luke (Hcvrs. i\. C. colored) 615 JIarliet 
Coleman Margaret .Mrs. dwl 24 Third ! 

Coleman M. labiu'er, (hs'l cor Seventeenth and Castro 
Coleman Micliiiel, peddler, dwl S 8 Hinckley bet 

Dnpont and Kearny 
Coleman M. M. Mrs. dies.smaking 719 Clav, dwl 24 

Third ■ I 

Coleman Patrick, hostler O. R. R. Co. dwl Stanly 

Place nr Bryant 
Coleman Thomas, laborer with Alexander Lemore 

NE cor Polk and Union i 

Coleman Thomas, shoemaker 710 Bush i 

COLEMAN WILLIAM T. & CO. (Edward Mott j 

RohinHoa and Henry Carlton- jr.) importing, ] 

shipiiing, and commission merchants NW cor I 

Fnnit and California, resides New York ! 

Coleman. See Kohlman and ('olman j 

Coley Bridget V. (widow) dwl E s Taylor bet Edd)' ' 

and Turk | 

Coley William C. (M,Uer ,\- C.) dwl 262 Minna 
Colfer Patrick, hostler with Bridge & Loring 317 

Colgan William J. agent N s Howard bet Twelfth 

"and Tliirteenth 
Colgrove Patrick, liostler, bds 16 First 
Colibeau Mme. dwl 1314 Dnpont 
Collen I), hair dresser with Anthes & Diehl 
Collie Jane (widow) dwl 7 jMilton Place 
Collie William H. gardner with Dr. Augustus J. 

Bowie, dwl SE cor Geary and Biodeuck 
Collier Fred (George N. Fergv.-ion 4- Co.) dwl 836 

Collier Frederick, restaurant, dwl .508 Broadway 
Collin Agnes Miss, domestic with George Rosenfierg 
Collin Henry, salesman with William Sherman &. 

Co. dwl S s Pacific nr Leavenworth 
Collin Jetti-y, dwl 943 Howard 
Collin Sarah L. Mrs. midwife S s Pacific bet Hyde 

and Leavenworlh 
Collins Barney, cigar maker with Schonfeld &, 

Bremer, dwl 411 Powell 
Collins Barney, hostler with ^^'ells, Fargo «fc Co 
Collins Benjamhi, carjieuter 1 St. Mary, dwl SW cor 

California and St. Slary 
Collins Benjamin R. teamster [)ier 9 Stewart, dwl 

206 Fifth 
Collins Budget, domestic with George L. Bradley 
Collins Catharine S. Mrs. dressmaker 544 Howard 
Collins C. E. Mrs. millinery 755 Clay, dwl 821 Jack- 
Collins C. H. teamster, dwl 206 Fifth 
Collins CJharles (Little i\- C.J dwl Bafflev Place nr 


A. ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 


Collins Clijii-les, dwl \V 8 iMission bet Fil'teeutli and 

CoUiii.s Cliiuk'B A. Jlissiim Woolen Mills, bds NE 

cor llowan! and .Sixteenth 
Collins Cliarles Iv bar keener, dwl NW cor Saneom 

and Mercli;int 
Collins Cliarles E. watcliniaker and jeweler G02 

Montujoiiiery, dwl 8:J1 Jnckson 
Collins Cornelius, laltorer, dwl S s Stevenson bet 

Fiftli and Sixth 
Collins Cornelius, l)ds 128 Sansom 
Collins Cornelius, iniison, bds Mechanics Hotel 
Collins !). dwl What Cheer Honse 
Collins Daniel, deck hand steamer Helen Hensley 
Collins David, hilioier. dwl i:j:>2 Washington 
Collins Duvid, dwl --iOfi Fifth 

Collins D. drayman N s Pine bet JIason and Taylor 
Collins Dennis, variiisher with Clias. Field 
Collins Edward, phnnber, dwl 202 Green 
Collins Edward, seaman, dwl W s Jauseu nr Lom- 
Collins Elizabeth, (widow) dwl S 8 Lick Alley bet 

Fir,<t an.l Kcker 
Collins KlizH belli Mit-s, domestic 327 Bush 
Collins Ellen, domestic 316 Fremont 
Collins Jleiiry (colored) hostler, dwl SW Kearny 

and Filbert 
Collins J. job wa^'on NE cor Clay and Davis, dwl 

()() Stevenson 
Collins ,] . A. dwl X s Bryant bet First and Second 
((■lliiis danies, bi'ass lini^ller 51)9 Market 
Collins James, jiainter with John McDonald, dwl 

.')2(J Jlissicai 
Collins James, ngj^er, dwl SW cor Leavenworth and 

Collins James C. Eagle Hat Store 323 Montgomery, 

dwl XE cor Pine and Taylor 
Collins James C. jr. a))])rentice with James C. Col- 
lins, dv.l XE cor Pine and Taylor 
Collins .)oh;iniia Miss, domestic 302 Stockton 
Collins John, bar keeper 39 Pacific 
Collins John, liair dresser NW cor Jackson and 

Collins .fohn, handcartman Pacific Street Wharf 
Collins John, laborer, dwl 06 Stevenson 
Ccpjlins John, tailor, dwl fiolden Gate Hotel 
Collins John (colored) hair dressing saloon 152 First 
Collins John L. H. seaman, dwl l):i8 Mission 
Collins Josei)h C. snpt (iovernment House 03 and 64 

XW coi- Sanson! ;ind Washington 
Collins .1. W. miner, dwl Portsmouth House 
Collins Kate, domestic 13 Clary 
Collins Lizzie J. Miss, domestic 327 Bush 
Collins Ijvman P. salesman with Cox, Willcutt & 

Co. dwl ;'jOO Sutter 
Collins JIargaret, domestic SE cor Powell and 

Collins Maiia jMiss, dwl Manhattan House 
Collins MaiT (widow) dwl iii Secfmd 
Collins Michael, laborer, dwl N 8 Valparaiso bet 

^Mason and Taylor 
Collins Michael, jilasterer, dwl 241 Jessie 
C<dlins ^Michael, spinner Misi-ion Woolen Mills, bds 

SI'] cor First Avenue and Fifteenth 
Collins P. dwl What Cheer lIouKe 
Collins Patrick, ciuiicnler, dwl N s Clementina bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Collins Patrick, caijienter, dwl 611 Post 
Collins I'atrick, laborer, dwl 544 Howard 
Collins Patrick, laborer, dwl 19 Baldwin Court 
Collins Patrick, laborer, dwl S s Stevenson bet Fifth 

imd Sixth 
Collins Pauline Mrs. dressmaking 627 Sacramento 
Collins Peter, dwl 818 .lackson 
Collins IVler F. caipenter, dwl N 8 O'Farrell bet 

Taylor and Joiu-s 
Collins" Iiichard, carpenter, 1 St Marys 
Collins liicbard AV. wharfinger Broa<lway Wharf, 

dwl Quincy nr Pine 

Collins Salvin P. (Porter 4' C.J dwl SW cor Stock- 
ton and ]{ush 
Collins Savory W. dwl 122 Montgomery 
Collins Silas H. teamster pier 9 Stewart, dwl 206 

Collins Solomon, mariner, dwl 1916 Jlason 
Collins S. W. iiiining t-ecretaiy office 326 Clay 
Collins Thimathens, builder, Uwl XW cor Kearny 

and Jackson 
Collins Thomas, laborer, dwl X s Geary bet Masou 

and Taylor 
Collins Timothy, laborer, dwl 26 Jessie 
Collins Timothy, messenger 37 Montgomery Block, 

dwl 2G Jessie 
Collinsville Land Co. office 509 Sacramento 
Collischomi Charles, clerk with Abel Guy 
Collison John A. adjuster U. S. B. jMint, dwl cor 

Dnpont and Bush 
Collin- James, hostler with Reuben Maitin, dwl Ss 

O'Farrell nr Taylor 
Colman Abr;iliam (Colmnn Bros.) dwl 427 Sac 
Colnian Cliai-les (Colman Bros.) dwl 427 Sac 
Colman Ih iiiiann, clothing 217 Pacific 
Cohnan ^loriis (Colman Bros.) dwl 427 Sacramento 
Colman Patrick, ciutman, dwl Ritch bet Biyant and 

Colman Brothers ( Solomon., Morris, Ahraham, and 

Charles Cohnan) clothing and furnishing goods 

SW cor Mont and AA'ashington, res New York 
C'dman. See Coleman 
Colmier AVilliam, gilder, dwl 112 Bush 
Colorado C. M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Colorado Homestead Association office 406 Mont 
Colorado Uiver Line Packets, R. E. Raimond agent 

515 Front. 
Colorado Consolidated G. & S. JI. Co. office 426 

COLSOX ALEXAXDER, stoves and tinware 930 

Colsoii Edward A. laborer C. H. dwl 404 Stockton 
Colston G. lather, bds Original Honse 
Colston John, carpenter, dwl 325 Pine 
Colter John, policeman City Hall, dwl S s Pfeifler 

nr Francisco 
COLTOX n)avid D.) Si, HARRISON (Ralph C.) 

attorneys at law office 6 and 7 Naglee's Build- 
ing cor'Mont and Merchant, dwl "ZM Third 
Colton John P. engineer Dow's Distillery 
Colton William, teamster cor Mission and Stewart, 

dwl S s Pine bet Hvdb and Le.ivenworth 

New York, Nisbet & Garness agent 415 Mont 
Columbia (t. M. Cy. office 4 Aniiory Hall Building 
Coliiniliia House Broadway nr Davis 
Columbus G. ct S. M. Co. oflice 15 Metropolitan B Ik 
Colusa G. &- S. M. Co. office 528 iMontgomery 
Colvin Henry, painter, dwl 644 i ^Mission 
Colviii James A. gas fitter with J. H. O'Brien &, 

Co. dwl Greenwich l>et Hyde and Leavenworth 
Colvin Lydia 3Irs. <lressniaRer 644 1 Mission 
Colyer James P. stiibleman with lieiibeii MoHon 
Colyer Wasliinglon (Branch if C.) dwl N s Broad- 

'way nr Dnjiont 
Comanche G. &i S. iM. Co. office 528 Clay 
Comaiford Patrick, clerk with James O' Conner dwl 

Cyamora Honse Sansom 
Combes J. Carman, bar keeiter Blue Wing Saloon, 

dwl S\\' COI- Dupont and Pacific 
Combination (J. & S. M. Co. Telegraph Dist. office 

522 Montgomery 
Combs John, bar keeper, dwl 711 Pacific 
Come Choug, Chinese merchant SOti Dupont 
t'omer J. wood sawyei-, dwl 1J8 Minna 
Comerford Michael," farmer Old San Jose Road 3^ 

miles from City Hall 
Comet G. & S. M.'Co. office 810 Montgomery 
Comfort Martha Miss, dwl NW cor Bryant and 

Riiu-on Place 
Comick i^Iatheo, waiter SE cor Stewart and Mission 

BUSWELLA CO., Manufacturers of aJl kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Coniiiis Loiiiio-, teamster, dwl W s Bernard bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Comins Pasclial B. dwl S s Broadway bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Cduiisky Patrick, workman Central Rail Road 
Comity Antonio, dwl 31S) Pacific 
Coniiiier Georne, dwl SE cor Drnmm and Merchant 
Conniierce 8. M. Co. office 52:2 Montgomery 
erford prdprietors NE cor First and Natoma 
Commercial Hotel, 125 Pacific 
&. Co. jiroprietors 517 Clay and 514 Com- 
Commeseel H. L. book-keeper with S. Mayer & Bro. 

dwl SW cor I^arkin and Sacramento " 
Conmiissioner in Equity, office 614 Merchant 
Commissioners Funded Debt San Francisco, office 

Parrott's l^uilding cor ilont and Sacramento 
Comonly Patrick, waiter with Stephen J. Field 
Compeone Emile, printer with Blake & Moftitt, dwl 

1107 Alason 
Comjies lleiuy, cabinet maker 316 Jackson 
Comjjostiiio Fran9ois, dwl 802 Washinuton 
Compostino Aladam, washing- and ironing 802 Wash 
Comj)(istino Rosalia Miss, dwl 802 Washington 
COMPTON A. GAYLORD, books and stationery 

538 Market 
Com])ton Lewis F. miller, dwl 9 Hardie Place 
Com]iton ^lansfield, attorney at law, dwl 518 Folsom 
Comjiton i\larg:irur Jliss, cook 56-1 ^Mission 
Comstock Arnold 'SI. bioker, dwl 401 Lcmibard 
Comstock G.& S. M. Co. office 605 Montgomery 
Comstock Mary (widow) adjuster U. S. B. M.'dwl 

N s Pine bet Stockton aiid Prosjiect Place 
Conaban Francis, hostler St. Mary's Hospital 
CONAIIRENS HERMAN, groceries NE cor Sixth 

and Howard 
Conant Benjamin H. molder Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

74 Natoma 
Conbov John, domestic 615 Harrison 
Concert G. &. S. M. Co. office 621 Clay 
Condell Joseph D. salesman with J. R. Deane 
Conella William, miner, dwl 277 Jessie 
Condon E. W. driver with Reynolds & Rankin, 

<lwl 417 Folsom 
Condon Thomas E. ship joiner, bds St. Charles 

Hotel First 
Condon William, liquor sjiloon 132 First 
Condray Martin, laborer, dwl SW cor Ninth and 

Condren Patrick, laborer U. S. Marine Hospital 
Condrick John, carriage washer 826 Keai-uy, dwl 

S s I'nion nr iMontgomery 
Condry Patrick, laliorer, dwl 412 Davis 
Cone '(Willimn H.J & Hay fJolni. Mc. H.) fruits, 
eggs, poultry, etc. 15, 1*6 and 17 Piicific Fruit 
JIarket, dwl room 15 Barron's Building 
Conerty Peter, pantryman steamer Yosemite 
Conesitine Edward, laborer Protestant Orphan Asy- 
Coney Alexander, pawnbroker 813 Dupont, dwl 

ril2 Stockton 
Coney Alexander K. clerk with Chai'lesRothuerier, 

dwl 1030 Dupont 
Coney Daniel, bds with Thomas Hill W s Calhoun 
Coiigdon B. F. laborer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
CO^GDOX GEORGE, secretary Melones and 
Stanislaus G. S. & C. M. Co. office 629 Com- 
CONGDON HENRY B. commissioner of deeds 
and secretary mining companies office 623 
Washington, dwl N s Bryant bet Third and 
Congiato N. S. Rev., S.J., president St. Ignatius Col- 
lege SE cor Market and Fifth 
Congress S. SI. Co. office 522 IMontgomery 
Conklin Enoch, captain steamer Cornelia office NE 
cor Front and Jackson 

CONKLING GEORGE W. merchandise anction- 

eer 714 Monlgonieiy, dwl !t62 Mission 
Conlan Jane Miss, domestic 608 Filbert 
Con Lee (Chinese) washing and ironing 209 Kearny 
tionley Catherine, (widow) dwl SE cor Taylor and 

Conley Edward, mason with George D. Nagle 
Conley Frank, liar keeper, dwl 519 Mission 
Conlev James, driver with James Dowling NE cor 

j\{ontgomeiT and Market, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Conley John, blacksmith with Geo. P. Kimball 

& Co. 
C<mley John, carm.iii, dwl 28 Jane 
Conley John, (arnian, dwl 135 Minna 
Conley John, laborer with George D. Nagle 
Conley Julia, domestic 31 South Park 
Conley Mary Miss, domestic 806 Bush 
Conley Michael, helper 24 Drumni, dwl 37 Bald- 
win C'ourt 
Conley Jlicliael, mechanic W b Nevada bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Conley Patrick, driver Onmilms R. R. Co. 
Conley Patrick, laborer, dwl 31 Louisa 
Conley Terence, laborer, dwl 541 Mission 
Conlin Bernard, waiter Occidental Hotel, dwl 25 

Sherwood Place 
Conlin Bernard, laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Conlin Elizabeth, domestic NE cor Third and South 

Conlin Ellen, (widow) dwl 64 Natoma 
Conlin Francis, laborer, dwl 15 Sherwood Place 
Conlin Frank, laborer, dwl N s Brannan bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
C(mlin IL laborer with James A. Buckley 
Conlin James, carpenter, bds St. Charles' Hotel 
Conlin James, helper Union Foundry 
Conlin James, laborer, dwl N s Brannan bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Conlin J. J. mechanic California Engine Co. No. 4 
Conlin John F. contractor, dwl 659 Clay 
(!onlin John P. laborer, dwl 305 First 
Conlin Martin, junk dealer, dwl N s Brannan bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Conlin Mary, domestic 15 Hampton Place 
Conlin Mary, nurse U. S. Marine Hosjiital 
Conlin Michael, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Conlin' Sarah Miss, domestic with Salvin P. Collins 
Conlin Terence, laborer, dwl 17 Sherwood Place 
Conlon Hugh, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Conlon MaUliew, laborer, bds 903 Battery 
Conly J. calker, dwl Crescent Engine Ho'uee 
Conly J. miller, California Engine Co. No. 4 
Conly James, upholsterer, bds 51 Green 
Conly L. contractor, dwl cor Stevenson and Second 
Connaughton Martin, laborer, dwl 816 Vallejo, rear 
Connanghton Patrick, laborer, dwl l4 Brooks 
Connaughton Thomas, porter Presentation Convent, 

dwl S s Loml)ard bet Powell and Mason 

E. H. Parker agent 20 ! California 

CO. Hartford, Bigelow Bros. & Flint agents 

NW cor Montgomery and Sacramento 
Connell Catherine Jliss, (inmesiic 1106 Powell 
Connell Charles D. 3d assistant engineer S. F. Fire 

Department third floor City Hall 
Connell Charles O. deck hand "steamer Cornelia 
Connell Cornelius, laborer, dwl rear N s Harrison 

bet IVIain and Beale 
Council Ellen, domestic 434 Second 
Connell Hugh J. butcher with Weller <fe Fisher 
Connell James D. carpenter, dwl 1026 Pacific 
Connell John, laborer, dwl 76 Jessie, rear 
Connell John, laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Connell John, porter De Witt, Kittle &. Co. dwl W 

s Sanson! bet Green and Union 
Connell I\Iargaret Miss, domestic 312 Sutter 
Connell Philip, bricklayer, dwl 10 Jessie, rear 

A. ROMAJV & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ta National Almanac & Annual Record, 700 pp. 



Connell Ivicliard, carrier Evening IJnlletin 
ConiiL'il Tlioniat*, drayuiaii witli H. Casebolt &. Co. 
Connell Tiniotliv, d\vl 12il Sansoni 
Connelly A. l[.\t Co. ( David Ni/eJ livery 6lablel4 

iSiitier. <l\vl Lick House 
Connelly Briilii-et, douieslic 739 Howard 
Connelly l^ridy-el .Misn, domestic 81b Fill)ert 
Connelly Catliarine (widow) dwl S s Jessie bet 

Pourili and Fifth 
Connelly Daniel, 'longshoreman, dwl 314 Beale 
Connelly D. W. real estate, dwl 633 Commercial 
Connelly Eliza T. ^^liss, millinery UOS Stockton 
Connelly James, carpenter, dwl S s Jessie bet 

P^>nrth and Fifth 
Connelly James, lal)orer 17 Beale, dwl 25 Beale 
Coimelly James, machinist, dwl 0041 Mission 
Connelly John, butcher jnnction Market andLaguna 
Connelly John, laborer, dwl 270 Jessie, rear 
Connelly John, workman Central Railroad 
Connelly Mary, domei-lic Lick House 
Connelly ?)[ary Miss, domestic 114 Sr. :Marks Phice 
Connelly Mieliael, laborer, dwl 37 Baldwin Court 
Connelly Patrick, laborer, bds 518 Pacific 
Connelly Thomas, waiter Occidental Hotel 
Connelly Timoiliy, laborer, dwl 7 Bay State Row 
Connelly Wdliam, carpenter, dwl 325 Puie 
Connelly William, laborer, (Iwl 11 St. Marys Place 
Conner Edward, U. S. Consul at Guaymas,'dwl 417 

Conner John, mate steamer Yosemite 
Conner Jolin J. cai-peuter, dwl NW cor Washington 

and Stone 
Conner J(*hn W. dwl 417 Harrison 
Conner Mary, 1311 Dupont 
Conner JMarV jMiss, domestic ()15 Harrison 
Conner William, dwl What Cheer House 
Conner ^Mlliam, molder Golden State Foundiy, dwl 

45 Clementina 
Conners David, marble polisher, dwl 319 Bush 
Connevs John, laborer, dwl Commercial Hotel 123 

Conners William, laborer, dwl 212 Dupont, rear 
Conneway Caroline Jliss, domestic 426 Post 
Conniff James, laborer, dwl N s Sausom bet Filbert 

and Greenwich 
Conniff X. laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Conuigiui .Tohn, hostler 413 Market 
ComuiUv Bi-idget Miss, d<imesl)<- 1119 Stockton 
CONXULLY JOHN, Kotumla Li(iuor S:iloon, junc- 
tion Alarket, O'Farrell, and Dupont, dwl 5 
Connolly Jfihn J. blaeksndth 408 Broadway 
C'omioUy Mary Miss, domestic 110 Stockton 
Coiniolly O. ciirtman Waller bet Laguna and Jlarket 
ConnollV Tlioiuas, poultry 16 Nevs^ Clay Street Mar- 
ket; dwl 9-^(1 Howard 
Connolly Timothy, hostler, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Connolly Timothy F. foreman with D. C. McGlvnu, 

dwi 27 St. Marks I'lace 
Connor Francis, captain steamer Sierra Nevada, dwl 

560 Folsom 
Connor Hannah i\Iiss, domestic 100 O'Farrell 
Connor, lames, scene painter Manhattan Engine Co. 

No. 2 
Connor James, laborer, dwl E s Brooks nr Market 
Connor Johanna Miss, domestic 108 O'Fan-ell 
Connor Johanna Miss, dotnestic 1231 Clay 
Connor ,1. W. comedian, dwl 215 Stevenson 
Comio!' Mary (widow) dwl Ss Dupont Alley 
Connor Mary Miss, domestic 1709 I'owell 
Connor Mary, domestic 757 Howard 
Connor Michael, milkman, dwl 109 Geary 
Connor Morris, dwl N s Francisco bet Dupont and 

Connor Patrick, dwl 813 Clay 
Coimor Patrick, laborer, dwl'W s Ma.-<on bet Geary 

and O'Farrell 
Connor Patrick, hostler with Bridge &. Loring 317 

Connor William T. pressmiin Broderick Engine Co. 

No. 1 
Comiois Annie, dress and cloakmaker 228 Stevenson 
Connors J. laborer, dwl 93 Stevenson 
C(mnors Margaret Miss, domestic 607 Pine 
Connors iMicliael, laborer, dwl 77 Jessie 
Connors Patrick, laborer, dwl .54 Stevenson, rear 
Connors Thomas, tobacconist Pacific Engine Co. No. 

8, dwl Gold nr Sacramento 
Connovan R. porter American Exchange Hotel 
Conolly Edward A. mason, dwl E s Larkin bet Ellis 

an-d Eddy 
Conolly William J. liquors, dwl 561 Mission 
Conory John, laborer, dwl 228 Commercial 
Conrad A. cabinet maker 414 Pine, dwl 435 Bush 
Conrad David (J. Sf D. ConradJ dwl 63 Xaloma 
CONRAD GEORGE, proprietor Pavilion Garden 

and Concert Hall W s Laguna bet Hayes and 

Grove, Hayes Park 
Conrad Henry," tinsmith with John Kehoe, dwl 112' 

Conrad J. & D. wholesale fruits 419 Washington, res 

Xew York 
Conrad William, cabinet maker with Goodwin & Co. 

dwl Hyde nr California 
Conrad W"illiam A. carpenter, dwl E s Hyde bet 

Sacramento iind California 
Conrades i Furdinfiml j & Co. (Clinrlex Ha a kc I An- 

teloiie Oyster and Chop House 612 Market 
Conro C. M.'witb F. D. Couro iSc Co. 717 Battery, 

dwl 751 Howard 
CONRO F. D. & CO. proprietors Golden Age 

Flour Mills 717 Battery ofhce 127 Clay, dwl 751 

Conroy Bernard, physician 503 Pacific 
Couroy Fi-tncis, blackfuiith W s Presidio Road bet 

\'alle)0 and Green 
COXROY (Jame>i CJ & O'COXXOR (John F. 

Michael J. and Thomas H. O' Connor) import- 
ers metals and hardware 107 to 113 Front and 

208 to 214 Pine, res Xew York 
Conroy John, laborer with ^^'m. Hall, Ocean House 

C!onroy Martin, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Conroy Slartin, grain weigher with A. H Todd & Co 
Conroy MichaelC. dwl 1912 Mason 
Conroy Thomas, agent S. S. Butler 511 Washington 
Cousailiue Ivicliard, with Erwin Davis SW cor Cali- 
fornia and Powell 
Cousalez Mary A. (widow) dwl 121S Dupont, rear 
Considitie Aiut, domestic 1213 Taylor 
Cousidine Joseph, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Coiisolacion S. 3l. Co. office 403 Pine 
Consolidated Silver Hiil M. Co. otiice 522 Mont 
Constant Garrau, cook 508 Washington 
Constant Jac<iuot, waiter with Alexander Finance 

& Co. dwl 837 Diijiont 
Constant John, dwl S s Pacific bet Dupont and Stock 
Constant Joseph, cook, dwl J215 Dupont, rear 
Constant Mme. milliner 638 Vallejo 
Constantin T. merchant, dwl 821 Kearny 
Constellation G. & S. M. Co. oflice 804 Montgomery 
Consline Abraham, furniture 39 Second, dwl 171 

Constine Jules, polisher, dwl W s Anna bet Eddy 

and Ellis 
Constitution V. & S. M. Co. office 612 Commercial 
Constitution G. & S. 51. Co. oilice 607 Washington 
Coutet (A.) Si. Plege (L.J hatters 721 Clay 
Coutie Auiljroise, bottle dealer, dwl W s Union Place 

nr Union 
Contie Charles, workman with Domiano Mancarini 
Continental Hotel, Tandler &. Lang proprietors, SE 

cor Sansom and Commercial 

C. A. Low &- Co. agents 204 California 
Contra Costa C. G. &. S." M. Co. office 420 Mont 
CONTRA COSTA EXPRESS, Bamber & Co. pro- 
prietors 739 Davis 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., Mining Companies' Books printed and bound at short notice. 



CONTRA COSTA FERRY, foot Broadway 
Contra Costa Laundry, Wni. 11. Bovee & Co. pro- 
prietors office 13 Broadway 
Contra Henry, carpenter, dwl 435 Bu.sli 
Convent N. [)aper uanger, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Converse A: Afunckton T. & M. Co. otlice 10 Armory 

Hall liuildinjr 
Converse 1). stationer 531 Washiniiton 
Conway Catherine, domestic 22(1 Minna 
Conwav Edward, duet' clerk U. S. Surveyor-Gen- 

era'l's ollice. dwl (ilS Third 
Conway E. N. with E. D. Waters, dwl 320 Minna 
Conway Franklin, laborer Avith John Hai't 
Conwav James H. policeman City Hall, dwl 416 

Conwav James M. engineer India Rice Mills, dwl 42 

Conway John, butcher Potrero nr Brannan St. Bridge 
Conway Jolin, laborer, dwl E s Vincent 
Conway John R. policeman City Hall, dwl 345 Fourth 
Conway J. R. plivsiciaii, dwl 320 Minna 
Conway JIary Miss, domestic 724 California 
Conway jWiehael, laborer, dwl N W cor Howard and 

Conway Jlichael O. saddle and harness maker SE 

cor Suiter and Kearny 
Conway Jiorris, laborer, (Iwl N s Austin bet Frank- 
lin and (!oug!i 
Conway Philip, plasterer, bds 12 Sutter 
Conwa}- Tiiomas, hackinan Plaza 
Conwav Tliomas, harness maker 21C Battery, dwl 

43 l3aldwin Court 
Conway Thomas, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar 

Cony Daniel, weiglier and measurer Custom House, 

d\\ 1 AY s Calhoun bet Green and Union 
Coogan Richard T. boarding 541 Mission 
Cook Aaron, merchant Virginia City office 210 Bat 
Cook Adam, mohler Fulton Foundry, dwl 226 Sutter 
Cook Alexander, car])enter, dwl 331 Teluima, rear 
Cook Allen \V. book-keeper, dwl 163 Minna 
Cook Anna Mrs. domestic 212 Powell 
COOK BENNET, Mail Bag Saloon 416 Washing- 
ton, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Cook Cliai'les, policeman City Hall, dwl 1116 Taylor 
Cook Charles, steward Kailroad House 
Cook Charles F. (Eureka tiixip Co.) 207 Sacra- 
memo, dwl N s Union bet Hyde and Larkin 
Cook Cliailes (4. waiter, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
COOK CHARLES W. notary public office SW cor 
Montgomery and Clay, dwl E s Taylor bet Fil- 
bert and Union 
Cook CHuistian, blower Pacific Glass Works Potrero 
Cook Christian, cook Clinton Temperance House 
Cook Christian, upholsterer with McElwee & Ack- 

erman, dwl 719 Union 
Cook 1). I), clerk Oakland Ferry, dwl Broolflyn 

Hotel 128 Sansom 
Cook Edwai'd .1. merchant office with George W. 

Cbajiin & Co. 708 Kearny 
Cook Edwin, with John Paterson 316 Dupont 
Cook E. G. & Co. (Albert BioiKc) groceries and 
liquors SE cor Second and Minna, dwl NE cor 
Seventh and Bryant 
Cook Eli H. captain U. S. A. recruiting officer 128 

Pacific, dwl 36 and 37 Government House- 
COOK (Eli^ha) & HITTELL (Thco<l<irc H.) at- 
torneys at law office 519 Montgomery, dwl 768 
Cook E. N. dwl Clinton Temperance House 
Cook Erwin A. with J. W. tShaetrcr t.:i:i NYash. 
Cook F.'iyette, bricklayer, dwl Louisa nr Folsom 
Cook Gilbert, fireman tug-boat Columbia, bds 921 

Cook G. & S. M. Co. office 305 Montgomery 
Cook Henry E. bds 712 Stockton 
Cook Hermann, bds 205 Sansom 

Cook H. N. agent Capt. M. JI. Cook office 215 Front 
Cook I. J. coiuhietor Omnilius R. R. Co 
Cook Ira, bricklayer, dwl Louisa nr Folsom 
Cook Isaac (Wcl),rrJ,ee c\- C.) dwl 522 Howard 
Cook Jiuiies, book-keeper with W. H. Keith & Co. 

dwl N s Sutter bet Jlason and Taykir 
Cfiok ,J. bar keejier, dwl Crescent Engine House 
Cook James, engineer Commercial Flour Mills, dwl 

Freelon bet Fourth and Fifth 
Cook James, waiter St. Lawrence House Market 
Cook Jane (widow) dwl S s C!ard Alley nr Stock 
("ook John, cabinet maker, dvi'l 109 Geaiy 
Cook John, St. Nicholas Hairdressing Saloon 507 

Commercial, dwl St. Nicholas Hotel 
Cook John W. (colored) seaman, dwl 1218 Dupont, 

Cook Julia Mrs. furnished rooms 6 Sansom 
Cook L. Mrs. furnished rooms Hyatt's Building SW 

cor Jlarket and Third 
Cook Lewis, vegetables, dwl 840 Vallejo 
Cook iMargaret (widows) dwl 812 Union 
Cook Mary (widow) dwl 215 l>ui>ont 
Cook Mathew M. capt bark Earlv Bird and tannery 

Presidio Road office 215 Front, dwl 1322 Pacific 
Cook Michael, Oriental Saloon, dwl 74 Stevenson 

Cook ^lichuel, hdiorer, dwl Point Lobos Road W s 

Lone Jlouiitain Cemetery 
Cook Napoleon B. carjienter with J. McGill & Co. 

dwl 25 Quincy nr California 
Cook Nelson (colored) porter with Sather dk Church, 

dwl NE cor Dupont and Filbert 
Cook Oliver P. clerk International Hotel, dwl 1116 

Cook f*. C. Mrs. teacher Market and Fifth Street 

School, dwl 202 Second 
Cook Peter, compositor Evening Bulletin 
Cook Sarah (widow) dwl 15 Geary 
Cook Thomas, ex])r-ess wagon 412 California 
COOK WILLIAM A. Mrs. dwl 26 Bioadway Block 
Cooke Ferdinand, blacksmith with Eaton, Larkins 

&. Co. dwl 443 Bush 
Cooke George B. stevedore, dwl 712 Taylor 
Cooke George W^. clerk with Wm. B. Cooke & Co. 

dwl 920 Stockton 
Cooke Robert C. driver, dwl W s Kearny bet LTnion 

and Filbert 
Cooke William A. cook, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

COOKE WILLIAJI B. & CO. importing stationers 

and law blank publishers 624 Montgomery, 

Montgomery Block, dwl 417 Montgomery 
Cookes J. F. fruits 15 and 16 Metropolitan Market, 

dwl 33 Second 
Cooky J. water cart Market opp Montgomery 
Coolidge .Tose]ih A. lumber, dwl 420 Second 
Coomlis .lolni H. shipwright, dwl 'i.^ Cleiiientina 
CooHicy lioliert, capt clipper ship Charger, dwl 109 

COON HENRY P. Mayor City and County San 

Francisco ex officio President Board Super- 
visors office City Hall, dwl (520 Howard 
Coon Jacol), dwl United States Hotel 304 Beale 
Coon JIartin, laborer, dwl San Bruno Road 3^ miles 

from City Hall ^ 
Coon Normaii S. mining stocks, dwl S s Brj'ant bet 

Third and Fourth 
Coon Sing (Chinese) washing 4 Front 
Coonan Michael, laborer, dwl 335 Bryant 
Cooiian Thomas, laborer, dwl S s Dupont Alley 
Cooney Bridget, domestic NW cor Bryant and Rin- 

con Place 
Cooney John, groceries S s Union bet Jlontgomery 

and Sansom 
Cooney (John) & Beirne (P.) liquors 417 Powell 
Cooney Margaret Miss, domestic 615 Pine 
Cooney Mary Miss, domestic 623 Powell 
Cooney Patrick, 'longshoreman, dwl 'E s Main bet 

Folsom and Harrison 

A. ROMATT & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograph Albums and Portraits of Notable Persons. 



Cooiiey "William, tin!>initli -with Tay, Brooks & 

liackus, ihvl SW foi- Union and Jloutuoiuery 
Coons ( Aii!!iinti(x) &. 'McV>A\\\t( James) proprietors 

Ramsey IJakery 108 First 
Coons Cliarlos, mason with Georjie D. Nagle 
Cooper Ann E. Mrs. (colored) dwl 15U7 Dupont 
Cooper Arehiliiild, foreman refinery United States 

Branch Mint, dwl NE cor Dupont and Mont 
Cooper Charles, teamster, dwl 3'24 Yallejo, rear 
Cooper Enaene T. clerk with Albert Dibblee, bds 

olS Folsom 
Cooper Ezekiel (colored) porter 405 Front, dwl 1328 

Cooper Francis J. (colored) dwl 909 Pacific 
Cooper Grace (widow) t'lirnislied rooms 515 Pine 
Cooper Ilenrv, bricklayer, bds 128 Sansom 
Cooper J. A. "driver N.'B. & M. R. R. Co. 
Cooper James T. paintes', dwl V/isconsin Hotel 
Cooper Jesse, jiattern maker Miner's Foundry, bds 

United Slates Hotel Beale 
Cooper J. G. Dr. State Geological Sm-vey 67 Mont- 
gomery Block 
Cooper John, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Cooper Julia M. (wiilow) dwl 31 Jane 
Coope;' L. B. carpenter dwl 812 Sacramento 
Cooper jI. 1)ricklayer, lids Benton House 
Cooper Oliver, boat builder 6 Clark, dwl 9 Quincy 
Cooper Randolph (colored) whitewashing, dwl E s 

jVIiles Place nr Sacramento 
Cooper Richard, cook, dwl Black Point 
Cooper Richard (colored) dwl 1507 Dupont 
Cooper William, milhvriglit, dwl Portsmouth House 
COOSE BAY PACKETS, pier 11 Stewart A. M. 

Simpson agent 
Coovev Joseph H. farmer, dwl 16 First 
Cope C. C. judge State Supreme Court office Sacra- 
mento City, dwl 811 Stockton 
Copeland William, mariner, dwl 327 Beale 
Copiapo S. M. Co. W. P. Dewey secretary, office 6 

Wells' Building, cor Montgomery and Clay 
Copithorne Richard, with Loclve & Montague, dwl 

Rousch \\v Howard 
Coplan Willis F. compositor Republic, dwl 63 Second 
Copj) G. & S. M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Copp John G. tinsmith with Tay, Brooks & Backus, 

dwl G12 California 
Copp Nathaniel P. ship carpenter, dwl room 6 Bel- 
den Block 
Copp N. P. fVnndervoort S^- C.) dwl 30 Third 
Coppenheiu Joseph, merchant, dwl with Louis JafFe 
Copper Age At. Co. oflice room 2, 420 Montgomery 
Copper Hill 1\I. Co. office 706 Montgomery 
Coppi ((•.) &. Pezzoni (G.) wood and charcoal Ws 

Taylor bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Coppi Victor, wood and ivory turner Leidesdorff nr 

Pine, dwl 773 Clay 
Coquette G. S. & C. I\l. Co. office 547 Washington 
Corbell George W. i)aiiiter, dwl 8 Virginia 
Corbell Hyi-am, ])ainler, dwl 8 Brenham Phice 
Corhett Anna Miss, domestic S. W. cor California 

and Powell 
Corbett David B. groceries and liquors SW cor 

G'Farrell and Mason 
Corbel! Edward, dwl 125 Prospect Phice 
Corbet! Ellen Miss, domestic with .J. Roome Lewis 
Corliett George, machinist, bds 54 First 
Corlielt James, bar keeper 412 Cal. dwl 34 Clay 
Corbett James, cabinet maker, dwl .521 Vallejo 
Corbelt .James, machinist Fulton Foundry, dwl Mis- 
sion bet First and Second 
Corbett ,Jolin, liquor saloon 412 California, dwl NE 

cor Sixteenth and Harriet 
Corl)ett Margaret E. (widow) dwl 767 Howard 
Corl)ett Patrick, hackdriver, dwl .531 Union 
Corbett Patrick, laborer with John Schaffer, dwl S s 

Mason bet Turk and Eddy 
Corbelt I'ahii-k, workman Central Rail Road 
Corbett Ivodger, bla<'ksiiiii]i witli Frederick Geb- 
hardt 115 Bush, dwl 53 .Jessie 

Corbett William, broker, dwl Russ House 

Corbin Chailes P. miller, dwl 54 First 

Corbyn Harry ^^^ theati-ical agent NE cor Kearny 

and (,'lay, dwl 415 Pine 
Corbyn Sheridan, manager Gilbert's Melodeon and 

'\\'illows, office NE cor Kearny and Clay, dwl 

415 Phie 
Corcolan Daniel, hostler 527 Kearny, dwl 44 St. 

iMark Place 
Corcoran Dennis, waiter, dwl 257 Be^de 
Corcoran E. Miss, domestic, dwl with Simon Corcoran 
Corcoran G. &. S. Jl. Co. office 32(i Clay 
Corcoran Jolui, boilermaker, dwl N s grove bet Oc- 

tavia and Laguna 
Corcoran John, porter with Conroy «fe O'Connor 111 

Corcoran Mary Miss, domestic with Benjamin Price 
Corcoran Mary Miss, domestic, dwl with Simon Cor- 
Corcoran Jlichael, job wagon SW cor California and 

3Ioutgomery, dwl 539 Hov\ard, rear 
Corcoran Peter, laborer with John Henry 
CorcoraTi Simon, laborer, dwl S s Lick Alley bet 

First and Ecker 
Corcoran William, contractor, dwl 325 Pine 
Corcoran "William, hostler, dwl NE cor California 

imd Prospect Place 
Cordal Edward, tailor, dwl 431 Bush 
Corden Jolni, laborer, dwl 210 Stevenson 
CORDES ALLRICH J. F. groceries and liquors 

NE cor Pacific and Powell 
Cordes Chas. H. & Co. (Clans H. Corden) Union 

Saloon NE cor Front and Pine, dwl 6 Jilinna 
Cordes (Clana H.J & Co. (M. BvluikcnJ liquors 

1007 Battery 
Cordes Claus H. (C. H. Cordes 4- Co.) dwl 1007 

Cordes Conrad, miner, dwl NW cor Kearny and 

Cordes Hermann, dwl N s Frederick 
CORDES WHjLIAM, proptr Cordes' Excljange 

Saloon 145 Stewart pier 12 
Cordevallier Josej)h, wines and liquors 309 Bdwy 
Cordier J. H. &. Co. (Gaxpar Garneatt) proprie{ors 

iMiners' Reslanraut 531 and 533 Commercial 
Cordiner C. L. merchant tailor 208 Montgomery 
Cords Henry, laundry E s Jansen bet LombiU-d and 

Coret Madam Marie, dwl 606 "S^allejo 
Corey S. dwl Russ House 
Corey Owen, shoemaker 162 Jessie 
Corie T. H. lieutenmit U. S. Marines, bds Occidental 

Corinthian G. & S. IM. Co. office Custom House 
Corkery John H. with M. Keller SW cor Pine and 

Blont, dwl S s Mission bet Second and Third 
Corkey Elizabeth, Miss, domestic 620 Green 
Corkry Mary, domestic 516 Third 
Corlett William, pilot steamer Chrysopolis, dwl 221 

Corley Bridget, domestic with Cyril V. Grey 
Corley Heniy, captain schooner" Sarah Adelia, pier 

15 Stewart 
Corliss Joseph F. dwl (i Baldwin Court 
Corliss William B. painter, dvrl \V s Clarence Place 
Corniick Bridget i\[iss, domestic 727 Bush 
Cormick .'ames, cook Montgomery House 623 Market 

York, John Fowler agent, NE cor Battery and 

Corn Abraham I. hair dresser with Jos. Lipmau, 

dwl (J.ilifornia and Kearny 
Corn Adolphus, hair dre^ser What Cheer House 
Corneals Josepli, rigger, dwl 129 Sansom 
Cornelius Gusiave, baker San Francisco Bakery 134 

Cornelius Joseph, dwl 129 Sansom 
Cornelius Louis, proprietor Elysium Restaurant 673 


BUS'WEIjIi & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Books. 



Comell Charles M. ear|)enter, dwl 209 Second 
CORNELL CHAUNCEY, justice of the peace 

Tliird Township, office 528 Montgomery, dwl N 

ti Sacramento bet Taylor and Jones 
Cornell Herbert S. salesman 411 Jlontgomery, dwl 

13!> Jloiitgomery 
Cornell Jolm, laborer, dwl 671 Mission 
Cornell Menbah Miss, matron Deaf, Dumb, and 

Blind Institute cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Cornell E. H. photographic artist 650 and 652 Wash- 
ington, dwl N s Sacramento nr Taylor 
Cornelli Pietro, dishwasher 524 Merchant 
Corneps Hermann, packer Golden Gale Mills, dwl 

S s Green bet Stockton and Powell 
Cornet E. speculator, dwl 6U4 Duiiont 
Cornfoot Henrv, watchman, dwl S s Shipley bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Cornin James, laborer Mission Woolen Mills, dwl 

SE cor First Avenue and Fifteenth 
Coming Richard S. (Pease, Boulei/ 4' Co.) dwl 

Lick House 
Cornish Jt)hn, seaman, dwl 528 Pacific 
Conineen Dennis, spinner Jlisision Woolen IMills 
Corno Paul, captain bark Industry office 2 Clay, dwl 

826 Bush ^ 

Cornor Charles W. assistant melter U. S. B. Mint, 

dwl 416 Third 
CORNWALL PIERRE B. Notary Public and stock 

broker office 6U8 Merchant, dwl SW cor Taylor 

and ^^allejo 
Comwal! A\'illiam A. attorney at law office 2 Naglee 

Building SW cor Montgomery and ^Merchant 
Corny nn Mortimer, Central House 113 and 115 First 
Cornynn (James) &. Beirne (Charles) proprietors 

Central House 814 and 816 Sansom 
Coroldally J. harness maker 216 Battery 

office 651 Sac, Dr. B. A. Sheldon Coroner 
Coronilla G. & S. M. Co. office NW cor Front and 

Corraud E. proprietor New York Bath House, 738 

Coney Tliomas, stoves and tinware 204 Pacific 
Corrigan Bernard, laborer, dwl 56 Beale 
Corrigan Eli/a 3Irs. dwl E s Brannau Place nr Green 
Corrigan 'Slm-y (widow) dwl 238 Jessie 
Corrigan Peter, S. V. W. W. Co. dwl 52 Everett 
Coriisler W. D. minstrel, dwl 820Dupont 
Corriveau Louis, barber 'JLS Du])ont, dv,'l N s Mer- 
chant bet Montgomery and Sansom 
Corsen Charles, cook Globe Hotel 
Corson John G. first assistant engineer S. F. Fire 

Depailmeut, office third fioor City Hall 
Cortes Andrew J. bookbinder, dwl 273 Minna 
Cortes B. V. inspector Spring Valley W. W. Co. 

dwl 2 Chatham Place 
Cortez G. &, S. M. Co. office 706 Montgomery 
Corlez ]Maria, dwl 304 Vallejo, rear 
Corthay Louis (De Locke if C.) dwl S s IMarket bet 

Si.xtii and Seventh 
Cortis Aaron J. bookbinder with G. T. Emerson, 

dwl 273 Minna 
Corwin James, plasterer, bds 333 Bush 
Corwin Joseph R. clerk with James JlcCabe 625 

Corwin Peter, with George & Smith 430 Pine 
Corwin William, miller, bds 54 First 
Coryell Jlary M. Jlrs. dwl S s Union bet Montgom- 
ery and Sansom 
Coseley Lonis, San Francisco Laundry N s Folsom 

bet Seventh and Eighth 
Cosette S. <fc C M. C«. office 804 Montgomery 
Cosgriff Jlargaret (widow) dwl 1015 ^Mason 
Cosgriff JIartin F. toll collector San Francisco and 

Point Lobos Road Lone Mountain Gate 
Cosgrove Daniel, steward United States Hotel 
Cosgi-ove Edward, dwl 24 San.som 
Cosgrove Felix, butcher, dwl S 8 Brannan bet Sixth 

and Seventh 

Cosgrove Hannah Miss, milliner with Miss Eliza T. 
"Connolly, dwl 1108 Stockton 

Cosgiove Henry, saddler 216 Battery, bds 16 First 

Cosgrove James, with Peter T. Lundberg Point 

Cosgi'ove James, mining, dwl 558 Howard 

Cosgrove John, deck hand steamer >Sophie McLane 

Cosgiove M. bds Benton House 

Cosgi'ove Maria Miss, domestic with M. Calisher 

Cosgrove Patrick, fruit 356 Third 

Cosgrove Patrick, teamster with Stanyan & Co. 
dwl S B Sacramento bet Polk and Van Ness Av 

Costa'ove Patrick, packer with Ilaynes & Lawton, 
"dwl 101 Geary 

Cosgrove Thomas, dwl 706 Battery 

Cosgrove Philip, drayman, dwl 50 Silver 

Cosgrove William, stone cutter, dwl 9 Berry 

Coslier James, laborer, dwl NE cor Taylor and Tyler 

Cosmopolitan G. & S. M. Co. office 1 second floor 
Armory Hall 

COSO G. & S. iM. CO. office 11 Court Block, 636 

Coso House, 629 Commercial, L.J. Ewell proprietor 

Consolacion S. M. Co. office 403 Pine 

Costa Jos^, tailor, dwl SW cor Vallejo and Dupont 

Costa Peter, farmer Ssxn Bruno Road 2i miles from 
City Hall 

Costalin M. lamp manufacturer, dwl 6 Washoe 

Costallo Samuel, bar keeper with Joseph W. Kerr, 
dwl 829 Kearny 

Coste Autoine, with J. H. Cordier & Co. dwl 309 

Costell JIary Miss, domestic 574 IMission 

Costello Thomas, umbrella mender, etc. 118 Minna 

Coster Joseph, dwl 820 Dupont 

Co.) importer and retail dry goods 415 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 1118 Powell 

Costigan John & Co. (Thomas C. Costigan) black- 
smiths 116 Jackson, dwl N s Pine bet Mason 
and Taylor 

Costigan Tliomas C. (John Costigan Sf Co.) dwlN 
s Pine bet Mason and Taylor 

Cota John, carriage maker with H. Casebolt & Co. 
dwl with Moses Kimball 

Cota J. S. machinist Pacific Iron Works, dwl NW 
cor Piicilic and Jones 

Cota Lewis, machinist Pacific Foundry, dwl with 
Moses C. Kimball 

Cottage Savings and Homestead Association, office 
406 Montgomery 

Gotten John, workman Central Railroad 

Cotter Edward B. Deputy Clerk U. S. District Court, 
dwl 826 Sacramento" 

Cotter Frank, painter, dwl W s Leroy Place nr Sac 

Cotter Hannah (widow) dwl 417 Sutter 

Cotter James Rev. assistant pastor St. MaiT's Cathe- 
dral, dwl 602 Dupont 

Cotter Jane A. Mrs. California Knitting Establish- 
ment 650 Sacramento 

Cotter John, hair dresser, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 

Cotter John, laborer, dwl 111 Sacramento 

Cotrer John C. stamp manufacturer 650 Sacramento 

Colter J. R. dwl 333 Bush 

Cotter Patrick, porter with S. P. Taylor &. Co 

Cotter "\^'illiam, superintendent labor'ei s, dwl E s Ma- 
son bet Broadway and Vallejo 

Cottin John, dwl WsPinckney Place nr Broadway 

Couingham R. silversmith with Vanderslice & Co. 
810 Montgomery 

Cottle Franklin D. carpenter and builder 212 Pine, 
dwl 932 Howard 

Cottle John, plasterer, dwl E s Hyde bet Pine and 

Cotton Benjauiin, Ethiopian comedian Em-eka Thea- 
ter, dwl 371 .Jessie 

Cotton David, dwl 149 Silver 

Cottrell E. M. with I. «fe S. Wormser, dwl 734 Green 

A. ROMAU" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, New Books for sale as soon as published. 



Cottrcy S. helper Union Fonndiy 
Conch TliouuiH, machinist Union Foundry 
C'on-lilan Diiniel, hostler, dwl 108 St. Mnrk Pliice 
C'ouuliliui James, teamster with (Teo. D. Xat;le 
Coui;lilan Jeremiah j' 6-' /77>/'//( i^ C.J (hvl G-JG Mission 
Coujrhlan John, -with Cotfey tSe, liisdou, dwl iiJO 

Couublan John, carman 813 Sansom 
Couuhlan John, carman cor Fomth and Mission 
Couuhian John, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Coughlan Mary Ann Miss, domestic 1315 Mason 
Cou^hlan Micfiael, S. F. Gas Co. dwl 41:2 Folsom, 
Cougliley John, waterman, dwl 838 Vallejo 
Conghliii Ellen (widow) dwl C2G Mission 
Contfldin Jeremiah, machinist Union Foundry 
Couijhlin John, helper Fidton Foundry, dwl 518 

Coughlin John, helper with Coifey & Risdon, dwl 

G'.'G Mission 
Coughlin Michael, carman, dwl 626 Mission 
Coughlin Michael, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Coughlin Timothy, lahorer, dwl 3'2 First 
Coughling John, drayuiaii, dwl 813 Sansom 
Cougot Charles, waiter, dwl S Polk Alley 
Coulon A. tailor, dwl 1".*33 Dupont 
Coulon Eniile, fisherman 31 Washington Market, 

dwl Spotibrd nr Clay 
Coulter David, miner, "dwl E s Hyde bet Green- 
wich and Lombard 
Coulter James D. furniture dealer, dwl 564 Howard 
Coulter Joseph, steward Tremont House 
Coulter Joseph H. drayman Monumental Engine 

Co. No. G 
COUNTY ASSESSOR, office City Hall first floor 
COUNTY ATTORNEY (District) office City Hall 

second fioor 
COUNTY ATTORNEY (Police) office City Hall, 

COUNTY AUDITOR, office City Hall first floor 
COUNTY CLEKK, office City Hall second floor 
COUNTY CORONER, oflice*G.jl Sacramento 
COUNTY COURT, office Citv Hall second floor 
COUNTY JAIL, N s Broadway bet Kearny and 

COUNTY JUDGE, office 402 Montgomery 
COUNTY PHYSICIAN, office County 'Hospital, 

North Beach 
COUNTY RECORDER, office Brenham Place, 

op]iosite Plaza 

SCHOOLS, office 325 IMontsjomery 
COUNTY SURVEYOR, office City Hall third floor 

first floor 
CO UNT Y TREASURER, office City Hall first floor 
Comity William, laborer, dwl 27 Stevenson 
Coupland William F. hatter with Roht. J. Titlany, 

dwl E s Du])ont nr Chesnut 
Courcelle Achille, furniture 820 Washington 
Courcillou Eugene De, physician and oculist office 

737 Clay, dwl GIG California 
Coursev John G. (colored) dwl 33 Jane 
Court Block, 636 Clay and 641 Merchant bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Courtenay Charles C. "sign and ornamental painter 

31 G Bush 
Courtenav J. E. fKaler c^- C.J 7 Clay, bds 316 

Courter John P. carjienter, dwl W s Dolores bet 

Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
Courter Sylvester, conductor N. B. &c M. R. R. dwl 

44 Clary 
Courtis Thomas, real estate agent, dwl 515 Bush 
COURT CIRCUIT U. S. rms SW cor Montgom- 
ery and Jackson 
COURT COUNTY, rms City Hall second floor 

second floor 


second floor 
COURT DISTRICT U. S. rms SW cor Montgom- 
ery and Jackson 
COURT JUSTICE'S First District, rms 53G Pacific 
COURT JUSTICE'S Second District, rms 623 

COURT JUSTICE'S Third District, rms 528 Mont 
COURT JUSTICE'S Fourth District, rm.^ 230 Bush 
COURT JUSTICE'S Fifth District, rms G13 .Market 
COURT JUSTICE'S Sixth District, rms Valencia 

nr Fifteenth 
COURT POLICE JUDGE'S, rms City HaU first 

COURT PROBATE, rms City Hall second floor 
COURT SESSIONS, rms City Hall second floor 
Courts John W. salesman 65l Clay, dwl Lincoln 

Avenue nr Dupont 
Cousin Nicholas fA. Deiiey, Vorbe Sf Co.) dwl 

Dupont, rear Cathedral 
Cousin P. merchant, dwl G04 Dupont 
Cousins Charles A. mining, dwl 52 Second 
Cousins G. W. dwl 917 Dupont 
Cousins Jacob, captbrig Advance, dwl 605 Howard 
Cousins Jame3 C. ship carpenter, dwl 607 Green- 
Cousins William, brick mason, dwl S s Broadway 

bet Taylor and Jones 
Coussaiut Lelevier, restaurant 1127 Dupont 
Consselle Madam, dwl 815 Dupont 
Cousselle Philip, bootljlack 748 Washington 
Coustadter Gabriel (Chnlovich c^- Co.) dwl NE cor 

Couiinercial and Leidesdortf 
Couts Alexander, miller, d^yl 411 Sutter 
Couttolene J. A. builder, dwl W s Pinckney Place 

nr Broadway 
Covaller A. Paul, blacksmith Phoenix Iron Works 
Cove Robert, porter with E. H. Parker, dwl Lafa- 
yette bet How-ard and Jlission 
Covelle :\Iargaret C. (widow) dwl 108 Montgomery 
Covert Sleplien II. painter, dwl 327 Fourth 
COVEY HARRIS R. proprietor Pioneer Livery 

and Sale Stables 530 California cor Webb, dwl 

Russ House 
Covey Stephen, Russ House Coaches, dwl Russ 

Covin Wm. C. bds 12 Sacramento 
Covington Elam, miner, dwl 535 Tehama 
Cowaii Hugh, restaurant 8 Broadway 
Cowell J. G. clerk with Davis & Jordan 
Cowen Charles, bricklayer, dwl 20 Sansom 
Cowen William i.f Flint Sf C.j dwl Federal Bdg 
Cowen Williun M. drayman, dwl 730 Kearny 
Cowes Robert C. (colored) steward P.M.S. St. Louis 
Cowing Turner, dwl 323 First 
Cowles .i. C. dwl 355 First 
COWLES SAJIUEL, Judge Police Court City and 

County San Francisco office City HaU, dwl S 

s McLaren Lane nr Howard 
Cowles Willard, electrotypist and stencil cutter 517 

Jackson, dwl S s Jackson nr Dupont 
Cowi>ei- \\'illiam, with J. W. Sullivan, dwl 414 

Cox Anson (McCall 4- C.) dwl 529 Pine 
Cox Arthur P. clerk with Cameron, Whittier & Co. 

dwl 907 Chiy 
Cox Catherine Miss, domestic 115 Prospect Place 
Cox Daniel, dwl 202 Davis 
Cox Daniel, porter California Engine Co. No. 4 
Cox Daniel, soda maker, Empire Works 29 Third 
Cox E. D. tailor, l)ds Jlarket bet Stock' and PoweU 
Cox Edward, tidlor, 324 Dupont 
Cox Edward, engineer, dwl 121 St. Mark Place 
Cox Geo. W. clerk pier 19 Stewart, dwl 532 Folsom 
Cox George, copper worker 226 Fremont 
Cox Gustavus, mining engineer, dwl 325 Pine 
Cox James, soda nmker, California Engine Co. No. 4 
Cox James F. seaman, dwl G12 Howard 
Cox Jolm, steward IJailroad House 

BUS'WELL & CO., 517 Clay Street, Blank Books of all kinds made at the shortest notice. 



COX fJ. Warren) WILLCUT (Joseph L.) & CO. 

importers leather, findings and tanning material 

4'J-,' Battery, dwl N s Thirteenth nr Howard 
Cox lA-aiiiler, engineer steamer Cornelia, dwl 121 

St. Mark Place 
COX .MATHEW B. snpt P. M. S. 8. Co. office 

Fokoni Street Wharf, bds 323 First 
Cox Nelson, dwl What Cheer House 
Cox Patrick, laborer, dwl 12 Natoma 
Cox Thomas, dwl 304 Beale 
Cox Thomas K. silver ])later, dwl 12 Clary 
Cox, luml)er, dwl 331 Fremont 
Coxen Jacob C. porter 413 Sacramento 
Cove Iliraui L. (Rockwell, C. Sf Co.) dwl 807 

Coyi'u Fiederick, sail maker with Hai'ding & 

Linekin, dwl 308 Dupont 
Coyle Henry, shoemaker 27 Third, dwl 136 Natoma 
tloyle Hugh, laborer, dwl 671 Mission 
Coyle Jacob, victorine and muff maker, dwl 111 

' Turk 
Coyle James, teamster, dwl S s Post bet Taylor and 

Coyle John, laborer, dwl 14 Brooks, rear 
Coyle Mary Miss, domestic 703 Geary 
Coyle Susan, domestic with Wildes Thompson 
Coyle Thomas, cartman, bds with John Kinnery 
Co^'ley Catliarinc, domestic 13 Laurel Place 
Coyne John, tinsmith with B. C. Austin, dwl 15 

Coyzens Mary H. Miss, dwl 103 Dupont 
Crabb Alexander, compositor Bulletin, dwl 122 

Crabb Henry, weighing department Custom House, 

dwl 30.3 Sacramento 
Ch-abtree John A. dwl 1009 Washington 
Crabtree Lotta ]\Iiss, comedienne Gilbert/s Melo- 

deon, dwl 1001) Washington 
Crack Peter, captain schooner Artful Dodger pier 15 

Crackbon Joseph, salesman 413 Montgomery, dwl 

3(»ii Stockton 
Crad.loek Charles F. clerk with W. H. Culver 623 

Crafts Ellen B. Mrs. dwl 1117 Stockton 
Craghch Peter, cottee saloon 4 Broadway 
Craig Alexander with Craig & Golden 
Craig Alexander, Champion Saloon 142 Stewart 
Craig Henry, boiler m;iker, dwl 57 Jessie 
Craig James, helper Miners' Foundry 
Craig James, waterman, dwl S s Fella Place nr 

Craig John, salesman 640 Sacramento, dwl Quincy 

\\v Pine 
Craig John, ship cai-penter, dwl 512 Bryant 
Craig Julia ^liss, douiesfic with Caleb Burbauk 
Craig Louisa Miss, domestic !U.') Powell 
Craig Micliael, lather, dwl 180 Jessie 
Craig ( Fclcr) &, Golden (^ 27to»iaAV undertakers 731 

CRAIG WILLIAM, liquors 905 Dupont, dwl 25 

Craig W. T. carpenter, dwl 57 Natoma 
Craik John, clerk with Dickson, DeWolf & Co. 412 

Battery, dwl 72 Stevenson House 
CRAINE WILLIAM, architect oltice (i34 Wash 
Cram (E.J & Bohen (W. J.) bag factory 14 Front, 

dwl 815 
Cram Elizabeth (widow) midwife, dwl 815 Bush 
Cram G. \\^. bag maker, dwl 14 Front 
CJram .1. T. local policeman, dwl 13 Geary 
Cram Perry, dwl United States Hotel, 304 Beale 
Cram 'William D. hnnu'ss maker and saddler 583 

Market, dwl Jessie nr Fourth 
Craman diaries W. dwl W s Sixth bet Mission and 

Cramer Charles L. operator Vance's Gallery, dwl 

235 Stevenson 
Cramer Henry, bootmaker 236 Commercial 

Cramer Henry, teacher music 132 Kearny 

Cramer Hernian P. bookbinder with H. Friedel, dwl 

with Francis Grader 
Cramer John, witli G. S. Dana E s Lagoon 
Cramer John, waiter, dwl 325 Puie 
Cramer V. & Co. importers and commis.vion mer- 
chants 310 Sacramento, dwl 1231 Stockton 
dramer William, butcher, dwl 325 Pine 
Crameri Carlo, gunsmith with T. Severin 522 

Cramp Charles W. bottler with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl 13 Mission 
Cramp Martha S. (widow) seamstress, dwl 13 Mis- 
Cramsie William, marble worker with Grant & De- 
vine, dwl 14 Turk 
CRANE CHARLES A. State Stamp Inspector and 

advertising agent office 28 Government House 

502 Washington, dwl room 61 
Crane Charles H. dentist 629 Clay, dwl 616 Mission 
Crane Charles L. book-keeper S. F. & Pacific Sugar 

Co. 202 California 
Crane I)aniel, lilacksmith, dwl 36 Valparaiso 
Crane Donald, bag maker 113 Clay, dwl N s Pine 

bet Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Crane Donald, blacksmith, dwl SW cor Pacific and 

Crane Ellen, domestic 251 Stevenson 
Crane Erwin J. office with A. B. McCreery 209 

F)-ont, dwl 548 Folsom 
CRANE (Henry A.) & BRIGHAM (Wm. H.) 

importers and wliolesale druggists SE cor Front 

and Clay, dwl (i Ellis 
Crane Holmes E. carpenter, dwl 186 Jessie 
Crane John, dwl 708 Vallejo 
Crane James C. dwl 343 Tehama 
Crane iMichael, laborer, dwl 210 Stevenson 
Crane Nathaniel H. carpenter, bds 28 Battery 
Crane Samuel P. conductor Market Street Railroad, 

dwl E s First Avenue nr Fifteenth 
Crane Thomas, dwl 20 Essex 
Crane W. bds Original House 
Crane. See Craine 
Cranery Michael, runner Russ Hense 
Crangle W. C. boatman foot Market, dwl 11 Rail- 
road Depot Building 
Cranmer W. D. piunter Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Cranna William R. clerk with F. B. Taylor & Co. 

dwl 30 John 
Cranston A. B. dwl What Cheer House 
Cranz Theodore D. cabinet maker with Goodwin «fe 

Co. dwl 1226 Dupont 
Crappei's Israel (colored) cook steamer Chrysopolis 
Crary Oliver, dwl 1212 Powell 
Cravat Philip, merchant, dwl 314 Minna 
Ci'avcn E. machinist with Tay, Brooks & Backtis 
CRA'>\FORD A. & CO. (Eilwuml Cm/rford) ship 

chandlers and sailuiakers 29 Market, dwl 508 

Crawford Charles, driver with Bateman & Taylor 

329^ Kearny 
Crawford David, photographic artist, dwl 417 Pine 
Crawford Eduumd (A. Crawford i^- Co.) dwl 29 

Crawford George, laborer Spring Va'ley W. W. Co 
Crawford Robert, deck hand steamer Helen Hensley 
Crawford Samuel, carpenter, dwl W s Morey Alley 

nr Vallejo 
Crawley George W. butcher, dwl N s Brannan bet 

Tlnrd and Fourth 
Crawley Mary, domestic United States Hotel 304 

Crayton Bridget (widow) domestic with Michael 

Crayton Rol)ert, assayer, dwl 621 Bush 
Creagh Michael F. bootmaker 98 Battery, dwl S s 

Fiancisco bet Stockton and Dupont 
Creamer Aaron, hair dressing saloon 319 Sansom 

American Exchange Hotel 

A. BOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Theological and Scientific Books. 



Creamer James, draymim with E. Martin & Co. dwl 

NW cor Hyde and 'NVasliington 
Credit Isaac W". clerk 124 Mont, dwl 514 Dupont 
Creedon Catherine Miss, domestic 1003 Stockton 
Creedon William, bootmaker S s Com nr Davis 
Creeuan Peter, clerk, dwl W s Anna bet Ellis and 

Creek ^^"'illiam, mining, dwl 8 Dupont Alley 
Creenan Michael, coachman Russ House, dwl 8 Mil- 
ton Place 
Creerv Joshua J. bell-ringer S. F. Fire Department 

City Hall 
Creggei- William, contractor, dwl 331 Fremont 
Creicliton William, dwl wnth Mrs. Mary Robertson 
Creigh John D. attorney at law, dwl 512 Bush 
Creigh S. W. freight clerk steamer Yosemite, dwl 

Quincy nr Pine 
Creigbton'Derby, deck hand steamer Yosemite 
Creighton James, deck hand steamer Yosemite 
Creighton Patrick, butcher "240 Fourth 
Creighton Patrick, St. Clair House 607 Battery 
Ci-e\\m John fMorp^an 4' Co. J res Oysterville, 'W. T. 
Crellin Thomas (Morscan Sf Co.) res Oysterville, 

W. T. 
Cremer J. P. H cooperage and vinegar manufac- 
tory 206 Davis, dwl SE cor Davis and Com 
Creneif Philip, hatter with Adams &. Bro. dwl 120 

Creon Aniandos, book-keeper with E. Boucher, dwl 

25 Dupont, rear 
Crescent City Line Packets, Stewart St. Wharf 
Hensley proprietor, office NW cor Front and 
Crescent C. M. Co. office 210 Battery 
Crescent G. & S. M. Co. office 2 j\Iead House 
Cressy Albert, photographic artist C50 Washington, 

dwl S. s Jackson nr Powell 
Cressv Albert, printer with George W. Stevens, dwl 

4^1 Clay 
Cressy J. D. captain, dwl Hall's Conrt 
Cressy Theodore S. with Elder &i, Son, dwl E b 

]\iontgomery bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Cretonne! Gustave, laundry S s Sutter bet Hyde and 

CREVOLIN ( Francis) & CO.fVictoire Nicholas) 
manufacturers syrups, cordials, wines, etc. 510 
Crews Lorenzo W. compositor Weekly Gleaner, dwl 

S s Sutter bet Dunont and Stockton 
Cril)l)ins Patrick, hostler 414 Kearny 
Critcliton William, bag maker 105 Clay 
Crim Samuel, stock dealer Jlarket St. IJivery Stables 

66\) Market, dwl 734 Howard 
Crimmins Ellen Miss, domestic 1006 Bush 
Criiiiiiiins William, with Timothy Sargent 
Crijiiii .lolui, miner, bds Original House 
Crisliauo Antonio, barber Chicago House, dwl E e 

Critclier Henry, stock broker 511 Montgomery, dwl 

W s Taylor bet Pine and California 
Crittenden Alexander P. attorney at law, dwl 1313 

Crittenden (Charles S.) &. Clifford (George B.) 
Jletropolitau Livery Stable 219 Bush, dwl 272 
Crittenden Dwight (McNiel 4- Co.) res China 
Crittenden Jennie (widow) dwl 215 Minna 
Crittenden William, butcher, dwl rear 906 Pacific 
Croall .John, pressman Alta California 
Croce Peter E. jewelry engine tm-iier 622 Clay 
Crtickiird Hugh, (^hiiismith witli I. Burns, dwl N 8 

Harrison liet Filih and Sixth 
Crocker Charles, local repdrter Morning Star, dwl 

N s Howard nr Sixth 
Crocker Charles W. dwl What Cheer House 
Crocker Wiuslow, bda 214 Powell 
Crockett John, clerk with J. B. Crockett, dwl 734 

CROCKETT JOSEPH B. attorney at law office 57 

and 58 ^Metropolitan Block, dwl 734 Jlission 
Crresus G. & S. M. Co. Humboldt Co. office 413 

Croesus G. it S. M. Co. Virginia Dist. office 546 

Crofoot, Diivid 0. operator with Hamilton tfe Shew, 

dwl S. s Pine bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Crofton James, laborer, dwl'W s Sausom bet tJnion 

and Filbert 
Crofts John J. engineer P. M. S. S. Co. dwl N s 

Clementina bet Fifth and Sixth 
Crogan Eliza Miss, domestic 618 Green 
Crogau John, painter with Hopps, Kanary & Co 
Crolui C. C. clerk SE cor Kearny and Pacific 
CROKE JAMES Rev., V.G. rector St. Mary's Ca- 
thedral, dwl 602 Dupont 
Croly Patrick, workman Central R. R 
Cron'iartie Mathew W. office 428 California, dwl 

511 Bush 
Crombie John H. tinsmith with J. W. Brittau & Co. 

dwl 710 Union 
Crome JMargaret (widow) dwl 134 Stevenson 
Cromer Henry, refiner's department U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 769 Folsom 
Cromer Jacob, carpenter, dwl 136 Sutter 
Cromer Nathaniel, butcher, dwl Crescent Engine 

Crompton John, fireman steamer Rambler, dwl 20 

Sherwood Place 
Cronan John, laborer, dwl W s Montgomery bet 

Union and Filbert 
Cronan John, porter Cunningham's Warehouse, dwl 

N s Filbert bet Kearny and Montgomery 
Cronan Michael, butcher i! s Folsom bet Seventh 

and Eighth 
Crone Herman, bookbinder with Buswell & Co. 

dwl Central Place nr Dupont 
Cronin C. laborer Pacific Iron Works 
Cronin Cornelius, laborer, dwl 156 First 
Cj'onin Cornelius, shoemaker with Thomas Dolliver 

106 Sutter, dwl 57 Stevenson 
Cronin Dennis, hostler 60 Minna 
Cronin Fiank, hostler, bds 12 Sutter 
Cronin Hannah Miss, domestic 1030 Pine 
Cronin Jeremiah, laborer, dwl S s Union Court nr 

Cronin John, laborer, dwl S s Ecker nr Folsom 
Cronin John, wines and liquors 710 Battery 
Cronin i\Iargaret Miss, dwl 238 Fremont 
Cronin iMiciiael, laborer, dwl 16 Jessie 
Cionin Michael, stone cutter Green nr Battery, dwl 

176 Minna 
Cronin Jlichael, workman Central Railroad 
Cronin Patrick, boiler maker Pacific Iron Works 
Cronin Patrick, harness maker with W. H. Baxter, 

dwl SE cor Third and Stevenson 
Cronin William, bds 539 Mai-ket 
Cronin A\'illiam, laborer, dwl N s Miinia Place nr 

CRONISE W. H. V. rice dealer 217 California, dwl 

526 Green 
Cronom Michael, dwl NE cor Fourth and LoTiisa 
Cronon Edmund, dwl NE cor Union and Calhoun 
Crook John T. t^iugeon P. j\t. S. S. Co. steamer Gold- 
en Age, dwl 817 Washington 
Crook Mary Miss, domestic 816 Filbert 
Crooker Amelia L. Miss, private boarding 29 Minna 
CROOKS DAVID W. agent J. A. Packard pier 22 

Stewart, bds Brooklyn Hotel 
Crooks J. laborer, dwl "W s Bryant Place nr Bush 
Crooks .Aliithew, dwl W s Crooks nr Townsend 
Crooks Richards, teamster 11 Clay, dwl Lombard 

Place nr Lombard 
Crooks Sarah Miss, dressmaker 719 Clay, dwl 5 

Lombard Place 
Crooks Thomas J. coojier 117 Washington 
Croon Frank, porter Koopmanschap &■ Co. dwl S s 

Vallejo bet Montgomery and Sansom 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Rulers. 



Croonan Catliarine Mrs. dwl E s Siuisom bet Green 

and Viillejo 
Crosby Frederick W. & Co. importers and jobbers 
w.itcbes, diamonds, jewelry, etc. 638 Clay, re- 
sides New York 
Crosby George, with Hathaway & Co. dwl 517 Bush 
Crosby Patrick, cartman, dwl Stevenson bet Ecker 

and Second 
Crosby Patriclv, niolder Union Fonndiy 
Crosby Patrick, teamster cor Folnoia and Ritch 
Crosliy Porter, composition roofer office 3'-28 Mont- 

f,'oiiiery, dwl (J5:2 Market 
Crosliy Tbaddens, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Crosby William, clerk Grover & Baker Sewing M. 

Co. dwl 574 Mission 
Croskey Jane P. Miss, domestic 1217 Clay 
Croskev Rebecca IMiss, with Tlenry A. Sawtelle 
CROSKEY ROHKHT, urocerics and liquors SE cor 

Hayes and Franklin Haves Park 
CROSILEY (John W.J & MAZE (Montgomery) 
mining and stock agency and secretary mining 
comjianies office room 2, 420 Montgomery, dwl 
70S Taylor 
Cross Alexander & Co. (John Wcdderspoon) com- 
mission merchants G13 Battery, res Valparaiso 
Cross George, dwl 'J Hardie Place 
Cross Horatio, mining, dwl W s Stockton bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Cross James, with J. Bamber & Co. dwl cor Mont- 
gomery and Broadway 
Cross J. D. dwl Chicago Hotel 
Cross Mary (widow) dwl 911 Washington 
Cross Peter, laborer with Cutting & Co 
Cross Kicluird, drayman 414 Front, dwl 327 Bwdy 
Cross Thomas, lithographic printer with Louis Na- 

gel, dwl 327 Broadway 
Crotty Margaret, domestic with Wm. R. Wheaton 
Crouch Daniel, molder Miner's Foundry, dwl 2 Jessie 
Crouch James, cigar maker 842 Kearny, dwl W 8 

Union Place in- Filbert 
Croue Auguste, physician and supt French Hospital 
Grouse John R. salesman with Fonda & Gray, dwl 

9 Hampton PJace 
Crovat Philip, advertisement agent, 314 Minna 
Crow Edmund, elk with Castle Bros, dwl 6 Sansom 
Crow Hubert F. elk 213 Front, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 
Crowe Charles A. waiter International Hotel 
Crowe Jacob, hackman Plaza 
Crowe John, hackman, dwl N s Jessie nr Fourth 
Crowell Catherine, domestic N s South Park nr 

Crowell Charles I. with Howard, Goewey & Co. 

dwl 224 Post 
Crowell Clias. J. book-keeper, bds 128 Sansom 
Crowell Delia, domestic lid Howard 
Crowell Eugene, physician, dwl 313 Second 
Crowell Eugene E. clerk, dwl 608 Bush 
Crowell George C. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl Oriental Hotel 
Crowell George E. engineer Chace's Mills, dwl 15 

Tell a ma Place 
Crowell H. G. seaman, dwl 106 Clay 
Crowell John W. seaman, dwl W s Kearny bet 

Pine and Bush 
Crowell Mary, domestic N s Guy Place 
Crowell Prentiss (Curtis, Paricer d^- Co.) dwl cor 

Fourth and Market 
Crowell William C. S. speculator, dwl 9 Waverly 

Crowell W. L. with Judge Blake, dwl 719 Cal 
Crowell Zeuas (Ohlhmn Sf C.) Register Clerk Cus- 
tom House, dwl 213 Powell 
Crowley Bridget Miss, domestic with Charles Stott 
Crowley Catherine Miss, domestic 1412 Taylor 
Crowley Catherine Miss, domestic 610 Pine 
Crowley Catherine Miss, domestic 634 Broadway 
Crowley Cornehus, fruits SWcor Clay and Battery, 

dwl 334 Third 
Crowley Daniel, blacksmith O. R. R. Co 

Crowley Daniel, laborer, dwl Mission Dolores rear 

Crowley Daniel, teamster, dwl NE cor Washington 

and Leavenworth 
Crowley Daniel A. teacher, dwl 227 Beale 
Crowley David, mate steamer Cornelia 
Crowley Edward, boarding and lodging 516 Mission 
Crowley Ellen F. (widow) dwl 21 Clementina 
Crowley J. D. waiter 507 Clay 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, dwl W s White bet Val- 

lejo and Green 
Crowley Jeremiah F. laborer, dwl Mission Dolores 

rear church 
Crowley Johanna Miss, domestic with W. Johnson 

E s Yerba Buena nr Sacramento 
Crowley John, calker, Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Crowley John, commissioner deeds and secretary 

mining companies office 422 Montgomery, dwl 

55 Clementina 
Crowley John, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Crowley John, di-ayman, dwl Ninth nr Mission 
Crowley John, laborer with N. V. Hatch 
Crowley John, laborer, dwl 214 Fremont, rear 
Crowley John J. Union Market S 8 Sixteenth nr 

First Avenue 
Crowley Julia Miss, domestic 313 Sutter 
Crowley Lawrence, cai^jenter, dwl 133 Minna 
Crowley Michael, laborer Union F'oundry 
Crowley Michael J. pantryman stmr Yosemite, dwl 

S s Vallejo bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Crowley Patrick, broker office 623 Merchant, dwl 

314 Green 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, dwl 419 Sutter, rear 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, dwl 129 Stevenson, rear 
Crowley Richard, blacksmith 616 Sansom, dwl 120 

Crowley Timothy, drayman 325 Bryant 
Crown Harris, cigar maker 414 Sacramento 
Crown Lead G. S. & C. M. Co. office 406 Mont 
Crown Point G. & S. M. Co. office 321 Front 
Crown Point Ravine G. &. S. M. Co. office 11 Gov- 
ernment House 
CROWTHER GEORGE T. importer ale and por- 
ter, dwl E s Guerrero bet Seventeenth and 

Croxon Kate (widow) dwl 116 Jessie 
Crozat Pierre, cigars, dwl Hall Court 
Cruise John, laborer. 111 Market, dwl 260 Jessie 
Crummey James, butcher with B. Horn Potrero nr 

Brannan St. Bridge 
Crummey John, butcher S s Folsom bet Ninth and 

Crump William, bottler Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. wine 

depot, dwl NE cor Mission and Stewart 
Crutchley Mary E. (widow) dwl 1126 Dupont 
Cruz Henry, ship owner, dwl 609 Post 
Cruze Charles, dwl 737 Green 
Cruziger Hugo, upholsterer with J. Peirce, dwl 173 

Crystal G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Washington 
Cuba G. & S. M. Co. office 8 Naglee's Building 
Cubbins Thomas, bricidayer, dwl S 8 New San Jos6 

Road 3^ miles S City Hall 
Cubery William M. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl 740 Folsom 
Cucuel Louisa Miss, dwl 630 Pacific, rear 
Cuddy James, clerk with Robert Croskey Hayes 

Cudworth A. W. dwl 531 Vallejo 
Cud worth J. W. milk ranch S 6 Presidio Road m- 

Cue William, porter, dwl rear 116 Sutter 
Cuff Dennis, bootmaker 4 Ciihfornia 
Culbert James, cook 605 Commercial, dwl St. Mary 

nr Pine 
Culfer Patrick, hostler, dwl W s Trinity bet Bush 

and Sutter 
Cullam Frank, retortman S. F. Gas Co 
Cullam Margaret J. Miss, domestic 1519 Mason 

A, KOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, BookseUers, Importers, and Publishers. 




Ciillcn T}ii(l<,'et A. Alias, domestic GO!! Powell 
{'iiUrii I'.liz.i, doiiiestie ~4 South Park 
Cnllen J. laborer Sprinj,' Vallev W. W. Co 
Culien .Iiiiiies, dyer Miswon Woolen Mills, bds SE 

cor First Avenue and Fifteenth 
CuUeii .Ittl'erv, wiili 15. Davidson <fc Berri, dwl S 8 

Howard'liet Filth and Sixth 
Culien John, boiler maker Union Foundry, dwl 39 

Culien Philip, retortman S. F. Gas Co 
Culien I'atrick, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
('alien Philip hihorei-, dwl M Jessie 
C'ulU-n Thomas, gunsmith with Nathaniel Curry, 

dwl X s liush l)et Montgomei-y and Kearny 
Culien Thomas, machinist, dwl 55i) JIarket 
Culien Thomas, Shaim'ock Racket and Ball Court 

543 Market 
Culien William, machinist Miners' Foundry 
Cullerton Andrew, carpenter, bds 333 Bush 
Cullipin John, gardener, dwl rear 4^22 Brannau 
Ciiliif,'an Jliehael, laborer, dwl Eitch bet Bryant and 

Culliston John, bricklayer, dwl W s Trinity bet 

Bush and Sutter 
Cullum Frank, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl N b Jessie 

in- Fourth 
Cully John, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Culver C. F. carpenter, dwl Oriental Hotel 
Culver James H. (Lewis .^ C.J dwl SVV cor Third 

and Howard 
CULVER WILLIAM H. justice of the peace Sec- 
ond Township, office 623 Merchant, dwl 722 

Culverwell A. Joseph E. sash and blind maker with 

S. S. Culverwell, dwl 544 Tehama 
Cidverwcll Joseph, drayman, dwl 544 Tehama 
CUL\'ERWELL STEPHEN S. mauuf doors, sash. 

blinds, and moldings Pioneer Steam Mills 20 and 
29 Fremont, dwl 234 Sixth 

) washing 
Cumisky Henry, dwl 1715 Leavenworth 
Cunmiiiit: J. M'. stock broker office 542 Sacramento, 

dwl S s iMinua nr Sixth 
Cumming John (McCreary Sf C.) res Twelve Mile 

Fanri San Mateo 
CUMMINGS ALBERT H. wood and coal 233 
Fourth and supervisor Tenth District, dwl 231 
CutmtiiuyB Amelia M. (widow) furnished rooms 17 

Third cor Stevenson 
Cummings C. D. seaman 9 Clay 
Cummings George, dwl 510 Howard 
Cumniim,'ri G. S. bookbmder with Bartling & Kim- 
Cummings Henry K. commission fruit and produce 
G02 San8om,*dwl S s Post bet Mason and Taylor 
Cummin;is James, carpenter, dwl S 8 Union bet 

1'aylor and Jones 
CumniiiiL's .John, ship calker, dwl 141 Third, rear 
CunnniuKf* Maroella Miss, domestic 11 O'Farrell 
Cunmiinj^s Mathew, laborer Miners' Foundry, dwl 

(jt)9 Harris(m 
Cummings Patrick, laborer Union Foundry 
C.'ummings T. driver Onmibus R. R. Co 
Cumniiugs W. B. &, Co. importers and ccmimission 

niercliants 124 California, dwl 719 California 
Cummin<,'s William, clockmaker, dwl KHW Kearny 
Cummings William, Queen City Hotel 625 Davis 
Cummings William C. stevedore, dwl E B Mont- 

gomeiy bet Valleio and Green 
CumniinsKey John, laborer, dwl E 8 Taylor bet Turk 

and Tyler 
Cummiskey Patrick, laborer, dwl 419 Mission, rear 
Cundell Thomas J. &. Co. shipijing masters 1020 Bat- 
Cunningham's Whaif, Front bet Green and Com- 

Cundlach Elias, upholsterer with J. A. Shaber 618 

Cuneo Andrew, dwl W s Union Place 
Cung Sein (Chinese) washing 1720 Stockton 
Cunlill'e James, furniture and io})l)ing 402 Bush 
Cinniitl' Catherine M. Miss, domestic 829 Broadway 
Cunniti' John, laborer, dwl rear 1304 Powell 
Cuimingham Alvin, engineer 087 Market 
Cunningham Andrew (Stevenson £f C.) dwl 313 

Cunningham Barbara R. (widow) proprietress Ore- 
gon House and Restfturant 238 and 240 Stewart 
Cunningham Catherine Miss, domestic 1016 Powell 
Cuuiiiutfhani Charles, dwl 222 Sutter 
Cumiinuhaiii Daniel C. seaman, dwl 1 Hunt 
CUNXiX(ili.\M FRANCIS, real estate office 205 

Battery, dwl 623 Commercial 
Cunningham James, butcher, bds 121 Sacramento 
Cunningham James, carriage painter 119 Pine 
Cunningham .James, miller, dwl 137 Jessie 
Cunningham James, poultry and game 45 Occidental 

Market, dwl 946 Mission 
Cunningham James, seaman, dwl 2 California, rear 
Cunningham James, weigher, dwl 55 Jessie 
Cunningham James K. P. clerk 617 Montgomery, 

bds St. Lawrence Hoilse 
Cunningham J. D. watchman U. S. Branch Mint 
Cunningham J. E. dwl Railroad House 
Cunningham John, with Levi Wells 405 Kearny 
Cunningham John, tannery, dwl E s Sixth bet 

Braunan andBluxome 
Cunningham John, bricklayer, dwl 136 Natoma 
Cimninghara John, fruits and confectionary 744 

Cunningham j\I. hatter, dwl Crescent Engine House 
Cunningham Maria, domestic 64 Silver 
Cunningham Mary, domestic 508 Third 
Cunningham JNIary, domestic 513 Folsom 
Cunninyhaui Parian R. carpenter with S. S. Culver- 
well 29 Fremont 
Cunningham Patrick, hostler O. R. R. Co. dwl 246 

Cunningham Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Shipley bet 

Fitth and Sixth 
Cunningham Patrick, silversmith with YandersUce 

& Co. 810 Montgomery 
Cunningham Peter, silversmith with Vanderslice & 

Co. 810 Montgomery 
Cunningham Richard, proprietor Six Mile House, San 

Bruno Road 
Cunningham Robert, clerk with Falkner, Bell &. 

Cunningham Samuel, engineer, dwl 15 Howard 

Cunningham Simon D. collector, dwl 1325 Wash 
Cunningham Thomas, deck hand steamer Cornelia 
Cunningham Thomas, express wagon SW cor Wash 

and Sanson), dwl E s Main nr' Folsom 
Cunninurhani William, clerk New York Department 

Wells, Fargo & Co. dwl 362 Minna 
Cunnington JMargaret (widow) dwl W s Pinckney 

I'lace nr Broadway 
Cunningworth J. B. di-uggist and apothecary 228 

Curl Louis, carpenter, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Curie Joseph F. dwl 117 Second 
Curley Anna, domestic 430 Bryant 
Curley (."ornelius, dwl N s Harrison bet Fifth and 

Curley Cornelius, waiter Russ House, dwl 15 Ev- 
Curley John, laborer, dwl 49 Stevenson 
Curley John M. teamster, dwl N s Union bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Curley Margaret (widow) dwl S 8 Lick AUey bet 

Fiivt and Ecker 
Curley Mary Miss, domestic 1309 Taylor 
Curley I'atrick, bootmaker 37 Jackson 
Curley Patrick, cai-man S. F. Gas Co. bds 16 First 

BUSWELIi & CO., Blank Book Manufacturers and Paper Bulers, 517 Clay Street. 



Curler P. C. proptr U. S. Hotel 706 Battery 
Curley Thomas, waiter Wliat Clieer House Res- 
Curley William, with Driseoll & Koliler, dwl 31 

Curley William, laborer, dwl S s JlcCormick bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Cunuip Christian, merchant, dwl 120 Ellis B. merchant tailor 214 Montu;omerv, dwl 27 

CURRAN HrC4Tr, ]iroptr Franklin Hotel SE cor 

Sanson! ami Pad He 
Curran M. Miss, milliner, dwl 117 Second 
Curran Michael, biiker Engle Bakery 45 Stevenson 
CHuran Owen, dwl 528 Commercial 
Curran Patrick, laborer, dwl S s Hinckley bet Du- 

pont and Kearny 
Curran Thomas, fruits NE cor Vallejo and Powell 
Currey Ellen Jliss, domestic 41 Mason 
Ciirrcy Ellen Miss, domestic 729 Bush 
Currey John, attorney at law office 528 Clav, dwl 

24 South Park 
Currie James, gas fitter with Peter McKewen, dwl 

6 Sausom 
Currie Robert, machinist Vulcan Iron Woi-ks Co. 

dwl 427 Fremont 
Currier Amos, importer and manufacturer gilt frames 
(520 x^Iarket, dwl Larkin bet Ellis and O'Farrell 
Currier Charles H. clerk pier 11 Stewart, dwl S s 

Ridley bet Mission and Market 
Currier E. L. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl Sansom 

bet Bush and Pine 
Curry Anna Miss, domestic 208 Powell 
Curry Cornelius, waiter Russ House, dwl Brannan 

nr Sixth 
Curry Edward, boatman, dwl SE cor Kearny and 

Curry (ieorge, laundry, dwl 11 Natoma 
Curry James, engineer, dwl 421 Dupont 
Curry J.inies, gas fitter, dwl (5 Sansom 
Curry John, laborer, dwl St. Clair House 607 Bat 
Curry Nathaniel, guns, pistols, etc. 317 Battery, dwl 

W s Montgomery bet Broadway iind Pacific 
Curi-y Patrick, laborer with Geo. D". Nagle 
Curry Patrick, laborer, dwl 184 Stevenson 
Curry Peter, laborer, bds 721 M:irket 
Curry Ro.-anna Jliss, domestic 1113 Powell 
Cuny William, liquors 609 Battery 
Curtaz Benjamin, piano forte nuiker with Wood- 
worth, Allovon «fc Co. dwl SE cor Sutter and 
Curfa/ Charles, varnisher, dwl SE cor Leavenworth 

and Suiter 
Curtin Callahan, dry goods 48 Second 
Cnrlin Charles, laborer, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 
Curtin James S. painter, dwl 133G Pacific 
Curtin Mary (widow) dwl with John McHugh 106 

Curtin T. G. Monumental Engine Co. No. 6 
Curtin Thomas, apprentice painter 8 First, dwl 54 

Curtis Catherine (widow) dwl 101 Prospect Place 
Curtis C.itharine Miss, domestic with Alfied J. Ellis 
Curtis Charles, carpenter with Brokaw & Metcalf, 

dwl 5()() Mission 
Curtis C. W. mining secretary office 606 Montgom- 
ery, dwl NE cor Califoi-iiia and Leidesdorfi" 
Curtis Dunman, dwl 815 Montgomery 
Curtis E G. carpenter with Brokaw'tfe Metcalf 
Curtis Edward, with Brokaw & Metcalf, dwl 417 

Curtis (E. S.J Parker f WilUnm) &. Crowell fPrcn- 
tissj shipping masters and brokers S s Vallejo 
bet Front and Davis, dwl cor Third and Steven- 
Curtis G. B. dwl What Cheer House 
Curtis Henry, deck hand steamer Yosemite 
Cuitis fj. M.) & Allen ( Hhvlrion) com merchants 
~'::5 Clay, dwl 1713 Stockton 

Curtis John, caiTienter, dwl 202 Stockton 

Curtis John P. carpenter, dwl 140 Minna 

Curtis Louisa Madam, dwl 523 Broadway 

Courtis Jlargaret Mrs. dwl 909 Battery 

Curtis JIargaret Miss, domestic 811 Stockton 

Curtis M. Co. office 15 Metropolitan Block 

Curtis Michael, carriage smith 589 Market, dwl cor 

Broadway and Sansom 
Curtis O. H. carpenter, dwl 812 Sacramento 
Curtis Samuel B. dwl What Cheer House 
Curtis Thomas, porter with Turner, Marsh & Os- 
good, bds Pacific Temperance House 
Curzon G. S. dwl What Cheer House 
Cusliin Thomas Rev. assistant pastor St. Francis 

Church Mission 
Cushing fCharlcx A.) & Jlayhew (WiUiam B.J 
milk ranch NW cor Pine and Larkin, dwl W s 
Larkin bet California and Pine 
Cushing Charles A. (John C. Getchell S^- Co. J dwl 

W s Larkin bet California and Pine 
Cushing Charles B. collector S. F. C. Waterworks, 

dwl 327 Bush 
Cushing Charles H. clerk, dwl 826 Sacramento 
Cushing Ellen Miss, teacher Montgomerv Street 

School, dwl Bush nr Montgomery 
Cushing G. H. liquors, dwl Russ House 
Cashing H. B. ]\Iiss, principal Haves Valley School 
Cushing John, teamster, dwl 416 Post, rear" 
Cushing John J. homceopathic physician office 727 

Clay, dwl 828 California 
Cushing Robert, Deputy Superintendent Streets 

City Hall, dwl 9 Hainan Place 
Cushing Volney, captain steamer Helen Hensley, 

dwl 316 First ^ 

Cushman Charles D. deputy Auditor's office C. H. 

dwl S s Cfav bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Cushman Daniel, servant 431 Post 
Cushman George, bar keejier ()14 Jackson 
Cusick James, hostler 413 Market, dwl 44 Stevenson 
Cusick J. laborer Spring Valley Water Works Com- 
Cusick John, laborer, dwl W s Bryant PI nr Bush 
Cusick Polly Miss, bds W s Montgomery bet Union 

and Filbert 
Cusick William, stevedoie, dwl 412 Folsom, rear 
Cussui Ellen Miss, domestic with M. Kohu 
Cutler Acois S. machinist Miner's Foundry, dwl 69 

Cutler Amanda (widow) proprietress First Street 

Boardiiig House NW cor I'Mission and First 
Cutler Ellen Mrs. vocalist, dwl 66 .Minna 
Cutler L. S. clerk with Tyler Brothers, dwl N s 

California nr Kearny 
Cutler ^\'illiam K. dwl 66 Minna 
Cutter Cornelius, laborer, dwl 233 Sutter 
Cutter Charles E. butcher, dwl 572 Howar<l 
Cutter Daniel, teamster. Avith Reuben Morton, dwl 

S s O'Farrell nr Taylor 
Cutter Horace F. office and dwl 523 Montgomery 
CUTTER JAMES H. f Smitk 4- C; and treasurer 
Fire Department Charitable Fund office NE cor 
Front and Clay, dwl SW cor Hvde and Sutter 
Cutter R. S. & Co. (William A. 'Boyd) Howard 

Market NE cor Howard and Second 
Cutter Thomas A. (Miller Sf C.J dwl 16 Haw- 
Cutter W. M. dwl Russ House 

CUTTING (FranciaJ & CO. manufacturers i)ickles, 
preserves, etc. 115 and 117 Commercial, dwl 
N s Bryant nr Rincon Place 
Cutting Lewis, with Cutting & Co. dwl N s Bryant 

nr Rincon Place 
Cuvelliug Alexander, job wagon Brannan bet Fourth 

and Fifth 
Cyiiiot F. (.Jo^^eph Roberta Sr Co.) dwl 27 Post 
CZAPKAY LOl'IS J. physician and medical insti- 
tute office 519 Sacramento cor Leidesdortf, dwl 
Stevenson House 

A. KOMAlSr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Standard and MisceUaneous Books. 



CZAPKAYS BUILDING, 647,649,651, and 653 

Czaykowski Leon, cigars 705 Clay 


Dabovich Elia, dwl ^Merchant nr Davis 
Dahovicli Nichohis, fruit 4:20 Davis, dwl 723 Vallejo 
Dacey Cluirles, lireman S. F. C. Water Works, 

lilaek Point 
Duger Joscpli, agent Farallone Egg Co. 8 Jackson, 

dwl E H Jones bet Paeilic and Jackson 
Daggett Samuel \V. dwl 1417 Powell 
Dalilniann Charles «fc Co. fAdolph Roos) importers 
and jobbers clothing 520 Sacramento cor Leides- 
dortt; dwl 3-24 Geary 
Dahluiann Jonas, cis^ars and tobacco 532 Sac 
Dahlniaun Lazard, clerk Lafayette Hook and Lad- 
der Co. No. 2 
Dahm Charles, Philadelphia House 336 Bush 
Dahnike (Frederick) & Co. (Henry Cline) groce- 

i-ies and liquors 417 Davis 
Dahniken Lotus, clerk SW cor Battery and Bdwy 
Dahony John, drayman cor Stewart and Mission 
Dahsa'John, laborer, dwl E 8 August bet Green and 

Daily Sarah (widow) dwl US Ellis 
I)aiiiriai-t Charles, linuor saloon 4 Sutter 
Duke Ediunnd C. clothing 543 \Vash,dwl 228 Green 
Dakin Edwin, bag factory 33 Clay 
Dale Benjamin ¥. dwl 28" Sansom 
Dalenio Hermann, band cartman, dwl 815 Keamy 
Dalefh Nicholas, bar keeper with Bock & Hauser, 

dwl 813 Washington 
Daley Jeremiah, hostler O. R. R. Co. 246 Third 
Daley John, cartman cor Eddy and Market 
Daley Julia, domestic 714 Howard 
Daley Michael, groceries, SW cor Sansom and 

Dalev Peter, dwl 15 Ohio 

Dall 'Christopher C. (Baker Sf Co.) dwl 733 Bdwy 
Dall John H. mining office 687 Clay, bds Occidental 

lintel • 
Dall William, clerk L. H. Dept. office Custom House 

thiiil Hoor, dwl 206 Kearny 
Dall William L. Capt. dwl NW cor Hamson and 

Dallam Francis A. printer with Towne & Bacon, 

dwl 106 Tehama 
Dallam Richard B. ( Armes Sf D. and Parrish Sf 

Co.) dwl 10211 Stockton 
Dallaiiiitid Caroline (widow) dwl 662 Howard 
Dallemaiid Albert, salesman 316 Sacramento, dwl 

()61 Howard 
Dalliba Heniy S. (G. W. Guthrie Sj- Co.) dwl 770 

Dahnaii J. barkeeper, dwl 711 Pacific 
Daltou Daniel, cartman cor ]$rannan and Clinton 
Daltoii Etigene, stotie mason, S 8 Pacnr Devisidero 
Didton .Michael, painter, dwl S s Grove bet Steiner 

and Pierce . . 

Dalton Patrick, gardener S s Pacific nr Devistdero 
Dalton P. Edward (Dovce iV Co.) Contra Costa 
Laundry, branch office 685 Market, dwl Mead 
Dalton Reliecca Mrs. (col'd* domestic 514 Lombard 
Dalion Kichard, waiter Lick House 
Diilioii William, shoemaker, dwl 525 Davis 
Dalloti ANilliam, carpenter, dwl United States Hotel 

3(14 Beale 
Daly Ann, domestic 403 Bryant 
Daly Charles H. salesman with Hawley & Co. dwl 

515 Sacramento 
Daly Cornelius, workman Central Railroad 
Daly Daniel J. stoves and tinware E s Fourth bet 

"Market and Stevenson 
Daly Demns, laborer, dwl N s O'Farrell Alley 

Daly Edward, with Btickley «&: Jones 16 Sutter 
Daly Edward, biUcher N s 'Sixteenth bet Valencia 

and Guerrero 
Daly Ellen E. Miss, dressmaker with M'me Michel, 

"dwl 613 Mission 
Daly Felix, stoves and tinware 36 Sutter, dwl 30 

Daly George, pi'inter with C. F. Robbinsfc Co. dwl 

515 Sacramento 
Daly (Jumcx) & Hawkins (Michael) real estate 

"agents 403 Pine, Russ Building, dwl 30 Mont 
Daly James, hostler O. R. R. Co 
Dafy James, old line pilot office 811 Front, resides 

Daly James, seaman, dwl 410 Folsom 
Daly Jeremiah, hostler, bds N 6 Louisa nr Fourth 
Daly John, ralker, dwl 62 First 
Daly Jf>hii, carman, dwl S s Eddy bet Powell and 

Daly John, hostler, dwl White Hall Exchange 
Daly John, laborer, dwl 29 Baldwin Court 
Dal'y John, ship carpenter, dwl 254 Beale 
Dal'y Mary, domestic 421 Harrison 
Dal'y Mary F. domestic 250 Stevenson 
Daly Micfiael, laborer, dwl 192 Stevenson 
Daly Patrick, teamster, dwl S s Broadway bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Daly Peter, teamster wnth Geo. D. Nagle 
Daly Peter, bar keeper Manhattan Engine Co. No. 2 
Dal'y P. H. dwl cor Clark and Drumm 
Dal'y Rosa (widow) dwl E s St. Mary m- Pine 
Daly Simon, laborer, dwl 27 Jessie, rear 
Daly Thomas, with Timothy Sargent 
Dal'y Thomas, laborer, dwl 12 Dupont 
Dal'y Thomas, laborer, dwl 160 Beale 
Dal'y Thomas, tailor with J. Strelitz, dwl 52 Beale 
Daly Thomas, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Dary William, laborer, dwl 19 St. Mark Place 
Daly William, laborer, dwl E s Ritch bet Bryant 

"and Brannaii 
Dam Alphonso, dwl 1419 Taylor 
Dam Cosuias, upholsterer with E. Bloomingdale, dwl 

403 Bush 
Dam George W. (Clough Sf D.^dwl 1419 Taylor 
Damas John, fruit 712 Washington, dwl S s Jessie 

bet Third and Fourth 
Dame Bradley R. book stand 552 Clay cor Mont 
Dame Jlilton^ S. S. F. &. San Jose R. R. Co.'s office 

302 Montgomery 
DAMK TIMOTHY, president and attorney S. F. 
& San Jose R. R. Co. office 302 Montgomery, 
dwl 532 Pine 
Dame William, stationery, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Diqiont 
Damei'i Louis, gardener Hunter's Point, 6 miles 

from City Hall 
Dames William (I'riiiz S^- D.) 49 Second 
Dainhcimer Louis, tailor, dwl NW cor Keamy and 

Damkroger Gottleib, cai-i^enter, dwl S s Pacific bet 

Taylor and Jones , ,„ t , 

Damon" Dexter, with Carrie & Damon, dwl 19 John 
Damon Edward, meicliant, bds 1020 Stockton 
Damon CJeorge 1). shi]) caipeiiter, dwl 312 Folsom 
Damon James E. (Carrie .V l>.) dwl 404 Battery 
Damon Kate, iMiss, dwl 815 Dupont 
Damon Lizzie, Miss, bds 1020 Stockton 
Damrell Daniel, assistant foreman Alta California, 

dwl 718 Tehama 
Dana G. S. glue manufactory E s Lagoon 
Dana Henry S. (Dana Brothers Aj- Co.) resides 

Brookliiie, Mass 
Dana Martin ^'. B. carpenter, dwl E s Larkiu bet 
Green and Union _ 

DANA BROTHERS (William A. and Henry h. 
JJaiia) & CO. commission merchants 326 Clay, 
dwl Occidental Hotel 
Danaher P. H. dwl W 8 First Avenue bet Fifteenth 
and Sixteenth 

BUS'WEIjL & CO., Book Binders and Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



Danaliy Patrick, hostler, dwl E s Rassette Place No. 

2 iir Sutter 
Daiicevicli Lazzaro, fruit and confectionery 932 

Dando Nastiol, wines and liquors 940 Kearny 
Dane G. &z. S. Mining Co. otlice 4 Armory Jfall 
Danehv Jerry, seaman, dwl 1111 Dupont 
DANERI F." & CO. fHcnnj CasanovaJ import- 
ers and jobbers wines and liquors 419 and 421 
DANEY a & S. M. CO. ofrice 20 Government 

Danforth Enoch, blacksmith with Charles Steinweg, 

hds Pacilic Temperance House 
Daiitorlli SnlciiiKin, planer with S. A. Metcalf 
Danf'ortli William, carpenter Chelsea Laundry 
Danglada Antonio, siilesman 626 Clay, dwl if s Fif- 
teenth bet Guerrero and Dolores 
Dang-lada D. jr. & Co. commission merchants 643 
JVIercliant, dwl N s Fifteenth bet Guerrero and 
Dangliida Domingo, l)Ook-keeper with M. Lanzen- 
berg & Co. dwl N s Fifteenth bet Dolores and 
Danglada E. clerk 713 Sansom 
Dangler Andrew, lather, dwl 727 Broadway 
Danliauzer Jlorritz, tailor, dwl W s Brannan Place 
Danheimer j\I. merchant tiiilor, dwl 711 Pacific 
Daniel Crosby, Imtclier, dwl 1;V24 Stockton 
Daniel John, marble works 406 Pine 
Daniell William H. book-keeper with Smith & Cut- 
ter, dwl 617 Clay 
Daniels Benjamin, express wagon, cor Market and 

Third, dwl S s Hayes bet Gough and Octavia 
Daniels Beiiona W. clerk dwl 10.")() Jackson 
Daiiii'ls Charles H. engineer, dwl 211 Heale 
Daniels Edwards, cashier collector's otlice C. 11. 

dwl 408 Market 
Daniels John H. M. cabinet maker with D. Haus- 

mann &- Co. dwl 1113 Kearny 
Daniels Joseph, dwl Stevenson llouse 
Daniels O. cashier C. H. dwl American Exchange 

Daniels Thomas, carpenter and ship joiner dwl NE 

cor Filbert and Taylor 
Daniels William, mining, dwl 845 Dupont 
Danielson Daniel, machinist Golden State Foundry, 

dwl 12 Harlan Place 
Danieluveiz S. Monumental Engine Co. No. 6 
Dankenmaver Henry, porter with Thurnauer & 

Zinn, dwl 6 Howard 
Dankenuieyer M. dwl 205 Sansom 
Dann F. P. attornej' at law office 32 Metropolitan 

Block, dwl 906 Stockton 
Dannebroge G. & S. M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Dannenberg Amelia Mrs. infants and childrens' 

clothing 618 Sacramento, dwl 620 Saci'amento 
Dannenberg Joseph, merchant, dwl 620 Saeiamento 
Dannos G. B. butcher N s Eleventh bet Mission and 

Danove Dominic, drayman 432 Jackson 
Dantignv Ernst, Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. 

No. '2 
Danube G. &- S. M. Co. office Custom House 
Danz Susanna Miss, domestic with P. B. Al>bate 
Danzin Charles, restam-ant N s Sixteenth bet Valen- 

cio and Guerrero 
Darcy Edward, wines and liquors S s Folsom bet 

Main and Spear 
Dai'cy James, plasterer, dwl 250 Tehama 
D'Arcy John, D'Arcy's Bakery 128 Tliird 
Dardano Joseph, mining seeretarv, office 804 Mont 
Daren Cathernie, domeslic 32it Jessie 
Dark Albert, Bay .Market 329 East, dwl 58 Beale 
Darling George E. farmer with Geoi-ge Treat 
Darling Kate V. Miss, teacher Bush Street School, 

dwl 37 South Park 
Darling Richard, with Main and Winchester, bds 28 

Darling W. A. Abstract Clerk warehouse depart- 
ment C. H. dwl 328 Fi'emont 
Darlington R. dwl What Cheer llouse 
DARNELL HENRY Y. stock broker, office 613 
]\Ierchant, dwl E s Dolores bet Seventeenth and 
Darnell John M. stableman with Hughes & Hatch 
Darragh Lucy JMrs. fGlave c^- Co. J dwl 128 Mont 
Darragh Patnck, laborer, dwl N s Jackson bet Ma- 
son and Taylor 
Darrell Charles, clerk, dwl 41 Minna 
Darrell N. B. book-keeper 124 Clay, bds 41 Minna 
Darrimon Leonce, laundry S s Bush bet Polk and 

Van Ness Avenue 
D'Arrow Alonzo, dwl N s Seventeenth bet Guerrero 

and Dolores 
Darrow Charles T. carpenter with Franklin D. 

Cottle 212 Pine, dwl 407 Kearny 
Darrow Edward, carpenter with Bi'okaw & Metcalf 
DaiTow John, carpenter, dwl 405 Kearny 
Dart P. C. commission merchant, office 419 Front, 

dwl 224 Post 
Dartois Gustave, porter 005 Mont, dwl 616 Post 
DARYES RICHARD, proprietor Mechanics' Own 

Saloon 21 Fremont 
Dasey Kate, domestic 309 Fremont 
Dashaway G. &. S. M. Co. office 327 Montgomery 
Dashaway Hall S s Post Ijet Kearny and Dupont 
Dasher P. A. carpenter, bds Benton House 
Dasman Henry, baker, dwl 128 Third 
D'Assouville Frederick fj. ChoUct S,- Co.) dwl 

Greenwich nr Dupont 
Dastugue Gabriel, butcher 4 Clay Street Market, 

dwl SW cor Broadway and Dupont 
Datons James, laborer, dwl S s Braunan bet Sixth 

and Seventh 
Daum George, sexton Jewish Cemetery, dwl W s 

Dolores bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Daum P. merchant, dwl (ilobe Hotel 
Davan E. P. physician, office and <lwl 814 Wash 
Davant James, lamps and oils 1103 Stockton 
Davega Benjamin F. with M. Berkowitz, dwl NW 

cor Stockton and Union 
Daven Margaret Miss, domestic 1110 Powell 
Davenport John, stevedore, dwl 150 Natoma 
Davenport Stillman II. draughtsman with George 

Bordwell 224 Montgomery 
Davenport {Thomaaj'&L Weston (Frank) mer- 
chants 211 Clay, res Alameda 
Davenport Thomas, laborer, (\\\\ E s Lagoon 
Davenport William H. ( Schrctber if Co.) dwl 719 

Davenport William H. book-keeper with Dana Bros. 

& Co. dwl 719 California 
Davey Lizzie G. Miss, assistant teacher Sutter Street 

School, dwl NE cor Clay and Main 
David August, stoves and tinware 1204 Stockton, 

dwl N 8 Green nr Dupont 
DAVIDSON &. CO. commission merchants SE cor 

Montgomery and California 
Davidson A. cooper, dwl 741 Market 
Davidson Alonzo, driver San Francisco Dairy 329^ 

DAVIDSON B. & BERRI (Emanuel) bankers 
and consulate NW cor Montgomery and Com- 
mercial, resides London 
Da^^dson David, shipwright, dwl 58 Stewart 
DAVIDSON DONALD & CO. mining stocks and 
shippers ores, office 338 Montgomery cor Califor- 
nia, dwl Union Club 
Davidson Douglas N. (colored) hair dresser 640 

Clay, dwl 1103 Clay 
Davidson George, cashier with James Patrick «fc Co. 

dwl NE cor Jlontgomery and Broadway 
Davidson Hugh, salesman 1)09 Sacramento 
Davidson /^Jwc'oiyi & I'o])per (Churlr^^l cigars and 
tobacco NE cor Conuuercial and Battery, dwl 
37 Minna 
Davidson John W. seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

A, ROMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, School, Law, and Medical Works. 



DAVIDSON J. W. & CO. (Raplmd Weill and 

CJcorfrr II. HnnlxmaJ importers and retail dry 

troods ()!)!• Siiorauieiito, res Parin 
Davidson >I. stoves and tinware l'.'"24 Stockton 
Daviilson Natliaii, milk rancb Potrero 2 miles SE 

Brannan Street Bridge 
Davidson Ole, carver, dwl 838 Jlarket 
Davidson Kohert T. hook-keeper, dwi 365 Mission 
Davidson Simon, bds 531 Kearny 
Davidson Teline (widow) dwl 134 Sntter 
Davidson 'riiomas B. (colored) calker fiO Stewart 
Davidson 'VN'alter P. warehouseman with James Pat- 
rick <fc Co. dwl N s Jessie bet Fifth and Sixth 
Daviilson William, book-keeper 609 Sacramento 
DA VIES J. S. stock broker and mining secretary 18 

Montgomery Block, dwl West End Hotel 
Davies S. cabinet maker 904 Clay 
Davies Stephen L. hackman Plaza 
Davies AVilliam O. miner, dwl Kailroad Honse 
Davis Abiahani, glazier, dwl 9 Natoma 
Davis Alfred, dwl 37 Minna 
Davis Alvin II. boarding, dwl 711 California 
Davis Anna P. Miss, dressmaker with Jl'me Michel, 

dwl SW cor Jlontgomery and Broadway 
Davis BerniXid, with Brokaw & JMetcalf, dwl 12 

Davis Bridget (widow) dwl E s Montgomery bet 

Pacific and Broadway 
Davis C. captain schooner Anna Thillon pier 10 

Davis C. A. Mrs., Davis Laundry W s Harriet bet 

Folsom and Howard 
Davis Caleb P. liask maker Golden State Foundry, 

dwl 305 Davis 
Davis Charles, fruits, dwl 16 Jessie 
Davis Charles, seaman, dwl NW cor O'FiUTell and 

Davis Charles (colored) whitewasher cor Washing- 
ton and Jones Alley 
Davis Charles D. .seaman, bds 12 Sacramento 
Davis Charles E. flloUovriy Sj- D.) dwl 147 Third 
Davis Cluules ^1. dwl 614 Kearny 
Davis Charlt's K. butcher with A. J. Shrader Ninth 

nr Brannan Street Bridge 
Davis Charles W. carpenter, dwl W s First Avenue 

nr Fifteenth 
Davis C. M. dwl NE cor Jackson and Keamy 
Davis Consolidation G. & S. M. Co. office 607 Clay 
Davis Daniel, ciijars and tobacco 612 Washington, 

dwl 3 Hardie Place 
Davis David, blacksmith, dwl 19 St. Jlark Place 
Davis Diivid H. molder Fulton Foundry, dwl S s 

Ellis bet Larkin and Polk 
Davis Ifeunis, coo|)er, dwl 312 Beale 
Davis Doniiniek, bar keeper SE cor Pae and Davis 
Davis D. W. helper U. S. B. IMint, dwl 4 Auburn 
Davis Edunnid S. dwl N s Chestnut bet Dupont and 

Davis Edward, rope maker S. F. Cordage Factory 
Davis E. ^^'. ]ihysician 36 Jackson, dwl cor Eiglath 

and Mai-ket 
Davis Erwin, ca))itali8t and school director Sixth 

District, dwl S W cor (>alifornia and Powell 
Davis Eva (widow) dwl 213 Dnjiont 
Davis Ezekiel W. drayman wiih Horace Davis & 

Co. dwl N B O'Farrell bet Hyde and Larkin 
Davis Frank W. architect with S. C. Bugbee, dwl 

767 Howard 
DAVIS FI{.\NKLTN A. wool grading and sorting 

f.ictory Jlissicm Creek Potrero S Brannan Street 

Davis Gal)riel C. crockery, dwl 610 Post 
Davis George, bds Sailoi's' Home 
Davis (Gc.6. B.) & Schafer r//. //J Quincy Hall 

clothing 545, 517 and 519 Washington, dwl NW 

cor Sacramento and Verba Buena 
Davis Geo. H. (Horace Davis c^ Co.) dwl 27 South 

Davis Hasler, laborer, dwl 82 Jessie 

Davis Henry, workniim S. F. &. Pacific Sugar Co 

Davis Henry L. under sheriti' city and county City 
Hall, dwl 1028 Clay 

Davis Herbert J. salesman with John C. Bell, dwl 
112 Sutter 

DAVIS HORACE & CO. (Geo. II. Davis) pro- 
prietors Golden (5ate Flour Mills 430 Pine office 
221 Davis, I'esides .Mameda 

Davis H.J. bds Lick Honse 

DAVIS (Isaac E.) & JORDAN (A. P.) lime, 
cement and i>laster NE cor Front and Washing- 
ton, dwi 2S South Park 

Davis Isidore, tailor 29 Second 

Davis Jacob, butclier with James A. Davis, dwl 

5 8 Pacific bet Kearny and Dupont 

David Jacob, hairdresser with Proschold & Ranch, 

dwl Jessie l)et First and Second 
David Jacol) A. dwl 245 Tehama 
Davis J. B. F. Assistant U. S- Assessor, dwl W s 

Stevenson nr Fourth 
DAVIS JAMES A. groceries and liquors and meat 

market SW cor Powell and Filbert 
Davis John, carpenter, dwl 411 Dupont 
Davis John, clerk 1320 Dupont 
Davis John, porter 500 Sansom, dwl Crescent En- 
gine House 
Davis Jolin, cook Philadelphia Honse 
Davis John R. express wagon Pine nr Montgomery, 

dwl N s California bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Davis John S. laborer, dwl N s Allen Let Hyde and 

Davis Joshua P. book-keeper with Miller & Co- 
lev, dwl 116 Sansom 
Davis'Ma^fif clothing 619 Pacific 
Davis Moi-ris, vegetables, dwl 400 Powell 
Davis Moses, butcher 1)22 Mission, dwl 27 Jane 
Davis Patrick, laborer, dwl 4L9 ilission, rear 
Davis R. E. house and sij^n painter 731 Mission 
Davis Rebecca (widow) dwl 53 Clementina 
Davis Richard, workman S. F. &; Pacific Sugar Co. 

dwl E s Haiiison Avenue nr Folsom 
Davis Robert, wilh Charles R. Peters 22 Battery, 

dwl 3 Everett 
Davis Robert, seaman, dwl 343 Beale 
Davis Russell (colored) carman, dwl NW cor Val- 

lejo and Hyde 
Davis Sanmel" jr. butcher, dwl N s Folsom bet 

Eleventh an\l Twelfth 
Davis Sauuiel S. (colored) porter dwl 10 Stockton 

Davis Samuel T. dwl Manhattan House 
Davis Sarah A. (widow) dwl 10 Stockton Place 
Davis Shubael, cooper 31 Market 
Davis ( H(jIoii H.J &, Witham ( William L.) produce 

and flour SW cor Clay and Davis, dwl NE cor 

Green and Leavenworth 
Davis S. T. nmsician, dwl 215 Stevenson 
Davis Stni'gis, foreman with R. B. Giay & Co. dwl 

1108 Powell 
Davis Susan Miss, dressmaker, dwl W s Wctmore 

Place nr Clay 
Davis Thomas, dwl Winchester Hotel 
Davis W. F. dwl 331 Minna 
Davis ( William ) &. Seaborn (Thomas) wood and 

ivorv turners, W.\ .Missi<m cor Fremont, dwl 

Washington, opiiosite I'la/.a 
Davis Williiim, carpenter, dwl E s Larkin bet Green 

and Union 
Davis "\^"illiam D. proprietor Winchester Hotel 409 

Davis William H. clerk with N. Page, dwl 19 

Davis William W. mining, dwl with George W. 

Davis W. W. wool assorter S. F. P. Woolen Facto- 
ry, dwl Black Point 
Davis. See Davies 
lOavisson Robert G. book-keeper with Tobin Bros. 

6 Co. dwl 839 California 

BUS'WELL & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Davlin John, liackman Plaza 

Davock jVIichael E. salesman dry goods, dwl 9'il 

Davoue William 0. letter clerk Wells, Fargo tfe Co. 

dwl 24 Battery 
Dawes Jane 3Irs. dwl S s Francisco nr Stockton 
Dawes John G. book-keeper with Koberts, Jlorrison 

& Co. dwl SE cor Washington and Larkiu 
Daws Elizabeth, domestic 19 South Park 
Daws .James, butcher, dwl with George D. Bliss 
Dawson .John, cabinet maker, dwl S s St. Charles 
Dawson Sarah (widow) Omnibus Rail Road House, 

Dolores opposite Sixteenth 
Dawson Sarah (widow colored) dwl 40 Stevenson 
Dawson W. laborer, dwl SW cor Sansom and Union 
Day Bernhart, carpenter, dwl E s Union Place ur 

Day Dennis O. teamster 212 Clay, dwl N s Clem- 

*entina between Third and Fourth 
Day Franklin 11. clerk with Kellogg, Hewston «fc 

Co. 41(5 Jlontgomory 
Day George A. millwright, dwl N s Shipley bet 

Fifth ajul Sixth 
Day J. E. compositor Morning Star, dwl S s Geary 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
DAY J. S. & CO. (Lovell White) wholesale and 

retail grocers 306 and 308 Clay 
Day N. L. dwl What Cheer House 
Day Oliver, spar maker, dwl SE cor California and 

Day Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Lombard bet Mont- 
gomery and Kearny 
Day Robert & Co. (Henry Keller) paper hangings 

818 Montgomeiy, dwl 18 Ecker 
Day Roscoe, driver with A. L. Ripley 
DAY THOMAS, importer and jobber gas fixtures, 

gas pipes, etc. 732 Mont, dwl 628 Harrison 
Day Thomas O. laborer dwl Church PI nr Dupont 
Day Thomas S. salesman 732 Montgomery, dwl 628 

Day William, carpenter, dwl 748 Market 
Days Lawrence, 'longshoreman, dwl 37 Sacramento 
Davton G. & S. M. Co. office 426 Montgomery 
Dayton G. & S. M. Co. oltice 528 Clay 
Daytou James (colored) cook steamer Chrysopolis 
Dayton John, book-keeper with Buswell & Co. dwl 

International Hotel 
Dazet .Joseph , butcher, dwl N s Chestnut bet Stock- 
ton and Dupont 
Dea Hannah Miss, domestic, dwl 615 Bush 
Deacon James, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 
Dead Broke Cinnabar Lode Co. oflice 406 Mont 
Deadv Edward, gardener, dwl 162 jMinna, rear 

Mission and Fifteenth 
Deamant Leopold, clerk, bds 337 Bush 
Dean Benjamin (Hostetter, Smith S^- D.) dwl 724 

DEAN BENJA:\IIN D. physician office room 10 

Belden Block S^V' cor Bush and Montgomery, 

dwl 104 Stockton 
Dean George, bar keejicr with George W. Palmer, 

dwl El Dorado Building 
Dean Hugh E. salesman with Tobin Bros. & Co. 

dwl 126 Dupont 
Dean .Tames 0. auditor Savings & Loan Society 

619 Clay, dwl 104 Stockton 
Dean .John^ job wagon SW cor Sansom and Clay, 

dwl N 8 Clay bet Hyde and Larkin 
Dean J. T.- merchant "314 Washington, dwl 516 

Dean Peter, bds with Edward Hagthrop 
Dean Peter, stock and exchange broker 522 Mont, 

dwl 626 Sutter 
Dean Preston, agent Sion Bradley office NE cor 

Kearny and Clay, dwl 697 -Geary 
Dean Samuel, painter with William Worthington 
Dean Theodore, with Rodgers, Meyer & Co. dwl 

516 Folsom 

Dean W. E. secretarv Chollar G. & S. M. Co. office 

53 Montgomery lilock, dwl with C. V. Grey 
Dean William R. clerk with R. N. Van Biunt, dwl 

528 Harrisr)n 
Dean \Mlliam Z. (colored) carpenter, dwl with Rus- 
sell Davis NW cor Vallejo and Hyde 
Deane Coll, secretary Wide West M. Co. office 325 

Montgomery, dwl 126 Dupont 
Deane Hugh E." clerk with Tobin Bros. &; Co. dwl 

Braunan House 
DEANE JAMES R. importer and jobber paints, 

oils, window glass, etc. 318 Clay, dwl 239 

DeAngelis John, ethiopian comedian Gilbert's Me- 

lodeon, dwl 615 Gi'een 
De'Arce L. Ponton Mining secretary office 626 Clay 
DeArcy William F. ship caq)enter,"dwl 351 Third 
Deardoff John R. dwl 612 PoweU 
Dearien William H. carpenter, dwl N s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Deas Zephaniah (Mortimer ^ D.) dwl N s Jack- 
son bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Deasy Cornelius, fireman City Water Works, dwl 

Black Point 
Deasy James, workman Central Railroad 
Deaves Edwin, scenic artist and engraver, dwl 408 

DeBack Josias, express wagon 402 Sansom, dwl 

51 Second 
DeBlois George L. mariner, dwl 213 Minna 
Debouse Alfouse A. express wagon, dwl 707 Pacific 
Debrie William, proprietor Railroad Iron Works 28 

Fremont, dwl 245 Second 
DEBUS FRANCIS, proprietor Mission Exchange 

SW cor Dolores and Seventeenth 
DeCarnps Joseph, di-ayman cor Sacramento and 

DeCassins Madame, astrologer 723 Broadway 
DeCastilla Antonio, bar' keeper Russ House, dwl 

115 Dupont 
DeCastilla Isabeila (widow) dwl 115 Dupont 
DeCastro DeEstelle Dr. oculist and aunst NE cor 

Market and Keaniy 
Decker Charles, job wiigon 740 Washington 
Decker E. A. compositor Morning Star 
Decker Henry Si. Co. (John Fredericks) groceries 

and liquors NW cor Bush and Sansom, dwl E s 

First bet Folsom and Howard 
Decker Jacob, brick maker with Morrell & Clay, 

dwl 268 Jessie 
Decker Jacob, Exchange Saloon SE cor Bush and 

Cemetery Avenue Lone Mountain 
Decker Jacob, wagon maker, dwl 268 Jessie 
Decker John, compositor with S. H. Wade 
Decker Martin, clerk Chop House 121 Montgomery 
Decker Susan Miss, dwl 140 Sutter 
De Cohne Aline Madam, seamstress, dwl 9-38 Dupont 
Decordy John, dwl 110 Sutter, rear 
DeCosta John N. fruits and confectionery 817 Jack- 
DeCourcillon Eugene, physician 737 Clay, dwl 616 

Decurecou Charles, bar keeper with Samuel Tetlow, 

dwl 706 Washington 
DeDerky Charles, upholsterer with John C. Bell, 

bds "337 Bush 
DeDreau .Jean, liquors, bds 1013 Dupont 
Dee Mai-v Miss, domestic with G. W. Bel 
Deegan Eliza Miss, domestic 1004 Bush 
Deegan Julia, domestic 510 Third 
Deen Horace F. St. Francis Hook and L. Co. No. 1 
Deen James S. cooperage 123 Davis, rooms St. 

Francis Hook and Ladder Co 
Deering James H. (Decriii^ S,- Bros. Tuolumne 

County) com mcht office 421 Clay, dwl SE cor 

California and Prospect Place 
Deering Mathew (Clark Sf D.) dwl Old San Jo86 

Road 3 miles from City Hall 
Deerlove George, waterman Market op Mont 

A. KOMAU" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 



Deetli (Jacob ) do Starr (T. N.) ship-bread and 

craclcer bakery 203 and 205 Sacramento, dwl 

Sliv; Howard 
Dcctki'n t'listoph. dwl 228 Stevenson 
Deetken (4. F. proprietor nietalliir'fical and cbemical 

works San Bruno Road 3^ miles from City Hall, 

dwl 222 Stevenson 
Ueffebacli Thomas B. (Agneio Sf- D.J dwl 1821 

DeFORKST (Joseph) Si, TILDEN (H. N.) pro- 
duce and lioiu- and grain 221 Clay, dwl 226 

DkFKEMERY JAMES, commission mercliant and 

Consul for Mecklenburg-Schwerinand the Neth- 
erlands office 409 Merchant, resides Oakland 
DeFreinery William C. B. with James de Frem- 

ery, resides Oakland 
Defries George W. with N. Bichard, dwl 324 Folsom 
DeFuuiies Henry, pressman Alia Clalifornia 
Degear (Jeorge W. carpenter, dwl ni>^ Brale 
Degneaux Ui^elje, cook with Alexander Lemore NE 

cor Polk and Union 
Degoea Louis, dwl 220 Kearny 
DeGrort' Josiah, cabinet maker with L. Emanuel, 

dwl O'Farrell nr Larkiu 
DeGroote David A. keeper corporation yard S. F. 

Fire Department, dwl third floor City Hall 
DeHaau Meyer, li(jui)r saloon GOS Jackson 
Deidesheimer Jacob, dwl Lick House 
Deikiuann Peter, seaman, dwl 827 Vallejo, rear 
Deily John, tinman with M. Davidson, dwl N s 

Broadway nr Stockton 
Deiseiirark Frederick, cabinet maker, dwl 323 Pine 
Deisenralk \^'illiam, laborer, dwl 325 Pine 
Deiterle Julius, Sand Hill Jlarket 215 Kearny 
Deionghe P. sailor 223 Bush 
Delabar Macaga, carpenter, dwl N s Pine bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Delabigne John B. produce commission merchant 

and leather depot 323 Clay 
DeLu Cruz Augustine, steward 218 Clay 
Dehifont (Leoijoldj & Pedrini (Innocent) Clay 

iMarket Exchange Liquor and Billiard Saloon 

520 Clay 
DeLafoiitaiiie Joseph, workman S. F. & Pacific 

Sugar Co 
Dela Fountaine Joseph, cooper 118 Sacramento 
DeLaguna A. de Leo, jn'ofessor modern languages 

otiice 12J Mercantile Library Building, dwl 722 

Delahanty Jane Miss, domestic Avith Delos Lake 
Delaliunty (John) Skelly & Co. (Michael Fogmi) 

proprietors Empire Soda Works 29 Third, dwl 

45 Alinna 
Delahanty Nathaniel, bricklayer, dwl 539 Market 
Delalianty William, deck hand, dwl 223 Folsom, rear 
Delahay James E. I)ri(klayer, dwl 411 Dupont 
DeLa >fonta;jnie, J. Iv hiiubcr pier 3 Stewart, dwl 

SE (■"[• .lessie and I>'c)U]'tli 
DeLa iMontanva Gcoii^r, liusmith, dwl 436 Jackson 
DkLA MON'rANVA HUDSON, merchant and 

supervisor Third District, office 216 Jackson, 

dwl Tremont House 
DkLA MOXTANVA JAS. importer stoves and 

melals 2l() and 2IS Jackson, dwl \'M\ .rackson 
DeLa Montanya M. cU-rk with James DeLa Mon- 

tanya, dwl 1107 Kearny 
Delamorn- John F. hostler with Porter & Fleuuer 

527 Kearny 
DeLan >L H. (widow) fortune teller 6 St. Mary 
DeLaud Alford, dwl Sfil Mission 
DeLand John A! dwl HOI .Mi.ssion 
.Dclaudc S. variety store (iO Clay 
Delanc W. H. contractor, dwl ;i25 Pine 
Delaney Anna, domestic 35 South I'ark 
Delaney Isabella (widow) dwl S s (Juy Place 
Delaney P. artesian well borer, dwl 7t)2 Howard 
Delano Clias. M. book-keeper with Sullivan &, Cash- 
man, dwl 568 Howard 

Delano James (P. Roilicrmcl S^- Co.) dwl St. Law- 
rence Hotel 
Delano James, biitcher, dwl .538 Market 
Delano S L. wheehvriLrht 322 Third, dwl 21 Ritch 
Delano Walter H. wooil and coal 831 Howard 
Delany Anna Miss, domestic NE cor Fourth and 

Delany Ann Miss, domestic with Edward Hunt 
Delanv Charlotte Miss, domestic 118 Prospect Place 
DELANV (Charles McC.) & BOORAEM (H. 

Tolcr ) attoi'nevs at law oflice 519 Montgomery 
Delany Edward, !a"l)oivr, dwl 519 Mi,<siou 
Delany JOllen ^liss, domestic with John Shirley Ws 

■Jones bet AVashingtou and Jackson 
Delany John, carver with John Bergstrom, bds 559 

Deliuiy John (colored) laborer, dwl E s Adelle Place 

near Jackson 
Delany M. veterinary surgeon 733 IMarket *• 

Delany Margaret Miss, domestic N E cor Fourth 

and Jlission 
Delany jMichael, dwl N s Washington bet Gough 

and Octavia 
Delarcueller Gustave, bar keeper with Gustave 

Train, dwl G27 Pacific 
Delargo Antonio, lishing, dwl 827 Dupont 
Delargo Peter (colored) barber, dwl 215 Pacific 
DeLary John, stevedore, bds Bailey House 116 San 
DeLatour Alexander, painter, dwl N s Fell bet 

Laguna and Buchanan 
Delannay H. house and sign painting, and paper 

hanging, dwl 630 Pacific 
Delavaii John, Old Line Pilot office 811 Front, dwl 

824 Union 
DeLavera Manuel, deputy wharfinger Vallejo St. 

Wharf, dwl N s Moulton Place 
Delay Charles, laborer, dwl 145 Post 
Delay Montardier, furnished rooms 1114 Stockton 
Del Banco Nathan, salesman with S. Herrmann &, 

Co. dwl 410 Turk 
Del Blanco J. upholsterer, dwl 210 Jackson 
DEL CASTILLO GERARDO L. editor and pro- 
prietor Semanario Mexicano oflice 505 Clay cor 

Delecolle Petronelle Mrs. washing and ironing 114 

DeLeim Edward P. clerk with Alfred Rix, dwl 654 

DeLevere Emanuel, special policeman, dwl Mont- 
gomery nr Green 
Delfeuther Ferdimuid, clerk SW cor Mission and 

Delfina G. S. & C. M. Co. office NW cor Front and 

Dell G. & S. M. Co. office 326 Clay 
Dell L. B. agent Phoenix Insurance Co. Hartford 

oflice SW cor Mont and C'oni, dwl 121 .Minna 
Dellaurelle G. bar keeper, dwl cor Broadway and 

Delll)arn Sl. miner, dwl Globe Hotel 
Dellepiane Jose])h, groceries and liquors NE cor 

Dupont and Jaclis(m 
Dellmore John F. hostler, dwl W s Spring nr Cal 
Dehnathra Joseph, fruit 910 Dupont, dwl Ns Pacific 

bet, Dupont aii<l Stockton 
Del Monte Cross Consolidation G. & S. M. Co. office 

224 ^Montgomery 
Deluiore Kate, domestic 935 Howard 
Del Norte Comstock Co. office 706 Montgomery 
DeLoche (Jean B.) & Corthay (Louis) pofdtry, 

butter, cheese, eggs, etc. 9 New Clay Street 

Miirket, dwl NW cor Sutter and Kearny 
DeLong Frank, clerk with Rockwell, Coye & Co. 

dwl 807 Greenwich 
Delpliini Louisa Miss, dwl 519 Union 
Del Key Silver M. Co. Devil's Gate District office 

522 Montgomery 
DeLuce George, musician Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl Monroe 

BUSWELL & CO., Manufacturers of all kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Delury J. boiler maker Pacific Iron Works 
Delwig Theodore, baker with li. li. Swain, dwl 1-40 

Demaiigeo Augustus, looking glass maker, dwl G30 

Pacific, rear 
Demarest J. D. physician oflice 4'J3 Washington, 

dwl 1"> s Valencia bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth 
De Martini JIadalena, dwl rear 161!^ Stockton 
Deniby John (colored) boot blacking A2ii Wash 
Demerest James H. mason, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Taylor and Jones 
DEMING (H. A.J & CO. fJ. W. Pcnoyer) agents 

Howe's Sewing Machines 3 Masonic Temple 

Jlontgoiuerv, dwl 1(5 Hawthorne 
Deming lohn, dwl .Ko Commercial 
Deming John, steward P. M. S. Golden Age 
DejMontpreville Cyrille, lithographer NW cor Mont- 

gi )mery and Jackson 
DeJIorrow^ Francis, Captain bark Cataline, dwl 407 

Demousset N. ( P . Hit ant Sf Co.) dwl 717 Green 
Dempsey Isiael, dwl 3Iansion House 
Dem])sey Jei-eniiuh, marble worker with Hayes &, 

Pritchard o:3t) California, dwl Xi-JO Sutter 
Dempsey John, shoemaker, dwl 9 St. Mary Place 
Dempsey John (colored) porter Post Office, dwl 

Washington nr Jackscm 
Dempsey Patrick, with Timothy Sargent 
Dempsey Patrick, baker w^ith Swain & Brown 5 

Dempsey Peter, attorney at liiw office room 18, 604 

Dempster C. J. (Rosk, D. Sf Co.) dwl S s Twelfth 

bet Mission and Howard 
Dem]ister James, dentist office 6 Montgomery, dwl 

Ivailvoad House 
Dempwollf August, fancy goods, dwl 515 Sac 
Demris Joini, stone cutter, dwl 325 Pine 
Dennliy Ellen Miss, domestic 620 Pine 
Deuahy William, stevedore, dwl rear N s Harrison 

liet Main and Beale 
Denckla William P. mining stocks, office 413 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 506 Howard 
Denett' Frederick, seaman, lids 7 Washington 
Denegre Andrew, fruits 3-Jit Kearny 
Denegre Joseph, clerk 329 Kearny 
Denehy Daniel, laborer, dwl 13 liunt 
Deuey A. Vorbe (Xavier) &, Co. (Nicholas Cousin) 

importers and jobbers w'ines, liquors, etc. 621 

and 623 Sansoni, dwl 705 Snusom 
Deney Ernest, clerk 623 San.som 
Denham William, billiards and shooting gallery 941 

Keaiiiy, dwl 919 Kearny 
Denike William J. painter and paper hanger 831 

Denin Patrick, laborer, dwl Mission Dolores, rear 

Denio John R. assistant melter U. S. Branch Mint, 

dwl -^00 Stockton 
DENIO WALTER S. melter and refiner U. S. 

Branch Mint, office 608 Commercial, dwl 1016 

Deniz Francis, cook with Mrs. Mary A. Bartlett, 

dwl 606 Broadway 
Denmark f Jacob) <Sc Co. groceries NW cor Pacific 

and Taylor 
Dennehy Dennis, shaemaker 6 Sutter 
Dennehy Patrick, hostler with Skelly & Banks 
Dennehy W. J. waiter Occidental Hotel 
Dennerv Eugene E. St. Francis Hook and Ladder 

Co.' No. 1 
Denney Enieline (widow) dwl 737 Broadway 
Dennev John, ship carpenter, dwl S s Minna bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Denney S. D. bird dealer, dwl SE cor Filbert and 

^'an Ness Avenue 
Dennin Mary Miss, domestic 939 Sacramento 
Denning Bridget, domestic 14 Perry 
Dennis George B. butcher 645 Pacific 

Dennis George W. (colored) job wagon cor Mont- 
gomery and Jackson, dwl S s Post bet Hyde 

and Lark in 
Dennis G. H. dwl S s Wash bet Stockton and Powell 
Dennis James, dwl E s Dolores bet Fifteenth and 

Deimis John, stone cutter, dwl SE cor Pine and Bat 
Dennis Neal, driver with Greenhood, Newbauer & 

Klein 209 Sansom 
Dennis Richard, butcher, dwl 619 Pacific, rear 
Dennis S. W. dentist office NE cor Market and 

Dennis Thomas W. molder Golden State Foundry, 

dwl cor Fourlli and Jessie 
Demos William, mining, dwl 1011 Kearny 
DENNIS \\'1LL1AM E. wharf builder and con- 
tractor junction California aiid Market, dwl 609 

Dennison Benjamin, cigars, dwl Minna bet Third and 

Dennison B. Frank, carpenter, dwl 1409 Kearny 
Dennison Jane (widow) dwl 1421 Stockton 
Denniston Isaac V. farmer, dwl N s Seventeenth bet 

Guerrero and Dolores 
Denniston James G. farmer, dwl Seventeenth bet 

Guerrero and Dolores 
Denniston Richard, metal roofer with G. & W. 

Snook, dwl 1220 Kearny 
Denniston ^^'illiam, dwl E s Langtou bet Howard 

and Folsom 
Dennoe Alfred N. book-keeper N. 0. Warehouse, 

dwl 139 Jessie 
Dennoe Elizabeth (widow) dressmaker 139 Jessie 
Denny Alexander, with Wilson & Robinson 616 

Denny Bridget, saloon S s Folsom bet Main and 

Denny Catherine (widow) dwl 637 Geary 
Denny Daniel, express wagon, dwl 140 Natoma 
Denny Edward, clerk with Geo. B. Hitchcock, dwl 

631 Sutter 
Demiy J. Gideon, stock broker 61 1 Clay 
Denny John, seaman, dwl S s Folsom bet JIain and 

Denny Julia Miss, domestic NE cor Fourth and 

Denny J. W. sign and ornamental painter 538 Mer- 

Denny Nellie Miss, milliner with Mrs. M. A. Butler, 

dwl with CatheiMue Denny 
Denos A. butcher junction Marlcet and Laguna 
Densmore Gilbert B. (Wade Sf D.) dwl SW cor 

Pine and Stockton 
Dent Frederick T. captain Ninth Infantry, dwl 

Dent George W. office 122 Montgomery 
DENT HENRY S. dwl 525 Folsom 
Dent Jack, messenger California State Telegraph 

Co. 507 Montgomery 
Dent Lewis M. ass't sup't Cal. State Tel. Co. office 

507 Montgomery 
Dent Patrick, cooper S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Deos Francisco, bat maker, dwl 1113 Kearny, rear 
DePass Benjamin, clerk with John H. Saunders, 

dwl XK cor I'.ush and Sutter 
DePazzi Mary Magdalen Madame, directress Yoimg 

Ladies' Seminary 1211 Powell 
Depee Thomas (colored) whitewashing, dwl 915 

Deperies Francois, Avashiug 777 Clay 
Depierris H. A. ]3hysician and druggist, office and 

dwl 619 Yallejo 
Deposit G. & S. M. Co. office 422 Montgomery 
DePrefontaine Mary (widow) furnished rooms 408 

DePrette August, vegetable peddler, dwl 1626 

Depue Philiii H. fruits 105 Stewart, dwl NW cor 

Folsom and Fourth 

A. ROMAJNT & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ts ITational Almanac & Annual Record, 700 pp. 



DePiitroii Jacob, oai'iientor, ilwl N h Clicstimt nr 

DKKIU-X' KTIKXXE, iniblislicr aiul proptr El Eco 

del I'acitico niul E'Ecliodu Pacili<[ue, office .V38 

S;uT,iiiiciil<i, <l\vl V.i ^■il•l,'•inia 
Derby Charles W. driver North Beach & Mission 

llailioad Co 
Derby Daniel, carpenter, dwl 812 Sacramento 
Derby E. M. coiiiniissioii niercliant, office NE cor 

f^-ont and Clay, resides Brooklyn, Alameda Co 
Derby (;e(irue, drayman, d\yl 8 Milton I'lacc 
Dereiiis liy|H>lite, l)ntctier :J Clay Street JIarket 
Derliaiu Edward, baker witii Deetli &- Starr, dwl 

W s Jones bet Filbert and Greenwich 
Derham James, with D. J. Oliver, dwl NE cor Sac- 
ramento and Taylor 
Derham William, \vith D. J. Oliver, dwl S s Sacra- 
mento bet Mason ;uul Taylor 
Derham William, blacksmith Vulcan Iron Works 
Dcriksen William, engineer Steam Tug Co. dwl 105 

DeiTuody James W. sawyer with Hobbs, Gilmore 

iNt Oo. dwl N s Oak b'et Mason and Taylor 
Dermody John, drayman, dwl SW cor Tyler and 

Dermot John, carpenter, dwl 765 Howard 
DeRO CHAKLES, office 428 California, dwl 23 

South Park 
DeRo Cbarl(!s jr. clerk with De Witt, Kittle & Co 
Derognat Charles, porter, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Derognat Louis, Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. 

No. 2 
DeRom Louis, cabinet maker, dwl 429 Union 
DeRoos Frances iMis. nurse 309 Dupont 
DeRoos Jacob, dwl 309 Dupont 
Derrick Michael L. compositor Alta office, dwl S s 

Washington bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Derricke Frederick, laborer, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Derry Frank N. stevedore, dwl 23 Claiy 
Derry J. N. laborer 23 California 
DeRiissy Edward, Paymaster U. S. A. Fort Point 

engineer's department 
DeRussy R. E. Col. corps Engineers office 37 ]\Iont- 

gomery Block, dwl Fort Point 
DkRUTTE ED^VAR1). importer wines and li- 
quors. 431 Battery, dwl 1120 Stockton Luke, laborer, dwl NE cor Turk and Polk 
Descha.--sau.\ I' raiicis, restaurant, dwl NW cor Mont. 

gomery and .fackson 
Desebrock" Frederick, barkeeper with E. H. Fitter 
DkSEXAILUAC ALIJERIC, secretary Daney 

G. &. S. M. Co. office 20 Government House, 

dwl Si) 1 Jackson 
Desert M. Co. otHce 522 jMontgomery 
Deslarg(-s F. stock and exchange broker S. F. B. B. 

43(1 .Mdiilgoiiiery 
De.signe Catliarinc Aliss, dwl W s Pollard Place 
Desmond Ann (widow) boarding 557 Howard 
Desmond .\nna, domestic 92(5 Clay 
Desmond Deimis, laborer, dwl 267 StcA'enscm 
Desmond I). .1. machinist Golden Stiite Foundry, 

dwl 20 Sansoni 
Desmond lOdnmnd, carpenter, dwl N s Hinckley nr 

Desmond I'^dward, seaman, dwl 2.'}4 Beale 
Desmond M. woi'kman Central K'ailroad 
Desmond Michael, carpenter, dwl with William Cot- 
ten E s .Mason bet IJroadway and Vallejo 
Desmond Patrick, liosller -535 Jackson, dwl E 8 Pa- 

cilic nr Montgomery 
Desmond Robert A. operator with Win. Shew, dwl 

Biic!;eye House 
Desmond William, laborer, dwl 417 Sutter, rear 
Desniu Joseph, groceries and liipiors 1201 Dupont 
Desneuf bourgs L. Mrs. dressmakings 13 Clay 
Desneuf l)Ourgs Leo]iold, porter U. S. Connnissary 

Depirtment 2()S San.-^om, dwl 813 Clay 
DeSoto G. & S. JI. Co. office 428 i^Iontgomery 

Desi)rez Adolph, employ 6 NE cor Jackson and 

Desjjrez Constine, groceries and liquors 724 Dupont 
Desry Peter, dishwasher Stevenson House Dining 

DeSt. Ours F. J. dwl 1817 Stockton 
DeStouiz Alexis, salesman with Edward DeRutte 

and Vice Consul for Switzerland 431 Battery 
Desveranna Emaimel, clerk 207 Kearny 
DeTAVEL AClllLLE, veterinary "surgeon 427 

DeTavil Thomas W. laborer, dwl 822 Sacramento, 

Detels Hem-y, dwl 1703 Dupont 
Detels Martin, clerk SW cor Harrison and Main 
Detels Mary (widow) groceries SW cor Harrison 

and Main 
DeTonrnelle Mary (widow) dwl 202 Stockton 
DeTreville Eugene, cartman Ronsch nr Sixth 
Detrick E. (Lewis S^- D.J bds NE cor Pacific and 

Detrick J. L. draftsman Union Foundry, dwl cor 

Sacramento and Polk 
Detroit G. & S. M. Co. office 804 Mont room 15 
Dettelbach M. dwl S s Brannan, bet Third and 

Dettelbach Sigismund M. with Lazard Freres 217 

Battery, dwl 21 1 Sansom 
Dettmar Henry, tailor 332| Bush 
Dettmer H. Frederick, clerk 408 Folsom 
Dettner George, cook Citizen's Restaurant 504 Wash 
D'Eu Alfonse, poultry, dwl 411 Sutter 
DEUEL H. carpenter, d\vl 509 Broadway 
DeUprey Elizabeth Nelson (widow) dwl 517 Bush 
DeUprey Samuel, broker, dwl N s Berry nr Dupont 
Deussing Titus, salesman 623 Clay, dwl N s John 

bet Powell and Mason 
Deutard Nicholas, mining, dwl 616 Broadway, rear 
Deutscher M. bds 205 Sansom 
Devanny Edward, carrier Irish Nationalist 
Deyanny John, night cook 507 Clay 
lievaiuiy Terence, teamster, dwl 235 IMinna 
Devans James, driver with A. L. Ripley 
DeVanl Frank, liutclicr with G. M. (Tarwood&Co 
DeVaul John, butcher with Wm. Fulton, dwl 106 

Devenoge Elizabeth Mrs. dwl S s Francisco bet 

Kearny and l)iH)ont 
Deveny 15ri<lg('t (widow) dwl 117 Connnercial 
Dever Cecelia Miss, domestic 121 Ellis 
Deveraux William, dwl N s Pacific bet Fillmore 

and Steiner 
Deviercy Eugene (Frontier i^' D. iV ^1- Dubois c^' 

Co.'j dwl S 8 Bush bet Alont and Kearny 
Devine Ami Mrs. dwl 909 Battery 
Devine Catbeiine Miss, dwl W s Stanford, bet 

Townsend and Hrannau 
Devine Catiierine A. Miss, dwl Townsend bet Sec- 
ond and Third 
Devine G. tailor, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Devine James, waiter steamer Yoseniite 
Devine John B. book-keei)er United States Hotel 

304 Beale 
Devine Lawrence, waiter steamer Yosemite 
Devine Margaret, domestic H)iS .Mir-sion 
Devine Mary (widow) dwl W s Stanford bet Bran- 
nan and Town.-^eiid • 
Devine Owen, baker Kamsey Bakery 108 First 
Devine Patrick J. ((irntd &^- X).^ dwl NsTownsend 

bet Second and Third 
Devine Patrick, laliorer S. F. Gas Co 
Devine Peler H. cook with .Tohn Ihirt 
Devine T. K. stone cutter, dwl Orienial Hotel 
Devine Tliomas, gardener S s Presidio Road bet 

Polk and Franklin 
Devine Thomas F. marble worker, dwl NW cor 

Jones and O'Farrell 
Devine William, sjiecial policeman, dwl NE cor 

Powell and Ciiesnnt 

BUS WELL &; CO., 517 Clay St., Mining Companies' Books printed and bovind at short notice. 



Deviniicy Joseph, stevedore, dwl 15-28 Stockton 

Devitt ICdward, dravniiui, d^Yl 510 Sacramento 

Devitt Felix, cooper 110 Davis, dwl N s Tyler bet 
Hyle and Larkin 

Devitt" Frank, boatman, dwlW s Sansom bet Filbert 
and Green-wich 

Devlin Edward, laborer, dwl W s Battery bet Val- 
lejo and Green 

Devlin Edward, teamster with Greenhood, New- 
baner &, Klein 

Devlin James, carpenter, dwl 510 Market 

Devlin Margaret Miss, cook Protestant Orphan 

Devlin Mark, gardener, S 8 Presidio Road bet Polk 
and Franklin 

Devlin Matthew, butcher with William Smith Po- 
trero in* Brannan Street Bridge 

Devlin Nathan, driver with Greenhood, New'bauer 
&. Klein 209 Sansom 

Devlin Patrick, cartman cor Broadway and Battery 

Devlin Sarah Miss, dwl (352 Howard 

Devlin Thomas, 'longshoreman, dwl rear N s Ham 
son bet Beale and Mum 

Dcvoe Alexander, clerk, dwl 510 Sacramento 

DEVOE, f. James J DINSMOEE { Samuel) & CO. 
(James Dcvoe, jr. and William Graham) ^ivo- 
prietors S. F. Machine Works NE cor Mission 
and Fremont, dwl SE cor Folsom and First 

Devoe James jr. (Dcvoe, Dinsmore Jj' Co.) dwl 620 

DevoU Richard, painter, dwl 4 Central Place 

Devoll Richard P. bar keeper with Jas. S. Bovee, 
dwl 4 Central Place 

Devotti Francisco, fruits and confectionery 531 Pac 

DeVries John, salesman 506 Washington, dwl N s 
McAllister Hayes Park 

Devries Thomas, stevedore, dwl 839 Vallejo 

DEWAR JOHN, commission merchant agent Pio- 
neer Line Victoria Packets 311 East, dwl 112 

Dewer Washington, dravman, dwl 773 Folsom 

DEWEV SQUIRE P. real estate office 6 Wells' 
Buildiiii;- cor Jlontgomerv and Clay 

DEWEV WILLIAM "p. real estate office 6 WeUs' 
Building cor Jlont and Clay, dwl 522 Cal 

Dewire J. laborer Spring Vallev W. W. Co 

DeWitt (Alfred) KnWe (Nicholas G.j & Co. (Jon- 
athan 6r. Kittle ) shipping and Cfumnission mer- 
chants 807 and SOD res New York 

DeWitt William, seaman, bds 24 Sacramento 

DeWitte John J. intei-preter office 625 Merchant, 
dwl Dupont nr Broadway 

De^A'olf Samuel J. captain steamship Brother Jona- 
than NW cor Front and Jackson, dwl 52 Second 

Dexter Albert G. assaver office 108 Keaniy 

Dexter C. H. Mrs. dwl 521 Pine 

Dexter Frank, book-keeper with Locke & Monta- 
gue, dwl 1020 Stockton 

Dexter Henry S. Bensley S. F. City W. W. Co. 
office 806 Montgomery, dwl 557 Harrison 

Dexter Peter B. secretary and librarian Mechanics' 
Institute, dwl Sophie" Terrace 

Dey 3Iichael O. laborer, dwl N s Vallejo bet San- 
som and Battery 

Deyell Ann J. Miss* domestic 828 Pacific 

Deyhle Henry, assayer with S. Molitor & Co. dwl 
E s Stockton bet Jackson and Washington 

De Young Amelia (widow) dwl 422 Bush 

DeYoung M. carrier Suudaj^ Mercm-v, dwl 422 
Bush ^ 

DeYoung Michael, clerk "WTaat Cheer Laundry, dwl 
422 Bush 

DeYoung Morris, commission merchant, dwl 738 

DEZAUX PAUL, publisher and proptr La Ruche 
Litteraire office 622 Clay, dwl Lorquin's Bdg 

Dezucc.i S. molder Pacific Iron Works 

D'Feemis Henry D. fly tender Alta California, dwl 
738 Washington, rear 

D'GrofF Josiah, sash and blind maker, bds with 
Alden C. Oilman 

Diacere Etienne, waiter 507 Washington 

Diamant Bernard (Kalishcr A- D.) dwl 414 Sac 

Diamant Leopold, clerk, dwl 3 Hardie Place 

Diamond Carrie Miss (Mrs. and Miss D.) dwl 404 

Diamond G. & S. M. Co. office 15 Metropolitan Blk 

Diamond John, teamster, dwl 236 Jessie 

Diamond Mrs. and Miss (Martha and Carrie) mil- 
linery 404 Keamy 

Dias Thomas, stock dealer, dwl W 6 Dolores bet 
Sixteenth and Seventeenth 

Diaz Antonio, dwl 1821 Stockton 

Diaz Tiburcia (widow) dwl 1606 Mason 

Dibbern J. porter 616 Kearnv 

DIBBLEE ALBERT, shipping and commission 
merchant and pilot connnissioner S. "F. 108 

Dibblee Charles, with Nutting &. Wymie 123 Bush 

Dicaud Joseph, gi-oceries and liquoi-s SW cor Vallejo 
and Dupont 

Dick David (J. Vantine Sf Co.) rooms NE cor 
'V\^ashington and Dupont 

Dick Robert D. calker Spring Vallev AV. W. Co. 
dwl 8 Brooks 

Dick Stephen W. broker office 210 Sacramento, dwl 
S s Ellis bet Van Ness Avenue and Franklin 

Dick Theadeu, baker, dwl American Exchange 

Dickason John Q. special policeman, dwl William 
nr Post 

Dickens Joseph, bricklayer, dwl 123 Bush 

Dickens Thomas W. clerk, dwl 516 Brvant 

Dickerson D. ¥.. (Clark c^ D.) dwl 6 Central Place 

Dickereon J. Q. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 

Dickerson Mansfield, bds 712 Stockton 

Dickey Eugene D. toll collector San Miguel and 
Ocean House McAdam Road 

Dickey George S. pharmaceutical chemist 512 Kear- 
ny, dwl 19 Ellis 

DICKEY JAJIES R. proprietor Ocean House 6 
miles SW Citv Hall 

Dickey William, laborer S. F. Gas Co 

Dickinson Heiirv, merchant, dwl 1116 Kearny 

DICKINSON ('O. jr.) & GAMMANS ( George B.) 
wholesale grocers NW cor Clay and Front, dwl 
1117 Stockton 

Dickinson Stanhope, painter, dwl W s Jones bet 
O'Farrell and Ellis 

DICKSON, DeWOLF & CO. (George Campbell 
and Charles F. Lott) importing and commission 
merchants and agents Unitv Fire Insurance Co. 
London 410, 412, and 414 Battery 

Dickson George R. agent William Shiels, dwl 319 
Bush room 5 

Dickson J. carpenter, dwl 321 Bush 

Dickson William J. (R. W. Slocomh i^- Co.) dwl 
31 Geary 

Diederichsen Charles, Collosenm Saloon 540 Jack- 
son cor Kearny, dwl 628 Vallejo 

Diefenbacher Jacob, hair di-esser with Jos. Lipman, 
dwl 17 Geary 

Diehl Christopher (Anthes Sf D.) dwl E s Pratt 
Court nr California 

Diel Valentine, dwl 936 Mi-ssion 

Diercks Frank, assistant molder with Morris Green- 
berg, dwl 119 Post 

Dierenderdoff H. bds 128 Sansom 

Dierking Charles Rev. pastor German i\I. E. Church 
Jlission St, dwl S s Natoma bet Fifth and Sixth 

Dietrich John, groceries and liquors SE cor Vallejo 
and Mason 

DIETRICH WILLIAM K. curer and packer pro- 
visions 54 Washington Market, dwl NW cor 
Larkin and Union 

Dietz A. C. & Co. oil and camphene office 519 and 
521 Front branch 56 Second, dwl 21 Prospect 

A. ROMAlsr & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograph Albums aoad Portraits of Notable Persons. 



Dii'tz Ad im, hair drcssinir s:ilooii 410 Folsom 

Dic'tz ('. A. F. engiiiOLT, dwl Uli'.l Jjick.soii 

Dii't/. V. A. S. carpeuter, dwl 3? Pacilic 

Diet/, ('iiarlcs L. bar keeper with Kice & Co. dwl 

7()S Howard 
Dielz Oi'orm', book-keeper 64 Clay, bds 62 Clay 
Dii-tz (ii'oiice (Express, Victoria B. C.) dwl 560 

Dietz John, workman with Philip Pender, dwl 11"24 

Dieiiblea A[. -Mrs. doniestio 729 California 
Diez i\Iaria Miss, dwl 314 Union 
Diez Sa. Carniel, dwl 314 Union 
Diez Siiniina, sewin;jf 1403 Dupont 
Diflev Peier, l)ricklayer, dwl E s Jones bet Geary 


Diftot , dwl 420 Washington 

Digging Augustus C. (Wesley Dig-gins 4" Sons J 

dwl Suttei' iir Devisidero 
DIGG1X8 WESLEY &. SON (Augustus C. Dig- 
gins) mining stocks oil' 19 Government House, 

dwl Sutler nr Devisidero 
Diggs Ixicliard II. sail maker 211 Sacramento, dwl 8 

IJrenliam I'lace 
Diggs W. II. ciiptain bark Live Yankee office with 

Marks &, Gove 
Dignam Peter, workman Central Bailroad 
Dikenian Daniel S. deputy Superintendent Streets 

City Hall, dwi 2 Clarence Place 
Dilke John T. butcher with Daniel Harris 2 Metro- 
politan Market, dwl 109 Dupont 
Diller Christian, siioenuiking 12 Dupont 
Dillmanu Geoi'ge F. wines and liquors 511 Pacific 
Dillon Bernard, porter 128 Sansom 
Dillon George J. boolc-keeper with D. C. Mitchell 

,fc Co. dwl t)12 Calitornia 
DIIIdu James, book-keeper 333 Bush 
Dillon James, boot and shoemaker, dwl 336 Vallejo 
Dillon .lames, coachman with Benjamin S. Brooks, 

dwl 631 Harrison 
Dillon John, salesman with Thomas Dillon SE cor 

Post and Kearny 
Dillon Luke, express wagon, dwl 406 Third 
Dillon Margaret, domestic 30 Laurel Place 
Dillon Mary Ann I^Iiss, domestic Deal', Dumb, and 

liliud Insiilute cor Mission and Fifteenth 
Dillon .Maiv X. Mrs. dressmaker 106 Third 
Dillon Michael ( Waters c^ D.j dwl 141 Mont 
Dillon .Miehael, laborer, dwl S s Lick Alley bet 

First and Ecker 
Dillon Michael, vegetables NW cor Montgomery 

and Vallejo 
Dillon Rolieri, salesman with Thomas Dillon SE cor 

Post and Keai-ny 
Dillon Thomas, hardware SE cor Post and Kearny 
Dillon Thomas, laborer, dwl W s Sansom bet Green 

and Union, rear 
Dillon Thomas H. carpenter, dwl 7 Natoma 
Diltz A. D. (McArlhur c\- D.) dwl NE cor Mission 

and Jane 
Dimes No. 2 Gold Hill Mining Co. office 610 Merch 
Dinmier Nicholas, groceries and liquors 815 Pacific 
Dimock Asa J. chief baker Miners' liestaurant, dwl 

cor Halleck and Leidesdorif 
Dimon J. S. (I. B. Purdy if Co.) dwl 250 Steven- 
Dinion John, drayman Cal bet Front and Battery 
Diniond Hugh ( tiuUivan £f Cws/i W(7«> resides Mar- 

Dimond John, drayman, dwl 236 Jessie 
Dimpiiy T. James, painter Pennsylvania Engine 

Co. No. 12 
Dinan Jeremiiih, harness cleaner, dwl 628 Cal, rear 
Diium Jeremiah B. hostler with Geo. N. Ferguson 

(fc Co. dwl 8 s Sutter bet Kearny aiul Dupont 
Din<lrid Emanuel, waiter 124 Montgomery, dwl 541 

Dinehan John, laborer, dwl S 8 Minna Place bet 

Fremont and Beale 

DINGEON LEON, proprietor Barnum Kestaurant 
62i and ti23 (,'ommeicial, dwl (ill) Pine 

Dingle George R. engineer steamer So])hia McLane, 
dwl 227 (ireen 

Dingley Charles L. captain bark Adelaide Cooper 
])ier 9 Stewart, dwl 313 Fremont 

Dingley William H. blacksmith, dwl N s Turk bet 
Powell an<l Mason 

Dingmau Alexander, carpenter, dwl N 8 Sacramen- 
to liet Dupont and Stockton 

Dinkelspiel L. (Simon, D. 4' Co.) dwl S 8 Post bet 
Jones and Leavenworth 

DINIv].,AGE H. physician office 639 Washington, 
dwl .539 Vallejo " 

Dinnin Jeremiah, hostler, dwl E s Rassette Place 
No. 2 nr Sutter 

Dinsmore Samuel (Devoe, D. I'f Co.) dwl 51 Na- 

Dios Padre G. & S. M. Co. office room 10 Armory 
Hall Building 

Dippel William G. tailor 44 Geary 

dihec;tory city and cOunty of san 

FRAN(_;iSC0 office 612 Clay, Henry G. Lang- 
ley pul)lisher and proprietor 
Dirking August, jeweler Slti Clay 
Dischar Theodore, soap chandler, dwl N s Mc.Vllis- 

ter bet Leavenworth and Hyde 
D'Israeli Giuseppi, vegetable dealer, dwl W s 

Banuan Place 
DISS f F. A. J.) & CO. commission merchant.^, flour 

and grain SE cor Front and Washington, dwl 

1016 Stockton 
Dissat Antoine, hair dresser with C. Hubert, dwl 

723 Dupont 
DISTRICT ATTORNEY City and County San 

Francisco ollice City Hall, second floor 
DISTRICT ATTORNEY U. S. office SWeor Mont- 
gomery and .Jackson 
DISTRICT COURT Fourth District City Hall 

second floor 
DISTRICT COURT Twelfth District City Hall 

second floor 
DISTRICT COURT U. S. SW cor Montgomery 

and .lacksou 
Disturneille N. F. clerk Merchants' Mutual Marine 

Insurance Co. cor Front and California 
Dittes Michael, hair dressing saloon 50 First, dwl 60 

Ditz George, bar keeper with Joseph Robert, dwl 

W s Mason nr (Greenwich 
Divisich Joseph, cook American Bakery, dwl 717 

Dix ICdward, blacksmith Union Foundry 
Dixey Francis ( I'ollurk S,- D.) dwl 274'Tehania 
Dixon C'lenient, .salesman with John Carroll, dwl 

E s Fifth bet Folsom and Harrison 
Dixon David E. carpenter, dwl 6 Central Place 
Dixon (Elizabeth Miss) & Putnam (Elizalieth 

Mrs. J milliners and millinery goods 615 Clay 
Dix<m G. & S. M. Co. (Senator District) office 8 

Naglee s Building 
Dixon .'lolm, dwl United States Hotel 304 Beale 
Dixon John (.Jones. D. A- (^^o.) resides New York 
Dixon .John, tinsmith 125 Clay 
Dixon Philip B. mining ollice 8 Naglee's Building, 

resides Humboldt, N. T. 
Dixon J{i< hard, dwl 125 Filbert 
Dixon Richard, bath tender with John Greif, dwl 

.525 Filbert 
Dixon Thomas J. book-keeper with J. H. O'Brien 

&, (lo. dwl 430 Third 
Dixon Wm. pork merchant, dwl 31 Geary 
Di.xson Alexander II. agent, dwl 70 Cleinentiiia 
Doak .John C. bds 712 Slocklon 
Doane John O. book-keeper with Kerby, Byrne & 

Co. dwl 3 Howard Court 
Doane .Joshua G. teamster pier 4 Stewart, dwl 419 

Doane Lucy J. (widow) dwl 43 Clary 

BUS'WELIj & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Books. 



Doaiie Margaret Miss, domestic 35 O'Farrell 
Doane Jlarshall, manufacturer hay presses 331 Pine, 

dwl N s Natoma bet Fiftli aiid vSixth 
Doane !Micali, dwl S s Folsom bet First and Fremont 
Doane Silas F. compositor Alta California, dwl NE 

cor Dupont and Jackson 
Doane Wilbur G. book-keeper 628 Sacramento, dwl 

214 Prospect Place 
Doble Abiier (Nelson 4- D.JAsvX Ns Presidio Road 

bet Pierce and Scott 
Doble John, book-keeper with Nelson & Doble 321 

Dobbie James B. tinsmith with John Gordon & Co. 

dwl Government House 
Dobbyn Kicliard, dwl 425 Pacific 
Dobeimann Louis, hair dressing saloon 9 Second, dwl 

107 Jessie 
Dobeimann Philip, barber, dwl 107 Jessie 
Dober Joseph W. B. carpenter, dwl 536 Tehama 
Doberer H. William, card finisher Vance's Gallery 

429 Montgomery 
Dobrzensky Phoebe Miss, dwl IS Natoma 
Dobizensky Julius, tinsmith with Morris Dobrzen- 

sky, dwl 18 Natoma 
Dobrzensky Morris, gas meter manufacturer 120 

Bush, 'dwl 414 Post 
Dockeudortt' George, with Judson & Shepard, dwl 

NE cor Valencia and Fifteenth 
Dockety Bridget, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Dockham D. S. dwl W s Sixth bet Howard and 

Dodd Benjamin, 'longshoreman, dwl cor Main and 

Dodd E. D. brass foimder, dwl cor Oregon and 

Dodge Daniel (Berghofer Sf D.) dwl 611 Howard 
Dodge E. E. butcher N s Sixteenth nr First Avenue 
Dodge Everett K. miner, dwl 708 Lombard 
Dodge (Francis) &, Ziegler (John L.J contractors 

669 Mission 
Dodge H. L. (D. ^ ShawJ dwl SW cor Prospect 

Place and California 
Dodge John W. dentist and school director Third 

District, ofiice 641 Washinijton, dwl 639 Wash 
DODGE (L. U. .S- H. L.J &. SHAW (JohiiJ 

wholesale provisions 406 Front, dwl 202 Pros- 
pect Place 
Dodge Prentiss N. clerk with Dodge & Shaw, dwl 

202 Prospect Place 
Dodge T. H. carpenter, dwl SE coi**ine and Battery 
Dodge WiUiam, dwl 408 Market 
Dodge W. W. salesman with Moses EUis & Co. dwl 

NW cor Fourth and Folsom 
Dodson Griffin (col'd) waterman, dwl 908 Pac, rear 
Dodson W. H. dwl 1016 Stockton 
DOE B. & J. S. doors, windows, and blinds junc- 
tion California and Market, res Boston Mass 
Doe Charles F. with B. & J. S. Doe, dwl 13 An- 
Doe J. 8. (B. Sf J. S. Doe) dwl 521 Pine 
Doe M. H. pattern maker Fulton Foundry, dwl 27 

Doerger Charles, ivory turner 730 Washington, dwl 

809 Kearny 
Doggett Emily Mrs. music teacher, bds 313 Union 
Doggett Samuel W. attorney at law, dwl 916 Pa.c 
Dohany John, drayman, dwl N s Shipley bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Dohel John, conti'actor, dwl 325 Pine 
Doheny James, cai-penter, dwl S s California bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Doheny Margaret Miss, dressmaker, dwl 43 Ecker 
Doherty (A. 4' H.) & Co. bag dealers 215 Davis, 

dwl SE cor Second and Stevenson 
Doherty Annie, domestic Lick House 
Doherty Bridget Miss, domestic with Dr. A. J. Bowie 
Doherty Catherine (widow) dwl 69 Stevenson 
Doherty Francis, teamster, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Hvde and Larkui 

Doherty Frank, carman cor Larkin and Vallejo 
Dohertv H. (Doherty 4- Co.) dwl SE cor Second 

and Stevenson 
Doherty J. dwl What Cheer House 
Doherty James, hostler with Baldwin & Killip, bds 

Benton House 
Doherty John, laborer with Mon-ell & Clay 
Dohertv (John C.) &z, Meloon (Horace H.) stock 

and money brokers ofiice 528 Montgomery, dwl 

Brooklyn House 
Doherty John M. workman S. F. & P. Sngar Co 
Doherty Joseph, painter with Jno. McDonald 24 

Doherty ^Margaret Mrs. furnished rooms 826 Sac 
Doherty Richard, Half-Moon Bay Stages office 730 

Kearny, dwl What Cheer House 
Doherty Tmiothv, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Doherty William, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 120 

Jessie, rear 
Doherty. See Dougherty 
Dohs John, musician, dwl 1205 Dupont 
Dolan Catherine, domestic 767 Mission 
Dolan Daniel, cartman Eighth bet Howard and 

Dolan Jane, domestic 750 Folsom 
Dolan John, driver with A. Nauman 507 Sansom 
Dolon Margaret (widow) dwl N s Lewis Place bet 

Taylor and Jones 
Dolan Mary, domestic 413 First 
Dolan Mary Miss, domestic 508 Dupont 
Dolan Jlichael (Dabovich 4' Co.) dwl 1511 Stock- 
ton, rear 
Dolan Michael, cartman, dwl Shipley, bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Dolan Michael, laborer, dwl 54 Stevenson, rear 
Dolan Michael J. apprentice witli (iallaglier & Fai'- 

ren, dwl N s Pacific, bet Sansom and Battery 
Dolan Patrick, with Wolf Brothers 19 Battery, dwl 

2ia Pine 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, dwl 178 Stevenson 
Dolan Patrick, laborer with F. A. Davis Potrero 
Dolan Thomas, dwl E s Pratt Court nr California 
Dolan Thoma.s, laliorer, bds •">39 Market 
Dolan William, liai'k driver, dwl 1614 Stockton 
DOLAN WILLIAM B, hay, grain, feed, wood and 

coal 143 and 145 Third 
Doland John, laborer, dwl N s Filbert nr Sansom 
Dole Daniel N. clerk with McRuer & Merrill, dwl 

SW cor Pme and Stockton 
Dole John S. dwl 115 Prospect Place 
Dolet August, butcher 18 New Clay Street Market, 

dwl S s Francisco, bet Dupont and Stockton 
Dolbeguy B. importer liquors and provisions 507 

and '509 Front, dwl 421 Sutter 
Doll Peter J. J. civil engineer, dwl Globe Hotel 
Dollard Mary, cook Davis Lauucby W s Hai-riet bet 

Folsom and Htnvard 
Dollart John, drayman 121 Front 
Dolliver Thos. ladies' shoe manufacturer 106 Sutter 
Dolorez Sanchez Mre. dwl 1717 Stockton 
Dolson DeWitt C. messenger warehouse department 

Custom House, dwl E s Laskie bet Market and 

Domett Charles H. Union Livery and Sale Stable 13 

Stevenson, dwl Domett Alley nr Bush 
Domett William E. opposition pilot otfice SE cor 

Washington and East, bds 640 Howard 
Domig Peter chicken ranch, dwl N s Broadway bet 

Laguna and Octavia 
Domuigo Jose, barber N s Sixteenth bet Guerrero 

and Dolores 
Domingo Louis (colored) cook Pacific Temperance 

Dominguee Antoine J. restaurant 1308 Dupont 
Dominick G. clerk 519 jMerchant, dwl E s Dupont 

bet Lombard and Greenwich 
Dominick Joseph, fruit 1112 Dupont 
Domousset (Nicolas), Huant (Panlin) & Girot 

(Francois) Lafayette Brewery 735 Green 

A. EOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, New Books for sale as soon as published. 



Donii C;irt>liii:i O. & S. M. Co. oftice ;V2.S Mont 

I)«n:ili:iy t'atlierine Mi^<(<, doiucstic 131)1! Powell 

DoiuiIhh.' Catlierine, domestic !I31 Howard 

Dou.ilioe Kale, doiiientic 34o Freiiioiit 

Dona hoe Patrick, ]al)orer witli D. C. ^^FcGlynn 

Donaluie Dennis, drayman, dwl -10 Xatoma 

Donahue \). .M. conii)os)ti)r .Alonitor 

Donahue Kdward, dwl -'TJ Dupont, rear 

Donahue Frank, farmer Old San Jose Road 3^ miles 

from City Hall 
Donahue James, har keeper 683 Market 
Donahue James, iiremau Dow's Distillery, dwl with 

Mrs. >[. C. Keith 
Donahue James, niolder Union Foundry 
Donahue Jeremiah, deck hand, dwl 1.") Minna 
Donahue John, lahorer, dwl S s Broadway bet 

Hyile and Leavenworth 
Donaliue John, molder Uniou Foundrj^, dwl 524 

Donahue Julia Miss, domestic 1717 Powell 
Donahue Xancy, domestic 863 Mission 
Donahue, contractor, dwl S s Folsom bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Donaluie Patrick, laborer, dwl 222 Eitch 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, dwl S b Harrison bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
DONAHUE fPelcrJ, BOOTH (Henry J.J & CO. 

(Ckftrlcx S. Hi^ginit) proprietors Union Iron 

and Brass Fonnciry NE cor First and Mission, 

dwl \E cor Second and Bryant 
DONAIIIE PHILIP, Phil's Exchange 417 Front, 

dwl room 1"J2 Montgomery Block 
Donaluie Roger, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar 

Donahue Samuel W. painter, dwl 719 Clay 
Donahue Thomas, dwl Pacific Temperance House 
Donahue Thomas, sawyer with Brokaw & JMetcalf 
Donahue Timothy, laborer, dwl 183 Jessie 
Donahue Wm. Idacksmith with Jas. Glinden, dwl 

74:;; California 
Donahue W. T. liquor saloon, dwl 642 Howard 
Donalan Michael, waiter Lick House 
Donahlson Andrew, carriage painter, dwl 905 Bat 
Donaldson Charles A. seaman, bds HKi^ Clay 
Donaldson Daniel, mason, Vigilant Engine Co. No. 9 
Donaldson Dayid, book-keeper with E. Grisar, dwl 

ID.) Jessie 
Donaldson John, saloon San Bruno Road 2^ miles 

from City Hall 
Donaldson Tiiomas P. liquor saloon NE cor Stockton 

and Pacific 
Donavan Anna, domestic 521 Folsom 
Donavan Catherine Jliss, domestic with Edward 

Donavan Daniel, laborer, dwl S 8 Vallejo bet Hyde 

and L irkin 
Donavan .lames, laborer, dwl S s Jessie bet Fifth 

and Sixth .John, hostler 809 Jlontgomery 
Donavan .lohn, washer Chelsea Laundry 
Donavan Margaret Miss, domestic with Edward 

Dfmavan Michael, laborer, dwl 350 Jessie, I'ear 
Donavan P. boiler maker Vulcan Iron Works 
Donaven .lerry, laborer, dwl (llobe Hotel 
Donaveii Joim, painter, dwl 17 Everett 
Donavfu John, porter, dwl 135 Jackson 
Dondcll Ann, iioner Cole's Laundry W s Dora bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Donegal! .Mary .Miss, domestic 710 Union 
Donehue Jolui, miller, dwl Volunteer Engine House 
Donelhart Daniel, laborer, dwl W s Fillmore bet 

Greenwich and Lombard 
Donovan Lizzie, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Don .Juan (}. & S. JI. Co. office 522 Jlontgomery 
Donlan Ann E. diT goods 153 Fourth 
Donlau M irtin, hostler with Bateman & Taylor 

3291 Keamy 
Donlan Thomas", blacksmith, dwl 153 Fourth 

Donley Catherine (widow) dwl 224 Dupont 
Donley James, uphol.-terer with J. F. &, H. H. 

Donley John, teamster, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Donley Patrick, laborer with Alexander Lemore 

NE cor Polk and Union 
Donlin John, laborer, dwl N s Harrison bet Main 

and Beaie 
Donlon Joseph, miner, dwl 42 Eckcr 
Donnagan Ellen Miss, domestic with John M. John- 
son, Mason 
Donnavon A. dwl 761 Mission 
Donnavon Andrew, laborer, bds Western Hotel 
Donnel Edward, dwl Sierra Nevada Hotel 
Donneilan 15enj iniin C. carpenter, d\vl 430 Bnsh 
Donnellan James T. stone cutter, dwl NW cor 

llai.yht and Buchanan 
Donnellan .John B. blacksmith, dwl 10 Jessie, rear 
Donnellan TlK>mas, blacksmith, dwl N s Haight bet 

Webster and Buchanan 
Donnelly Andrew, workman S. F. &. Pacific Sugar 

Co " 
Donnelly Bernard, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar 

Donnelly Bryant, Golden City ]\Iilk Ranch W s 

San Bruno Koad 5 miles from City Hall 
Donnelly Cornelius, tailor with A. C. Imbrie 627 

Donnelly Edward, street contractor, dwl N s Filbert 

bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Donnelly James, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Donnelly Jane Miss, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 
Donnelly John, book-keeper ^vlth John Flanagan 

& Co. dwl Mission Dolores 
Donnelly John, butcher 117 Jackson 
Donnelly .John, butter, cheese, etc. 23 Occidental 

jMarket, dwl N s Clementina bet Fourth and 

Donnelly Jolin, proprietor Washington House 412 

Donnelly John F. baker 302 Pacific 
Donnelly Luke, cooper S s Lewis Place bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Donnelly Luke E. salesman with Miu'pby, Grant & 

Co. dwl Howard Court 
Donnelly Mary Mrs. domestic 214 Powell 
Donnelly Jlidiael, biiic!ier,NE cor Silver and Fourth 
Donnelly .Michael, workuum S. F. &, P. Sugar Co. 
Donnelly Pal lick, bricklayer, bds 333 Bush 
Donnelly Uobej^, laborer, dwl 43 Jessie 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer Pacific Glass Works 

Pot rero 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer, dwl N s Folsom bet 

Si.Kth and Seventh 
Donney Margaret, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
Donniditt' Thomas, with Bowen Si, Bros 
Donnigan Anna, ironer Chelsea Laundry 
DonnoUy Thomas &l Co. ( Thomnx C. DonnoUy Sf 

Ixarlorc L'/iifhljcnrcrJ manufacturers yeast pow- 
ders 121 Front, dwl ItUl Mason 
DonnoUy Thomas C. fTkonuis DonnoUy Sf Co.) 

dwl Kill Mason liet Vallejo and Green 
Donnot ( PvtcrJ & Co. (Louis ValloryJ lemonade 

manufaclory 713 Green 
Donnovan Ann .Miss, domestic 607 Pine 
Donnovan C. waiter American Exchange Hotel 
Donnovan David, pantryman 546 Clay 
Donnovan John with John F. Wilson 105 Battery 
l>oniiovaii John J. painter with Hopps, Kauary 

& Co. 
Donnovan .Joseph, laborer with D. C. McGlynu 
Donnovan JIaria Mrs. dwl 6 Cadel Place 
Donnovan Mary .Miss, domestic 1309 Powell 
Donnovan Michael, coach painter, dwl 686 Geary, 

Donnovan Timothy, laborer, dwl 12 Dupont 
Doiioghue lAIargaiet JMiss, 313 Union 
Donoghue Thomas, carpenter, dwl N s Moulton 


BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay Street, Blank Books of all kinds made at the shortest notice. 



Donohoe Ellen Miss, domestic 722 Filbert 
DONOHOE (Joseph A.), RALSTON (WiUiam. 

C.) & CO. {Eugene Kelly and R. S. Fretz) 

bankers S\V cor Battery and Washington, dwl 

52G Harrison 
Donohoe Patrick, laborer, dwl 135 Jackson 
Douohue Hiif?h, painter, dwl E s Sansom bet Val- 

lejo and Green 
Donoiiiie John, workman Flint, Peabody & Co.'s 

Warehouse, bds 344 Pine 
Donohue Patrick, carriage maker, dwl NW cor 

Sansom and Vallejo 
Donovan Ann Miss, dwl 44 Jessie 
Donovan Ami (widow) dwl 61 Stevenson 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, dwl 354 Jessie 
Donovan Dennis, collector Mission lioad cor Mis- 
sion and Eleventh 
Donovan r)emii.s, fiurdener, dwl W s Leavenworth 

bet California and Sacramento 
Donovan Ellen Miss, domestic 54 First 
Donovan Ellen Miss, domestic First Street House 

500 Mission 
Donovan Ellen Miss, domestic 920 Stockton 
Donovan James, house and sign painter 312 Davis, 

dwl N s Turk nr Market 
Donovan James, laborer, dwl S s Minna bet Beale 

and Fremont 
Donovan J. B. blacksmith Union Foundry 
Donovan Jeremiah with P. M. S. S. Co. dwl 314 

Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, dwl N s Fulton bet 

Octavia and Googh 
Donovan .lohn, drayman with S. B. Boswell, bds 

Pacific Temperance House 
Donovan John A. watchman India Rice Mill 39 

Donovau Patrick, machinist, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Donovan William, workman Central Rail Road 
Donozhue Michael, conductor N. Beach & Mission 

R. R. Co. 
Don Pedro G. & S. M. Co. office 422 Montgomery 
Donzelmann fCknrlesJ Ik, Co. f Frederick Korie- 

johnj groceries and liquors 411 Pine 
Donzelmann John F. groceries and liquors NE cor 

California and Prospect Place 
Donzelmann John H. driver with Kohler & Froh- 

ling, dwl NW cor Brannan and Third 
Doody Kate, domestic 35 Essex 
Doody Jlaiia, domestic 41 ti Harrison 
Doody Miles, painter, dwl 71 o Folsom 
Doody Richard, hostler 532 California, bds 34 Webb 
Doolan Thomas, bricklayer, dwl 176 Minna 
Doolay Catherine Mrs. "dwl 2 Cadel Place 
Dooley Andrew, laborer, dwl E s Mary Lane ur 

Doolittle W. C. teacher penmanship 328 Mont 
Dootrah Kien, laborer, dwl S s Greenwich bet San- 
son! and Montgomery 
DOPMANN H. & CO. importers and jobbers wood 

and willow ware, etc. 314 California, dwl 20 

Dor Cesar, cook Lick House 
Doran David, ship carpenter, dwl 153 Second 
Doran James {Kennedi/ df D.J dwl Louisa nr 

Doran James, teamster, dwl 6 Scott 
Doran John, milk ranch S s Point Lobos Road nr 

Lone Mountain Cemetery, 3 miles from City 

Doran Marv Ann ^Miss, domestic 720 Filbert 
Doran William, dwl 101)9 Pacific 
DORE BENJAMIN, lumber 101 Market cor Spear, 

dwl 19 Tehama 
Dore Edward W. drayman 224 Battery 
Dore Maurice, liquors, dwl 923 Jackson 
Doreille Domino, physician, office Washington op- 
posite P. O. third story 
Doren David, waiter Occidental Hotel 
Doren Ethan, waiter Occidental Hotel 

Doret Pierre, box maker with L. Racouillat, dwl S 

s Pacific bet Kearny and Dupont 
Dorgan Ellen Miss, domestic 532 Pine 
Dorgan W^illiam, groceries and liquors 525 Mission 

and proprietor Continental Boarding House 519 

Doriet Louis, cook 417 Front 
Doringer John, tailor with J. L. Brooks, dwl Globe 

Doris Cornelius, night clerk Rnss House 
Dorland Henry S. express wagon, dwl with Thos. 

Dorland James F. express wagon, dwl with Thos. 

Dorland Thomas, farmer, dwl W s Dolores bet 

Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Dorland Thomas G. clerk with H. W. Bradley, dwl 

Government House 
Dorman Charles, door maker with Brokaw & Met- 

Dorman John, shipwright, dwl 47 Stevenson 
Dorman William, dwl 80 Everett 
Dormer Thomas f Smith 4- D.J dwl 708 Market 
Dormin David, 'longshoreman, bds 39 Clay 
Dormitzer Ludwig P. book-keeper with Adelsdorfer 

Bros, dwl 118 Prospect Place 
Dorii Marks, dwl 223 Jessie 
Dorn Peter, shoemaker 105 Dupont 
Dornau George, with Thomas Adam, dwl 516 Mont 
Doming David, waiter What Cheer House Restau- 
Dorr E. A. W. locksmith 616 Jakson 
Dorr Herbert C. author, dwl 760 Clay 
Dorr Jason B f George, D. <^ Co. J dwl Metropoli- 
tan Hotel 
Dorr J. F. dwl SE cor Larkin and Washington 
DORR JOSEPH A. stock and exchange broker 

office 424 Montgomery, dwl 1007 Wasliington 
Dorr Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Hinckley nr Dupont 
Dorr Ralph Jr. clerk, dwl 53 Minna 
Dorr Ralph S. office Gil Montgomery, dwl Union 

Hotel, Plaza 
Dorsett Edward (colored) steward stmr Chrysopolis 
Dorsey Baker J. purser P. M. S. S. Orizaba, dwl 

761 Mission 
Dorsey George, lab Pacific Glass Works Potrero 
Dorsey Mary Miss, domestic 311 Stockton 
Doryea Francis (colored) cook NE cor Powell and 

Doscher Albert, handcartniau NW cor Clay and 

Doscher Carsten, clerk SW cor Sutter and Kearny 
Doscher Charles, clerk with Frederick Johnson 231 

Doscher Claus, groceries and liquors NW cor Fii'st 

and Stevenson 
Doscher Frederick ( Ehhiughausen 4' Co.) dwl SE 

cor Brannan and Ninth 
Doscher Henry ( Scanlin Sf D.) dwl NW cor Bush 

and Jones 
Doscher Henry H. groceries SW cor Seventh and 

Doscher (Herman) & Co. (Nicholas Wiehalk) gi-o- 

eeries and liquors 138 Second and 138 Thii-d, 

dwl NW cor Third and Everett 
Doscher John, groceries and liquors SE cor Bush 

and Sansoui, dwl 123 Bush 
DOSCHER JOHN D. groceries and liquors 734 

Doscher William, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar 

Dossnmille V. physician, dwl S s Greenwich bet 

Jones and Leavenworth 
Dott Andrew & Co. beef, pork and bacon SW cor 

Battery and Pacific, dwl N. S. Oak bet Gough 

and Franklin 
Dotter William C. laborer, dwl N s Mission nr Tenth 
Doty Edwin H. Deputy U. S. Tax Collector, dwl 

SW cor California and Stockton 

A. KOMAlsr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Theological and Scientific Books. 



Doty .Tnliii, painter, ilwl 415 Pine 

Dolv W. F. iiu'icliaiit, dwl 1(114 Stockton 

DOTY W'lLLKT R. aijent Eastern nuuiufacturers, 

liardware 31 Battery, dwl "-314 Sansoin 
Doud fA>in»iJ &. Hall 'f Charles R.J furniture 636 

Market, dwl S s Leavenworth bet Dolores and 

Doud Cliarlee, upholsterer with Goodwin & Co. 

dwl cor Clay and Polk 
Doud I'l ilo, (;a"iH'iiter, dwl NW cor Clav and Polk 
Doud Ivdiicrt, laborer with David 1$. Hughs 
Doud W. agent, dwl SW cor Jackson and Mont 
Dougart John I. butcher Golden Gate Market, dwl 

8\V cor Pacific and Front 
Dougherty Abraham, dwl 8^0 Dupont 
Dougherty Alice (widow) dwl '202 First 
DouL'herty Barnaby, contractor, dwl 1 Sherwood 

Dougherty Barney, laborer, bds W. Kerr 903 Bat- 
Dougherty Bernard, clerk with Benjamin S. Brooks, 

dwl 631 Harrison 
Doughertv Bridget, domestic 321 Fremont 
Dougherty Edward (Don-rhcrti/ i^- Co.) dwl NW 

cor Howard and First 
Dougherty Edward, laborer, dwl E s Larkin bet 

O'Farrell & Geary 
Dougherty Edward J." hatter, dwl 202 First 
Dougherty Eleanor E. Mns. lodgings 57 Minna 
Dougherty Elizabeth Miss, apprentice with Mrs. A. 

II. Wheeler 32 Second 
Dougherty George, engineer Montgomery Baths 

621 Montgomery 
Dougherty George, rigger, dwl 409 Beale 
Dougherty George, ship carpenter, dwl 416 Lombard 
Dougherty James, dwl 742 Mission 
Dougherty James, tanner E s Sixth bet Brannan 

and Bluxome 
Dougherty James, with Coftey tfc Risdou, dwl 

Union Hotel 
Dougherty James, di-iyer with John Agnew 26 

Kea rhy 
Dougherty J. C. broker, dwl Brooklyn Hotel 128 

Dougherty John, with Gallagher & Kenny 
Dougherty John, blacksmith, bds 414 Pacific 
Douglierty John, coupe Plaza 
Dougherty John, workman S. F. and Pacific Sugar 

Dougherty John M. dwl 817 Pacific 
Douglierty John II. laborer, dwl Wb alley Ss Har- 
rison bet Seventh and Eighth 
Dougherty John H. Ixirkeeper 428 Montgomery, 

dwl -u Minna 
Dougherty Josephine, Miss, domestic NE cor Fourth 

and .Mission 
Dougherty W. boiler maker Vulcan Iron Works 
Dougheity Mary Miss, domestic 522 Stockton 
Dougherty M. (i. night watchman Original House 
Dougherty Michael, harness maker, dw'l 220 Dupont 
Doughertv Patrick, hiborer, dwl Ws Mary Lane nr 

Berry ^ 

Dough(M-tv Patrick with Timothy Sargent 
Dougherty Patrick, mason, dwl 1.53 Miinia 
Dougherty Terefa Miss, saleswoman 617 Sacramen- 
to, dwl 144 Minna 
Dougherty ( ThojitasJ & Co. (Edward Dougherty ) 

produce 3() and 4() Metropolitan Market, dwl 

NW cor Howard and First 
Dougherty Thomas, fruits and confectionery 202 

Dougherty William, business manager Irish News 

510 Clay 
Dougherty William, laborer S. F. Gas Co. 
Doughertv. See Doherty 
Doughty R. H. bds Bailey House 116 Sansom 
Dougin Jeremiah, clerk with Moses Marsh 
Douglas Hannah, domestic 931 Howard 
Douglas J. A. dwl What Cheer House 

Douglas Joliii, labon-r, dwl 325 Pine 
Diiuglas I'cicy, crockery, dwl 740 Harrison 
Douglas TJKiiiias 11. clerk with I. Friedlander & Co. 

dwl W s Powell liet Bush and Sutter 
Douglas Williani, agent Wm. &, Robert Watt 609 

Douglas VVilliam J. F. sail maker 211 Sacramento, 

uwl Sixteenth, Mis.sion Dolores 
Douglass Alexander, pliysician, dwl 130 Mont 
Douglass Aiuia (widow) lurnished rooms 120 Post 
Douglass E. 11. pressman with Agnew & Deffe- 

bach, dwl Sutter bet Sansom and Montgomery 
Douglass George, carpenter Omnibus R. R. Co. 
Douglass Horace B. book-keeper with J. C. John- 
son & Co. dwl 1803 Mason 
Douglass James, clerk pier 1 Stewart 
Douglass Jauies, lumber emweyor, dwl W s Priest 

nr ^^'asllillgton 
Douglass Joseph, shoemaker 429 Kearny 
Douglass William, blacksmith Onmibus R. R. Co. 

dwl 642 Howard 
Douglass William A. physician, dwl 119 Dupont 
Douglass William Y. captain police City Hall, dwl 

20 Geary 
Dourne A. L. (Leimcrt Sj- Co.) dwl 142 Thu-d 
Douzet Madam, dwl 513 Broadway 
Dove Alexander (colored) waterman, dwl E s Tay 

m- Clay 
Dove William, coach painter with Patrick J. 

O'Brien, dwl 320 Third 
Dow J. Blake, dwl SW cor Pine and Dupont 
Dow N. Getchell, book-keeper, bds Am. Exchange 
Dow Patrick, laborer, dwl 31 Beale 
Dow Piiilip, carriage trimmer, dwl 106 Silver 
Dowd James, cook 510 Dupont 
Dowd John, with DeWitt, Kittle & Co. dwl 813 San 
Dowdel Margaret Miss, domestic 615 Stockton 
Dowell Mary Miss, domestic 323 Geary 
Dowelly John, waiter Miners' Restaurant, dwl 

Summer Street House 
Dowes P. carriage trimmer with George P. Kim- 
ball & Co 
Dowley Mary Miss, dress and cloakmaker 815 

Washington, dwl 1016 Pacific 
Dowling Edward, liquors NE cor Stock and Union 
Dowling Honora iMiss, domestic with Aaron Holmes 
Dowling James, I'uriiilure and job wagon NE cor 

jMontgomery and Jlarket, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Fifth'and Sixth 
Dowling James, prompter Metropolitan Theater, 

dwl 109 Stevenson 
Dowling James, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Dowling James J. job wagon, dwl S s Jessie bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Dowling Jolin, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Dowling Madison F. miller Golden Gate Mills, dwl 

9 llardie Place 
Dowling Michael, hackman Plaza 
Dowling Michael, shipwright, dwl W s Seventh bet 

Folsom and Harrison 
Dow' ling Patrick, stone cutter, dwl 170 Stevenson 
Dowling Kicliard, harness maker 216 Battery 
Dowling Kicliard (colored) dwl 1218 Dupont, rear 
Dowling Uobert W. ( Hogan dy D.) res Calaveras 

Downer A. J. & Co. (Isaac SwainJ stock and ex- 
change brokere 406 Mont, dwl 825 Broadway 
Downer Thomas P. deputy wharfinger Pacific 

wharf, dwl SE cor Pacific and Davis 
Downes Alvah, express wagon Maiket op Drumm 
Downey Catberine iMiss, doiucstic ."il? Dupont 
Downey James 11. carpenter, dwl 70 Silver 
Downey John, bricklayer, bds 414 Pacific 
Downey John, laborer, dwl N s Twentieth nr 

Downey Patrick, carpenter, dwl S s Sutter bet 

Leavenworth and Hyde 
Downey Patrick, jslasterer, dwl 272 Minna 
Downing Adelia Miss, domestic 6 Ellis 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Rulers. 



Downintc Edward, with Cyrus Arnold & Co. 12 

Metropolitan Market, dwl 120 Geary 
Downintj Henry C. dwl 2'J(i Fourth 
Downing Henry J. book-keeper with Jones & Ben- 

dixen, dwl S s Minna liet Third and Fourth 
Downing James, carpenter, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Downing- James, carpenter, bds 338 Bush 
Downing John, laborer, dwl NE cor Nineteenth and 

Downing Kate Miss, domestic 6 Ellis 
Downing L. Concord coaches, dwl Teh;una House 
Downing Margaret, domestic 504 Third 
Downing JFathew, plasterer, dwl 23 Louisa 
Downing Thomas (Hopps 4- D.J dwl 126 St. Mark 

Downs Alvy, teamster with S. S. Smith, dwl W 8 

William bet Geary and Post 
Downs Edward, retortman S. F. Gas Co. dwl 38 

Downs George W. seaman, dwl 815 California 
Downs H. cook Spring Valley Water Works Co 
Downs John, carpenter, dwl U. S. Hotel 304 Beale 
Downs William, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
DowR Henry J. with J. Dews & Co. dwl 36 South 

DOWS J. &• CO. (James Mairx) proptre Dows' 

Disfillery, ^Mission Creek, office 208 Sacramento, 

dwl 36 South Park 
Doyle Catherine Miss, domestic 1407 Jones 
Doyle Edward, ship carpenter, dwl 535 Teliama 
Doyle Ellen (widow) dwl S s Valparaiso bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Do.yle Ellen Miss, domestic 8 Ellis 
Doyle Ellen, domestic 420 Second 
DoVl? Eugene G. dwl 308 Beale 
Doyle G. & S. M. Co. office 326 Clay 
Doyle Hugh, steamboat fireiuan, dwl rear 330 Green 
Doyle James, laborer, dwl 421 Mission 
Doyle James, driver N. B. & M. R. R. dwl 15 Clary 
Doyle James, laborer, dwl W 8 Buchanan bet 

Haight and Waller 
Doyle James, porter 307 Clay 
Doyle James, sexton Mission Dolores Cemetery, 

dwl rear church 
Doyle James, silversmith with Vauderslice & Co. 

810 jMontgomery 
Doyle James J. contractor and builder, shop 812 
" Pacitic, office SE cor Pacific and Dupont, dwl 

E s Powell bet Lornliard and Greenwich 
Doyle James R. coal yard 413 and 415 Pacific, dwl 

1316 Kearny 
Doyle Jane Miss, domestic 1803 Stockton 
Doyle John, dwl 432 Bryant 
Doyle John, blacksmith, dwl Commercial Hotel 123 

DOYLE JOHN, carriage painter 507 Broadway, 

dwl S s Broadway nr Montgomery 
Doyie .John, laborer, dwl 519 Mission 
Doyle John, iiroprietor Seymour House 24 Sansom 
DOYLE JOHN T. attorney at hiw office Welle 

Building cor Mont and Clay, dwl 403 Bryant 
Doyle Josepli, clerk, dwl 1018 Stockton 
Doyle Joseph, laborer, dwl W s Howard Court 
Doyle Joseph, workman Central R. R 
Poyle Kate Miss, dressmaker 719 Clay, dwl Brooks 

Doyle Margaret Miss, domestic 813 Bush 
Doyle Mary (widow) 935 Mission 
Doj'le jMary, ironer Cole's Laundry W s Dora bet 

FolNom and Harrison 
Doyle Maurice, blacksmith with Levi Wells, dwl 

Jones bet Geary and Post 
Doyle Michael J. groceries and liquors NE cor Hayes 

and Van Ness Avenue 
Doyle N. driver Omnibus R. R. Co 
Doyle Peter, broiler 546 Clay 
Doyle Raphael, clerk 405 Commercial 
Doyle Richard, builder, dwl W s Mary bet Mission 

and Minna 

Doyle Richard, laborer, dwl 30 First 

Doyle Richard S. fireman steamship Bro. Jonathan, 

dwl 639 Washin.,^ton 
Doyle Rody, Idacksmitli 322 Third 
DoVle Thomas, cleik with P. J. White & Co. dwl 

" Brooklyn Hotel 
Doyle Thomas, laliorer, dwl 61 Stevenson, rear 
DCJYLE THOJIAS, liquors and passengers' stores 

535 Sacramento, dwl 244 Stevens<>n 
Doyle William, laborer, dwl rear 209 Green 
Doyle William H. clerk 127 Davis, dwl 48 Natoma 
Drain Daniel, calker, bds 51 First 
Drake A. dwl What Cheer House 
Drake Eugene B. attorney at law office 420 Mont- 
gomery, dwl .525 Dupont 
Drake Heiiry P. blower Pacilic Glass Works Potrero 
Drake .John, dwl 176 Minna 
Drake Robert, dwl What Cheer House 
Drane Daniel, ship carpenter, bds Isthmus House 

cor and .Jessie 
Draper Richard, butclier Minera' Restaurant, dwl 

Summer St. House 
Drechsler F. merchant tailor 927 Kearny, dv/l E s 

Kearny nr Broadway 
Dreflel S. E. Mrs. dwl 7l8 Stockton 
Dremont William, miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Drentwehl Henry, clerk grocery 520 Vallejo 
Diescher Caspard, pjoprietor German White Beer 

Brewery 626 Green 
DRESCHF'ELD HENRY, real estate and money 

agent and notary jiublic office 24 and 26 Naglee's 

lidg cor Mont and Merchant, dwl 606 Pine 
Dreschfeld Hugo, secretai-y mining companies office 

24 and 26 Naglee's lidg cor Montgomery and 

Merchant, dwl 502 Stockton 
Dresdener House, Theodoie Brown proptr 337 Bush 
Dreux Edouard, Lafayette Hook and Ladder Co. 

No. 2 
Drevil Charles, boatman, dwl 5G3 Jessie 
Drew Edward, cabinet malcer with Clark & Stone, 

bds Wliat Cheer House 
Drew^ Edward F. laliorer steam paddy, bds with 

Da^dd Hewes 
Drew Henry P. with C. J. Hawley & Co. dwl 30 

Drew Hii-am M. stair builder witli Brown & Wells, 

dwl N s Stevenson nr Seventh 
Drew Horace G. student with Dr. C. C. Knowles, 

dwl 30 Clementina 
Drew John, driver N. Beach & Mission R. R. Co 
Drew Jlary A. (widow) dwl N s Folsom bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Drew Patrick, laborer, dwl 184 Stevenson 
Drew Thomas (colored) bootblack cor Washington 

and .Jones Alley, dwl E s Vallejo nr Mont 
Drew William H. with Hol)bs, Gilmore tfe Co 
Dreyer Charles, coachman International Hotel, dwl 

1019 Kearny 
Dreyer f' J. yf &. Sievers f PF.^ saloon S'W cor Clay 

and East 
Dreyfous Jules, jobber, dwl 532 Commercial 
Dreyfuse Benjamin S. clothing 541 Sacramento 
Dreypoelcher Frederick, billiard table maker with 

"Phelan & Hughes, dwl E s Leavenworth bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Driggs Jose))h D. dwl 112 Washington 
DRINKHOUSE J. A. & CO. (John Kurtz) whole- 
sale liquors and tobacco 228 Front, dwl 42 South 

Drinkwher Thomas G. furniture 437 Bush 
Driscoll Ann Miss, domestic 1707 Stockton 
Driscoll C. E. (Bamha- c\- Co.) 719 Davis 
Driscoll Charles, boatman, dwl 306 Vallejo 
Driscoll Cornelius, laljorer, dwl 28 Dupont 
DRISCOLL (Daniel) & KOHLER (Frederick D.) 

Blue Wing Saloon 526 Jlontgomery 
Driscoll Dennfs, porter, dwl S s Hinckley nr Kearny 
Driscfill Dennis, sailniaker, bds Pacific Temperance 


A. ROMAW & '"'O <-Vl & 419 Montgomery St., Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 



Dn!*c-olI Dennis, stone mason, dwl W s Clara nr 

Di-iscoll Ellen Mit^s, domestic 1007 Clay 
DiiscoU Frank, latiorer, dwl W s Montgomery bet 

Union and Fill)ert 
Dviscoll Hannali (widow) domestic with Wui. Hamill 
Dii^coll Hanuaii, domestic 10011 Jack.'^ou 
Diiscoll J. blacksmith Pacific Iron Works 
DriscoU Jercniiali, jraidener, dwl 48 Jessie 
Diiscoll .loanna (widow) dwl E s Jane Place nr Pine 
Dnscoll Joanna, (widow) liquoi- s:iloon olO ^Mission 
Diiscoll John, Imfcher with K. O'Xeill, dwl 11 Russ 
Driscoll (Thnothi/) & Hmiev fDnnielJ hay, grain, 

wood, and coal NW cor Slission and Sixteenth 
])riscott Ann, domestic 317 First 
Drish John M. salesman with lleuston, Hastings & 

Co. dwl S 8 Sutter bet Stockton and Powell 
Driver Charles, tinsmith 201 Pacific 
Droge Henry, groceries and liquors SE cor Pacific 

and Front 
Droger (Henry) tfe Wuhrmann (Henry) groceries 

and liquors SE cor Pine and Battery 
Drossel Joseph, porter with John A. Bauer, dwl 

6*14 Washington 
Droste Hermann (Heimburg £f Co.) dwl Heim- 

bui-^'s Hotel 
Drouaillet Gustavo, lithographer 806 Keani)' 
Drouilhat (John) & Co. (Jacques J. Reyjvaawa- 

factniers billiard tables 817 Montgomery, dwl 

S 8 Bush bet I'olk and Vwi Ness A^venue 
Drown Albert X. clerk with Patterson & Stow, dwl 

with E. W. Burr 
Droyor August, dwl SW cor Vallejo and Dupont 
Diozer Deidrich, North Point Saloon SE cor Bat- 
tery and Filbert 
Drucker Albert (Piper c^ D.) dwl 624 Mission 
Drucker Augustus, tiairdi-esser 328 Pacific, dwl coi' 

Montgomery and Charles Place 
Drucker Eileit, gi'oceries and liquors NE cor Stock- 
ton and Clay 
Drucker John, clerk NWcor Cal and Leavenworth 
Drucker John, groceries and liquors 723 Jackson, 

dwl 113 Yirniiiia 
Drnet Joseph, shoemaker 1622 Stockton 
Druftel F. laborer, dwl 639 Jackson 
Druftel B^rancis H. Empire Bakery SW cor Bush 

and Mason 
Drufile Patrick, laborer, dwl N s Post bet Powell 

and ^Mason 
Drugan Samuel, plasterer, dwl E s Moss bet Folsom 

and Ii<Avard 
Dvuhc John G. groceries and liquors NW cor Bush 

and Baitei-y 
Druhe John H. groceries and liquors 1 Stewart cor 

Druhlcr John, milkman with Cln-i.-itoph Streinbach 
I)inm Kilward, conductor Oiiinilius \i. R, Co. 
Drum Julius, waiter, dwl 32.3 I'iiie 
Drum Eicliard C. Lieut. -Col. and Ass't Adj. Gen'l 

U. S. A. office 742 Wash, dwl Occidental Hotel 
Drumm Joiin, bailiff U. S. Courts, dwl U. S. Court 

Drumm John, Lieut. U. S. V. recruiting officer 633 

Davis, dwl 13 LI. S. Court Building 
Drumm Tlionuis, clerk w'ith Pratt &. Clarke, dwl 

910 Sto( kton 
Drumniond Joseph, \Yith Coffey & Risdon, dwl 652 

Druny John M. carpenter, dwl W s Sixth bet Mai'- 

ket and Stevenson 
Drury Peter, laboi'er, dwl Ws Montgomery betFil- 

bei-t and Greenwich 
Drurv ^V'illiam, with Davis «fc SchaferQuincy Hall, 

(Iwl NW cor Larkin and O'Fanell 

den C. P. ca])tain bark Florence pier 17 Stewart 
Dryer Charles, clerk 228 Front, rms SE cor Post 
Dry and Taylor 

Dryer Thomas, waiter Lick House 
Drynen John, dwl 716 California 

Duane Charles P. dwl N s Grove bet Octavia am 

Duane Jolni, bricklayer, ^Manhattan Engine Co. No.; 
Duane Jlidiael S. t;i'ilor 90ii I'acilic 
Duane W. H. compositor Aha California 
Duban Prosjier, liquor dealer, dwl 519 Filbert 
Duliaiid Joseph ( Boinwtt \ I)) 24 Third 
Dubbs Ann J. (widow) 1234 Stockton 
Dubedat Eugene, importer wines 809 Montgomei-y 

dwl 1207 Powell 
Dublin Thomas, Cottage Liquor Saloon W sPowel 

bet Francisco and Cliesnut 
Dubois A. &. Co. (Pierre Frontier Sf Eugene De 

viercy) impoiters watches and manufacturinj 

jewelers 433 Montgomery, dwl NW cor Mont 

gomery and Jackson ' 

DuBois AiinaE. Mrs. principal Sutter Street School 

dwl 914 Jackson 
Dubois A. S. jeweler, dwl 515 Vallejo 
Dubois August, dwl 1201 Sacramento 
Dubois Augustus, dwl 837 Sacramento 
Dubois Eugene, bar keeper with L. Kihlmeyer, dw 

5 St. Mark Place 
Dubois J. C. dwl 1126 Dupont 
Dubois Joseph, bar keeper with Francois Valadie 

dwl 721 Pacilic 
Dubois Jladam, dwl S15 Dupont 
Duliois Marie ^ladanie, vegetables, etc. 1316 Dupon 
Dubois M. S. broker, bds 536 Broadway 
Dubois Peggy Miss, dressmaking 210 O'Farrell 
Dubois Virginia Madam, dwl 1212 Stockton 
Dubuisson Louis, dishwasher West End Hotel 
Ducat Ellen Miss, dressmaker, dwl 1125 Dupont 
Ducalel (Mrs. Agate j «fe Racine (Mrs. JuH'piiine) 

fruits and vegetables 10 Washmgton Market, 

dwl (23 Sansoin 
Duck Frederick, with Steiuheiser & Kahn, dwl 56 

Duck John, printer Evening Journal, dwl 414 Union, 

DUCK WILLIAM B. proprietor Tehama Market 

219 Second cor Tehama, dwl 217 Second 
Ducker Cliristopher, clerk Avith Peter Poster, dwl 

133 Fourtli 
Ducker Frederick, clerk with Genves &, Seyden, 

dwl 945 Dupont 
Duckert (Mnthias) & Jewett (Miles) groceries and 

liquors NE cor Second and Natoma 
Duckett Edward, bed maker What Cheer House 
Ducoing Eugene, with Bucssard Neuleus, dwl S s 

Greenwich bet Taylor and Jones 
Ducounnon S. W. wheelwright with Geo. P. Kim- 
ball & Co 
Ducouret P. (Bardct Sf D.) dwl S e Pacific nr 

Ducroquet Jean, laundryman French Hospital 
Ducv Edmond, 'gardener with Thomas Hayes, 

Hayes' Park 
Duddy 'Marl in, waiter West End Hotel 
Dudgeon Kiieas, hydraulic presses NW cor Minna 

and Eighth 
Dudgeon R. dwl 613 Pine 
Dudley C. dwl What Cheer House 
Dudley Edward T. clerk I'ost Office, dwl 815 Mont 
Dudly J. dwl What Ciicer House 
Dudot Charles, w'aiter with Lelevier Coussaint, dwl 

1127 Dupont 
Dudy Sarah Miss, domestic 310 Stockton 
Dueiiwald Frederick, cigar maker with Inslee & Jo- 
seph, dwl 723 Jlarket 
Duerdeii James R. boat builder, bds 106 Front 
Duff Andrew, bar keeper 765 Clay 
Duff James, carpenter, dwl Empure House SE cor 

Jackson and Drumm 
Duff .James, second officer steamer Senator, dwl SW 

cor Front and Pacific 
Duff James M. broker, dwl 731 Washington 
Duff James R. ollice N W cor Stewart and Howard, 
dwl S s DeBoom nr Second 

BUSWELL & CO., Blank Book Manufacturers and Paper Kulers, 517 Clay Street. 



Duft" John & Co. {John D. Waugh) paper Laiig- 

int;s, etc. 64^i Clay 
Duff Thomas, domestic 615 Commercial 
Dutt' Thomas, engineer P. M. S. S. Golden Age, 

dwl E 8 JIain bet Folsoni and Harrison 
Duff Thomas, steward steamer Sierra Nevada 
Dutfield George, boatman, dwl 'SJ& Vallejo 
Dutiy A unit-, domestic Lick House 
Dutiy Antonio, sjn,'ciihUor, dwl 8:20 Dupont 
Dntty Catheiiiie (widow) dwl 9 Louisa 
Duffy C. J. liquor saloon !)15 Dupont 
Dutty Cornelius (Evanx 4- D.) dwl 915 Dupont 
Dutty Delia, laundress U. S. Marine Hospital 
Duffy Edward, carpenter, dwl E s Dupont bet Lom- 
bard and Chesnut 
Duffy ?:iizabeth, domestic 816 Dupont 
Duffy Flank, waiter Ijick House 
Duffy Henry, waiter 1::2S Sansom 
Duffy Hugh, upholsterer 706 Broadway 
Duffy Hyacinth, farmer, dwl 650 Howard 
Duffy James (Goodman 4- D.) dwl 730 Kearny 
Duffy James, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Duffy James, clerk with Cameron, Whittier & Co. 

dwl 234 Minna 
Duffy Johanna iMiss, domestic 512 Dupont 
Duffy John, lodgings Commercial Row 106^ Clay 
Duffy John, laborer, dwl 16 Jessie, rear 
Duffy John, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Duffy John C. broker, dwl nr Point Lobos • 
Duffy Katie, domestic Lick House 
Duffy Blary Jliss, dwl N s Louisa nr Fourth 
Duffy Mary ;\, 544 Green 
Dutiy Patrick, laborer, dwl 626 Sansom 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, dwl SVV cor Larkin and 

Duffy Patrick A. Broadway House S 8 Broadway 

bet Battery and Front 
Duffy Philip, deck hand steamer Sophie McLane 
Duffy Philip, laborer, dwl S 8 California bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Duffy W. Vj. Columbian Engine Co. No. 11 
Dutty William, painter, dwl 325 Pine 
Dufoiu- U. mining stocks office 529 Clay 
Dugau John, painter with Hopps, Kanary & Co. 

dwl Hunter's Point 
Dugan JIark M. shoemaker with J. R. Hughes, dwl 

106 Mil ma 
Dugan Patrick, laborer NW cor Front and Davis, 

(*wl 106 Davis 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, dwl 626 Dupont, rear 
Dugan Patrick S. boot maker 522 Battery, dwl SW 

cor Mason and California 
Dugan Simon, laborer New Orleans Warehouse, 

dwl 106 Davis 
Dugait John, butcher, dwl 207 Pacific 
Duggan J. carpenter, bds Original House 
Duggan William H. shipwright, bds 138 Stewart 
Dughi A. B. clerk 836 Kearny, dwl 806 Keamy 
Dughi Antonio, fruit 836 Kearny 
DUISENBERG CHARLES & CO. importers and 

commission merchants office 218 California, dwl 

SE cor Haiiison and Seventh 
Duisenberg Charles A. C. Consul for Bremen office 

218 Cal, dwl 8E cor Harrison and Seventh 
Duisenberg Jacob, merchant office 407 Sacramento 
DUJARDINE F. agent Washoe Daily Express 

office SE cor Wasliington and Battery 
Duke George, blacksmith, dwl 21 St. Mark Place 
Duke Robert, carpenter 34 California, bds with 

James D. Coulter 
Duke Robert D. dwl 74 Natoma 
Duker James M. bar keeper 429 Montgomery, dwl 

913 Stockton 
Dulac Alexander A. blacksmith, dwl 619 Bdwy 
Dulac Jean, waiter California Hotel 
Dulip (J. P.) &L Waddington (F.J groceries and 

liquors 1135 Dupont 
Dullingham Thomas, bds Sailors' Home 
Dullmanu William, miner, dwl 325 Pine 

Dumajgnow Leonora, dressmaking and toys 1105 

Stockton, dwl 1218 Stockton 
Duuialtree & Co. manufacturers smoking tobacco 

628 Colifoniia 
Dumand Franklin, liquors and billiard saloon 622 

Dumant Eleanor Mrs. dwl 827 Sacramento 
Dumas Honorine Mrs. French Laundry 24 Post 
Dumas Lucien, dwl 24 Post 
Dumatheres F. dwl 88 Montgomery Block 
Dumbrell James, teamster with Jo'siah Sessions 810 

Duniiltre B. baker, dwl 636 Pacific 
Dumont Adolph, proprietor Railroad Pavilion, Mar- 
ket bet Tracy and Dolores 
Dumont Pierre, lithographic printer with Biitton «fe 

Co. dwl 1309 St()ckt(m 
Dumont Victor, broker, dwl 619 Vallejo 
Dumphy Edward, bricklayer junction Tyler and 

Dunl)ar J. K. apothecary U. S. Marine Hospital 
Dunl)ar William A. dwl 527 Pine 
linnhiw YiI'iMmm M. ( Hobart, Bra. ^ Co. j resides 

Duncan A. dwl Chicitgo Hotel 
Duncan A. G. deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Duncan George E. (colored) hairdresser with Robert 

C. Fianci's, dwl 555 Howard 
Duncan Helaiion, wharfinger India Dock, dwl NE 

cor ^Montgomery and Pacific 
Duncan Isabella (widow) dwl W s Duncan Court 
Duncan Isaliella (widow) dwl S s Vallejo bet Pow- 
ell and Mason 
Duncan James, carpenter NW cor Drumin and Clark 
Duncan James, ship carpenter, dwl 518 Bryant 
Duncan James M. (Littler 4- Co.) dwl S s Clemen- 
tina nr Fourth 
Duncan James W. cnipenter and builder 1216 Tay- 
lor, dwl N 8 Vallejo bet Leav and Hyde 
Duncan John, porter with B. C. Horn &. Co. dwl 

6-jO Pacific 
DUNCAN (Joneph C.) & CO. office room 4, 420 

Montgomery, dwl 620 Greenwich 
Duncan P. port'er with Murphy, Grant & Co. bds 

Benton House 
Duncan Patrick, workman Central Railroad 
Duncan Peter, salesman with Murphy, Grant & Co. 

dwl Howard Court 
Duncan Robert, carpenter, dwl S s Sutter bet Taylor 

and Jones 
Duncan Robert T. dwl NW cor Lombard and Oc- 

Duncan William, carpenter, dwl 99 Mont Block 
DUNCAN WILLIAM L. real estate agent and 
secretary California Pioneers, office and dwl 
Pioneer Building 
Duncoinbe Mary S. j\Iiss, dwl 619 Mission 
Dundas Thomas R. with Edward E. Bryan 614 

Mont.gomery, dwl NE cor Third and Brannan 
Dundel Leonard, gardener W s Presidio Road bet 

Green and Union 
Dungan J. Shade, with Bradshaw & Co. dwl N s 

Fulton near Laguna, Hayes' Park 
Dunham A. A. carrier Morning Call, dwl 522 Merch 
Dunham A. Murray, photographic printer with Wm. 

Shew, dwl 216 Stevenson 
Dunham Benjamin F. salesman with Conroy & 

O'Connor, bds Riiss House 
Dunham George A. special policeman, dwl SE cor 

Harrison and Main 
Dunham William, dwl 934 Kearny 
Dunham Woodrulf, mining stocks, dwl 25 Natoma 
Dunker Adolph, chemist, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Dunlafy Ann (widow) wines and liquors 115 Jackson 
Dunlap" Anna Mrs. dressmaker, dwl SW cor Broad- 
way and Dupont 
Dunlap" W. surgeon, dwl 6.')2 Market 
Dunlay John, porter 130 Clay, bds 28 First 
Dunlevy James, clerk, dwl cor Kearny and Jackson 

A. BOM AW & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St. 

daxd and Miscellaneous Books. 



Dunlevy Jeremiah, harnees maker with Jos Hamil- 

tiiii. (hvl Beny 
Dunloii Thomas, teamBter cor Polgom and Eitch 
Dunh)i> ^VilliaI^, upholsterer with J. P. Hanson, 

(hvl 174 .lessic 
Dunn A. J. broker, dwl Rues House 
Dunn Ann IMiss, domestic 1415 Taylor 
Dunn Hcinard. luivato watcliuian, dwl W s Vincent 
Dunn Hrid^tct Miss, dwl lod ,Miiuia 
Dunn C'criK'lins C. faniage maker, dwl 331 Fremont 
Dunn Charles D. nriuter with George W. Stevens, 

dwl 308 Beale 
Dunn Daniel, fruits 414 Polsom 
Dunn Dennis, blacksmith, dwl E s Tyson Place m- 

Dunn Dennis, laborer Vulcan Iron Works 
Dunn Dennis C laborer, dwl S s Freelon bet Third 

and Fourth 
Dunn Edward, deck hand steamer Chrysopolis 
Dunn Edward, wood and coal 51)2 Third 
Dunn Francis D. contractor, dwl N 8 Pine bet Hyde 

and Leavenworth 
Dunn Frank, laborer, dwl W s Lafavette Place 
Dinni George W. miner, dwl 337 Tehama 
Dunn Henry K. salesman 633 Cla 

in Horace D, 

dwl 52 Silver 

Dunn Horace D. local reporter Evening Bulletin 

:'r Eve 

Dunn James, blacksmith, dwl N s Pine bet Mason 

and Taylor 
Dunn James, laborer S. P City Water Works, dwl 

527 Dupont 
Dunn James, job wagon 17 California 
Dunn James A. mining, dwl 60-1 Dupont 
Dunn James E. with P. Martin 1626 Powell 
Dunn John, with William Ilottman & Co. dwl S e 

Eilcv bet Taylor and Jones 
Dunn John, blacksmith with Nelson & Doble 321 

Dunn John, carpenter, dwl 29 Jane 
Dunn John, clerk, dwl S s Riley bet Taylor and 

Dunn John, clerk S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. dwl 

Brooklyn Hotel 
Dunn John, helper Union Foundry 
Dunn John, laboier Si))ing Valley Water Works Co 
Dunn Jdlin F. shin eaipenter, dwl N s Frederick 
Dunn John J. dwl 2.) Jane 
Dunn .Joseph, teamster S s Bernard bet Taylor and 

Dunn Lawrence, mining, dwl 29 Jane 
Dunn Margaret, domestic 11 Hampton Place 
Dunn ;\hiry (widow) dwl 715 Union 
Dunn ,'\Iary Miss, cook 209 Geary 
Dunn Martin, bricklayer, dwl S s Filbert bet Mason 

anil Taylor 
Dunn ^lartin, carpenter Miners' Foundry, dwl Lar- 

kiii bet Union and Green 
Dunn Pati-ick, drayman with Cary & Winegar, dwl 

N s Turk i]et Van Ness Avenue and FrankUn 
Dunn Richard, seaman, dwl 127 Pacific 
Dunn Rolierl, machinist, dwl 1315 Kearny 
Dunn Thomas, seaman, bds 39 Clay 
Dunn Thomas 8. laborer, dwl S s O'Farrell bet 

Hyde and Larkin 
Dunn rimothy, laborer, dwl E 8 Rassette Place No. 

3 nr Sutter 
Dunn William, blacksmith with Eaton, Larkiua & 

Co. dwl 29 Jane 
Dunn William, laborer with John Hart 
Dumi \\'illi;ini f;. blacksmith, dwl 29 Jane 
Dunn William W. machinist 33 Fremont, dwl 1017 

DUNN PATRICK F. boot and shoe manufacturer 

31(i Battery, dwl 122 Natoma 
Dumie John, shoemaker, dwl W 8 Mission nr Thir- 
Dunne IV'ter, merchant, dwl 709 Greenwich 
Dunne AVilliam, groceries and liquors SW cor Pacific 

and Leavenworth 

Dimnell Robert P. joiner, dwl 64 Teliama 
Dunnigan David, laborer, dwl E s Main bet Folsom 

and Harrison 
Dunnigan Frank, dwl E 8 Sixth bet Bryant and 

Dunnigan Frank, laborer, dwl S s Shipley nr Fifth 
Dunnigan J. dwl What Cheer House 
Dunnigan Micliael, with Wolf Brothers 19 Battery, 

dwl 706 Battery 
Dunnigan Pi'.trick (Brannan Sf D.j dwl S s Sacra- 
mento l)et Jones and Leavenworth 
Dimnigan I'atrick, painter, dwl 333 Bush 
Dimnigau Patrick, hiborer, dwl S s Vallejo bet Mont- 
gomery and Keamy 
Dunnigan Rose Miss, domestic 424 Post 
Dunning Charles, dwl 112 Bush 
Dunning John, marble polisher 524 California 
Dunning John, calker, clwl 12 Tehama Place 
Dunning Oscar J. mining, dwl 3 Delaware Court 
Dunning Ralph, clerk oflice U. S. Engineers 37 
Montgomery Block, dwl 86 Montgomery Block 
Dunning Thomas, Emerald Liquor Saloon 3' Second 
Dunning Thomas, laborer, dwl N s Allen bet Hyde 

and Larkin 
Dunphy Ellen Miss, dwl 647 Broadway 
Dunphy T. James, sign painter with M. & J. M. 

English, dwl Tyson Place nr Washington 
Dunphy William, dwl 42 Geaiy 
Dnnscomb Edwai'd, engineer, dwl 22 Montgomery 
Dunstan Sarah (widow) dwl 911 Washington 
Dunworth John, cartmau Clementina bet Thu'd and 

Duphy Patrick, silver cleaner West End Hotel 
Dupont John H. ladies' shoes 824 Washington 
Dupouey Henri, teacher, dwl 719 Cal 
DuPrat Joseph J. commercial repoiter Alta Califor- 
nia, dwl E s Mason nr O'Farrell 
DUPRE EUGENE, French notary and secretary 
Indiana G. & S. M. Co. office" C0t3 Merchant, 
dwl 426 Greenwich 
Dupret Peter, waiter Miners' Restaurant 
Dnpu Julia (widow, colored) dwl 718 Broadway 
Dnpuy C. blacksmith 232 Jackson 
Dupuy (JamcxJ & Cabannes (John) butchers 3 

Clay Street Market, dwl Potrero 
HUVVY (James ),VO\:L.KEii (Thomas) Si, CO. 
( IV. D. AgardJ importers and commission mer- 
chants 412 Front, dwl Oak bet Franklin and 
Gough • 

Dupuy H. V. waiter 508 W.ashington 
Dupuy John, blacksmith, dwl 619 Broadway 
Dupuy T. broker, dwl Mansion House 
Duquemy Alfred, clerk with Chretien Pfister 221 

Duquemy John"B. sculptor, dwl 31 Everett 
Duragh Lawrence, bds 716 Dupont 
Duraud Adrien, clerk French Benevolent Society 

649 Sacramento, dwl N s Hinckley nr Vallejo 
Durand A. P. gynuiast, dwl 264 Jessie 
Durand Louis, waiter 508 Washington 
Durand !Madam, dwl N s Hinckley nr Dupont 
Durand Eosa A. F. Miss, domestic 617 Bush 
Durant John, cabinet maker, dwl 523 iMarket 
Durant Joseph, fireman steamer Conielia 
Durar John, butcher 14 New Clay Street Market, 

dwl 515 Merchant 
Durbrow Alfred K. store keeper NW cor Vallejo 
and Front, dwl NE cor Montgomery and Pacific 
Durbrow Josejih jr. with PaiTott &, Co. cor Mont- 
gomei-y and Sacramento, dwl 320 Mason bet 
Geary and O'Farrell 
Dnrcks Charles, workman S. F. & P. Sugar Co 
Duren George, wagon maker, dwl 322 Bush 
Durfee Gastiner, laborer, dwl 741 Jlarket 
Durgan Thomas, laborer with T. A. Davis, Potrero 
Durgin P. carpenter, dwl 28 Sansom 
Durham Benjamin F. clerk with Charles W. Brooks 

&Co. dwl llOii Stockton 
Durham William, blacksmith, dwl 15 Baldwin Court 

BUSWELL & CO., Book Binders and Printers, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco. 



Durie Pauline (widow) Frencli millinei'v IS John 
l)nrl;an John M. mining atocks, dwl Teliama House 
Durkce V. D. watches and jeweh-y 331 Kearny 
Durkee Francis, jeweler, dwl 417 Pine 
Durkee Jolin L. Deputy Superintendent Streets, 

City Hall, dwl 1 Pennsylvania Avenue 
Durkiu A. & Co. fCharlex M. Armxtronir)W\»s\0'a 

Street Brewerv (510 iMission, dwl fiOS Mission 
Durkiu Edward (TiiUy ^V D.) dwl 526 Tehama 
Durkin Ellen Miss, dwl 526 Tehama 
Durkiu James, hostler O. R. E. Co. dwl 44 Stevenson 
Durkin Patrick, dwl 526 Tehama 
Durlach Frederick, watchmaker with C. F. Moh- 

rig 613 Washington, dwl 18 Sansom 
Durlam Cuitis, special policeman, dwl 142 Jackson 
Durney A. F. dwl 356 Jessie 
Dm-niug Ann Mrs. millinery and fancy goods 10 

Durning Tliomas, pressman with Blake & MofRtt, 

dwl 10 Second 
Dussol Gustave, book-keeper with Abel Guy, dwl 

411 Washington , 
Dutard Bernard, produce commission 217 Clay, dwl 

S s Valparaiso bet Mason and Taylor 
Dutard Eugene, with Bernard Dutarcl 
Dutard Hypolite, clerk with Bernard Dutard 
Dutcher Sarah Louisa Miss, with Mrs. Anna E. Ir- 
win 129 Montgomery, dwl NE cor Green and 

Dutrew J. Mrs. dwl 3 Dupont Place 
Dutrimple Ci-eorge L. painter, dwl "JlS Sansom 
Dnttenholt'er Louis, butcher with John A. Zoller 

Pacific Market SW cor Pacific and Powell 
Duttner John, clerk SW cor Mont and Kearny 
Dutton Curus H. hair dresser 260 Third 
Dutton Henry & Son (Henry Dutton jr.) hay, 

grain, and feed 109 and 111 Stewart pier 7, dwl 

801 Union cor Mason 
Dutton Henry jr. (Henry Dutton Sf Son) dwl 801 

Union cor Mason 
Dutton Henry D. carpenter, dwl 806 Stockton 
Dutton Jane 3Iis8, bds 16 Merchant 
Dutton Samuel E. clerk 111 Stewart pier 7, dwl 801 

Duval John S. poultry, dwl NE cor Eddy and Lar- 

kin, rear 
Duveneck Charles «fe Co. (Richard Strothojfj 

liquors NW cor Montgomery and Washington, 

dwl 14 Metropolitan Block 
Dnvirer Eugene, waiter Metropolitan Restaurant 
Duwand Madam, French laundry 832 Clay 
Duwane C'liarles, waiter Occidentnl Hotel 
Dwertwald Gustave, speculator, dwl 616 Post 
Dwight George, with Cornelius Storm & Co. dwl 4 

DWINELLE JOHN W. (Hepburn Sj- D.) dwl 

1122 Stockton 
Dwindle Sanmel H. attomev at law, office 540 Clay, 

dwl SW cor Eddy and Leavenworth 
Dworzazch Benedict, dressmaker with Charles 

Koinfeld, dwl S 8 O'Farrell nr Jones 
Dwyer Ann Mi-s. proprietress Union House 31 Pacific 
Dwyer Bridget Miss, domestic 1005 Pacific 
Dwyer Catherine Miss, dwl 210 Minna 
Dwyer Christopher, mashman Dow's Distillery 
Dwyer David, wood and coal 539 Cal, dwl 114" Ellis 
Dwyer Jeremiah, dry goods 104 and 106 Third 
Dwyer John, machinist, bds 54 First 
Dwyer Joseph, physician W s Sixth bet Folsom and 

Dwyer Lawrence, painter with Hopps, Kanary & 

Co. dwl N B Stevenson bet Thirci and Foui-th 
Dwyer M. (widow) dwl 1420 Powell 
Dwver Michael, laborer Fulton Foundry, dwl 18 

Dwyer Philip, butcher with Moses B. French, dwl 

Bush Street House 
Dwyer Thomas, waiter Lick House, dwl rear 52 


Dwyer Timothy, cook 508 Washington, dwl 8 Hunt 
Dwyer William, seaman, dwl 31 Pacific 
Dwyre John, apprentice Vulcan Iron Works 
Dyckman John, dwl SW cor Pine and Dupont 
Dye William ]SI. com|)uting clerk U. S. Branch 

Mint, dwl 914 Jackson 
Dyer A. R. clerk Sacramento packets 413 East 
Dj'er Columl)ia, sliip carpenter, dwl 220 Folsom 
Dyer Frank E. assistant mailing clerk Post Office, 

dwl 22 Kearny 
Dyer George F. clerk with H. M. Newhall & Co. 

bds Lick House 
Dver James J. dentist with Dr. W. H. Irwin 
DYER JAMES P. (colored) New England Soap 

Factory W s Mason bet IPacilic and Broadway 
Dyer James S. gardener S s Presidio Road bet 

Franklin and Octavia 
Dyer Joseph F. bds Lick House 
Dyer J. P. (HarAenhergh. i<f D.) dwl Russ Hoiise 
Dyer Mary (widow) dwl 39 Tehama 
Dyer M. 0. teamster St. Mark Place 
Dyer Michael, laborer, dwl 1017 Mason 
Dyer Morris, blacksmith with Nelson & Doble, dwl 

E s Jones bet Geary and Post 
Dyer P. F. dwl N s Nnieteenth bet GueiTero and 

Dyer Richard, drayman 313 Davis, dwl 315 Davis 
Dyer Rodolphus C deputy license collector City 

Hall, dwl W s Market nr Guerrero 
Dyer { fiamnel R.) & Badger (Joaeph B.J auction- 
eers and commission mcrcliants NE cor Mont- 

gomerj^ and Pine, dwl S s Mission bet Fifth and 

Dver T. P. dwl What Cheer House 
D'ver William C. cooper 1017 Battery 
DYER WILLIAM D. photographic gallery 612 

Clay, dwl 40 Minna 
Dynn John, broom maker, bds 54 First 
Dyson Robert, clerk Young America Engine Co. 

No. 13 
Dyuu Zachariilk, broom maker with Amies & 

Dallam 26 Beale 


Eagan Charles, bootmaker with P. F. Dunn, dwl 
LeidesdorfF bet Sacramento and California 

Eagan Edward, foreman blacksmith shop C. S. N. 
Co. dwl 326 Green, rear 

Eagan Jlichael, with Daniel Sweeny 425 Pacific, 
" dwl 7(m; Battery 

Eagan William, dw"l 13 Ritch, rear 

Eagan William, waiter Empire State Restaurant 

Eager Justine Mrs. bds with Julius Cerf 

Eagles Miriam P. Mrs. dress and cloakmaking 645 

Eagles William C. car maker, dwl 645 Clay 

Eakins Isaiah, messenger appraiser's stoi-e Custom 
House, dwl S s Ellis bet Leav and Hyde 

Ealmene Henry (Trickle &,- Co.) dwl 449 Bush 

Ealy Nicholas, steamboat hand, dwl 32 Clementina 

Eaman Henry, barber Brooklyn Hotel, bds 128 San 

Eames James, merchant, dwl S s Chestnut bet Pow- 
ell and Stockton 

Earing Frederick, cook 124 Montgomery 

Earl E. M. dwl Tehama House 

Earl George, lumber surveyor, dwl 59 Clementina 

Earl John, dwl 420 Greenwich 

EARL JOHN O. president Gould & Curiy S. M. 
Co. office NE cor Montgomery and .Jackson, 
dwl SW cor Mason and "VVashington 

Earl Tarlton B. (Gerau c^j- E.) dwl Busli nr Dupont 

Earl Thomas, barber 830 Kearny, dwl E s Mason 
bet Washhigton and Clay 

Earle George F. clerk 616 Kearny, dwl 59 Clem- 

Earle Halford, book-keeper with Joseph M. Johnson, 
dwl cor First and Tehama Place 

A. EOMAIf & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., School, Law, and Medical Works. 



Earle Henry G. clerk *113 Davis, bde WHiat Cheer 

House • 

Eiirle II. J. dwl What Cheer House 
Earle James H. special policeinau, dwl 50 Stewart, 

Earle .Tolm H. Kilooii NE cor Clay and Davis, dwl 

4"2tt Greenwich 
Earley S. G. clprk California State Telegraph Co. 

;jfl7 MoutjiifOmery 
Early Dawn G. & S. ^I- Co. office 49 Montgomery 

Early James, laborer Union Foundry 
Eiiriihart Edward, special policeman, dwl 723 Jack- 

East Antelope G. & S. M. Co. office 7 Montgomery 

Easter .John, laborer 116 Davis, dwl NE cor Clay 

and Drumm 
Eastern G. & S. M. Co. office 410 Montgomery 
Eastern Slope Mill &. M. Co. office 727 Clay 
Eastern H. F. mariner, dwl IC Perry 
Eastliam Richard (colored) laborer, dwl N s Hinck- 
ley nr Kearny 
Eastliam W, F. mariner, dwl 16 Perry 
EASTLAND JOSEPH G. secretary and directors. 

F. Gas Co. office SE cor First and Natoma, bds 

Occidental Hotel 
East Live Yankee G. & S. M. Co. office 636 Sac 
Eastman Cyrus A. secretary mining companies office 

7J6 Montgomery, dwl W s Hawthorne bet Fol- 

Bom and Harrison 
Eastman K. R. Jlrs. teacher private school 528 Bush 
EAST;\IAN FRANK, Franklin Book and Job 

Printing Office 415 Wanh, dwl 1117 Taylor 
Eastman ( Harrison) St, Keith (William) wooden- 
gravers room 21 SE cor Montgomery and Cali- 
fornia, dwl 1 123 Clay 
Eastman J. G. intelligence office, dwl 217 Third 
Eastman Tlionias S. carriage dealer N s Summer nr 

]\Iont;,'^omery, dwl 1010 Taylor 
Eastman Webster, carpenter, dwl i63 Jlinna 
Eastnian William H. carpenter and builder 637 Cal- 
ifornia, dwl 528 Pine 
Easton A. J . laundry N s Presidio Road nr Octavia 
Easton G. A. Rev., assistant pastor Grace Cathe-, dwl 33(3 Second 
Easton James (Eaxton Sf Bro.) dw'l N s Minna bet 

Eight ii and Ninth 
Easton (.Itiliii) lit Brother (James Easton) cabinet 

makeiK 725 Market 
Easton W. dwl 803 Union 
Eaton (Alexander), Larkins (William) & Co. 

(Patrick McGevcrnJ carriage manufacturers 

NE cor Sunnner and Spring, dwl First Avenue 

Mission Dolores 
li^aton Beiij. B. carpenter, dwl 36 Louisa 
Eaton Charles S. book-keeper with George W. Cha- 

pin iSt Co. dwl S s King liet Third and Fourth 
E;iton Cornelius J. mining, dwl 3:i0 Fremont 
Eaton E. carriage maker, dwl W s First bet Sparks 

and Center 
Eaton F. W. clerk with Redington &, Co. dwl NE 

cor Essex and Laurel Place 
Eaton llcnry K. dwl 720 Montgomery 
Eaton liiiiii^ oldi, liook-keeper, dwl 242 Stevenson 
Eaton L Ward (J. L. Riddle <Sf Co.) dwl 24 Essex 
Eaton .1. II. clerk Spring Valley Water Works Co. 

dwl 242 Stevenson 
Eaton .lohn H. lal)orer, dwl 407 Powell 
Eaton Leniuel P. broker office 18 Stevenson House, 

dwl SW cor Post and Taylor 
Eaton Sarah Miss, teacher primary school SW cor 

Taylor and California 
Eaton 'William L. refiner's department U. S. B. 

Mint, dwl 110 Ellis 
Eayrs Harrison P. painter with Hopps, Kanary &, 

Co. dwl (i55 Harrison 
Ebliets Arthur M. coal depot 206 Sacramento, dwl 

140.J Jones 

Ebbinghausen (Henry) & Co. (Fred. Doscker) 
wines and liquors SE cor Brannan and Ninth 

Ebeleth Dwight, porter with Fargo &. Co. dwl 806 

Ebeling Philip, jeweler with Lemme Brothers, dwl 
18 Sansoni 

Ebright Hiram, carpenter Spring Valley Water 
Works Co. 

Eccleson Christopher, blacksmith with Devoe, 
Dinsmore & Co 

Echart Henry, billiard table manufacturer 730 

Echter F. Lafayette Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 

Echter Jean, crimper, dwl 716 Pacilic, rear 

Eck (Florent) & Co. (Nicolas Gnillie) French 
cooperage 1235 Stockton 

Eckart Christian, jeweler 620 Merchant 

Eckel J. N. homeeopathic physician office 12 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 917 Stockton 

Eckenroth F. wheelwright, dwl 325 Pine 

Eckenroth Joseph, wheelwright with Charles Stein- 
wig, dwl cor Geary and William 

Ecker George O. watchmaker with J. W. Tucker 
& Co. dwl 502 Montgomery 

Eckert (Frederick) ik. Carnithers (George) car- 
penters N s Summer nr Montgomery 

Eckfeldt John M. assistant nielter and refiner U. S. 
B. Mint, dwl 320 Minna 

Eckhart F. contractor, bds Benton House 

Eckley George R. teller with Sather & Church, dwl 
lo Hampton Place 

Eckley Joseph E. compositor Morning Star, dwl 17 

ECKMAN JULIUS Rev. editor and publisher 
Weekly Gleaner, office 427 Commercial and 
Harmonia School S s Sutter bet Dupont and 
Stockton, dwl 410 Stockton 

Eckstein A. bai- keeper Bank Exchange, dwl 30 

Eckstein S. clerk with Ellis W. Moss, dwl 1011 

Eclipse Tunnel Co. office 804 Montgomery 

Eddy (Alexander) & Bushman, dancing academy 
"Hyatt's Building SW cor Market and Third 

Eddy Ellery W. major and paymaster U. S. V. 
o^ce 742 Washington, dwl Union Club Rooms 

Eddy James F. (Electro Metalbtrgical Co.) dwl 
627 Sutter 

Eddy M;irv Miss, domestic 1009 Powell 

Ede George C. (Grant iV E.) dwl 213 Stevenson 

Eden (John) & Heins (Hermann) groceries and 
liquors NE cor Battery and Chambers 

Eden Landing Line Packets Clay Street '\\Tiarf 

Eder Phannor M. office (>30 Sacramento 

Edes Joseph (G. W. Guthrie cV Co.) dwl 55 Na- 

Edgar Catherine (widow) dwl 246 Minna 

Edgar George K. confectioner 1120 Dupont 

Edgar Jolin, bootmaker 705 Battery 

Edgar Michael J. (J. Macdnnovgh Foard Sf Co.) 
dwl 246 Minna bet Third and Fourth 

Edgar Thomas, with Joseph ]M. Johnson, dwl S s 
Jackson bet Front ana Battery 

Edgerly H. F. (Govld cV E.) dwl 18 Clay 

Edgerjy ^A'. B.) & Wickman (W.) ship chandlers 
40/ East, dwl N s Sutter bet Le.av and Hyde 

Edgerton G. W. carpenter, dwl Bailey House 116 

Edington George W. bar keeper Old Comer, dwl 
516 Montgomery 

Edler Frank, dwl Meyer's Hotel 814 Jlontgomery 

Edmonds L. P. clerk ill California, bds 510 Pine 

Edmonds Peter, jobber, dwl 823 Sacr.imento 

Edmonds George H. leader orchestra Eureka The- 

Edmonds Sophia (widow) dwl 1512 Powell 

Edmonds Thomsis J. book-keeper with Hooker & 
Co. bds with Alexander Campbell 

Edmonds William, engineer Chelsea Laundry 

BUSWEIili & CO., Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Edmonds William (colored) steward steamer Weber, 

dwl N s Bernard nr Leavenwortb 
EdmoiKlson P. E. ( McKay Sf E.) dwl 522 Cal 
Edmondson T. J. G. book-keeper with Hooker & 

Co. dwl 317 Post 
Edmonston Brook B. carpenter, dwl S b Sutter bet 

Tavlor and Jones 
Edmunds Henry H. (Boicen Sf E.) dwl N s Pre- 

eidio Eoad iir Presidio House 
Edmunds Lucius, dwl 310 Pine 
EDOUAKT ALEXANDER, pboto,?i-aphic gallery 

G34 Washington, dwl 1823 Stockton 
Ed.son E. W. (Bemis S,- E.) dwl 3C2 Jessie 
Edson William M. laborer with Chas. H. Miller 

Ocean House Road 
Edstrom Thomas, trunkmaker with Steele & Co. 

dwl NE cor Post and Kearnv 
EDUCATION BOARD OP, ru"is 325 Montgomery 
Edwards Amasa S. Assistant U. S. Tax Assessor, 

dwl 618 Green 
Edwards Andrew L. salesman with J. H. Coghill & 

Edwards Anderson S. Assistant U. S. Assessor, dwl 

6 18 Green 
Edwards C. J. liquor merchant office with A. P. 

Hotaling & Co. dwl Internation;il Hotel 
Edwards (Edward) <fc Lynch (Michael) wines and 

liquors SW cor Davis and Broadway, dwl 

Twelfth bet Howard and Mission 
Edwards Eliza Mrs. ladies' furnishing goods 5.59 

EDWARDS PRANK G. importer and dealer ear- 
pets, paper hangings, window shades, etc. 646 

Clay, dwl 4 Wetniore Place 
Edwards Henry, porter 216 California, dwl SE cor 

Sacramento and Battery 
Edwards Henry P. ( Koopmanschap Sf- Co.) dwl 

656 Polsom 
Edwards James, real estate office 402 Montgomery 
Edwards James C. salesman with Pi-ancis Peet & 

Son, dwl 629 Market 
Edwards Joseph C. clerk Albert Dibblee, dwl 516 

Edwards L. B. office 522 Clay, dwl 619 Bush 
Edwards Louis, with John H. Churchill, dwl 31 

Miiusion House, Dupont nr California 
Edwards ^Michael, machinist Miners' Foundry 
Edwaids P. blacksmith Mission Woolen Mills 
Edwards Presley N. secretary mining companies 

office 604 Merchant 
Edwards R. jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. 616 

Edwards Thomas, blacksmith, dwl 509 Vallejo 
Edwards Thomas M. clerk with J. H. Coggeshall, 

dwl 23 Mason bet Broadway and Vallejo 
Edwards William, bellows maker with C. Van Ness 
Edwards William P. syrup maker with Chas. Hef- 

fernan 407 Merchant 
Edwards William P. clerk with Jos. P. Lecouut, 

dwl 612 ^Mission 
Edwaids W. P. dwl What Cheer House 
Edwin Sophie Mrs. actress Maguire's Opera House, 

dwl 315 Union 
Eells Allen 31. dwl 519 Polsom 
Eells John S. salesman with Rudman & Co. dwl 

519 Polsom 
Eells IJufus S. office NW cor Pine and Front, dwl 

519 Folsom 
Eells Thomas S. salesman with Rudman & Co. dwl 

519 Polsom 
Effey William, chronometer and watchmaker 212 

Efford N. C. groceries and liquors 309 East, dwl E s 

Dupont bet Lombard and Chestnut 
Egan Anne (widow) furnished rooms 3 Minna 
Egan l):uiiel, dwl Clinton Temperance House 
Egan J. Professor St. Ignatius' College cor Market 

and Fourth 
Egan John (Kelly lS- E.) dwl 30 Everett 

Egan John, bootmaker with Geo. W. Walker 516 

Egan John, butcher Lick House, dwl Trinity Alley 

nr Sutter 
Egan John, liquor dealer, dwl 30 Everett 
Egan John, shoemaker, dwl 212 Dupont, rear 
Egan John, shoemaker with George Walker, dwl 

516 California 
Egan John W. clerk with Tobin Bros. & Co. dwl 

629 Market 
Egan 31. carpenter, bds Original House 
Egan ]\Iiehael, laborer, dwl E s Mary Lane nr Barry 
P^gan Patrick, briclclayer, bds 12 Sutter 
Egan Patrick, bricklayer, dwl N s Clementina bet 

Fourth and Fifth " 
Egan Peter, painter, dwl 524 Mission 
Egan T. H. miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Egan Thomas, teamster, dwl 227 Sutter 
Egan. See Eagan 
Egdenten D. IL dwl 325 Pine 
E6ERY A. J. physician, office 19 Stevenso House, 

dwl 823 Broadway 
Egger Jacob, confectioner wnth Gaspard Secchi, 

dwl 431 Pine 
Eggers (C.) &. Browning (John) hay, gi-ain, wood, 

and coal 620 Broadwiiy 
EGGERS FERDINAND, groceries and liquors 

1228 Dupont 
EGGERS (Georsrc H.) & CO. (Christian Voigt 

Sf Thomas [Bassej wholesale groceries, pro- 
visions, etc. 210 California, dwl NW cor Folsom 

and Twelfth 
Eggers John C. & Co. f Frederick Lohaiis) grocei'ies 

and liquors 42 Stewart 
Eggert Herman, dwl 319 Bush, room 4 
Eggles John, blacksmith Devoe, Dinsmore & Co. 

dwl 50 Beale 
Eggleston Addis, with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co 
Eggtg George, dwl NE cor Bush and Dupont 
Ehas Joseph D. carrier Morning Call, dwl 909 Val- 
Ehlers John, express wagon, dwl Sierra Nevada 

Ehlers W. groceries and liquors SE cor Hinckley 

and Pinkney Place 
Ehman Henry, hairdressing saloon Brooklyn Hotel 

122 Sanson! 
Ehman Robert (Auberlen Sf E.) dwl Bitter's Hotel 
Ehrenberg Hermann, civil engineer, dwl Globe Ho- 
Ehrenberg Julius, dwl 345 Minna 
Ehrenpfort Andres, hair picker Fremont, dwl 135 

Ehrenpfort Edward, clerk with Wm. Ehrenpfort 
Ehrenpfort William, c;ii-pets 14 Third 
Ehrenrich M. bds 128 Sansom 
Ehret John M. shoemaker, 230 Sutter 
Ehrhard Adam, cloaks and mantillas 645 Sacramento, 

dwl 5 Harlan Place 
Ehrhard David, bootmaker, dwl NW cor Kearny 

and Jackson 
Ehrhard George, shoemaker SW cor Kearny and 

Ehrhart David, clerk 542 California 
Ehrhorn Adolphus (Hellmanii Bros. 4' Co.) dwl 

28 Ellis 
Ehrich C. (M. Oppenheim Sf Co.) dwlN s Chesnut 

bet Stockton and TVjwell 
Ehrich Ernest, violinistVud professor music, dwl 615 

Commercial \ 

Ehrich George, w^aiter, (f\vl 325 Pine 
Ehrichs (D.) & Co. (Jacob Bnrnjes) groceries and 

liquors SE cor Vallejo and Battery 
Ehrlich Louis, variety store 126 Third 
Ehrlich Meyer, boots and shoes office 419 Sacra- 
mento, tlwl ] 607 Powell 
Ehrlich S. with George Ro.senberg, dwl 18 Natoma 
Ehrlich Theodore, can-ier Evening Post, dwl rear 
116 Sutter 

A. KOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Bibles, Prayer Books, and Sunday School Books. 



Ehrmann Ooor^re, upliolsterer witli Cliarles M. Plum, 
ilwl NW cor Niitonia and Jane 

Elniiiaiin Jolui, baker, dwi San Bruno Roiul 3J miles 
from City liall 

Eii-l:el Clirisfian, upholsterer 108 Fourth 

Eii-hrr Fi'ank, locksmith with Auberlen &- Ehman, 
dwl liiHeiry 

Eidiers .Jolm, job wagon cor Pacific aud Stockton 

EidencutttSr Edward, cook 605 Commercial, dwl St. 
JIarv nr Pine 

Eidenmiller George, physician, office and dwl 1023 

K'lg Show Tong & Co. Chinese merchants 716 Du- 

Ein^feld Philip, shoemaker with J. Fernbach 420 
Market, dwl 205 Sansom 

Einstein Abraham {Einstein Bros. J res Baltimore, 

EIXSTEIN BROTHERS (Znrlock and. Abraham 
Einsfcia and Aaron and Abraham AUmaycrj 
importers and jobbers boots and shoes 207, 20'J 
and 211 Battery, dwl W s Masou bet Market 
and Eddy 

Eipper Thomas, hair dresser, dwl Globe Hotel 

Eisbolt Frederick, workman with H!irt.& Goodman 

Eisen Augustus, dwl W s Guerrero bet Sixteenth 
and Seventeenth 

Eisen A. F. arcliitect office room 17 SE cor Mont 
and California, dwl cor Guerrero aud Corbett 

EISEN BROTHERS (Francis T. and George 
Eiseu) pro])rietors Pioneer Flonr Mills 515 Mar- 
ket, dwl NW cor Guerrero and Seventeenth 

Eiseu George (Eisen Bros.) dwl 515 Market 

Eisen Nathan, clerk with Samuel Cohen 138 Mont- 
gomery, dwl NE cor Montgonierv and Market 

Eiseuback'Adolph, peddliT, M^ :!:!? Bush 

Eisenberg Isidor, merelunit tailor 617 Washington, 
dwl 630 Sacramento 

Eisenrath Carl, hair dresser, dwl 325 Pine 

Eis-euworth Stepliana (widow) dwl 48 Jane 

Eisler 11. S. saddle and harness maker 305 Battery 

Eisler Mary Mrs. dwl 214 Sansom 

Eisner Joseph, importer and retail marble 524 Cali- 
foniia, bds Steckler's E-xcbange 

Eiiel Henry, box maliei' witli liobbs, Gilmore &. 
Co. dwl with James W. Dermody 

Eixner Joseph, proprietor William Tell Saloon 505 

Ekeiiberg William, ropeniaker S. F. Cordage Man- 

Ekliard William, jiorter with James Patrick & Co. 
dwl Vallejo nr Montgomery 

Eklen John, seaman, Ixls 24 Sacramento 

ELA.^I (Robert H.J & HOWES (Edward K.J im- 
porters, jobbers, and manufacturers brooms, 
wood and willow ware, etc. 310 and 312 Clay, 
dwl West End Hotel 

Elder Alexander ( W. Elder i^- SonJ dwl N s Bry- 
ant bet Tliird and Fonrtli 

Elder James W. clerk with Elder & Son, dwl N s 
Bryant l)et Third and Fourth 

ELDER W. & SON (Alexander Elder) commis- 
sion ]>roduce 31!) Washington, dwl N s Brj^ant 
bet Third and Fourth 

Elder Willuim J. tinsmith with (Jalcb M. Sickler, 
<lwl W'-'i Union 

El Dorado Building SE cor Kearny and Washington 

]'"1 Dorado G. tV S. M. Co. ollice 402 Montgomery 

Eldred Robert, laljorer, dwl 50 Jessie 

ICLDREDGE ALBERT S. proprietor Empire Wai'e- 
house 18, 20, and 22 Beale 

Ehlredge Ilobert j\Irs. dwl NE cor Mont and Pac 

Eldredge Horace, dwl Chicago Hotel 

Eldredge .Jacob, baiber, dwl 226 Jensie 

Eldredge James, dwl NE cor Mont and Pacific 

Eldredge K. C. (J. W. Brittan Sf Co.) 120 Front, 
res San ]\Iateo 

Eldridge (Mrs. Eliza H.) Si, Garcelon (Mrs. Ade- 
laide) milliners and dres.smakers 202^ Second 

Eldridge J. Oscar (H. M. Newhall Sj- Co.J dwl 48 

Eldridge Michael, with Gowan & Stuckpole 115 

Bush, dwl .V.I .Jessie 
Eldridge S. E. merchant, dwl 834 Clay 
Elchiclui- Svlve^ter A. book-keeper, dwl E s Quincy 

lu- Calii'ornia 
Eldridge William H. collection department Wells, 

Fargo & Co 
Eldridge Wilson, baker, dwl 8 Brenham Place 
EL ECO DEL PACIFICO daily aud tri-monthly 

(Spanish) E. Derbec proprietor office 53S Sac 
Electrical G. &■ S. M. Co. office 547 Washington 
Electro-Mciallnrgical Co. office 616 Merchant 
E Lee (Cliiiu.'sc) washing and ironing 708 Bdwy 
Elfelt (A. B.J \reil (David J & Co. (S. GoldsmitkJ 

Portland, Oregon office SE cor Front and Com 
Elgutter Bertha Mrs. fancy goods 18 Second 
Elgutter Morris, salesman 18 Second 
Elias (Andrew) &i, Ilehns (James J butchers 100 Oc- 
cidental IMarket, dwl 215 Post 
Elias Anson, butcher, dwl 215 Post 
Elias Jacob, merchant office 319 Sac, dwl 828 Post 
Elias Manus, book-keeper with Unger & Bro. dwl 

515 Pine 
Elias Simon, dry goods 1126 Dupont 
Elias Simon, i)eddlt'r, dwl 325 Pine 
Eliaser Ahraliani, cigars and tobacco 929 Kearny 
Eli('li Jolm, coffee stand cor East and Market 
Elitch John, furnished rooms 327 Kearuy 
Elkhart D. dwl What Cheer House 
ElkiuB C. J. dwl What Cheer House 
ELLERHORST H. D. & CO. (A. C. Teitman) 

produce coinmission 64 Clay, res Hay wards, 

AlaiiuMla County 
Ellert Mary A. Jlrs. dwl 113 Natoma 
Ellery Epes, Anti(puirian Book-Store 225 Montgom- 
ery, dwl 736 Folsom 
Ellien Samuel, dwl Empire House SE cor Jackson 

and Drumm 
Elliot Charles, chief engineer S. F. C. Water Works, 

dwl 606 Montgomery 
Elliot Charles E. dwl 5f7 Pine 
Elliot Ferdinand, cigar maker with Herman Brand, 

dwl 1114 Kearny 
Elliot Gardner, carpenter, dwl E s Quincy nr Cal 
Elliot George H. corps U. S. Engineers office 37 

Montgomery Block, dwl 429 Bryant 
Elliot Washington, teacher music public schools, 

dwl 517 I'iiie 
Elliott Alexander, private club rooms 643 Com 
Elliott Charles, carpenter, dwl E s Leavenworth bet 

Pine and California 
Elliott Chas. W. clerk 17 Cal, bds 19 Dupont 
Elliott E. E. refiner's deptu-tment U. S. B. i\lint,dwl 

812 .Jackson 
Elliott Everett W. trunk maker with Steele & Co. 

319 California 
Elliott F. A. nrincipal Market and Fifth Street 

School, dwl 9 Anthony 
Elliott G. tailor with Robert Page, dwl 609 Jackson 
Elliott George, drayman with Rudman & Co. NW 

cor Pine and Front 
Elliott Heman C. teamster 17 California, dwl S s 

ICllis bet Larkin and Polk 
Elliott John A. express wagon pier 4 Stewart, dwl 

56 First 
Elliott Mary (widow) dwl 565 Mission 
Elliott Patrick, laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Elliott Richard, importer hardware, etc. 310 and 312 

Battery cor Commercial, dwl 565 Mission 
Elliott T. laborer with Geo. D. Nagle 
Elliott Thomas, laborer, dwl 723 Battery 
Elliott Thomas, maiiner, dwl NE Lombard bet Lar- 
kin and I'olk 
Elliott Thomas L. teamster 17 California, dwl S s 

Ellis bet Larkin and Polk 
Elliott Thomas W. physician office and dwl 574 


BUS"W:ELIj «& CO., Manufacturers of all kinds of Books for Mining Companies, 517 Clay St., S. F. 



Elliott Williym R. hds Sailors' Home 

Ellis Alfifd J. pilot commiesioner, dwl 29 Turk 

Ellis l^aniel J. teamster with Stanyan & Co. dwl S 

8 Sacramento I>et Polk and Van Ness Avenue 
Ellis David il. ottic- Mi.-^sioii Woolen Mills 217 Bat- 
tery, dwl 8-25 Wasliington 
Ellis ( Eiliriird) & JMcCabe (Bernard) groceries 
and li([iiors 20 Anthony cor Jessie, dwl Potrei'O 
Ellis Edward H. clerk Occidental Hotel 
Ellis Franklin, bds C2 Clav 

ELLIS GEORGE, proptr Ellis' Bakery 26 Second 
Ellis Henry H policeman City Hall, dwl 408 Lom- 
Ellis James (Laws S^- E.) dwl 621 Mission 
Ellis James, brass finisher, dwl W s Drumm bet 

Jackson and Pacilic 
Ellis John (colored) laborer 413 Filbert 
Ellis John J. (Eureka Soap Co. J bds 807 Bush 
ELLIS JOHN S. Sheriff City and County San 

Francisco, office City Hall, dwl 727 Bush 
Ellis Joseph, dwl S2o Washington 
Ellis Maria (widow) wines and liquors 119 Jackson 
ELLIS MOSES & CO. (Philip L. Weaver) whole- 
sale grocers 218 Front, res Boston Mass 
Ellis N. W. dwl What Cheer House 
EUis Samuel C. Deputy Sheriff" Fourth District 

Court City Hall, dwl 727 Bush 
Ellison David, hostler, dwl White Hall Exchange 
Ellison James, hostler, dwl White Hall Exchange 
Ellison John, with Edward Daly 
Ellison William, boatman, dwl N s Francisco bet 

Dupont and Stockton 
EUmaker Frederick S. wood and coal 13 Second, 

dwl 17 Second 
Ellnieyer William, gardener, dwl 32.5 Pine 
Ells Charles, Pacific Glass Works Potrero 
Ellsworth Frank S. F. City Directory office 612 

Clav, dwl 70 Clementina 
ELLSWORTH TIMOTHY, Redwood and Puget 
Sound Lumber SE cor Market Street Wharf 
and East, dwl 39 South Park 
Elm John, machinist Union Foundry 
Elmore Abbie C. (widoW') dwl 1013 Washington 
Elmore M. G. mining secretary office 528 Montgom 
ery, dwl N s Sutter bet Jones and Leavenworth 
Elm(|uist John, at Union Foundry, dwl 243 Tehama 
Elms Ferdinand, cigar manufacturer, dwl 325 Pine 
Elmv Lizzie Mrs. dwl 128 Keamy 
ELOESSER LEO & CO. ( Wilhehn ViereckJ edi- 
tors and proprietors Abend Post and job print- 
ers office 517 Clay and 514 Commercial, dwl N 
8 Post bet Taylor and Jones 
Eloy Edward, dishwasher What Cheer House Res- 
EI Paso G. & S. M. Co. office 33 Montgomery Block 
Eltingham John, dwl What Cheer House 
El Tigre G. &. S._ M. Co. office 528 Clay 
Elwell D. A. (of Lennox 4' E- MarysviUe) office 
NE cor Front and Clay, bds Occidental Hotel 
Elwell Frank, merchant tailor 118 Montgomery, dwl 

512 Howard 
Elwell Frank F. clerk with J. C. Hollenbeck, dwl 

N s California bet Keamy and Dupont 
Elwell J. dwl What Cheer House 
Ehvood Edward L. butcher w'ith E. N. Fish & Co. 

dwl 270 First 
ELWOOD FREDERICK H. fruits and confec- 
tionerv NE cor Bush and Dupont and 262 Third 
ELY ALEXANDER, attorney at law office 15 and 
16 Wells' Building cor Montgomery and Clay, 
dwl Occidental Hotel 
Ely George, express wagon, dwl N s Kent nr Mason 
I']ly Hubbard C. M. book-keeper, Awl 412 Dupont 
Ely .John, clerk, dwl 16 Natoma 
ESIANUEL LEWIS, clothing and dry goods 517 

Sacramento, dwl 520 Sacramento 
Emanuel Lewis, manufacturer bedsteads, etc. 11, 13, 
and 15 Beale, dwl S s Clementina bet Fomlh 
and Fifth 

Emeric Joseph, real estate office 606 Montgomery, 

res San Pablo 
Emerson George T. Iiook binder and blank book 

manuf 623 Montgomery, dwl 313 Powell 
Emerson John A. clerk with J. L. Sanford, dwl S 8 

Washington bet Stockton and Powell 
Emerson N. sign painter, dwl 129 Sansom 
EMERY CHARLES G. importer and jobber cigars 

and leaf tobacco 310 Commercial, dwl 411 

Emery Israel M. drayman 404 Front, dwl NE cor 

Il3'de and Filbert 
Emery Jacob, assistant City and County Surveyor's 

office, dwl 2 JMarket 
Emery J. B. dwl What Cheer House 
Emery J. S. grain dealer office SE cor Battery and 

Emery Robert, druggist 760 Clay 
Emery S. S. dwl What Cheer House 
Emery Thatcher, teamster National Flour Mills, 

dwl 7 Front 
Emer}' Thomas, calker, dwl 1 Central Place 
Emery William, drayman cor California and Davis 
Emgel Moses M. dwl S s Clementina nr Fourth 
Emigrant No. 2 M. Co. office 712 Montgomery 
Euniia Antoinette C. G. «fe S. M. Co. office 716 

Emmech Charles N. tinsmith with Edward Hag- 

throp, dwl 620 Sutter 
Emmerson William, dwl 118 Clay 
Emmerson William H. soda water maker 529 Jack- 
son, dwl 56 Clementina 
EMMET C. TEMPLE, attorney at law office NW 

cor Montgomery and Commercial, dwl SE cor 

Washington and Powell 
Emmett G. & S. M. Co. office 326 Clay 
Emmrich Charles (John Wale 4' Co.) dwl 741 

Emnnich Frederick, cigar maker W s Pollard Place 
Emory Campbell D. Regimental Adjutant 9th In- 
fantry, dwl Presidio 
Emory Joseph S. ( ti. F. Macadamizing- Co.) res 

Emory Sinnns (colored) waiter steamer Chrysopolis 
Emory Thatcher, teamster National Flour Mills, 

dwl 7 Front 
Emory William, drayman, dwl E s Leavenworth 

bet California and Pine 
Empire Brewery, Lyon & Co. proprietors 159 Jessie 
Empire G. «fe *S. M. Co. (Esmeralda) office 612 

Empire G. & S. M. Co. (San Bernardino District) 

office 528 Montgomery 
Empire (Coso District) G. & S. M. Co. office 607 

Empire House, SE cor Drumm and Jackson 
Empire Mill & M. Co. office rooms 54 and 55 Me- 
tropolitan Block 
Empire Mining «fe Tunnelling Co. office 540 Wash 
Empii-e Silver M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Enas Joseph D. & Co. house brokers and real 

estate agents 317 Montgomery, dwl 909 Vallejo 
Enfield Frederick, cooper, bds 16 First 
Engel Henry, boatman foot Market, dwl N s Union 

nr Hyde 
Engel Marv Miss, dwl 718 Vallejo 
Engel Phillip^ dwl 1203 Sacramento 
Eugelberg (Emile A.) & Wagner (Frederick) Grer- 

nian Bakery and Coffee Saloon 416 Kearny 
Engelbrecht Henry, laborer with Alexander Le- 

more NE cor Polk and Union 

BROTHERS (Adolph and -Gnstave) cigar 

maunractniers and leaf tobacco 308 Commercial 

and 307 Clay, dwl 535 Mission 
Engels Charles H. tinsmith with.H. A. Engels, dwl 

602 Mission 
Engels Frederick P. tinsmith with H. A. Engels, 

dwl 602 Mission 

A. ROMAJSr & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery St., Ag'ts National Almanac & Annual Record, 700 pp. 



En<rels Henry A. stoves and tinware 602 Mission 
En^'i'lliardt V. 15. groceries and liquors '210 Stewart 
Enjrelskind Louis fMi-yer iV E.J dwl NW por iMis- 

sion and IJeiile 
Engcrt Alexander F. C. salesman with Wegener & 

Slioeiilmr, dwl 519 Montgomery 
Engetliard (Tt'orge, cooper, 508 Davis 
Engineers City Jioard of, office C'J3 Montgomery 
England Tlionias, architect room 14, 5i.'8 Clay," dwl 

SE cor Hyde and Cbestnnt 
Englander Aaron, commission merchant 207 Clay, 

dwl 35 Natouia 
Englander Emile, musician, dwl 204 Dupont 
Englander Leopold, policeman City Hall, dwl 41 

Englander Jlax, drayman SE cor Clay and Battery, 

^ dwl 36 Turk 
Engle Henry M. clerk with Simon Goodman, dwl 

Clementnia nr Fourth 
English Ann Miss, domestic 208 Stockton 
Enghsh Edward, In-icklayer, dwl 18 Minna 
English James, carpenter, bds Golden Gate Hotel 
Englisli James, car])eiiter, dwl 11 Stockton 
English James W. dwl 614 Howard 
English (Jerome A.J & Lothrop (John .T.J black- 
smiths 203 Sausom, dwl SE cor Franklin and 

English J. M. (M. Sr J. M. English J dwl 122 

English John, butcher, dwl 240 Fourth 
English John, vegetables, dwl 28 Battery 
English Jl. & J. ^1. painters and grainere 410 Pine, 

^ dwl 122 Fourth 
English Matthew, harness maker with Lee T.^Kaf- 

ka, dwl 32 Louisa 
English Micliael S. painter, dwl 122 Fourth 
Enghsh William, painter dwl 325 Pine 
Enjoung John, farmer, dwl 325 Pine 
Ennen H. W. liquors SW cor California and Drumm 
Ennis Cornelius S. baggjige master Sailors' Home 
Ennis Elizabeth, domestic 772 Folsom 
Ennis John, baker American Bakery, dwl 717 Pac 
Ennis William J. baker American Bakery, dwl 717 

Enos Sarah, domestic 35 South Park 
Enquist Alfred A. { Lindau, Enquist ^' Co. J dwl 

S s Sutter bet PoweU and Mason 
Enriglit John, retortman S. F. Gas Co. 
Enright Patiick, steward at 508 Washington 
Enright William, plumber, dwl 431 Pine 
Ensberry Annie 3liss, dwl U. S. Hotel 304 Beale 
Ensberr'v George, proprietor United States Hotel 304 

Enscoe Sarah Mrs. proprietress Brannan House NE 

cor liush and Sansom 
ENSIGN GEORGE H. real estate, dwl NE cor 

MontgomeiT and Jlarket 
Enteqiri^e C. AI. Co. office 528 Montgomery 
Enterprise C}. & S. M. Co. office NW cor Montgom- 
ery an<l Washington 
Eoff J^imes L. dwl 823 Sacramento 
Eoff' Samuel (colored) house cleaner 823 Sacramento 
Epert Ernst, bootmaker -svith H. Lucke, dwl S s 

Bush nr Sansom 
Ephraim A. B. merchant, dwl 360 Minna 
Epps Charles (colored) porter California State Tel- 
egraph Co. 51)7 Montgomery 
Equalization Board of, otlice Ci(v Hall second floor 

New York, Bigelow Bros. & Flint agents, NW 

cor Montgomery and Sacramento 
Erb Emmanuel, tailonng 1303 Stockton 
Erbe C. Miss, nurse French Hospital 
Erbing AN'illiain, carpenter, dwl 325 Pine 
Ere Fre.lerick, liquor saloon 821 Kearny, bds 

Hennbiug's Hotel 
Erhard Christian, shoemaker 1332 Dupont 
Eriat George, painter, dwl 325 Pine 
Erickson S. O. billiard 8.aloon 10 Jackson 

Eiickson Niles E. miner, bds 32 Stewart 

Ericsson C;isimir, laborer S. F. Cordage Co. Potrero 

Ericsson Olof, ciibinet maker with B. H. Freeman 

& Co. dwl 318 Vallejo 
Erkens William, cabinet maker, dwl 912 Pacific 
Erlangen A. peddler, dwl 325 Pine 
Erlenbach Marx (Greciiberg, E. Sf Co. J dwl 132 

Erlewein Josephine Miss, domestic 108 Geary 
Erley John, hackman, Manhattan Euniiie Co. No. 2 
Ernest S. clerk 333 East 
Ernst Herman, hides, wool, and tallow, office 405 

Front room 5, dwl 362 Brannan 
Ernst .John, bar keeper NE cor Market and Kearny 
Ernst T. D. tinsmith, dwl 325 Pine 
Ernst William, shoemaker, dwl Philadelphia House 
Erpalding John, brewer Philadelphia Brewery 
EKSKINE GEORGE E. & CO. hay and grain 22 

and 24 Market and 15 and 17 Sacramento, dwl 

52 Second 
Erskine Melville C. seaman, dwl 58 Clementina 
Erwin John, driver, dwl 532 Tehama 
Erzgraber f H'w.y & Goetjen ('iV/c/^o/ manufac- 
turers cider, vinegar, pickles, etc. 207 Davis, 

dwl 23 Anthony 
Escalle Felix, dwl N s St. Charles 
Escot Frank, with Crevolin &, Co. dwl N s Pacific 

bet Montgomery and Kearny 
Escaig Francois, butclier 523 Pine, dwl 528 Bush 
Esksa Louis, cook St. Nicholas Hotel 
Eskeeg Francois, meat market 523 Pine 
Esmeralda G. &. S. M. Co. office 2 Mead House 
Esmeralda (Great Consolidation J G. & S. M. Co. 

office 626 Clay 
Esmeralda (North Extcnsion.J Consolidated G. & 

S. M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Esmeralda S. M. Co. office 522 Montgomery 
Esmeralda Spur G. & S. M. Co. officii 606 Jlont 
Esnault Augustus (Alexander Finance i.^- Co ) dwl 

837 Dupont 
Esner Alexis, Lafayette Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2 
Espinosa Canon Very Rev. (Guadalajara, JMexico) 

dwl 602 Dupont." 
Esquivar Firmin, laborer with Blaise Lapariat, dwl 

539 Broadway 
Essman Ernest, salesman 720 Mont, dwl 210 Stockton 
Estabrook Charles D. clerk with Harvey <fc Co. dwl 

236 Third 
Estabrook James A. clerk with Sam. Piatt 628 

Estabrook John, butter, cheese, and egcs 19 and 20 

Metropolitan Market, dwl 311 TlnVd 
Estick G. «fe S. Mining Co. office 305 Montgomery 
Estino Ernst, vegetables, dwl SW cor Broadway 

and Dupont 
Estrade Thomas, clerk with Joseph Dicaud, dwl 

SW cor Vallejo and Dupont 
ESTRELE DE CASTUO, oculist and aurist, office 

and dwl 652 Market 
Estrell D(d .Monte S. M. Co. office NE cor Mont- 

gt)mery and Merchant 
Estrem Joseph, clothing 506 Washington 
Etell Henry, box maker with Hobl)s, Gilinore & 

Co. dwl 131 Stevenson 
Ethan Allen G. &. S. M. Co. office 31 Metropol- 
itan Block 
Etienne T. ^Metropolitan Restaurant' Metropolitan 

Etinger i\I. fringe maker with Daniel Norcross, dwl 

330 Tehama 
Etique John P. blacksmith Phcenix Iron Works, 

dwl 407 Folsom 
Etkin ("harles, dwl .306 Union 
Ettling Marcus, St. Francis Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1 
Eudes (AlfredJ &, Co. (Adrien BoqnillonJ hay, 

grain, and feed 53 Third 
Eugea Madame, dwl 729 Mission 
Eugene Madame, cook, dwl NW cor Kearny and 


BUSwJiJiiL & CO., 517 Clay St., Mining Companies' Books printed and bound at short notice. 



Eugester John P. with ChviBtian Good, dwl 28 

" Tliii-d 
Euler Frederick, draughtsman Vulcan Foundry, dwl 

642 Howard 
Euler Henry, cabinet maker, dwl NE cor Leaven- 
worth and Geary 
Euler Julius (Kruse S,- E.) dwl Russ House 
Eupel F. J. cabinet maker, dwl 325 Pine 
Euprech Nicolas, dwl 327 Kearny 
Eureka & Elizal)eth Consolidated S. & C. M. Co. 

office 515 Market 
Eureka Camphene and Coal Oil Works, F. B. Taylor 

& Co. proptrs, Bryant nr Fourth office 513 

Eureka Flouring Mills, SE cor Powell and Francisco 
Eureka G. & S. M. Co. office GOG Montgomery 
Eureka Homestead Association, office 621 'W'ash 
EUREKA IKON WORKS, William McKibbin, 

proprietor, 41 First 
Eureka Soap Co. (Charles F. Cook) office 207 Sac 
EUREKA THEATER, Thomas Maguire, lessee, 

E s Montgomery bet Pine and California 

10 and 11 Naglee's Building, cor Montgomery 

and Merchant 
Eurmann Valentine, carpenter and builder 229 



Brannun nr Thnxl 
Eusden M. &. C. Misses priyate school N s Ellis bet 

Stockton and Powell 
Eusties Ellen (widovy) dwl 228 Minna 
Eustis. See Heustis. 
Eyan Peter J. carpenter, dwl E s Third bet Brannan 

and Townsend 
EVANGEL (semi-monthly) Rey. D. B. Cheney, ed- 
itor, publication office 53G Clay 
Eyangelme G. &, S. M. Co. office 4 Government 

EVANS ALBERT S. local reporter Morning Call, 

dwl S 8 Geary bet Leavenworth and Jones 
Evans Eliza F. (widow) dwl 828 Green, rear 
Evans Evan, dwl Wincliester Hotel 
Evans (Frank) & Dutty (Cornelius) Fireman's 

Hall 915 Dupontand Second Assistant Engineer 

Fire Department 
Evans George, shoemaker, dwl 11 Ritch 
Evans Geo. T. professor music, dwl 234 Stevenson 
Evans Geo. A. W. carpenter, dwl 76] Mission 
Evans George W. dwl What Cheer House 
EVANS GOMER, secretary Charles Cany M. 

Co. office 338 Montgomery, dwl 1913 Stockton 
Evans James, laborer 105 Sacramento 
EVANS J. D. &, CO. real estate agents 317 Mont- 
Evans John, dwl Spring Valley House Presidio 

Road nr Union 
Evans John, saloon 643 Pacific, dwl S s Broadway 

nr Powell 
Evans John, carpenter, dwl S s Tehama bet Fifth 

and Sixth 
Evans John, sampler assay er's department United 

States Branch Mint, dwl 612 California 
Evans John R. liquor saloon SE cor Pacific and 

Battery, dwl 26 Scott 
Evans John R. (Wilson ^ E.J resides Sacramento 

Evans Joseph, printer, dwl 52 Minna 
Evans Lucy Mrs. (colored) bds 1410 Stockton 
Evans Margaret Mrs. proprietress Spring Valley 

House Presidio Road nr Union 
Evans R. dwl What Cheer House 
Evans Rev. M. dwl 409 Bryant 
Evans Robert, dwl 716 Dupont 
Evans Robert, dwl 643 Montgomery 
Evans Thomas, book-keeper 28 Fremont, dwl S s 

Folsoni bet Beale and Main 
Evans Thomas, broker, dwl 536 Washington 

Evans West, contractor, dwl Railroad House 
Evans Willinm, blacksmith Miners' Foundry, dwl 

Evans' ^\'illiam (Mills 4. E.) dwl 6 Jane 

Evans William, dwl Winchester Hotel 

Evatt Jolni, policeman City Hall, dwl 1.52 Silver 

Evatt William .1. doorkeeper and special officer 

Gillicrfs Melodeon, dwl 152 Silver 
Eveleth Dexter, teamster, dwl 808 Broadway 
Eveleth Dwight, porter with Fargo & Co. dwl 808 

EVENING BULLETIN, daily, weekly, and steam- 
er, San Francisco Bulletin Co. publishers and 
proprietors ofiice 620 Montgomery, editorial 
rooms 517 Clay 
EVENING JOURNAL, daily, A. C. Benham & 
Co. publishers and proprietors oflice 532 Merch 
Everard Christopher, liquor saloon 216 Stewart 
EVERDING J. & CO. (Jacob Link) starch manu- 
factory office 64 Clay, dwl S s Water bet Mason 
and Taylor 
Everett A. F. book agent, dwl 58 Government House 
Everett A. P. auctioneer with McRuer & Merrill 

206 California, dwl 22 Stanly Place 
Everett G. & S. M. Co. office Montgomery Block 
Everett M. V. B. tinsmith with G. tfe W. Sncjok 
Everett Rufus H. driver with Hobbs, Gilmore & 

Co. dwl 547 Howard 
Evers Frederick J. M. book-keeper with Hoelscher 

& Wieland, dwl 724 Howard 
Everson Wallace, book-keeper with Deeth & Starr, 

dwl 612 California 
Evoca Con. C. M. Co. office 636 Sacramento 
Evrard James, sergeant police City Hall, dwl 735 

Ewald Antone, tailor, dwl 625 Pacific, rear 
Ewald Edward (Ciprico Sf E.J dwl NW cor 

IMcLaren Lane and Howard 
Ewald John, hairdresser with Ciprico & Ewald 
Ewalt Frederick (Frederick Zech Sf Co. J dwl 2 

Ewell Luther J. (Howes Sf E.J and proprietor Coeo 

House 629 Commercial 
EWER (Warren B.J & SMITH fC. W. M.J edi- 
tors and proprietors Mining and Scientific Press 
office 27 Fedei-al Building, dwl Clarence Place 
nr Townsend 
Ewin Calvin, collar maker with J. G. Thwing, dwl 

801 Battery 
Ewin Catherine Mrs. liquor saloon 1215 Dupont 
Ewing Andrew, clerk, dwl N s Francisco bet Kearny 

and Dupont 
Excelsior C. M. Co. Gulf California, office 2 second 

rioor Armory Hall 
Excelsior G. & S. M. Co. office 606 Montgomery 
Excelsior G. & S. M. Co. office 540 Washington 

Bacon proprietors 536 Clay op Leidesdorff 
Expert Armand, groceries and liquors NW cor 

Pacific and liCavenworth 
Express Building, NE cor Montgomery and Califor- 
nia Samuel Brannan proprietor 
Express G. & S. M. Co. office 327 Montgomery 
Express M. Co. Russ District office 522 Mont 

Faas WiUiam, cabinet maker 231 Jackson, dwl 16 

FABENS F. A. attorney at law office 46 and 47 

Montgomery Block, dwl 817 Washington 
Faber Emma Mrs. dwl E s Sixth bet Harrison and 

Fabio Joseph, seaman, dwl 107 Pacific 
Faboas M. dwl 919 Sacramento 
Fabre A. E. com mcht, dwl 731 Washington 
Fabre P. A. bag maker 310 Davis 
Fabry Leopold, butcher 6.50 Mission 

A. KOMAN & CO., 417 & 419 Mont. St., Photograph Albums and Portraits of Notable Persons. 



Faliiy Peter, bntclier with L. Fiihry, cUvl 650 Mission 
Fiickeriy Patrick, laborer Avitii Geo. 1). Niiule 
Fader Isidore, tailor with Henry liurkliini '22 Post, 

(hvl W H Keai-ny het Pacilic and Broadway 
Faeiv David, dwl (Wo Harrison 
Fatfan Catherine Miss, domestic 8"29 Wasliinjjton 
Fatran Catherine (widow) dwl with Alouzo W. 

Owen N s Chiv nr Polk 
Fagau James, hostfer 527 Kearnv, dwl 11 St. IMary 
Faj^an John, woi'kinan Central liailroad 
Faijan Jfary :\Iiss, domestic l'il3 Clay 
Fairan Marv (widow) liquor saloon 585 Market 
Fabliau Michael (ihlahnnti/ Skdly Sf Co.) dwl N b 

Natorna l/et Fifth and Sixth 
Fugan P. J. with IJuckley »fe Jones IC Sutter, dwl 

30'J Market 
Fagan Tiiomas Eev. assistant pastor St. Mary's 

Cathedral, dwl 602 Dupont 
Fai,'an Thomas, blower Pacific Glass Works Potrero 
Fa.ijran Thomas, hostler 5132 California, bds 34 Weljb 
Fauvn John, lab, dwl E s Jones bet Tyler and Turk 
FaiTK Jvobert A. dwl No. 1 Teleuraph Vlace 
Fagin Terence, teamster with Keubeu Morton, dwl 

5 8 O'Farrell nr Taylor 
Fahev Jolm, miner, dwl 1502 Taylor 

Fahrbach Cliristian F. grocery SE cor Montgomery 

and Pacilic 
FaluenkroL,' William, groceries and liquors 224 Third 
Fair Samuel, dwl Railroad House 
Fairburn William, with Coffey & Eisdon, dwl 

Dublin House 
Faircliild Elvira (widow) dwl 612 California, rear 
Fairchild G. W. surveyor with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co 
Faircliild Hiram, i)rinter with Towne «fe Bacon, dwl 

^^'ashillgton bet Jlontgomery and Sansom 
Fairchilds Joseph, driver with D. C. McGlymi, dwl 

27 St. Jlarks Place 
Fairfax Charles S. f Robert C. Page Sf Co.) 605 

Montgomery, bds Euss House 
Fairfield B. F. C:ipt. dwl Franklin House 
Fairfield Josiah, seaman, dwl N b Washington bet 

Hyde and Leavenworth 
Fairfie"ld Marshall, with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. dwl 

41) Jer^sie 
Fairfowl James G. stevedore, dwl SW cor Thir- 
teenth and Folsoni 
Fairley Ellen D. domestic 557 Harrison 
Fairnian Edward, dwl 552 Mission 
Faiiuian William B. dwl NE cor Cal and Leid 
Fairweiither A. J. salesman with Joseph Eoberts 

6 Co. ?, ];ddy Place 

Fairweatlier Julian, carpenter, dwl 3 Eddy Place 

Faisandeau E. merchant, dwl 821 Kearny 

Fake John S. iissistant City and County Surveyor's 

office City Hall 
Falan Kate Miss, domestic Shiel's Block 
Falco Alexander, watchcase maker 622 Clay, dwl 

Cf^X Washington 
Falco Ma: y (widow) dwl 726 Washington, rear 
Fales Jvlv.ard, wood and coal 419 Post, dwl 731 

Falk Bernhart (Mnyc.r Sf F.J dwl S 8 Mission bet 

Second and Third 
Falk K. dwl S Central Place 
Falk Samuel, dwl 112 St. Mark Place 
FALKEXAU IGNACE, importer gold chains, 

bracelets, etc. 629 Wash, dwl 540 Mission 
Falken)>uig Henry, boarding 721 Market 
Falkenstein Gustavus (Abrams i^- F.) 426 Mont 
Falkenstein (Henry) & Co. fAIo.icn Mni/erfield) 

importers and jobbers cigars and tobacco 3213 

Front, dwl 17 I'hird 
Falkinburg Nelson H. captain steamer Cricket, dwl 

3.J2 Tldrd 
Falkman Peter T. miner, dwl N s Bush bet Broderick 

and Baker 
FALKXEK, BELL (Jnmea) & CO. (Hejiry D. 

(Harrison ) com merchants, agents Lloyds and 

insurance agents ofiice 430 California 

Falkner Evelyn E. oflice 430 Cal, res London 
Falkner James, shoemaker, bds St. Charles Hotel 
Fallon Ann J. Miss, domestic with 1). S. Lord NE 

cor Bush and Hyde 
Fallon Anna Miss, domestic, dwl 22 John 
Fallon Bridgett, domestic 4 Brenham Place 
Fallon Cliristojiher, dwl 937 Mission 
Fallon Daniel, butcher cor Taylor and Geary, dwl 

SW cor Larkin and O'Farrell 
Fallon Daniel G. vegetables with Esmond J. Fuller 
Fallon E. painter with IIopps, Kanary & Co 
Fallon Mary Miss, domestic, dwl II Ecker 
Fallon Matthew, assistant melter U. S. B. Mint, dwl 

716 Dupont 
Fallon Patrick, driver Seymour House coach, dwl 

24 Sansom 

S. M. Co. office Pioneer Building S08 Mont 
Falstaff G. & S. M. Co. office 605 Sacramento 
Falter C. cook German Hospital 427 Brannan 
Falter Clement, cook 546 Clay, dwl N s Sacramento 

bet Dupont and Stockton 
Fancher Gilbert, dwl S s I\Iarket bet Fifth and Sixth 
Fanian Patrick, porter Tehama House, dwl J 12 Post 
Fanjoy William H. painter, dwl E s Winter place 
Fanker William, molder, dwl White Hall Exchange 
Fanning Bernard, miuer, dwl 136 Natorna 
Fanning Bridget Miss, domestic with A. P. Flint 
Fanning Edward, street contractor, dwl N s Chest- 
nut bet Stockton and Powell 
Fanning Lucy, domestic S s DeBoom bet First and 

Fanning M. J. Miss, dressmaker, dwl 569 Howard 
Fanny Eead S. M. Co. office 436 Jackson 
Farbour Francois, beer saloon 726 Pacific 
Fargber John, laborer, dwl N s Stevenson bet Sixth 

and Seventh 
FAEGO (C. F.) & CO. (J. C. Wilmerdincr and 

C. W. Kellogg) wholesale liquurs 214 and 216 

Front, dwl SW cor i\Iontgomery and Bush 
Fargo John, fireman steamer Cbrysopolis 
Farish A. T. &l Co. (L. B. Farish) wool brokers 

128 Clay, dwl S b Harrison bet Third and 

Farish L. B. (A. T. Farinh ^ Co.) res Pacheco 
Failey Frank, dwl " Frank's " Old San Jose Eoad 
Farley Hugh, dwl S s Folsom het Ninth and Tenth 
Farley James, dwl United States Hotel 706 Battery 
Farley James, butcher with Charles Goodwin, dwl 

18 Minna 
Farley John, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Farley 51. brakeman Market S. E. E. Co. dwl Mis- 

sfon Dolores 
Farley Mary Mrs. domestic with Allen J. Gladding 

NW cor California and Larkin 
Farley Owen, wool sorter Mission Woolen Mills, 

bds SE cor First Avenue and Fifteenth 
Farley Patric^k, carpenter, dwl 36 Tehama 
FarleV Patrick, carpenter, dwl 7 Natoma 
Farlev Patrick, laborer, dwl SW cor Sansom and 

Farley Thomas, hog ranch N s Chestnut bet Polk 

and Van Ness Avenue 
Farley Thonias, with Joseph II. Johnson 
Faiinar Eichard B. clerk with J. Bamber & Co. 719 

Davis, dwl 1713 Stockton 
Farmer Adelia Miss, domestic with Miss M. «fc C. 

Farmer J. dwl What Cheer House 
Farmer John, with Enssian Ice Co. dwl S s Califor- 
nia bet Hyde and Larkin 
Farmer T. burnisher with Vanderslice &. Co. 810 

Farmer Thomas, silver plater, dwl N s Lincoln Ave- 
nue nr Du])ont 
Farmbals Ferdinand, stoves and tinware 417 Wash, 

bds Bitter's Hotel NWcor Kearny and Jackson 
Farnham Gillespie, clerk with William Faulkner & 

Son, dwl 327 Broadway 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Mining Books. 



Faruham Jeremiah W. captain brig Merchantman 

pier 1 Stewart 
Farnliam .Tnhn, carnenter, dwl 340 Fremont 
Farnliam ,T(ilni N. sliipwright \\'ith L. S. Allen, dwl 

340 FreiiKiut 
Farnham Stephen B. broker office 606 Montgomery, 

dwl XW cor Montgomery and Pine 
FAIiNSWOIlTH D.L. nulk ranch San Bruno 

Road 4 miles from City Hull 
Faiiisworth E. S. caiitain P. M. S. S. Orizaba, dwl 

•20 Lauiel Place 
Farnswortli Isaac L. carpenter with Hobbs, Gil- 
more &, Co. dwl SW cor Stockton and Pine 
Famsworth John D. salesman 39 Market, dwl S s 

Geaiy bet Hvde and Larkin 
Famsworth William O. book-keeper with J. K. 

Farnum Charles, dwl 329 Pine 
Farnum Samuel, dwl SW cor Hinckley and Pinck- 

ney Place 
Famj' Frank, dwl 215 Fourth 
Farque John, fireman Sacramento steamer Chrysop- 

olis, dwl &S) Vallejo 
Farquharson David (Kenitzer 8^ F.J dwl S s Bry- 
ant bet Tliird and Fourth 
Farquharson J. mokler Pacific Iron Works 
Farquharson James, clerk with Mead & Van Tas- 

sell, dwl 5"iS Pine 
Farr Adam, miner, dwl Globe Hotel 
Farr Alonzo, proprietor Terminus House NW cor 

Third and King 
Farrall Anna Miss, dwl with Simon Eemer 
Farrally Cornelius, deck hand steamer Cornelia 
Farran Charles J. book-keeper with E. U. Parker, 

dwl 63 Clementina 
Farran Margaiet Miss, domestic 706 Taylor 
Farrau Samuel M. Deputy City and County Survey- 
or, dwl 63 Clementina 
Furrand William D. dwl 928 Clay 
Farrant Christian, groceries and liquore SW cor 

liitch and Clary 
Farrar Anderson L. mining, dwl 106 First 
Farnir Edward, physician, office and dwl 4 Bren- 

ham Place 
FarrellAnn E. (colored, widow) dwl 778 Harrison 
Farrell Anna i\Irs. dwl with John O. Hanscom 
Farrell Catherine Miss, domestic SE cor Jackson 

and Taylor 
Farrell David, dwl 226 Sansom 
Farrell Francis, dwl 4 Washoe Place 
Farrell Frank, laborer, dwl 820 Vallejo, rear 
Farrell James, drayman with Geo. C. Johnson &, 

Co. dwl Haywood nr Folsoui 
Farrell James, laborer Empire Brewery 159 Jessie 
Farrell J. M. cork cutter wtth John Winter 208 Cal 
Farrell John, drayman 225 Front 
Farrell John, miner, dwl E 8 Scotland bet Filbert 

and Gi cen\vich 
Farrell J. painter California Engine Co. No. 4 
Farrell John, stone cutter, dwl 115 Geary, rear 
Farrell John, workman S. F. &, Pacitic Sugar Co 
Farrell John D. carrier Irish Nationalist, dwl 26 

Farrell John D. express wagon SW cor Sacramento 

and Front, dwl 26 Ecker 
Farrell John J. Grass Valley Boarding House 539 

Fan-ell M. dishwasher Original House 
Farrell Mark, laborer, dwl 14 Natoma 
Farrell Mary Miss, domestic with Thomas Smith 
Farrell Mary J. Mrs. dwl N s Alta nr Sansom 
Farrell Michael, with Charles R. Peters 22 Battery, 

dwl 2:'. Stevenson 
Farrell Michael, driver with W. Schindler, dwl 144 

Farrell Michael, tobacconist, dwl Manhattan Hotel 
Farrell Michael, workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co 
Farrell Patrick, bricklayer, dwl W 8 Scotland nr 

Greenwich 4 

Farrell Patrick, peddler, dwl 628 California 
Farrell Patrick, waiter Lick House 
Farrell Peter E. liquors NW cor Valencia and Six- 
Farrell Philip, bar keeper with Thomas Kelly 10 

Farrell P. 'Joseph, clerk 637 Clay, dwl E s Mason 

nr Greenwich 
Farrell Samuel, laborer, dwl 164 Minna 
FaiTcU Thomas, fruit, dwl Niantic Hotel 
Farrell Thomas, marble cutter, dwl 650 l^Iission 
Farrell Thomas, tailor, dwl 23 Hunt 
Farrell Timothy, driver North Beach and Jlission 

R. R. Co 
Farrell Walter, printer with Valentine &l Co. dwl 

28 Sansom 
Farrelly J. A. accountant Hibemia S. L, Society, 

dwl 506 Jackson 
Farren John, porter 29 Market 
Farren John E. workman S. F. & Pacific Sugar Co. 

dwl N s Brannan bei Sixth and Seventh 
Farren John W. (Gallagher Sj- F.) dwl 16 Silver 
Farren Lawrence, bricklayer, dwl 29 Hunt 
Farren Mary (widow) dwl 535 Howard 
Farrer Orris, driver Omnibus R. R. Co 
Fan'ier Albert, sawyer with Hobbs, Gilmore & Co. 

dwl Montgomerv House 
Farrington Charles L. (Gould Sf F.J dwl 9 How- 
ard Court 
Fan-ington Elvin D. assayer with Harris & Co. dwl 

Ss Sacramento bet Hyde and Leavenworth 
Farrington Joseph, dwl 1820 Stockton 
Farron John, laborer, bds W. Kerr 903 Battery 
Farron John, bricklayer, bds 414 Pacific 
Farwell George, express wagon 419 Washington, 

dwl 321 Ritch 
FARWELL J. D. & CO. f William H. Farwell J 

ship chandlers 307 Clay, res Alameda 
Farwell Joseph A. l)ook-keeper with J. D. Farwell 

& Co. dwl 562 Howard 
FARWELL WlLLARl) B., U. S. Naval Officer C. 

H. dwl Third op South Park 
Fai well William H. (J. D. Faru-cll Sj- Co. J dwl Russ 

F^ass Henrv, hog ranch San Bruno Road 2 miles from 

Citv Hall 
Fassett B. A. dwl 28 Sansom 
FASSETT N. C. fHalc Sf FassM, PachecnJ office 

NE cor Front and Clay, dwl 411 Brannan 
Fatz Jacob, trunk maker with J. 31. HiJliday, dwl 

Knickerbocker House 
Fauber Joseph, baker, dwl E s Pinckney Place nr 

Faulhaber Antoine, job wagon Meiggs' Wharf foot 

Faulhaber Francis, express wagon cor Clay and 

East, dwl 417 JPost, rear 
Faulhaber Frank, upholsterer with Lucas Tiddens 

(U4 Market 
Faulhaber Jacob, driver with Charles Schroth 230 

Faulk Levi, clothing, 47 Sacramento 
Faulkner Eliza P. Y. (widow) dwl 43 Ritch 
Faulkner George H. book-keeper with George J. 

Brooks & Co. dwl 421 Dupont 
Faulkner George L. ^U7///ff?« Faulkner S,- Son J 

res Clinton, Alameda County 
Faulkner James, driver with Haste & Kirk 517 

Faulkner James, pilot steamer Cornelia, dwl 332 

Faulkner John F. carriage painter, dwl NW cor 

Turk and Van Ness Avenue 
Faulkner Mary Mrs. with McElwee t& Ackerman 

236 Montgomerv 

Faulkner J agents James Conner ifc Sons u. S. 

Type Foundry, and John Molliit &, Co.'s Medi- 
cines 411 Clay, dwl 39 Stevenson House 

A. BOMAU" & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, M"ew Books for sale as soon as published. 



Faures (F. C.) & ReynoldB ( William J Custom 
House brokers, 413 SVasliiugtou, dwl 42] Lom- 

Fauss Otto (Heuck Sf F.) dwl 405 Kearny 

Favor James H. sasli and lilind maker with J. Mc- 
Gill & Co. dwl 33 Second 

Favor Marion Jlrs. dwl N s Sacramento bet Jones 
and Leavenworth 

Favorite iL Co. office 500 Battery 

Favre (A. R.J & MendessoUe (jBenjamin) import- 
ers wines and liquors 834 Jackson 

Favre Louis, caniage painter with John H. Lawton, 
dwl ^-i-.' Sutler 

Favre Marv (widow) dwl 222 Sutter 

Faxon Eunice (widow) dwl 518 Folsom 

Faxon William II. musician, dwl 8 Hardie Place 

Fay A. Burgess (Jenkins ^ F.) dwl Old Ocean 
House Ruad 5 miles from City Hall 

Fay Ann Miss, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 

Fav C. speculator, dwl 835 Sacramento 

FAY CALEB T., U. S. Assessor (and C. T. Fay & 
Co. connnission merchants) office NW cor Bat- 
tery and Commercial, dwl 216 Bush 

Fay Catharine, domestic 749 Howard 

Fay Edward, engineer Mare Island, dwl55Tehama 

Fay Ellen ;\[iss, domestic 514 Sutter 

Fay George, clerk with Hellmaun Brothers & Co. 
dwl 835 Sacramento 

Fay James, dwl 20(J Pacific 

Fay Jeremiah P. with John Fay E s Powell bet 
Chestnut and Lpmbard 

Fay John, steam soap manufactory N s Chestnut bet 
Mason and Taylor and superN-isor Second Dis- 
trict, dwl E s Powell bet Chestnut and Lombard 

Fay J. T. chief engineer steamship Oregon office 
' NW cor Front and Jackson 

Fay Mary (widow) dwl 10 Sherwood Place 

Fay Michael, waiter 619 Market 

Fay Michael, harness maker 216 Battery, dwl 506 

Fay Patrick, shoemaker, dwl N s Vallejo Place nr 

Fay Philip, with James Phelau 618 Front, dwl 13 

Fay Sarab Miss, domestic 1315 Mason 

Fay Thomas, driver Clinton Temperance House 

Fay Thomas P. laborer, dwl 715 Tehama 

Fazackerly Joseph, laborer, dwl 162 Minna 

Fealner Ai'am, baker 508 Washington 

Feary James, moliler Union Foundry 

Feasfer (J<ilui I'.) «fc Co. (Jolm. P. Hatvkins) con- 
tractors night work S s Pine bet San and Bat 

Featherly Henry, butcher 1011 Pacific 

Featherly Jacolj, clerk 2 Washington Market, dwl 
1011 Pacific 

Featherston Anna JIiss, d\vl 137 Jessie 

Feder Rolieit, tailor, dwl 5t)4 Mission 

Federal &i Kepublic S. M. Co. office 6 Welle' Build- 

Federal Buildmg, E s Bat tery bet Wash and Jackson 

Federal Hope Consolidation G. &■ S. M. Co. office 
621 Clay 

Federal States G. & S. M. Co. office 629 Clay 

Federal Union G. & S. M. Co. office 605 Sac 

Feehau John, groceries and liquors NW cor First 
and Natoma 

Feeiian William, clerk, dwl NW cor First and Na- 

Feeley Bridget Miss, domestic with Moses O'Connor 
NW cor Filbert and Mason 

Feeley J. bds Benton House 

'K'eely James, workman Central Railroad 

Feely John, driver overland stage, dwl El Dorado 

Feely Michael, whip maker, bds St. Charles Hotel— 

Feenau John, hack diiver, dwl 91 Stevenson, rear 

Feeney Ellen Miss, dwl Mission bet Second and 

Feeney J. laborer Custom House 

Feeney James, with Thomas Lee 430 Pine 

Feeney James, with Jolni Kelioc 63! Market 

Feeney James, brick layer, dwl S s I)u])ont Alley 

Feeney James, miller, dwl Volunteer Engine House 

Feeney John, laborer, dwl 7 Bay Stiite Row 

Feeney Joseph, boot and shoemaker 143 Fourth 

Feeney Nicholas, blacksmith with Brannan & Dun- 
nigan,dwl 61 Jessie 

Feeney William, Rainbow Saloon, SE cor Wash- 
ington and Dupont, dwl SE cor Dupont and 

Feig Alexander, tailor, dwl 1212 Stockton 

Feig Benjamin, salesman 417 Commercial 

Feig Louis, tailor 607 Mission 

Feige John, carpenter, bds 337 Bush 

Feildke Joanna, domestic 348 First 

Feiring Frederick, waiter 153 Third, dwl Buckeye 
House, Market 

Feisel (F. T.) Sc McLaughlin f Hiram) black- 
smiths and wagon makers 10 Battery 

Feist T. tailor, dwl 8 Polk Alley 

Feix John, melter U. S. B. Mint, dwl 825 Green- 

Feldbush Adam Z. laborer, dwl S s Post bet Powell 
and Mason 

Feldbush John H. clerk 219 Clay 

Feldbush (John H. D.) & Co. (F. M. L. Peters) 
toys and fancy goods 207 Mongomery Russ 
Block, dwl 375 Jessie 

Feldhus John (I. C. Haake Sf Co.) Jwl 100 Stew- 

Feldinan Louis, groceries 218 Green, cor California 

Felgines M. wines and liquors NW cor Kearny and 
'St. Mark Place 

Felina 6. H. machinist, dwl 325 Pine 

Feliner Mrs. (widow) dressmaker with Mrs. M. A. 
Murphy 141 Third 

Felix Frederick, butcher -svith Chai.-S Kerr 

Felix G. & S. M. Co. office 712 Montgomery 

Felker Leonard M. mariner, dwl 1924 Mason 

Fell C;iroline Mrs. dwl 1107 Jlason 

Fell Edward L. miner and house raiser, dwl 53 Minna 

Fell \V. dwl SW cor Clay and Prospect Place 

Fellii Charles, printer with Charles F. Robl)in8 & 
Co. dwl SW cor Sacramento and Yerba Bnena 

Fella Placidus, books and stationery 224 Kearny, 
dwl 115 Geary 

Fellini Augusto, ijaritoue Italian Opera Troupe Me- 
tro|uilitau Theater 

Fellows Bridget Miss, dwl E 6 Montgomery bet Pa- 
cilic and Broadway 

Fellows David A. milk ranch S s Presidio Road op 
Presidio House 

Fellows George W. milkman, dwl E s Ritch bet 
Bryant and Brannan 

Fellow's Margaret Miss, dwl E 8 Montgomery bet 
Pacific aii<l Broadway 

Fellows Q. iM. Co. office S04 Montgomery 

Felsentbal Philip, tailor 38 Third 

Felt J. J. bds Lick House 

Felt J. W. book-keeper with Haynes & Lawton, 
dwl Calhoun nr Green 

Felt Orson, molder with Gallagher & Weed, dwl 

Felton Charles N. dwl Lick House 

FELTON (Henry T.J & MINOR (William C.) 
proiirietors Riiilroad House 318 and 320 Com- 
mercial and 319 and 321 Clay 

Felton John B. ( Whitcomb, Pri'ngle Sf F.) dwl 1321 

Fenard Emanuel, clerk 433 Mont, dwl 1031 Kearny 

Feiiard Henri, waiter NE cor Jackson aud Kearny 

Fciiderich Charles, artist, dwl 4 15 Bush 

Fenellon Ann ]\liss, domestic 324 Sutter 

Fuiigelur .Iliuiryj^sliociiiaker SW cor Sansom and 

Halleck, d<d 109 Pine 
Fenkbausen A. wholesiile and retail wines and 

liiiuora 308 Kearny 
Fenn Ak>nzo, hatter with Blake & Co 

BUSWEIjL & CO., 517 Clay Street, Blank Books of all kinds made at the shortest notice. 



Fenn Charles M. student with Dr. II. H. Toland, 
dwl :.'y Naglee's Building 

Fenn Fiedeiick C. M. card engraving, stamping, 
etc. 133 Second 

Fenn Patrick, teamster with George D. Nagle 

Fenn Lyman, carpenter, dwl N 8 Post bet Taylor 
and .Tones 

Fennell Dennis, harness maker 216 Battery, dwl 
Bush St. ll(juse 

Fennell Henry, shoemaker 322 Dupont 

Fennell Martin, dwl N s O'Farrell bet Leavenworth 
and Jones 

Fennell Michael, contractor, dwl W s First bet Fif- 
teenth and Sixteenth 

Fennemann Bernhard, groceries NW cor Larkin and 

FENNEE f William J & SLACK f Henry V.J pro- 
prietors Clinton Temperance House 311 and 313 

Fensteiniacher Martin, carpenter, dwl 19 Dnpont 

Feuton .John J. draynian with Wegener & Shoen- 
bar, dwl W s Dupont bet Bush and Pine 

Fenlou Ormsliv, laborer, dwl Ws Eleventh bet Fol- 
som and Bnuman 

Feuton Samuel, molder Union Foundry, dwl 223 
First, rear 

Fenton W. compositor Bulletin, dwl S s Perry bet 
Third and Fourth 

Feret Ferdinand, professor and teacher of music, 
dwl G07 Dupont 

Ferguson Alexander, hair dressing saloon 520 Mar- 
ket, dwl .5il4 Market 

Ferguson Alexander, porter with S. B. Boswell, dwl 
cor Eddy and JIason 

Ferguson David, drayman 615 Front, dwl N s Wash- 
uigtou bet Jones and Leavenworth 

Ferguson George, contractor and builder, dwl E b 
Miles CourtWi' Califoi'uia 

FERGUSON GEORGE N. & CO. fFred. Collier J 
proprietors Tattersall Livery and Sale ^tables 
SE cor Sacramento and Kearny, dwl 629 Clay 

Ferguson Henry, hair dresser with* Hayden &. Zan- 
der, dwl Rixss House 

Ferguson Henry, phisterer, dwl IS Brooks 

Ferguson Henry, waiter Eureka Restaurant 709 

Ferguson James, ])ainter with J. K. White, dwl 216 

Ferguson James P. ship carpenter, dwl 544 Folsom 

Fergusori John, real estate agent, dwl 206 Bush 

Ferguson John D. miner, dwl Meyer's Hotel 

Ferguson JIary Jlrs. dwl NW cor Broadway and 

Ferguson V\^m. painter NE cor Third and Harrison 

Fernald CI ira D. Miss, dwl 327 Bush 

Fernald David L. blacksmith 306 Pine, dwl W s 
Kimbail nr Sacramento 

Femald E. Maria Miss, dwl 327 Bush 

Fernald Elizabeth P. Miss, assistant teacher cor 
Harribon and Fourth, dwl 327 Bush 

Fernald .Joseph S. collector with Samuel Braunan, 
dwl W s Kimball nr Sacramento 

Fernandez JI. (widow) private boarding 7 and 9 

Fernbach J. shoemaker 420 Market 

Fernier Mary, liquors 45 Sacramento 

Ferra Angelo, hatter with Mead & Van Tassell, dwl 
S 8 Briiadway bet Dupont and Kearny 

Ferrall Walter, pressman Connnercial Printing 
Oilice, dwl cor Sansom and Bush 

Ferrari G. job wagon cor Vallejo and Dupont 

Ferraro .John, waiter steamer Yosemite 

Ferras H. (Villciieuve i^- F.) dwl SW cor Dupont 
and Lombard 

Ferras Henry, merchant, dwl E s Dupont bet Lom- 
bard and Chestnut 

Fen'eh-a Antonia J. dwl 528 Bush, rear 

Ferrenbaeli Herman, dwl S s Bay bet Stockton and 

Ferrer Manuel Y. professor guitar, dwl 1101 Clay 
FeiTiere Anne Mrs. restaurant 620 .Jackson 
Ferriro Louise, groceries SE cor Drunnn and Merch 
Ferris Daniel, hiborer Sjiring Valley W. W. Co 
Ferris ( Dnrid) .fc White ( MatthcirJ boots and shoes 
530 Com, dwl N s Union bet Mont and Kearny 
Ferris David C. mining stocks office 505 Montgomery, 

dwl 625 Harrison 
Ferris John, hostler 532 California, lids 34 Webb 
Ferris John A. political economist, dwl 243 Second 
Ferris Richard, clerk with David E. Aj)pleton, dwl 

SW cor Clay and Jlontgomery 
Ferris Walter H. carriage painter with S. D. Hend- 

lickson 630 Market 
Ferry A. tailor with A. C. Imbrie 627 Commercial 
Ferry M. B. clerk with John Fowler 326 Clay, bds 

Original House 
Ferth Josiah, wool puller with F. A. Davis Potrero 
Fesil Frederick T. blacksmith, bds 16 Piist 
Fessenden Miss Mary C. secretary of the Ladies 
Protection and Relief Society, dwl 615 Harrison 
Fety Claude, engraver, dwl W s Lr.iViyette Place 
Fetzer John, baker with Deeth &l Stair 
FEUERSTEIN R. & CO. hides and wool 212 Front 
Feulner Adam, baker 508 Washington, dwl Globe 

Feurler P. dwl Steckler's Exchange 
Feusier Edward D. (Feii^ier Sj- Son) dwl S s 

Chestnut bet Stockton and Powell 
FEUSIER (Henry) &, SON (^£. VX; commission 
merchants 221 Clay, dwl S s Chestnut bet Stock- 
ton and Powell 
Feusier Louis & Co. (Virginia CUt/J office yvith 

Feusier & Son 
Fey Henry, shoemaker, dwl N s Hinckley nr 

Ficalwel Peter, cook 689 Market 
Fichtner Augustus, sausages 521 Kearny 
Fichtner Charles, dwl 1034 Folsom 
Fick Guslavus, book-keeper with Zorn & Co. dwl 

NE cor Bush and Dupont 
Fick John F. porlur 416 California, dwl 230 Sutter 
Fick Joseph, gunsmith, dv.'l 208 Leidesdorti' 
Ficken John, carpenter, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 
Ficken Louis, carpenter, dwl Brooklyn Exchange 
Fiedler Ferdinand, book-keeper with S. Molitor & 

Co dwl 225 Stevenson 
Field Albert E., U. S. Storekeeper, NW cor Battery 

and Filbert, dwl 322 Vallejo 
Field B. F. machinist Fulton Foundry, dwl S s 

Stevenson bet Sixth and Seventh 
FIELD CHARLES, bedstead and furniture manu- 
facturer 407 Mission cor Fremont, dwl 327 .Jessie 
Field Edward X. mining secretary office 522 Mont- 
gomery, dwl 109 Silver 
Field Edwin, jeweler with R. B. Gray & Co. dwl 

614 t'alifornia 
Field Frank, dwl 206 Pacitic 

FIELD (Hampton E.J & SHEPSTON (Jolm A.) 
proprietors Market Street Restaurant 619 3Iar- 
ket, dwl NE cor Sutter and Frankliu 
Field .John, folder Chelsea Laundry 
Field Jonathan K. porter with Mailiiry <fc Cathcart 
Field Laura E. Miss, special assistant Bush Street 

School, dwl 200 Stockton 
Field Silas C. dwl W s Seventh bet Bryant and 

FIELD STEPHEN J., Judge Tenth U. S. Circuit 
and ex officio Associate Justice Su[)reme Court 
U. S. office and chambers 1 and 2 U. S. Court 
liuilding, dwl N s Ellis bet Stockton and Powell 
Field WiUiam, molder Miners' Foundry, bds U. S. 

Hotel, Beale 
Field William A. (Hinckley Sf- Co. J dwl N s Ste- 
venson bet Sixth and Seventh 
Fields Richard, bds 531 Kearny 
Fields Thomas, butcher, dwl 508 Mission 
Fields William A. machinist, Manhattan Engine Co 
No. 2 

A. KOMAU & CO., 417 & 419 Montgomery Street, Theological and Scientific Books. 



Fierro Pliilipe, 1315 Dupont, np stairs 

Fiex Joliii. iiR-ltcT and reliner's department U. S. 

IJnuK'li "Slmt, dwl 8:25 Greenwich 
Figei Joscpli, t^alesman with I. Joseph & Co. dwl 

II Stockton 
Figel S. salesman with C. A. Fletcher 1 Montgom- 
ery, dwl xJrS Minna 
Ifigg George, captain schooner Tovvando pier 15 

Filco John fCarlan Sf F.) dwl N s Washington 

bet Kearny and Dupont 
Fillel)rown James, carpenter, dwl S s Tehama bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Fillmore G. <fc S. AI. Co. oflice 400 Montgomery 
Filo Ellen Mrs. dwl lij:i Suiter 

EstiaiiH and Peter Bajo) cofi'ee saloon 837 

Finberg Abraham, watchmaker and jeweler 911 

Finberg IJonis, jeweler with B. Morris «fe Co. 643 

Finch Culkn D. salesman with Wightman & Hardie, 

dwl SW cor Bush and Van Ness Avenue 
Finch Frank, clerk with G. W. Chapin & Co. 708 

Finch HenVy (Miller c^- F.) dwl 305 Broadway 
Finch J. H. wood and co^l 7(i5 and 767 Mission 
Finch William H. (Wm. H. Jessup c^ Co.) 33 

Finch William H. clerk with Ilolcombe Bros, dwl 

1020 Stockton 
Finck Conrad, hairdresser with Chi'etien Plister 

221 Montgomery 
Finck GeoiLre, cook 614 Clay 

Finck Joseph (Bron-iting Sj- F.) dwl 1100 Dupont 
Finck Julins ( B row nin.g; Sf F.) dwl 834 Kearny 
Finck j\I. blacksmith, bds 13enton House 
Finder Adolphe A. merchant oflice 616 Sacramento 
Finder Jos. dry goods, dwl 1024 Stockton 
Fiiidla Michael, hodman, bds Benton House 
Findia iMoses D. drayman, dwl E s Mason bet 

Eddy an<l Ellis 
Fiudley "\Mlliam S. gas fitter with O'Brien & 

Brady, dwl Brooks nr Geary 
Finegan .Tames C. tinsmith with J. W. Brittan, dwl 

6 Minna 
Fing Timothy, with Timothy Sargent 
Fing(;r 1). f.irmer, dwl 325 Pine 
Fin;^crler G. II. miner, dwl 325 Pine 
Finigan llnhnrs, jihysician, office and dwl 758 Clay 
Kinigan Saiinu'l, bds 03;! Bush 
Fink Edward, clerk with J. G. Frisch & Co. dwl 

SW cor Sanson! and Pine 
Fink Henry, butcher NW cor Montgomery and 

Fink Henry, clerk SW cor Powell and Union 
Fink (James L.J <fe Sutton (Charles jr.) Union 

Clothing Store 538 Clay, bds International 

Fink John, porter with J. R. Stewart, dwl 230 

Fink Theresa (widow) dwl N s Berry nr Mary 

Fink Wm. ,'it Union Brewery 
Finke August, laborer Mission Street Brewery, bds 

Globe 11 (4el 
Finkens Henry, porter with Goldstein, Seller & Co. 

217 Front 
Finkler Carl C. attorney at law, dwl 720 Vallejo 
Fiuley Eli G. express wagon, dwl SE cor Poll; and 

VVillow Aveime 
Finley George, job wagon cor Davis and Vallejo 
Fiiiley John, drtiyman Miners' Foundry, dwl E s 

Mason bet Eddy and Ellis 
Finley John B. clerk, dwl S s Hayes bet Octavia 

and Laguna 
Finley ^I. lids Benton House 
Finley Kichard, butcher with Joseph Cabaimes 

Finley Richard, stock dealer, dwl W 8 Fifth bet 

Howard and Tehama 
FINLEY (Thomai> E.J & WGIAA^^ {Willi am 

F.J wines and liquors 113 Leidesdorff, dwl W s 

Larkin bet Post and Geary 
Finley William, gigger S. i\ & Pacific Woolen 

Factory, dwl Black Point 
Finn David, dwl 322 Vallejo 
Finn David A. pressman with Agnew &, Detfebach 

322 Vallejo 
Fimi Elizabeth Mrs. saloon 626 Jackson 
Finn James, laborer, dwl 323 Stockton, rear 
Finn James job wagon, 13 Stewart 
Fiint Jeremiah, drayman Pacific Foundrv, dwl 413 

Finn Julia (widow) dwl with Jas. Niehan 
Finn Patrick, laborer S. F. Gas Co. dwl 513 How- 
ard, rear 
Finn Patrick T. grocerie- SW cor Eighth and Howard 
Finnegaii Kate, domestic 435 Bryant 
Finnegan Michael J. painter, dwl 331 Tehama 
Finnegan Peter, dwl 280 Minna 
Finneman William, carpenter 207 Commercial 
Fiunerty John S. tailor 913 Kearny 
Finnerty Peter, lyricklayer dwl S s Natoma bet 

Fifth and Sixth 
Fiimerty Thomas, melter, dwl 723 Vallejo, rear 
Finney Barny, butcher with Barny Home 
Fimiey John, laborer, dwl N s Lynch l)et Hyde and 

Finney Josiah, carpenter, dwl 1505 Stockton 
Finney Patrick, dwl Golden Gate Hotel 
Finney William, blacksmith, bds 234 Market 
Finnigan James, hostler 408 Bush 
Finnigan Mnriiaret Miss domestic 1010 Powell 
Finnigan Peter A. omnibus What Cheer House, dwl 

12 I'rospect Place 
Finnigan Simon, blacksmith with Nutting & Wynne, 

dwl Bush Street House 
Finniny Jlichael, laborer, dwl SW cor Jones and 

Finuh Nicholina, bds 527 Broadway 
Fippinger .Facob, shoemaker 157 Second 
Fippiiiii'er X. liooTniaker 236 Commercial 

office City Hall 3d floor 
, ENS, office City Hall 3d floor 

City Hall, 3d floor 

office Treasurer NK cor Front and Clay 

office City Hall, 3d floor 

DELEGATES, office City Hall 3d floor 
cisco, office NW cor Washington and Sansom 
First North Extension Esmeralda M. Co. office 522 

Fischbeck Herniann (Fi.'ickbeck 4- Brother) dwl S 

s Pacific bet Mason and Taylor 

maiin Fischhcck) groceries and liquors and 

^yood and coal NW cor Pacific and Mason, dwl 

S s Pacific bet Mason and Taj'lor 
Fischel A. porter 3I() Sacramento, bds 337 Bush 
FISCHER CHARLES, importer and connnission 

merchant and consul for Austria, oflice 515 

Jackson, dwl 445 Bush 
Fischer Henry, farmer, dwl Globe Hotel 
Fischer Jlax, with Charles Steinweg, dwl 109 Pine 
Fischer iMoritz, drayman NE cor Battery and Jack- 
son, dwl Jones nr Post 
Fischer (yichola^) «fc Marx (Charles) hair dressing 

saloon lOS Kearny 
Fish Benj. F. dwl 770 Howard 
Fish Eflward P. compositor with Thompson & Co. 

dwl 73 Tehama 

BUSWELL & CO., 517 Clay St., San Francisco, Book Binders, Printers, and Paper Bulers. 



Fish E. N. & Co. f Simott Silverberg) Fremont 
Market NE cor Fremont and Folsom, dwl Rin- 
con Ilonse 
Fish F. (.V Co. (John Rcnrdon) employment office 
NE cor iMoiitydiiici'v and Chiy, dwl N s Jessie 
bet Fifth and Sixth" 
Fish VVilliiini H. compositor with Agnew &, Deft'e- 
liach, dwl S 8 Broadway bet Powell and Mason 
Fislil)eck tleorge, tinsmith with J. Meyer 155 Second 
FISH BOURNE ROBERT W. litliuyrapher and en- 
graver 5:29 Clay, dwl E s Ohio nr Pacific 
Fishel B. porter 61^5 Sacramento, dwl 40 Geary 
Fisbel Charles, clerk with M. Kohii & Co. dwl 634 

Fishel William (M. Kohn Sf Co.) dwl 634 Folsom 
Fisher A. A. house and sign painter 615 California 
Fisher Amelia Mrs. dwl 812 Clay 
Fisher Andrew K. captain schooner Francis Helen 

pier 20 Stewart 
Fisher Benjamin A. blacksmith 125 Sansom 
Fisl)er Benjamin H. teamster 722 Montgomery, dwl 

21 Fremont 
Fisher Beiiiih P. carpenter, dwl W s William bet 

Geary and O'Farrell 
Fisher B. Frank, dwl Pacific Temperance House 
Fislier B. V. Q. teacher French, Spanish, English, 

and German, 114 St. Mark Place 
Fisher Charles, laborer, dwl Sansom nr Union 
Fisher Charles, musician, dwl S s Bay bet Stockton 

and Dupont 
Fisher Charles (colored) porter, dwl S s Sacramento 

bet Mason and Taylor 
Fisher Charles A. hatter, dwl 1309 Taylor 
Fisher (Charles H.J & Lee (David C.J (colored) 

bootblacking 547 Clay, dwl 5 Wetmoie Place 
Fisher Emil A. silversmith with F. R. Reichel, dwl 

228 Ritch 
Fisher Edward, clerk, bds 614 California 
Fisher Er.istus, dwl 709 Stockton, rear 
Fisher F. wheelwright, dwl 325 Pine 
Fisher Frank, dwl E s Brown Alley nr Pine 
Fislier Fivderick, workman S. F. &, Pacific Sugar Co 
Fislier (4ecirge, cook 4 Minna 

FISHI"]R GEORGE, justice of the peace 5th town- 
ship and commissioner of deeds, oitice 613 Mar- 
ket, dwl 225 Minna 
Fisher Geo. W. book-keeper with Crane & Brig- 
ham, dwl W s Taylor bet Filbert and Green- 
Fisher G. H. barber, dwl What Cheer House 
Fisher Henry, book-keeper, dwl 612 California, rear 
Fisher Henry, clerk with Anthony Schumacher, 

dwl 610 Washington 
Fisher Henry E. plasterer, dwl 688 Geary 
Fisher Henry J. melter with G. W. Bell, dwl SW 

cor Cliiy and Franklin 
Fisher Phillip I. book-keeper with Levi Strauss &. 

Co. dwl 38 Belden Block 
Fisher, furniture dealer, dwl 173 Minna 
Fisher John, dwl N s Brannan bet Second and Third 
Fisher J. M. machinist Donahue's Foundry, dwl 361 

Fisher .John M. melter with G. AV. Bell, dAvl 512 

FISHER (Lamar W.J Sc ROBBINS (James J.J 
conniiission stockbrokers office 609 Clay Rabe's 
Building, dwl 40 South Park 
Fisher Leonard, blacksmith 322 Third, dwl cor Bush 

;md Siinsom 
FLSHER LUTHER P. newspaper and advertising 
agency office 629 Washington, resides Oakland" 
Fisher M. cartman cor Bsittery and Jackson 
Fisher Maleoui (Weller Sf- F.J dwl 561 Mission 
Fisher Moses, express wagon cor Jackson and Bat- 
tery, dwl W s Jones bet Sutter and Post 
Fisher ( >bed F. with .J. S. Day & Co 
Fisher Philip, merchant, dwl 711 Pacific 
Fisher Philip I. book-keeper with Levi Strauss & 
Co. dwl 141 Montgomery 

Fisher Robert A. machinist Union Foundry, dwl 223 

Fisher Sidney A. clerk forwarding department 
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express, dwl 614 Cal 

Fisher Teresa (widow) dwl E s Brown Alley nr 

Fisher dry goods, dwl room 38 Belden's Block 

Fisher. See Fischer 

Fiske Edward S. ( H. G. Sf E. S. F.J dwl W a Ma- 
son bet California and Pine 

Fiske H. G. & E. S. metal roofers and tinsmiths 820 
Kearny, dwl W s Mason nr California 

Fiske Royal, commission merchant 610 Front, bds 
wnth'E. W. Wiley 

Fitch George, driver with T. A. White, dwl 815 

FITCH GEORGE K. fSan Francisco Bulletin 
Co. J dwl 317 Sutter 

Fitch George W. merchant, dwl NW cor Pine and 

FITCH HENRY S. & CO. fAi PeckJ mining ope- 
rators and secietary mining conijianies, office 
426 Montgomery, dwl 743 AX'ashinirton 

FITCH (J. 5c«;V?»«///; & WETHEKBEE (Oscar J 
Eureka Billiard Rooms 314 Montgomery 

Fitch J. R. cashier with Banks & Co. dwl 636 Sut- 

Fitch William S. attorney at law office 702 Wash- 
ington, dwl 1815 Powell 

Fife J. S. carpenter 905 Stockton 

Fitter J. carpenter, bds Benton House 

Fitter Elbe H. California Star Saloon SW cor Clay 
and Davis 

Fitz Anna M. (widow) dwl 1111 Kearny, rear 

Fitz Charles laborer L^nion Foundry 

Fitzgerald Austin, tailor, dwl S s St. Charles 

Fitzgerald Edward, Assistant U. S. Assessor, dwl 4 
Pennsylvania Avenue 

Fitzgerald Ellen Miss, domestic 104 Stockton 

Fitzgerald George, lodgings 815 Kearny 

Fitzgerald George S. machinist Miners'" Foundry 

Fitzgerald Hannah Jliss, domestic with George M. 

Fitzgerald Henry, keeper County Jail, dwl N s Pa- 
cific bet Taylor and Jones 

Fitzgerald Honora Miss, domestic with Daniel Nor- 

Fitzgerald James, cartman, dwl W s William bet 
Geary and Post 

Fitzgerald James, conductor O. R. R. Co 

Fitzgerald .James E. carriage painter with John 
Doyle, dwl 184^ Market 

Fitzgerald John, with .Jesse Richardson, dwl NE 
cor Front and Pacific 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, dwl 135 Jackson 

Fitzgerald John, laborer Lone Mountain Cemetery, 
dwl N B Sutter bet Buchanan and Webster 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, dwl N s Broadway bet 
Mason and Taylor 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, dwl 411 Post 

Fitzgerald Mary (widow) dwl 113 Commercial 

Fitzgerald Mary Miss, domestic, dwl 15 Ecker 

Fitzgerald Michael, machinist Vulcan FouudVy, dwl 
4 Pennsylvania Avenue 

Fiizgerald .Vionis, laborer, dwl Ws Clara nr Sutter 

Fit/.,n«-riild .Morris, tinsmith, dwl 162 Battery 

Fitzgerald Morris D. laborer, dwl NE cor Tyler and 

Fitzgerald P. laborer, dwl 4 Pennsylvania Avenue 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer with Timothy Sargent 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, dwl 106 Davis 

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, dwl 26 .Jessie 

Fitzgerald Piitiick, stove molder with John G. lis, 
bds ^Manhattan House 

Fitzgerald Stephen, with A. G. Ramsdell, dwl 138 

Fitzgerald Thomas, blacksmith, dwl SE cor Sacra- 
mento and .Jones 

Fitzgerald William, bed maker What Cheer House 

A. ROMAN & CO., 417 S 419 Montgomery Street, Booksellers, Importers, and Publishers. 



Fitzj^erald William, laborer, dwl 2 Jessie 
Kit/.iLriTiild .laiiii's, hoatiiian, dwl E s Saneom bet 

Green and Union 
Fitz-Gibtion .1. M. ship carpenter, dwl .045 Howard 
F1TZ-GII5H0X M. E. aspiialtnni worker 224 Sau 
Fitzf,'ibbon8 David, porter with J. II. Coghill 6l Co. 

bds Bailey House 116 Sansom 
FitZL'ibbons '\Villi;ini, huniilighter S. F. Gas Co 
Fitzharris .lauics, polic-enian Chy Hall, dwl lOlG 

Fitzharris William, tailor, dwl Hotel Europe 
Fitzmorris George, draymau, dwl W s Powell bet 

Bush and Pine 
Fitzmorris Ulysses, laborer, dwl 184 Stevenson 
Fitzpatrick Ann (widow) dwl 130 First, rear 
Fitzpatrick Fritz, cooper, dwl Shakspeare Hotel 219 

Fitzpatrick Honora Miss, domestic 15 Stockton, rear 
Fitzpatrick John, cooper 206 Davis 
Fitzpatrick .John, cooper S. F. &. Pacific Sugar Re- 
finery, dwl Chesley bet Harrison and Bryant 
Fitzpatrick John, drayman, dwl Chesley bet Harri- 
son and Bryant 
Fitzpatrick John, driver Pioneer Soda Woi-ks, dwl 

NW cor Van Ness Avenue and Grove 
Fitzpatrick John, trunk manufacturer 608 California, 

dwl 10 Scott 
I.) proprietors Pioneer Soda Works 529 Jack- 
son, dwl NW cor Grove and Van Ness Avenue 
Fitzpatrick Mary Miss, domestic 820 Mission 
Fitzpatrick Mary (widow) dwl W s Powell bet Cal- 

fornia and Sacramento 
Fitzpatrick Michael, engineer, 717 Battery, dwl 335 

Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer with F. A. Davis Po- 

Fitzpatrick Owen, laborer, dwl 1618 Mason 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, dwl W s Powell bet California 

and Sacramento 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, boiler maker Union Foundry 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, tinsmith with Johnston &R'eay 

113 Battery 
Fitzpatrick Simon, laborer, dwl Mission Dolores 

rear Church 
Fi, „.„*-•• — manS. F. GasCo 

, man S. F. Gas Co. dwl 108 

dore, dwl 12 Scott 
15 Everett 
aits and confectionery 147 

i-itzsimmons Miss Ellen, W s Sansom bet Filbert 

and Greenwich 
Fitzsimmoiis Mrs. Margaret, dwl N s Filbert nr 

Fitzsimmons Patrick, with Timothy Sargent 
Flack John R. surgeon, dwl 226 Sansom 
Flagg {A.J & Co. (Lucius Fla^gJ importers and 

jobbers groceries 531 Washington, res Boston, 

Fhigg Casmir, packer with R. W. Slocomb & Co. 

151 Third